翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 你可不要把我的话看成是针对你个人的。 How's your poor father? 你可怜的父亲怎么样了? You may pile up the books here. 你可以把书堆放在这儿。 You can have your food sent up to your hotel room -- at a price. 你可以多花些钱让人把食物送到旅馆房间来。 You can plug into the international computer network. 你可以连接上国际电脑网路。 Are you positive that you saw him? 你肯定你看到他吗? Are you sure that you want him for your partner for life? 你肯定要他做你的终生伴侣吗? The probability of making a mistake increases when you are tired. 你累的时候犯错误的可能性就会增加。 If you buy three you get a premium of one more, free. 你买三个,可以再送你一个。 Are you going to take part in the first experiment? 你们会参与首次实验吗? When will you set price on it? 你们什么时候可以定出价钱? You must learn to see things in perspective. 你们应该学会正确地观察事物。 Would you mind changing places with us? 你们愿意与我们换一下位置吗? You need a plus there. 你那儿需要一个加号。 Can't you see she is panting for a part in the new play? 你难道看不出她渴望在新戏中扮演一个角色吗? Do you mind posting a letter for me? 你能帮我寄封信吗? Will you help me to pull at the handle? 你能帮我用力拉这把手吗? Can you tell me how much the CD player is? 你能告诉我这激光唱机多少钱吗? Could you give me a piece of paper? 你能给我一张纸吗? Would you make place for me in the car? 你能为我在车子里腾出点地方来吗? Can you picture Bill dressed as a fairy? 你能想像得出比尔扮作仙女的模样吗? Can you project our sales in the coming year? 你能预测我们来年的销售情况吗? Can you spare some paper for me? 你能匀出一些纸给我吗? Do you think I will part with my right to express my opinion? 你认为我会放弃我的发言权吗? Do you think we are paid in proportion to the hours we work? 你认为我们的薪水与工作时间相称吗? If you provoke the dog, he may bite you. 你如果激怒了这条狗,它可能会咬你。 When are you going to publish this work of yours? 你什么时候出版你这部作品? When did you learn to pilot an airplane? 你什么时候学会驾驶飞机的? Are you trying to pick a fight? 你是不是故意寻衅打架? Did you take out a patent on your design? 你是否取得一项设计的专利? How did you get yourself in this pickle? 你是怎么陷入这个困境的? What you said is only pie in the sky. 你所说的实在是渺茫得很。 Would you pass out the books for me? 你替我分发一下书好吗? You are perfectly right. 你完全正确。 Why did you pull up these plants? 你为何把这些植物拔起来? Why are you always picking at me? 你为什么老是挑我的毛病? Why do you persist in writing these things? 你为什么要坚持写这些东西呢? Why are you always pecking at me? 你为什么总是找我麻烦? Which is your preference, tea or coffee? 你喜欢喝哪一样,茶还是咖啡? How did you enjoy the TV play? 你喜欢那个电视剧吗? You should pause and ponder now. 你现在应该停下来仔细考虑一下。 Go where you please. 你想去哪儿就去哪儿。 Have you proposed to Ann? 你向安妮求婚了吗? It might be pertinent for you to make the suggestion to the president. 你向总裁提这个建议可能比较恰当。 Do you need me to help you pack up? 你需要我帮你整理行装吗? What part did you play? 你演什么角色? Which one do you prefer? Take your pick! 你要哪一个?自己挑吧! If you don't stop making that noise now, I'll be out of patience with you! 你要是再不停止吵闹,我可要发火了! I will go, provided that you go too. 你也去的话我就去。 You may have a passion for her, but it isn't love. 你也许对她怀有强烈的感情,但这不是爱情。 You must pin down every quotation to its author. 你一定要确定每一个引文的作者是谁。 You owe yourself a holiday. 你应该给自己安排个假期。 You should plot out your time properly. 你应该合理分配自己的时间。 You should keep yourself in practice. 你应该经常练习。 You should take the unpleasant advice from them in good part. 你应该乐意接受他们不中听的忠告。 You should learn to be patient of pains. 你应该学会忍受痛苦。 You should use wax polish on wooden furniture. 