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the convention of 在…会议上 at the core 在核心 at the corner 街口 at the counter 在柜台旁 athletic contest 体育比赛 attend convention 出席会议 automatm control 自动控制 avenge one's country 为自己的国家报仇 avoid a conversation 逃避谈话 await one's convenience 等某人方便的时候 awful cough 可怕的咳嗽 baby contest 婴儿比赛 back copies 过期的报刊 back country 穷乡僻壤 backward country 落后的国家 bad cough 厉害的咳嗽 bankrupt a corporation 使公司破产 bargain counter 美廉价柜台 basic contradiction 基本矛盾 basketball court 篮球场 be consumed by fire 被火烧掉 be consumed with 被…所吞噬,因…而变得憔悴 be consumed with anger 胸中充满着怒火,怒火在胸中燃烧 be consumed with curiosity 充满了好奇心 be consumed with overwork 因劳累过度而憔悴不堪 beautify the countryside 美化农村 beauty contest 选美竞赛 beer consumption 啤酒的消费量 begin a contest 开始一项比赛 begin a conversation 开始谈话 behind the counter 在柜台后面 benefit a country 有利于国家 beyond control 无法控制 big corporation 大社团 birth control 节制生育 bitter contest 激烈的竞争 bleak country 荒凉的地区 blind corner 看不见的拐角 bloody contest 血腥的争夺 blow one's cool 无法自制,沉不住气 boring conversation 使人厌烦的谈话 bottom cord 底弦 bound with a cord 用绳捆着 breach a contract 违反合约 break a contract 毁契约 break contact 断开电路,断交 break off a conversation 中断谈话 break off contact 中断接触 break with convention 打破常规 brief conversation 简短的谈话 bring a couple together 破镜重圆,使夫妻和好 bring into contact 使接触 bring out the contrast 引出对比 bring the cases into court 把这些案件诉诸法庭 brisk conversation 活泼的交谈 broken country 崎岖的地面 bug a conversation 窃听谈话 build up a constitution 锻炼体质 build up a corporation 建立公司 building contract 承包建筑合同 business contact 商业上的接触 buy up a corporation 买下公司 by contract 根据合同 by contraries 恰恰相反,和预料相反地,相反地 by contrast 对比之下,相反 by convention 按照常规广惯例 Cabinet Council 内阁议会 call a council 召开理事会 call up one's courage 唤起勇气,鼓起勇气 calm courage 沉着勇敢 cancel a contract 取消契约 capital construction 基本建设 carbon copy 复写副本 carry on a conversation with sb. 与某人谈判 carry out a contract 执行契约 cast coppers 扔铜币 cast-iron constitution 铁打一般的体格 certain contract 确定的契约 change a conversation 转换话题 characters on copper 铜上刻的字 charming countryside 诱人的乡村 cheat On contracts 偷工减料 chief cook 大厨师 childless couple 没有孩子的夫妻 Christian country 基督教国家 circuit court 巡回法庭 city council 美市政委员会,市议会 city court 市法院 civil construction 土木建筑,民用建筑 civil court 民事法庭 clay court fortennis泥地网球场 clear contrast 分明的对照 clear copy 清样 clear the court 命所有旁听者都退出法庭 clog the courts 阻挠法庭工作 close a conversation 结束谈话 close contact 密切接触 close contest 势均力敌的竞争 close the country 闭关自守 closed country 闭关自守的国家 closely cooperate 密切地合作 closely correspond 密切地通信 coal consumption 煤的消费量 coat with copper 镀铜 collect coppers 收集铜币 collect one's courage 鼓起勇气 come into/in contact with 开始与…联系,开始和…交往起来,开始接触到 comforably cool 令人舒适的凉快 commence a conversation 开始谈话 communicate by contact 通过接触传染 communication cord 英火车上的紧急停车索 competent court 主管法庭 complete a contract 合同执行完毕 complete contrast 全面的对比 complete control 完全的控制 complete copy 完整的版本 complicated construction 复杂的结构 complimentary copy 赠阅本 composition pnze contest 作文评奖比赛 conclude a contract 订立契约,签定合同 conclude a convention 缔结协约 conditional contract 附有条件的契约 conditions of a