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独立性测验 test of ketone in urine 尿酮试验 test of normality 正态性检验 predictive power of a model 模型预测能力检验 test of significance 显著性测验; 显著性检验 test of smoothness 修平法检验 transitivity of preference 偏好传递性检验 test of unusual use 非常用途测验 test section of a wind tunnel 风洞试验段 testing goodness of fit 拟合优度检验 testing hypothesis of curvilinear relationship 曲线关系的假设检验 testing hypothesis of linear relationship 线性关系的假设检验 testing of materials 材料试验 testing of peanut seed 花生种子试验 testing project of representive sample 代表性样品试验方案 profitability 利润率测试 tests of welded vessels 焊接容器试验 tetaniccontraction of uterus 子宫强直性收缩 tetanus of newborn 新生儿破伤风 tetany of alkalosis 碱中毒性手足搐搦 tetany of magnesium deficiency 缺镁性手足搐搦 tetany of newborn 新生儿手足搐搦 tetracytic type of stomata 气孔四型细胞 tetrad of Fallot 法乐四联症 Texas root rot of cotton 得克萨斯棉根腐病 text of a procedure 过程的正文 thaw of snow 融雪 thawing of semen 冷冻精液解冻 thawing rate of frozen semen 冷冻精液融化速度 the actual site of action 实际作用部位 the ancient city of wiang Ta kan 泰国 万泰堪古城 the ancient corpse of Mawangdui 马王堆古尸 the average temperature of leaves 叶内平均温度 the base of the standard 旗瓣基部 the battle of the brands 厂牌战 the beginning of a year 年头 the change of varieties 品种更换 the chemistry of submerged soils 水田土壤化学 the choice of flow direction 流向选择 the classification of voltage 电压等级 the cold months of the year 十冬腊月 the concentrating of nutrients 营养元素的浓度 the construction of housing 居民住宅建设; 居民住宅建设 the content of soil 土壤的成分 The Corporation of Lloyd's 劳氏公司 the cultivation of tress 栽培树木 the development of the vegetative parts 营养部分的发育 the dry weight of the cotyledons 子叶干重 development of grasses 杂草发育初期 the end of a leaf 叶尖 a leaf and branch of a plant 植物的叶尖和枝梢 the expiration of the period for exemption 免税期满 the facade of a shop 门面 the first generations of inbreeding 近交一代 the first order branching of the main stem 主茎的第一级分枝 the form of the foetus 胎形 the forming of head 封头的成型 the future of soilless culture 无土栽培的未来 the green coloring material of plants 植物的绿色物质 the growing parts of the plants 作物生长部分 the growing tips of the plant 作物生长点 the development of crops 作物发展史 the humus content of the soil 土壤腐殖质含量 the International Year of the Quiet Sun 国际宁静太阳年 the law of constant heat summation 赫斯定律 the leaflets of the trifoliolate leaves 三出叶的小叶 the length of distribution channel 销售渠道长度 the lever of finance and taxation 财政税收杠杆 the lower portion of the stem 茎下部 the main function of the small intestine 泌别清浊 the maintenance of pure 茁壮纯原种的保存 the maximum fresh weight of the seed 种子最大鲜重 the means of relay protection 继电堡方式 the middle of ship 舯 the middle of spring 仲春 the most popular breeds of beef cattle 最受欢迎的牛肉品种 the most probable velocity of molecular 分子最可几速率 the oremoval of soil material 土壤物质的移动 the organ in charge of water circulation 决渎之官 the origin of the biosphere 生物圈的起源 the origin of the fore-protein 最初蛋白质的起源 The Piazza of S.Mark 位于威尼斯 圣马可广场 the pigmentation of the seed coat 种皮的色素 the plate pieces of spherical storage tank 球形贮罐瓣片 the production of new races by plant pathogens 