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竞争环境的趋同 simple loop of bubble 磁泡简单环 simple theory of types 简单类型论 simple tuberculoma of choroid 孤立性脉络膜结核瘤 simplex group of chromosomes 单组染色体 simplex method of linear programming 线性规划中的单纯形法 Sims-Huhner test of cervical mucus 宫颈粘液席-胡二氏试验 simulation of cognitive processes 可识过程模拟 simulation of Markov chain 马尔可夫链的模拟 simulation of Markov chains 马尔可夫链模拟 simulation of microclimates 小气候的模拟 simultaneity of ripening 同时成熟性 simultaneity of use 并发使用 simultaneous collection of twoion beams 双离子束的同时接收 simultaneous mode of working 同时工作方式 Singapore Interbank Offered Rate 新加坡银行同业拆放利率 singing of oscillation 振荡鸣声 single cropping of rice 单季稻 single degree of freedom 单一自由度 single laying of plank covering 单层盖板 single means of disease control 一种单一病害的防治方法 single non-discrimination of smell SND 嗅觉同一反应 single plan of standard cost 标准成本的单行记帐法; 标准成本的单一记帐法 single seed of grain 单粒谷物种子 single-colour offset machine 单色胶印机 single-colour offset press 单色胶印机 single-colour sheet-fed offset press 单色自动胶印机 single-degree-of-freedom 单自由度 single-degree-of-freedom gyro 单自由度陀螺 single-degree-of-freedom gyroscopy 单自由度陀螺仪 single-degree-of-freedom system 单自由度体系 single-double-side offset paper 单胶双胶纸 singular generator of a ruled surface 直纹面的奇异母线 singular point of a function 奇异点 singular point of a surface 曲面的奇点 singular values of a matrix 矩阵奇异值; 矩阵奇异值 singularity of a curve 曲线的奇性 sink of graph 图的终点 sinkage of valve 阀陷 sinking fund method of depreciation 折旧偿债基金法 sinking of bore hole 凿井 sinking of caisson by loading 加载沉箱法 sintering of loose powder 松粉烧结 sintering of monometallic systems 单金属烧结 sintering of polymetallic systems 多金属烧结 sintering of rolled powder 轧制粉坯的烧结 sinus of mediastinum 纵隔窦道 sinus of Morgagni 摩根尼窦 sinus of testis 睾丸窦道 sinus of thoracic wall 胸壁窦道 sinus of Valsalva 瓦尔萨尔瓦氏窦 sinus of venae cavae 腔静脉窦 sinus of venous vulve 静脉瓣窦; 静脉瓣窦 sinuses of pulmonary trunk 肺动脉干窦; 肺动脉窦 sinusoidal distribution of conductor 导体的正弦分布 siphon off the clean solution 虹吸抽出清洁溶液 site of conjugation reaction 结合反应位置 site of paracentesis 穿刺部位 site of puncture 穿刺部位 site of semen deposition 射精部位 site quality of forest 森林地位级 sites of customs inspection 验关地点 situational theory of leadership 情境领导方式论 size distribution of firms 厂商的规模分布 size of a fillet weld 焊角尺寸 size of construction 施工规模 size of fetal head 胎头大小 size of jaw 扳口开度 size of load 载荷 size of measurement 量值 size of memory 存储器容量 size of mesh 筛号; 筛眼大小 size of node 节点的大小 size of population 母体量; 总数大小 size of product 产品规格 size of seal contact face 密封面尺寸 size of space 间隔尺寸 size of timber reserves 木材贮备量 size of weld 焊件的大小; 焊区尺寸 size range of separation 分选粒级 skeletal traction through supracondyle of femur 股骨髁上骨牵引术 skeletal traction tqrongh distal end of femur 股骨下端牵引术 skeleton of building 房屋骨架 skeleton of lower limb 下肢骨 skidding of wheel 轮滑 skill of labour 劳动熟练程度 skin compression test of digital end 趾端皮肤压迫试验 skin covering of the surface 表面膜 skin disease of foot 脚病 skin flap grafting transposition of skin flap 皮瓣移植术 skin of casting 铸件表皮 skin off 去皮胴体 skin tuberculosis of