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peace 对和平的威胁 danger to somety 对社会的危险 dangerous effects 坏作用 dangerous for 对…有危险 dangerous for children 对儿童很危险 dangerous to 对…有危险 dangerous to country 对国家来说很危险 dangerous to play in the street 在街上玩耍是危险的 dare any danger 敢承担任何风险,敢冒任何危险 dare danger 敢于承担风险 daring action 勇敢的行为 daring crime 大胆的罪恶 daring idea 大胆的设想 dark blue 深蓝色 dark brown 茶褐色 dark days 不得志的日子 dark horse 劲敌 dark room 暗室 dark saying 意义不明的话,暗语 dark secret 十分秘密的事情 dark smoke 浓烟 dark society 黑暗的社会 dark thread 隐晦的威胁 darken sb's daylight 把某人打瞎,用拳头把某人打得昏天黑地 dash across the garden 横冲过花园 dash after the rabbit 紧追兔子 dash against 和…碰撞,冲击 dash along 滔滔不绝地说 dash away one's tears 用手抹掉眼泪 dash by 掠过去,冲过去 dash down 飞奔而下,猛扔下,匆匆完成 dash down a hill 从山上冲下 dash for sth. 向某物冲去 dash forward 向前冲 dash into 冲入,与…猛撞 dash into a shop 奔进商店 dash into the room 冲进房间 dash off 勿忙完成,飞出 dash off a piece of article 赶写一篇文章 dash out 删去,涂掉 dash out of the room 冲出房间 dash out some words 删去一些字 dash sth. to pieces 把某物摔得粉碎 dash sth. with sth. 用某物掺某物,在某物中掺一点某物 dash through the station 火车飞快地驶过车站 dash up the stairs 飞奔上楼 data 手资料 data analysis 数据分析 data bank 数据库 data collected by the satellite 由卫星收集来的资料 data for sociologists 社会学家的参考资料 data furnished by correspondents 记者提供的资料 data library 数据库 data on this point 有关这方面的资料 data processing 数据处理 data published 已发表的资料 data retrieval 数据检索 date for an exam 考试日期 date of birth 出生日期 date of meeting 开会的日期 dawn break 破晓 dawn of this century 本世纪之初 day after day 日复一日地 day boy 走读生 day break 天亮 day by day 天天 day care center 日间托儿所 day come 日子来临 day dawn 天亮 day draw near 日子来临 day draw out 白天变长 day dream 白日梦 day for labour 劳动日 day go by 日子过去 day hospital 专收门诊的病院 day in the past 过去的日子 day labour 按日计酬的散工 day letter 白天递送 day of death 死期 day of exhibition 展览日 day roll on 时光流逝 day school 日校 day students 走读生 day telegram 较普遍的电报其费用低但慢 day to remember 难忘的日子 daylight aggression 明日张胆的侵略 daylight fade away 白天消失 days gone by 往日,在从前 days of old 从前,过去的日子里 days of rain 接连几天下雨 days of youth 青年时代 days to come 将来,未来 dead air 广播停止期间 dead clothes 寿衣 dead duck 失去使用价值的人物 dead end 死巷,僵局 dead from starvation 饿死 dead house 太平间 dead letter 无法投递的信件 dead mail 无法投递的信件 dead march 送葬曲 dead of a disease 病死 dead of a heart attack 因心脏病发作而死亡 dead pan 无表情的面孔 dead pxcture 呆板的画 dead shot 神枪手 dead soil 贫瘠的土地 dead to 对…无感觉的,对…无反应的 dead to all sense of shame 全无羞耻之心 dead to pity 麻木不仁 dead to the world 在酣睡 dead wind 逆风 dead with cold 冻得失去知觉 deaf in one ear 一只耳聋了 deaf of one ear 一只耳聋了 deaf to 不听,听不见 deaf to advice 不听劝告 deaf to the sound of 听不见…的声音 deal a blow against sb. 打击某人 deal a blow at sb. 打击某人 deal a blow to sb. 打击某人 deal at the shop 常在商店买东西 deal badly 虐待 deal fairly 公平地对待 deal fairly 公平地处理 deal honestly 忠实地处理 deal in 经营,从事,参加 deal in furniture 经营家具 deal in goods of all sorts 经营百货 deal in rice 经营大米 deal in tea 经营茶叶 deal kindly 好心地对待 deal out 分配,分给 deal out books to the students 把书发给学生 deal promise 交易有希望 deal properly 适当地处理 deal well 优待 deal with 处理,对付,论述,研究,与…打交道,做买卖 deal with children 和孩子们谈他们的事 deal with complaints 处理不满的意见 deal with customers 跟顾客打交道 deal with problem 处理问题 dear in love with sb. 