翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 characteristic overflow 阶码溢出 charge-over valve 超负荷阀 charging change-over 充气转换 chemical overlays 化学被覆 ery coke oven 化学回收炼焦炉 chromatic overcorrection 色的过度校正 chromosome crossing-over 染色体交换 circum-oval precipitin reaction 环卵沉淀反应试验 classifier overflow 分级机溢流 close-over 砂胎 close-over hexagonal lattice 密集六角晶格 close-over lattice 密集点阵; 密集晶格; 密排晶格; 紧装晶格 closed oven 暗炉 coal oven gas 煤气 er-over mode 交替方式 over-oxidized heat 过氧化熔炼 over-pickling 过度酸洗 over-pin gear measurement 齿轮跨针测量 over-population 个体数过剩 over-production 生产过剩 over-purlin insulation 檩上保温层 over-purlin lining 檩上内衬 over-reduced steel 过还原钢 over-reduction 过度还原; 还原过度 over-refined 过度细致的 over-registration 重复登记 over-running torque 超速运转扭矩 over-saturation 过饱和 over-speed trip mechanism 超速跳闸机构 over-steepening 削陡作用 over-stooked pasture 载畜过多的草场 over-the-counter 非挂牌证券; 非上市证券市场 over-the-counter trading 现货交易 over-the-horizon detection system 超视距探测系统 over-the-horizon radar 超地平线雷达; 超视距雷达; 超远程电离层雷达 over-the-horizon system 视距外通信方式 over-the-load carrier 下悬式搬运车 over-the-telephone market 通过电话交易的市场 over-the-top tedder 草条翻转式翻草机 over-the-top vapour OTTV 塔顶排出的蒸汽 over-topped 受压木 over-turning 挡土墙倾覆 over-use 过度利用; 过度使用 over-valuation 高估 over-voltage protection 过电压堡 overabundant [WTBX]yin[WTBZ] 重阴 overaction 作用过度 overage 附加物品; 超出; 超额; 超过额 overage vessel 超龄船 overageing 过时效 overaging 过度时效; 过时效 overal limitation 全面限额 overall 全部的; 全面的; 外包尺寸; 总的 overall general, master plan 总体规划 overall accuracy 总精度; 总准确度 overall attenuation 净衰减; 净衰减; 总衰减 overall attenuation level 总衰减电平 overall attenuation measurement 总衰减测量 overall balance 综合平衡; 总平衡; 全面余额 overall balance 国际收支的 总差额 overall balancing 总合平衡 overall bandwidth 总带宽 overall borrowing costs 借款总费用 overall brightness-transfer characteristic 总亮度传输特性 overall budget 全面预算 overall business forecast 全盘商业情况预测 overall carbon content 总碳量 overall cavity gain 共振腔总增益; 谐振腔总增益 overall cell reaction 总电解反应 overall cell resistance 总糟电阻 overall central information problem 全面中央信息问题 overall characteristic 总特性 overall coefficient 总系数; 全系数 overall combined feed ratio 总综合进料比 overall composition 总成分 overall construction site plan 施工总平面图 overall cost 总成本; 全部成本 overall cost control 全面成本管理 erall coverage ratio 综合偿债保障率 overall credit 总信贷 overall design 总体设计 overall diameter 全径; 外包直径; 机座外径 overall diameter 焊条连药皮的 总直径 overall differential protection 整体差动堡装置 overall dimension 外包尺寸; 外廓尺寸 overall dimensions 总尺寸 overall dimentions 轮廓尺寸 overall drilling time 总钻眼时间 overall error 总体误差; 总误差 overall f-number 总光圈大小 overall financial plan 全面财务计划 overall financing for insurance 统筹保险基金 overall flaw detection sensitivity 相对探伤灵敏度 overall frequency response 整机频率响应; 总频率响应 overall gain 总增益 overall heat consumption 总热耗 