contract 契约的条件 condo conversion 公寓套间的重新改装 confidential conversation 密谈 conquer a country 征服某国 consist chiefly in 主要是,主要在于 consist entirely of 全部由…组成 consist in 在于 consist largely in 主要在于 consist largely of 主要由…组成,大部分是 consist most of 大半由…组成 consist of 由…组成,由…构成 consist of ten persons 由10人组成 consist of thirty counties 由30个县组成 consist with 符合,与…一致 consist with practice 理论与实践应一致 consist with principle 与原则相一致 consistent friend 经久不渝的朋友 consistent policy 一贯的政策 consistent standard 一贯的标准 consistent to the course of communism 对共产主义事业坚信不移 consistent with 符合,与…一致 consistent with reason 态度合乎情理 consolidate a constitution 充实一部宪法 conspicuous consumption 特大的消耗 constant complaints 不断的抱怨 constant contact 经常接触 constant control 经常性的控制 constant efforts 不懈的努力 constant in one's devotion to 坚定不移地致力于 constant motion 不断地运动 constant temperature 恒温 constant to 对…坚定不移 constitute a government 建立政府机构 constitute a sharp contract 形成强烈的对比 constitute a threat to sb. 对某人构成威胁 constitute the new regulations 制订新规定 construct a sentence 造句 construct a whole unit out of parts 用部件构成整体 construct an aircraft 造飞机 construct cleverly 构思巧妙 construct from design 根据设计建造 construct On the same principle 根据同样的原理建造 construct skillfully 故事构思相当巧妙 construct well 构造得很好 construction area 建筑面积 construction bridge 建筑工程队 construction business 建筑业 construction cost 建筑工程造价 construction department 建筑部门 construction site 建筑工地 construction workers 建筑工人 consult about 就…请教 consult confidentially 秘密相商 consult doctor about one's illness 找医生看病 consult long 谈了好久 consult one's own convenience 看自己是否有便,只图自己方便 consult sb. on an equation 请教某人一个方程式 consult sb. on the subject 请教某人这个问题 consult with 与…商量 consult with publisher 与出版商交换意见 consult with sb. about a problem 与某人就一个问题进行磋商 consult with sb. about a secret 与某人商量一件机密事 consume away 消瘦,憔悴 consume away with grief 因忧愁而变得憔悴 consume liberally 大量消耗 consume one's savings 花光了储蓄 consume quickly 很快地用尽 consume the cottage 烧毁了那座茅屋 consume vegetables 消耗蔬菜 consumption go down 消费量下降 consumption goods 消费物资 consumption in industry 工业的消耗量 consumption of fuel oil 燃油的消耗量 contact between the two 两者之间的接触 contact friendly 友好交往 contact of one thing with another 一物与另一物的接触 contact officer 联络军官 contact sb. about sth. 与某人联系某事 contact with air 与空气接触 contact with one's relatives 与亲属联系 contact with the ground 与地面接触 contact with western civilization 与西方文明的接触 contain four parts 包括四个部分 contain water 含水 contemporary with sb. 与某人同一时代 content with 满足于…的 content with honest poverty 安于清贫 contest a statement 反驳某论点 contest against 和…作斗争,和…争夺 contest against an opponent 与对手的竞争 contest among …三者以上之间的竞赛 contest an election 竞选 contest at boxing 拳击比赛 contest between …二者之间的竞赛 contest between France and England 法英之间的争夺 contest between the opposing armies 敌对部队的决战 contest close 比赛结束 contest every inch of land 寸土必争 contest for 争夺…的比赛 contest for power 权力之争 contest for prizes 夺奖比赛 contest hotly 激烈地争夺 contest of words 舌战,笔战 contest one another 互相争夺 contest successfully 成功地争得 contest upon the question of 对…问题的争论 contest with 和…作斗争,和…争夺 continue a conversation 继续谈话 continue by 以…继续下去 continue far into the night 继续到深夜 continue in weak health 身体还是很弱 continue with 继续… continue with one's work 接着干 continue work 继续工作 continuous current 直流 continuous spectrum 连续光谱 contract a pmlect to sb. 