翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 防止损失 secure borders against attack 保证边界不受攻击 secure end 达到目的 secure from 免受…侵害等的 secure from 使…免受 secure from a repetition of the same mistakes 防止重犯同样的错误 secure from attack 免受攻击的危险 secure from danger 没有任何危险 secure from loss 防止损失 secure in 在…方面牢固的 secure in one's beliefs 坚守自己的信仰 secure of 有信心,认为…靠得住 secure of victory 有必胜的信念 secure oneself against accidents 投保人身意外事故 secure the house from burglary 堡房屋以免遭窃 secure the village against floods 使村庄免受水灾 see ...alone 单独跟…见面 see ...around/round the factory 带…参观工厂 see ...to the directors office 陪…上主任办公室 see ...to the door 送…到门口 see ...to the station 送…到火车站 see a great deal of life 见多识广 see a shadow 看到影子 see about 查看,查询,留意于,负责处理 see about the fuel 负责弄燃料 see about the matter 过问此事 see about the tickets 负责弄票 see after 照料,看管 see after children 照顾孩子 see after the cattle 看管牛 see as 视为…,考虑可接受 see each other regularly 定期约会 see for a job 求职 see in 把…引进,庆祝…的到来 see into 调查,看出,了解 see into a matter 调查某事 see life 体验生活,见世面 see off 送行 see out 进行到底 see over 为租或买查看房屋等 see sb. as a friend 把某人看作朋友 see sb. as members of our organization 接受…成为我们组织的成员 see sb. through college 供…读完大学 see sb. through period of grief 帮…渡过悲痛的时期 see sb. through the difficulty 帮助…克服困难 see sense 觉悟,懂得道理 see the New Year in 迎接新年的到来 see the train 看见火车 see through 领会,看透,帮助…渡过困难等 see through the little game 看穿那套小把戏 see through the scheme 看穿阴谋 see through trick 看穿诡计 see to 负责,注意,留心,照料,陪伴到 see to the arrangements 照看安排的情况 see to the cooking 负责煮饭 see to the people's housing problem 注意人民的住房问题 see two men 看见两个人 see well 看得清楚 see with 同意 seed certification 种子鉴定 seed disinfection 种子消毒 seed dresser 拌种机 seed treatment 种子处理 seeds come up 种子发芽 seeds grow 种子生长 seek …from 从…寻求 seek advice 请教 seek advice from lawyer 请教律师 seek after 寻求 seek after the truth 追求真理 seek for 寻求 seek for employment 求职 seek information 收集情报 seek information from various sources 从各种来源收集情报 seek out 寻出,搜出,想获得 seek out a shady spot 找到一个荫凉地方 seek sb. out 找到某人 seek shade 找阴凉 seek truth 追求真理 seek truth from facts 实事求是 seize on a chance 抓住机会 seize on sb's idea 采纳某人的意见 seize on the ship 扣留船 seize on/upon 抓住,利用,采用 seize sb. by the arm 抓住某人的手臂 seize sb. by the collar 抓住某人的衣领 seize sb's meaning 领会某人意思 selection of hats 精选的帽子 selection of material 材料的选择 selections from English poetry 英国诗歌选集 selections from Lenin 《列宁文选》 selections from Shakespeare 莎士比亚选集 selections of classics 古典文选 selfish interests 私利 selfish man 自私的人 selfish motives 自私的动机 sell a secret 出卖秘密 sell at 以…价出售 sell at a loss 亏本出售 sell at bargain 廉价出售,大拍卖 sell at fixed prices 按固定价格出售 sell at one pound each 按一英镑一个出售 sell at three for a yuan 按每元三个出售 sell away 卖掉 sell below cost 亏本出售 sell best 销路好,好卖 sell by 按…出售 sell by auction 拍卖 sell by dozen 按打出售 sell by weight 按重量卖 sell by yard 按码卖 sell car 卖车 sell dear 高价出售 sell for 以多少钱卖出 sell for a good price 卖个好价钱 sell for a song 以极低的价格出售,大拍卖 sell for ten pounds 卖十镑 sell goods 销售货物 sell high 卖高价 sell in 按…出售 sell in bottles 按瓶出售 