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经脉之海 sea of channels and collaterals 经络之海; 经络之海 sea of yin channels referring to Ren Channel 阴脉之海 seal by direct contact of conical faces 单锥无垫密封 seal of bearing 轴承密封 seal of tube 管密封 seal of vessel 容器密封 seal off 烫开; 拆封 sealed factor of trap 圈闭的封闭因素 sealed off vacuum system 封离真空系统 sealed-off counter 封离计数器; 非密闭计数器 sealed-off light valve 密封光阀 sealing cap of metal 封口用金属帽 sealing of a casting 铸件浸补 sealing of a mould 铸型密封 sealing of soil 土壤表面板结 sealing of vessel 容器密封 sealing off 脱焊; 拆焊 sealing parts of piston 活塞不漏气部分 sealing ring of gyrosphere 陀螺球密封环 sealing-off 封口; 开焊 search officer 海关检查人员 search pattern of document 文献检索标志 search problem in the presence of false target 出现伪靶时的搜索问题 season of dormant 休眠期 season of flax retting 沤麻期 season of growth 生长季节 season of rice transplanting 插秧季节 seasonal variations of the pulse 脉合四时 seasoning of timber 木材干燥 seasoning of wood 木材干燥 seat connection of beam to columns 梁柱座接法 seat of fatigue 疲劳部位 seat of settlement 沉陷影响范围 seat of the pants management style 席不暇暖式的管理 seat of war 战场 seating of boiler 锅炉座 seating of engine 发动机座 seating time of piston rings 活塞环的磨合时间 sebaceous cyst of chest wall 胸壁皮脂囊肿 sebaceous cyst of scrotum 阴囊皮脂腺囊肿 sebaceous cyst of vulva 外阴皮脂囊肿 second category of commodities 二类商品 second category of goods 二类物资 second fundamental form of a surface 曲面的第二基本形式 second generations of inbreeding 近交二代 second involute of the circle 圆的第二渐伸线 second law of motion 第二运动定律 second law of thermodynamics 热力学第二定律 second moment of mass 惯性极矩 second month of spring 仲春 second month of summer 仲夏 second month of winter 仲冬 second order derivative of gravity potential 重力位的二阶导数 second pitch of coil 线圈第二节距 second stage of creep 二段蠕变 second trimester of pregnancy 妊娠中期; 妊娠中三个月 second-level of packaging 二级组装 second-stage of reheat 第二阶段中间加热 secondary carcinoma of liver 继发性肝癌 secondary carcinoma of mammary gland 继发性乳腺癌 secondary division of gas cleaning 精洗煤气设备 secondary end of a session 对话次端 secondary growth of root 根的次生生长 secondary inhibition of respiration 继发性呼吸抑制 secondary letter of credit 附属信用证 secondary offering 二级分配; 间接出售 secondary particle of star 星体的次级粒子 secondary treatment of wastewater 废水二次处理 secondary tuberculosis of lung 继发性肺结核 secrecy of telegram 电报保密 secretion of urine 尿分泌 secretory regulation of hormone 激素分泌调节 section of a fuzzy relation 模糊关系的截口 section of a recurrent structure 四端网络节 section of bosh 炉腰剖面 section of construction project 工段 section of multiple 复式塞孔部分 section of shear 剪切面积 section of the rail 钢轨剖面 sectional drawing of building 房屋剖面图 sectional roentgenography of jaw 颌骨体层摄影 sectioning of welded joints 焊接连接的切片 sector of breakdown 分类的部分 sector of demand 需求部门 sector of fire 射击区域 sector of search 搜索地区 sector of the economy 经济成分; 经济成分 secure condition of readiness 三等战备状态 security of data 数据保密 security of service 安全行驶; 安全运行 security of tax payment 纳税保证金 sediment storage capacity of reservoir 