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镜质体反射率 reflection plane of symmetry 反射对称面 reflectivity of volume scattering 体散射反射率 reflectogram of vitrinite 镜质体反射率分布图; 镜质体反射率分布图 reflectorizing of paint 涂料的反光 reflexion of light beam 光团反射 reflexion of wave 波浪反射 reflexivity of a fuzzy relation 模糊关系的自反性; 模糊关系自反性 sarcoid of Boeck 伯克氏肉样瘤 sarcoidosis of bone 骨肉样瘤病 sarcoidosis of lung 肺结节病; 肺肉样瘤病 sarcoma botryoides of cervix 子宫颈葡萄样肉瘤 sarcoma botryoides of vagina 阴道葡萄样肉瘤 sarcoma of breast 乳房肉瘤; 乳腺肉瘤 sarcoma of cervix 子宫颈肉瘤 sarcoma of endometrium 子宫内膜肉瘤 sarcoma of larynx 喉肉瘤 sarcoma of Leydig's cell 间质细胞肉瘤 sarcoma of ovary 卵巢肉瘤 sarcoma of palate 腭肉瘤 sarcoma of penis 阴茎肉瘤 sarcoma of pericardium 心包肉瘤 sarcoma of pharynx 咽肉瘤 sarcoma of pleura 胸膜肉瘤 sarcoma of rectum 直肠肉瘤 sarcoma of seminal vesicle 精囊肉瘤 sarcoma of spermatic cord 精索肉瘤 sarcoma of spleen 脾肉瘤 stellate cell of liver' 肝星形细胞肉瘤 sarcoma of stomach 胃肉瘤 sarcoma of the prostate 前列腺肉瘤 sarcoma of uterus 子宫肉瘤 sarcoma of vagina 阴道肉瘤 satellite cell of grey matter 灰质卫星细胞 satellite of Jupiter 木卫 satellite of Neptune 海卫 satellite of Saturn 土卫 satellite of Uranus 天卫 satisfaction of lien 解除留置权 satisfaction of wants 满足需要 saturated unit weight of soil 土的饱和容重 saturating capacity of paper 纸的饱和性 saturating of capillary 毛细饱和法 saturation of covalent bond 共价键饱和性 saturation of forces 力的饱和 saturation of nuclear force 核力饱和性 saucer-shaped depression of vitreous body 玻璃体碟状凹 saving of labor 省工 sawed-off 锯断; 锯断 Saybolt ring number of kerosene 煤油的赛波特环值 scab of cucumber 黄瓜黑星病 scab of grape 葡萄黑痘病 scab of peach 桃疮痂病 scab of pear 梨黑星病 scab of rice 稻赤霉病 scab of wheat 小麦赤霉病 scale of a meter 仪表刻度 scale of charges 费用率 scale of distance 距离刻度; 距离刻度 scale of dwelling unit 居住单元规模; 居住单元规模 scale of feeding 饲喂量 scale of fissility 劈度表 scale of fusibility 熔度标 scale of gradations 分等运价表 scale of hardness 硬度表; 硬度等级 scale of just temperament 自然音阶 scale of latitude 纬度比例尺 scale of length 长度比例尺 scale of notation 记数单位 scale of points 鉴定标准 scale of pollution 污染标度 scale of relative values 相对价值的比例表 scale of roughness 粗糙度标度 scale of seismic intensity 地震强度表; 地震强度分级; 地震强度计 scale of sixteen 十六分标 scale of structural units in biopoesis 生物生成中结构单位的分度 scale of ten circuit 十分标电路 scale of the photograph 照片比例尺 scale of thermometer 温度标 scale of tolerance 耐性等级 scale of turbulence 湍流尺度 scale of visibility 能见度 scale of wind-force 分级 scale-less of free heating 少无氧化加热 scale-of-ten 十分标; 十分标电路 scale-of-ten circuit 十进位定标器; 十进制换算电路 scale-of-two 二定标; 二分标; 二进位 scale-of-two circuit 二进制计数器 scale-of-two counter 二分标度计数装置; 二进位计数管 scale-off 鳞落 scale-up problems of technical process 工艺过程放大问题 scales of motion 运动尺度谱 scaling of multiplicative utility function 积性效用函数的度量 scaling of variables 变量的比例 scaling off 去除水垢 scalloped rows of dots 扇贝形点线 reflux of gas to the heart 气上冲心 reform of farmtools 农具改革 reform of financial structure 财务体制改革 reform of insurance business 保险业的改革 reform of medical fee system 医疗收费制度改革 reform of monetary system 金融体制改革 reform of the financial