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Yellow is the prevailing color in her room. 黄色是她房间的主色。 He polished his spectacles with a handkerchief before answering. 回答之前,他用手帕擦拭了一下眼镜。 Preliminary arrangements have been made for the talks. 会谈的准备工作已经就绪。 The proceedings were published in the newspaper. 会议记录已在报上公布。 The meeting passed off successfully. 会议开得很成功。 The meeting finally came to a period. 会议终于结束了。 The train puffed into the station. 火车喷着烟驶进了站。 The goods were shipped per steamer. 货物由船舶运送。 There is no time like the present. 机不可失,时不再来。 Jim and Sue were partnered for the dance. 吉姆与苏结成了舞伴。 We should practice economy even if we are rich. 即使我们富裕了也仍应该励行节约。 Even after the country was defeated, partisans fought the invaders in the hills. 即使在国家被击败之后,游击队仍在山里与入侵者抗战。 Illness paled his cheeks. 疾病使他双颊苍白。 Jealousy poisoned their friendship. 嫉妒破坏了他们的友谊。 A few big raindrops fell pattering upon the leaves. 几滴大雨点嗒嗒地打在树叶上。 Few blacks went to the polls. 几乎没有黑人去投票选举。 Tom proposed to Mary the other day. 几天前汤姆向玛丽求婚了。 Some cattle were drinking at the pond. 几头牛正在池塘边饮水。 There were plenty of eggs in the house. 家里有许多鸡蛋。 Prices started a downward plunge. 价格开始猛跌。 I shall go providing that it doesn't rain. 假如不下雨我就去。 Provided that there is no opposition, we shall hold the meeting here. 假如无人反对,我们就在这里开会。 Proposal is easier than performance. 建议容易实行难。 The construction workers wore metal helmets for protection. 建筑工人为了防护而带金属头盔。 The path of an arrow is a curve. 箭的轨道是一条曲线。 The general inspected the parade. 将军检阅了阅兵式。 The general tried to play down the military defeat. 将军设法减低战败的严重性。 Mix the butter and flour into a paste. 将奶油和面粉合成面团。 Translate the following paragraphs into Chinese. 将下列各段译成中文。 Take this ring as a pledge of friendship. 将这只戒指拿去作为友谊的信物吧。 The coach spent the whole morning putting the newcomer through his paces. 教练花了整个上午测试新队员的能力。 The teacher paced his teaching to his students' abilities. 教师根据学生的能力调整教学进度。 The teaching profession claim that they are badly paid. 教师同业们声称待遇太差。 All the church plate has been locked up. 教堂用的金银器皿都锁起来了。 A majority of those polled were worried about inflation. 接受民意测验中的大多数人担心通货膨胀。 Patrols were set up on the streets. 街上组建了巡逻队。 The fighting in the streets may be a prelude to more serious trouble. 街头殴斗可能是一个更严重事端的前奏。 Jack pecked her on the cheek. 杰克匆匆吻了一下她的脸颊。 Icy roads are a peril to motorists. 结冰的道路对驾驶人十分危险。 She pulled the plug to let out the water. 她拔起塞子放水。 She photographed the ancient tower. 她把古塔拍了下来。 She placed the money in his palm. 她把钱放在他的手心里。 She portioned out the food. 她把食物分好。 She pressed the frightened child to her heart. 她把受了惊吓的孩子搂在怀里。 She played the music to perfection. 她把这支乐曲演奏得完美无缺。 She was voted "most promising young actress, 1993". 她被选为"一九九三年度最佳年轻女演员"。 She wasn't really crying; she was only pretending. 她并非真的在哭;她只是假装而已。 She gave the fire a poke. 她拨了拨火。 Dancing is not her strong point. 她不擅长跳舞。 She is pecking away at the keys of a typewriter. 她不停地敲打着打字机的键。 She did not believe in his professions of love. 