爱…爱得要命 dear money 付高利息贷借来的钱,高利贷款 Dear mr Green 格林先生阁下 dear on 热爱,擅长,对准,对…射击 dear shop 高档商品商店 dear to 对…是宝贵的 dear to all 大家都感到亲切 dear to sb's heart 是…所钟爱的 death beat down 死亡战胜… death bell 丧钟 death blow 致命的打击 death by 死于 death by fire 被火烧死 death by hanging 绞死 death chair 处决死囚的电椅 death control 靠现代医学使寿命延长的作法 death in the family 家中有人亡故 death occur 有丧事 death of one's hopes 希望的破灭 death roll 死亡名册 death 's door 死亡的边缘 debate about disarmament 就裁军进行辩论 debate about sth. 争论某事 debate about the problem 关于这个问题的讨论 debate as to debate 场关于…的争论 debate heatedly 激烈地辩论 debate hotly 激烈地辩论 debate on a question 辩论某问题 debate on democracy 有关民主的讨论 debate the problem 辩论这个问题 debate with 跟…辩论 debate with oneself 心中盘算 debate with sb 与某人辩论 debate with sb. 与某人的辩论 debt collector 收债人 debt of gratitude 人情债 debt of honour 信用欠款 decay of one's mind 脑力衰退 deceive deliberately 有意地欺骗 deceive into 诱骗 deceive oneself 欺骗自己 deceive purposely 有目的地欺骗 deceive sb. with hair words 用花言巧语骗某人 decide about 对…作出决定 decide about the matter 就此事作出决定 decide according to changing situation 随机应变 decide against buying a car 决定不买车 decide against leaving 决定不离开 decide against the plaintiff 判决不利于原告 decide against the plan 决不采纳这项计划 decide agamst 做不利于…的决定 decide between the two 两者取一 decide definitely 明确决定 decide doubt 解决疑问 decide finally 最后决定 decide for 判定…正确,由…决定 decide for oneself 由自己来决定 decide for the plaintiff 判决有利于原告 decide in favour of the defendant 做出了有利于被告的判决 decide matter 调查某事 decide on a new computer 选定一台新计算机 decide on a plan of action 决定一项行动计划 decide on going abroad 决定到国外去 decide on leaving 决定离开 decide on/upon 决定,决心,决断,选定 decide question 解决问题 decide the truth 调查真相 decide unanimously 一致决定 decision about 关于…的决定 decision lie with 由…作出决定 decision on 关于…的决定 decision on case 对案子的判决 decision on important national matters 国家大事上的决定 decision rest with 由…作出决定 decisive defeat 决定性的失败 deck in 装饰,点缀 deck oneself out as 装扮成 deck out 装饰,点缀 deck roof 平台式屋顶 deck up 装饰,点缀 deck up the whole store 把商店装饰起来 deck with 装饰,点缀 declare against 声明/宣布反对某事 declare against cheating 表示反对作弊 declare against war 声明反对战争 declare all silk goods 申报所有的丝织品 declare for 声明赞成/拥护 declare for socialism 表示拥护社会主义 declare forward 声明赞成战争 declare independence 宣布独立 declare love to 向…示爱 declare meeting closed 宣布闭会 declare meeting open 宣布会议开始 declare off 取消 declare off 宣布取消 declare off match 宣布取消比赛 declare oneself 表明态度,发表意见 declare publicly 公开表示 declare silk goods 申报纺织品类 declare solemnly 庄严宣布 declare tobacco 申报烟类 declare unanimously 一致声明 declare war 宣战 declare war against a country 向某国宣战 declare war on a country 向某国宣战 declare war on another country 向另一国宣战 declare war on poverty 向贫困宣战 declare war on/upon 向…宣战 declare wines 申报酒类 decorate after the traditional style 按照传统风格装饰 decorate beautifully 打扮得漂漂亮亮 decorate elaborately 装饰考究 decorate for 因…而颁奖 decorate gaily 装饰华丽 decorate in the traditional style 按照传统风格装饰 decorate room 装饰房间 decorate street 装饰街道 decorate the hall 装饰大厅 decorate with flags 以旗子装饰 decrease by 3 times 减少三倍 decrease by 5 tons 减少五吨 decrease by ten per cent 减少百分之十 decrease in importance 重要性有所下降 decrease in number 数目减少 decrease in population 人口的减少 decrease in production 生产下降 decrease in sales 销售量减少 decrease in temperature 温度的降低 decrease in在 …方面的减少 decrease to 减少到 decrease to three hundred 减少到300 deduce conclusion 推出结论 deduce from 从…中推断出 deed agree with 行为与…一致 deed of courage 勇敢的行为 deep blue 蔚蓝 deep breath 深吸一口气 deep color 深色 deep forest 莽莽森林 deep in 