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Can you lend me one? 我需要笔。你能借我一支吗? I have a pet monkey which attempts to mock all my actions. 我养了一只猴子当宠物,它试图模仿我所有的动作。 I would like to thank you, one and all. 我要谢谢你们,谢谢你们大家。 I woke up several times in the night. 我夜里醒过好几次。 I haven't the faintest notion what they mean. 我一点也不知道他们是什么意思。 I will take care that my obligations to you shall be amply repaid. 我一定会加倍报答您对我的恩惠。 I shall be away only one or two days. 我一两天后就回来。 I've warned you over and over again not to do that. 我一再地警告你不要去做。 I'll be here first thing in the morning, and meantime she'll get some rest. 我一早就来这里,其间她可休息一会儿。 I've paid off my debts. 我已把债款还清了。 I did the most I could. 我已尽最大的努力去做了。 I have told you all my misery. 我已经告诉了你我的一切痛苦。 I haven't had a good night for so long. 我已经很久没睡好觉了。 I have put down my name for Harvard University. 我已经申请上哈佛大学。 It has come to my notice that the student has failed to hand in his homework for two weeks. 我已经注意到这个学生已两星期没交作业了。 I have been there for times without number. 我已去过那里无数次。 I have the complete works of Shakespeare. 我有莎士比亚全集。 I have an ocean of things to do. 我有许多事情要做。 I am open to suggestions. 我愿意接受各种建议。 I'm morally under obligation to do the best I can by her. 我在道义上有责任尽量善待她。 I bought some novelties on the boardwalk. 我在海滨人行道上买了一些新颖的小玩意儿。 I got a nasty cut on my foot while playing on the beach. 我在海滩上嬉耍时脚上割了个很大的伤口。 I've stayed there for months. 我在那儿已住了好几个月。 I almost did myself a mischief when I tried to jump across a stream. 我在试图跳过溪水时差一点受了伤。 I met her at the gymnasium. 我在体育馆遇见她。 I'm looking for my glasses. 我在找我的眼镜。 I needed some orientation at this stage. 我在这个阶段需要熟悉情况。 I am teaching myself French. 我在自修法语。 I know him of old. 我早就认识他了。 It never occurred to me that he might be in trouble. 我怎么也没有想到他会遇上麻烦。 I could find nothing to nourish my suspicion. 我找不到任何怀疑的根据。 I must be off now. 我这就得走了。 I'll nip out and buy a newspaper. 我这就赶紧出去买报纸。 I had the misfortune to lose my watch. 我真晦气,把手表丢了。 I knew it was you, I could spot that hat a mile off! 我知道是你,远远地我就能认出你那顶帽子了! I know this song but I can't call the title to mind. 我知道这首歌,但记不起歌名。 I took only a mouthful of food and then left. 我只吃了一点儿东西就走了。 I only know her by name. 我只知道她的名字。 Eventually I put the map away, but the notion of going to Alaska lingered on. 我终于放下了地图,但是到阿拉斯加去的念头却挥之不去。 I live in a small room facing the north. 我住在朝北的小房间里。 I'll talk to him myself. 我自己去和他说。 I myself wrote the report. 我自己写的报告。 My grandmother was a very moral woman; she'd never allow cursing. 我祖母是很讲究道德的人;她从不允许诅咒。 I like this best and that next. 我最喜欢这个,其次是那个。 Miss Watkins was a nobody. She was a drifter. No family, no close friends. 沃特金斯小姐是一个无名之辈。她四处漂泊,没有家,也没有知己。 The sky became suddenly overcast with clouds. 乌云密布,天空突然暗下来。 The dirty marks will wash out. 污渍可以洗去。 Four multiplied by five is twenty. 五乘四得二十。 Five and nine are odd numbers. 五和九是奇数。 Five plus naught equals five. 五加零等于五。 Five plus naught equals five. 五加零等于五。 The dancers didn't have an ounce of energy left. 舞蹈演员们用尽了体力。 Prices tended to rise year by year, but at a modest rate. 