她不相信他的爱情表白是真的。 She peeled off the wrapper of the box. 她扯掉了盒子外的包装纸。 She plucked at the loose threads of her coat. 她扯去上衣上松了的线。 She owned to having known about it. 她承认早已知道此事。 She owned that she had neglected her duty. 她承认自己玩忽职守。 She took some headache powder. 她吃了点止头痛药粉。 She is parading the hall in her new dress. 她穿着新衣服招摇地在大厅里走。 She puffed out the candle and went to bed. 她吹灭了蜡烛,然后上了床。 She puffed out the kerosene lamp. 她吹灭了煤油灯。 She peered at me over the top of her glasses. 她从眼镜上方盯着我看。 Where has she popped off to? 她匆匆忙忙到那里去了? She intends to make teaching her profession. 她打算以教书为业。 She had a wig on, but we soon penetrated her disguise. 她戴了一顶假发,但是我们很快就识穿了她的伪装。 She had looked for the cat all over the place but still couldn't find it. 她到处寻找那只猫,可是还是没找着。 She went to a beauty salon for a permanent. 她到美容院去烫了发。 She found a place as a cashier. 她得到一个出纳员的职位。 She proudly displayed her collection of ornaments. 她得意洋洋地摆列出她的饰品集。 She is always meticulously accurate in punctuation and spelling. 她的标点和拼写总是非常精确。 She has proved herself unreliable. 她的表现说明她靠不住。 She got a grade of B plus. 她的成绩是B+。 Her work is a peg above him. 她的工作实绩胜他一筹。 Her work is piling up. 她的工作越积越多。 All her people are in Australia. 她的家人都在澳大利亚。 Her blue eyes were a paternal inheritance. 她的蓝眼睛是她父亲遗传给她的。 Her face was pinched by hunger. 她的脸因饥饿而消瘦了。 Her beauty seemed pale beside Mary's. 她的美貌与玛丽的相比似乎显得黯然失色。 Her sister is still pretty sick. 她的妹妹仍病得很重。 Her possessions could fit in one suitcase. 她的全部财物可以装在一个手提箱内。 Her voice dropped to a lower pitch. 她的声调低了下来。 She's got a pretty voice. 她的声音很悦耳。 Her arm pillowed the baby's head. 她的手臂枕着婴儿的头。 She got her finger pricked by a thorn. 她的手指被刺扎了一下。 Her book portrays her stepfather as a cruel man. 她的书把继父描绘成残忍的人。 Her eloquent argument was followed by a pregnant silence. 她的滔滔雄辩之后,紧接着的是意味深长的沉默。 Her sympathy became pungent. 她的同情心变得强烈起来。 She is most pleasing in manner and appearance. 她的外貌和举止都非常讨人喜欢。 Her conduct hardly pertains to a lady. 她的行为与女士身分不太相符。 Her acting is really perfect. 她的演技真到了炉火纯青的境界。 Her younger brother is a professional tennis player. 她弟弟是个职业网球运动员。 She gave him a point-blank refusal. 她断然拒绝了他。 She is very particular about what she wears. 她对穿着十分讲究。 She did not care a pin about it. 她对此毫不在乎。 She was horrified by all the pollution on the beach. 她对海滩上的污染感到震惊。 She rejoiced at the prospect of the Paris trip. 她对即将能去巴黎旅行一事高兴万分。 She has well prepared for the test. 她对考试已有充分的准备。 What she told you was a pack of lies. 她对你说的话是一派谎言。 She took great pride in the success of her three children. 她对自己三个孩子的成就感到万分自豪。 She paced the floor, waiting for the phone to ring. 她踱来踱去,等着电话铃响。 The death of her son gave her infinite pain. 她儿子的去世使她悲痛欲绝。 Her son is studying in a preparatory school. 她儿子正在一所大学预备学校学习。 She was a bit too premature in giving up this job. 她放弃这份工作似嫌太草率。 She had perfect poise and never seemed embarrassed. 她非常沉着,从不显得窘迫。 Her parents' divorce had a profound effect on her life. 她父母的离异对她的生活有很深的影响。 