system 财政体制改革 reform of tobacco monopoly system 烟草专卖体制改革 refraction of light 光折射 refraction of sound 声折射 refractive index of liquid 液体的折光率 refrigeration of must 葡萄酒陈化 refringence index of coal 煤折射率 refueling machine of nuclear power plant 核电厂装卸料机 a part of the income taxes already paid 退还缴纳的部分所得税 refund of duty 退税 overpayment of tax 退还溢缴税款 refund of tax 退税 refund offset 退税补偿 refusal of payment 拒付; 拒付; 拒绝付款; 拒绝付款 refusal of registration 拒绝登记; 拒绝登记 the level of the productive forces 离开生产力发展要求 regeneration of doctor solution 铅酸钠溶液的再生 regeneration of heat 热量回收 regeneration of population 人口更新 regeneration of striated muscle 横纹肌再生 regeneration of vegetation 植被再生 regime of international inflation 通货膨胀的国际结构 regime of underground water 地下水动态 region of connective stability 联结稳定域 region of convergence 收敛区; 收敛区域 region of defocusing 散焦区 region of disease 发病区 region of disorder 无序区; 不规则区 region of fracture 断裂区域 region of growth 生长带; 生长区 region of high barometric pressure 高气压区 region of high stress 高应力区 region of humid tropics 湿润热带地区 region of indeterminacy 不肯定区域 region of initiation 原始区 region of limited proportionality 有限正比区; 有限正比区域; 比例有限区 region of little relief 小地形区域 region of microphle 珠孔区 region of no pressure 真空区 region of no relief 平原区 region of nonoperation 不动作范围 region of nonrejection 非拒绝区域 region of outflow 排泄区 region of proportionality 正比区 region of rationality 有理数域 region of rejection 拒绝区域; 拒绝区域; 拒绝域; 拒绝域; 否定区域; 否定域 region of search 搜索区域; 查索区域 region of stable values 稳定值区 region of streaking 拖尾区域 region of transitional stress 转移应力地区 region of ultimate boundedness 毕竟有界限域 region of umbilicus 脐区 region of vorticity initiation 旋涡起始区 regional gains of nitrogen 地区性氮获得 regional meteorological office 区域气象中心 regional verification office 区域检定所 regions of human body 人体诸区 register of collections 捐税收入簿; 捐税收入簿 register of shipping 船舶检验局 registered certificate of shares 注册股票 registration of crop varieties 作物品种一览 registration of juristic persons 法人登记 registration of patent 专利权登记 registration of variety 品种登记 registration office 挂号处 registry of merit 优秀种畜登记 regradation of soil 土壤复原 regression of nodes 交点退行 regression of the node 交点西退 regrinding of die 模具的再研磨; 模具再研磨 regrooving of worn tyre 胎面花纹翻新 regular branch office service 经常性分行服务; 经常性分行服务 regular function of complex variable 复变量正则函数 regular point of spectrum 谱的正则点 regular system of parameters 正则参数系 regularities of distribution 分布规律 regularity of oscillations 振荡规律性 regularity of outbreak 发生规律 regularization of land tenure 调整土地使用权 regulate the flow of qi vital energy 理气 regulation of capital 节制资本 regulation of circulation 循环调节 regulation of classification 分等规定 regulation of constant current transformer 恒流变压器变动率 regulation of enzyme level 酶含量的调节 regulation of fellings 采伐调节 regulation of forest 森林调整 regulation of inspection 验收规则; 验收规则; 验收规章; 验收规章 regulation of luminous intensity 光强调节 regulation of metabolism 新陈代谢调节 regulation of motor 电动机调整 regulation of protection 防护规定 regulation of river