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"Come in, please." "我可以进来吗?" "请进。" "More haste, less speed" is a paradox. "欲速则不达"是似非而是的隽语。 "Haste makes waste" is a proverb. "欲速则不达"是一句谚语。 Amy's pitiless step-mother refused to look after her when she was seriously ill. 艾咪那个铁石心肠的继母在她生重病时不肯照料她。 Einstein once said, "Politics is much more difficult than physics." 爱因斯坦曾说,"政治比物理更难。" Pipe down! I'm listening to the church bell. 安静!我在听教堂的钟声。 Press this button to start the engine. 按此钮发动引擎。 The report was sent to the general manager as per your instructions. 按照您的指示,报告送给总经理了。 According to the provisions of this agreement, you must continue to work for them another two years. 按照协议的规定,你必须再为他们工作二年。 Australia is the province of the kangaroo. 澳大利亚是袋鼠的生长地。 Tourism is at its peak in August. 八月是旅游高峰。 Beat the egg whites until they peak. 把蛋白打到他们耸起。 Give your shoes a polish. 把你的鞋子擦一擦。 Give your bags to the porter. 把你的行李交给脚夫。 Pay me the money you owe me. 把你欠的钱还我。 Would you pass it on to the next person? 把它传给下一个人好吗? Put the chair back in position. 把椅子放回原处。 Paste down the map on the board. 把这张地图用浆糊贴在布告板上。 The presentation of prizes will begin at three o'clock. 颁奖仪式将在三点开始。 Smoking is prohibited in the office building. 办公楼内禁止抽烟。 Everything in the office was out of position. 办公室的所有东西都被动过了。 Good poise is important for a dancer. 保持良好的平衡对舞蹈演员非常重要。 No hunting is allowed in the preserve. 堡区内禁止打猎。 Conservatives might predominate in the government. 保守派人士有可能在政府中占优势。 The newspapers puffed up that new athlete into a superstar. 报界把那个新运动员吹捧成为超级明星。 The newspapers played up the mayor's plan to plant trees downtown. 报界大肆宣扬市长在市区植树的计划。 The newspaper article panned the politician. 报上那篇文章严厉地批评了那个政客。 A newspaper is a publication. 报纸是一种出版物。 There is no point in complaining. They can't do anything to help you. 抱怨于事无补;他们没办法帮助你。 The storm persisted for a week. 暴风雨持续了一个星期。 The thug gave him a punch in the chest. 暴徒对着他的胸部打了一拳。 Pessimists tell us that the family as we know it is doomed. 悲观主义者告诉我们说,我们现在的这种家庭注定要崩溃。 The defendant protested that he had never been near the scene of the crime. 被告坚决声辩他从来没有在犯罪现场附近。 The interest on a principal of $10,000 or above is 0.2 percent higher. 本金一万元以上的利息高百分之零点二。 The match was not yet played out. 比赛还没有结束。 In the game we got ten points while the Medical School got only three. 比赛中我们得了十分,而医学院只得了三分。 Steps must be taken to reduce the problem to manageable proportions. 必须采取措施将问题缩小到可控制的范围。 They can put up at least 6 people for the night at a pinch. 必要时他们至少可以留宿六个人。 The editor says they cannot publish all the letters they received. 编辑说他们不可能刊登他们收到的所有的信函。 Don't try to pull up the plant! 别拔那棵植物! Don't park the car on this street. 别把汽车停放在这条街上。 Don't preach to me. 别对我说教。 Stop piling it on. I know the work: it's not so difficult as you said. 别夸张了!我知道这工作没你所说的那么艰难。 Don't pull the poor boy about! 别虐待这可怜的男孩。 Don't try to poke into other people's business. 别探听别人的事情。 Don't try to pull anything. 别想耍什么花招。 Stop playing me along. Tell me what happened. 别再卖关子了。告诉我发生了什么事。 Stop prying about the house. 别在屋子里到处窥探了。 The patient is holding her own. 病人还能够支持。 Don't cross the picket line! 