翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 He is in charge of the municipal housing project. 他主管该市建房计划。 English is his major and history is his minor. 他主修英文,副修历史。 He lives quite near. 他住得很近。 He lived over against the church. 他住在教堂对面。 He lives opposite to me. 他住在我对面。 He seized the occasion to invite her home for dinner. 他抓住机会邀请她回家里吃饭。 He pretended not to observe our entry. 他装作没有看见我们进来。 He thought himself mighty clever. 他自以为聪明得不得了。 He is always moaning about how tired he is. 他总是抱怨如何如何累。 He sat in a chair near the door. 他坐在靠门的一把椅子上。 He sat listening to the murmur of the little brook. 他坐着倾听小溪流水的潺潺声。 He did the work so badly that I had to do it all over again myself. 他做得太糟了,我只好自己重新做。 He went into illegal business to feather his nest. 他做非法生意以达到营私之目的。 He made a clay model of the Eiffel Tower. 他做了一个艾菲尔铁塔的黏土模型。 He does everything in moderation. 他做任何事情都很有节制。 Their readers number in the millions. 它们的读者数以百万计。 The space shuttle will orbit a weather satellite. 太空梭将把一个气象卫星送入运行轨道。 The sun hung low over the misted valley. 太阳低悬在薄雾笼罩的山谷之上。 The sun will take the moisture out of the clothes. 太阳光会把衣服上的水分蒸发掉。 Corrupt officials milked the common people dry. 贪官污吏搜刮尽了民脂民膏。 His action was prompted by mercenary motives. 贪图钱财的动机促使他采取行动。 The talk was conducted in a mixture of English, Russian and French. 谈话是以一种英、俄、法混杂的语言进行的。 The outfit of the exploring party took only half a month. 探险队整装只用了半个月时间。 The explorers lived on a monotonous diet of beans and rice. 探险者靠吃豆子和米饭这些单调的食物为生。 Tom opened the note from his cousin. 汤姆打开了他表哥写给他的便条。 Tom passed the examination by a narrow margin. 汤姆考试勉强及格。 Tom passed the examination by a narrow margin. 汤姆考试勉强及格。 Tom is a mountain of flesh. 汤姆是个身材魁伟的人。 Tom didn't make a single spelling mistake in his composition. 汤姆在这篇作文里一个字也没拼错。 Tony was scolded for pulling ill-mannered mugs. 汤尼因扮不礼貌的鬼脸挨了骂。 The soup spilled over. 汤泼出来了。 The sugar melted in the tea. 糖在茶水中溶解了。 I was muddled by too much advice. 提供的意见太多,把我弄糊涂了。 The proposed new airport will be strongly opposed by the local residents. 提议中的新机场会招受当地区民强烈反对。 Poor health is a necessary result of over-exertion. 体弱是过度劳累的必然结果。 It began to overcast. 天开始变阴了。 My goodness! 天哪! The weather was now hot, now cold. 天气时热时冷。 It's a nice day. 天气真好。 Dancing is meat and drink to him. 跳舞对他来说是无上乐趣。 The operation of a railroad needs many men. 铁路的营运需要很多人。 A bit of music will cheer you up. 听会儿音乐会使你的心情愉快起来。 I was told that he failed in the test. Not that I know of. 听说他考试没通过。据我所知并非那样。 Her eyes moistened as she listened to the sad story. 听着这悲伤的故事,她的眼睛湿润了。 There has been an increase in navigation through the Suez Canal. 通过苏伊士运河的船只增加了。 The vote is in the negative. 投票表决的结果是反对。 A tiger appeared from nowhere. 突然地出现了一只老虎。 A tiger appeared from nowhere. 突然地出现了一只老虎。 Rabbits multiply quickly. 兔子繁殖很快。 Off with your hats! 脱帽! The outer door was wide open but the inner one was locked. 外边的门敞开着,但里面的门锁着。 It was raining hard outside. 外边雨下得很大。 Foreign nationals were asked to leave the country. 外国侨民被要求离开该国。 It was noised about that the foreign minister intended to resign. 外界传说外交部长打算辞职。 