水库储沙能力 sediment-depositing side of bend 河曲的淤积侧 seed of nuxvomica poison nut 马钱子; 番木鳖 seed weight of tobacco 烟草种子重量 seedling blight of rice 稻苗绵腐病 seedlings of cereal crops 禾苗 commodity rudiments of 萌芽 seeds of leguminous crops 豆类植物的种子 seepage recharge of stream 河水入渗灌注 segment of a circle 弓形 segment of a curve 弧段 segment of a cylinder 柱面母线 segment of a sphere 球截体 segment of blading 透平叶片 segmental resection of bone tumor 肿瘤骨段截除术 segmental stricture of pancreatic duct 胰管节段性狭窄 segmenting of BIUs 基本信息单位的分段 segregation of character 性状分离 segregation of gene 基因分离 segregation of posterity 后代分离 seismic detector of the displacement 位移式地震检波器 seismic detector of the velocity type 速度式地震检波器 seismic method of prospecting 地震法勘探 seizing of piston rings 活塞环烧蚀 seizure of disease 疾病发作 seizure of plunger 柱塞卡住 seizure of property 财产没收 seizure of smuggled goods 没收走私货物 selecting of route 选择行军路线 selection of a high yielding variety 选择高产品种 selection of channel 选择运销通路 selection of community 群落选择 selection of feed 进给选择 selection of firing position 选择射击阵地 selection of indicator 指示剂的选择 selection of mating stock 选择配种用畜 selection of mother trees 母树选择 selection of risks 风险的取舍 selection of scionwood 接穗的选择 selection of seed by salt solution 盐水选种 selection of single traits 单独性状选择 the second best course of action 选择次优方案 selection of water source 水源选择 selection system of natural regeneration 择伐更新法 selective dissemination of information 选择性信息提供; 信息选择传布 selective dissemination of information SDI 定题情报提供 selective scattering of light 光的选择性散射 selective system of gear changing 变速箱的选择机构; 变速箱选择机构 selective system of preference 选择性优惠关税制度 selectivity of fertilization 受精选择性 selerotium blight of rice 稻菌核病 self restraint of boundary stress 边缘应力的自限性 self reversal of thermoremanent magnetism 热剩余磁性的自反转 self-biased off 自给偏压截止 self-conjugate element of a polarity 配极的自共轭元素 self-consistent family of curves 自相一致的曲线族 ship of destination 收报船 ship of the line 战列舰 ship of war 战舰 ship out of commission 退役舰 shipboard & off shore cable 船舶及海上平台电缆 shipment of crude 原油船舶输送 shipped bill of lading 已装船提单; 装船提单 shipper's letter of instructions 空运货物委托书 shock of transplantation 移植效应 shock test of grease 润滑脂震击试验 shoot off 刨光; 刨去 shoreline of depression 沉降滨线 shoreline of elevation 上升滨线 shoreline of submergence 下沉岸线; 下沉滨线 shoring of foundation 基础支撑 shoring of trench 基槽支撑; 基坑支撑 short bearing of tooth 轮齿窄短承载区 short diagonal of indentation 压痕的短对角线 short flexor muscel of thumb 拇短屈肌 short flexor muscle of toe 趾短屈肌 short form bill of lading 简式提单 short levator muscles of ribs 肋短提肌 short limb of incus 砧骨短脚 short node of grape or pierce disease 葡萄短节病 short of cash 缺乏现金 short process of malleus 锤骨短突 short root of ciliary ganglion 睫状神经节短根 short stopping of chain 链的速止; 链的中止 short-circuit of terminals 端子短路 short-period mode of motion 短周期运动 short-term test of carcinogenesis 致癌短期试验 short-time switching-off 短时切断 short-wave cut-off filter 短波截止滤波器 shortage of