不得越过警戒线! It would be presuming to camp in a person's yard without permission. 不获允许就在别人的院子里露营是一种放肆的行为。 Presently I got the whole story. 不久我便了解了整个事件。 No pains, no gains. 不劳则无获。 British Columbia is a province of Canada. 不列颠哥伦比亚是加拿大的一个省。 No prior knowledge should be required. 不需要预先学得什么知识。 Do not read the parenthesis. 不要把插入语读出来。 Don't pass up this chance to win a million dollars. 不要放过这赢取一百万元的机会。 Don't poke into my private affairs. 不要干涉我的私事。 Do not prescribe to me what I'm going to do. 不要规定我做什么事。 Don't be too previous about refusing. 不要急于拒绝。 Don't let them pump you. 不要让他们向你探问情况。 Don't believe what he says. He's trying to dig a pit for you. 不要相信他的话。他在算计你。 Don't bother me with such petty things. 不要用这种小事情烦我。 Posters were pasted up on the bulletin board. 布告栏上贴了一些海报。 The troops poised for a final battle. 部队为决战作好准备。 The referee gave a penalty. 裁判处以罚球。 Visitors packed the gallery. 参观者挤满了画廊。 The old trees were profiled against the pale sky. 苍天映衬出老树的轮廓。 The surveyor pegged out the plot of land. 测量员们用木桩标出了那块地。 The cup fell and was broken into pieces. 茶杯掉下去,砸成碎片。 The output should be proportional to the input. 产出应和产入成比例。 A gossip has a petty mind. 长舌妇往往心胸狭窄。 Supermarkets sell many vegetables that have been processed. 超级市场出售许多已经加工过的蔬菜。 Motorists should be severely punished for speeding. 超速驾车的人应受严厉惩罚。 Oil on your car tires will perish them. 车胎上的油会毁损车胎。 The carriage overturned and the passengers were pitched out. 车子翻了,乘客们被摔了出来。 Particles of dirt settled on the tablecloth. 尘埃落在台布上。 Thousands of men were employed in the production of cars. 成千上万的人被雇用来生产汽车。 Thousands of people packed into the stadium. 成千上万的人挤近体育馆。 Crowds of pacifists protested against the war. 成群的和平主义者抗议这场战争。 It was painful to admit that I was wrong. 承认我自己错了是件很痛苦的事。 Honesty is the best policy. 诚实是上策。 The passengers gathered their belongings preparatory to getting off. 乘客们收拾自己的东西为下车做准备。 Eat, drink, and be merry -- that's his philosophy. 吃喝玩乐,那就是他的人生哲学。 The persistence of the heavy rain hampered the flow of traffic. 持续的大雨阻碍了交通运行。 The dissidents went abroad to escape political persecution. 持异议者去了海外以逃避政治迫害。 Smoking is a pernicious habit. 抽烟是一种有害的习惯。 The publishers praised his novel pretty highly. 出版商们对他的小说评价甚高。 A person who travels abroad must carry a passport. 出国旅行要携带护照。 After the scandal, he had to send in his papers. 出了丑闻后,他不得不辞职。 Are there alternatives to prison? 除了监禁还有其他办法吗? You may be driven from pillar to post while dealing with such problems. 处理这种问题时,你可能会到处碰壁。 The journey through the jungle was perilous. 穿过丛林的旅行充满了危险。 The ships' running lights pinpointed the dark. 船上的探照灯刺破黑暗。 The boat pulled toward the islet. 船向小岛划去。 The bed used to be in this position. 床原来是放在这儿的。 This product contains no artificial preservatives. 此产品不含任何人造防腐剂。 It was prettily engraved with flowers on the back. 此件雕刻精美,背面有花饰图案。 At the moment, he preferred not to think about the future. 此时此刻,他宁愿不去想未来的事情。 This medicine is poisonous if taken in large quantities. 此药大量服用是有害的。 A plot to assassinate the President was uncovered by government agents. 刺杀总统的阴谋被政府特工人员发觉了。 A faint perfume of jasmine came through the window. 