植物病原产生新小种 the production of wood for various uses 生产各种需要的木材 the quality of producing a greater yield 增加产量的一种品质 the rate of decay 衰变率 gaseous products of denitrification 反硝化作用气态产物量 the remnant of the endosperm 胚乳囊残迹 the role of vegetable in the tropics 蔬菜在热带的功用 the root of the plant 植物的根 the root-meansquare velocity of molecular 分子均方根速率 the routing of water drainage 排水走向 the sea of yang channels 阳脉之海 the side of the seed 种子侧面 the smallest unit of life 生命最小单位 development of the plant 植株发育阶段 the stalk of the lateral leaflets 侧生小枝的柄 the storage of seeds 种子贮藏 the storage of seeds and farm and animal products 种子和农牧产品的储藏 the surface of the seed 种子表面 leaves at the base of the trees 树下堆积的厚层落叶 the thickness of the layer 土层的厚度 the thread of a spider wed 蜘蛛丝 the time of fertilization 受精时 the total value of industrial output 工业总产值 the total volume of a soil 土壤全部体积 the use of gradient centrifugation 利用分级离心法 the use of lethal substance 致命物质的使用 the viscus of storing blood 藏血之脏 the work of cultivating soil 土壤耕作工作 the world loss of cropland 世界范围的耕地损失 theater forecast of requisitions 战区补给品预计申请书 theater of war 战区; 战争领域 theca of follicle 卵泡膜 theca type of ovarian granulosa cell tumor 卵泡膜型卵巢颗粒细胞瘤 theorem of Bernoulli 伯努里定理 theorem of corresponding states 对应态定理 theorem of double ratio 复比定理 theorem of four moments 四弯矩定理 theorem of mean 平均值定理 theorem of minimum entropy production 最小熵产生定理 theorem of polyhedra 多面体定理 theorem of three moments 三弯矩定理 theorem on multiplication of probabilities 概率相乘定律 theoretical basis of input-output 投入产出的理论基础 theoretical cost of living 理论生活费 theoretical mix of concrete 混凝土理论配合比 theories of bureaucracy 行政组织理论 theories of light 光的二象性理论 theory of balances 平衡理论 theory of blending inheritance 融合遗传学说 theory of branching process 分支过程理论 Theory of Canopy-Heavens 盖天说 theory of change 变革理论 theory of channels and collaterals 经络学说; 经络学说 theory of colour vision 色觉学说 theory of comminution 破碎理论 theory of comparative cost 比较成本理论 theory of comparative productivity 比较生产力论 theory of conjugate beam 共轭梁原理 theory of consolidation 固结原理 theory of consumer's behavior 消费者行为论 theory of consumer's budget 消费者预算论 theory of consumer's choice 消费者选择论 theory of continental drift 大陆漂移说; 大陆移动理论 theory of continental growth 大陆成长理论 theory of controls 控制理论 theory of decision management 决策管理理论; 决策管理理论 theory of decision-making 决策理论; 决策理论 theory of demand 需求论 theory of distribution 分配理论 theory of engagement 啮合原理 theory of enriching people 富民论 theory of flexure 挠曲理论 theory of floating bodies 浮体理论 functions of complex variable 复变函数论 theory of game 博弈论 theory of games 对策论 games of strategy 策略博奕理论 theory of gene 基因学说 theory of general interdependence 一般依存理论 theory of genetic gene 遗传基因学说 theory of heredity 遗传理论 theory of human motivation 人类动机的理论 theory of humus mutrition 腐殖质营养系统 theory of inducement to invest 投资诱导论 theory of infection 感染说; 感染学说 theory of inhibitor lack 抑制物缺乏学说 theory of ionization 电离理论 theory of knowledge 认识论 theory of large scale system 大系统理论 theory of limiting private land 限田论 theory of macrodistribution 