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repeat the word 重念这个词 repeat the word after sb. 跟某人重念这个词 repetition help learning 重复有助于学习 repetition of …的反复 repetition of the disgraceful scene 不光彩的场面的再次发生 replace a representative 改换代表 replace a thing 把这东西放回原处 replace coal fires by gas 用煤气取代煤火 replace coal fires with gas 用煤气取代煤火 replace old colonialism with neo-colonialism 以新殖民主义代替老殖民主义 replace sb. as goal-keeper 代某人当守门员 replace sb. as the director 取代某人当主任 replace the old with the new 弃旧迎新 replace the phone 把电话听筒重新挂好 reply by blow 回击 reply by letter 回信 reply for 代表…作答复致答词 reply for the school board 代表校务委员会致答词 reply immediately 立即回答 reply promptly 立即回答 reply to 回答… reply to a question 回答问题 report about 叙述,对…作报道 report arrival 报到 report for 报到… report for duty 报到 report for duty on time 按时报到 report for work at 去…报到 report from London 来自伦敦的消息 report of an accident 事故报道 report on 关于…的报告 report on a special topic 专题报告 report on research work 汇报研究工作 report on sb's movements 报告某人的行动 report on the whole event 汇报整个事件 report on/upon 叙述,对…作报道 report sb. to the police 向警察告发某人 report sick 请病假 report the situation 报道局势 report these events 报道这些事故 report to 告发…,向…报到 reports to headquarters 给总部的报告 represent by letters 用字母表示 represent by signs 用记号表示 represent oneself as an engineer 某人说自己是工程师 represent oneself as an expert 自称是专家 represent sb. as 把…说成… represent sb's urgent need to 向…反映某人的迫切需要 represent sth. to 对…来说等于 represent sth. to oneself 心中想像到某物 representative accredited to the United Nations 派驻联合国的代表 representative at the United Nations 驻联合国代表 representative of 代表…的 representative of special invitation 特邀代表 representative of special invitation 特邀代表 representative of the community 公众中的代表 representative of the press 新闻记者 representative to Japan 驻日代表 representatives from various quarters 各方面的代表 representatives of both sides 双方的代表 reproduce a photograph from an negative 用底片晒印一张照片 reproduce from 用…复制… reproduce lost limbs 断肢再殖 reproduce music from a cassette tape 由盒式录音带重放音乐 reproduce one's kind 繁殖,生殖 reputation by one's publications 以著作成名 reputation for 以…闻名 reputation for being fair 以公正闻名 reputation for being impartial 以公正闻名 reputation for courage 以勇气闻名 reputation for honesty 以诚实闻名 reputation of being a heavy drinker 有酗酒的名声 reputation of being a miser 有守财奴的名声 request for 为…请求 request from 向…请求,向…要求 request of 请求… request stop 公共汽车的招呼站 require from 向…要求 require immediately 立即需要 require of 要求… require reflection 需要考虑 require strictly 严格要求 require urgently 迫切需要 requirement of the times 时代的要求 requirements for college entrance 大学的入学条件 requirements for graduation 毕业的条件 requirements of life/living 生活必需品 requirements of Party membership 入党的条件 requirements of the law 法律规定 rescue operations 救援工作 rescue party 抢救队 rescue sb. from 从…把某人营救出来 rescue sb. from a burning house 从燃烧着的房子里救出某人 rescue sb. from danger 营救某人脱离危险 rescue sb. from drowning 从水中救起某人 rescue the dying 抢救临死的人 research after facts 为寻找事实而进行的调查 research after/for 为寻求…而进行的调查 research in/into 对…的研究 research into a problem 研究问题 research on 对…的研究 resemble a garden 像一个花园 resemble closely 十分相似 resemble each other in shape 形状相像 resemble faintly 略似 resemble in 在…方面像… resemble in appearance 外表相似 resemble one's father 像其父亲 resemble remotely 略似 resemble strongly 酷似 reserve a remark 保留意见 reserve exclusively 专订 reserve for 为…而保留 reserve for guests 留给客人 reserve for the handicapped 为残疾人保留 reserve of food 食物储备 reserve of foreign exchange 外汇储备 reserve of manner 态度的冷淡 reserve of money 储备金 reserve one's opinion on some points 在一些问题上保留自己的意见 reserve oneself for a competition 养精蓄锐准备比赛 reserve rooms at a hotel 预定旅馆房间 reserve seats in a theatre 向剧院定座 residence area 居民区 residence in new house 新居 resident in Beijing 北京的居民 resign a task to sb. 