sell in gross 批发 sell in small lots 一小份一小份地出售 sell like hot cakes 畅销 sell off 卖掉,让出 sell on trust 赊销 sell one's country 出卖祖国 sell out 卖光,卖掉,背叛,出卖 sell out one's property 出售财产 sell out shirts 卖掉衬衫 sell sb. some fertilizer 卖给某人一些肥料 sell sheep 卖羊 sell short 卖空 sell under prime cost 按低于原价出售 sell under the counter 私下出售,非法出售 sell very fast 销路好,好卖 sell well 销路良好 sell without any profit 不赚钱出售 semiconductor diode 半导体二极管 semiconductor laser 半导体激光器 senate adjourn 参议院休会 senate support 参议院支持 senate vote 参议院投票 send ...to 把…送到…去 send a letter 寄信 send a message 捎信 send about 把…打发赶走 send abroad 派出国 send ahead 选派,派在前头 send along 派遣,发送 send as 派作为… send away 赶走,逐出,解雇 send away boats to the rescue 派船前去救援 send away one's servant 解雇佣人 send back 送回,退还 send by 以…方式寄出 send by mail 邮寄 send by water 用船送 send down 勒令…停学,开除,使温度/价格下降,把…向下发送 send down shoes 把鞋拿下来 send early 早些发出 send for 派人去拿某物/请某人来 send for a servant 召唤佣人 send for the doctor 请医生来 send forth 生出,发出,送出,派遣 send forth branches 这棵树长出枝叶 send forth leaves 长叶 send goods 发货 send immediately 立即发出 send in 呈报,送来,递送 send in a bottle of wine 送一瓶葡萄酒来 send in dinner 送来饭菜 send into 使插入,补入 send mails 发邮件 send off 寄出,送别,逐出 send off the parcel 寄出包裹 send on 送…去参加 send out 转送,发出,长出 send out a number of letters 发出许多信 send out light and heat 发出光和热 send over 播出,运过去,发送,派遣 send over to England 派送到英国去 send over to the police 送交警察 send round 使传阅,派送 send sb. a gift 送…一件礼物 send sb. a postcard 给…寄一张明信片 send sb. about his business 把某人解雇 send sb. for some beer 打发…去买啤酒 send sb. into the game 在比赛中派上… send sb. on a field trip 送学生去参加野外考察实习 send sb. on a mission 派某人执行任务 send sb. the manuscript 将手稿寄给… send sb. to bed 打发…睡觉 send sb. to camp 送…到野营地 send sb. to room 叫…到房里 send sb's temperature down 使某人的热度下降 send the goods along 把这批货物发出去 send the man in 叫那人进来 send the manuscript 寄手稿 send up 使上涨,发射,提出,检举 send up a rocket 发射火箭 send up a satellite 发射卫星 send up a trial balloon 发送测试气球 sense about science 科学常识 sense between the lines 字里行间的意义 sense of a speech 演讲的意思 sense of art 艺术感 sense of beauty 审美感 sense of delight 高兴 sense of duty 责任感 sense of gratitude 感激之情 sense of honour 荣誉感 sense of humor 幽默感 sense of responsibility 责任感 sense of right or wrong 是非观念 sense of shame 羞耻感 sense of sight 视觉 sense of smell 嗅觉 sense of taste 味觉 sense of the word 词的意义 sense of touch 触觉 sensible about sth. 对某事是通情达理的,明了某事 sensible at judging men 明智地判断人 sensible change 可觉察到的变化 sensible from manner 从行为中可以看出 sensible of 知道,领会,觉察到 sensible of sb's kindness 领会某人的好意 sensible of the danger 觉察到危险 sensitive about 对…很在乎的 sensitive about height 对身高很在乎 sensitive about one's appearance 很注意外表 sensitive on the subject of religion 对宗教问题敏感 sensitive paper 感光纸 sensitive plant 含羞草 sensitive to 对…敏感的 sensitive to charges 对指责敏感 sensitive to cold 对冷很敏感 sensitive to criticism 对批评敏感 sensitive to heat 对热敏感 sensitive to light 对光敏感 sensitive to sounds 对声音敏感 sentence dements 句子成分 sentence for 因…而判刑 sentence of this type 这一类型的句子 sentence patterns 句型 sentence structure 句子结构 