从窗户外飘进一阵淡淡的茉莉花香。 Since then prices have plunged. 从那时起,价格猛跌。 The prospect from the balcony was breathtaking. 从阳台上看去景色美极了。 Promote a bill in Parliament. 促使议案在议会获得通过。 The villagers took pity on the hungry travellers and gave them hot food. 村民们很同情饥饿的旅行者,端出热的食物给他们吃。 Give me your promise that you'll never be late again. 答应我你绝不再迟到了。 Playing basketball is one form of physical exercise. 打篮球是体育活动的一种形式。 Most athletes are above par in physical conditions. 大多数运动员的体质在一般水平以上。 After everyone was seated the chairman proceeded to announce his plan. 大家就坐后,主席开始宣布他的计划。 Marble pillars supported the roof. 大理石柱子支撑着屋顶。 The road pinched down to a trail. 大路渐渐变窄,成了羊肠小道。 Rice pudding is nourishing. 大米布丁富于营养。 On a hot day a dip in the pool is sheer paradise. 大热天在游泳池里泡一泡真是太美了。 A grand reception is in progress. 大型招待会正在进行。 The rain poured steadily down. 大雨不停地倾盆而下。 After the heavy rain there were pools on the road. 大雨过后路上有一些小水坑。 Wearing dark glasses can protect your eyes from the sun. 戴墨镜可以堡眼睛不受阳光刺激。 The last item on the list was added in pencil. 单子上的最后一项是用铅笔加上去的。 When she tried to touch the eggs, the bird gave her a peck. 当她试图碰碰蛋的时候,那只鸟啄了她一下。 Of course I can't prevent your going. 当然,我不能阻止你去。 The bird was petrified as the snake came near. 当蛇爬近时,鸟儿惊呆了。 I was too preoccupied to hear the bell. 当时我出神地想着心事,没有听见门铃响。 I had to pipe up when they were pushing that crazy idea. 当他们在鼓吹那疯狂的想法时,我不得不大发议论。 When we arrived home, mother had already prepared dinner for us. 当我们到家时,母亲已为我们准备好了晚餐。 My ears pricked up when I heard them mention her name. 当我听见他们提到她的名字时,我的耳朵竖了起来。 See that direct heat does not play on it. 当心别让它直接受热。 When four banks failed in one day, there was a panic among businessmen. 当一天之内有四家银行倒闭的时候,企业人士一片恐慌。 The windshield wipers are out of phase now. 挡水玻璃刮水器现在动作不协调。 The knife penetrated his chest. 刀子穿过他的胸腔。 How many people were present at the meeting? 到会的有多少人? Up to now, everything is all right. More power to your elbow! 到目前为止,一切都很好。加油做吧! Is rice the most productive food-bearing plant? 稻子是不是产粮最多的植物? What is the passport to happiness? 得到幸福的手段是什么? The gains and losses are about on a par. 得失几乎相当。 Dickens portrayed his characters to the life. 狄更斯把他笔下的人物描绘得栩栩如生。 The drowning child was saved by Dick's prompt action. 狄克的及时行动救了那个溺水的孩子。 The district attorney processed against the defaulting debtor. 地方检查官起诉不履行债务的债务人。 The phone is ringing. 电话在响。 The transmitter was pulsed by an electron tube. 电子管使发射器产生脉冲波。 Sculpture is a plastic art. 雕塑是一种造形艺术。 A power failure plunged the house into darkness. 断电使房子陷入一片黑暗之中。 I'd like another cup of coffee, if you please. 对不起,请再来杯咖啡。 There was a dispute over the ownership of the land. 对那块土地的所有权有争执。 To some men wealth is the greatest prize in life. 对一些人来说,财富是人生最有价值的东西。 There is controversy about a proposal to build a nuclear power station. 对于建议中的建设核电站一事存有争议。 You have the wrong perspective on that situation. 对于那个情势的未来发展,你的看法是不正确的。 I'm not going to prophesy about this. 对于这一点我将不作预言。 The answer to the question is full of paradox. 对这个问题的回答矛盾百出。 What a pretty house it is! 多漂亮的一栋房子! How many people participated in the opening ceremony? 多少人参加了开业典礼? Has the goose been plucked? 