物价年年上涨,但幅度不大。 Prices are mounting. 物价在上涨。 The Greeks had many myths. 希腊人有许多神话。 Tin is a mineral. 锡是矿物。 Lizards live mostly in warm climates. 蜥蜴主要生长在气候温暖的地方。 The crowd overflowed the theater into the street. 戏院里人多得容纳不下而被挤到街头。 Bacteria are too small to see with the naked eye. 细菌太小,肉眼看不见。 An international meeting between each minister and his opposite number will be held next month. 下月将举行部长级的国际会议。 They messed about in the club most of the summer. 夏天的大部分时间他们都在俱乐部闲混。 Summer is over. It is autumn now. 夏天过去了。秋天到了。 The suspects will do their usual number -- protesting innocence -- and then confess. 嫌犯们总会来他们的老套,先说他们是无辜的,然后才供认罪行。 Evidently they were in the midst of a crisis. 显然他们正处于晰中。 The present situation is nothing if not fine. 现在的形势好极了。 The present situation is nothing if not fine. 现在的形势好极了。 A few dollars goes nowhere now. 现在几块美元几乎买不到什么东西了。 A few dollars goes nowhere now. 现在几块美元几乎买不到什么东西了。 Now you have to face the music. 现在你得勇敢地面对困难。 The temperature is now minus 5 degrees. 现在气温为零下五度。 The strike is still on. 现在仍在罢工。 The demand is for quality, variety and novelty. 现在需求的是质量、花式品种和新颖性。 It is already the middle of summer. 现在已是仲夏了。 Mutual understanding is essential to friendship. 相互理解对友谊至关重要。 A sweet smell greeted the nose. 香味扑鼻。 It is monstrous to preach hatred. 向人们鼓吹仇恨,这种行径太可恶了。 The town is five miles off. 小城离这儿五英里远。 The child narrowly escaped drowning. 小孩险些被溺死。 The path was moist with dew. 小路有露水;湿湿潮潮的。 The kitten nestled up to its mother. 小猫偎依在母猫身边。 The little boy went out by himself. 小男孩独自一人出去了。 The little girl has miniature furniture for her dolls. 小女孩还有供洋娃娃用的迷你型家俱。 The little girl was nestling closely up to her mother. 小女孩紧紧地偎依在她妈妈身边。 The little girl passed out at the sight of the snake. 小女孩一看到那条蛇就昏过去了。 The house on the hill overlooks the valley. 小山上的房子俯瞰着山谷。 An hour is a measure of time. 小时是计时单位。 Be careful: he's out to get you. 小心,他想抓你。 Where are you from, my son? 小兄弟,你是哪里人? The baby is nursing at its mother's breast. 小婴孩在母亲怀中吃奶。 The existence of evil overcasts life. 邪恶的存在使人生变得阴暗。 The heart is one of the body's vital organs. 心脏是人体的重要器官之一。 Does the new manager pass muster? 新的经理还过得去吗? The new tax program met with fierce opposition. 新的徵税计划遭到强烈反对。 The new office overlaps the functions of the one already in existence. 新机构的职能与那个现存机构的职能部分重叠。 The overall length of the new bridge is 2,000 meters. 新桥全长两千米。 The news is at eight. 新闻节目在八点播出。 The new drug achieved some moderation of the pain. 新药使疼痛减轻了一点。 The new hospital was officially opened last week. 新医院上周正式开业。 She missed going to the party on Saturday. 星期六她没能出席聚会。 We are mostly out on Sundays. 星期天我们一般不在家。 Okay, you can go. 行,你可以走了。 Both brothers work in the motor industry. 兄弟俩都从事汽车工业。 There is a huge sales outlet for pocket computers. 袖珍电脑有极大的市场。 Necessity is the mother of invention. 需要乃发明之母。 She was oppressed by many troubles. 许多麻烦弄得她心情沉重。 Numbers of people came to the meeting. 许多人来参加会议。 Television is considered a necessity by a lot of people. 许多人认为电视是一件生活必需品。 Much of the time was wasted. 许多时间都浪费掉了。 