sentence to 判罚 separate ...by 用…把…分开 separate a word 把词分开 separate cream out of milk 从牛奶中撇出奶油 separate elements 分离元件 separate from 使与…分离 separate from 与…分离 separate from business 与工作分开 separate from others 与其他的分开 separate into 把…分成…份 separate metal from 从…中分离出金属 separate out 区分开来 separate the good from the bad 把好的和坏的分开 separate the sheep from the goats 区分善恶 sequence of events 事情发生的先后顺序 serious about 对…认真的 serious about one's work 对工作很认真 servant of the people 人民的勤务员 servant to …的仆人 serve a sentence 服刑 serve as 充当,用作,成为,起…作用 serve as a judge in a contest 在比赛中当裁判 serve as a model in 作为…的样板 serve as a soldier 当兵 serve at table 做招待 serve badly 开球开得不好 serve dinner 供应饭菜 serve for a seat 用作凳子 serve in a department store 在百货商店当营业员 serve in the army 在陆军服役 serve nice food to customers 为顾客供应美味饭菜 serve on 担任…公职 serve one's full term in office 任期已满 serve out 分配粮食等,分发 serve out food 分发食物 serve purpose 达到目的 serve sb. a good dinner 招待…吃了一顿美餐 serve sb. with a summons 把传票送交某人 serve the residents with natural gas 供给居民天然气 serve to 发球给… serve under 服务于 serve under the late general 曾在已故将军手下任职 serve well 开球开得好 serve with 以…招待,向…送交 serve with the French Air Forces 在法国空军服役 serve without salaries 义务帮忙 service between …之间的航班 service fee 服务费 service industry 服务行业 service of public utility 公用设施 service sectors 服务部门 service to 对…服务,飞往…的航班 service to London 飞往伦敦的航班 service to science 对科学的贡献 service to the cause of education 对教育事业的贡献 service to the State 对国家的贡献 session of a university 大学的学期 session of Congress 国会会议 session of Parliament 国会会议 session on …的会议 session on Monday 星期一的会议 session on problems of air pollution 就空气污染问题的会议 session with the dentist 看牙时间 set a date 定日期 set a date for a wedding 为婚礼定下日期 set a ladder against a wall 把扶梯靠在墙上 set a match 点火 set a piece of music for the violin 为小提琴编曲 set a poem to music 为诗配曲 set a price 标价 set a price on an article 为物品标价 set a trap 设圈套 set about 开始,着手,乱打人 set about cleaning the classroom 开始打扫教室 set about learning English 开始学习英语 set against 使靠在…上,使与…对立 set an example 树立榜样 set at sb. 袭击/攻击/抨击某人 set back 拨回钟表,使退步,使挫折,阻碍 set back the clock 把时钟往回拔 set back the programme 阻碍计划实施 set brother against brother 使兄弟之间不和 set down 放下,卸下,记下,制定 set down a load 放下担子 set down one's success to luck 把自己的成功归因于侥幸 set eyes on 凝视 set eyes on the green hill 望见翠绿的小山 set fire 点火 set for 为…而安排 set forth 出发,提出 set forth one's views 阐述己见 set forward 提出,促进,把钟拨快 set forward the clock 把时钟往前拨 set hat 戴好帽子 set in 季节来临,流行,确立,走进 set in one's attitude about 抱定自己对…的态度 set in order 整顿,整理 set of public opinion 舆论的倾向 set of the coat 上装的款式 set off 动身,出发,引起,爆炸 set on the sheep 袭击羊群 set on/upon 把…放在…上,煽动,扑向,为…确定 set one's theory forth 说明自己的理论 set one's watch 对表 set oneself against the people 与人民为敌 set other nations by the ears 在别的国家中间挑拨离间 set out 动身,布置,提出,开辟 set out a garden 设计花园的布局 set out for school 动身到学校去 set problems 布置题目 set sb onto commit a crime 唆使某人犯罪 set sb. by the heels 监禁某人 set sb. down at the station 让某人在这站下车 set sights on 凝视某物,渴求某物 set