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accord 自愿地,主动地 of onions 有洋葱的味道 off the pace 在第一名之后 offer an opening 提供机会 offer an opportunity 提供机会 offer one's opinion on 提出关于…的看法 office clerk 职员,办事员 office hours 办公上班,营业时间 officer and men 官兵 officer in the Army 陆军军官 officer in the Navy 海军军官 officer of State 政府部长 officer On the active list 现役军官 officer on the reserve list 预备役军官 official in the Department of Foreign Affairs 外交部官员 oil bird 老手,老世故 oil box 油箱 oil cakes 油渣饼,豆饼 oil crop 油料作物 oil deposits 石油储藏量,油田 oil fields 油田 oil lamp 油灯 oil painter 油画画家 oil plant 油料作物 oil shares 石油股票 oil storage 油库 oil well 油井 oil-based paint 油性漆 oils painter 油画家 oils painting 油画,油画术 old enough to join the army 到了参军的年龄 old lady 老太婆 old man 老人 old order 旧秩序 old painting 旧画 old school 母校 old students 从前的学生 old wine 陈酒 omit a letter 漏掉一字母 omit from 从…中删去 omit the second chapter from the book 略去这本书的第二章 omit the third paragraph from the article 删去文章的第三段 on back page 在封底上 on every page 在每一页 on inside page 在封里上 on one's own 独自地靠自己的力量 on one's own account 独自地凭自己的力量 on order 遵照命令 on page 44 在44页上 on the first opportunity 有机会就… on the outlook for 眼望着,警戒着,留心着 on the outlook for an opportunity 等待机会 on the outside of 在…之外 on the outside of the gate 在大门外 on the pad 流浪 onion bulbs 洋葱头 onion in the salad 色拉里放的洋葱 open as the day 光明正大 open by 以…开始 open by singing a song 以唱歌开始 open face 坦率的面孔 open fire on 向…开火 open for 对…开放 open for business 开门营业的 open heart 坦率之心 open into one another 两个房间是互通的 open letter 公开信 open manner 爽直的态度 open new land 开辟新的土地 open one's heart to sb. 对某人讲心里话吐露真情 open one's mind to sb. 对某人讲心里话吐露真情 open one's mouth 张嘴 open onto 朝…方向开 open out 使翻开或展开,兴旺,改进 open out a mine 开发矿藏 open out the chart 打展开航图 open secret 公开的秘密 open the book 翻书 open the meeting 开会 open the meeting to the public 让公众了解会议的情况 open the way for 为…开辟道路 open to 对…公开,朝…方向开 open to 愿意考虑…的,对…开放的 open to all citizens 向所有的公民开放 open to discussion 可以讨论 open to the garden 朝花园方向开 open to the public 对公众开放的 open to traffic 通车 open up 开门,开门营业,开办商店,开发 open up the forest resources 开发森林资源 open with 以…开始 open with 与…坦诚相待 open with a terrible murder 以一个可怕的谋杀开始 opening at …地方有空缺 opening ceremony 开幕式,开学/通车典礼 opening for …职位的空缺 opening for a teller 出纳员职位的空缺 opening for an engineer 工程师职位空缺 opening in the hedge 树篱上的孔 opening of a supermarket 超级市场的开张 opening of the college year 学年开始时 opening remarks 开场白 opening speech 开幕词 opening statement 开场白 opening time 营业开始时间,开放时间 opera house 歌剧院 operate a patient on the chest 给某人作胸部手术 operate against 影响,对…不利 operate against the growth of 影响…的成长 operate at below 80% 工厂开工率不到80% operate by electricity 靠电来开动 operate continuously 不停地运转 operate efficiently 运转效率相当高 operate for 作…的手术 operate night and day 机器日夜运转 operate on 对…起作用 operate on 给…做手术 operate on a patient 为病人动手术 operate on the principle of 根据…原理工作,以…为工作原理 operate properly 正常运转 operate quickly 生效快 operate to sb's advantage 法律,规则对某人有利 operation for 为…做的手术 operation in tea 茶叶交易 operation on leg 腿上的手术 operation on the head 头部开刀 operation sin arithmetic 数学的运算 operations on a large scale 大规模地进行军事演习 operator of motor vehicles 司机 operator's set 话务员的电话机 opinion about 有关…的意见 opinion about the candidates 对候选人的看法 opinion book 信用调查录 opinion from all sides 各方面的意见 opinion of the students 学生的看法 opinion of the teachers 教师的意见 opinion on 有关…的意见 opinion prevail 流行…看法 opponent in …方面的对手 