翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 他们的政府正在作出和平的表示。 They mounted a small hill. 他们登上一座小山。 None of them speaks English. 他们都不会讲英语。 They have little mercy on their enemy. 他们对敌人毫不宽容。 They cared naught for my suggestions. 他们对我的建议不感兴趣。 They cared naught for my suggestions. 他们对我的建议不感兴趣。 The good they have done for me is beyond measure. 他们对我所做的好事简直无可估量。 They committed outrages on innocent citizens. 他们对无辜的市民犯下了暴行。 Their mockery of John hurt his feeling. 他们对约翰的嘲弄伤害了他的感情。 They had only just arrived. 他们刚刚才到。 They told us not to mess up the room. 他们告诉我们不要把房间弄脏。 They talked openly about their plans. 他们公开谈论他们的计划。 They used to work from morning till night. 他们过去总是从早做到晚。 They were miserably poor. 他们极度贫困。 They collected money to help needy children. 他们集资帮助贫穷的孩子。 They have two nurseries in their house. 他们家里有两间幼儿室。 The modesty of their home belies their great wealth. 他们简朴的家使人们看不出他们拥有巨额财富。 They knew each other by sight, but their orbits did not touch. 他们见面认识,但各有各的生活圈子。 They will build a monument in memory of the national hero. 他们将建造一座纪念碑来纪念这位民族英雄。 They will build a monument in memory of the national hero. 他们将建造一座纪念碑来纪念这位民族英雄。 They will auction off a collection of oils. 他们将拍卖一批收藏的油画。 I was told to keep the minutes at the conference. 他们叫我在会议上作记录。 Do they accept French money? 他们接受法国货币吗? They often quarrel for nothing. 他们经常无端争吵。 They often quarrel for nothing. 他们经常无端争吵。 They warned us not to monkey with the machine. 他们警告我们不要乱动机器。 They decided to put him under observation. 他们决定监视他。 They opened the country up to trade. 他们开放国家的贸易。 They notified the police of the robbery immediately. 他们立即把抢劫案报告警方。 They started off at once in search of the missing girl. 他们立刻动身寻找那个失踪的女孩。 They both spend money like water. 他们两人都是挥金如土。 They live in good neighborhood with one another. 他们邻里关系十分和睦。 They sat opposite on the lawn. 他们面对面坐在草坪上。 They were paid extra for overtime. 他们拿到了加班费。 They arrived at five o'clock to the minute. 他们恰好五点到达。 They were bitterly opposed to the scheme. 他们强烈反对这个计划。 They had been traveling night and day for a whole week. 他们日夜兼程已有整整一星期。 They are open to temptations. 他们容易受诱惑。 They lived moderately. 他们生活有节制。 They put her through the mill. 他们使她接受磨链。 They muscled the old piano out of the room. 他们使劲把旧钢琴搬出房间。 They are a model couple. 他们是一对模范夫妻。 They are nearly related. 他们是至亲。 They said they were acting on instructions. 他们说他们是奉命行事。 They don't usually imprison first offenders. 他们通常不囚禁初犯。 They usually keep a light on at night. 他们通常夜里开着灯。 They passed muster with the sentries. 他们通过了哨兵们的检查。 They named the baby Elizabeth. 他们为婴孩取名伊莉莎白。 They love paintings from the Orient. 他们喜欢来自东方的绘画。 They love paintings from the Orient. 他们喜欢来自东方的绘画。 In the afternoon they went to an exhibition of modern art. 他们下午去参观了现代艺术展。 They can now establish outright dictatorship. 他们现在可以建立起彻头彻尾的独裁制度了。 They are now in need of help. 他们现在需要帮助。 They pay a nominal fee. 他们象徵性地付一点费。 They need our help. 他们需要我们帮助。 They performed a musical play. 他们演了一出音乐剧。 