把工程包给某人 contract expire 合同到期 contract for 订契约,承包,承建 contract for …的契约 contract for labour and material 包工包料合同 contract for repairs 修理合同 contract for the build of a house 承包盖房屋 contract for the construction of a bridge 修建桥梁的合同 contract hold good 合同有效 contract of sales 买卖合同 contract one's body 缩作一团 contract one's brows 皱眉头 contract out of 订约使自己不受…的约束,退出合同 contract out of an agreement 订明不受契约限制 contract party 签合同的一方 contract run out 合同期满 contract stand 合同有效 contract with 与…立约 contract with 与…的契约 contract with a factory for machines 向某厂订购机器 contract with a firm 与某公司的合同 contract with the employer 与雇主签订的合同 contradiction between …之间的矛盾 contradiction between ourselves and the enemy 敌我矛盾 contradiction between the behaviour and the principles 行为与原则之间的矛盾 contradiction between two ideas 两种思想之间的矛盾 contradiction in terms 用词自相矛盾 contradiction sharpen 矛盾加剧 contradictions among the people 人民内部矛盾 contradictions among these countries 这些国家间的矛盾 contrary current 逆流 contrary to 违背…的 contrary to expectation 与预料的恰好相反 contrary to human nature 违反人性 contrary to regulations 越轨 contrary to sb's interests 违背某人的利益 contrary to sb's own taste 与某人的审美观点完全不同 contrary to sb's suggestions 与某人的建议相反 contrary to sb's wishes 违背某人的愿望 contrary to the laws Of the country 违反该国法律 contrary to the rules 违背规章 contrary wind 逆风 contrast between …之间的对比 contrast between A and B 甲和乙之间的对比 contrast between light and dark 明暗对比 contrast between wealth and want 贫富之间的差别 contrast of …的明显差别/对比 contrast sharply 形成鲜明的对照 contrast this with that 把这个同那个比一比就看出差别来 contrast to sb. 与某人相比 contrast to the white walls 和白色的墙形成对照 contrast with 与…形成对比对照,衬托 contrast with 与…对比 contrast with one's old house 与旧屋相比 contrast with one's promises 与许诺对照 contrast with yester day's icy wind 与昨日凛冽的寒风相比 contribute an article to a newspaper 向报社投稿 contribute clothing 捐献衣服 contribute effectively 有效地促进 contribute for 为…捐助 contribute for some work 为某项工作捐献 contribute for the flood victims 为受水灾居民捐献 contribute greatly 大大有助于 contribute immensely 大为有利 contribute little 无助于 contribute money 捐钱 contribute much 有很大作用 contribute patriotically 出于爱国热情而捐助 contribute richly 很大贡献 contribute to a newspaper 向报社投稿 contribute to a understanding 有助于了解 contribute to charity 捐助慈善事业 contribute to good health 有助于身体健康 contribute to longevity 有助于长寿 contribute to magazines 向杂志社投稿 contribute to sb's success 使某人成功 contribute to the good of the society 对社会福利作贡献 contribute to/towards 把…捐给…,投稿给 control of disease 控制疾病 control of/over 对…的控制 convene a council 召集会议 convene a court 开庭 convenience of ready reference 便于随时参考 convenient for 对…方便的 convention of peace 和平协定 conventional art 传统的艺术 conventional ceremonial 常礼,惯例 conventional war 常规战争 conventional weapon 常规武器 conversation about 关于…的谈话 conversation about the matter 有关这个问题的谈话 conversation among the guests 客人间的谈话 conversation on the matter 有关这个问题的谈话 