heat 热量不足 shortage of manpower 人力不足 shortage of space 舱位不足 shortening of basement 基底缩短作用 shortening of muscle 肌缩短 shortening of pitch 缩短节距 shortening of utero-sacral ligaments 子宫骶韧带缩短术 shorthness of breath 气喘 shortness of breath 呼吸浅短 shot hole of peach 桃叶细菌性穿孔病; 桃园斑穿孔病 shoulder of road 路肩 shoulder of spindle 轴肩 shoulder of weld 焊缝根部钝边 shoving method of bricklaying 挤浆砌砖法 shower of sparks 火花束 shrink-ring of commutator 换向器套环 shrinkage control of wool 毛织物缩水率控制 shrinkage limit of soil 土壤收缩限; 土壤缩限 shrinkage of a casting 铸体冷缩 shrinkage of clot 血块回缩 shrinkage of line 线收缩 shrinkage of vitreous 玻璃体皱缩 shrinking of raster 光栅变小 shunt of mobile contacts 活动触头分流器 shunt off 分路 shut-off 截流阀 shut-off block 关闭部件 shut-off circuit 停闭电路 shut-off mechanism 断路接触器 shut-off member 停堆控制元件 shut-off signal 停堆信号 shutting off device 关闭装置 sib method of breeding 同胞育种法 sick officer's quarters 军官病房; 军官病房 sickle of cerebrum 大脑镰 sickly and off-type plants 去劣去杂 side of piston ring 活塞环端 side of the road 路边; 路肩 side plate of cage 保持架边框 side ring of rim 可卸轮辋锁环 side run-off 侧线馏分 side skirt of the fender 堡板侧板 side thrust of piston 活塞侧推力 side-of-pavement line 路面边缘线 sidelines of science 科学的边缘区域 sides out of parallel 端面平行差 sides out of square 端面不方正 sidewall of crucible 坩埚壁 sidewall of pass 孔型侧壁 sieve of molecular 分子筛 sight letter of credit 即期信用状 sighting offset 瞄准提前量 sign of capillary pulsation 毛细血管搏动征 sign of cirrhosis 肝硬变征象 sign of disease 病征 self-inhibiting phase of growth 生长自身阻抑阶段 self-purification of water body 水体自净 self-reversal of remanent magnetization 剩余磁性的自反转 self-supplying of feed 饲料自给 selfing of tea 茶的自花受粉 sell large quantities of goods 抛售货物; 抛售物资 sell off 卖清存货 selling offer 销货要约; 卖方发盘 semi-finishing tooth of broacher 拉刀的半精切齿 semi-range of tide 半潮幅 semi-submerged offshore nuclear generating station 海上半潜式核发电站 semiangle of beam convergence 波束半会聚角 semicanal of tensor tympanic muscle 鼓膜张肌半管 semilunar fold of conjunctiva 结膜半月襞 semilunar folds of colon 结肠半月襞 semilunar valve of pulmonary artery 肺动脉半月瓣 semiremote cut-off 半遥截止 semispinal muscle of neck 颈半棘肌; 颈半棘肌 semispinal muscle of thorax 胸半棘肌 senescence of leaves 叶的衰老 senesis of disease 病的起源 senile warts of lid 睑老年疣; 睑老年疣 sensation of cold 冷觉 sensation of dryness 干涩感 sensation of fullness 胀满感; 饱胀感 sensation of hearing 听觉 sensation of pain 痛觉 sensation of warmth 温觉 sensation quantity of sound 声感觉量 sense of business 经营意识; 经营意识 sense of cold 冷觉 sense of coldness 冷感 sense of compression 紧压感 crackling of ping-pong ball 乒乓球感 sense of current 电流的方向 sense of hearing 听觉 sense of hotness 热感 sense of hunger 饥饿感 sense of movement 动向 sense of orientation 定向 sense of participation 参与感 sense of pleural friction 胸膜摩擦感 sense of rotation 旋转感; 自转方向 sense of sight 视觉 sense of smell 嗅觉 sense of taste 味觉 sense of worth 价值观 sensibility of voltage regulator 稳压器敏感性 sensitive period of teratogenesis 致畸敏感期 sensitiveness of the governor 调速器灵敏度 sensitiveness of light 光敏感性 sensitivity of