翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 没关系,我自己来做。 Never mind. 没关系。 Nobody raised any objection to my doing it right now. 没人反对我现在就做这件事。 No one could compete with these steel monopolies. 没有人能和这些钢铁垄断企业竞争。 Coal and oil are natural products. 煤和石油是天然物产。 The gas meter reads 50. 煤气表的读数是五十。 The gas meter reads 50. 煤气表的读数是五十。 As often as he's tried to go there, he's always failed. 每次他想去那里,总是去不成。 As often as not the buses are late on foggy days. 每逢多雾天气,公车往往误点。 Large numbers of birds migrate south every winter. 每年冬季大量的鸟类迁徙南方。 Each year brings a new mode and a new crop of artists. 每年都会产生一种新的风格,诞生一批新的艺术家。 Myriads of mosquitoes from the swamp invaded our village every twilight. 每天黄昏无数蚊虫从沼泽地飞来侵袭我们的村子。 Every night, more often than not, you'd find my father at the local pub. 每天晚上你大多能在附近的小酒店里找到我父亲。 The monetary unit in the US is the dollar. 美国的货币单位是"元"。 The North won in the Civil War. 美国南北战争中北方打赢了。 Native American 美洲原住民;印第安人 The door opens outward. 门向外开。 The secretary made a note of what her boss had asked her to do. 秘书已把老板要她做的事记下来了。 The militia is/are sometimes used for dealing with riots. 民兵部队有时被召来对付暴乱。 The names are in alphabetical order. 名字按字母顺序排列。 It ought to be a fine day tomorrow. 明天该是好天气。 There may be an opportunity for you to see the chairman of the board tomorrow. 明天你也许有机会见到董事长。 Tomorrow will be my day off. 明天我休息不上班。 Mr. Morgon did not look up from his maps, but he muttered a greeting. 摩根先生看着地图,没有抬起头来,但是他低声招呼了一声。 Mexico is in the south of North America. 墨西哥在北美洲南部。 Mexico is self-sufficient in oil. 墨西哥在石油方面可自给自足。 The custom still obtains in some areas. 某些地区仍保留着这一习俗。 When mother came home, she found the house in a muddle. 母亲回到家里,发现屋子里一片混乱。 Mother went shopping; meanwhile, I cleaned the house. 母亲去买东西;我打扫屋子。 Mother is nursing the baby. 母亲正在给婴儿喂奶。 The shingles overlap. 木瓦相互搭接。 Now is the best time to visit Paris. 目前是造访巴黎的最佳时节。 At present we can only wait and see. 目前我们只好等等再说。 That chair is in the way, move it please. 那把椅子挡着路,请把它移开。 The gang messed him up. 那帮人把他揍了一顿。 The dictionary is nowhere to be found. 那本词典哪儿也找不到。 The dictionary is nowhere to be found. 那本词典哪儿也找不到。 The book's opening is dull, but the last chapters are interesting. 那本书的开始部分枯燥乏味,但最后几章很有意思。 The tribesmen are mourning the death of their chief. 那部落里的人正在哀悼他们首领的去世。 The game went into overtime. 那场比赛进入加时赛。 The interview overran by fifteen minutes. 那次采访超过规定时间十五分钟。 The twins have been monkeying about in the attic again. 那对双胞胎又在阁楼上胡闹了。 That's no news to me. 那对我不是新闻。 Why did the patient refuse to take the medicine? 那个病人为什么不肯服药? The laboratory worker in a white overall turned out to be the president's daughter. 那个穿白色罩衣的实验室工作人员原来是总裁的女儿。 That Russian name is really a mouthful. 那个俄文名字真拗口。 When was slavery outlawed in that country? 那个国家何时宣布奴隶制为非法? The prisoner sat mute, offering nothing in his own defence. 那个囚犯一声不吭地坐着,没说任何为自己辩护的话。 The little girl is as meek as a lamb. 那个小姑娘像羔羊一般温顺。 The athlete has good motor coordination 那个运动员运动神经的整合很好。 The position is still open. 那个职位仍空缺着。 The kid mugged at the cameraman. 那孩子对摄影师扮鬼脸。 The child has been mute since birth. 