The surgeon muttered his dissatisfaction. 外科医生低声发泄他的不满。 It was drizzling, and miserably cold and damp. 外面下着毛毛细雨,天气又冷又湿,令人难受。 The outside walls are brick. 外墙是砖砌的。 It will take us a month of Sundays to finish this work. 完成这项工作我们要花很多的时间。 She ate next to nothing at dinner. 晚饭时她几乎什么也没吃。 She ate next to nothing at dinner. 晚饭时她几乎什么也没吃。 The late frost nipped the fruit trees. 晚霜把果树冻坏了。 In Norway Willy supported himself by newspapering. 威利在挪威以办报为生。 I had to walk very fast to overtake you. 为了赶上你,我不得不走得很快。 We started early in order to arrive before dark. 为了在天黑前到达,我们很早就动身了。 She had no option but to quit her job in order to take care of her child. 为了照顾孩子,她别无选择,只好辞职。 The public health bureau moved to curb hepatitis. 卫生局采取措施控制肝炎。 The satellite was launched into orbit around the moon. 卫星被发射进入绕月球运行的轨道。 The outstanding debts must be paid by the end of the month. 未了的债务须在月底前偿还。 I like my coffee milky. 我爱喝奶咖。 Do you mind if I put my bag here? 我把袋子放在这儿你不介意吧? I messed it up. 我把事情搞糟了。 I've jotted down all the new words I've learned in a notebook. 我把我学的新词全都记在一个笔记本上了。 I had a solid meal. 我饱食了一顿。 I was asked to mop the floor. 我被分配去拖地板。 I must mop up the last of the work. 我必须把最后这部分工作做完。 I was obliged to abandon that idea. 我不得不放弃那个想法。 I don't understand the meaning of that paragraph. 我不懂那段话的意思。 At every moment I am reminded of what I have seen in Chicago. 我不断地回想起在芝加哥所看到的情况。 I have no objection to their plan. 我不反对他们的计划。 I have no notion of what you're talking about. 我不明白你在说些什么。 I can't give an answer offhand. 我不能即刻给答覆。 I could make nothing of what she had said. 我不能理解她所说的话。 I could make nothing of what she had said. 我不能理解她所说的话。 I won't put up with any more of your nonsense -- now get down to work. 我不容许你再胡闹了--快工作吧。 Not that it matters, but how did you spend so much money in such a short period of time? 我不是说有什么关系,但是,这么短的时间里你是怎么花掉这么多钱的? I don't much care for television. 我不太喜欢看电视。 I don't believe in the myth of love at the first sight. 我不相信一见锺情的说法。 I have no wish to minimize his role or his achievement. 我不想低估他的作用,也不想贬低他的成就。 I don't want to do this, but I think I'd better go through the motions. 我不想做这件事,但我认为还是装出做的样子较好。 Has anything out of the ordinary happened since I've been away? 我不在的时候有不寻常的事情发生吗? I don't know whom he has in mind for the job. 我不知道他想让谁来做这项工作。 I don't know the names of the objects in this lab. 我不知道这个实验室里物件的名称。 I have no notion of what it means. 我不知道这意味着什么。 I noticed him winking at his brother. 我察觉他对他兄弟眨眼示意。 I sent the letter by a messenger. 我差信差送信。 I took the night train to the town. 我乘夜车到那个城镇去。 I am very busy at the moment. 我此刻很忙。 I walked all the way from home to the library, only to find it closed. 我从家里一路走到图书馆,不料已经关门了。 I have never done that before. 我从未做过那个。 I've been there once or twice. 我到过那里几次。 I got an A minus. 我得了一个A-。 I'll have to pick my moment before telling my wife. 我得选个合适的时机将这件事告诉我妻子。 My father is fifty years old. 我的父亲五十岁了。 My orchard is bearing well this year. 我的果园今年果实垒垒。 My family and friends came to the opening night of my play. 我的家人和朋友出席了那晚我的话剧的首场演出。 My view is the very opposite of his. 