She made a pot of tea for her guests. 她给客人沏了一壶茶。 She pointed the pencil for her sister. 她给妹妹削铅笔。 She purposely sat in the outside seat. 她故意坐在外面座位上。 She was on her knees, poking the fire. 她跪在地上拨火。 She is particular about what she eats. 她过分讲究吃。 She never asked for pity before. 她过去从未乞求怜悯。 She drank a bottle of orange pop. 她喝了一瓶橘子汽水。 She and her friends have parallel likes and dislikes. 她和她的朋友喜恶相同。 She is the very portrait of her mother. 她和她母亲长得一模一样。 She is, in all probability, from Australia. 她很可能是澳大利亚人。 She quickly pulled round. 她很快地恢复了。 She seldom, if ever, paints or powders. 她很少涂脂抹粉。 She took pleasure in doing such things. 她很喜欢做这种事。 She was pregnant with her first child. 她怀着她的第一个孩子。 She will do that with pleasure. 她会很高兴地去做。 She will use this as a peg to hang her grievance on. 她会利用这个作为发泄怨愤的藉口。 She can make jams and pickles. 她会制果酱和泡菜。 She painted landscapes as well as portraits. 她既画风景,也画肖像。 In a piping but determined voice she ordered me to sit down. 她尖声地但却坚定地命令我坐下。 She protested that she had never done it. 她坚决声明她不曾做过那件事。 She was a simple, practical, hardworking woman. 她简朴,实际,勤奋。 She's just plain silly. 她简直傻透了。 She portioned out the cake, so everyone had a piece. 她将蛋糕切成多块,每人可得一份。 She plumped the cushions. 她将垫子拍拍松。 She picked the meat from the bones. 她将骨头上的肉剔去。 She paid the money to me. 她将钱付给了我。 She left her watch as a pledge with the taxi-driver. 她将手表留给计程车司机作为抵押。 She threw the banana peel into the trash can. 她将香蕉皮扔进垃圾筒。 She parceled some food for the boys to carry to their picnic. 她将一些食品包好给孩子们带去野餐。 She punched the pillow behind his head. 她将枕头塞到他的脑后。 She left the party on the plea of a headache. 她藉口头疼离开了晚会。 She feels below par today. 她今天感觉不舒服。 She pitched the ball as far as she could. 她尽力把球投得远一些。 She often pours her troubles to friends. 她经常向朋友们倾诉自己的苦恼。 She is proficient at this art. 她精通这种技艺。 She pondered long and deeply over the matter. 她就这个问题深思良久。 She cannot by any possibility do such a thing. 她决不会做这种事。 She gave Philip's hand a little playful squeeze. 她开玩笑地轻轻握了握菲利普的手。 She couldn't pierce his thoughts. 她看不透他的心思。 She makes a living with her pen. 她靠写作为生。 She pulled his sleeve to get his attention. 她拉他的袖子以引起他的注意。 She is always anxious to please. 她老是极力想讨好人。 She kept pecking at me. 她老是找我的岔儿。 She always does something silly; she's a prize fool. 她老是做蠢事,真是天下第一号大傻瓜。 She wore a plastic smile. 她脸上露出做作的微笑。 She plaits her hair. 她留辫子。 She is thinly powdered. 她略施脂粉。 She plugged away at her math. 她埋头攻读数学。 She bought a dress patterned upon a Parisian model. 她买了一件仿照巴黎流行式样而做的衣服。 She bought a small bottle of French perfume. 她买了一小瓶法国香水。 She had to take sleeping pills every night. 她每天夜里都得服安眠药。 She says her prayers every night before she goes to bed. 她每晚就寝前念祷文。 They often go to the pictures. 她们经常去看电影。 What is she poking about for? 她摸来摸去在找什么? Her mother was a pious Christian. 她母亲是一个虔诚的基督教徒。 Her heart was pierced with grief. 她内心悲伤极了。 The poke of her black bonnet hid her face from him. 她那黑色帽子的前沿遮住了她的脸,使他看不见。 