你应在木制家俱上打上蜡。 Do you have a pencil with a sharper point? 你有尖一点的铅笔吗? Did you see the paragraph about the stock market? 你有没有看到有关股票市场的那则短讯? Where did you pick up with that person? 你在什么地方认识那人的? How could you pass over such an important matter? 你怎么能忽略如此重要的事情? Will you paste up the notice? 你张贴一下通知好吗? Do you know how to program a computer? 你知道怎样为电脑设计程式吗? What's your plan for the weekend? 你周末有什么计画? What is your favorite television program? 你最喜爱的电视节目是什么? What pleases you best? 你最喜欢什么? You should make a decision without prejudice to our rights. 你作出的决定应该不损害我们的权益。 You do it at your peril! 你做这件事得自己担风险! Clay, wax, and plaster are plastic substances. 黏土,蜡和石膏是可塑物质。 Birds often pair for life. 鸟儿常常终生配对。 The bird pecked at the bread crumbs. 鸟儿啄食面包屑。 Just before sunset the peasants quit laboring in the fields. 农民们直到日落方结束在田间的劳动。 There have been enormous increases in agricultural productivity. 农业生产率已得到巨大提高。 The slaves gave passive obedience to their master. 奴隶们乖乖地服从他们的主人。 Try to learn by heart these English words and phrases. 努力把这些英语单字和片语记住。 Try to keep your work on a high plane. 努力将你的工作保持在高水平上。 The Queen has broken with precedent by sending her children to ordinary schools. 女王破例让自己的孩子去普通学校就读。 European History is not my province. 欧洲历史不是我的专业范围。 Europe suffered many plagues in the Middle Ages. 欧洲在中世纪屡屡遭受瘟疫。 Pike was puffing away at a cigarette nervously. 派克紧张不安地一口接一口抽着烟卷。 Dr. Pat is no longer in practice here. 派特医生不在这儿行医了。 It takes courage and strength to climb up the perpendicular cliff. 攀上这悬崖峭壁需要勇气和力量。 The fountain projects a stream of water. 喷泉喷出一股水。 The parallels seem to come together in the distance. 平行线在远处看上去似交合在一起。 Novels in paperback are available at that bookstore. 平装本小说在那家书店有售。 The cork came out with a loud pop. 瓶塞啪的一声拔了出来。 The pavement is kept not very far from the construction site. 铺筑材料放在离建筑工地不远的地方。 In the seventies the U.S. space program seemed to have reached a plateau of development. 七十年代美国的宇宙空间计划似乎发展到了一个较高的水准。 In the next place, you should pay more attention to the structure of the article. 其次,你们要多注意这篇文章的结构。 Life on other planets is a possibility. 其他行星上有生命是可能的。 One of these gunmen pierced the protective cordon around the President's house. 其中一个持枪人突破了总统住房周围的警戒线。 The beggars pestered the tourists for money. 乞丐们纠缠游客要钱。 At first I didn't see your point but after I read your report everything fell into place. 起初我不明白你的观点,后来看了你的报告,一切就明白了。 The prospects of the car industry are brightening. 汽车工业前途看好。 Never pad out your essay with irrelevant details. 千万别用不相干的细节来拉长文章。 How much is owing to you? 欠你多少钱? Nails that project from the wall may tear your clothes. 墙上突出的钉子会撕破你的衣服的。 The walls were in a dreadful condition -- their yellow plaster was peeling off. 墙已经破烂不堪--上面的灰泥都在剥落。 The robbery was pinned on the wrong defendent. 抢劫罪判错原告了。 Uncle George's plans never pan out. 乔治叔叔的计划从来没有成功过。 George needed a new pair of shoes. 乔治需要一双新鞋。 For pity's sake be quiet for a moment and let me finish my paper. 请安静一会,让我把论文写好。 Play us your favorite record. 请把你最喜欢的唱片放给我们听听。 Please pass me the salt. 请把盐递给我。 Please yourself. 请便。 Please don't forget to pack me a razor. 请别忘了给我放一把刮须刀进去。 Please be concise and to the point. 请简明扼要一点。 Keep me posted. 请经常向我通报情况。 