翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 startling contrast 鲜明的对照 state control 国家控制 stay cool 保持凉爽,保持冷静 stay cool 保持凉爽,保持冷静 stay in contact 保持联系 stick to a contract 信守契约/合同 stir up a conversation 开始谈话 store corn 贮藏谷物 street corner 街角 street corner conversation 街谈巷议 strengthen contact 加强接触 stress control 压力控制 strict control 严格控制 strictly correct 非常正确 strike up a conversation 攀谈 striking contrast 鲜明的对比 student council 学生自治会 subdued conversation 低声的交谈 subject country 属国 subtle contrast 细微的差别 successful conversation 成功的会谈 suffer from a cough 患咳嗽 sugar content 含糖量 suit sb's convenience 对某人便利,凑合某人的方便 sum up the contents 概括内容 summer cottage 避暑别墅 summon sb. to court 传某人出庭 superior court 上级法院 supply a contrast 形成对照 support a constitution 拥护宪法 supreme court 最高法院 suspend the contract 中止合同 sustain a conversation 继续谈话 sweet corn 甜玉米 sweetheart contract 美私下合同 switch the conversation 改变谈话内容 take a conversation 交谈 take a copy 复写/复制 take courage 鼓起勇气 take down the conversation 写下谈话内容 take one's courage in both hands 勇往直前,敢作敢为 take part in the contest 参加比赛 take sb. to court 对某人提出起诉 take the country over 接管某国家 tap a conversation 窃听别人的谈话 tear up a contract 撕毁契约/合同 telephone contact 电话联系 telephone conversation 电话交谈 temporary contract 临时契约/合同 tennis court 网球场 terminable contract 有期限的合同 terminate a conversation 结束谈话 termination of a contract 合同期满 terms of a contract 合同条款 terrible cough 严重的咳嗽 terribly cool 极其冷淡 testify in court 在法庭上作证 the buzz of conversation 谈话声 the Chinese Consult at New York 中国驻纽约领事 the City corporation 市自治团体 the constitution of the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国宪法 the Council on Education 美教育会议 the evening cool 晚间的凉快 the Geneva conventions 日内瓦公约 the last court 最后裁决/判决 the morning cool 早晨的凉快 the National convention 美政党的全国大会 the new Party Constitution 新党章 the Privy Council 英枢密院 the State Council 国务院 the Supreme Council 最高会议 the Supreme War Council 最高军事会议 the U. N Security Council 联合国安理会 the World Security Council 世界安全会议 theoretically convince 理论上确信 thoroughly convince 完全相信 thought content 思想内容 thought control 思想控制 tie a cord 系一根绳子 tight corner 穷境,困境 tighten one's control 加紧控制 to the contrary 相反的,与此相反的 to the core 透顶的,完全的 toilet and lavatory conveniences 化妆室与卫生间 top copy 原本 top cord 顶弦 top left-hand corner 左上角 toss coppers 扔铜币 tough constitution 健壮的体格 tour a country 到某国旅行 tourist court 汽车旅馆 township council 美镇区议会 trade corporation 商业公司 trading corporation 贸易公司 traffic court 交通法庭 train a cook 培训厨师 travel a country 到某国旅行 trial court 预审法庭 troublesome cough 讨厌的咳嗽 true to the core 绝对忠实的 tug-of-war contest 拔河比赛 turn a corner 拐过街角 turn the conversation to other matters 把谈话转向其他问题 turn the corner 摆脱困境 twist the constitution 曲解宪法 typed copy 打印本 ultimate court 终审法庭 umbilical cord 脐带 under contract 根据合同 under control 抑制 under the convention 根据协定 underdeveloped country 不发达国家 undergo conversion 经历皈依 undermine one's constitution 损害身体,危害身体 