Her boyfriend had left her, and she was in great pain. 她男朋友离她而去,使她痛苦万分。 Ideas passed in quick procession through her mind. 她脑海里闪过一连串的念头。 She had access to some very prominent people. 她能接近一些名人。 He is bad-tempered and won't listen to anybody, so you'd better not stand in his path. 她脾气暴躁,不听人劝告,你最好不要去阻碍他。 She is partial to ice-cream. 她偏爱冰淇淋。 She is partial to her youngest boy. 她偏爱她的小儿子。 She has a mind of her own. 她颇有主见。 She petted the cat tenderly. 她轻轻地抚摸着猫。 She pleaded for help. 她请求帮助。 She knows a lot of French words but pronounces them incorrectly. 她认识很多法文字,但发音不准确。 She still lives with her parents. 她仍然与父母亲住在一起。 She powdered the rolling pin with flour. 她洒了点面粉在赶面棒上。 She is good at designing eye-catching packages. 她擅长设计花俏的包装。 Because she is not feeling well, she just pecks at her food. 她身体不适,所以只吃一点点饭。 She protests her sinlessness. 她声明她是清白的。 She lost her power of speech. 她失去了说话的能力。 She had a passion for music. 她十分爱好音乐。 She was trying to make peace with her next-door neighbors. 她试图与隔壁邻居讲和。 She is her parents' pride. 她是父母亲的骄傲。 She's a very private person. 她是个很孤僻的人。 She is a pearl among women. 她是女中豪杰。 She is a woman of keen perception. 她是一个感觉敏锐的女人。 She was a beautiful girl with the grace and poise of a natural model. 她是一个美丽的姑娘,有着模特儿的那种优雅姿势。 She is a proficient in music. 她是音乐行家。 She persuaded me into buying it. 她说服我买下了它。 She didn't seem to be perturbed by the setback. 她似乎并不为这次挫折感到不安。 She stressed that point in particular. 她特别强调了那一点. She's very partial to sweet foods. 她特别喜欢吃甜食。 She made a point of sending a birthday present to her best friend. 她特意为她最好的朋友寄去了生日礼物。 Her particular way of smiling left a good impression on me. 她特有的微笑给我留下了美好的印象。 She sounds like a possible. 她听上去像是个合适的人选。 She usually felt the pinch at the end of a month. 她通常在月底感到手头很紧。 She took a peep at the letter. 她偷看了信。 She felt a sudden pang of regret. 她突然感到一阵怅惘的痛楚。 She phrased her refusal politely. 她婉言谢绝了。 She went to France to perfect her French. 她为了使法语更精进去过法国。 She fell a prey to lovesickness. 她为相思病所折磨。 She fell a prey to melancholy. 她为忧郁所折磨。 She is proud of her accomplishments. 她为自己的成就而自豪。 She prided herself on her cooking. 她为自己善于烹饪而感到得意。 She poured herself another cup of tea. 她为自己又倒了一杯茶。 She has a pain in her stomach. 她胃痛。 She asked about the journey he had planned. 她问起他所筹划的旅行。 She is fond of polite literature. 她喜爱风雅文学。 She loves to peddle gossip. 她喜欢搬弄是非。 She likes to pry into the private life of her friends. 她喜欢打听友人的私生活。 She likes to have everything in place. 她喜欢每件东西都各就各位。 She was pale with fear. 她吓得脸色发白。 She packed her two daughters off to school and then went to market. 她先打发两个女儿上学去,然后去市场。 She is now a popular film star. 她现在是很受欢迎的影星。 She plunged deep into thought. 她陷入沉思。 She pictured to herself the family sitting by the fire. 她想像着一家人围坐在火炉旁的情形。 She passed up the invitation to dinner. 她谢绝出席宴会的邀请。 She needed to be prompted three times. 她要别人提示三次。 She slipped the dish onto the ground and it went to pieces. 她一失手盘子落到了地上,摔得粉碎。 She was profuse in her thanks. 