cattle 牛的皮肤型结核病 skirt end of piston 活塞侧缘 skirt of piston 活塞侧缘 skirt support of spherical vessel 球形容器裙式支座 slag-off 结渣; 除渣; 撇渣; 排渣; 扒渣 slagging of refractory 耐火材料熔渣 slat of Venetian blind 软百叶片 slave state of the control processor 控制处理机的从态 sleeve of jack 塞孔套 sleeve of puppet head 随转尾座套筒 sleeve of tail stock 顶针座套筒 sleeve resection of bronchus 支气管袖状切除术 slice of furrow 垡片 slice of reed root 芦根片 slide of papilionaceous flower 蝶形花幻灯片 slide rest of compound type 复式滑动刀架 slide-off transfer 薄膜贴花 sliding distance of moving clamps 动钳位移 sliding grafting and fusion of ankle joint 踝关节滑动植骨融合术 slight shower of rain 小阵雨 slip of bar 钢筋滑动 slip of induction motor 异步电动机的转差率 slip-off slope 滑走坡; 冲积坡 slip-off slope bank 冲积坡岸 slipping of belt 传动皮带的滑动; 皮带打滑 slipping of clutch 离合器的滑动 slit of light 光带 slop of a stack 材堆坡度 slope of curves 曲线斜率 slope of grain 纹理斜率; 木纹斜度 slope of repose 休止角 slope of river bank 河岸坡度 slope of river bed 河床坡降 slope of stairs 楼梯坡度 slope of the ore body 矿体斜度 slope of thread 螺纹斜度 sloping louver of the hood 发动机罩斜放气孔 sloping of river bank 河岸边坡放缓 supply of power 动力供应; 电力供应 supply of the market 市场供应 supply of water 供水 supply range of complete set 成套供应范围 support of a game 对策的支撑 support of bearing 轴承支架 support of large vessels for stiffness 大容器支座刚性 support of motor 电动机支座 support of pipelines 管道支架 support of table 工作台支架 support of vessel 容器支承 supporting distance of beam 梁的支承间距 supporting tissue of tooth 支持组织 supports of spherical vessel 球形容器支座 suppression of homoeologous pairing 对部分同源配对的压制 suppression of sweating 止汗 suppurative chondritis of rib 化脓性肋软骨炎 suppurative infection of mediastinum 纵隔化脓感染 supracondylar fracture of femur 股骨髁上骨折 supracondylar fracture of humerus 肱骨髁上骨折 supracondylar osteotomy of femur 股骨髁上切骨术 surface coefficient of heat transfer 表面散热系数 surface matting of roots 根铺表土 surface of bed 床面 surface of bone 骨面 surface of centres 中心距曲面 surface of compensation 补偿面 surface of constant geopotential 等重力势面 surface of constant surface 等曲率面 surface of constant total curvature 定值全曲率的曲面 surface of density discontinuity 密度不连续面 surface of discontinuity 突变面 surface of fracture 断裂面 surface of friction 摩擦面 surface of intensity distribution 光强分布图 surface of no distortion 无扭面 surface of positive curvature 正曲率的曲面 surface of revolution 回转面; 回转曲面 surface of rolling 滚动曲面 surface of second order 二阶曲面; 织面 surface of slide 滑动面 surface of subsidence 下沉面 surface of the soil 表土; 表土层 surface of unconformity 不整合面 surface of weld 焊缝表面 surface of wound 创面 surface of zero velocity 零速度面 surface spread of flame 表面延烧性 surgery of intestine 肠外科 surgical correction of microgenia 小颏矫正术 surgical correction of microstomia 小口矫正术 surplus from cancellation of stock 减股盈余; 销股差益 surplus of capital 资本过剩 surplus of cash 现金过剩 surrender of bills 返还票据 surrender of rights 放弃权利 surveillance of disease 疾病监视 variation of virus 病毒变异监测 Survey of Current Business 美国 现代商业概览 survey of dam breach flood 溃坝洪水调查 survey of maize-growing soils 种植玉米的土壤鉴定 surveyor of customs 海关检查人员 surveyor of the technical inspection 技术鉴定者 survival of the fittest 适者生存 susceptibility