They said they would drag Tom through the mud. 他们扬言要汤姆名誉扫地。 They chatted over a cup of coffee. 他们一边喝咖啡一边聊天。 They went off together and left me sitting there. 他们一同离开了,留下我独自坐在那里。 They talked on until midnight. 他们一直谈到深夜。 They succeeded by means of perseverance. 他们依靠坚忍不拔而获得成功。 They have developed marketing networks. 他们已经形成了一个销售网络。 They have made up their minds to stay in Britain. 他们已决意留在英国。 They have received notice of a typhoon approaching. 他们已收到台风即将来临的预报。 They are ready to start at short notice. 他们已准备好,一接到通知就立即出发。 They caught fish in their nets. 他们用网捕鱼。 They netted the fruit trees to protect them from birds. 他们用网罩住果树以防鸟来啄食。 They dedicated the library to their grandfather's memory. 他们用这座图书馆来纪念他们的祖父。 They dedicated the library to their grandfather's memory. 他们用这座图书馆来纪念他们的祖父。 They have three dogs to look after, not to mention the cat and the bird. 他们有三只狗要照顾,更别提猫和鸟了。 They stayed three nights at the hotel. 他们在旅馆里住了三夜。 They stayed there two days more. 他们在那里又待了两天。 They are certainly outnumbered by the Social Democrats. 他们在数量上肯定不及社会民主党人。 They encountered numerous difficulties in conducting the experiment. 他们在做这项实验时碰到了许多困难。 Their bad performance murdered the play. 他们糟糕的演出把那个剧本给糟蹋了。 They built a monument to the memory of their dead leader. 他们造了一个纪念馆来纪念他们已故的领袖。 They built a monument to the memory of their dead leader. 他们造了一个纪念馆来纪念他们已故的领袖。 They spent the whole weekend making merry in the nightclub. 他们整个周末在夜总会尽情欢乐。 They are planning a new nuclear power plant. 他们正在策划一座新的核电厂。 They live in the neighborhood of the TV station. 他们住在电视台附近。 They lived out in the country, miles from nowhere. 他们住在乡下,离任何有人的地方还有好几英里。 They lived out in the country, miles from nowhere. 他们住在乡下,离任何有人的地方还有好几英里。 They carefully observed the behavior of deer. 他们仔细观察了鹿的生活习性。 They formed two teams, leaving one odd player. 他们组成两个球队,多出一位运动员。 They finally negotiated a peace treaty. 他们最终谈判达成了一个和平条约。 They sat in the middle row. 他们坐在中间一排。 With a sudden output of effort he moved the rock. 他猛一使劲搬动了石头。 He ordered her to go. 他命令她走。 He modeled himself on his father. 他模仿父亲的一举一动。 His mother is a model of industry. 他母亲是勤劳的模范。 His official airs offended her. 他那付官架子令她十分不快。 His magnificent horse outlooked all the others in the race. 他那匹骏马比参赛的其它所有的马都要好看。 His bullying made a mock of all the fine things he said about kindness to others. 他那恃强欺弱的行为对于他所说的待人友善的漂亮言词是一个嘲弄。 His strange new hairstyle was the cause of much merriment. 他那新奇的发式成为笑柄。 His handsome countenance was overcast. 他那英俊的面容阴沉沮丧。 He can read Shakespeare in the original. 他能读莎士比亚作品的原文。 In his youth he had stayed in the monastery. 他年轻时在这个修道院待过。 He had trouble organizing himself as he aged. 他年事已高,很难高效率地工作。 His odds were very poor after he sprained his wrist. 他扭伤了手腕,获胜的可能性极小。 He nicked the razor. 他弄缺了剃刀刀口。 He pays me occasional visits. 他偶尔来看我一次。 His wife has changed her mind. 他妻子已改变了主意。 He mounted the bicycle and rode away. 他骑上自行车走了。 He is strongly opposed to the plan. 他强烈反对这一计划。 He fought back with all his might. 他倾全力反击。 