鹅的毛拔掉了没有? The mind of a child is plastic. 儿童的思想是很容易受外界影响的。 20 is the product of 5 and 4. 二十是五与四的乘积。 The fever parched him. 发烧使他乾渴。 The bill finally passed. 法案最终通过了。 The judge pronounced a sentence of death on the murderer. 法官宣判凶手死刑。 Frank is always making personal remarks about his cousin. 法兰克老是对他表兄弟进行人身攻击。 The law provides that these ancient buildings must be preserved. 法律规定,这些古老的建筑应该保存。 Whatever prospers my business is welcome. 凡使我生意兴隆者皆竭诚欢迎。 The rebels plotted against the government. 反叛者策画推翻政府。 The criminals were plotting to rob the bank. 犯罪分子正密谋抢劫银行。 The smell of her perfume permeated the room. 房间里弥漫着她的香水味。 Everything in the room was out of place. 房间内所有东西都移了位。 The room was neat as a new pin. 房间十分整洁。 The room was papered in green. 房间用绿色墙纸裱糊。 It was pure luck that he was home when we called. 非常幸运,我们打电话时他在家里。 The organ is playing. 风琴在奏鸣。 Wind was piping in the woods. 风在林中呼啸。 The wind was puffing away the clouds. 风正在吹散云朵。 Fred is a priceless fool. 弗兰特是个大傻瓜。 Parents should not show preference for any one of their children. 父母不应流露出对任何一个孩子的偏心。 Father denied me permission to use his car. 父亲不许我用他的汽车。 We felt the pinch after Father lost his job. 父亲失业之后,我们感到手头拮据了。 Dad said he was propositioned by a call girl at the ritzy hotel. 父亲说他在豪华饭店时曾有应召女郎找上他。 Women were excluded from the poll. 妇女被排斥,不让参加选举。 Women's lib has not really penetrated here. 妇女解放运动在这里并未真正深入人心。 It's time to pipe the sailors down. 该吹哨通知水手们下班了。 The company had made projections of sales of 3000 aircraft. 该公司已预测销售三千架飞机。 The firm moved to its new premises in 1971. 该公司于一九七一年迁至新址。 The country paid a heavy price for her independence. 该国为独立付出了沉重的代价。 That country is politically stable. 该国政治上稳定。 We'll have to spend money when necessary. Don't try to pinch pennies all the time. 该花钱时我们还是得花。别总是精打细算。 The play is notable for the pathos of its final scene. 该剧以最后一场的哀婉动人而着称。 The farm is a highly profitable business. 该农场是一个赢利颇丰的企业。 The book has a preface written by the author. 该书有作者写的序言。 The magazine has ceased publication. 该杂志已经停止出版。 The town was practically deserted. 该镇几乎已空无一人。 The town is heavily populated by immigrants. 该镇居住着很多外来移民。 The organization was penetrated and the survivors fled. 该组织遭到渗透,幸存者已逃逸了。 Improving the local park is the mayor's pet project. 改善当地公园是市长最得意的工程。 Pens and pencils poked out over the top of his coat pocket. 钢笔和铅笔从他上衣口袋上面戳了出来。 The pianist played a piece by Chopin. 钢琴家演奏了一曲萧邦的作品。 Golf has gained popularity among the wealthy in my country. 高尔夫球已在我国富有的人中流行起来。 A current of high potential is used in transmitting electric power over long distances. 高压电流被用来远距离输送电力。 Take your place for the next dance. 各就各位,准备跳下一只舞。 According to our present ideas of physics, nothing can travel faster than light. 根据我们现在物理学的概念,没有什么东西能超过光速。 The factory chimneys puffed dense smoke. 工厂的烟囱吐出浓烟。 The agreement has been kept on the part of the factory. 工厂方面遵守了协议。 Safety has high priority in factories. 工厂里安全至关重要。 The building of the factory was in progress. 工厂正在建造中。 The work of an engineer requires intelligence plus experience. 工程师的工作需要才智,还要经验。 Engineers will test the performance of the tires. 