overall heat transfer coefficient 总传热系数 overall heating 总热值 overall heating value 高热值 overall height 总高 coiled oval 椭圆形蛇形管; 椭圆形旋管 coke oven tar 焦炉焦油 coke-oven battery 炼焦炉组 coke-oven gas 炼焦煤气; 焦炉煤气 coke-oven gas engine 焦炉煤气发动机 coke-oven plant 焦化厂 coke-oven regenerator 焦炉热再生器 coke-over gas engine 焦炭煤气发动机 colour oven 铅丹炉 colour overload 色过饱和; 色过载 commission override 超额佣金 commodities bought by overseas remittance 侨汇商品 commodity sold overseas 销售国外的商品 complete overhaul 全部拆卸检修; 全部仔细检修 compound ovary 复合子房 compound regenerative oven 复合再生炉 compylotropous ovule 弯生胚珠 concrete overflow dam 混凝土溢流坝 condensate spill over pipe 凝结水溢流管 confining overlying bed 隔水顶层 constant heat oven 恒温炉 constant molal overflow 恒摩尔回流 constant temperature oven 恒温槽; 恒温烘箱; 恒温炉 construction by overall planning 统筹法施工 contact overtravel 触点超程; 触点追随 continuous core oven 连续烘芯炉 continuous oven 连续炉 continuous overhead sprinkling 连续空中喷灌; 进行空中喷灌 control over supply 操纵供给 control overrun 控制越限; 超限控制 controllable factory overhead variance 可控制制造费用差异 convective overshooting 对流过冲 convective overturn 对流翻腾; 湖水对流 copulative ovulation 交尾排卵; 尾排卵 core oven 烘芯炉; 烘型芯炉 core roll-over machine 翻台式制芯机 core-baking oven 型芯烘干炉; 泥芯干燥炉 corossing over 交叉 cortex ovarii 卵巢皮质 cost overrun 超限成本 countershaft over drive gear 副轴超速齿轮 countersunk oval head rivet 埋头圆顶铆钉 countersunk oval head screw 埋头圆顶螺钉 course over the ground 地面上的航向 ering overlay 覆盖 crest over the weir 堰上液层高度 cross over model 交叉模型 cross-over 过渡河段; 穿越; 跨过 cross-over bend 跨越弯头 cross-over block 绝缘垫块; 绝缘垫块 cross-over design 交叉设计 cross-over frequency 区分频率 cross-over insulator 横跨绝缘子 cross-over potential 临界电位 cross-over spiral 过渡纹 cross-over track 渡线 cross-over value 交换值 cross-over winding 分层绕组 crucible oven 坩埚炉 crystal oven 晶体恒温箱; 晶体炉 crystalline overgrowth 结晶附生 curing oven 固化炉 current overload relay 电流过载继电器 cut over 采伐 cut-over 切换; 切入; 开通 cut-over pasture 森林伐除后牧地 cyclic changes in ovary 卵巢周期变化 cystic ovary 囊肿卵巢 data overrun 数据过量运行 daylight overdraft 日间透支 decimal overflow 十进制数溢出 decimal overflow trap 十进制数溢出自陷 decimal string overflow trap 十进数串溢出自陷 decomposition with overlapping 重叠分解 decreased overhead 削减管理费 deferred overhead charges 延期间接费用 delayed ovulation 延迟排卵 deliberate over 商讨 demand carry-over 累积需求 depth over width ratio 深度宽度比 diameter over bark 连皮直径 dielectric core oven 高频烘芯炉 diesel engine over-speed relay 柴油机超速继电器 directional overcurrent relay 定向过流继电器 disk overlay 磁盘覆盖; 磁盘重叠段 do not turn over 不可倒置 double crossing over 双交换 double-decked oven 双层炉 doubling -over test 折叠试验 drag overall 总阻力 drag-over 横向自动拖送机 drag-over mill 递合式轧机; 二辊周期式薄板轧机 drag-over skid 转运装置 drag-over unit 移送机; 拖运机 drawplate oven 拉板炉 drill-over 过钻 dry oven 烘箱 drying oven 干燥箱; 烘干炉; 烘炉 drying oven baker 烘箱; 干燥炉 Dutch-oven furnace 前置式燃烧室 