confluence section 河渠交汇段整治 regulation of sediment-laden stream 多沙河流整治 regulation of temperature 温度调节 regulation of tidal river 潮汐河流整治 regulation of tidal water 潮汐控制 regulations of blood circulation 血循环调节 regulations of inspection 验收规则; 验收规则 regulations of level 水位调节 regulations of output 输出调整 regulations regarding the use of funds 现金使用范围的规定 regulator of fan 电扇调速器 regulator of level 水平调节器 regulator of mitogenic signals 分裂信号调节者 regulator of the market 市场调节器 regulus of Venus 耐腐蚀合金 regurgitation of food 饭食反流 regurgitation of gastric juice 胃酸反流 rehabilitating of tank 油罐的修理 rehabilitation of dollar 美元复兴 rein unit of viscosity 粘因 reinfection of newer portions 新生部分的侵染 reinforcement of reflex 反射增进 reinforcement of welds 焊接加强 reinsertion of carrier 恢复载波 reinsurance offers 分保建议 rejection of full load 甩满负荷 rejection of goods 退货 rejection of heat 散热 rejection of tenders 拒绝投标; 拒绝投标 rel unit of reluctance磁阻单位 利尔 relunit of magnetic resistance 勒耳 related terminals of a transformer 变压器的相关线端; 变压器相关线端 relation of distribution 分配关系 relation of diversity 相异关系 relation of homotopy 同伦关系 relation of inclusion 包含关系 relation of plane 面的关系 relational model of data for large shared data 大型共享数据的关系模型 relational model of database 关系式数据库模型 relations of dependence 依附关系 relationship of the whole-blood 纯血亲关系 relative bearing of the current 水流舷角 relative complement of a set 集合的相对补 relative degree of development 相对发育程度 relative deviation of vertical 相对竖直线偏差 relative distribution of income 相对收入分配 relative dullness of liver 肝脏相对浊音 relative error of the period 相对周期误差 relative form of value 相对价值形式 relative index of refraction 相对折射率 relative moisture of the soil 土壤相对湿度 relative number of spots 黑子相对数 relative price of commodities 商品比价 relative radius of curvature 相对曲率半径 relative range of control 相对控制范围 relative rise of sea level 海面相对上升 relative value of consequence 结果的相对值 relative value of outcome 结果的相对值; 结果相对值; 产量的相对值 relative value of strategies 策略的相对值; 策略相对值 relative wear of the tool flank 后刀面相对磨损率 relatively comfortable standard of living 小康 relativistic deflection of light 光线相对论偏折 relativistic dilation of time-scale 时标的相对论性扩展 relativistic increase of mass 质量的相对论性增加 relativistic rate of energy loss 相对论性能量损失率 relativization of a topology 拓扑的相对化 relaxation of controls over the prices 放开价格 relaxation of pelvic supports 骨盆支持结构弛缓 relaxation of power series 幂级数的松弛 relaxation of residual stress 残余应力消除 relaxation of selection 选择放松 relaxation of steel 钢筋松弛 relaxation of stress 消除应力 relaxation of wood 木材张弛 relaxed modulus of elasticity 松弛弹性模量 relaxing of spring 弹簧的松弛 release curve of strain 应变释放曲线 release cut-off valve 缓解截断阀 release of brake 制动缓解 release of debt 免偿债务 release of distress 解除扣押 release of mortgage 解除抵押 release of pressure 压力释放 release of stress 应力释放 release of tension 张力释放 release without payment of duty 免税放行 released bill of lading 放行提单 releasing of brake 释放闸 releasing of milk by the female 雌性放奶 reliability figures of merit 可靠性灵敏值 reliability of contact 