宏观分配理论 theory of marginal productivity 边际生产力论 theory of matrix initiation 基质学说 mechanics of materials 材料力学理论 theory of molecules 分子论 theory of motivation to work 行为动机理论 theory of mutation 突变学说 theory of network structure 网络结构理论 theory of ordinal utility 序数效用论 theory of phasic development 阶段发育理论 theory of probability 概率论 profit upon alienation 利润让渡论 theory of proportional parts 比例部分论 theory of proportioning 混凝土配合比理论 theory of psychological crisis 心理的晰论 theory of queues 排队理论 theory of reaction rate 反应速率理论 theory of reciprocity 互换定理 theory of redox 氧化还原理论 theory of reflection 反映论 theory of reflection and cognitive analysis 反映论与认识分析 theory of regulation by credit policy 信贷政策调节论 theory of risk 风险论 theory of risk-bearing 风险负担理论 theory of sample selection 汁液样品选择原理 theory of servomechanism 伺服机构理论 theory of similarity 相似论 theory of sphere-heavens 浑天说 theory of stability 稳定性理论 theory of statistical test 统计检验理论 theory of storage 存储理论 theory of strength 强度理论 theory of structural inflation 结构性通货膨胀论 theory of structure 结构理论 theory of supersonic speed 超声速理论 theory of systemic grammar 全局文法理论 theory of taxation 赋税论; 赋税学说 the balance of trade 贸易差额论 theory of the firm 企业理论; 厂商理论 theory of the internal origin 内因论 the stages of economic growth 经济成长阶段论; 经济成长阶段论 theory of thin shell 薄壳理论 theory of tidal channel 潮汐沟渠理论 theory of transformation 变换论 theory of two points 二点论 theory of underdevelopment 经济欠发达理论; 经济欠发达理论 theory of unemployment 失业理论 theory of welfare 福利论 theraphy of color 色彩疗法 therapy appliance of complex magnetic field 复合强磁场治疗仪 therapy of blood constituent 血液成分疗法 thermal break-off 挤压缺陷 热折断 thermal burn of larynx 喉热灼伤 thermal coefficient of conduction 导热系数 validity of telex booking 用户电报挂号的有效期限 validity of tenders 投标书有效期; 投标有效性 validity of ticket 客票有效期限 valuation of goods produced 货物估价 valuation of leisure time 空闲时间的估价 valuation of property 财产估价 value for coefficient of variation 变异系数值 value of a fuzzy game 模糊对策值 value of a game 对策的值 value of a hiding strategy 隐藏策略的值 value of all stocks 全部存货价值 value of chromatism 色差值 value of coalition 联盟的值 value of consumer services 服务消费品价值 value of demand 需要价值 value of division 分划值 value of fuel stocks 燃料库存价值 value of game 竞赛值; 竞赛值 imports by country of origin 进口货物国别价值 value of insurable interest 保险价值 value of insurance 保险价值 value of land 土地价值 value of magnification 放大值 value of merchandise production 商品产值 value of new construction put in place 新建筑完工量价值 value of purchase 收购额 value of residual volumetric deformation 容积残余变形值 value of risk 风险代价; 保险值 value of salvaged materials 废物利用的价值 value of series 级数和; 级数值 value of simulation 模拟值 value of statistical indicant 标志值 value of symbol 符号值 value of the game 博奕值 value of the meal 豆粕的价格 value of time saved 节省时间价值 value of total costs 全部费用价值 value of wholesale trade 批发贸易额 value trade-off 价值权衡 value-of-service consideration 服务价值的研究 values of definite magnitude 一定量的价值 values of factor K 系数K值 values of the structural parameters 结构参数值 valuewise independence of performance variable 操作变量的值态无关 valve made of cattle pericardium 