conversation with 与…的谈话 conversation with a friend 和朋友谈天 conversation with anybody 和大家都谈得来 conversion from 从…改变 conversion from Christianity to Islam 从基督教改信回教的变化 conversion from coal to gas 由煤到气的变化 conversion from Hinduism to Buddhism 由印度教到佛教的变化 conversion into 改变为… conversion of a house into offices 住宅改作办公室 conversion of miles into kilometers 从英里改为公里 conversion of water intoi ice 水变成冰 conversion table 换算表 convert a barn into a garage 将谷库改建成车库 convert a barn into a storehouse 把谷仓改成仓库 convert back to 还原到 convert from 改变… convert from a religion 信仰宗教者 convert from Buddhism to Hinduism 由佛教改信印度教 convert from Muslim to Christian 由穆斯林教改信基督教 convert into/to 把…改成…,使改信… convert mass into energy 把质量转化为能量 convert metres to the English system 把公制换算成英制 convert milk from a food into a poison 把牛奶从食物变为毒物 convert money from marks into pounds 将钱从马克兑换成英镑 convert sb. from Christian to atheist 使某人从基督教徒变成无神论者 convert sb. to Islam 使某人改信伊斯兰教 convert to 皈依…的人 convert to Buddhism 皈依佛教的人 convert to Catholicism 改信天主教 convert to Christianity 改信基督教 convert to cremation 赞同火葬者 convert to microchip production 转产微集成电路 convert to or-thodoxy 转向传统的说法 convert to plan 拥护计划者 convert to use 变无用为有用 convert water into steam 水变为蒸汽 convey best wishes to 向…表达最良好的祝愿 convey by plane 用飞机运货 convey coal 运煤 convey electricity 输送电流 convey emotions 传达感情 convey from house to the station 从家运到火车站 convey from…to 从…转到… convey goods 运货 convey ideas 传达思想 convey in words 用言语表达 convey luggage 运行李 convey some hint 含有某种暗示 convey sth. in a boat 用船运送某物 convey sth. on a camel 用骆驼运送某物 convey thank to 向…转达谢意 convey the meaning 传达意思 convince beyond doubt 确信无疑 convince by argument 为议论所折服 convince sb,of sincerity 使某人相信诚挚 convince sb. by reasoning 以理服人 convince sb. of 使确信… convince sb. of bravery 使某人确信勇敢 convince sb. of honesty 使某人坚信诚实 convince sb. of the true 使某人承认事实 convincing conversation 令人信服的谈话 cook by boiling 清炖 cook corn 煮玉米 cook nicely 烹调得法 cook over hot char 在炭火上烧 cook quickly 容易烧熟 cook sb's goose 破坏别人的计划 cook thoroughly 煮得熟透 cook vegetables 烹调蔬菜 cool courage 镇定勇敢 cool down 冷却,变凉,镇定下来 cool down an angry man 使发怒者平静下来 cool head 冷静的头脑 cool in the face of danger 在危险前面能保持镇定 cool of the shade 树下的阴凉处 cool off 使凉,杀掉 cool off one's passion 使某人的热情消失 cool off toward a person 疏远某人 cool one's heels 久等 cool place 凉爽的地方 cool sb's temper 缓和某人的怒气 cool the boiled water 使开水冷却 cool to 使冷却到… cool to 对…冷淡的 cool to proper temperature 使冷却到适当的温度 cool to room temperature 使冷却到室温 cool to the idea 对这个想法不热心 cool towards 对…冷淡的 cooperate in 在…方面合作 cooperate in a movement 在运动中合作 cooperate in harmony 协调地合作 cooperate in planning a party 联合筹划聚会 cooperate in the work 在工作上合作 cooperate on 在…方面合作 cooperate On a problem 在某问题上合作 cooperate on the project 在这个项目上进行合作 cooperate towards the end 协力达到那个目标 cooperate with 与…合作,同…协力,与…相配合 cooperate with a foreign expert 和外国专家进行合作 cooperate with the parents 和父母合作 coordinate closely 使紧密配合 coordinate growth 协调发展 coordinate internationally 进行国际化合作 coordinate one's efforts 同心协力 coordinate operations 协调操作 coordinate perfectly 使完美地配合 coordinate sentence 并列句 coordinate