Many notables attended the reception. 许多着名人士参加了招待会。 He easily defeated his opponent in the election. 选举中他轻易地击败了对手。 One can not learn a language well unless one works hard. 学好一种语言非下苦功不可。 Students ought to study hard. 学生应该努力用功。 Students should take notes in class. 学生在课堂上应该记笔记。 The snow has melted. 雪已融化了。 The tyrant who oppressed the people was finally overthrown. 压迫人民的暴君终于被推翻了。 The aching tooth has been nagging at me for a whole week. 牙痛已经使我整整一周不得安宁了。 When did Asians begin to migrate to the United States? 亚洲人何时开始向美国移民的? The Orient has been playing an active role in the world economy. 亚洲一直在世界经济中发挥积极作用。 The Orient has been playing an active role in the world economy. 亚洲一直在世界经济中发挥积极作用。 The smoky haze overcast the distant mountains. 烟雾笼罩着远处的群山。 Bitter frosts nipped the blossoms of the fruit trees. 严寒将果树的花冻坏了。 No smoking! 严禁吸烟! Hot weather multiplied the bacteria in the food rapidly. 炎热的天气使食品中的细菌迅速繁殖。 In front of us we saw a stretch of open fields. 眼前我们看到一片开阔的田野。 The speaker overran his time by ten minutes. 演讲者超过规定时间十分钟。 Oxygen is necessary for life. 氧气是生命所必需的。 He would probably have done well in the examination, only that he got nervous. 要不是紧张怯场,他也许会考得很好的。 I'd have gone, only that it rained. 要不是下雨,我已经走了。 To be a pilot, one must meet certain physical standards. 要当飞行员必须达到体格上的某些标准。 Be mindful of the needs of others. 要考虑到他人的需要。 The employees were expected to work overtime. 要求雇员加班。 With a little care you could have avoided the mishap. 要是你当时小心一点,就可避免那桩不幸事故了。 If any of you makes it known to others, he'll be fouling his own nest. 要是你们有谁把这件事讲给外人听,就是将家丑外扬。 It was no mean feat to get him to agree. 要他同意绝非易事。 These boys want an outlet for their energy. 要有个办法让这些男孩子发泄他们的精力。 Negotiation of the single-plank bridge was difficult for me. 要走过这座独木桥对我是件难事。 The music of the nightingale sounds very sweet. 夜莺的啭鸣听起来非常悦耳。 Man is often taller than woman. 一般说来男子比女子高。 There are sixteen ounces in one pound. 一磅有十六盎司。 The news spread rapidly from mouth to mouth. 一传十,十传百,这消息很快就传开了。 Once is enough. 一次就够了。 There's a huge crowd of people milling around in front of the theater. 一大群人在剧院门前转来转去。 You should not always follow your nose once you step into the world. 一旦你进入社会,就不能总是凭本能行事。 Once you get into a bad habit, you'll find it hard to get out of it. 一旦染上坏习惯,想改掉就难了。 He has been in bad odor with her for some time. 一段时间来他在她面前一直声誉不佳。 A television outfit went there to shoot the story. 一个电视摄制组到那儿去拍摄这个故事。 A noun sometimes modifies another noun. 一个名词有时候修饰另一个名词。 A boy by the name of David has just called to say hello to you. 一个名叫大卫的男孩刚刚来电话向你问好。 A boy might live in a minus neighborhood but not be a delinquent. 一个男孩子可以生活在一个差劲的街坊而不沦为罪犯。 Once a mighty empire ruled the world. 一个强大的帝国曾统治世界。 One shouldn't overwork oneself. 一个人不应该过分劳累。 One Thursday afternoon he got seriously injured in an accident. 一个星期四下午,他在事故中受了重伤。 A plane flew overhead. 一架飞机从头顶上飞过。 A plane flew over the house. 一架飞机飞过了房子。 A big rock blocked the mouth of the cave. 一块大石头堵住了洞口。 Flocks of sheep are grazing in the meadow. 一群群羊正在草地吃草。 