dynamic overlay 动态覆盖 dynamic overload 动力过载 dynamic overload control DOC 动态超载控制 electric overhead travelling crane 电动桥式起重机 electrical overhead travelling crane EOT crane 电动桥式起重机 end-over-end mixer 直立圆筒混合机 endophytic oviposition 植物内产卵 engine overhaul 发动机修理 engine overheat 发动机过热 engine overspeed switch 发动机超速开关 erecting by overhang 吊挂装配; 吊挂装置 exponent overflow exception 阶上溢异常 factor for overcapacity 过载因数 fade-over 淡出淡入 fall over 下倾 falling over 倒伏; 极度倒伏 fast switch over 快速转接 fat thickness over rib per cwt carcass weight 每英担胴体重的肋部膘厚 feed rate override 进给速度修调 fenestra ovalis 卵圆窗 fiduciary overdraft 信用透支 field overhead 井场管理费; 井场管理费 fiexible factory overhead budget 弹性间接生产费预算 file over 滞后 film overlay 薄膜重叠 fimbria ovarica 卵巢伞 finishing oval pass 椭圆精轧孔型 first overtone 一次倍频 first-over kettle 除铜精炼锅 fit over 装上; 安上 fitting overall chain 安装防滑链 fixed overflow 固定溢出; 定点溢出 fixed overflow dam 固定式溢流坝 fixed overlayable segment 固定可覆盖段 flash-over 飞弧 flash-over characteristic 放电特性 flash-over contact 闪络接触 flash-over ground current 闪络接地电流 flash-over ground relay 闪络接地继电器 flash-over protection 防止飞弧 flash-over test 高压闪络试验; 闪络试验 flasing over 飞弧 flattening oven 平板炉 flip-over process 倒逆过程 floating overflow bit 浮点上溢位; 浮点溢出位 floating overflow trap 浮点溢出自陷 floating-point overflow 浮点溢出 flow over 横流 flow over a body 绕流 fly-over crossing 立体交叉; 高架桥 fly-over junction 立体交叉 foam over 泡沫携带 fold-over 重影 folliculi ovarici vesiculosi 囊状卵泡 foramen ovale 第二中隔孔; 卵圆孔 forest frog's oviduct 哈膜油 form overlay 格式背景; 格式重叠; 多格式重叠打印功能 forms overlay 多格式重叠 fossa ovalis 卵圆窝 fossa ovarica 卵巢窝 four over five draft 四上五下牵伸 four-strand double crossing over 四线双交换 four-way change-over valve 四路转换阀 Franck-Condon overlap factor 夫兰克-康登重叠因数 freak ovbservation 反常观察值 free overfall 自由降落; 跌水 free overside 船上交换价格; 目的港驳船上交货价 free overside F.O 到港价格 Fresnel ovaloid 菲涅耳卵形体 frictional overheadv 摩擦性间接费用 front overhang angle 前悬角 froth overflow 泡沫溢出 froth-over 泡腾; 冒泡 full overlap method 全重叠法 functional ovary 机能性卵巢 funds handed over to the state treasury 财政缴款 gain cross-over 增益窜度 gamogenetic ova 蚜虫 性配卵 gate overlap 栅覆盖层 general overhaul 一般大修理; 大修 general overhauling 大修 general overhead 一般间接费用 general oversupply 一般供给过剩 generator insulation over-temperature monitor 发电机绝缘过热监控器 give overall consideration 统筹兼顾 glass oven 玻璃退火炉 gold-overlaid 贴金 goods sold over the counter 门市商品 ernor overriding control 调速器超速控制 graafian ovule 卵泡原卵 graphite oven 石墨炉 groundwater overdraft 地下水超抽; 地下水过度抽取 er and over 反复种植同一种作物 haggle over a bargain 讲价 haggle over prices 讲价 half-oval controller 半椭圆控制器 half-oval pass 半椭圆孔型 half-oval profiled wax 半卵圆铸造蜡条 hand over 交; 递; 移交 hand-cut overlay 手工垫版 hand-made overshoe 手工套鞋 handing profits over to the state 财政上交 hang-over 释放延迟 hang-over delay 释放延迟时间 