触点的可靠性; 触点可靠性 reliability of correlation coefficient 相关系数的可靠性 reliability of design 设计可靠性 reliability of financial records 财务记录可靠性 reliability of life support system 生命保障系统的可靠性 reliability of material 材料的可靠性; 材料可靠性 reliability of service 服务的可靠性 reliability of standard deviation 标准差的可靠性 reliability of statistics 统计可靠性 reliability trade-offs 可靠性综合标准 relic of supernova 超新星残余 relief of pressure 释压 relief of traffic 疏散交通 relief treatment of stress 应力解除处理 relieve someone of his post 解雇 relieving capacity of safety valve 安全阀的泄放容量 relieving of internal stress 消除内应力 relieving platform type of quay wall 桩承台式岸壁 relining of bearing 轴承重挂白合金 relining of brakes 换闸衬 relinquishing of business 停办企业 relocatable block of instruction 可浮动指令块; 可再定位指令块 remainder of a series 级数的余部 remainder of beam 剩余束流 remainder of distribution 分布的剩余; 分布剩余 parenchyma cells of endosperm 胚乳薄壁组织细胞的残余 remission of penalty 免除罚款 remission of schizophrenia 精神分裂症缓解 remote control of relay transmitter 转播发射机遥控 remote cut-off 遥截止 remote cut-off characteristics 遥截止特性 remote cut-off pentode 遥截止五极管 remote cut-off transistor 遥截止晶体管 remote gauging of tanks 油罐远距离计量 remote power-off 遥控断电 remote sensing of microclimatic stress 小气候异常的遥感 remote surveying of liquid level 遥测液位 remote-control of transmission 遥控传动装置 remote-cut-off tube 遥截管 removability of slag 脱渣性 removal of barrier to trade 消除贸易障碍 removal of cervical stump 子宫颈残端切除术 cholesteatoma of cranial bone 颅骨胆脂瘤切除术 removal of conjunctival cyst 结膜囊肿摘除术 removal of conjunctival malignant tumor 球结膜恶性肿瘤切除术 resection of small intestine 小肠切除术 resection of small saphenous vein 小隐静脉切除术 stenosed segment of intestine 狭窄肠段切除术 resection of sympathetic preganglionic fibers 交感神经节前纤维切断术 tuberculosis lesions of spine 脊柱结核病损切除术 resection of urethral diaphragm 尿道隔切除术 reservation of right 保留权利; 权利保留 Reserve Bank of Malavi 马拉维储备银行 reserve cell hyperplasia of cervix uteri 子宫颈储备细胞增生 reserve for redemption of preferred stock 收回优先股票准备 reserve of taxable capacity 可课税潜力 reserve source of cash 现金的储备来源 reservoir of clean water 清水池 reservoir of virus 病毒贮主 resetting of zero 零复位; 回到零位 resettlement of the residents 迁移居民 reshaping of trees 树木修整 reshuffling of leadership in enterprises 调整企业领导班子 residual heat of workshop 车间余热量 residual offset 剩余偏移 residual root of teeth 牙残根 residual state of stresses 应力剩余状态 residual sum of squares RSS 残差平方和 residual value of fertilizer 肥料残留量; 肥料的残量; 肥料的残留值 residual value of lime 石灰的残效 residual volume of lung 肺残气量 residue of diseased plant 被害残株 residue of placental debris 胎盘部分残留 residues of chlorinated pesticides 含氯杀虫剂的残留量 residuum of kaolin type 高岭土型风化壳 resilience of beam 梁的回能 resilience work of deformation 弹性变形功 resin of copper 氯化亚铜 resin of sweetgum 枫香脂 resinifying therapy of root canal 根管塑化木 resistance angle of shearing 剪阻角 resistance method of temperature determination 电阻测温法 resistance of blood flow 血流阻力 resistance of deformation 变形抗力 resistance of ducting 管道阻力 resistance of failure 抗破坏强度 resistance of friction 摩擦阻力 resistance