Will you plug in the tape recorder for me? 请你替我把录音机的插头插上好吗? Will you pin the paper down so it won't be blown away? 请你用针把纸钉住,不让它吹走好吗? Please give me ten pennies for this tenpence piece. 请替我把这十便士换成十个一便士硬币。 Please pick a good book for me. 请为我挑一本好书。 Please print plainly. 请用印刷体清楚书写。 Please print your name and address. 请用印刷体书写你的姓名和地址。 I beg your pardon. I suppose I should have knocked. 请原谅。我想我应该先敲一下门的。 Pardon me for not writing to you sooner. 请原谅我未能及早给你写信。 The prisoner made a plea for mercy. 囚犯恳求宽恕。 He had been in Cuba the preceding summer. 去年夏天他曾在古巴。 The whole country is penetrated with fear. 全国一片恐惧。 The family posed outside the house. 全家人在屋子外面摆好姿势准备拍照。 What percentage of children were absent? 缺席的学童占百分之几? To be precise, the train leaves at nine past eleven. 确切地说,火车十一点零九分开。 He then went into particulars about the job. 然后他详细讲述了工作的要点。 Let me pick out some good ones for you. 让我来替你挑几个好的。 Let's cross the railway after the passing of the train. 让我们等火车过了以后再穿过铁路。 Let's proceed to the next. 让我们进入下一个议程。 Let us put his theories to the proof. 让我们来检验一下他的理论。 Let's give the players a big round of applause! 让我们为演员们热烈鼓掌。 Let's do it piece by piece. 让我们一点一点地做。 Pending his return, let us get everything ready. 让我们在他回来之前把一切准备就绪。 Let us give praise to God. 让我们赞美神吧。 Let's pretend that we're on an island. 让我们装作在一孤岛上。 Let me speak to him in private. 让我私下和他谈谈。 A hot plate will spoil the polish on this table. 热盘子会毁坏桌面的光泽。 The potentialities of the human brain are inexhaustible. 人类头脑的潜力是无穷的。 People have different interpretations of the passage. 人们对这一段文字有不同的解释。 People have all along been seeking to prolong life. 人们一直在寻求长寿之道。 People are always plugging their books on TV talk shows. 人们总是在电视访谈节目中一再推荐自己所写的书。 The crowd poured out of the concert hall. 人群从音乐厅涌出来。 There are trees on each side of the pavement. 人行道两边有树。 It is a great privilege to know you. 认识你真是莫大的荣幸。 Meat can be preserved in pickle. 肉可以保存在卤水里。 Such an excessive preoccupation with one's health can't be normal. 如此过分的关注自己的健康是不正常的。 If everyone does his part, the project will surely be a success. 如果大家都尽责,这个项目肯定会成功。 It will really queer our pitch if it rains tomorrow. 如果明天下雨,我们的计划就成泡影。 When you punch the fourth button, a new network will flash on the screen. 如果你按下第四个按钮,萤光幕上将出现一个新的网络。 If you don't pay up at once, we'll see you in court! 如果你不立即付清,我们就法庭上见! You'll soon go to pieces if you keep on working like that. 如果你继续那样工作的话,很快就会垮下来。 I'd be grateful if you could give me a few pointers. 如果你能给我作一些指点,我将十分感激。 If you could get the book, please send it to me by post. 如果你能弄到那本书,请邮寄给我。 If you go to a private hospital you must pay. 如果你去一家私立医院就诊,你得付费。 If you ask the fastest runner to set the pace, then most of them will be left behind. 如果你让跑得最快的人来定速度,那么他们中的大多数人都将落后。 People will respect you more if you own up to your problems. 如果你坦承自己的问题,人们会更加尊重你。 The excursion won't cost you a penny if you go with us. 如果你与我们一起去,这趟旅行就不会花你一文钱。 We'll discuss both questions if time permits. 如果时间允许,我们将把两个问题都讨论一下。 I will write another novel if my eyes permit. 如果我的视力许可,我还要再写一本小说。 If we can pull through this recession, we will be in good shape. 如果我们能渡过这段经济不景气的时间,我们就会好多了。 I'll give him a piece of my mind if he is rude to you next time. 如果下次他再对你无礼,我会责备他的。 