heat-seal film over-wrapping machine 包装薄膜热封机 erlap coverage 高度重叠覆盖范围 held over 延搁 hemitropous ovule 横生胚珠 heterotropous ovule 横生胚珠 high speed directional overcurrent relay 高速定向过流继电器 high temperature sterilizing tunnel oven 高温灭菌隧道烘箱 high voltage flash-over tester 高压闪络测试仪 high-frequency change over switch 高频转换开关 high-speed directional overcurrent relay 高速定量过载继电器 high-tension overhead line 高压架空线路 highway over crossing 公路立体交叉 highway-overpass 上跨公路桥 hilus ovarii 卵巢门 Hob mouthed oven 陶瓷瓶式窑 hoist over speed device 吊车超速防止装置 hoist over-wind device 吊车过头防止装置 hoist overspeed device 提升超速堡装置 hoist overwind device 钢绳过卷堡装置; 钢丝绳绕过极限保安装置 hold-over 保残木; 保持故障; 迟出个体; 迟出孢树 hold-over command 保存命令 holoblastic ovum 全裂卵 home bread-baking oven 家用面包炉 hook turn-over device 钩式翻钢机 hookworm ovum 钩虫卵 horizontal overlap 水平掩覆 horizontal overscan 水平过扫描 horizontal-chamber oven 卧式炉 horizontal-flue coke oven 水平烟道炼焦炉 horizontal-flue oven 水平烟道炉 horizontal-flued oven 卧囱炉 hot override switch 热断开关 ering over the tanks 停悬于坦克上空 hydatid ovis 羊包虫 hydraulic overload device 液压超载堡装置 hydraulic overloading 水力过负 hydrogen overvoltage 氢超电压 hyper-ovaria 卵巢机能亢进 hypereutectic overeutectic 过共晶 hypo-ovaria 卵巢功能不全; 卵巢功能减退; 卵巢机能减退 hypo-ovarianism 卵巢功能减退; 卵巢机能减退 in-phase overlap 同相垫纱 inclined overhead contact line 斜链形悬挂的架空接触线 ules within an ovary 子房里的单个胚珠 induced over voltage withstand test 感应耐压试验 induced overvoltage 感应过电压 induced ovulation 诱导排卵 induction disc type inverse-time overcurrent relay 感应圆盘式反比时限过载流继电器 induction type over current relay 感应式过流继电器 induction type overcurrent relay 感应式过流继电器 induction type overvoltage relay 感应式过电压继电路 infective stage ovum 感染期卵 inferior ovary 下位子房 infra-red oven 红外线烘箱 infrared oven 红外线炉 infrared-ray drying oven 红外线干燥炉 infrared-ray oven 红外线烘箱 initial overburden pressure 起始超载压力 injector overflow 喷油器溢流孔 injector overflow pipe 喷射器溢油管 instantaneous overcurrent relay 瞬动过电流继电器 instantaneous overload 瞬时过载 instantaneous overvoltage 瞬时过电压 instantaneous overvoltage capacity 瞬时耐压容量 intermittent overhead spray nozzle 间隙式顶喷嘴 intraday overdraft 同一日内透支 intragenic crossing-over 基因间交换 inverse time-delay over-current release 反时限过电流脱扣器 japanning oven 涂漆炉; 上漆炉 jet overflow dyeing machine 喷射溢流染色机 jolt rock-over moulding machine 翻台震实造型机 jolt rock-over pattern draw moulding machine 翻箱震实式造型机 jump over 跳过 jump-over distance 跳越距离 jute bag overedging machine 麻袋缝边机 key roll over 键控倒转 kittle overflow tray 溢流型克特尔塔板 knocking over 脱圈 knocking-over bar 脱圈板 knocking-over bit 脱圈片 knocking-over comb 脱圈板 knocking-over row 脱圈横列 knocking-over segment 脱圈镶条 knocking-over sinker 脱圈沉降片 knocking-over verge 脱圈栅状齿口 knocking-over wheel 脱圈轮 Koppers horizontal-flue oven 考柏斯水平烟道炼焦炉 ovegetarian 乳蛋蔬菜食者 Lagurus ovatus 兔草 large oval head nibbed bolt 大扁圆头带榫螺栓 large