of population 人群易感性 suspended type of furnace 悬吊式炉 suspension of business 停业; 停止营业 suspension of fresh sheep red cells 绵羊新鲜红细胞悬液 suspension of hire 停租船 suspension of payment 停止付款 suspension of prescription 停止时效 suspension of right 停止权利 suspension of the dollar's conversion into gold 美元停止兑换黄金 the sale of securities 停止出售证券 suspension traction of pelvis 骨盆悬吊牵引 suspensory ligament of clitoris 阴蒂悬韧带 suspensory ligament of lens 晶状体悬韧带 suspensory ligament of ovary 卵巢悬韧带 suspensory ligament of penis 阴茎悬韧带 suspensory ligaments of breast 乳房悬韧带; 乳房支持带 suspention of business 休业 slotted edge of cap 帽罩齿形边缘 slough off 脱纬 sloughed-off weft 脱纬 sloughing of a cutting 开挖坍方 sloughing-off cone 脱泥圆锥分级机 sloughing-off tank 脱泥槽 slow filling wave of ventricle 心室缓慢充盈波 slow neutron time of flight method 慢中子飞行时间法 slow-speed of revolution 低转速 slow-virus infection of brain 慢病毒脑感染 slowing of clocks 时钟变慢 slump of disastrous proportions 严重衰退 small bundles of spiral vessels 螺纹导管的小维管束 small cell carcinoma of salivary gland 涎腺小细胞性癌 small cell undifferentiated carcinoma of lung 小细胞未分化肺癌 small crystals of calcium oxalate 草酸钙小晶体 small end of connecting rod 连杆小头 small holding of tree 零星木 small mass of infected cell 侵染细胞的小团块 small of the stock 枪托握把 small piece of coal 煤渣子 small round cell carcinoma of lung 肺小圆形细胞癌 small splintage of femoral shaft fracture 股骨干骨折小夹板固定术 small splintage of humeral shaft fracture 肱骨干骨折小夹板固定术 small stature form of stock 矮生砧 smaller muscle of helix 耳轮小肌 smear of cervcal canal 宫颈管涂片 smelting strength of blast furnace 高炉冶炼强度 Smith's solution of bromine 史密斯氏溴溶液 smooth run-off 平稳退绕 smoothing of series 序列修匀 smudge of onion 洋葱煤污病或炭疽病 smut of sugarcane 甘蔗黑穗病 snap off timing discriminator 快速关断定时甄别器 snap-off diode 阶跃二极管; 急变二极管 snapping of the peroneal tendon 腓骨肌腱弹响 Snell laws of refraction 斯涅尔折射定律 sntadard heat of formation 标准形成热 social construction of reality 现实的社会构造 social cost of congestion 交通拥挤造成的社会费用 social nature of property relations 财产关系的社会性质 social responsibility of manager 经营者社会责任; 经营者社会责任 socialization of sports 体育社会化 socialized network of investment 社会化的投资网络 socialuied sector of the economy 社会化经济部门 sociology of chronic diseases 慢性病社会学 socket of jack 塞孔环; 塞孔套管 socket of the sweeping table 车板架轴座 fit of girder 梁腹 fit of vault 穹顶底面 the fruit of a plant 作物果实的柔软内部 t material in the center of a culm 茎秆中间的柔软物质 t rot of cabbage 白菜软腐病 t rot of crucifers 十字花科蔬菜软腐病 t rot of sweet potato 甘薯软腐病 t technique of decision 决策软技术; 决策软技术 t tissue infection of neck 颈部软组织感染; 颈部软组织感染 t tissue wound of chest wall 胸壁软组织创伤 tening of the cell wall 细胞壁软化 tening of water 硬水软化; 软化水法; 软化硬水 tness of lithosphere 岩石圈软度 tware component of an operating system 操作系统的软件成分 soil blow-off 土壤吹失 soil containing a high percentage of rotted leaves 含腐叶百分比高的土壤 soil core method of transplanting 带土柱定植法 soil of glacial origin 冰川生成土 soil of relatively formation 较近形成的土壤 soil water of stress 土壤水分应力 solanine content of potato 马铃薯龙葵碱含量 solid carcinoma of breast 乳房实性癌 solid height of spring 弹簧最大压缩高度 solid intraductal carcinoma of breast 乳房实性管内癌 solid moment of inertia 