He took his mocks last October. 他去年十月参加了模拟考试。 He was overcome by the heat. 他热得受不了。 He's still muddling along. 他仍然是在糊里糊涂地混日子。 He was still on the offensive against the sponsors. 他仍在攻击主办人。 It is difficult to predict his reaction because he is so moody. 他如此喜怒无常,所以很难预知其反应如何。 He is living beyond his means. 他入不敷出。 He hit the target three times without a miss. 他三发三中。 He is good at mental arithmetic. 他擅长心算。 He never took notes in class. 他上课从不记笔记。 He is often late for class. 他上课时常迟到。 His difficult style obscures his meaning. 他深奥的文体使他的意思晦涩难懂。 He moves up quickly. 他升得很快。 By the time he was ten, he had outgrown his older brother. 他十岁的时候就已经长得比他哥哥高了。 He could memorize nothing. 他什么都记不住。 He knew absolutely nothing. 他什么也不知道。 He knew absolutely nothing. 他什么也不知道。 He motioned to me to be silent. 他示意我不要出声。 He is an only son. 他是独生子。 He was head of a French trade mission to the United States. 他是法国派往美国的贸易代表团团长。 He is a navigator of planes. 他是飞机的领航员。 He's an odd old man. 他是个古怪的老头儿。 He is a man of little observation. 他是个观察力极差的人。 He is a man of strict morality. 他是个品行极其端正的人。 He is an original dramatist. 他是个有独创性的剧作家。 He is a man of intelligence far above the ordinary. 他是个智力非同寻常的人。 He is a violoncellist in a symphony orchestra. 他是交响乐团中的大提琴手。 He is the mildest man alive. 他是世上最和善的人了。 He's the one man who can help you out of your difficulty. 他是唯一能帮助你摆脱困境的人。 He was a graduate of the University of Hawaii. 他是夏威夷大学的毕业生。 He is on the school volleyball team. 他是校排球队队员。 He is an officer in the Navy. 他是一个海军军官。 He is a monster of cruelty. 他是一个极端残忍的人。 He was nothing but a nuisance and a rascal. 他是一个十足的讨厌鬼和恶棍。 He is a man of moods. 他是一个喜怒无常的人。 He is a political moderate. 他是一个政治上的温和派。 He is a retired naval officer. 他是一位退役的海军军官。 He is of British nationality. 他是英国籍。 He is a member of the out party. 他是在野党的一员。 He is an official at the local bank. 他是这家地方银行的高级职员。 He was a man of middle height. 他是中等个子。 He is a noted authority on English literature. 他是着名的英国文学权威。 He has a numerous collection of stamps. 他收藏着许多邮票。 She nestled down into the big sofa and began to enjoy music. 他舒服地坐进大沙发,开始欣赏音乐。 He spoke with neutrality. 他说话不偏不倚。 He spoke with menace in his voice. 他说话的声音中带着威胁。 He observed that it was a lovely day. 他说天气真好。 He was not for a minute deceived by her words. 他丝毫没有被她的话所蒙骗。 He was not for a moment deceived by her words. 他丝毫没有被她的话所蒙骗。 For all his years, he was none the less active and energetic. 他虽年事已高,但仍生气勃勃,精力旺盛。 Though he was new to the work, he was doing it very well. 他虽然对那工作没经验,却做得很出色。 There was something in his offhand remarks. 他随口说出的话里倒也有些道理。 His wife is a mistress of embroidery. 他太太是个刺绣能手。 He observed on modern art. 他谈了对现代艺术的看法。 He talks well, but his writing is not up to much. 他谈吐很好,但文笔不行。 He lay there without movement. 他躺在那里,一动也不动。 His special talents attracted my notice. 他特殊的才干引起了我的注意。 His new theory is worthy of note. 他提出的新理论值得注意。 He moved that the meeting be continued after dinner. 他提议晚饭后继续开会。 He does odd jobs for people. 他替人做临时工。 