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output signals 输出信号 outward show 外观 overcome one's shortcomings 克服缺点 own a shop 有一个店 paint shop 油漆行 pass a matter with silence 对某事置之不理 pass into silence 湮没在无声无息之中 passenger ship 客轮 passing shot 超身球 passing shower 短暂的阵雨 pay in silver 付银币 perfect shelter 完美隐蔽处 perfect sight 惹人注目 perfect silence 完全的沉默 physical sign 体征 picture signals 图像信号 piercing shout 尖厉刺耳的呼叫声 play music at sight 见乐谱即演奏 play on the shore 在海岸上玩耍 pleasant sight 令人愉快的情景 pleasing sign 令人高兴的迹象 pointed shoes 尖头鞋 polish shoes 擦亮皮鞋 poor sight 视力差 post a sign 贴出告示 postcard shower 纷纷来到的大批明信片 practical side 实际的一面 pre-arranged signal 预定信号 preserve one's sight 保持视力 principal sights 主要名胜 print shop 印刷所 produce a shift 产生变化 produce a show 制作剧目 produce a signature 署名 produce shock 产生震动 produce signals 产生信号 provide a shot 提供子弹/炮弹 provide shelter 给予庇护 public show 公开表演 pull off shoes 脱鞋 pull the alarm signal 拉响警报 pulsed signals 脉冲信号 purchase sb's silence 用贿赂堵住某人的口 pure silver 纯银 put on a shirt 穿一件衬衫 put on a show 上演剧目,假装 put on shoes 穿鞋 put one's shirt on 确信成功,孤注一掷 put one's shoulder to the wheel 出一把力,努力工作,尽力完成任务 put one's signature to 签名 put sb. to silence 驳得某人哑口无言 put the shot 掷铅球 put up a shelf 安装架子 put up a show 表现 put up a sign 贴出告示 put up a signal 发信号 radar signal 雷达脉冲/信号 radio show 广播节目 radio signals 无线电信号 radio time signal 无线电报时信号 railroad signal 铁路信号 rain shoes 雨鞋 rain shower 阵雨 raise a shout 高声喊叫 raise the signal 升起信号 raw silk 生丝 reach the shore 到达海岸 ready-made shirt 现成的衬衫 real silk 真丝 receive shock 受到打击 receive signals 接收信号 recover one's sight 恢复视力 recover sight of sth. 又看到某物,又发现事物 refined silver 纯银 rely upon one's sight 依靠视力 remain silent 保持沉默,保持安静 remember one's sister 记住自己的姐姐/妹妹 remove one's shoes 脱鞋 repair shop 修理工场 repeat a signal 重复信号 rescue ship 救助船 resemble one's sister 长得很像姐姐/妹妹 resort to shift 采取手法 respect one's sister 尊敬姐姐 respond to a signal 回答信号 retail shop 零售店 retreat into one's silence 沉默不语 rifle on one's shoulder 肩上扛着的枪 rifle shot 步枪射击 right hand side 右侧 right shoe 右脚穿的鞋 right side 右边,对的一方 right side of 50 不满五十岁 right side of cloth 布的正面 right side of the door 门内 river side 河畔 road show 巡回演出 road sign 路标 rubber shoes 胶鞋 run a shop 经营商店 run off with a shout 大叫一声跑开了 run the show 主持演出/展览,主持,操纵 run up a signal 升起信号 rustic simplicity 淳朴 sad shock 悲痛的打击 safe shelter 安全的避难所 sail a ship 开船 sails of the ship 船帆 scratch out a signature 草草签名 scrawl one's signature 潦草地签名 scribbled signature 潦草的签字 sea shore 海岸 search the ship 搜查船只 see a show 看演出 see a sign 看到标记 see the shore of 看到…海岸 see the sights of 游览… seek shelter 寻求庇护 send a signal 发出信号 send sb. the shivers 使某人打颤 send shots at 向…打炮 serious shock 严重打击 serious shortage 严重缺乏 set