翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 她被提名为这次比赛的获胜者。 Her eyes misted over with tears. 她变得泪眼模糊。 She wouldn't mind taking care of our children. 她不会介意照料我们的孩子的。 She won't object -- she's so meek and mild. 她不会有异议的--她一向是逆来顺受。 She is not used to the formal mode of address. 她不习惯于这种正式称呼。 She doesn't go any more, but she used to go twice a week. 她不再去了,但过去她每周去两次。 She did not know that she was being overlooked by the woman next door. 她不知道隔壁邻居的女人一直在监视她。 She was neglectful of her clothing. 她不注意自己的穿着。 She often makes much of trivial matters. 她常常小题大作。 She often listens to music for the million. 她常听大众音乐。 She mocked him as a country boy. 她嘲笑他是乡巴佬。 She complained loudly to the owner of the store, who answered her mildly. 她冲着和颜悦色答覆她的店主大声抱怨。 She wore a modest bathing suit. 她穿一件不太暴露的游泳衣。 She had on an ordinary dress. 她穿着平常的衣服。 She came from nowhere into national fame. 她从无名之辈变成全国闻名。 She came from nowhere into national fame. 她从无名之辈变成全国闻名。 She moved about a lot. 她到过许多地方。 Her displeasure was obvious. 她的不悦是显而易见的。 Her first-born is a doctor. Her other children are all in the army. 她的长子是医生,其余几个孩子都在部队服役。 Her analysis was correct to the nail. 她的分析极其正确。 Her departure was the occasion of much sadness. 她的离别是令人十分悲伤的起因。 Her problem is mental, not physical. 她的毛病是精神方面的,而不是身体方面的。 Her name is new to me. 她的名字对我来说是完全陌生。 Her name slipped my memory. 她的名字我一时想不起来了。 Her name slipped my memory. 她的名字我一时想不起来了。 Her hair was in a terrible mess. 她的头发乱极了。 Her hair curls naturally. 她的头发天然卷曲。 Her new book will overshadow all her earlier ones. 她的新书将会使她以前写的书都黯然失色。 Her tears melted his heart. 她的眼泪使他心软了。 Her eyes were moist with tears. 她的眼里噙着泪水。 Her singing is totally without merit. 她的演唱一无是处。 All her motions were graceful. 她的一举一动都很优美。 Her clothes usually gave an offhand effect. 她的衣服通常给人以一种不拘礼节的感觉。 Her clothes are always right up to the minute. 她的衣服总是最时髦的。 Her husband is very mean about money. 她的丈夫在金钱上很吝啬。 She had small, neat writing. 她的字写得小而工整。 Her motto is "Never say die". 她的座右铭是"永不气馁"。 She gave a murmur of approval. 她低声表示同意。 She nearly broke down when she miscarried a third time. 她第三次流产时精神几乎崩溃了。 She is in two minds about it. 她对此举棋不定。 She has a good memory for names. 她对名字的记性很好。 She has a good memory for names. 她对名字的记性很好。 She was satisfied with the outcome of her efforts. 她对自己努力的结果很满意。 She is mindful of her responsibilities. 她对自己所负的责任铭记在心。 She has a miscellaneous talent. 她多才多艺。 Her son died of hepatitis. 她儿子因患肝炎而死。 Her brow wrinkled with outrage. 她愤慨得皱起了眉。 Her parents' opposition is an obstacle to her marriage. 她父母的反对是她结婚的障碍。 Her parents tried to prevent the marriage but the wedding took place notwithstanding. 她父母试图阻止这桩婚姻,尽管如此,婚事还是办了。 Her father underwent a major operation last week. 她父亲上周动了一次大手术。 She gave money most generously. 她付钱最大方。 She felt the necessity of accepting the invitation. 她感到必须接受这一邀请。 She arrived just now. 她刚到。 She nerved herself to enter the dark room. 她鼓足勇气走进黑洞洞的房间。 She was as obstinate as a mule. 她固执得像头驴子。 She got on okay with her classmates. 