工程师们将测试这些轮胎的性能。 Engineers are trying to pinpoint the cause of the trouble. 工程师们在设法找出故障的原因。 The project is proceeding as planned. 工程正在按计划进行。 Industrial wastes have poisoned the river. 工业废弃物污染了这条河。 You should pick up the tools after work. 工作结束后应该把工具收拾好。 She jumped off the platform while the bus was still moving. 公车还没有停下,她就从门口跳了下去。 The bus stopped and the waiting crowd piled on. 公车停下来,等待的人群就一拥而上。 All personnel of the company are eligible for the retirement plan. 公司所有员工都有资格参加这项退休计划。 The company has launched a campaign of publicity for a new car. 公司为它的新型汽车大作宣传。 The company has paid off some redundant employees. 公司在发放工资后解雇了一些多余的雇员。 The public was provoked to anger. 公众被激怒了。 The cereal is packaged in plain boxes. 谷类食品用简单的盒子包装。 The tourist carried a pack on his back. 观光旅行者背了个包。 Light and heat proceed form the sun. 光和热来自太阳。 Light is a positive thing; darkness is only the absence of light. 光是确实存在的东西;黑暗只是没有光。 Bare feet pattered along the hard floor. 光着的脚板在硬地板上啪嗒啪嗒地走。 The wide spread publication of traffic laws helps prevent accidents. 广泛公布交通法规有助于防止事故的发生。 Congress had done no more than set out some pious hopes. 国会除了提出一些不可能实现的希望之外别无所为。 The king granted them passage through his realm. 国王准许他们通过他的领土。 The former fishing village has now become an important port. 过去的渔村现已成为重要港口。 She used to turn to her aunt for help when she found herself in a fine pass. 过去她身陷困境时,总是请姨妈帮忙。 In the past he had to read by candlelight. 过去他只得在烛光下攻读。 Harry is a painstaking student. 哈里是个肯下苦功的学生。 The children were programmed to make the right responses. 孩子们被弄得反应像机器一样。 The children were in a high pitch of excitement. 孩子们高度兴奋。 Children like to play. 孩子们喜欢玩。 The children love to play at hide-and-seek here. 孩子们喜欢在此捉迷藏。 The children were playing about in the backyard. 孩子们在后院玩耍。 The children were playing doctors and nurses. 孩子们在玩医生与护士的游戏。 The boys walked past our house. 孩子们走过我们的房子。 There is no property in the seashore. 海岸非任何人私有。 The air by the sea is pure and healthy. 海边的空气清新又有益健康。 Travel abroad is no picnic. 海外旅行可不是一件轻松的事情。 Mr. Hunter made a pile of money in the stock market. 汉特先生在股票市场赚了一大笔钱。 Several bankers promoted the new company. 好几个银行家联手创立了这个新公司。 It will pay to be kind to others. 好心会有好报。 The cost has been prodigious. 耗资巨大。 It is a pleasure to work with you. 和你一起工作真是件乐事。 Many music-lovers make pilgrimages to Mozart's birthplace. 很多爱好音乐的人去访问莫扎特的出生地。 It's easy to pick him out in a crowd because he is very tall. 很容易从人群中辨认出他,因为他个子很高。 Few people pronounced for his nomination. 很少有人赞成他的提名。 Henry Ford was a pioneer in the auto industry. 亨利·福特是汽车工业的先驱。 Foxes prey on rabbits. 狐狸猎食兔子。 The nurse plotted a chart of the patient's temperature. 护士绘制了一份病人体温图。 The nurse washed and plastered the wound. 护士清洗了伤口并在上面贴了膏药。 Flowers perish in frost. 花毁于霜冻。 The gardener is pinching off the young shoots. 花匠正在掐掉嫩枝。 Morning dew pearled the garden. 花园里晨露晶莹。 The Washington Monument was built to perpetuate the memory of a great man. 华盛顿纪念碑的建立是为了永远纪念一个伟人。 The painter pictured the general sitting on a horse. 画家给骑着马的将军画像。 Has your pain passed off yet? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司