专心于,全神贯注于,深陷…中 deep in study 专心于研究 deep in thought 陷入沉思 deep learning 深奥的学问 deep red 大红 deep sea 深海 deep secret 难了解的秘密 deep sigh 长叹 deep water 深水 defeat at sb's hands 败于某人手下 defeat badly 大败 defeat by 以…战胜 defeat by three goals to one 以三比一的比分战胜 defeat decisively 彻底击败 defeat English team 击败英格兰队 defeat in a match 在比赛中战胜 defeat in battle 战斗失败 defeat in game 比赛失败 defeat one's opponents 击败对手 defect from 从…逃跑 defect from the army 从部队开小差 defect in 在…方面的缺陷 defect in character 性格上的缺陷 defect in eyesight 视力不佳 defect in system of education 教育制度上的缺点 defect in the transmission 无线电播送上有毛病 defect of handwriting 书写的毛病 defect to 向…逃跑 defect to the enemy 叛变投敌 defend against/from 保卫…不受侵犯,堡…不受侵犯 defend angrily 愤怒地辩护 defend boy from 堡孩子免受… defend interests of 捍卫…的利益 defend one's drinking on the job 为在工作时饮酒辩护 defend oneself 自卫,为自己辩护 defend oneself against the attack 在遭受攻击时进行自卫 defend oneself against the enemy 防御敌人 defend successfully 成功地保卫 defense against 为对付…而设的防御 defense against an attack 防御进攻 defense against the cold 防寒 define as 说成是,定义为,解释为 define clearly 明确定义 define precisely 确切地下定义 definite about 对…很有把握 definite answer 明确的答复 definite in answer 答复得明确 definite in statement 说得明确 definite standards 确切的标准 definition of …的定义 degree of courage 胆量 delay a decision 延迟决定 delay in 在…方面的延迟 delay in replying to sb's letter 迟复某人的信 delay of three hours 耽误三小时 delete from 从…删去 delete sth. from a dossier 从档案中删去一些东西 deliberate delay 故意推迟 delicious lunch 精美的午餐 delicious meat 肉质鲜美 delicious peach 好吃的桃子 delight of life 生活的乐趣 delight to eye 悦目 delight to watch fine acting 观看精彩表演的乐趣 deliver a baby 接生 deliver a speech 作报告 deliver goods 发货 deliver letters 送文件 deliver milk 送牛奶 deliver oneself up to 向…投案自首 deliver oneself of 发表,把…讲出来 deliver oneself of an opinion 发表意见 deliver over 把…交出来 deliver over the key 把钥匙交出来 deliver papers 送报纸 deliver sb. from pains 解除某人的痛苦 deliver sb. of fear 消除某人的恐惧 deliver up 把…交出来 demand attention 需要注意 demand continue 仍有需要 demand for goods 商品需要 demand for home computer 对家庭计算机的需求 demand for new consumer goods 对新的消费品的需求 demand for wheat 对小麦的需求 demand from abroad 国外的需要 demand from the company 向公司要求… demand in market 市场需要 demand of health care 健康堡的要求 demand of the times 时局的需要 demand on purse 要花钱 demand on sb's time 要求花某人的时间 demand on society 对社会的要求 demand price 讨价 department concerned 有关部门 department of physics 物理系 department store 百货商店 depend on a person 信赖某人 depend on efforts 依靠努力 depend on pen for a living 靠写作为生 depend on/upon 依靠 depth of country 穷乡僻壤 depth of forest 丛林深处 depth of heart 内心深处 depth of night 深夜 depth of science 科学的奥秘 depth of thirty feet 三十英尺深的地方 depth of winter 隆冬 describe as 把…说成,把…称为 describe for 向…描述 describe oneself as a doctor 自称是医生 describe sb. as really clever 说某人是真正的聪明 describe sb. as uncle 称某人为大叔 describe the beauty of a scene to 向…描述一处美景 describe the scene to 向…描述那种情景 describe to 向…描述 description of one's position 对某人立场的说明 description of problem 叙述问题 description of the trip 旅行描绘 detailed and truthful data 翔实的资料 develop defect 产生缺点,显出欠缺,使缺点发展 dictionary definition 词典上给的定义 die a dog's death 惨死,可耻地死去,潦倒而死 die a hero's death 英勇牺牲 die a natural death 寿终正寝 die a slow death 慢慢平息 difficult dance 有难度的舞蹈 difficult definition 难理解的定义 dirty deal 肮脏交易 disappointing delay 令人沮丧的延误 discharge one's debt 清偿债务 discover