a photoresistive cell 光敏电阻管灵敏度 sensitivity of control system 控制系统的灵敏度 sensitivity of follow-up system 随动系统灵敏度 sensitivity of instrument 仪表灵敏度 sensitivity of light 感光灵敏度 sensitivity of telephone transmitter 送话器灵敏度 sensitivity of tester 探伤仪灵敏度 sensitivity of the level 气泡灵敏度 sensitivity threshold of fatigue 疲劳感觉阈 sensitization of skin 皮肤致敏 sensory disturbance of anterior commissura type 前连合型感觉障碍 sensory disturbance of thalamic type 丘脑型感觉障碍 sensory test of skin 皮层感觉检查法 sentence of bankruptcy 破产判决 separate cut-off valve 独立停汽阀 offset beams 差波束分离角 separating of grease 润滑脂的分油 separation of bicuspid valve under direct vision 直视下二尖瓣分离术 both halves of the pod 荚的两半的分开 separation of boundary layer 边界层分离现象 separation of cranial sutures 颅缝分离 separation of distal radioulnar joint 下尺桡关节分离 distal end of tibia 胫骨远端骨骺分离; 胫骨远端骨骺分离 separation of fragments 碎片飞散 separation of ground water flow 分割地下径流 separation of groundwater flow 地下径流分割 separation of homologous chromosome 同源染色体分离 separation of kerogen 干酪根分离 separation of losses 损耗分离; 损失区分 separation of lower humeral epiphysis 肱骨下端骨骺分离 separation of molecular sieve 分子筛分离 separation of placenta 胎盘剥离; 胎盘早期分离 separation of principal part 主部分离 separation of replanted limb 再植肢体解脱 separation of roots 隔根法 separation of spectra 谱线间距 separation of symphysis pubis 耻骨联合分离 separation of symphysis pubis in pregnancy 孕期耻骨联合分离 separation of thoracopagus 胸联胎分离术 separation of tread 胎面剥落 separation of two frequencies 双频间隔; 两频率间的间隔 upper epiphysis of tibia 胫骨上骨骺分离; 胫骨上骨骺分离 separation of variables 变数分离; 变数分离法; 分离变量法 separation-of-charge machine 静电起电机; 静电起电机 Sepia officinalis 墨鱼 septicemia of newborn 新生儿败血病 septorial blight of rye 黑麦斑枯病; 黑麦叶斑枯病 septorial blight of tomato 番茄斑枯病 septorial brown spot of sunflower 向日葵褐斑病 septorial spot of hemp 大麻斑枯病 septum of cervix 子宫颈隔 septum of glans 阴茎头中隔 septum of musculotubal canal 肌咽鼓管隔 septum of scrotum 阴囊中隔 ventricles of heart 室中隔 sequel of noma 走马疳后遗症 sequela of paralysis 麻痹后遗症 sequela of poliomyelitis 脊髓灰质炎后遗症 sequence of Bernoulli trials 伯努利试验序列 sequence of control 控制顺序 sequence of crank 曲柄顺序 sequence of crystallization 结晶顺序 sequence of current 潮流顺序 sequence of fire 射击步骤 sequence of giants 巨星序; 巨星序 sequence of information 信息的顺序 sequence of instructions 指令序列 sequence of linear functionals 线性泛函序列 sequence of mapping 映射序列 sequence of measurement 测定次序 sequence of number 数列 sequence of partial sums 部分和序列 sequence of positive numbers 正数序列 sequence of potentials 位势序列 sequence of quotient group 商群序列 sequence of random variables 随机变量序列 sequence of real-valued functions 实值函数序列 sequence of repeated trials 重复试验序列 sequence of stellar spectra 恒星光谱序 sequence of subspaces 子空间序列 sequence of switches 开关投入程序 sequence of tense 时式序列 sequence of tide 潮汐顺序 sequence of welding 焊接顺序 sequential allocation of stack 堆栈的顺序分配 sequential allocation of tables 表格的顺序分配 sequential collation of range 不间断校对距离; 距离顺序整理系统; 距离顺序整理系统 sequential compounding of