把任务交给某人 resign from office 辞职 resign from one's post 辞职 resign from the job 辞工作 resign one's office 辞职 resign one's position 辞职 resign oneself to mediation 陷入沉思 resign oneself to one's fate 听任命运摆布 resign to outside control 听任外部控制 resign to sb's will 屈从某人的意志 resist aggression 抵抗侵略 resist an attack 抵抗攻击 resist authority 反抗权势 resist heat 耐热 resist infection 抗感染 resist strenuously 奋力抵抗 resist the enemy 抵抗敌人 resist the police 反抗警察 resist vigorously 有力地抵抗 resist violence 抵抗暴力 resistance to 对…的抵抗力 resistance to a disease 对疾病的抵抗力 resistance to low temperature 抗低温 resort to a remedy 采用药物治疗 restricted report 局限的报告 revealed religion 天启教 ridicule a religion 嘲笑宗教 rigid regulations 严格的规定 rigidly upright representative 刚直的代表 roving reporter 巡回记者 rude remark 粗鲁的话 ruin sb's reputation 使某人名誉扫地 rural and pastoral resident 农牧区居民 rural regions 偏远地区 safe remedy 安全的疗法 safety regulations 安全规则 safety requirement 安全要求 sales representative 商务代表,代销人 sanitary regulations 卫生守则 sarcastic remark 讽刺话 satisfactory reference 令人满意的证明书 satisfy a requirement 满足要求,符合条件 scathing remark 酷评 scholarly research 学术研究 school regulations 校规 school report 学校的成绩报告单 science reporter 科学报道记者 scientific research 科学研究 secret report 秘密报告 security regulations 安全条例 seek a remedy 寻求疗法/补救办法 seek relief 寻找宽慰 sell at a reduction 削价出售 sell at a reduction of 30 percent 以七折出售 sell it without reserve 不限价拍卖,只要给点钱就把它卖了 send a representative 派代表 senior representative 高级代表 serious reflection 认真的思考,严肃的反省 serious request 正式的要求 set out the requirement 阐明要求 set requirements 确定要求 sharp relief 轮廓极为明显 shift one's residence 迁居 show regret 显得遗憾 show reserve 表示谨慎,显得冷淡 show terrain in relief 显示出地势的起伏 sign a release 签发释放令 simple remedy 简单的疗法/补救办法 slanderous remark 诽谤的话 smash resistance 粉碎抵抗 smear sb's reputation 败坏某人的名誉 sneer at religion 轻视宗教 snide remark 刻毒的话 snow removal 积雪的清除 sober reflection 冷静的思考,认真的思考 social reform 社会改革 social relations 社会关系 society reporter 社会记者 soil one's reputation 玷污自己的名誉 sole representative 唯一的代表 sovereign remedy 特效药 space research 太空研究 speak with reserve 说话谨慎 speak without reserve 直言不讳 special administrative region 特别行政区 special request 特殊的要求 speed rescue 加速援救 spelling reform 拼写改革 spiteful remarks 充满恶意的话 sports reporter 体育新闻记者 spotless reputation 清白的名声 spotty resistance 零星的抵抗 spread a report 传播消息 staff reduction 裁员 stake one's reputation on sth. 以某人的名誉担保某事件 stamp out a religion 消灭宗教 stand by as sb's relief 站在旁边准备接替某人 stand out in relief 功绩显著 state religion 国教 steps towards reform 改革的步骤 stiff resistance 强有力的抵抗 still remain 仍然是 stimulate research 激励研究 stop research 停止研究 storing reservoir 贮水池 stout resistance 顽强的抵抗 strengthen relation 加强关系 strict regulations 严格的规定 strong resistance 强烈的抵抗 structure reform 体制改革 stubborn resistance 顽固的抵抗 student in residence 住校生 submit a report 提交报告 subtle remark 微妙的话 suburban residence 郊区住宅 suddenly resign 突然辞职 suggest a remedy 建议一种疗法 suggestive remark 建议性的评论 sullen remark 愠怒的话 superficial remarks 肤浅的话 superstitious religion 迷信的宗教 support a representative 支持代表 sure remedy 可靠的补救方法 surgical removal 外科手术切除 sweeping reform 大规模的改革 tainted reputation 被玷污的名誉 take a 30% reduction 降价30% take a reduction 接受减缩 take up research 开始研究 take up residence 定居 tape-recorded report 录音报道 tarnish sb's reputation 败坏声誉 tarnished reputation 被败坏的名誉 tax relief 免税 teach a religion 传教 temporary relief 临时的缓解 terms of reference 职权范围 the Arctic region 北极地带 the Asian-Pacific