He is a natural on the piano. 他天生擅长弹钢琴。 He needled the blisters on his feet until they burst. 他挑穿了脚上的水泡。 He gave an orderly answer to the teacher's question. 他条理分明地回答了老师的问题。 He listened as I outlined my reasons. 他听我扼要地叙述了我的理由。 He passed his German oral exam. 他通过了德文口试。 He was mixed up in some dishonest business. 他同某件不正当的事有牵连。 After he was caught with the stolen goods, he had to face the music. 他偷窃物品被逮到,他必须接受应得的惩罚。 He left all at once. 他突然离开了。 He was overtaken by misfortune. 他突然遭遇不幸。 He has a rough outside but a good heart. 他外表粗鲁,但心地善良。 He was negligent of his duty. 他玩忽职守。 He walked north. 他往北走去。 He omitted reading the second page. 他忘了读第二页。 He neglected to return the book. 他忘了还书。 He sold his company to become Minister of Agriculture. 他为了当农业大臣把公司卖了。 His sole motive was to make her happy. 他唯一的目的就是使她幸福。 He overrode his friend's advice. 他未听朋友的忠告。 He had nowhere to go. 他无处可去。 He had nowhere to go. 他无处可去。 He learned to multiply at the age of five. 他五岁学会做乘法。 He nursed his delicate orchids. 他悉心照料精致的兰花。 He likes to monkey with old clocks and engines. 他喜欢摆弄旧钟和引擎。 He likes his whisky neat. 他喜欢纯威士忌酒。 He must be eighty now. 他现在八成有八十岁了。 It'll be quite in order for him to speak now. 他现在发言是十分合适的。 He is now comparing notes with his co-workers about the job. 他现在就工作问题与同事交换意见。 He devoted himself to the nourishment of education. 他献身于发展教育事业。 He tried to milk information from me. 他想从我这里套出消息。 He wanted to write an angry letter but lost his nerve when he sat down at his desk. 他想写封信表示愤怒,但在书桌前坐下来要写时却失去了勇气。 He notified the police of the incident. 他向警察报告了这个事件。 He is evil out and out. 他邪恶无比。 His book is totally without method. 他写的那本书毫无条理。 He spent all day Sunday just messing about. 他星期天胡混了一整天。 He studies Greek and Roman mythology. 他研究希腊和罗马神话。 He studies nuclear physics. 他研究原子物理。 He played an old Irish melody. 他演奏了一支古老的爱尔兰曲调。 He is going in for a minor operation. 他要接受一个小手术。 He demanded obedience from his inferiors. 他要求下级服从他。 He had to support his seven children, to say nothing of his wife and parents. 他要养活自己的七个孩子,更不必说还有妻子和父母了。 He had to support his seven children, to say nothing of his wife and parents. 他要养活自己的七个孩子,更不必说还有妻子和父母了。 With one move he was by her side. 他一步走到了她身旁。 He had none of his brother's boldness. 他一点都不像他哥哥那样有魄力。 He must be out of his mind to think he can sail round the world alone. 他一定是疯了才会认为自己能一个人作环球航行。 He has shown a persistent neglect of duty. 他一贯玩忽职守。 He was mobbed as soon as he left the house. 他一离开那房子就遭到了人群的袭击。 He jumped with joy on hearing the news. 他一听到这个消息就高兴得跳了起来。 Whenever he is free, he will bury his nose in a book. 他一有空就埋头看书。 He has outgrown his credulity. 他已长大成熟而不再轻信。 He has risen from obscurity to international fame. 他已从默默无闻之辈而成为国际上名人。 He has modified his demands. 他已降低了他的要求。 He has notice to report for duty next Monday. 他已接到通知下星期一去报到。 He has been mustered out of service. 他已退伍。 He ended his lecture with a trite morality. 他以陈腐的说教结束了演讲。 He roused the masses with his oratory. 他以其雄辩术唤起民众。 He once knew her, but they are no longer friends. 