那孩子生来就是哑巴。 The artist muted the colors. 那画家把色彩抹得柔和些。 The department store is well operated. 那家百货公司经营得法。 There are two openings in the office. 那家办事处有两个空缺。 That guy tried to move in on my girlfriend. 那家伙想抢走我的女朋友。 Is the store open from 9 to 7? 那家商店是从上午九点营业到晚上七点吗? The shoe manufacturer had several outlets. 那家鞋业制造商有好几家商店。 That skirt and sweater makes a nice outfit. 那件毛衣和裙子配成一套漂亮的服装。 These are the naked realities. 那就是赤裸裸的事实。 The pumpkin is a real monster. 那颗南瓜真大。 The old man is only the nominal head of the business. 那老人只是这个企业的挂名的总裁。 There were only fifty people there at the very outside. 那里至多才五十个人。 The odor filled the room. 那气味充满了房间。 It is near impossible. 那是几乎不可能的。 That was a mean trick! 那是一个卑劣的诡计! That's an open society. 那是一个开放的社会。 It was a cry that mingled fright with surprise. 那是一声夹着恐惧与惊讶的喊叫。 That's a matter of outs versus ins. 那是在野党人与执政党人的对抗。 The sailor narrated the story of his life to me in the tavern. 那水手在这酒店里向我讲述了他的一生。 The large ship could not navigate the river. 那艘大轮船不能在河里航行。 Who operates that machine? 那台机器由谁操作? It was nothing less than a miracle. 那完全是个奇迹。 It was nothing less than a miracle. 那完全是个奇迹。 That evening he was in an unusual light-hearted mood. 那晚他的心情异常轻松。 The motorist saw in his driving mirror that a police car was following him. 那位驾车人从他的后视镜里看到一辆警车正跟着他。 The old man napped on the porch. 那位老人在走廊上打盹儿。 The young teacher can't keep order in her classroom. 那位年轻教师无法维持课堂秩序。 The critic nibbled at the young writer's new novel. 那位批评家对这位青年作家的新小说作了吹毛求疵的抨击。 The actor amused the audience by mimicking some well-known people. 那位演员模仿某些名人,以此逗乐观众。 The actor became famous overnight. 那位演员一下子成了名。 The hero received a great ovation from the crowd. 那位英雄受到人群的热烈欢迎。 Let's meet that problem when it comes up. 那问题一出现,我们就来对付它。 Those countries are rich in mineral resources. 那些国家矿物资源很丰富。 Those goods have been on order for almost a month. 那些货差不多一个月前就定购了。 The boys were monkeying about in the playground, and one of them got hurt. 那些男孩在游乐场胡闹,结果其中有一个受伤了。 Those conditions no longer obtain. 那些情形已不存在。 He often mooned about those days. 那些日子他常常精神恍惚。 Those offenders all ended up in prison. 那些违法者结果都坐了牢。 We spent that night in the open. 那夜我们在野外度过。 It was originally a toy factory. 那原来是一家玩具工厂。 That noise was getting on her nerves. 那噪音使她心烦。 The nail has been pulled out. 那只钉子拔出来了。 The cat gave him a nip. 那只猫咬了他一口。 That was merely a guess of mine. 那只是我的一种猜测。 The statue survived though minus a leg. 那尊塑像保存了下来,但缺了一条腿。 That bridge was a miracle of engineering. 那座桥是工程学上的一个奇迹。 The boy was naked to the waist. 男孩光着上身。 The boys re-enacted the strategies in mock battles. 男孩们在模拟战中重现了那些战略。 The boy climbed onto the roof top. 男孩爬到屋顶上。 Children enjoy making airplane models. 男孩子们喜欢做飞机模型。 The boys were netting cicadas in the woods. 男孩子们在林子里用网捕捉蝉。 Boys are usually neglectful of their appearance. 男孩子通常不注意自己的仪表。 He was troubled by nameless fears. 难以名状的恐惧困扰着他。 You've muddled the scheme completely. 你把计划完全弄糟了。 You have made a muddle of it. 你把事情给弄得一团糟。 You must keep your mind on your work. 你必须专心工作。 You must do as you are told. 你必须遵嘱行事。 