刚体转动惯量 solid of light distribution 光强分布曲面图 solid of luminous-intensity distribution 光强分布曲面图 solid of revolution 回转体 solid of rotation 回转体 solid phase of soil 土壤固相 solid planting of clone 纯粹无性系植区 solid type of dock construction 实体式船坞构造 solidity of blades 叶片稠度 solitary cyst of kidney 孤立性肾囊肿 solitary cyst of liver 孤立性肝囊肿 solitary tuberculoma of choroid 孤立性脉络膜结核瘤 solubility of residue 残渣溶解度 solubility of soap 肥皂溶解度 solum of soil 土层 solution method of growth 溶流生长法 solution of a game 对策的解 solution of cobalt naphthanate in styrene 化122环烷酸钴溶液 the system of equations 方程组可解性 somatic mutation theory of cancer 癌体细胞突变学说 somatostatinoma of pancreas 胰岛生长激素抑制素瘤 some of the introduction 一些引入材料 son of node 节点之子 sonic line of position 声位置线 soot door of chimney 烟囱出灰门 sooty mold of tea 茶叶煤污病 sooty mould of rice plant 水稻煤病 sooty mould of tea 茶叶煤污病 sore-throat due to fire of deficiency type 虚火咽痹 sound power of a source 声源功率 sound take-off 检出声信号 sound-off switch 声断路开关 sounding of cross section 断面测深 sounding of urethra 探尿道 soundness of feet 四肢健实 source of crude 原矿储量 source of damage 损坏原因 source of deduction 扣除项目来源 source of dust 风沙来源 source of failure 故障来源 source of feed 原料来源 source of goods 货源 source of graph 图的起点 source of heat 热源 source of income 财源 source of infection 传染源; 感染源 source of labor supply 人工供给来源; 人力供给来源 source of light 光源 source of local materials 当地料源 source of manure 肥源 source of parallel light 平行光源 source of parents 母源 source of personnel 人力来源 source of power 电源 source of power supply 电源 source of revenue 税源; 财源 source of secondary radiation 二次辐射源 source of sediment 沉积源地 source of supply 供应来源; 供应源 source of target information 目标信息源 source of trouble 故障源 source of variability 变异性来源 source of voltage 电源 source of water supply 水供应来源 source of waves 波源 source of welding current 焊接电源 sources of fund 资金来源 sources of information 信息来源 sources of manpower 人力来源 southern sclerotium blight of rice plant 水稻白绢病 space between the nodes of a culm 植株杆上两节之间的部位 space frame of tubular steel sections 钢管空间构架 space of fossa pterygopalatina 翼腭凹间隙 space of intermittent weld 断续焊缝间距; 断续焊间距 space of interval 齿宽 space of pole winding 极绕组空间 space of teeth 齿间隔 space rate of change 空间变率 spaceoccupying lesion of cerebellum 小脑占位病变 spacer gauge of dermatome 植皮刀定厚器 spaces of Fontana 方泰纳腔 spacing of bars 钢筋间距; 钢筋间距 spacing of beam 梁间距 spacing of boiler tubes 锅炉管距 spacing of fins 翅片间距 spacing of joints 接缝间距 spacing of ribs 肋间距 spacing of tanks 贮罐间隔; 槽间间隔 spacing of the rivets 铆钉间隔 spacing of trees 树木间隔 spacing of wells 钻孔间距; 井距; 井距 spalling of refractory 耐火材料散裂 span length of the installed belt 安装皮带的跨度 span of beam 梁跨度 span of control 控制变化范围; 控制范围; 控制跨度 control limit of control 控制幅度 span of crane 起重机臂伸距 span of jaw 钳口开度 span of slab 板跨度 span of truss 屋架跨度 sparking of brushes 电刷发生火花 spasm of muscles 筋脉抱急 spasmotic constriction ring of uterus 子宫痉挛性狭窄环 spat of oyster 牡蛎苗 spatial concentration of sediment 单位容积含沙量 spatial configuration of moleculus 分子的空间配置 spatial distribution of population 人口地区分布 spatial offset technology 空间像素错位法 special kind