games 对策的序贯复合 sequential test of statistical hypotheses 统计假设序贯检验 serial type of task 串行任务类型 series of compounds 化合物系 series of concept 相关概念系列 series of curves 曲线系列 series of decreasing powers 降幂级数 series of f-number 光圈数系列 series of lines 谱线系 series of mean 均值数列; 均值数列 series of natural numbers 自然数级数 series of payments 分期连续付款 series of payments or receipts 分期分批付款或收款 series of positive terms 正项级数 series of potentials 电动次序; 排代次序 series of powers 幂级数 series of resales 一系列的转卖 series of rocks 岩系 series of spectral lines 光谱线系 series of strata 岩系 series of tolerance 基本公差 series of tubes 串列管束 series of variable terms 变量项级数; 变项数列 series of variates 变量数列 series of voyage 系列航次 serous cyst of nasal sinuses 鼻窦浆液囊肿 serous cystadenocarcinoma of ovary 卵巢浆液性囊腺癌 serous cystadenoma of ovary 卵巢浆液性囊腺癌 serous papillary cystenoma of ovary 卵巢浆液性乳头状囊腺瘤 serous tumors of ovary 卵巢浆液瘤 Sertoli cell tumor of ovary 支持细胞瘤 serum gamma globulin of human placenta 人胎盘血丙种球蛋白 service life of die 模具寿命 service of notice 送达通知书 service of summons 送达传票 servo control of lensiris 透镜光阑的伺服控制 set of bands 带组; 谱带组 set of bills 成套单据 bills of loading 整套提单 set of boundary conditions 边界条件系统 set of brushes 电刷组 set of car 车组 set of characteristics 特征线系 set of complex numbers 复数集 set of conventional signs 图式符号系统 set of coordinates 坐标系 set of curves 曲线组 set of data 诸元 set of degeneracy 退化点集 set of engines 发动机组 set of fork spanners 成套叉形扳手 set of homologous lines 均称谱线组; 均称谱线组 set of inequalities 不等式组 inequalities of probability 概率的不等式集 set of instructions 指令表; 指令系统; 指令组 set of knives 动刀片组 set of node 节点集 set of nonnegative integer 非负整数集 set of particles 质点集 set of patterns 模式集 set of points 点集 set of posts 接线柱组 set of pulleys 滑车组 set of residuals 残差集 set of rolls 全套轧辊 set of rotor vanes 转子叶栅组 set of rules 规则组 set of spare parts 成套备件 set of spare units 成套备用零部件 set of symbols 符号组 set of teeth 锯齿偏侧度; 锯齿偏侧度 set of terminals 端子对 set of the rolls 辊筒组 set of tools 全套工具 set of tubes 成套电子管 set of variables 变数组 set of weights 砝码组 set of wires 梳针定位 set point of temperature 规定温度 set value of controlled variable 受控变量给定值 set-off 凸缘; 突出部; 断流 set-out of mold rains 出梅 set-out of plum rains 出梅 sett of timber 一车组材 setting of fracture 骨折复位术; 接骨 setting of headlights 装定前灯 setting of valve 阀的装配 setting-up of beam 束流调定 settlement cracks of walling 墙身沉陷裂缝 account by letter of credit 信用证结算 settlement of balance 结清差额; 结清余额 settlement of cash 现金清算 settlement of claims 理赔 settlement of debt 清偿债务 settlement of loss 赔付损失 settlement of sewage 污水沉淀 settlement of walling 墙身沉陷 several divisions of primary endosperm nucleus 初生胚乳核的几次分裂 severe calcification of valve 瓣膜严重钙化 severe toxemia of pregnancy 重度妊娠中毒症 severity of braking 汽车 制动强度 severity of grind 研磨强度 severity of injuries 事故严重程度 severity of quenching 激冷程度 sewage farming of land treatment 污水灌溉法 sewerage of separate system 分流制下水道 sewerage system of radial patterns 辐射式下水道系统 sex cord stromal tumor of ovary 卵巢性索间质肿瘤 