of materials 材料力学 resistance of parallel 并联电阻 resistance of respiratory tract 呼吸道阻力 resistance of rivet 铆钉阻力 resistance of soil 土壤强度 resistance of spermatozoa 精子抗力; 精子抗力 resistance test of sperm 精子抗力试验; 精子抗力试验 resistive cut-off frequency 负阻截止频率 resolution of a vector 向量的分解; 矢量解算 resolution of displacement 位移分解 resolution of force 力的分解; 力分解 resolution of forces 求分力 resolution of polar to cartesian 极坐标-直角坐标转换 resolution of strain 应变分解 resolution of stress 应力分解 resolution of tensor 张量分解 resolution of unity 单元分解 resolution of vectors 矢量分析 resolution of velocity 速度分解 resonator mode of oscillator 振荡器的谐振模 resource of dust 尘埃来源 resource of information 情报资源 resources of manpower 人力资源 respiratory distress syndrome of newborn 新生儿呼吸窘迫综合征 respiratory fluctuation of blood pressure 呼吸性血压波动 response to high levels of phosphorus 对高水平磷素反应 responsibilities and interests of an enterprise 权责利 responsibility of manufacturer 制造者职责 responsibility system of hospital president 医院院长负责制 rest of testis 睾丸残余 rest of the kernel 籽粒的其余部分 rest part of the floral organs 花器官的其它部分 resting length of muscle 肌静息长度 resting stage of infection 传播休止期 restitution of property 物件归还; 财物归还 restoration of balance 平衡恢复 restoration of books 图书修补 restoration of tooth defect 牙体缺损修复 restraint of loads 负载的约束 restraint of princes 入港的禁止 restraint of princes 海上保险 出港的禁止 restraint of trade 贸易限制; 贸易约束 restrcted negotiable letter of credit 限制议付信用证 restricted entry type of surge tank 束口式调压塔 restricted problem of three bodies 限制三体问题 restricted scale of rationing 限量饲喂 restriction of brood rearing 限制育虫 restriction of credit 信贷节制 restriction of stock 疏苗 restriction of trade 贸易限制 restrictive policy of a discriminative nature 歧视性的限制政策 resue method of mining 选别采矿法 result of decision 决策产物; 决策产物 result of detection 探伤结果 result of hydraulic test 水压试验结果 resultant of forces 力的合成 resultant of reaction 反应生成物 resultant of velocities 速度的合成 resulting from lack of tolerance 因缺乏耐性所致 results of a glasshouse investigation 一些温室研究的结果 results of inbred variety cross 顶交结果 payment of suspended funds 停付资金的恢复支付 resurfacing of rail 钢轨焊补 resurfacing of tyres 轮箍重旋 resuscitation of cardiopulmonary arrest 心跳呼吸骤停复苏术 resuscitation of heart 心脏复苏 resuscitation of newborn 新生儿复苏术 retail sales office 分销处 retard the development of potato 使马铃薯发育迟缓 retardation of comprehension 理解迟钝 retardation of mean solar time 平太阳时迟滞差 retardation of standing 立迟 retardation of the tide 潮时后延 retarded menstruation due to deficiency of blood 血虚月经后期 retarded offset 推迟偏置 retarding of growing 延缓生长; 迟缓生长 retarding of sprouting 抑制萌芽 retention capacity of soil 土壤保水能力 retention cyst of cervix 子宫颈潴留囊肿 retention cyst of salivary gland 涎腺潴留囊肿 retention of faeces 大便停滞 retention of food 食物停滞; 积食 retention of food in the stomach 积食 retention of meconium 胎便滞留 retention of memory 记忆保持 retention of menses 经血滞留; 经血滞留 retention of ownership 所有权保留; 所有权保留 retention of phosphates 磷酸盐固定作用 retention of pregnancy products 妊娠产物遗留 retention of records recorder 记录的保管 