他以前认识她,但他们已经不是朋友了。 He made a noise to the manager about the bad service at the hotel. 他因旅馆的服务差向经理提出不满。 He was dismissed for neglecting his duty. 他因玩忽职守而被解雇。 Because of his poor nutrition, he has grown weaker and weaker. 他因为营养不良,身体越来越虚弱。 He was bored for lack of occupation. 他因无所事事而感到厌烦。 Through his foolishness he became a mockery in the village. 他因愚昧成了村里的笑柄。 She nailed down the corners of the carpet. 他用钉子把地毯的四角固定住。 He muscled his way through the crowd. 他用力挤过人群。 He mopped up the floor. 他用拖把拖洗地板。 He had $20, but that was not nearly enough for the trip. 他有二十元,但这远远不够旅途费用。 He's got a drawer full of medals but he's too modest to wear them. 他有满满一抽屉的奖章,但是他很谦虚,从不戴它们。 Did he mix in the quarrel? 他有没有参与那场争吵? He went to see them once in a while. 他有时去探望他们。 He had bad digestion, fevers and numberless other illnesses. 他有消化不良、发烧、以及其它数不尽的病。 He has millions of books. 他有许多许多书。 He had a mobile, expressive, animated face. 他有一张多变的,富于表情的,生动活泼的脸。 He has the nerve to drive a racing car. 他有勇气驾驶赛车。 He exceeded the speed limit once too often. 他又超速行驶了。 He is willing to go through the mill. 他愿接受磨链。 He will never go there again. 他再也不会去那里了。 He has a mistress in Paris. 他在巴黎有个情妇。 He remained neutral during the debate. 他在辩论中保持中立。 He left the engine on while waiting for Joe. 他在等候乔时让汽车引擎开着。 He is murmuring to himself. 他在低声自言自语。 He missed out at the third round. 他在第三局中打输了。 He spoke naturally in front of the television camera. 他在电视摄像机前说话自然。 What mischief is he up to? 他在搞什么恶作剧? I think he stroke a false note when he said at the meeting that we should all listen to him on the matter. 他在会上说在这问题上我们全都应该听他的,我觉得他这话欠妥。 He met with an old friend at the meeting. 他在会议上碰到了一位老朋友。 He was nodding off by the fire. 他在炉火边打盹。 He became naturalized after living in the United States for ten years. 他在美国生活了十年之后加入了美国籍。 After living in South Africa for 20 years, he had gone completely native. 他在南非住了二十年,已完全适应当地人的生活方式。 He overlooked the contract before he signed it. 他在签字之前仔细阅读了合同。 He came to New York at the age of ten. 他在十岁时来到纽约。 He noted the importance of the problem in his lecture. 他在演讲中着重提到这一问题的重要性。 He broke two national records in a track meet. 他在一次田径比赛中打破了两项全国记录。 He spent two weeks in hospital but he's none the better for it. 他在医院住了两星期,但未见好转。 He made a notation on his engagement calendar. 他在约会日程上作了记载。 He has been working here, on and off, for two years. 他在这儿断断续续工作了两年。 What is the object of his visit? 他这次访问的目的是什么? Is he coming this weekend or next weekend? 他这个周末来还是下个周末来? He is a mess! 他真邋遢! He is engaged in the organization of a new club. 他正从事于组建一个新的俱乐部。 He is talking into a microphone. 他正在对着麦克风讲话。 He knows how to keep his mouth shut. 他知道怎样保持沉默。 He went on a secret mission. 他执行一项秘密使命。 He gave orders that the job be done in three days. 他指示三天内完成这项工作。 He has a brilliant mind. 他智力超群。 He occupied himself with various research projects. 他终日从事各种研究计划。 At last he knew the meaning of life. 他终于懂得了生活的意义。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司