You must do it; you have no option. 你必须做,你没有选择的余地。 You're not going to lead me again by the nose! 你别想再牵着我的鼻子走! You needn't trouble about that. 你不必为这费事了。 You can't serve drinks to minors. 你不能把酒卖给未成年人。 You do not like him, nor do I. 你不喜欢他,我也不喜欢。 You don't necessarily have to go. 你不一定要去。 You should not look down your nose at him. 你不应该瞧不起他。 Don't break your neck on the work; you have plenty of time. 你不用那么拼命地工作;有的是时间。 Do you dine out much? 你常在外面用餐吗? You never mentioned that your wife had had the baby! 你从没提起你太太已经生了! Go now or you'll be late. 你得马上走,不然就要迟到了。 Was your jacket made to measure? 你的夹克是订做的? Your approach to teaching differs nothing from hers. 你的教学方法同她的教学方法并无不同之处。 Your approach to teaching differs nothing from hers. 你的教学方法同她的教学方法并无不同之处。 You have quite a mop of hair. 你的头发蓬松凌乱。 Your new invention will make the whole world sit up and take notice! 你的新发明将使全世界为之注目。 You hit the nail on the head about him: he is a con artist. 你对他的批评是一针见血:他是一个骗人专家。 Your son can mind your shop for you. 你儿子可以替你照管商店。 How much rent do you pay? 你付多少租金? You ought to be stricter with him. He's very naughty. 你该对他更严格一些。他很调皮。 It's only natural that you should be nervous. 你感到紧张是很自然的。 Did you mention this to the boss? 你跟老板提到这事没有? You'll find it somewhere in the neighborhood of the park. 你会在公园附近找到它。 Now that you have come, you may as well stay. 你既然来了,不妨就住下。 What's your name? 你叫什么名字? Did you notice her engagement ring? 你看到她的订婚戒指了吗? Is it okay with you if I borrow this book? 你看我借这本书可以吗? You mustn't talk like that. 你可不能这样说话。 You have no occasion to buy another car. 你没有必要再买一辆汽车。 It was wise of you not to mistake your own strength. 你没有错误估计自己的力量是明智的。 You didn't obey the manager's instructions. 你没有执行经理的指示。 You must practice each day for a minimum of 30 minutes. 你每天必须最少练习三十分钟。 Which of you has made the most mistakes? 你们当中谁错得最多? You're going off the subject. 你们离题了。 When are you moving to the suburbs? 你们什么时候搬到郊区去? It's a miracle that you returned at all. 你能回来是一个奇迹。 Can you name all the plants and trees in this garden? 你能叫出花园里所有花草树木的名称吗? It makes no odds whether you give me coffee or tea. 你请我喝咖啡或喝茶都没有什么关系。 Do you think kids nowadays are lazy? 你认为现在的小孩很懒? You'll be hurt if you don't mind out. 你如果不当心,会受伤的。 You may come at any time, only you had better let me know beforehand. 你什么时候来都行,不过最好先告诉我一声。 Are you a native here, or just a visitor? 你是本地人?或者只是过客? Did you hear it on the radio? 你是从收音机听到这消息的吗? You are too nice about form. 你太拘泥形式了。 I'm afraid you had hit a nerve when you mentioned his dead wife, and his face darkened. 你提到他死去的妻子的时候,恐怕触起了他的伤心事,所以他的脸色阴沉下来。 You mistook my meaning entirely. 你完全误会了我的意思。 It's far too late for you to go out and play football, not to mention the fact that it's raining. 你现在出去踢足球太晚了,何况又正在下雨。 Would you like a nibble? 你想吃一点吗? Need you go so soon? 你需要这么早走吗 ? Would you like to leave a message for her? 你要留话给她吗? You'll break your neck if you fall off the roof. 你要是从屋顶上跌下来会摔死的。 The mend in your dress scarcely shows. 你衣服上补过的地方几乎看不出来。 You ought to read his novels. 你应该读读他的小说。 You should explain this to him at the outset. 你应该一开始就向他解释这事。 