她和同学相处得很好。 Neither she nor I knew. 她和我都不知道。 She was angry; nevertheless, she listened to me. 她很生气,但还是听了我的话。 She spends all her time nursing her old father. 她花全部的时间照料年迈的父亲。 She won an Olympic gold medal in swimming. 她获得奥林匹克游泳金牌。 She felt most severely the miseries of mankind. 她极为强烈地感受到了人类的种种苦难。 She has eaten next to nothing. 她几乎什么也没吃。 She nicked down my address. 她记下了我的地址。 She is nearly fifty now. 她将近五十岁了。 She took the pie out of the oven and turned the gas off. 她将派从烤箱中拿出来并关掉了瓦斯。 She often flung mud at her colleagues. 她经常诽谤她的同事。 She often made mischief between them. 她经常在他们之间挑拨离间。 She sat motionless with horror. 她惊恐万状,一动不动地坐着。 Did she have the nerve to say that? 她竟有脸那样说吗? She is much the most active member in our group. 她绝对是我们组最活跃的成员。 She found his behavior objectionable. 她觉得他的行为令人作呕。 He did not seem normal to her. 她觉得他精神似乎不正常。 She was filled with nausea at the sight of cruelty to animals. 她看到虐待动物满腔厌恶。 She looked a bit down in the mouth. 她看上去有点垂头丧气。 She is always nosing into other's business. 她老是爱打听别人的事情。 She neatly removed the bones from the fish. 她利索地除去了鱼里的骨头。 She knits at odd moments. 她利用零碎时间编织。 There's a mischievous look on her face. 她脸露淘气的神色。 She bought a ski outfit. 她买了一套滑雪装备。 She was so busy that she was in a mix. 她忙得头脑发昏。 She is occupied in writing a novel. 她忙于写小说。 She didn't notice that I had entered the room. 她没有看到我已经走进屋里。 She did not cry, but a mist came over her eyes. 她没有哭,但她的眼睛却模糊了。 She didn't come; no more did her husband. 她没有来,她丈夫也没有来。 She took a nap every afternoon. 她每天下午小睡一会儿。 Each time she moved her head she let out a moan. 她每转动一下头,就发出一声呻吟。 She wore an expression of near fear. 她面露几近恐惧的神色。 She is in bad odor. 她名声不好。 Her mental anguish was beyond words. 她内心的痛苦难以用言语形容。 She was mistress of her temper. 她能控制自己的脾气。 She said the whole poem from memory. 她凭记忆说出了整首诗。 She said the whole poem from memory. 她凭记忆说出了整首诗。 She prayed that she would never offend. 她祈祷但愿永远不做错事。 It makes no odds whether she goes or she stays. 她去也好留也好都没有什么关系。 She was in complete charge of all monetary matters affecting the household. 她全权负责一切有关家务的财政事宜。 She asked her mother to nip the dress in at the waist. 她让母亲把那连衣裙的腰部收窄一点。 She was at the mercy of her cruel husband. 她任凭残酷的丈夫摆布。 Is she still of the same mind? 她仍持原来的意见吗? She carries with her the charm that comes natural to her. 她身上有一种天生的魅力。 She never so much as said "Thanks". 她甚至不说一个"谢"字。 She muscled through the throngs of people, frantically searching for David. 她使劲挤过人群,拼命寻找大卫。 She tried to stir up mischief among the other pupils. 她试图在其他学生之间挑起纠纷。 She is the only person for the job. 她是担任这个工作最合适的人选。 She's a movie nut. 她是电影迷。 She is an outstanding actress. 她是一个杰出的演员。 She is a nurse for ward duty. 她是一位病房护士。 She is a mother of five children. 她是有五个孩子的母亲。 She is the very mirror of virtue. 她是贞洁的典范。 She is a night nurse. 她是值夜班的护士。 She messed up on the math test. 她数学考砸了。 She said they would arrive momentarily. 她说他们随时会到。 It seems that she is nibbling at your suggestions. 她似乎对你的建议显出有意接受的样子。 