sexual offence 性犯罪 shackle of coupling 联接器钩环; 联轴器钩环 shade of gray 灰度 shadow of psoas muscle 腰大肌阴影 shadow of worm 虫体阴影 subject of taxation 课税主体 subject to severe risks of damage 遭受严重破坏 subject-matter of contract 契约标的 subjective scale of sensation 感觉的主观尺度 subjective trial of lens 主觉验光法 subjective view of probability 概率的主观观点 subluxation of capitulum radii 桡骨小头半脱位 subluxation of cervical vertebra 颈椎半脱位; 颈椎半脱位 head of the radius 牵拉肘 subluxation of joint 关节半脱位 subluxation of lens 晶状体半脱位 subluxation of sternoclavicular joint 胸锁关节半脱位 subluxation of talus 距骨半脱位; 距骨半脱位 subluxation of wrist 腕关节半脱位 submucoperiosteous resection of inferior turbinate 下鼻甲粘骨膜下切除术 submucosal myoma of uterus 子宫粘膜下肌瘤 submucous gland of urethra 尿道粘膜下腺体 submucous leiomyoma of uterus 粘膜下子宫平滑肌瘤; 子宫粘膜下平滑肌瘤 submucous resection of nasal septum 鼻中隔粘膜下切除术 subrogation of rights 权利转移 subsampling of unequal clusters 不等群体二级采样 subserous myoma of uterus 子宫浆膜下肌瘤 subset of a programming language 程序设计语言子集 subsidiary ledger of merchandise in store 库存商品明细帐 subsidiary letter of credit 附属信用证 subsidize trial manufacture of new products 新产品试制费 substance of bone 骨质 substance of property 财产实体 substitution instance of the statement function 命题函数的置换实例; 命题函数置换实例 substitution method of measurement 置换测量法 substitution method of photometry 光度学代替法 substitution of invoice transfer 替换发票的转让 subtendinous bursa of infraspinatus muscle 冈下肌腱下囊 subtendinous bursa of latissimus dorsi 背阔肌腱下囊 subtendinous bursa of triceps brachii 肱三头肌腱下囊 subtendinous bursae of sartorius muscle 缝匠肌腱下囊 subtrochanteric osteotomy of femur 股骨粗隆下切除术 subtype of soil 土壤亚类 subunit of enzyme 酶的亚单位 subvelocity of light 亚光速 succession of crop 复种制 succession of crops 作物持续栽培法 succession of generation 生成序次 succession of plant 植物演替 succession of shoots 枝顺序性 successive phase of deformation 连续变形幕 successor set of a set 集合的后继集合 suction lift of pump 泵的吸引升力 suction port of compressor 压缩机入口 sudden arrest of heart beat 心搏骤停 sudden loss of hearing 暴聋 sue for a breach of promise 控告违约 sugar of lead 乙酸铅 sugar pills of live poliomyelitis vaccine 脊髓灰质炎活菌苗糖丸 suite of racks 成套机架 suite of rooms 套房 sulci of skin 皮沟 sulcus of chiasm 交叉沟 sulcus of inferior petrosal sinus 岩下窦沟 sulcus of radial nerve 桡神经沟 sulcus of sclera 巩膜沟 sulcus of spinal nerve 脊神经沟 sulcus of superior petrosal sinus 岩上窦沟 sulcus of talus 距骨沟; 距骨沟 tendon of peroneus longus muscle 腓骨长肌腱沟 sulcus to crus of helix 耳轮脚沟 sulphate of patash 硫酸钾 sulphate of potash magnesia 硫酸镁钾 sum difference system of stereo 立体声和差变换系统 a random number of random variables 任意个随机变量和 sum of distribution 分布和 sum of infinite series 无穷级数的和 sum of maintenance 维护费 sum of money 款项 sum of newly-gained national income 新增国民收入 sum of products 积和; 乘积之和 products of mean deviations 离均差积和 sign of greater psoas muscle 腰大肌征 sign of inequality 不等号 sign of integration 积分号 sign of lobulation 分叶征 sign of manufacturer 制造厂名代号 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司