You should sleep more than you do. 你应该有更多的睡眠。 How dare you oil the judge! 你怎么竟敢向法官行贿! You're a menace! 你这人真讨厌! You'd better not mess in the affairs of others. 你最好不要干涉他人的事情。 You'd better draw it mild. 你最好还是不要夸大。 You'd better go and nose about a bit. 你最好去打听一下。 You'd better break the news to him gently that his wife has just been killed in the accident. 你最好温和一些跟他说,他妻子在事故中不幸遇难。 You'd better apply some ointment to the cut. 你最好在伤口上擦些药膏。 Did you watch Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice on TV last night? 你昨天晚上在电视上看到莎剧《威尼斯商人》吗? An actor who mouths his speeches is a poor actor. 念台词装腔作势的演员是拙劣的演员。 A bird lays eggs in the nest it has built. 鸟将蛋下在自己所筑的巢里。 The birds nested in the oak tree. 鸟在橡树上筑巢。 Oxford is an old university. 牛津大学是一所老大学。 Milk is very nutritious. 牛奶营养丰富。 New York is the metropolis of North America. 纽约是北美的大都市。 The farmer took his corn to the mill. 农民把他的玉米拿到磨坊去。 Farmers pass the bigger part of their lives in the open. 农民一生中大半时间都在户外度过。 The servant told me that her mistress was not at home. 女仆告诉我说,她的女主人不在家。 The maid nodded with fatigue. 女佣累得打瞌睡。 Move over and let the little girl sit down. 挪过去点,让这小女孩坐。 Try to look natural for your photograph. 拍照要尽量显得自然一些。 Friends visit them occasionally. 朋友偶尔拜访他们。 A mist of prejudice spoiled his judgement. 偏见的迷雾损害了他的判断力。 A judge must give an objective opinion. 评判员必须发表公正的意见。 He was numbed by his wife's sudden death. 妻子的突然去世使他惊呆了。 One of the beds had obviously been slept in. 其中一张床明显有人睡过。 The service is a memorial to those killed in the war. 祈祷仪式是为纪念在战争中牺牲的人。 Bicycling is a good exercise; moreover, it doesn't pollute the air. 骑脚踏车是很好的运动;而且还不污染环境。 Riding on a donkey is a slow mode of travel. 骑驴子旅行是一种缓慢的旅行方式。 At first we covered about 100 miles a day. 起初我们每天行一百英里。 Never say nasty things about others. 千万不可恶语中伤他人。 She flew to Japan the month before last. 前个月她乘飞机去了日本。 When her money was stolen she quickly realized there was no point in crying over spilt milk. 钱被偷后,她很快明白对无法挽回的事感到后悔是没有用的。 The money was stolen right under their very noses! 钱就当着他们的面被偷了! The robber menaced him with a revolver. 强盗用左轮手枪威吓他。 There was an opening in the wall. 墙上有个洞。 There is a picture on the wall. 墙上有一幅画。 The walls are newly painted. 墙重新粉刷过。 The robber was overpowered by the cop. 抢劫犯被警察制伏。 Joe needled the boys into a fight. 乔用话挑动男孩打架。 Uncle George is really nowhere. 乔治叔叔实在古板。 Uncle George is really nowhere. 乔治叔叔实在古板。 With the bridge destroyed, there was nothing for it but to swim across it. 桥被毁了,只得游过去。 With the bridge destroyed, there was nothing for it but to swim across it. 桥被毁了,只得游过去。 You mistake, my dear. 亲爱的,你错了。 The clear water mirrored the blue sky. 清澈的水面映出了碧蓝的天空。 Clean the sink outlet. 清除洗涤槽出水口的污物。 Things were in terrible order. 情况一团糟。 Would you mind switching the television to channel 8? 请把电视转到第八频道好吗? Please make my drink a mild one. 请把我的酒调得淡一点。 Open your mouth wider, please. 请把嘴张大些。 Please order me a copy. 请给我定购一本。 Please commit these terms to memory. 请记住这些名称。 Please commit these terms to memory. 请记住这些名称。 Would you please clean up the mess? 请你把这些肮脏的东西清理掉好吗? Just a moment, she's coming. 