retention of separated placenta 胎盘剥离后滞留 retention of urine 蓄尿 retentivity of vision 视觉暂留 retest of materials 材料复验 retest of vessel test plate 容器试板的复试 reticular theory of protoplasm 原生质网状说 reticuloma of cerebellar vessel 小脑血管网织细胞瘤 reticulum cell sarcoma of bone 骨网状细胞肉瘤 reticulum cell sarcoma of brain 脑网状细胞肉瘤 reticulum cell sarcoma of liver 肝网织细胞肉瘤 reticulum cell sarcoma of small intestine 小肠网织细胞肉瘤 retinacula of skin 皮支持带 retire from office 退职 retirement of a partner 退伙 retirement of property 财产退废 retorting of shales 页岩干馏 retraction of head 头仰缩 retraction of mediastinum 纵隔退缩 retraction of uterus 子宫回缩 retraction ring of uterus 子宫收缩环 retreatment of tailing 尾矿再处理 retroactivity of payments 补付款项的追领 retroactivity of payments 补付 款项的追领 retrocession of uterus 子宫后移 lexion of uterus 子宫后屈 retrogression of flame front 前部火焰的消退 retrogression of succession 逆行演替 retroposition of uterus 后位子宫 retroversion of testis 睾丸后倾 retroversion of uterus 子宫后倾 return of control 控制返回 return of goods 退货 return of material 退料 return of net worth 净值收益率; 净值收益率 return of stroke 行程换向 return offset 回归偏置管; 迂回管 return pipe of reutilization 重复利用回水管 return pressure of safety valve 安全阀回座压力 returns of trade 贸易报告 reunion of bone 接骨续筋 reuse of shuttering 模板重复使用 Reuter's index of commodity prices 路透社商品价格指数 revaluation of data 数据换算 reverasl of curvature 反曲率 reverberation of sound 声音的混响 reverdal of the head 压头反向 reversal of a machine 机械的反向 reversal of a spectral line 光谱线的自蚀 reversal of control 操纵反效 reversal of current 逆电流 reversal of diode 二极管反接 reversal of dip 倾斜逆转 reversal of geomagnetic field 地磁场倒转 reversal of judgment 取销判决 reversal of magnetism 磁极变换; 磁性反转; 反磁化; 反复磁化 reversal of phase 倒相; 相反转 reversal of polarity 极性反转 reversal of polarization 反极化 reversal of pole 极性变换 reversal of season 季节转换 reversal of spectral line 光谱线的自蚀 reversal of stress 应力逆转; 反向应力 reversal of stroke 反冲程 reversal of the pressure 压力逆变 reversal of vibrations 反向振动 reverse cut-off current 反向截止电流 reverse side of tooth 轮齿背侧 reverse transformation of martensite 马氏体可逆转度 reversed position of telescope 倒镜 reversibility of state 物态逆变 reversing of motion 运动反向 reversing rotation of motors 改变电动机的旋转方向 reversion of gas 气体烃的裂化 reversion of kerosene 煤油的储存变质 review of laboratory tests 试验室试验述评 revision of contract 修改合同 revision of map 图纸校正 revival of plants 植物更生 revival of policies 保险单的再生效 revival of trade 贸易复苏 revocation of contract 解除合同 revolution of plane 平面旋转 revolution speed of screw 螺旋转速 revolving line of credit 循环信贷限额; 限额循环周转信贷额度; 周转信贷额度 revolving nosepiece of microscope 显微镜的换镜旋座 revulsion of capital 资本抽回 rewards of children 儿童价值 reynunit of dynamic viscosity 雷恩 Reynolds law of similarity 雷诺相似律 rhabdomyoma of heart 心脏横纹肌瘤 rhabdomyoma of lung 肺横纹肌瘤 rhe unit of dynamic fluidity 流值 rheology of suspensions 悬浮体流变学 rheology of wood 木材流变学 Rheum officinale 药用大黄 rhizoctonia rot of cotton 棉立枯病 rhizoctonia rot of gambo flax 洋麻立枯病; 红麻立枯病 rhizome of cogon satintail 白茅根 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司