She'll be here at any moment. 她随时会来。 What she said put his monkey up. 她所说的话使他生气。 She often buys some cake mixes on weekends. 她通常在周末买些蛋糕混合料。 She passed her orals. 她通过了口试。 She notified us that she would accept the position. 她通知我们,她愿意接受这份工作。 She neglected paying the fine. 她忘了缴罚金。 She works for a newspaper. 她为一家报社工作。 She enjoys wearing orients. 她喜欢戴优质珍珠。 She enjoys wearing orients. 她喜欢戴优质珍珠。 She likes an occasional glass of wine. 她喜欢偶尔喝杯酒。 She's in the money now. 她现在很有钱。 She came up with a novel solution to the problem. 她想出了一个解决问题的新奇的办法。 She has a narrow mind. 她心胸狭隘。 She has a narrow mind. 她心胸狭隘。 She learns quickly, and what's more, she remembers what she has learnt. 她学得很快,而且所学的全都记得。 Her numbers were well received. 她演唱的几支歌曲很受欢迎。 I want to see her the moment she arrives. 她一到我就要见她。 She monopolized the conversation. 她一个人说个没完,别人无法插嘴。 I'll tell her the minute that she comes. 她一来我就告诉她。 She's President and Prime Minister in one. 她一人身兼总统及首相。 She did not have a penny to her name. 她一文不名。 The mere thought of the ruffian made her shudder. 她一想到那个恶棍就不寒而栗。 She travels whenever the opportunity offers. 她一有机会就去旅行。 Her aunt is her nearest relative. 她姨妈是她最近的亲戚。 She has made a name for herself as a singer. 她已成为一位歌星。 She has taught for thirty odd years. 她已教了二十余年书。 She has taken an option on that piece of land. 她已取得那块土地的购置权。 She has married money. 她已同有钱人结婚。 She took up nursing as a career. 她以当护士为职业。 She models for a living. 她以当模特儿为生。 She models herself after her mother. 她以自己母亲为榜样。 She spent the whole afternoon doing needlework. 她用了整个下午做针线活。 She measured the stranger with her eyes. 她用双眼打量着那个陌生人。 Her modesty prevented her from making her real feelings known to him. 她由于羞怯未曾向他吐露真情实意。 She nodded to me in a friendly fashion. 她友好地向我点了点头。 She has Oriental features. 她有东方人的面部特徵。 Did she make any mention of having seen me? 她有没有提及见过我? She visits the city on occasion. 她有时到城里去。 She has a mountain of dirty clothes to wash. 她有一大堆脏衣服要洗。 She has enough money to obtain the necessaries of life. 她有足够的钱购买生活必需品。 She is at odds with her boss. 她与她的老板不和。 She met a handsome boy, John by name. 她遇到了一位名叫约翰的英俊少年。 She was native to Taipei. 她原籍台北。 The pen she thought she had lost was actually on her desk, right under her very nose. 她原以为丢失的钢笔就在她面前的桌子上。 She told me over the telephone about it. 她在电话里把这事告诉了我。 She succeeded against overwhelming odds. 她在极端不利的条件下获得了成功。 She is milking the cow. 她在挤牛奶。 She played a minor role in the opera. 她在那出歌剧里扮演了一个小角色。 She was all nerves before the final exams. 她在期末考试之前非常紧张。 She found him in the midst of a group of his usual friends. 她在他的一群老朋友中找到了他。 She is on a mobile cinema team. 她在巡回电影队工作。 She works in a textile mill. 她在一家纺织厂工作。 She taught in a missionary school for a couple of years. 她在一所教会学校教了两年书。 She came in the middle of the day. 她在中午的时候来了。 She had nourished the dream of becoming a movie star. 她曾怀有成为电影明星的梦想。 She was once the best singer at the Paris Opera. 她曾是巴黎歌剧院最好的歌唱家。 She stood on my left. 她站在我左边。 She actually did it! Well, I never! 