我的看法正好与他相反。 My two children always turn up their noses at vegetables. 我的两个孩子总是不喜欢吃蔬菜。 Neither of my friends has come yet. 我的两个朋友都还没来。 My neighbors helped me in my time of need. 我的邻居在我困难的日子帮了我忙。 My door is always open to visitors. 我的门永远为来访者而开。 A college education is my objective. 我的目标是获得大学教育。 His answer to my request was a negative. 我的请求遭到了他的拒绝。 My fingers were numb with cold. 我的手指冻僵了。 My grandchildren will stay over Christmas. 我的孙儿孙女们耶诞节期间将待在这儿。 My little sister was crying noisily. 我的小妹妹在大声哭嚷。 My heart is full of misgivings. 我的心中充满了疑虑。 I waited, but her eyes were neutral. 我等着她的反应,但她的眼睛没有露出情感有什么变化。 Our team mocked the visitors' attempt to score. 我队挫败了客队进球的企图。 I apologize for my outburst just now. 我对刚才的感情冲动表示歉意。 I feel a measure of compassion for her. 我对她怀有一定程度的同情。 I have a few observations to make on your conduct. 我对你的行为有一些看法要说。 I was used to him messing up the kitchen. 我对他把厨房弄脏已经习惯了。 I have only misty memories of my early childhood. 我对自己的童年只剩一些模糊的记忆。 I am opposed to going shopping with others. 我反对与他人一起外出购物。 I'll give odds that he won't come tomorrow. 我敢打赌明天他不会来。 I have never spoken nor written to her. 我跟她从来没说过话,也没写过信。 My aunt is hard of hearing. 我姑妈耳朵有点背。 I mustered the courage to admit my mistake. 我鼓起勇气承认错误。 Our country is rich in resources. 我国资源丰富。 I used to live in Tainan but now I live in Taipei. 我过去住在台南,但现在住在台北。 I'm sorry to interrupt your meditations. 我很抱歉,打断你思考问题了。 I stayed in bed and nursed my cold. 我患感冒后卧床养病。 I mistook the number and went to the wrong room. 我记错号码,走错了房间。 I have your safety in mind. 我记挂着你的安全。 I have neither time nor money for pop festivals. 我既没时间也没钱来参加流行音乐节。 I insisted that my observation be minuted. 我坚持要把我的看法记入议事录。 I will answer your three questions in order. 我将一个个回答你这三个问题。 I will have a night off today. 我今天晚上不工作了。 I am feeling myself again. 我觉得健康如昔。 I saw her coming in from the outdoors. 我看到她从室外走进来。 I saw him drive out the driveway. 我看到他从车道开出去。 I observed him stop at the gate. 我看到他在门口停下来。 I watched them mill the grain into flour. 我看着他们把谷物磨成粉。 I know how you miss your mother. 我了解你多么地想念你的母亲。 I'll be back in a minute. 我马上就回来。 I'll come in a moment. 我马上就来. I'll come in a minute. 我马上就来。 I had no chance of overhauling him. 我没有赶上他的可能。 I am not in the mood to argue. 我没有心情争辩。 I see them once every two months. 我每两个月与他们见一次面。 I do the same things month in, month out. 我每月都做同样的事情。 We mourn for our fallen soldiers. 我们哀悼阵亡的兵士。 We number him among our friends. 我们把他算作朋友。 We were offended by his vulgar language. 我们被他的粗话所激怒。 We must safeguard our national interests. 我们必须保卫国家的利益。 We have to pay on the nail before we can leave with the goods. 我们必须当场付款,才能拿走货物。 We must be united as one. 我们必须团结一致。 We must be home by six. 我们必须在六点以前回家。 We have no need to be afraid of them. 我们不必怕他们。 We can't act on your advice. Nevertheless, thank you for giving it. 我们不能照你的建议去办。不过承蒙您提出来,十分感谢。 We meet every so often. 我们不时见面。 We walked on and on. 我们不停地走。 We have just moved in. 我们才刚搬进来。 Let's go mushrooming. 我们采蘑菇去吧。 We visited a museum of natural history. 我们参观了一个自然博物馆。 We measured the distance. 我们测量了距离。 We often go hunting. 