Utter weariness overtook me an hour later. 一小时之后,我感到困乏极了。 A number of people have left. 一些人已走了。 One swallow does not make a summer. 一燕不成夏单凭一事不足以下判断。 A mist of perfume issued from the atomizer. 一阵香水的轻雾从雾化器中喷射出来。 A crab nipped his toe. 一只蟹咬住了他的脚趾。 One color melted into another. 一种颜色渐渐变成另一种颜色。 The doctor prescribed an oral dose of medicine. 医生开了一剂口服药。 The doctor said the child's temperature was normal. 医生说孩子体温正常。 The doctor said that he was on the mend. 医生说他的病情正在好转。 The surgeon operated on her for a tumor. 医生为她的肿瘤开刀。 The doctor mixed him a bottle of medicine. 医生为他配了一瓶药。 For my money, there's nothing to be gained by going with them. 依我看,跟他们去不会有什么好处。 In my opinion, the scheme is unsound. 依我看,这计划不够妥当。 It is possible to transplant chromosomes in cell nuclei. 移植细胞核内的染色体是可能的。 Later they may muddle up your names with those of your cousins. 以后他们可能会把你的名字跟你堂兄弟们的名字相混淆。 The outline of Italy suggests a boot. 义大利的轮廓像一只靴子。 MPs kept up their outward allegiance to the parties they belonged to. 议员们对各自所属的党派保持表面上的忠诚。 None of the moves to halt inflation has been successful. 抑制通货膨胀的措施无一奏效。 Instead of fewer accidents, there were more. 意外事故非但没有减少,反而增多了。 Joan decided to mend her fences because her friends didn't like her. 因为朋友们都不喜欢她,琼决定争取人缘。 Navigation is difficult on this river because of the hidden rocks. 因为有暗礁,在这条河上航行很困难。 The mood of the music was almost funereal. 音乐的调子几乎像哀乐。 Tickets for the concert are no longer available, so the next best is the cinema. 音乐会的门票已经售完,所以只能去看电影了。 Music has a special system of notation. 音乐有一套专用的标志法。 Bank officers are well-paid. 银行高级职员薪金高。 Has the bank okayed your request for a loan? 银行同意你的贷款请求了吗? A new training method was introduced. 引进了一种新的训练方法。 The English do not drink much wine. 英国人喝酒不多。 The British were caught napping again. 英国人又一次毫无准备,张皇失措。 Britain is a constitutional monarchy. 英国是一个实行君主立宪制的国家。 English is not the usual medium of instruction in our school. 英语不是我校通常使用的教学语言。 In English, nouns can be singular or plural. 英语中,名词有单复数之分。 The builder failed to fulfill the terms of his obligation. 营造商未能履行合同的条款。 My calculation was wrong because I overlooked one tiny point. 由于我忽略了一个细微之处,我的计算错了。 The parcel must have miscarried, for she never received it. 邮包一定投递错了,因为她一直没有收到。 The post office is quite near. 邮局很近。 The post office is opposite the bank. 邮局在银行对面。 Oil doesn't mix with water. 油和水不能混合。 Painting the ceiling was a tough nut to crack. 油漆天花板是件难事。 It is necessary that he be sent there at once. 有必要马上派他到那里去。 Humans may be able to live in the depths of the ocean some day. 有朝一日人类也许能在海洋深处生活。 Some magazines come out monthly. 有的杂志每月出一期。 Some high-ranking officers plotted to overturn the government. 有几名高级军官策划推翻政府。 Policemen with families have to moonlight to make ends meet. 有家室的警察必须兼差才能维持家计。 Someone's been meddling with my CD player. 有人擅自碰过我的雷射唱机了。 What options do I have? 有什么可以让我选择? Is there any cement over? 有水泥多出来吗? The number of students absent is five. 有五名学生缺席。 Some boys are reading; others are listening to the radio. 有些孩子在阅读,有些则在听收音机。 Some Buddhist monks live in solitude as hermits. 