她真的做了!真没想到! She has had her mother's illness on her mind all day. 她整天都在为她母亲的病担忧。 She sat by her sick husband all night. 她整夜坐在生病的丈夫身边。 She knows all the rooms in the building by number and she will tell you where room 324 is. 她知道这幢大楼里所有房间的号码,她可以告诉你三二四房间在哪里。 She is a lawyer in name only; she paints all day. 她只是个挂名的律师;她整天画画。 She chose none but the best. 她只挑最好的。 She majored in English and minored in education. 她主修英文,副修教育。 She lives in the out room. 她住在外侧那间房间。 She watched him narrowly. 她仔细地端详他。 She taught herself the techniques of narrative and dialogue. 她自学了叙事和对话的技巧。 She is always on the outlook for a better opportunity. 她总是在留心寻找一个更好的机会。 She stepped over to the other side to avoid meeting him. 她走到大街另一边,避免与他相遇。 She sat down to nibble candy. 她坐下来,慢慢地吃着糖果。 She sat next her mother. 她坐在她母亲身边。 She is a neat worker. 她做事乾净利落。 It's been a mild winter this year. 今年的冬天一直很暖和。 It's cold today, and no mistake. 今天的确很冷。 There's a nip in the air today. 今天寒风刺骨。 It's cold today. Why don't you put your overcoat on? 今天很冷。为什么不把大衣穿上? There's an outside chance he may come today. 今天他不大可能会来。 I'm not feeling very well today -- otherwise I would do it myself. 今天我身体不太舒服,否则这事我就亲自去做了。 All day today there was a heavy overcast. 今天一整天都是阴天。 She was in a bit of a mood this morning. 今天早晨她情绪欠佳。 She went in this morning and noticed one of the ornaments was missing. 今天早晨她一进去就发现丢了一件饰品。 What's on for tonight at the cinema? 今晚电影院上映什么片子? A careful driver is observant of the traffic rules. 谨慎小心的驾驶者严格遵守交通规则。 Notwithstanding he tried hard, he failed in chemistry. 尽管很努力,他化学考试还是没及格。 Notwithstanding the bad weather, the match went on. 尽管天气很糟,比赛还是照常进行。 A mission was sent to Africa by the Baptist Church. 浸礼教会派了一个传教团去非洲。 The economic outlook is bright. 经济前景非常光明。 The economy is on the mend. 经济情况正在好转。 The scene misted over. 景色被雾笼罩着。 The policeman noted down every word I said. 警察记下了我所说的每一个字。 The police are carefully watching the movements of the suspicious character carefully. 警察密切注意着那个可疑人物的行动。 The police faced a mob throwing bricks and petrol bombs. 警察面对着一群投掷砖块和汽油弹的暴民。 A policeman could meet danger any minute of his working day. 警察在值勤时随时都可能碰到危险。 The police made a methodical search of the house. 警察仔细地搜查了房子。 The police are onto the robber's plans 警方对枪匪的计划了若指掌。 The police were nosing after the criminal. 警方正在寻找罪犯。 The rescue operation lasted three days. 救援活动持续了三天。 Between ourselves, that young man's hair is much too long. 就咱俩之间说说,那小伙子的头发实在是太长了。 The whole nation is jubilant. 举国欢腾。 The mighty iceberg came into view. 巨大的冰山出现在眼前。 There are rumors of a merger involving several major railroad companies. 据说几家主要的铁路公司要合并了。 It was said that he was from a noble family. 据说他出身于贵族家庭。 He is said to be a member of the mob. 据说他是犯罪集团的成员。 To my mind, she is a pleasant person to deal with. 据我看来她是个很好相处的人。 The hurricane was a great misfortune for many people in the area. 飓风给这一地区许多人带来很大灾难。 The party will be held in the officers' mess. 聚会将在军官食堂举行。 