我们常常去打猎。 The odds are against us. 我们成功的机会很小。 We motored to New York. 我们乘汽车去纽约。 Let's go out for a walk. 我们出去散散步吧。 We mourn in black. 我们穿黑色衣服服丧。 We have to modify our plan a little bit. 我们得对我们的计划稍加修改。 Our members are definitely opposed to making concessions on the safety question. 我们的成员绝对反对在安全问题上让步。 Ours is an industrial city. 我们的城市是个工业城市。 Our room is much bigger than theirs. 我们的房间比他们的大多了。 Our dog answers to the name of Blackie. 我们的狗名叫小黑。 Our train was momentarily delayed. 我们的火车临时耽搁了。 Our air-conditioner is out of order. 我们的冷气机出故障了。 Our farm neighbors with theirs. 我们的牧场与他们的毗邻。 A police officer came to our help when our car broke down on the way. 我们的汽车在路上出了毛病,一位警官帮了我们忙。 Our losses are nothing to theirs. 我们的损失远不能与他们的相比。 Our losses are nothing to theirs. 我们的损失远不能与他们的相比。 Our guide misled us. 我们的向导带错了路。 All our efforts were mockeries. 我们的一切努力都徒劳无功。 Our bank merged with theirs. 我们的银行与他们的合并了。 We waited for the arrival of the next bus. 我们等待下一班汽车的到来。 We all enjoyed the fine menu. 我们都津津有味地吃了这餐佳肴。 The odds are that our team will win. 我们队大概会赢。 We found that we had a mutual friend. 我们发现我们有一个共同的朋友。 We found ourselves in opposition to our friends on this question. 我们发现在这个问题上我们同我们的朋友意见相反。 We shall be only too pleased to hear from you further. 我们非扯迎你再来信。 We've just received a congratulatory message from them. 我们刚刚收到他们的贺电。 We nicked the last bus. 我们刚好赶上末班公车。 We spread a carpet over the floor. 我们给地板铺上了地毯。 We had the lids nailed on the boxes. 我们给箱子钉上盖子。 We have bought ourselves a new house. 我们给自己买了一栋新房子。 We used to meet of a morning 我们过去往往在早上见面。 We're much obliged to you for your information. 我们很感谢你提供的消息。 We are so busy. We only go home to visit my folks once in a blue moon. 我们很忙,我们难得回家去看我父母。 We will give them moral support. 我们会给他们精神支持。 We had neither money nor food. 我们既没有钱,也没有食物。 We'll organize an oratorical contest. 我们将筹划一次演说比赛。 We will outfit two days before sailing. 我们将在出航前两天整装。 We can crack nuts in the nutcrackers. 我们可以把坚果放在胡桃钳里轧碎。 It is all to nothing that we will succeed. 我们肯定会成功。 It is all to nothing that we will succeed. 我们肯定会成功。 Let's answer the question in general; we haven't time to consider all the niceties. 我们笼统地回答这个问题吧;我们没有时间考虑全部细节。 We have overcome every objection and completed the mission on time. 我们排除了各种障碍,并按时完成了任务。 Shall we go to the station to meet your mother? 我们去车站接你的母亲好吗? We are always mindful of the danger of fire. 我们时刻都火烛小心。 Being youngsters, we sat modestly at the back, never daring to speak. 我们是些年轻人,都谦恭地坐在后面,始终不敢发言。 We sat down, obedient to the wishes of Oliver. 我们顺从欧利佛的意愿,坐了下来。 We heard bird calls from the neighboring woods. 我们听到邻近树林里的鸟鸣声。 We heard a mutter of discontent. 我们听到有人窃窃私议表示不满。 We got the statistics we needed through his good offices. 我们透过他的帮助弄到了所需的统计资料。 We had roast mutton for dinner. 我们晚餐吃烤羊肉。 We feared a momentary attack. 我们为随时可能遭到攻击而提心吊胆。 We are now under the necessity of doing the work. 我们现在必须做这工作。 Shall we compare notes now? 我们现在来对对笔记好吗? We wish to know if you have anything to say in opposition. 我们想知道你有没有相反的意见要说。 We need good food to nourish the starving infants. 