understand the content 明白内容 understanding contact 理解的熟人 unequ~ contest 力量不相称的比赛 unexpected contrast 未预料到的差别 unify a country 统一国家 universal consumption 一般消费 unlversality of contradiction 矛盾的普遍性 unshaken courage 不可动摇的勇气 unwavering courage 坚定的志气,毫不动摇的意志/决心 unwritten constitution 不成文的宪法 upland cotton 陆地棉 urban construction 城市建设 use a contrast 运用对比 valid contract 有效合同,有效契约 various conveniences 各种便利 verbal contest 舌战 verbal contract 口头契约 very convenient 很方便的 vice consult 副领事 vigorous constitution 充满活力的体质 village council 村委员会 violate a constitution 违背宪法 violate a contract 违反契约 violent contest 粗暴的争夺 virgin continent 人迹未到的陆地,未开发的陆地 visit a country 访问某国家 vivid contrast 生动的对比 void contract 无效契约 volleyball court 排球场 walk across the countryside 穿越田野 warning cough 警告/提醒式的咳嗽声 watch a contest 观看比赛 water content 水含量 weak constitution 虚弱的体格 weaken the constitution 使体质变弱 wealthy country 富有的国家 weave cotton 织棉花 weekend cottage 周末别墅,度假别墅 well-matched couple 般配的夫妻,一对佳偶 white cotton 白花花的棉花 whole-heartedly cooperate 全心全意地合作 wild countryside 荒野 win a contest 赢得比赛 win converts 赢得相信者 wind up a convention 结束会议 winding corridor 弯弯曲曲的走廊 wise conversation 明智的谈话 witty conversation 机智的谈话,诙谐的谈话 work as a cook 当炊事员 work on contract 做包工 world council 世界会议 write a constitution 使宪法成文 write a contract 起草合约 written constitution 成文宪法 written contract 书面契约/合同 yellow-dog contract 美劳资签订的劳方不加入工会的合约 young corn 嫩玉米粒 young couple 年轻夫妻 zealous convert 热心的皈依者 advance the course 推进进程 a band of criminals 一帮罪犯 a crop of troubles 一大堆难题 a cup of tea 一杯茶 a gang of criminals 一帮罪犯 a head of cranes 一群鹤 a record crop of wheat 小麦的创纪录收成 abet a crime 唆使犯罪 abettor of the crime 教唆犯 above criticism 无可非议 absorb culture 吸收文化 abundant culture 丰富的文化 accept criticism 接受批评 accomplish a crime 犯下罪行,构成犯罪 account in credit 存款户 acquire culture 受到教育 acquire one's craft 学到技术 acquit oneself with credit 行为讲信誉 acute crisis 紧急的晰 acute critic 尖锐的批评家 add a credit 增添荣誉 add cream 加奶油 advanced credit 外校学分,免修学分 aesthetic criticism 美学批评 affect the course 影响进程 affect the credit 影响信誉 against the current 逆流 aggravate a crisis 加深晰 air crew 机组人员 air current 空气流 alien culture 异国文化 all kinds of craft 各种船只 allow a credit 答应给贷款 alternating current 交流电 alternative course 可选择的路线 ancient culture 古代文化 ancient custom 古老的风俗习惯 angry crowd 愤怒的人群 announce sb's crimes 公布罪状 another cup 又一杯,另一个杯子 apply a cure 使用一种疗法 appreciative criticism 好评 apprehend a criminal 捉拿罪犯 approach a crisis 临近紧急关头 aquatic creature 水生物 ardent curiosity 热烈的好奇心 armchair criticism 不切实际的批评 arouse criticism 引起批评 arouse curiosity 引起好奇心 arrange a credit 办妥贷款 arrest a criminal 逮捕罪犯 art critic 艺术评论家 art criticism 艺术评论 artistic culture 艺术修养 ask sb. for criticism 请某人提出批评意见 assemble a crew 召集船员/水手/乘务员 assiduously cultivate 辛勤地耕耘 assimilate a culture 同化一种文化 at a crossing 在路口 atrocious crime 残暴的罪行 attempt a crime 企图犯罪 attempted crime 未遂罪 attract a crowd 吸引一群人 attract customers 吸引顾客 avert a