牛心包瓣 valve of colon 结肠瓣 valve of communicating branch 交通支瓣膜 valve of coronary sinus 冠状窦瓣 valve of foramen ovale 卵圆孔瓣 valve of inferior vena cava 下腔静脉瓣 valve of navicular fossa 舟状窝瓣 valves of liquid level gage 液位计阀组 valvular disease of heart VDH 心瓣膜病 vanishing of thread 退刀纹 vapour tube of flask 蒸馏瓶侧管 variability of stream flow 河道流量的变化性 variable of integration 积分变数 variable-diameter number of hole 变径次数 variable-rate certificate of deposits 变动利率存单 variable-rate certificates of deposit 可变利率存单 variables of perceived color 感知色变量 variance from planned cost of materials 材料计划成本差异 variance of a probability distribution 一个概率分布的方差 variance of classified data 分类数据方差 variance of population 总体方差 variance of probability distribution 概率分布的方差 variance of proportion 比例的方差 variance of the Poisson process 泊松过程变量 variation from quality offered 品质与报价不符 variation in level of supports 支座面变位 variation of blanking level 消隐电平变化 variation of field intensity 场强变化 variation of function 函数的变化量 variation of latitude 纬度变化 variation of mining stope ore reserves 采场矿量变动 variation of parameter 参数的变更 variation of prepared reserves 采准矿量变动 variation of sign 符号变更 variation of stresses 应力变化 variation of tape sensitivity 磁带不均匀度 thermal conversion of gases 气体的热转化 thermal cut-off 热熔断器 thermal insulation of ceiling 顶棚保温 thermal intensity of combustion chamber 燃烧室热力强度 thermal map of sea surface 海面热图 thermal output of heat surface 加热面的热输出 thermal properties of water 水的热性质 thermal quality of snow 雪质 thermal resistance of fin 翅片热阻 thermal-neutron time-of-flight spectrometer 热中子飞行时间谱仪 thermo cut-off 热保险装置 thermodynamic function of state 热力学态函数 thermodynamic scale of temperature 热力学温标 thermodynamics of nuclear materials 核材料热动力学 thermodynamics of reactions 反应热力学 thermodynamics of the nucleus 核热力学 thermogram of breast 乳腺热图 thermolysis of wood 木材热解 thermometry of skin 皮肤温度测量法 thickening of nuclear membrane 核膜增厚 thickness of belly 腹厚 thickness of coal seam 煤层厚度 thickness of covering 涂药厚度 thickness of drill tip 钻尖厚度 thickness of fat 猪背膘厚度 thickness of link plates 链板厚度 thickness of pipe 管壁厚度; 管厚 thickness of pipe wall 管壁厚 thickness of plastering 抹灰厚度 thickness of root face 钝边高度 thickness of seedling shoot 苗厚 thickness of slab 板厚 thickness of source rock 母岩厚度 thickness of sowing 播种密度 thickness of stand 植株密度 thickness of thread 螺纹厚度 thickness of tooth 齿厚 thickness of work 工件最大厚度 steel plate of pipe 钢板或钢管厚度负偏差 thinness of seminal fluid 精液清冷稀薄 third degree prolapse of uterus 子宫全部脱垂 third generations of inbreeding 近交三代 third law of motion 第三运动定律 third party bill of lading 以第三者为装船人的提单 third stage of creep 三段蠕变 third trimester of pregnancy 妊娠末期; 妊娠末三月; 妊娠晚期 Thornthwaite's classification of climates 桑斯威特气候分类法 Thorough Knowledge of Medicine 医贯 thousand grain weight of wheat 小麦千粒重 thread of chromosome 染色体丝 threatened rupture of uterus 先兆子宫破裂 three critical conditions of neonatal tetanus. 