sth. down in the diary 记在日记里 set sth. down tosb's account 把…记在某人的账上 set the lamp on the table 将台灯放在桌上 set the papers for an examination 出试题 set the pupils problems 给学生布置题目 set the room in order 把房间收拾整齐 set the stage 设置舞台布景或场所 set the table 摆好桌子 set the top of a wall with broken glass 在墙头上嵌碎玻璃 set to 使适应,开始 set to learning English 开始学习英语 set to work 开始工作 set up 建立,提出,贴出,引起,使振作 set up a factory 建立工厂 set up a loud cry 大声叫喊 set up a new theory 提出新的理论 settle at a small town 定居于小城镇 settle down 定居,守安定的生活,平静下来,夜色降临 settle down the excitement 让激动情绪平息下来 settle down to a bachelor life 安于独身生活 settle down to a new job 渐渐习惯于新的工作 settle down to dinner 坐定下来吃饭 settle down to studies 安下心来学习 settle for 勉强接受,愿意 settle for such a quiet life 忍受这样单调的生活 settle for this simple life 愿过这种简朴的生活 settle in 定居在,坐在…里 settle in Canada 定居加拿大 settle in shape to 一有头绪 settle in the Country 在农村落户 settle into 稳定成为 settle into shape 有头绪 settle into sleep 慢慢地进入梦乡 settle on 停在,决定 settle on a place for vacation 决定去度假的地方 settle on the furniture 在家具上积聚 settle on the land 鸟等飞到地上来 settle out of court 庭外解决 settle the audience down 使听众安静下来 settle to 安心于 settle up 解决,还清欠款 settle up a dispute 解决争端 settle up with the waiter 和服务员结账 settlement about the cost 费用的解决办法 settlement in the woods 丛林里的村落 settlement of a dispute 解决争端 settlement of a question 对某问题的解决办法 settlement of an issue 问题的解决 settlement to the war 战争的解决办法 settlement with the employers 与雇主的解决办法 settlements in Australia 在澳洲的殖民地 settlements in the northern part 北部的殖民区 several of 几个… several of the students 那几个学生 several people 几个人 several students 几个学生 several times 几次,数回 severe sentence 重刑 sew ...by 用…缝 sew ...by hand 手工缝制 sew ...into 把…缝在…里 sew ...on 把…缝在…上 sew ...up 缝合,解决,完成 sew ...with 用…缝 sew ...with a machine 用机器缝制 sew button on shirt 把扣子钉到衬衫上 sew buttons on a coat 把扣子钉在上衣上 sew money into a belt 把钱缝在腰带里 sew sb. a dress 给…做一件衣服 sew the whole thing up 把整个事情解决了 sew together 缝在一起 sew two pieces of cloth together 把两块布缝在一起 sew up a wound 把伤口缝合 shade for colours 色调 shade of blue 蓝色 shade of color 色调 shade of red 红色 shade of the trees 树阴 shades of the departed 死者的幽灵 shadow of a shade 虚幻 shadow of evening 暮色 shadow of war 战争的阴影 shadow over reputation 名誉上的阴影 shake apples 摇下苹果 shake away 抖掉 shake down 把…摇落下来,适应,敲诈 shake down for the night 临时借宿 shake down in a new environment 适应新的环境 shake from 使摇落,抖掉 shake head 摇头 shake head at 对…摇头表示不赞成 shake head at the idea 对这个建议摇头 shake head over 对…摇头表示不赞成 shake leaves 摇树叶 shake off 摆脱,抖掉,推掉责任,抛弃 shake off a bad habit 改掉坏习惯 shake off cold 摆脱感冒 shake out 摇开,抖开,抖掉 shake out a sail 扬帆 shake out of 使摇落,抖掉 shake sand 抖沙子 shake sb. by the shoulder 抓住某人的肩膀猛摇 shake snow 抖雪 shake sth. from a tree 把…从树上摇落 shake sth. off clothes 把衣服上的…抖掉 shake stick 挥棍子 shake the company to its foundations 动摇该公司的基础 shake the earth away 抖掉泥土 shake the fruit down 摇落果实 shake the rain 抖水 shake up 搅动,摇动,摇匀,使人振作 shake up a bottle of medicine 摇匀药水 shake up a cushion 抖松靠垫 shake violently 猛烈地摇动 shake well 摇匀 shake