I'll help him if possible. 如有可能我会帮助他的。 The insurance policy protects you against injury. 如遭伤害,这保险单保证偿付你的损失。 Telling lies won't profit you. 撒谎对你无益。 Sully has a prominent nose. 萨利有一个凸出的高鼻子。 A race car can withstand a great deal of punishment. 赛车非常坚固耐用。 Shakespeare and Milton were masters of English poetry. 莎士比亚和弥尔顿是英国诗歌的艺术大师。 The mountain peak was covered with snow. 山顶被雪覆盖着。 Good will prevail over evil. 善良将战胜邪恶。 The stores had to cope with a plague of burglaries. 商店不得不设法对付盗贼之灾。 Production was up last month. 上个月产量上升了。 The president of France visited our country last week. 上星期法国总统访问了我国。 We picked up a couple of girls at the pub last Friday. 上星期五我们在酒吧把上几个女孩。 I have got $200 owing to me for a job I did last week. 上周工作挣的二百美元还未付给我。 After a brief pause the speaker continued. 稍稍停顿一下后演讲者继续讲下去。 A major precedes a captain. 少校军阶高于上尉。 Just project yourself into the future world! 设想一下自己处身于未来世界中吧! The photographer posed the family before taking the picture. 摄影师在照相前先让一家子摆好姿势。 The figures of the missing will be published tomorrow. 失踪人数明天公布。 The lion was hunting for its prey. 狮子在觅食。 10 to the power of 3 is 1000. 十的三次方是一千。 Ten days passed away and still there was no news about them. 十天过去了,但仍然没有他们的消息。 Nothing can prevent him from going. 什么都不能阻止他前往。 The stone was pecked and ground into cylindrical pestles. 石头被凿开并被磨成一根根圆柱形的杵。 Time presses and we must get back to work. 时间紧迫,我们得回去上班了。 Time is precious. 时间是宝贵的。 Practical experience is often very important. 实际经验往往是很重要的。 For all practical purposes, it was useless. 实际上它毫无用处。 Provisions were kept in the storehouse. 食品放在仓库里。 The food and clothing were parceled out to the refugees. 食品和衣物分给了难民。 Food became more plentiful each day. 食品一天天变得丰富起来。 Mrs. Smith said that her niece's prospects were ruined. 史密斯太太说她侄女的前途被毁了。 Mr Smith will preside at the next meeting. 史密斯先生将主持下一次会议。 The Smiths were living in peace with the neighbors. 史密斯一家与左邻右舍和睦相处。 The soldiers paraded by. 士兵们列队走过。 The soldiers were on parade. 士兵们正在受检阅。 The mayor praised the boy for his courage. 市长赞扬这个男孩很勇敢。 How large is the city proper? 市区本身有多大? The demonstrators marched in procession to the minister's office. 示威者列队向部长的办公室走去。 The accident left him with paralysis of the legs. 事故使他双腿瘫痪。 It happened previous to his arrival there. 事件发生于他到那儿以前。 Try some of this new patent medicine. 试试这种新的专利药物吧。 Is it practicable to try to develop agriculture in desert regions? 试图在沙漠地区发展农业可行吗? It's time we gave place to younger people. 是我们让位给年轻人的时候了。 It was time to pack up. 收工的时间到了。 The debt-collectors took all his money, and he was left completely penniless. 收债人拿走了他所有的钱,他身无分文了。 In the first place, we should solve this problem. 首先,我们应该解决这个问题。 The Prime Minister's visit will promote the cooperation between the two countries. 首相的访问将促进两国间的合作。 The Prime Minister presided at the Cabinet meeting. 首相主持了内阁会议。 The shop assistant helped Mary put the fruit into a plastic shopping bag. 售货员帮玛丽把水果装入一个塑胶购物袋里。 There are paperback mysteries on the bookshelf. 书架上有平装的神秘小说。 Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。 The plague caused thousands of deaths. 鼠疫造成数千人死亡。 Trees propagate themselves by seeds. 树靠种子繁衍。 Hundreds of people perished in the earthquake. 数百人死于那次地震。 