crisis 避免晰 avoid a crash 避免碰撞事故 awaken curiosity 唤起好奇心 award sb. a cup 颁发给某人奖杯 award the credit 授予荣誉 awful crime 可怕的罪行 bad credit 信誉不好 bad crop 歉收 balanced criticism 坦率真诚的批评 bald crown 秃头 banish a crew 驱散一伙人 bank crash 银行的破产 barbarous crime 野蛮的罪行 barbs of criticism 批评的尖刻 base sb' criticism on mutual understanding 使批评基于相互了解 battle cry 喊杀声 be addicted to the cup 嗜酒 be crowned at Paris 在巴黎即位 be crowned with laurel 荣获桂冠 be crowned with success 努力终于获得成功 be crushed by house falling 在房屋倒坍时压伤 be crushed down with grief 为悲哀所压倒 be crushed into powder 被压成粉 be crushed into small pieces 被轧碎 be crushed with grief 郁郁寡欢 be fond of the cup 爱喝酒 be in one's cups 喝醉 bear a crop 结出果实 bear one's cross 忍受苦难 beautiful creature 美人 beautiful curtain 美丽漂亮的窗帘 beauty culture 美容术 become a custom 成为习惯 begin cycle of luck 开始了好运 below criticism 不值一评 beneath criticism 不值一评 beneficent cycle 良性循环 between crowns 两国国王之间 beyond criticism 是无可挑剔的 big crack 大裂缝 bird culture 鸟的饲养 biting criticism 辛辣的批评 bitter criticism 辛辣的批评/批判 bitter cup 苦酒,不幸 bitter curse 嗅骂 bold crime 胆大包天的罪行 boom-and-depression cycles 兴隆与萧条的循环 border crossing 边境渡口,过境处 born criminal 天生的罪犯 borrow a culture 借鉴一种文化 borrowed culture 外来的文化 break a cup 打碎杯子 break a custom 打破风俗习惯 breast the current 逆潮流而行 breed a cow 饲养奶牛 bridge culture 沟通文化 brilliant culture 灿烂的文化 bring a criminal 带上罪犯 bring a cup 拿来一个杯子 bring about a crisis 引起晰 bring about a cure 治愈 bring credit 增光 bring culture to 把文化带给… brutal crime 残酷的罪刑 budget cut 预算削减 built-in cupboard 壁橱 burn with curiosity 渴望知道… business crash 生意的破产 business crisis 商业晰 business cycle 商业盛衰循环/周期性 buy a cow 买母牛/奶牛 buy cream 买奶油 buy sth. on credit 赊购某物 by craft 用诡计 by curiosity 好奇 by cycle 骑车 by the cross 在十字架旁 cabinet crisis 内阁晰 cage a creature 把动物关入牢笼 call cousins with 称兄道弟 call down a curse upon sb. 诅咒某人 cancel a credit 取消贷款 capacity crowd 满座的观众 capital crime 死罪 captain a crew 指挥全体船员 car crash 汽车碰撞事故 carry out criticism and self-criticism 开展批评与自我批评 carry over the crisis 转危为安 casual customer 偶尔光临的顾客 cause a crisis 引起晰 cause crack 造成裂缝 certain cure 有效的疗法,特效药 chair cover 椅子套 challenge criticism 对批评/评论表示异义,招致非难 challenging crowd 挑衅的人群 chance crime 过失罪 chance criminal 过失罪犯 chance crowd 聚合的人群 chance customer 偶然光顾的顾客 change course 改变路线/航向 cheering crowd 欢呼的人群 china cup 瓷杯 chocolate creams 奶油夹心巧克力 civilized custom 文明的风俗 clean cut 光洁的切口 clear a crowd 穿过人群 clothes cupboard 衣橱 coffee cup 咖啡杯 cold cream 冷霜 collect customs 收缴关税 collection of curiosity 引起…的好奇心 collective credit 集体荣誉 columnist critic 专栏评论家 combat crime 与犯罪行为作斗争 combat criticism 反对批评 come full cycle 兜了一圈,回到原位 come in for criticism 受到批评 command a crew 指挥船员/乘务员 comment on a critic 评论批评家 commercial crisis 商业晰 commit a crime 犯罪 common criminal 普通罪犯 companion crops 同期作物 complete a course 修完一门课程 complete the cycle 完成了周期 condemned criminal 判刑的犯人 conduct criticism and self-criticism 开展批评与自我批评 confess the crime 承认犯罪 Confucian culture 儒教 considerable