oval head rivet 大扁圆头铆钉 large oval head socket shank rivet 大扁圆头半空心铆钉 large oval head square neck bolt 大扁圆头方颈螺栓 latent overpopulation 潜在过剩人口 lateral overlap 侧面覆盖; 侧向重叠 Laycock overdrive 莱科克超速器 er groove 盘中纹 ergroove 过渡纹 leading oval pass 成品前椭圆孔型 leather overalls 皮工作衣 level overload 操作定额过载 lever with ovoid grip 卵形手柄杆 lift price controls over 放开价格 ligamentum suspensorium ovarii 漏斗骨盆韧带; 卵巢悬韧带 ligamenutum ovarii proprium 卵巢固有韧带 light overtone 光谐波 limbus fossae ovalis 卵圆窝缘 line oven 线炉 line overhead 线路开销 line overrelaxation 线超松弛 linger over work 磨洋工 link overflow 连接溢出 load uniformly distributed over span 跨度上均布载重 loans due to overstocking 超储积压借款 lobed ovary 分叶卵巢 local overheating 局部过热; 局部过热 logical overlap coefficient 逻辑重叠系数 long overhung shaft 长外伸轴 longitudinal overlap 纵向重叠; 航向重叠 longitudinal overturned car 纵翻斗车; 纵向滚翻的车 look over 翻阅 machine screw with oval countersunk fillister head 半沉头螺钉 main engine overhauling crane 主机解体检修用吊车 main shaft overdrive gear 主轴超速传动齿轮 mainshaft overdrive gear 主轴超速齿轮 mainshaft overdrive gear bushing 主轴超速齿轮衬套 maintenance and overhaul 维修 maintenance and overhaul M & O 保养与大修 maintenance overhaul 维修检查; 日常维护; 日常修理 major engine overhaul 发动机总检修 major overhaul 大修; 总检修 make over 转让 make overall plans 统筹规划 making overlapping run 多层焊 mall ovum 马耳氏卵 manual override control 手控超越控制 manual take-over drive 手动传动装置 manufacturing overhead spending variance 制造费用耗费差异 manufacturing overhead volume variance 制造费用数量差异 map over 对映象 aricus ovarii 卵巢系膜缘 marine progressive overlap 海成覆蔽 market overseas 海外市场 market overstocked 市场存货过多 overburden depth 覆盖深度 overburden layer 覆盖层 overburden mining 剥离 overburden pressure 覆盖层自重压力; 超载压力 overburden ratio 剥离比 overburden soil 覆盖土 overburden stripping 覆盖层剥除; 覆盖层剥离 overburn 焙烧过度 overburning 烧毁; 过烧 overburnt 过烧的 overbuy 超买 overcapacity 超负荷; 后备生产率; 生产能力过剩 overcapitalization 投资过度; 资本过剩 overcapitalize 投资过度 overcarrier 超量运送人 overcarrying 结转下期 overcarrying cost 结转下期费用 overcast 低沉; 阴天; 风桥; 多云; 支撑架空管道拱形支架 overcast bombing 云上轰炸 overcast day 阴日 overcast loader 铲斗后卸式装载机 overcast sky 阴天 overcasting 溢流浇注 overcasting staff 测量标杆; 测量杆 overcharge 收费过多; 加料过多; 超额装载; 超收; 超载; 充电过度; 过量充电; 过重 overcheck 套格子花纹 overchlorinated 过氯化的 overchute 跨渠槽 overcoat 过敷层; 堡膜 overcoating 饰面; 超敷 overcoil 外端曲线; 挑框游丝; 摆轮游丝的末圈 overcome friction 克服摩擦力 overcommutation 超前换向 overcompaction 过度压实 overcompensate 补偿过度 overcompensated meter 过补偿电度表 overcompensation 过补偿; 超量补偿 overcompound 超复励; 过复励 overcompound generator 高复激发电机; 过复激式发电机 overcompounded generator 超复激发电机 overcompression 过压缩 overcompression cloud chamber 超压云室 overconditioning 过度调湿处理 overconsolidated clay 过度固结粘土; 超压密粘土 overconsolidated soil 超压密土 overconsolidation 超固结; 超固结作用; 超压密; 过度固结 overconsolidation ratio 超固结比; 超压密比 overconvergence 过度收敛 