of commodity economy 特殊的商品经济 special letter of credit 特别信用证 special offer 特别报价; 特价提供 special product of China 中国特产 special purpose table of allowance 专用装备数量表 special running series of numbers 特定的流水号数 special stamping of combination units 组合设备的特殊标志 special system of point-group 特殊点集系 special table of allowance 特种数量表 special technique of Giemsa 吉姆沙染色的特殊技术 special theory of relativity 狭义相对论 specialization of industrial production 工业生产专业化 specialization of repair 修理专业化 specialized sense of smell 特异的嗅觉感 specially negotiating bank letter of credit 特别指定结汇银行的信用证 specialty of bone-knitting 接骨科 specialty of incantation 禁科 specialty of pediatrics 小方脉科 specialty of pharyngolaryngology 咽喉科 specialty of supplication 元或明十三科之一 祝由科 specialty of traumatology 金疮肿科 species composition of a forest 林木组成 specific bodies of water 特定水域 specific body of water 特定水体 specific calorific intensity of combustion chamber 燃气室的比热强度 specific capacity of boiler 锅炉的比容 specific conductivity of wood 木材输导性比 specific discharge of rainfall 单位面积降雨流量 specific energy of sensation 感觉特异能量 specific energy of shock 单位冲击功; 冲击比功 specific energy of tension 拉伸比能 specific gravity of blood 血液比重 specific gravity of soil 土壤比重 specific gravity of urine 尿比重 specific heat of fuel 燃料比热 specific intensity of radiation 辐射比强度 specific level of test 特定检验水平 specific product of labor 具体劳动产品; 具体劳动产品 specific rate of flow 单位流量 specific retention of capillary water 毛细持水度 specific surface of soil 土壤比表面 specification of a model 模型说明 specification of contents 内容明细表 specification of econometric model 经济计量模型的设定; 经济计量模型的设定 specification of econometric model structural form 经济计量模型结构形式的设定; 经济计量模型结构形式的设定 specification of heat treatment 热处理规范 specification of model 模型设定; 模型说明书 specification of quality 质量规格 the mathematical form of model 模型数学形式的设定 specification of variables 变量设定 specification of weight 磅码单 specifications of quality 技术规格 specifications of the products 产品规格 specificity of receptor 感受器特异性 specified rate of consumption 规定耗料率 spectral centroid of light 光的光谱重心 spectral resonance of photo conductivity 光电导的光谱响应 spectrum of carrier 载波的频谱 sum of series 级数和 sum of square between treatment 处理间平方和 sum of squares 平方和 squares of deviations 离差平方和; 差方和 squares of standardized residuals 标准化残差平方和; 标准化剩余平方和 sum of states 配分函数 sum-of-digits method 总和数字法 sum-of-product canonical form 积之和的正则形式 sum-of-product form 积之和形式 sum-of-the-year-digits 美国租赁业一种折旧法 数字总和法 sum-of-the-years digits depreciation 总和年数折旧法 sum-of-years-digits depreciation method 年数总和折旧法 cost of manufacturing expenses applied 已分摊制造费用汇总表 cost of returned goods 退货成本汇总表 summary of customer's orders 客户定单汇总表 summary of factory payroll taxes 全厂工资税汇总表 summary of factory wages 全厂工资汇总表 summary of housing conditions 居住条件摘要; 居住条件摘要 summary of invention 发明摘要 summary of labor cost 人工成本汇总表 summary of materials returned 退料汇总表 summary of reinforcement 钢筋表 summary statement of development credits 开发信贷汇总表 summation of binomial coefficients 二项式系数求和 summation of geometric progression 几何级数求和 summation of losses 损耗求和 summation of parts 分部求和法 