with 因…而发抖 shake with cold 冷得发抖 shake with fear 害怕得发抖 shake with laughter 捧腹大笑 shallow argument 肤浅的议论 shallow dish 浅底盘 shallow man 知识浅薄的人,肤浅的人 shallow river 水不深的河 shame at 因…而羞耻 shame on 丢脸 shame to one's family 家庭的败类 shame upon parents 使双亲蒙受羞辱 shape ...from 用…做成… shape ...into 使做成…的形状 shape a dress to sb's figure 做得很合身的衣服 shape clay into a pot 将粘土做成罐子 shape clay into balls 将泥土揉成圆球 shape of a cat 猫的形状 shape of a horseshoe 马蹄形 shape of the letter U 呈U字形 shape of things to come 未来的发展情况 shape one's course 确定方向,计划路线 shape one's course to modernization 拟定现代化的方针 shape one's plans 制定计划 share £ 1,000 among 将一千镑均分给… share among 在…中分享 share among five men 将…均分给五人 share everything 不分彼此 share food with 与…一起分享食物 share in 共同拥有使用… share in the profits 分享利润 share in the work 分担工作 share in troubles and joys 苦乐与共 share in using the computer 共同使用计算机 share out 分配,分发 share sb's opinion 和某人意见相同 share the profits 分利润 share the room with 和…共住一个房间 share the same bed 同床共枕 share with 同…分享 share with cousin 和表弟一起分享 sharp at 擅于… sharp at a bargain 精于讨价还价 sharp at arithmetic 精于算术 sharp razor 锋利的刮胡刀 sharp with 对…严厉的 sharp with the secretary 对秘书严厉 shave off 刮掉,剃掉 shave up 剃光 shaving set 一套修面用具 shear of privileges 剥夺特权 shear off 剪下,剪掉,切掉 shear off the wool 把羊毛剪下来 shear sheep 剪羊毛 shear sheep wool from a sheep 剪羊毛 shear the dead branches from the tree 把枯枝从树上剪掉 shed a silver luster over the hills 银光撒满山头 shed leaves 落叶 shed light on a mystery 揭开奥秘 shed light on a subject 阐明问题 shed off 脱落 shed on 向…发射 shed tears 流泪 sheets hot from the press 刚印出来的报纸 shooting season 狩猎期 shopping section 商业区 short sentence 短期徒刑 show a sense of humor 表现幽默感 show a shape 呈现出一种形状 show shame 表现害羞 simple sentence 简单句 single sheet 单人床单 skull session 首脑会议,高峰会议 slaughter sheep 宰羊 slow service 缓慢的服务 social season 社交季节 social secretary 社交秘书 social services 社会公益服务,福利事业 soldier on service 现役士兵 sowing season 播种季节 speak sense 说话有道理 special session 特别会议 speech in the senate 在参议院上的讲话 speedy settlement 迅速解决 spend a season 度过一个季节 spiritual self 大我 sports section 体育版 spread seeds 撒种 spring semester 春季学期 spy out a secret 探出秘密 square shape 正方形 start a season 开始一个季节 start air services 开办航空业务 start in second 以第二档速度发动 starve a servant 使佣人挨饿 state secret 国家机密 statistics section 统计科 steal a secret 窃取机密 stimulate a sense of honor 激励荣誉感 strict sense 严格的意义 strictly secret 绝对机密的 strike a set 拆除布景 string section 弦乐组 stroking session 美调解会,安抚会 suffer the shame 受辱 suicide seat 司机旁边的座位 summer semester 夏季学期 summer session 夏季学期 summon a session 召开会议 sun shade 女用阳伞,百叶窗 sunrise service 晨拜 supplies section 供应料 support one's self 振作精神 swimming season 游泳季节 take a sheet off a hedge 公然盗窃 take it serious 认真对待这事 take on the shape 正在形成 take one's seat 就座 take only a second 只用一会儿 take service with a firm 在某公司任职 take shame upon oneself 深感羞辱 take shape 成形 take the service 发球 talk a secret 谈论秘密的话 talk sense 说话有道理 tea set 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 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