脐风三症 three groups of organisms 三类有机体 three quantities of reserves estimates 三量统计 three sources of water 三个水分来源 three stages of ore reserves 黑色冶金 矿山三级矿量 three states of matter 物质三态 Three Yang Channels of Foot 足三阳经 Three Yin Channels of Foot 足三阴经 three-dimensional system of coordinate 三维坐标系 three-factor analysis of variance 三因素方差分析 three-phase of soil 土壤三相 three-pit system of liming 三槽浸灰法 three-sensation theory of colour 三基色视觉理论 three-way analysis of variance 三向方差分析 three-way system of reinforcement 三向配筋 three-year cycle of complementary crops 三年轮作制的互补作物 threshold behaviour of the reaction 反应阈性能 threshold of detectability 检波阈; 检测能力阈; 检测阈; 检验阈 threshold of discomfort 不适阈 threshold of feeling 感觉阈 threshold of feelings 感觉阈值 threshold of intelligibility 可懂度阈 threshold of luminescence 发光界限 threshold of nucleation 成核临界温度 threshold of pain 声学术语 痛阈 threshold of reaction 反应阈值 threshold of sensitivity 灵敏度阈; 灵敏度阈值 throat depth thickness of fillet weld 角焊缝厚度 throat of fillet weld 凹角焊喉; 填角焊缝喉长 throat of the flower 花喉 throat of threading die 螺丝板牙导口 throat of tooth 齿喉 throat of weld 凹角焊喉 thrombophlebitis of leg 下肢血栓性静脉炎 thrombophlebitis of sigmoid sinus 乙状窦血栓性静脉炎 thrombosis of cerebral cortex 脑皮质血栓形成 thrombosis of hepatic veins 肝静脉血栓形成 iliofemoral vein 髂股静脉血栓形成 thrombosis of internal jugular vein 颈内静脉栓塞; 颈内静脉栓塞 thrombosis of mesenteric vein 肠系膜静脉血栓形成 thrombosis of ovarian vein 卵巢静脉血栓形成 thrombosis of splenic vein 脾静脉栓塞; 脾静脉血栓形成 through bill of lading 通过提单; 联运提单 through the entire surface of the seed 通过整个种子表面 through-put of column 塔中蒸气通过速度 throught the life of plant 植株整个生活期间 throw of crankshaft 曲柄半径; 曲轴弯头 throw of lever 杆行程 throw of piston 活塞行程 throw of pointer 指针偏转 throw of pump 泵冲程; 泵的冲程 throw of switch 尖轨动距 throw of the crusher 压碎机的锤击 throw of the point 轨尖摆幅 throw of traverse 排线器排幅 throw-off 断距 throw-out of 停止 thrower's fracture of humerus 肱骨投掷骨折 thrush side of piston 活塞推力侧 thrust of pump 泵推力 thymoma of mediastinum 纵隔胸腺瘤 ticket office 售票处 tidal plane of reference 潮位参考面 tide of second order 第二级潮汐 tightening of bearing 轴承拉紧 tile of wood 木瓦 tilt of wave front 波前倾斜 tilting of the piston 活塞倾斜 tilting of wheels 车轮倾斜 timber floor of bridge 木桥面 timbering of foundation trench 基槽支撑 time cost trade-off 时间成本权衡法 time for the layout of work place 布置工作地时间 time limit for payment of claim 索赔期限 time of break-through 穿透时间 time of coincidenceTOC 重合时间 time of completion 竣工时间; 竣工时间 time of crisis 恐慌时期 time of delay 延迟时间 time of delivery 装船时间; 交货季度; 交货期; 交货期限; 交货日期; 递交时间 time of delivery d.t.; TOD 交货时间 time of delivery TOD 送到时间 time of developing 显像时间 time of duration 持续时间 time of fertilization 受精期 time of flight 飞行时间 time of flight method 飞行时间法 time of infection 侵染时间 time of initial setting 初凝时间 time of low water 低潮时 time of mixing 搅拌时间 time of nursing 哺乳时间 time of origin 始点时间 time of oscillation 摆动时间 time of passage through kiln 通过窑炉的时间 time of penetration 渗透时间 time of persistence 余辉时间 time of primary migration 初次运移时间 time of pumping 抽水时间 receipt T of R 收到时间 time of reception 接收时刻 time of releasing 分离瞬间 time of run 运转时间 time of setting 凝结时间 time of shipment 交货时间; 交运时间 time of side dressing 旁施时间 time of sowing 播种期 time of transmission 发播时刻 turnaround of freight cars 货车周转时间 