summation of temperature 温度总和 summer flow of honey 夏季流蜜期 summer pasture gain of yearling cattle 一岁牛夏季放牧增重 super velocity of light 超光速 superficial distributing cancer of stomach 表层分布性胃癌 superficial dorsal veins of clitoris 阴蒂背浅静脉 superficial dorsal veins of penis 阴茎背浅静脉 superficial flexor muscle of fingers 指浅屈肌 superficial layer of myocardium 浅层心肌 superficial muscles of back 背浅肌 superficial treatment of timber 木材表面处理 superficial venule of index finger 指纹 superficialspreading carcinoma of stomach 胃表浅扩散癌 superfluity of ornamentation 多余装饰 superintendent of customs 海关监督 superior boundary of lung 肺上界 superior bulb of jugular vein 颈静脉上球; 颈静脉上球 superior bursa of biceps femoris muscle 股二头肌上囊 superior constrictor muscle of pharynx 咽上缩肌 superior fascia of pelvic diaphragm 盆膈上筋膜 superior fovea of rhomboid fossa 菱形窝上凹 superior ganglion of glossopharyngeal nerve 舌咽神经上节 superior horn of falciform margin 镰缘上角 superior ligament of incus 砧骨上韧带 superior ligament of malleus 锤骨上韧带 superior lobe of right lung 右肺上叶 superior ramus of pubis 耻骨上支 superior recess of tympanic membrane 鼓膜上隐窝 superior transverse ligament of scapula 肩胛上横韧带 superior vein of choroid plexus 脉络丛上静脉 superior veins of cerebellar hemisphere 小脑半球上静脉 superlattice ordering of defects 超晶格有序化 supernegotiable certificate of withdrawal 超级可转让提款命令书帐户 superposition of waves 波叠加 supervising the duration of fees 费用期限监视 supervision of construction 施工监督 supervision of works 工程监督 supervisor state of the control processor 控制处理机的管理程序状态 supplementary layer of felt 附加油毡层; 辅助油毡层 supply of commodities 商品供应 supply of fuel 燃料供应 supply of goods 货源 supply of heat 供热 supply of inflation 通货膨胀的根源 supply of manpower 人力供应 supply of people 人的供给 spectrum of solid 固体光谱 spectrum of turbulence 湍动谱; 湍流谱 spectrum-rate of variation relation 光谱光变率关系 speed of combustion 燃烧速度 speed of crankshaft 曲轴转速 speed of cutter head 刀架转速 speed of deformation 变形速度 speed of development 发展速度 speed of engine 发动机转速 speed of formation 形成率 speed of free flexual wave 自由弯曲波速 speed of instrument 仪表速率 speed of lens 透镜率 speed of light 光速; 光速 speed of light circle 光速圈 speed of loading 装载速度 speed of mainshaft 主轴转速 speed of melting 熔炼速度 speed of motor 自动机转速; 自机转速 speed of perception 知觉速度 speed of photographic plate 摄影干版的感光度; 照相底片感光速度; 照相片感光速率; 感光板灵敏度 speed of power 作用功率 speed of pumping 抽气速度 speed of response 反应速率 speed of return stroke 回程速度 speed of rolls 轧辊速度 speed of rotation 转速; 旋转速率 rotation of motor 电动机转速 speed of sensation 感觉速度 speed of service 运行速度 speed of shear 剪切速度 speed of silting up in harbour 海湾淤积速率 speed of spindle 轴转速 speed of table 工作台速度 speed of travel 轧制速度; 行走速度 speed of welding 焊接速度 speed of welding travel 焊接速度 speed of working stroke 工作行程速度 speedometer take-off shaft 速度计传动轴 spell of weather 天气周期 spent bill of lading 已用提单 sphere of gravity 重力范围 sphere of influence 作用范围 sphere of inversion 反演球 sphere of powder 粉球 spheric luminosity of light 球面光照度 spheric representation of a surface 曲面的球面表示 spherical diffraction of ultrashort radio wave 超短波球面绕射 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司