overcooled 过冷却的 overcorrect 过校正 overcorrection 再调整 overcoupled circuit 强耦合电路 overcoupled circuits 过耦合电路 overcoupling 过临界耦合 overcritical 超临界 overcritical electric field 超临界电场 overcure 过度熟化 overcuring 过熟化 overcurrent 过电流; 过量电流; 过载电流 overcurrent circuit breaker 过电流断路器 overcurrent protection 过电流堡; 过电流堡装置; 过载堡; 电流过载堡 overcurrent protective device 过电流堡装置 overcurrent protector 过流堡器 overcurrent relay 过电流继电器; 过流继电器 overcurrent release 过电流释放 overcurrent time relay 过电流时间继电器 overcut 割断; 挑顶; 上部截槽 overcut fibre 超长纤维 overcutting 过度刻划; 过度切削 overdamp 超阻尼; 强衰减 overdamped 过阻尼的 overdamped gravity meter 超阻尼型重力仪 overdamped response 过阻尼响应 overdamping 过度阻尼; 过阻尼 overdeepening 过量下蚀 overdeeping 过量下蚀 overdelicate 超灵敏的 overdense plasma 超密等离子体 overdepreciation 超额提取折旧 overdesign 超要求设计; 超裕度设计; 安全系数过大的设计; 保险设计 overdetermined 超定; 超定的; 过定的; 过定的数 overdetermined problem 超定问题 overdevelop 显影过度; 过度显影; 发展过热 overdeveloped barrier 过分发展的势垒 overdeveloping 显影像过度 overdevelopment 显影像过度; 超量冲洗; 冲洗过度; 过度开发; 过量抽水; 发育过度 overdimension container 超规格集装箱 overdimensioned 超尺寸的 overall inspect 全面检验 overall length 全长; 总长 overall level 总电平 overall lift 总升力 overall limitation period 一般时效期 overall limits 全部限额 overall line attenuation 线路净衰减 overall loading 满负载; 满载 overall loss measurement 总损耗测量 overall magnetic field 总体磁场 overall material balance 总物料平衡 overall merit 综合评价 overall noise temperature 总噪声温度 overall performane 总指标 overall plan 总体方案 overall planning 统筹规划 overall planning and allround consideration 统筹兼顾 overall planning management 全面计划管理 overall porosity 总空隙度 overall pressure drop 总压降 overall pressure ratio 总压比 overall production 总产量 overall project 全面方案; 全面计划方案 overall pulse 全脉冲; 总脉冲 overall rationing system 包干制 overall reaction 总反应 overall reaction rate 总反应速率 erall recovery 总回收率 overall reduction 金属总压下量 overall reduction reaction 综合还原反应 overall reliability 总可靠性 overall reproductive rate 总繁殖率 overall response 总响应 overall sampling 全面抽样 overall selection 总选择性 overall size 总尺寸; 轮廓尺寸; 外包尺寸 overall spread 全距 overall stability constant 总稳定常数 overall statistical survey 全面调查 overall strain 总应变 overall strategies 全面策略 overall strategy 全面战略 overall stress 总应力 overall structure 整体结构 overall system 整个系统 overall system gain 总系统增益 overall target 综合指标 overall test 整机试验 overall thermal resistance 传热总热阻 overall time limit 一般时效期 overall timing method 全部计时法 overall transfer characteristic 总传输特性 overall transfer function 总传递函数 overall uniform sampling fraction 统一抽样比 overall unit protection 单元总体堡装置 overall watering 进行全面灌水; 全面浇水 overall weight 总重 overall weldability 综合可焊性; 使用焊接性 overall width 全宽 overall yield 总回收率; 总收率 overamplification 过量放大 overannealed 过度退火 overannealing 过度退火 erapplied overhead 超额摊派间接费用 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司