opponent in chess 下棋的对手 opportunity appear 机会来了 opportunity arrive 机会来了 opportunity for 做…的机会 opportunity for training 训练的机会 opportunity knock 机会来了 opportunity lose 机会失去 opportunity miss 机会失去 opportunity of 做…的机会 opportunity of employment 就业机会 opportunity of speaking English 讲英语的机会 opportunity of studying 学习的机会 opportunity pass away 机会错过 opportunity slip away 机会错过 opportunity waste 机会浪费 oppose against 使…对抗,以…反对,使…与…相对立,把…与…相对比 oppose black to white 使黑白相对 oppose one's will against others 把自己的意向跟他人的对照一下 oppose to 使…对抗,以…反对,使…与…相对立,把…与…相对比 oppose violence with violence 用暴力来反对暴力 opposing opinion 反对意见 opposite reaction 相反的反作用 opposite side 对面 opposite to 与…面对面/背对背,与…对立/相对 opposite to what they had expected 和他们预期的效果相反 optical glass 光学玻璃 optical illusion 视错觉 optical instrument 光学仪器 optimistic about 对…感到乐观 optimistic about one's marriage 对婚姻持乐观态度 optimistic outlook 乐观的看法 optimistic over 对…感到乐观 optimistic over marriage 对婚姻持乐观态度 optional subject 选修课 oral agreement 口头协议 oral cavity 口腔 oral contraceptives 口服避孕药 oral examination 口试 oral instruction 口授 oral report 口头汇报 oral thermometer 口用体温计 orange juice 柑桔汁 orbit a satellite 把卫星送入轨道 orbit around the sun 绕太阳旋转 orbit round the earth 绕着地球轨道运行 orbit the earth 绕着地球轨道运行 orchestra play 乐队演奏 order a copy 订购一本 order about 对某人发号施令 order around 对某人发号施令 order away 命令…走开 order book 定货簿 order children to bed 命令孩子去睡觉 order for coal 煤炭的定单 order form 定货单 order from 从…处订购 order from an English firm 从英国商行定购 order from sb. 某人的订单 order in one's class 教室秩序 order in the city 城市秩序 order lunch 要午饭 order of age 按年龄次序 order of arrival 按抵达的顺序 order of doctor 遵医嘱 order of importance 按重要性的顺序 order off 勒令…离开退出比赛 order one's life well 把生活安排好 order out 下令出动,命令离去 order out the riot police 出动防暴警察 order some fish 要些鱼 order specially 专门订购 order up 下令把…调往前线 orderly arrangement 整齐的摆放 orderly condition 房间整齐清洁 orderly fashion 有条不紊 orderly man 有条理的人 orderly room 整洁的房间 ordinary pace 从容的步伐 ordinary residents 市民 ordinary times 在平时 ordinary way 平常的方法,常情 ore deposit 矿床 organ of propaganda 宣传机关 organ of the State 国家机关 organ transplant 器官移植 organic acid 有机酸 organic body 有机体 organic chemistry 有机化学 organic compound 有机化合物 organic diseases 器官性疾病 organic evolution 生物进化 organic fertilizers 有机肥料 organic function 监管功能 organic law 基本法 organism in water 水中的生物体 organize into shock groups 组成突击小组 organize one's thoughts 使自己的思想有条理 organs of government 政府机关 organs of hearings 听觉器官 organs of political power 政权机关 organs of public opinion 舆论的喉舌 organs of public security 公安机关 organs of smell 嗅觉器官 organs of speech 发音器官 organs of the body 身体诸器官 origin of a word 词源 origin of civilization 文明之渊源 origin of spectacles 眼镜的起源 original in its design 独出心裁 original in style 独创一格 original manuscript 蓝本 original painter 具有独创性的画家 original sense 原意,本意 original with sb. 对某人是新颖的 original work 原作 other from 与…不同的 other person 别人 other side 对方,另一边 other than 与…不同的,除…以外而不是 other way 相反地 out of operation 停止工作运转 out of order 紊乱,出毛病 outdoor exercises 户外运动 outdoor life 野外生活 outdoor sports 户外运动 outdoor theatre 露天剧场 outer garments 外衣 outer shell electrons 外层电子 outer space 外太空,星际,空间 outlet for …的出口,感情等发泄途径/方法,出口,出路 outlet for sb's grievances 出气的办法 outlet for the emotions 发泄情感的途径/机会 outlet for the industries 工业市场 outlet for water 排水口 outlet to 通往…的通道 outlet to the sea 去海边的通路 outline against 使衬托出轮廓 outline of the speech 发言提纲 outline of the