她一再感谢。 She had piped away for a whole hour. 她已吹奏了整整一小时。 She has reached the limit of her patience. 她已到了忍无可忍的地步。 She has patched up the coat. 她已经补好了外套。 She has filed a petition for divorce. 她已向法院申请离婚。 She has been out of practice on the piano for a whole year. 她已整整一年没有练钢琴了。 She is proud that she is the cheerleader of the school. 她以当学校啦啦队队长而自豪。 She lived on a small pension. 她以一点退休金为生。 She received a pat on the back for doing a good job. 她因表现良好而受赞美。 She prodded me on the shoulder with her thumb. 她用大拇指在我肩上戳了一下。 He painted out the number on the door. 她用漆涂掉了门上的数字。 She gave him a prod with her finger. 她用手指戳了他一下。 She padded out the shoulders of the coat. 她用填料衬垫外套的肩部。 She pegged wet clothes on the line. 她用衣夹将湿衣服夹在晒衣绳上。 She pricked her finger with a needle. 她用针扎了一下手指。 She has acting potential, but she needs training. 她有表演潜力,但需要训练。 She was part right. 她有些方面是对的。 She looked at us in some perplexity. 她有些困惑地看着我们。 Does she have enough prestige to win the nomination? 她有足够的威望赢得提名吗? Primarily a teacher, she later became a writer. 她原先是教师,后来成了作家。 She was willing to fulfil her plan at any price. 她愿意不惜任何代价来完成自己的计划。 She's piecing the torn dress. 她在补被撕破的衣服。 She positioned the chairs round the dining table. 她在餐桌四周摆上椅子。 She painted in the foreground. 她在画中画出了前景。 She is making painstaking efforts to learn Chinese. 她在刻苦学习中文。 She has to travel a great deal in the prosecution of her duties. 她在履行职责中得作许多旅行。 She gave a peck on his cheek. 她在他面颊上轻轻地一吻。 She paused before consenting to marry him. 她在同意嫁给他前曾犹豫不定。 She added a postscript to her letter. 她在信末又附了一笔。 She spread some tomato paste on the fried fish. 她在炸好的鱼上涂了一层番茄酱。 She was professor of chemistry at Chicago University. 她曾是芝加哥大学的化学教授。 Her lips were parted in a half smile. 她张开嘴微微一笑。 Her husband bought her a gold-plated watch. 她丈夫给她买了一只镀金手表。 She said it in play. 她这样说只是开玩笑罢了。 She's so pretty. 她真漂亮。 She was on the point of going out when the telephone rang. 她正要出去,电话铃响了。 She is picking over a basket of oranges. 她正在拣选一篮橘子。 One main idea possessed her; she must get away from home. 她只有一个想法;她一定要离家出走。 She peered at him closely, as if not believing it could really be him. 她仔细地瞧着他,似乎不相信真会是他。 She pondered over her next words. 她仔细考虑接下去要讲的话。 He pegged away at the work throughout the night. 她孜孜不倦地做了一个通宵。 She pretends to great knowledge. 她自称具有广博的知识。 Somehow she managed to provide her children with food and clothing. 她总算设法使她的孩子有饭吃,有衣穿。 She spoke to me by phone last night. 她昨晚与我通了电话。 She sat observing his face in profile. 她坐着从侧面观察他的脸。 We'll pay a visit to Japan this winter. 今年冬天我们要去访问日本。 This year we are trying a pilot scheme. 今年我们正在试验一个小规模实验性计划。 It is highly probable that it will rain today. 今天很可能会下雨。 He's got piles of work to do this morning. 今天上午他有大量工作要做。 I had a picture taken this morning. 今天上午我拍了张照。 The doctor gave me a physical this morning. 今天上午医生给我做了身体检查。 I won't be able to come to dinner today, more's the pity. 今天我不能赴晚宴,十分遗憾。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司