region 亚太地区 the best remedy …的妙方 the following regulations 下列规定 the general theory of relativity 广义相对论 the House of Representatives 众议院 the latest research 最新的研究 the People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国 the qualifications of a representative 代表资格 the resistance of the air 空气阻力 the Social Register 《社会名人录》 the special theory of relativity 狭义相对论 theme of remark 谈论的话题 think of a remedy 考虑治疗方案/补救办法 this-worldly religion 相信今世的宗教 thorough research 彻底研究 timely remark 适时的话 timely rescue 及时的营救 to one's regret 遗憾的是 to one's relief 使某人松了一口气 toothache remedy 牙痛药 top report 绝密报告 tough resistance 强硬的抵抗 town and country residences 城乡住宅 trade relations 贸易关系 trade union representative 工会代表 traffic regulations 交通规则 traffic report 交通报道 transfer one's residence 迁居 traverse a region 横越一个地区 trite remark 陈腐的话 trivial remark 琐碎的话,无聊的话 tropical regions 热带地区 troubled region 骚乱地区 troubled relation 紧张的关系 try a reform 尝试改革 try remedy 尝试疗法 TV reporter 电视台记者 two week's rent 两星期的房租 typical representative 具有代表性的代表 unblemished reputation 清白的名声 uncompromising resistance 不屈不挠的反抗,毫不妥协的反抗 under the regulations 根据规定 uneconomical rent 不便宜的租金 unenviable reputation 不值得羡慕的名声 unfavorable report 不利的报道 union and management representatives 劳资双方代表 union representative 工会代表 unnecessary relief 不必要的安慰 unofficial reports 非官方报道 unofficial request 非官方的要求 unpopulated region 无人居住区 unreasonable request 不合理的要求 unsullied reputation 清白的名声 untarnished reputation 从未被玷污的名声 upon the request of 根据…的要求 urgent request 急迫的要求 urgent rescue 紧急营救 utter a remark 说一点意见 valiant resistance 勇敢的抵抗 valuable relief 宝贵的安慰 various remedy dies 各种疗法 venture a remark 冒昧发表意见 verbal report 口头报告 vigorous resistance 有力的抵抗 violate a regulation 违反规定 violent resistance 猛烈的反抗/抵抗 visitors' register 来宾签名簿 waive a requirement 放弃要求 war reserves 军需储备品 weak resistance 软弱的抵抗 wear down resistance 削弱抵抗 weather report 天气预报 weekly rent 周租金 weekly report 每周报告 welcome a representative 欢迎代表 widely report 广泛地报道 wildlife reserve 野生动物堡区 win a good reputation 赢得信誉 with reference to the question 关于这个问题 with reference to the reply 关于这个回答 with reserve 有保留地,有条件地,含蓄地 with-draw a remark 收回一句话 withhold rent 暂不付租金 without reference to 不管,不论,与…无关 without reference to age and sex 不论男女老少 without reserve 无保留地,无条件地,直言不讳地 witty remark 妙语 women's representative 妇女代表 work out a remedy 制订治疗方案/补救办法 work up a reputation 逐步树立声誉 worker's representative 工人代表 world religion 世界性的宗教少 worldwide reputation 举世闻名 write a report 写报告 write up a report 把报告写得有声有色 written report 书面报告 written request 书面请求 wrote out a report 写出报告 yearly rent 年租金 disease resistant 抗病的 a bed of roses 称心如意的境遇,安乐窝 a bouquet of roses 一束玫瑰花 a large mass of rock 一大块岩石 a length of rope 一根绳子 a little rest 稍息 a man of great resolution 极其果断的人 a man of resource 足智多谋的人 a matter of routine 例行手续的问题 a period of revolt 叛乱时期 a piece of ribbon 一根带子 a piece of rope 一根绳子 a question of routine 例行手续的问题 a row of houses 一排排房子 a suite of room 一套房 absolutely ridiculous 绝对荒谬的,非常可笑的 accomplish a result 获得成果 accomplish revolution 完成革命 achieve a result 取得成果 achieve a right 获得权利 active response 积极响应 active rest 积极的休息 active role 积极的作用 adequate reward 足够的报酬 admirable result 令人羡慕的结果/成果 admire a result 羡慕结果 adopt a resolution 作出决议 affect the result of 影响…的效果 after a ten-minute rest 休息十分钟后 aggressive rival 咄咄逼人的对手 agreeable response 令人愉快的反应 agricultural resource 农业资源 aim a rifle 瞄准目标 air a room 给房间通风 air rifle 气枪 airy room 通风良好的房间 all right 行,好没问题 along the river 沿河 along the road 沿马路 amusement resort 娱乐场 an hour for rest 一小时的休息时间 announce a result 发表结果 applaud