text 课文提要 outline pictures 草图 outline the project 概括这项计划 outlook for …的远景/前景 outlook for the future 前途 outlook for trade 商业境况 outlook on 对…的观点,望得见…的景色 outlook on life 人生观 outlook on the sea 可看见海景 output data 输出数据 output for six years 六年总产量 output of a factory 工厂的产量 output of wheat 小麦产量 output value 产值 outshine the original 胜过原作 outside of sb's life 某人生活的表面情况 outside opinion 局外人的意见 outstanding ability 出众的才能 outstanding example 突出的例子 outstanding feature 主要标志 outstanding in 在…方面杰出的 outstanding in scientific achievement 在科学成就上出众的 outstanding scientist 杰出的科学家 outstanding work 出色的工作 overall charge 总负责 overall length 全长 overall test 整体试验 overall weight 总重量 overcome by 被…所压倒 overcome by hunger 因饥饿而软弱无力 overcome by liquor 醉倒 overcome by weariness 筋疲力尽 overcome difficulties 克服困难 overcome prejudices 消除成见 overcome shortcomings 克服缺点 overcome weaknesses 克服弱点 overcome with 被…所压倒 overcome with fatigue 疲乏得不得了 overcome with grief 悲哀不已 overcome with joy 喜出望外 overcome with liquor 醉倒 overcome with sorrow 悲哀不已 overdressed package 过分讲究的包装 overhead cables 架空电缆 overhead cableway 高架索道 overhead railway 高架铁路 overlook from a hill 从小山上俯视 overlook sb's carelessness 原谅/宽恕某人的粗心大意 overlook the park 俯视公园 overnight guest 过夜的客人 overnight millionaire 暴发户 overseas broadcast 对外广播 overseas Chinese 华侨 overseas students 留学生 overseas trade 对外贸易 overtake Britain in steel production 在钢铁生产方超过了英国 overtake the advanced 赶上先进 overtax one's vocal organs 使发音器官用力过度 owe a duty to sb. 对某人负有义务 owe an apology to 应该向…道歉 owe for 欠…的钱 owe for car 欠买车的钱 owe for house 欠买房子的钱 owe much to improvement of 在很大程度上是因为改进…的缘故 owe one's success to hard work 把成功归于辛勤工作 owe ten dollars 欠十美元 owe to 是…的缘故,归于 own oneself defeated 认输 own oneself in the wrong 认错 own opinion 自己的想法 own to 承认 own to a fault 承认有过失 own up 承认错误 own up to 坦白,供认 own up to the theft of the clock 承认偷了钟 owner of lest property 失主 ownership in land 土地所有权 ownership in literary work 文艺作品的所有权 ownership of land 土地所有制 ownership of the means of production 生产资料所有制 ox bellow 公牛吼叫 ox fence 牛栏 pace back and forth 来回地踱步 pace off 步测出 pace off a distance 用步子量出距离 pace out 步测出 pace out a room 用步子测出房间的大小 pace the room 在房间里踱来踱去 pacific blockade 和平封锁 pacific disposition 温和的性情 pack away books 把书收起来 pack away things 整理或包扎东西 pack books into box 把书装进盒子里 pack closely 摆满了 pack clothes in trunk 把衣物装进箱 pack in box 用盒装 pack in cans 制成罐头 pack into auditorium 挤进礼堂 pack into hall 挤进大厅 pack man away from 把一个人从…打发走 pack man off 把一个人从…打发走 pack professionally 专业包装 pack sandwich 包三明治 pack suitcase 收拾手提箱 pack trunk with clothes 把衣服装进衣箱 pack up clothes 收拾衣物 package in damaged condition 破损包装 package tour 包价旅游,包办旅行 packs of courage 很有胆量 pad a box with 用…垫盒子 pad a payroll 吃空缺 pad an expense account 伪造开支账 pad one's age 虚报年龄 pad out 添凑,硬塞进 pad sth. with soft cloth 用软布填塞… pad the essay out 拼凑文章 page after page 一页又一页 page from real life 现实生活中的片断 page from story of 故事中的一页 page of history 历史的纪录 pain disappear 疼痛消失 pain ease 疼痛减轻 pain in knee 膝盖痛 pain wear off 疼痛消失 painful care 煞费苦心 painful duty 艰难的任务 painful for sb. 