我们需要好食品滋养这些挨饿的婴儿。 Our school neighbors on a square. 我们学校与一个广场毗邻。 We must try to satisfy the needs of the multitude. 我们一定要设法满足广大民众的要求。 We've taken steps to minimize the losses. 我们已采取措施尽量减少损失。 We have named the date for the party. 我们已定好聚会的日期。 We have established diplomatic relations with the newly independent nations. 我们已与那几个新近独立的国家建立了外交关系。 We should make the most of our time. 我们应该充分利用时间。 We should strain every nerve to do the work. 我们应该竭尽全力来做这项工作。 We should give them notice to hand in the applications before Friday. 我们应该通知他们在星期五之前交上申请书。 We should sign a contract with them to nail down their agreement. 我们应该与他们签订合同,把协议确定下来。 How many options do we have? 我们有几种选择的可能呢? Seven of our planes are missing. 我们有七架飞机下落不明。 We can sometimes mix business with pleasure. 我们有时能把工作和娱乐结合起来。 We were under obligation to finish the work in a satisfactory way. 我们有义务圆满地完成工作。 We have nothing to do with him. 我们与他没有什么关系。 We have nothing to do with him. 我们与他没有什么关系。 As we climbed up the mountain, the dangers and difficulties multiplied. 我们越向山顶攀爬,危险和困难越是倍增。 We departed in the midst of a heavy rain. 我们在大雨中离去。 We bought a small tree at the nursery. 我们在苗圃买了一棵小树。 We arrived at the village before night fell. 我们在夜幕降临前到达那个村庄。 We were hoping for something original in this new film but it's the mixture as before. 我们曾期待这部新片子会有所创新,可它仍是换汤不换药的老一套。 We are helping him to get the monkey off. 我们正帮助他戒掉毒瘾。 We're starting a movement against smoking. 我们正掀起一场反对吸烟的运动。 We are moving in on the enemy-held village. 我们正向敌人占领的村庄逼进。 We'll have to put the baby to nurse. 我们只能请人照看婴孩。 We live over a small bookstore. 我们住在一家小书店的楼上。 We renovated the old furniture ourselves. 我们自己动手把旧家俱整修如新。 We have a bathroom to ourselves. 我们自己有一间浴室,不必和人共用。 We ourselves built the house. 我们自己造的房子。 We did it by ourselves. 我们自己做了。 We were 30 in number. 我们总共三十人。 We'll get there somehow, by boat or otherwise. 我们总要设法去那里的,乘船也好,用其他办法也好。 I don't mind which we do; it's all one to me. 我们做哪一样都无所谓,对我来说没有区别。 I got the typewriter for nothing; a friend just gave it to me. 我免费得到了这台打字机,是一位朋友送给我的。 I got the typewriter for nothing; a friend just gave it to me. 我免费得到了这台打字机,是一位朋友送给我的。 Mother goes shopping on Tuesday and Friday mornings. 我母亲总是在星期二和星期五上午上街购物。 I could feel fish nibbling at the bait. 我能感觉到有鱼在轻咬鱼饵。 I happened to overhear what he said. 我碰巧听到了他所说的话。 I caught a momentary glimpse of them. 我瞥了他们一眼。 I opened the window after I got up. 我起床后便把窗子打开。 He's out and away the stupidest man I know. 我认识的人当中显然数他最蠢。 I don't think you need to worry about this. 我认为你不必为这事担心。 I think we should postpone the outing. 我认为我们应该推迟这次郊游。 I think there can be but one outcome to this affair. 我认为这件事只可能有一种结局。 I am still struck by the native beauty of the lake. 我仍然为湖泊的自然美所吸引。 When I dine in a restaurant, I like a table to myself. 我上饭馆吃饭时喜欢一个人占一张桌。 I read about the writer's suicide in an evening newspaper. 我是从一份晚报上读到关于那位作家自杀的消息的。 When I mentioned what I had come for, he immediately offered to lend me help. 我说明来意之后,他立即提出要帮我忙。 I hate the monotony of work on the assembly line. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司