time pattern of cash flow 现金流量时间分布模式 time period for recovery of investment 投资回收期 time rate of change 时间变率 time rate of heat capacity 单位时间的热容量 time resolution of uncertainty 不确定性的时间分辨率; 不确定性时间分辨率 time spacing of vehicles 时间车间距 time structure of investment 投资的时间构成 time-cost trade-off 时间费用权衡 time-of-day clock 日历钟; 日时钟 time-of-flight mass spectrometer 飞行时间质谱仪 time-of-flight mass spectrometry TOFMS 飞行时间质谱法 time-of-flight neutron diffractometer 飞行时间中子衍射仪 time-of-flight spectrograph 飞行时间摄谱仪 time-of-flightion mass spectrometer 飞行时间离子质谱计 time-space trade-off 时空折衷 timer cut-off 定时器控制停车 timing of decision 决策的计时; 决策的计时; 决策计时; 决策计时 timing of engine 发动机定时 timing of insemination 确定授精时间 timing of magneto 磁电机定时 timing of variables 变量的时限 tint of passage 通过色辉 tip of drill 钻尖 tip of infection thread 侵染线的顶端 tip of lung 肺尖 tip of nozzle 喷管出口截面 tip of plug 插塞尖 tip of the needle 针尖 tip of the spike 穗顶部 tip-off 拆焊; 分接头; 脱焊; 解焊 tissue of tooth 牙体组织 title of drawing 图纸名称 title of invention 发明名称 titration curve of neutralization 中和滴定曲线 titration of complex ion formation 络离子生成滴定法 titration of dissolved oxygen 溶解氧滴定 titration of halide 卤化物滴定 titration of toxin 毒素滴定 tiwce of milking 每日挤奶次数 to be found in the growing parts of the plant 存在于作物生长中 to break up of rock 岩石粉碎 to do a lot of damage 造成很大破坏 to entertain offer 考虑发盘 to influence the water supply of the soil 影响土壤水分的供应 to the order of 某一订货人 toe of bead 轮胎的 缘趾 toe of beam 工字梁梁边 toe of retaining wall 挡土墙墙趾 toe of the weld 焊缝边界 toe of wall 墙趾 toe of weld 焊趾 toe pressure of foundation 基础趾压力 toe trench of levee 堤基防渗槽 toe-end of tooth 轮齿趾端 tolerance number of defects 容许缺陷数目 tolerance of dimension 尺寸公差 tolerance of fit 配合公差 tolerance of parallelism 平行度公差 tolerance of particular plants 个别作物的耐性 tolerance of salinity 耐盐度 tolerance of set pressure 调定压力公差 toll office 长途电话局 ton of refrigeration 冷冻吨; 冷吨 tone of gray 黑白亮度等级; 半色调等级; 灰色色调 tone of the market 市场的景况 tonic spasm of the pharyngeal muscle 强直性咽肌痉挛 tonify Qi of the kidney 补肾益气 tonsillitis of deficiency type 虚火乳蛾 tool holder of lathe 车床刀杆 tooth of cutter 刀齿 tooth sides fit of spline 在键齿侧配合 toothache caused by fire of deficiency type 虚火牙痛 top clearance of tooth 齿顶间隙 top dressing of fertilizer 表施 top layer of yeast 上面酵母层 top leaf of spring 顶簧片 top line of teeth 齿顶线 top lip of slice 上唇板 top member of graft 嫁接作物的上部 top of form 页头 top of piston 活塞顶 top of saddle 鞍座顶 top of shoulder 肩顶 top of stack 堆栈的顶 top of stroke 冲程顶; 冲程上限 top of sugar heet 甜菜缨子 top of superstructure 上层建筑顶 top of the slag 渣面 top surface of liquid 液体的上部表面 top surface of ring 环顶面 top-most whorl of leaves 顶莲叶 top-of-form set 表头格式设置; 表头设置 tore of reflection 反射环 torpedo officer 鱼雷军官 torquing of nuts 转矩拉紧螺母 torrents of rain 骤雨 torsion of a curve 曲线的挠率 torsion of fallopian tube 输卵管扭转 torsion of Meckel's diverticulum 美克尔氏憩室扭转 torsion of ovarian cyst 卵巢囊肿扭转 torsion of pedunculated fibroid 有蒂子宫肌瘤扭转 torsion of penis 阴茎扭转 torsion of pregnant uterus 妊娠子宫扭转 torsion of spermatic cord 精索扭转 torsion of testis 睾丸扭转 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司