culture 文化/修养相当高 constitute a crime 构成犯罪 constructive criticisms 建设性的批评 contract credits 缔结贷款合同 convicted criminal 已定罪的犯人 cope with crisis 克服晰 corlsumer credit 消费信贷 corn crops 谷类作物如小麦等五谷 country cousin 乡下亲戚,乡下佬 country's crisis 国家的晰 course of construction 建造过程 course of nature 自然规律 cousin to …的堂表兄弟/姊妹 cover all the expenses 包括一切费用 cover for 代替 cover for a pan 锅盖 cover in 填满 cover live 现场报道 cover of a book 书的封面 cover over 盖住,覆盖 cover up 掩盖,遮盖 cover with 用…盖住 cow boy 牛仔 crack a bottle 打开酒瓶喝酒 crack a criminal case 破案 crack a difficult problem 解难题 crack a joke 说笑话 crack a person up 称赞一个人 crack a smile 笑 crack down on the gangsters 对无赖采取严厉措施 crack in the ice 冰缝 crack in the wall 墙缝 crack into two 裂成两半 crack of dawn 破晓 crack on the wall 墙缝 crack out 破裂,炸开,裂开 crack over the city 烟火在这城市上空劈劈啪啪地爆响 crack the whip 突然采取严厉的措施 crack up 夸奖,吹捧,毁灭,人身体垮了 craft of lacquerware 做漆器的技艺 craft of the wood carver 木雕工艺 crash a bowl against the wall 把碗向墙上猛掷而碎 crash about 呱嗒呱嗒地走来走去 crash car into the wall 把汽车猛撞在墙上 crash disastrously 惨败 crash down 树哗啦一声倒下 crash in flames 起火坠毁 crash into 撞在…上 crash into a pole 撞在灯柱子上 crash into a tree 撞在树上 crash of applause 掌声 crash of thunder 隆隆的雷声 crash of two cars 两辆小汽车的相撞 crash on the morning air 响彻晨空 crash one's way through bush 闯过灌木丛 crash out 坠毁 crash sth. with one's teeth 用牙将某物咬碎 crash through the barrier 撞在障碍物上 crash to pieces 撞得粉碎 crash to the floor 掉在地上 crash to the ground 墙轰地一声坍下来 crash up against a tree 砰然撞到树上 crawl across the room 从房间的一头爬到另一头 crawl along 慢慢地前进 crawl along the country road 沿着乡村路缓慢前进 crawl by 慢慢过去 crawl into 爬进… crawl into a hole 爬进洞里 crawl on hand and knees 用手脚爬着走 crawl out of 从…爬出 crawl out of the ruins 从废墟中爬出来 crawl over the damaged bridge 列车缓慢地驶过受损的桥 crawl with 爬满…,到处是… crawl with caterpillars 树爬满毛虫 crawl with reporters 到处是新闻记者 crazy about 对…神魂颠倒的 crazy house 疯人院,精神病院 crazy over 痴情 crazy with delight 欣喜若狂 crazy with drink 酗酒发狂 cream cake 奶油蛋糕 cream of a joke 笑话的妙处 cream of society 社会精华 create a beautiful world 创造一个美好的世界 create a sensation 引起轰动 create an miracle 创造奇迹 create conditions 创造条件 create employment 创造就业机会 create imaeination 构思 create images 塑造形象 create more jobs 创造更多的就业机会 create music 创作乐曲 create wealth 创造财富 creature of chance 机遇的产物 creature of circumstance 环境的产物 creature of the age 时代的产物 creatures of one's imagination 想像出来的东西 credit an account with fifty dollars 在账户的贷方记入五十美元 credit an amount to sb's account 把一笔款记入某人的账户 credit card 信誉卡 credit cooperative 信用合作社 credit customer 赊购的顾客 credit for patient's recovery 病人康复的功劳 credit for the innovation 革新的荣誉 credit of the store 本店的信誉 credit sb. with conlmon sense 相信某人是通情达理的 credit sb. with the invention 认为这一发明是某人的功劳 credit sb's story 相信某人所说的话 credit success to the Party's leadership 成就归功于党的领导 credit to 把…记入… credit to …的光荣 credit to class 全班的光荣 credit to parents 父母的光荣 credit with 相信…具有…,在贷方记入… creep about the room 在房间里来回走动 creep along the wall into a hole 沿着围墙爬行到洞里 creep in 悄悄进入 creep in over the fence 从篱笆上悄悄爬入 creep into 爬进… creep into a cave 爬进山洞 creep into the bedroom 悄悄走进卧室 creep on 时间悄悄地过去 creep on all fours 爬行 creep out 爬出 creep out from under a bush 从灌木丛下爬出来 creep out of 爬出… creep out of the cave 爬出山洞 creep out Of the pipe 从管子里爬出来 creep over sb. 