a resolution 赞成决议 apply restrains 加以限制 apply restraints 加以限制 aquatic resource 水产资源 armed revolt 武装起义 as a result 所以,由于,因此 as a result of 作为…的结果 as a reward 作为酬谢 as right as rain 感觉身体好极了 as the last resort 其他一切都失败后作为最后一着 ask no reward 不图报酬 assemble a rifle 组装步枪 assign a reward 分配奖赏 assign the role to 把角色派给… at a restaurant 在一家餐厅 at parade rest 军队口令稍息 at rest 平静,安静 at room 315 在315室 at the ripe age of 以…的高龄 at the root 从根本上 attack right 攻右翼 automatic rifle 自动步枪 back road 支路,乡间的道路 back room 里屋,密室 badly-lighted room 光线不好的房间 badly-run restaurant 经营差的餐馆 baggage room 行李间 bamboo rod 竹竿 bank of the river 河岸 banquet room 宴会厅 bar the road 挡住去路 barn up the road 开快车,驾车急驶 bath room 洗澡间 be at the end of one's rope 穷途末路 be full of resources 富有机智 be held in restraint 受监视 be in right with 得到…的喜爱 be killed as a result of the plane crash 因飞机失事身亡 be much respected 很受尊敬 be poor in resources 资源贫乏 be restricted in one's movements 行动受约束 be restricted to 限于,局限于 be restricted to 30 km an hour 速度被限制在每小时三十公里 be restricted to smoking 限制抽烟 be restricted within narrow limits 限于狭窄的范围内 be rich in resources 资源丰富 be under restraint 被拘禁 beat a retreat 撤退 beaten rival 被击败的对手 beautiful restaurant 漂亮的餐馆 beautify a room 美化房间 bed rest 卧床休息 bed room 卧室 Beijing Review 北京周报 Beijing Roast duck 北京烤鸭 bend in the road 道路的转弯处 beneficial result 有益的成果 beyond the river 河对岸 big river 大河 bill of rights 权利法案 block a road 封锁道路,堵塞道路 bloodless revolution 不流血的革命 blow off a roof 风掀掉屋顶 blue ribbon 蓝绶带,最高荣誉 board room 董事会等的会议室 boil rice 煮饭 book a room 预订房间 book review 书评 booster rocket 助推火箭 bottom of the river 河底 bourgeois-democratic revolution 资产阶级民主革命 boxing ring 拳击赛场 break a rib 折断肋骨 break a road 开路前进,排除困难前进 break the routine 打破常规 bridge across a river 河上的桥 brief review 简短的回顾/复习 bring about a revolution 引起一次革命 broad road 康庄大道 brown rice 糙米 build a road 筑路 build a routine 建立常规/程序 business rival 商业上的竞争者 business routine 例行业务手续 busy river 交通繁忙的河流 busy road 繁忙的公路 by a rope 用绳子 by right 正当地 by right of 凭借…,由于… by road 由公路 by rotation 转换,轮流 by the root 根本上,从根部,连根 calculating rod 计算尺 call forth no response 不起反应 capitalist road 资本主义道路 carrier rocket 运载火箭 carry on a revolution 进行革命 carry out a retreat 撤退 carry out a revolution 干革命 carry the revolution through to the end 把革命进行到底 cast off restrain 摆脱约束 cast off restraint 摆脱约束 change a ribbon 换打字机上的色带 change a routine 改变惯常的做法 changing room 更衣室 check the results 核对结果 children's rights 儿童的权力 chin rest 颏托 Chinese restaurant 中餐馆 chuck roast 烤颈肉 civil rights 民权 claim a reward 索取报酬 claim a right 要求权利 clean a room 打扫房间 clear a road 排除路上的障碍 clear restaurant 清洁的餐馆 close a restaurant 关闭餐馆 close rival 势均力敌的对手 coal resource 煤炭资源 coil a rope 卷绳子 come to rest 静止下来,停止移动 come up roses 顺利 comfortable rest 舒舒服服的休息 comfortable room 舒适的房间 commercial river 重要的通商河流 common room 公共休息室,教员公用室 complete rest 完全休息 complete revolution 大变革 comprehensive review 全面复习 compulsorily retire 强迫退休 concrete road 混凝土路 concrete the road 用混凝土浇注路面 conduct a revolution 进行革命 conference room 会议室 connecting rod 联杆 construction robot 建筑上用的机器人 consumer's rights 消费者权利 contents of a room 房间里的东西 continue a revolution 继续革命 cook rice 煮饭 country retreat 乡间静养处 country road 乡间的道路 crisscrossing rivers 纵模交错的河流 critical review 评论 crooked road 弯曲的道路 crops rotation 庄稼轮作情况 cross a river 过河 crush a revolution 镇压革命 crush one's rival 征服对手 cube root 立方根 cultural revolution 文化革命 curtain a room 给房间挂窗布 curtain rod 窗帘杆 cut a rope 切断绳子 cut to ribbons 彻底摧毁 daily routine 日常工作,每天的例行公事 dairy restaurant 乳品餐馆 dance to the rhythm 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司