Halfway through the party my wife became ill and we had to leave in short order. 聚会进行到一半,我太太发病了,我们只好赶紧离开。 The military took over the government. 军方接管了政府。 The officers are at mess. 军官们正在用餐。 The officers live here, and the enlisted men over there. 军官住在这里,士兵住在那里。 The truck got stuck in the mud. 卡车陷入了泥淖。 The truck gained momentum as it rolled down the steep road. 卡车沿着陡峭的道路往下开时,冲力愈来愈大。 At the outset, it looked like a nice day. 开始的时候,天看上去很晴朗。 Stop doing that, in the name of God! 看在上帝的分上,别干了! Science is always on the move. 科学总是在进步。 The cough has been nagging me for some time. 咳嗽已使我烦恼了一阵子了。 The odds are on the visiting team. 客队占优势。 There must be some fish nibbling at the bait. 肯定有什么鱼在咬鱼饵了。 Air is a mixture of gases. 空气是各种气体的混合物。 Air is a medium for sound. 空气是声音的传播媒介。 There were problems, but we muddled through somehow. 困难是有的,但我们好歹混过来了。 Larry was demoted for overriding his superior's orders. 拉里因藐视上级的命令而被降级。 It is wrong to misuse our natural resources. 滥用我们的自然资源是不对的。 Please oblige me by turning down the radio. 劳您驾,请替我把收音机音量调低一些。 The teacher made comments on our compositions. 老师就我们的作文作了讲评。 The teacher motioned his students to be silent. 老师示意学生不要讲话。 The teacher believed in hard work and always kept our noses to the grindstone. 老师提倡勤奋,而且也总是要我们埋头读书。 Rats carry very nasty diseases. 老鼠传播非常严重的疾病。 The orchestra played a Mozart symphony. 乐队演奏了一首莫札特的交响曲。 The striking up of the band is timed to the moment. 乐队准时开始奏乐。 Tears misted her eyes. 泪水模糊了她的眼睛。 Before he left, he said good-bye to each member of the monastery. 离开前,他与修道士中的每个人道别。 Lily is a fashion model. 莉莉是个时装模特儿。 Dawn is the messenger of day. 黎明预示着白天的到来。 Mr. Lee is a well-known scholar in ancient Chinese history. 李先生是研究中国古代史的着名学者。 Richard is going to narrate in the new radio play. 理查将在这个新的广播剧中担任旁白。 The theories and measurements fitted together neatly. 理论与测出的数据恰好相符。 The United Nations sent a team of observers to the peace talks. 联合国派出了一组观察员出席和平谈判。 A dime store sells notions. 廉价商店出售日用小商品。 Relations between the two countries have been restored to normal. 两国关系已恢复正常。 The two trains met at a small station. 两列火车在一个小站相遇即错车。 Both houses are not white. 两所房子不都是白色的。 Two days later he changed his mind. 两天后他改变主意了。 The two lanes merge going into the tunnel. 两条车道会合后引入隧道。 Neither shoe fits comfortably. 两只鞋都不合脚。 The hunter fired at the deer but missed it. 猎人向鹿开了枪,但未打中。 I am always in a state of nerves on the eve of an examination. 临考的前夕我总是非常紧张。 Tourism is a mushroom to the country. 旅游业是这个国家发展极快的行业。 The lawyer drew up a legal paper discharging him from all obligations. 律师拟定了一份法律文件,免除他所有的债务款项。 Roman numerals. 罗马数字。 Anesthesia was a great innovation in medicine. 麻醉是医学上重大的创新。 Do it at once! 马上就做! Come in, Mary. I've got good news for you. 玛丽,进来。我有好消息告诉你。 A third car was a needless expense. 买第三辆汽车是一笔不必要的开支。 Cats have a natural aversion to water. 猫天生厌水。 The cat jumped onto the chair. 猫跳到椅子上。 It did not take us long to nail that lie. 没多久我们就把谎言揭穿了。 Never mind, I'll do it myself. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司