某种感觉向某人袭来 creep over the walls 藤爬满墙头 creep through the lattice 透过窗户进来 creep towards the enemy 向敌人匍匐前进 creep up the shore 漫上海岸 crew of an airliner 客机的机组人员 crew of five 五名机组人员 crew of ten people 十个水手 crews in the next race 下次赛跑的人员 crime against 反…的罪恶 crime against humanity 违反人道的罪行 crime against life 杀人罪 crime against women 对妇女的犯罪 crime of passion 感情冲动时的罪行 crime story 凶杀故事 criminal act 犯罪行为 criminal action 刑事诉讼 criminal attempt 犯罪未遂 criminal case 刑事案件 criminal code 刑法 criminal conversation 通奸罪 criminal court 刑事法庭 criminal for trial 候审犯人 criminal law 刑法 criminal law 刑法 criminal lawyer 刑事律师 criminal neglect 构成犯罪的玩忽职守 criminal offence 刑事犯罪 criminal police 刑警 criminal psychology 犯罪心理学 criminal record 犯罪纪录,前科 criminal responsibility 刑事责任 criminal suit 刑事诉讼 criminals conspire 罪犯们密谋 criminals in custody 在押犯 criminals under reform through labour 劳改犯 crimson crime 血腥的罪行 crisis between life and death 生死关头 crisis in …方面的晰 crisis in a country's progress 国家发展的困难时期 crisis in health care 保健晰 crisis of the world history 世界历史的紧要关头 crisis over …的晰 crisis over the budget deficit 赤字预算的晰 critic agree 评论家同意 critic for the Times 《时代》杂志的评论员 critic of some renown 有些名气的评论家 critic on the Chinese arts 中国艺术的评论家 critical about 挑剔 critical evidence 决定性的证据 critical in one's choice 选择苛刻 critical materials 应急物资 critical moment 关键时刻,生死存亡关头 critical of 对…挑剔的 critical of grammar 挑剔语法错误 critical of sb's work 对某人的工作挑剔 critical point 转折点 critical shortage 严重短缺 critical situation 重大局面 critical temperature 临界温度 critical to …是关键性的 critical to sb's work 某人的工作关键 criticism of a newspaper criticism 家报纸的批评 criticism of the student's 学生们的批评 criticism on/upon art 关于艺术的评论 criticize a critic 批评评论家 criticize a report 批评一篇报道 criticize by name 点名批评 criticize fairly 公正地批评 criticize freely 自由批评 criticize harshly 严厉批评 criticize helpfully 有益地批评 criticize one's wife 批评妻子 criticize openly 公开批评 criticize sb. for 因…批评某人 criticize sb. for doing sth. 批评某人做某事 criticize sb. for shoddy work 批评某人工作粗枝大叶 criticize severely 严厉的批评 criticize sharply 尖锐的批评 criticize strongly 强烈地批评 criticize unsparingly 毫不留情地批评 cross a check 画线于支票上 cross from 从…渡过 cross in love 失恋 cross off 划掉,删去 cross one's heart 宣誓时在胸前划十字 cross one's mind 想起 cross out 划掉,删去 cross over a river 渡河 cross the border 越境 cross to an island 渡至,岛上 cross up 使受挫折 cross up the whole plan 把整个计划打乱了 crowd around 聚集在…周围 crowd closely 紧紧地挤在一起 crowd collect 人群聚集 crowd disperse 人群散去 crowd into 挤进 crowd off 挤出 crowd out 挤掉 crowd thin out 人群逐渐散去 crowd through 挤过 crowd together 挤在一起 crown of a hill 山顶 crown of flowers 花冠 crown of sorrow 极度悲伤 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司