对某人是痛苦的 painful illness 痛苦的疾病 painful leg 疼痛的腿 painful lesson 惨痛的教训 painful problem 棘手的问题 painful slowness 令人心烦的慢 painful to 令…痛苦的 painful to remind of such things 回忆这些事情令人痛苦 painful to tell sb. about the news 把这消息告诉某人令人很痛苦 paint apartment 粉刷公寓 paint black picture of 非常悲观地讲述 paint box 颜料盒 paint chip 油漆剥落 paint defects 掩饰缺点,文过饰非 paint door and window 油漆门窗 paint exterior 粉刷外部 paint flat 粉刷公寓 paint floor 刷地板 paint from nature 写生画 paint house 刷房子 paint in oils 画油画 paint in oils 油画 paint in water-colors 水彩画 paint job 油漆工作 paint on china 画在瓷上 paint on paper 画在纸上 paint on silk 画在绢上 paint peer off 油漆掉落 paint realistically 画得很真实 paint rosy picture of 非常乐观地讲述 paint scene 描写一个场面 paint sth. white 把…漆成白色 paint the oils 画油画 paint wall 刷墙 painter in oils 油画画家 painter in watercolor 水彩画家 painting from nature 写生画 painting on wall 壁画 painting room 画室 painting shows 图画描绘 paper package 纸包 part ownership 部分所有权 pass an opinion 发表说出意见 pass orals 通过口试 pay packet 工资袋 peel an orange 剥桔子皮 perform an opera 演歌剧 perform an operation 做手术,进行手术 perform the last offices 举行葬礼 persistent pain 持续的疼痛 personal opinion 个人见解/意见 pessimistic outlook 悲观/消极的观点 philharmonic orchestra 交响乐队 physical pain 肉体的痛苦,全身疼痛 pipe organ 管风 place a law into operation 使法律生效 place an order 定购 plainly overcome 显然战胜,克服 plan of operations 作战计划 pleasant outlook 悦目的景色 police officer 警官 police official 警官 political opinions 政治主张,政治见解 political opponent 政敌 political outlook 政治前景 pops orchestra 流行音乐乐队 popular painter 大众喜爱的画家 portrait painter 肖像画家 portrait painting 肖像画 positive opinion 正面意见 positive outlook 积极的看法 post a package 英邮包裹 post office 邮政局 postal packet 邮包 potential output 可能的产量 pour oil into 把油倒进… pour oil on fire 火上加油 pour oil on the flame 火上加油,煽动 powerful opponent 强大的对手 precious opportunity 宝贵的机会 prepare oxygen 制氧 present an opera 演歌剧 press officer 新闻发布官 press one's opinion on sb. 把自己的意见强加于某人 press opinion 新闻界意见 prevailing opinion 普遍的看法 prevalent opinion 普遍的舆论 previous page 前页 priceless painting 珍贵的画 private opinion 个人看法 private ownership 私有制 prize painting 给画作定价 produce an opera 演歌剧 produce oil 产油 production output 生产量 professedly optimistic 假装乐观 promote an officer 提升军官 pronounce an opinion 发表意见 proper order 正确的顺序 provide an opportunity 提供机会 provide an outlet for 提供发泄…的机会 public office 公职 public official 公务员 public opinion 公共舆论 public order 社会秩序 public ownership 公有制 pull onions 拔几根洋葱 pump oil 用泵抽油 put a law into operation 实施法律 put a man-made earth satellite into the orbit 把人造地球卫星送入轨道 put a pad over 在…上放上垫料 put a satellite into the orbit 把卫星送入轨道 put in an order 定购 put into operation 实施,施行,投入生产 put into the orbit 送入轨道 put oil on fire 火上加油 put oil on the flame 火上加油 put onions in 放洋葱 put sb. through his paces 检验某人的能力 quick pace 快速 quick-drying paint 快干油漆 quicken one's pace 加快步速 quilted pad 装填保暖、柔软材料的垫子 quite optimistic 相当乐观 quite outstanding 十分显著 radar operator 雷达操作人员 radio operator 无线电操作人员 rapid pace 快速的步伐 rare opportunity 难得的机会,千载难逢的机会 rather optimistic 相当,过于乐观 reach oil 钻到石油 read page after page 一页一页读下去 reasons of one's own 本人的原因 receive order 收到订单 receive oxygen 吸氧 recover from an operation 手术后恢复健康 reduce pain 减少痛苦 reduce the output 减低产量 reflect an opinion 反映见解/意见 refuse an order 拒接订单 refute an opponent 驳倒对手 regular order 顺次,按次序 regulate the pace 调整速度 reject an opinion 驳回意见 relieve pain 减轻痛苦 remove pain 消除痛苦 rescue operation 救援活动 resign from an office 辞职 resolutely oppose 坚决反对 respect the opinions of others 尊重别人的意见 responsible official 负责官员 restore painting 修补油画 rich oil 丰富的石油 right of ownership 所有权 right order 次序正确 rightful owner 合法所有人 rough outline 草案,粗略的轮廓 run for office 美竞选职务 rush order 加急定货 salad oil 色拉油 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司