the work force 协调劳力 coordinate with 使与…协调 coordinate with each other 互相策应,互相配合 cope with 应付,对付,妥善处理,克服 cope with crisis 克服晰 cope with difficulties 对付困难 cope with the holiday 应付假日 copper manufactures 铜制品 copper sulphate 硫酸铜 copper wire 铜丝 copy down a map 临摹一张地图 copy in full 全文抄写 copy into a notebook 抄到笔记本中 copy out a picture 临摹一张画 copy the letter 抄写信件 copyright convention 版权公约 cord wire 弦线 cordial conversation 亲切的谈话 core of the matter 事情的本质 core of the problem 问题的核心 core of the subject 论题的核心 corn bread 苞米面包 corn cake 苞米饼 corner of the room 房间的角 corners of one's lips 嘴角 corporation aggregate 公司法人 corporation law 公司法 corporation lawyer 公司法律顾问 correct errors 改正错误 correct for 做…修正 correct in one's thinking 思想正确 correct in… 是正确的 correct to 改正为 correct to point one 精确到零点 correspond about 通信谈… correspond for a newspaper 给报纸做通信员 correspond for amusement 为乐趣而通信 correspond to 和…符合,与…相称,相当于 correspond to the British Parliament 相当于英国的议会 correspond to the facts 符合事实 correspond to the wings of a bird 相当于鸟的翅膀 correspond with 和…相当,和…符合,和…通讯 correspond with each other 彼此通信 correspond with sb's needs 符合某人的需要 correspond with the original 与原件相符 correspond words to actions 使言行一致起来 corresponding angles 对应角 corresponding changes 相应的变化 corresponding period 同一时期 corresponding sides 对应边 corresponding to 与…一致的 corresponding to the facts 与事实相符的 corridor across 穿越…的走廊 corridor between …之间的走廊 corridor open into 走廊通向… corridor through 穿过…的走廊 cost a lot 耗费甚大 cost control 成本控制 cost ten dollars 值十美元 cost to 对…产生好感 cost too much 价钱太贵 costly jewels 贵重的宝石 costly mistake 损失重大的错误,代价高的错误 cottage industry 家庭工业 cotton candy 棉花糖 cotton curtain 棉幕指美国南方 cotton mill 纺织厂 cotton plant 棉树,棉株 cotton print 印花棉布 cotton tree 棉树 cough badly 咳得很厉害 cough down 用咳嗽声淹没某人的话 cough out blood 咳出血 council of war 军事会议,作战会议 count as 算作 count by fingers 掐指扳着指头一算 count by ten 以十计 count down 倒数 count for little 无足轻重 count for much 非常重要 count for nothing 算不了什么 count from 从…点算起 count off 报数,点数 count on/upon 数下去 count out money 数钱 count to 数到 count up to 数到,总计 country butter 土制奶油 country club 乡间俱乐部 country cottage 乡间别墅 country men 同胞 country music 民间音乐 country people 乡下佬 country road 乡间小路 country with a long history 历史悠久的国家 countryside abound with 这一带盛产… county court 县法院 couple of days 两三天 courage in the face of danger 临危不惧 courage of one's opinion 坚持自己意见的勇气 court decision 法院裁决 court of appeal 上诉法庭 court of complaint 抗诉法院 court of domestic relations 家事法庭 court of execution 执行法院 court of Louis XIV 路易十四宫廷 court of low 法院,法庭 court of original jurisdiction 初审法庭,原审法庭 court sit 法庭开庭 cover a continent 遍及大陆,覆盖大陆 cover up contradictions 掩盖矛盾 cozy cottage 舒适的小屋 creditor country 债权国 criminal conversation 私通 criminal court 刑事法庭 cross a continent 横跨大陆 crown court 英巡回刑事法庭 cultivate cotton 培植棉花 cultural contact 文化联系 cure a cough 治好咳嗽 cut consumption 减少消费量 cut corners 走近路,节约 cut into one's conversation 打断谈话 cut off a corner 抄近路 daily consumption 日消耗量 damage control 损失控制 deadly contest 殊死争夺 debilitate the constitution 使体质变弱 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司