请稍等,她马上来。 Please notify us of when you may come here. 请通知我们你何时能来这里。 Move on, please. 请往前走。 Please message the instruction by cable. 请用电报传送使用须知。 Will you oblige with another song? 请再唱支歌,好吗? Please give me as much again. 请再给我那么多。 Please note that this bill must be paid within 10 days. 请注意本帐单必须在十天内付款。 The oral opening in an earthworm is small. 蚯蚓的口是很小的。 The inmate outwitted his guards and escaped. 囚犯骗过警卫逃跑了。 It is at your option to stay or leave. 去留随你的便。 We struck oil with the hotel we went to last year. 去年我们在所住的旅馆得到很好的享受。 We camped out in the middle of nowhere last summer. 去年夏天我们在一处茫茫蛮荒之地露营。 We camped out in the middle of nowhere last summer. 去年夏天我们在一处茫茫蛮荒之地露营。 The platoon mustered for roll call. 全排集合点名。 The whole mess burst out laughing. 全食堂的人都突然笑了起来。 There was a muster of all the guards. 全体卫兵进行了一次集合。 When you start the car, make sure it is in neutral. 确定在空档才发动车子。 The hills were hidden in the mist. 群山消失在雾中。 The crowd left the square in an orderly way. 群众井然有序地离开了广场。 What happened next? 然后发生了什么事情? Let us see what is on the menu today. 让我们看看今天菜单上有些什么菜。 Offhand, I would say that there were one hundred people present at the dinner party. 让我随口说说,我想有一百人出席了宴会。 Offhand, I would guess that this car repair will cost US$1,500. 让我现在随口说,我猜这部车要花一千五百美元修理费。 Heat expands metal. 热使金属膨胀。 Strength lies in numbers. 人多力量大。 He was called Smith Minor to distinguish him from the other Smiths. 人们称他小史密斯,以便与其他叫史密斯的人相区别。 There has been a migration of people from the country to the towns. 人们从乡下移居城镇。 He was mistaken for the minister. 人们错把他当作牧师了。 The government was urged to take measures to combat the spread of AIDS. 人们敦促政府采取措施以防止爱滋病的传播。 It was decided that the two businesses should be merged. 人们决定应把这两爿商店合并起来。 People began to leave the meeting by ones and twos. 人们开始三三两两地离开了会场。 The people murmured against the government. 人们私下抱怨政府。 People may not like her, but she has her merits. 人们也许不喜欢她,但她也有她的优点。 People always cherish the memory of the national hero. 人们永远怀念这位民族英雄。 People always cherish the memory of the national hero. 人们永远怀念这位民族英雄。 The people are looking forward to being delivered from the nasties. 人民期待着从不愉快的状况中解脱出来。 The crowd melted away. 人群渐渐散去。 The human body is a very complicated organization. 人体是一个非常复杂的有机体。 All men must die. 人总有一死。 The Japanese occupation of Taiwan lasted fifty-one years. 日本占领台湾达五十一年之久。 The sun melted the fog. 日出雾散。 The day-to-day struggle for survival overrode all other things. 日复一日的生存斗争压倒了其它一切。 You can use these reference books, if necessary. 如果必要,你可用这些参考书。 If need be, I'll go and have a look. 如果必要,我就去看一看。 Without a timepiece, the measurement of time is not easy. 如果没有钟表,就很难估计时间。 If you don't mind I'll open the window. 如果你不介意,我就开窗。 You should never say no to the boss if you don't want to lose your job. 如果你不想失去工作,就要服从上司。 If you still feel hungry, there is more food in the kitchen. 如果你还饿,厨房里还有东西。 If you must go, at least wait till the rain stops. 如果你坚持要走,至少也要等雨停了再走。 You are under no obligation to buy the house if you have not signed a purchase agreement. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司