Thousands of workers joined the funeral procession. 数千名工人加入了送葬行列。 The two parties procured a temporary agreement. 双方达成了临时协议。 Who is the owner of that motorcycle? 谁是那辆摩托车的主人? Nobody will bet one penny that they will succeed. 谁也不会花一个子儿打赌说他们会成功。 Who is in possession of this? 谁拥有这个? Who prevents their plans from being carried out? 谁阻止他们的计划,不让实施? When water boils, it passes into steam. 水达到沸点时变成蒸汽。 Fruits are perishable in transit. 水果在运送时容易腐烂。 The driver pulled up at the gate. 司机在大门前停下车子。 Four years of college gave her considerable polish. 四年的大学教育使她更加完美。 Are you happy fireworks are puffing all around? 四周都在放烟火你开心吗? His feet left prints in the soft soil. 松软的泥土上留下了他的脚印。 The messenger sat down to rest and panted out the sad news. 送信人坐下来休息,气喘吁吁地说出了令人伤心的消息。 Plastics don't rust like metal. 塑胶不像金属那样会生锈。 Though the meeting lasted for three hours, it wasn't productive of any important decisions. 虽然会议持续了三个小时,却没有作出任何重要的决定。 Though plain-looking, Mary is possessed of great intelligence. 虽然相貌平平,玛丽却拥有智慧。 The penalty for spitting is US$10. 随地吐痰罚款十美金。 All this points to the same conclusion. 所有这些都说明了同样的结论。 He placed cups and saucers on the table. 他把杯子和茶碟放到桌上。 He pulled the car over to the side of the road and stopped. 他把车开到路边,停了下来。 He parked behind his house. 他把车子停放在房子后面。 He pitched his story in a sentimental strain. 他把故事写得带有伤感情调。 He filled the car with his purchases. 他把买的东西装满车子。 He popped the balloon. 他把气球弄炸了。 He hung his coat on the wooden peg. 他把上衣挂在木钉上。 He waited with his fingers poised over the keys. 他把手指摆在琴键上等着。 He piled the books on top of each other. 他把书一本一本地叠起来。 He piled in all the luggage and drove off. 他把所有的行李都塞进车箱,然后开车走了。 He plastered his hair down. 他把头发梳平。 He pillowed his head on his arm. 他把头枕在手臂上。 He prized my friendship above everything else. 他把我的友谊看得比其他什么更宝贵。 He paid the cash in to his bank account. 他把现金存入银行帐户。 He poked a stake into the earth. 他把一根桩子插进地里。 He packed his clothes into a trunk. 他把衣服装进箱内。 He pumped funds into the new project. 他把资金注入新工程。 He helped me pot the roses. 他帮我把玫瑰栽入盆中。 He helped to pull me through the difficulty. 他帮助我渡过了难关。 He was captured and taken prisoner by enemy soldiers. 他被敌军俘虏。 He was in the pay of the enemy. 他被敌人收买。 He passes for a learned man. 他被认为是个有学问的人。 He was appointed the new premier. 他被任命为新总理。 He was pinned under the wrecked car. 他被压在失事汽车的下面。 He edited, proofed and supervised these books in production. 他编辑,校对并监督印制了这些书。 He's still in poor health after his illness. 他病后身体仍很虚弱。 With a few plucks at the strings of his banjo, everybody was singing along. 他拨了拨班卓琴的琴弦,每个人就都跟着唱了起了。 He had to be given a prompt. 他不得不要人提词。 He soon began to predominate over them. 他不久就开始支配他们了。 He refused to pass any comment on the committee's decision. 他不肯对委员会的决定作任何评论。 He is not one of the proletariat. 他不是无产阶级的一员。 He didn't want to stay poked up in that town. 他不想困在那个小镇上。 He wondered whether it would be proper to knock at her door. 他不知道敲她的门是否恰当。 He didn't even say `Sorry' when he stepped on my toe. What a performance! 他踩了我的脚连"对不起"也不说一声。真没教养! He plays golf nearly every weekend. 他差不多每个周末都打高尔夫球。 He tried gold mining, pearling and fur trapping. 他尝试过淘金,采珍珠和猎兽皮。 He packs a pistol. 他常带着手枪。 He pleaded guilty. 他承认有罪。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司