有些和尚在僻静处隐居。 There are insects which mimic leaves. 有些昆虫极像叶子。 Some mushrooms are edible; some are poisonous. 有些蘑菇可食用;有些则有毒。 Some people have no business morals. 有些人毫无商业道德。 Some of the great men came out of nowhere. 有些伟人来自不知名的小地方。 Some of the great men came out of nowhere. 有些伟人来自不知名的小地方。 Some staff members are beginning to mutter about the new president. 有些职员开始抱怨新任的总经理。 There are a multitude of reasons against it. 有许多反对理由。 A train was leaving at midnight for New Orleans. 有一班火车将于夜间十二点开往纽奥尔良。 Opinion is shifting in favor of the President's new policy. 舆论正转向支持总统的新政策。 She regained her nerve after her talk with her father. 与父亲谈过话之后,她又重新鼓起了勇气。 Rainy days give me a feeling of melancholy. 雨天给我一种忧郁的感觉。 The bathtub is overflowing. 浴缸里的水满得溢出来了。 The bathroom is occupied. 浴室有人在用。 The gardener nipped the leaves off the bush with his fingers. 园丁用手指掐掉灌木上的叶子。 The mushroom cloud of the A-bomb hung over the desert again. 原子弹爆炸的蘑菇云再度笼罩在沙漠的上空。 The atomic bomb is the offspring of twentieth century physics. 原子弹是二十世纪物理学的产物。 A great future opens before them. 远大的前程展现在他们面前。 John was granted an option to purchase 3,000 shares at a purchase price of $7.00 per share. 约翰被授予三千股的股票购置权,每股七美元。 John is nothing to her. 约翰对她来说无足轻重。 John is nothing to her. 约翰对她来说无足轻重。 John's back home once and for all. 约翰回到家,再也不走了。 John had already flown sixty missions. 约翰已经执行了六十次飞行任务。 John's back home once more. 约翰又回家了。 The moon was obscured by the clouds. 月亮被云遮暗了。 The moon has risen. 月亮升起来了。 Reading occupies most of my free time. 阅读占去了我空闲时间的大部分。 It takes a bit of nerve to transport explosives. 运输炸药要有点胆量。 Have another coffee on me. 再来一杯咖啡,我请客。 It was the coldest winter within living memory. 在当今人们的记忆中那是最冷的一个冬天。 It was the coldest winter within living memory. 在当今人们的记忆中那是最冷的一个冬天。 During the fighting, the children were calling each other names. 在斗殴中,孩子们互相辱骂。 Our family was on the move for five years until dad found a good job. 在父亲找到一份好工作之前,我们一家人有五年多都在奔波,四处迁移。 At the airport, he expressed optimism about the talks. 在机场上,他对谈判表示了乐观。 At the party, everybody mixed together happily. 在聚会中,大家相处一起很开心。 The rising sun is orient in the blue sky. 在蓝天里初升太阳光辉夺目。 The rising sun is orient in the blue sky. 在蓝天里初升太阳光辉夺目。 Please don't eat between meals. 在两顿饭之间请不要进食。 An accident happened at the meeting of two roads. 在两条道路的交叉点发生了一起事故。 That library will open only in the morning till further notice. 在另行通知以前,那个图书馆只在上午开放。 He nursed the house plants through a long winter. 在漫长的冬季他一直精心照料室内盆栽植物。 You are right in some measure. 在某种程度上你是对的。 I'm at one with you on that point. 在那点上我和你是一致的。 The government has a monopoly of oil production in that country. 在那个国家,政府独占石油开采权。 It was then a hard nut to crack. 在那时是一桩很棘手的事。 Near the bridge, the waters of the two streams mingled. 在桥的附近,两条溪流的水汇合了。 Make an outline of the scene before you paint. 在上颜料之前先给此景画一个素描。 Before he got to the workshop, the machine had been put in motion. 在他到达车间之前,机器已经开动了。 There is a noticeable coolness in his manner. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司