delight of 发现…是乐事 discuss definition 讨论定义 disheartening defeat 令人沮丧的失败 do a dance 跳一个舞 do a deal with 英 跟…达成交易 do a degree 修读学位课程 do damage to 给…造成损伤,损害… do sb. to death 杀死某人 do the deed 作出业绩,产生效果,奏效 doctor degree 博士学位 dog days 七、八月份的酷暑日子 draw up a deed 拟订证书 drink oneseff to death 喝得醉死过去 drop a demand 放弃要求 drop dead 突然死亡 dull day 阴晦的日子 during a debate 讨论中 during the day 白天 eager demand 急切的要求 early date 早期 early death 早逝,夭折,夭亡 earn a degree 获得学位 earned degree 获得的学位 easy definition 容易理解的定义 eight-hour-working day 八小时工作日 eldest daughter 大女儿 end one's day 结束一天的活动 English Department 英语系 envy sb's deed 羡慕/忌妒某人的功绩 erect a dam 筑水坝 escape danger 脱离危险,逃脱危险 escape death 幸免于死 evaluate data 评估资料 even-numbered day 双号的日子 every day 每天,天天 every other day 每隔一天 every second day 每隔一天 exact data 确切的资料/数据 exact definition 确切的定义 excessive demand 过分的需求、要求 exhaustive definition 详尽的定义 exhibit defect 表现出缺点,显示出不足/毛病 expensive defeat 付出高昂代价的失败 external debt 外债 extinguish one's debt 清偿债务 extremely dangerous 极危险的 eye defect 眼睛有毛病 face danger 面临危险 face death 面对死亡 factual data 真实资料 fair daylight 白天,白昼 fair deal 公平交易 fair decision 公正的决定 fall into debt 负债 fall into decay 衰败,衰落 fast day 斋日 fatal defect 致命的缺点/毛病 fear death 怕死 feed in data 输入资料 feel dead 嘴、手等无感觉,麻木 field day 学校等的户外运动,有开心活动的日子 fight danger 和危险作斗争 fight to the death 战斗到底,战死 fill the demand 满足要求 fimthand description 第一手的描述 final dash 最后的冲刺 final decision 最后决定 finance department 财政局 find delight in 以…为乐 fine day 晴天,晴朗的一天 fire danger 火灾危险 fire department 消防署 firm decision 不可动摇的决定 first days 初期 first degree 第一个学位 first-hand data 第 fix a date 定约会 fix the date 确定日期 fix up a deal 达成交易 fixed date 固定的日期 flight deck 航空母舰的飞行甲板 flood damage 水灾损失 flood danger 水灾危险 fog day 多雾天 following day 翌日 for a dare 应战 for a day 持续一天 formulaic definition 刻板的释义 formulate definition 下定义,系统地阐述定义 foster daughter 养女 found a department 建立一个系/科/处/车间 fragmentary data 片断资料 frame definition 下定义 frantic dash 疯狂的冲刺 free day 休息日 free from debt 不欠债 French Department 法语系 from dawn till dark 从早到晚 from day to 一日复一日 from that date 从那时起 full definition 全面的定义 full description 充分的描述 furnish data 提供资料 furniture department 家具部 further delay 进一步延迟 future danger 未来的危险 future date 将来的日期 gambling debt 赌搏债,投机债 gather data 收集资料 general demand 一般的要求,普遍要求 German Department 德语系 get a day off 休假一天 get a degree 获得学位 get into debt 负债,借债 get one's deserts 得到应有的赏罚 get out of debt 还债 gifted daughter 天资聪颖的女儿 give a dance 举行舞会 give a decision 作出决定 give a defense 作辩护 give a description 给予描述 give definition 下定义 give delight 协使…高兴 give in a demand 无法拒绝要求 give one's daughter in a marriage 把女儿嫁走 give sb. a date 和某人约会 glaring defect 突出的缺点/毛病,大毛病 go into decay 进入衰败状态 go on deck 到甲板上去 go to a dance 参加舞会 golden dawn 金色的曙光 golden days 黄金时代 gone days 逝去的日子 good deed 好行为,好的行动 good definition 很好的定义 government declare 政府宣布… government department 政府的一个部,部门 gradual decrease 逐渐下降 graduate degree 研究生学位 grave defect 严重的缺欠,大毛病,严重缺点 great damage 很大损害 great danger 很大的危险 great dash 干劲十足 great day 重要的日子 great deed 伟大的行动 great degree 高水平 great delay 大大推迟 great delight 极大的快乐 great demand 极大的要求 great depth 很深处 grey day 灰蒙蒙的日子 grow dark 变黑 growing demand 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 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