one's sights high 有远大抱负 set one's signature to 在…上签字 set up for show 摆样子 set up shop 开店 severe shock 巨大的震动,大吃一惊 severe shortage 严重缺乏 shake down a ship 船舶试航 shake in one's shoes 两腿直哆嗦 sharp shock 强烈震动 shell shock 炮弹休克症 shelter against 掩护/堡/庇护…使不受… shelter by hills 有山挡住 shelter eyes 遮护眼睛 shelter from 掩护/堡/庇护…使不受… shelter from sunlight 避光 shelter from the rain 避雨 shelter from the sun 躲避阳光的地方 shelter from the wind 避风 shelter from the wind 避风处 shelter from trouble 避开麻烦 shelter off wind 挡风 shelter oneself behind 躲在…后面 shelter oneself behind a hedge 躲在篱笆后 shelter oneself behind someone else 躲在别人背后 shelter oneself in 躲在…里面 shelter oneself in a deserted house 在无人居住的屋中躲避 shelter oneself under 躲在…下面 shelter oneself under the eaves 在屋檐下躲避 shelter sb. for the night 收容某人过夜 shelter sb. from blame 庇护某人不受责骂 shelter the soldiers from gunfire 使兵士免受炮火的攻击 shield against 堡…免受…侵犯 shield against 抵抗…的堡物 shield eyes from the sun 遮住眼睛以免受阳光的照射 shield from 堡…免受…侵犯 shield sb. from danger 堡某人免受危险 shift …from...to 把…从…移动/搬到… shift a blame onto sb. 诿过于人 shift a burden 卸负担 shift about 到处移动/流动,移居各地 shift away 移走 shift dust off the street 把尘土从街上冲走 shift for a living 设法谋生 shift for oneself 自行设法,自力更生 shift from the defensive to the offensive 由防御转入进攻 shift from the first gear to the second gear 从第一排档转到第二排档 shift from Vienna to Berlin 从维也纳转移到柏林 shift in emphasis 重点的转移 shift in wind 风向的转变 shift into 转移进… shift into neutral 转为中立 shift of clothes 换衣服 shift of crops 庄稼的轮作 shift of responsibility 推卸责任 shift of the wind 风向的转变 shift off 卸掉,回避,走开 shift off a responsibility 推卸责任 shift off an argument 回避论点 shift responsibility 推卸责任 shift round 到处移动/流动,移居各地 shift the bookshelf about 把书架掉个向 shift the furniture about 移动家具 shift the piano up to room 把钢琴搬到房间里 shift the rubbish out of the way 把垃圾从路上清除掉 shift to a place 人调到某地,物搬到某处 shift to the north 转向北面 shine a light in/into 把光照向…,把光照进… shine at tennis 擅长网球 shine brightly 灿烂地照耀 shine brilliantly 灿烂地照耀 shine directly 直射 shine in sb's eyes 把光照向…的眼睛 shine in through the window 照进窗内 shine in/into 把光射进… shine into the cave 把光照进洞内 shine on 照在…上 shine on the heads 照到头上 shine on the water 照在水面上 shine over the earth 普照大地 shine shoes 给鞋打光 shine the shoes up 把鞋子擦得发亮 shine the torch up 把手电筒往上照 shine through the trees 透过树木照下来 shine up 使向上照,把…擦亮 ship anchor 船抛锚 ship at Sea 海上船只 ship bear up to sea 船向海上驶去 ship beat against the wind 船逆风行驶 ship bypass the hidden reefs 船绕过暗礁 ship cast off 船启航 ship displace 20,000 tons 船的排水量为两万吨 ship dock 船靠码头 ship draw deep 船吃水深 ship draw light 船吃水浅 ship get off 船启航 ship in distress 遇险的船只 ship outlive the storm 船从暴风雨中脱险出来 ship roll 轮船左右摇晃 ship set sail 船启航 ship sink off 船沉没 ship strike on a rock 船触礁 shiver all over 全身发抖 shiver at 想到…而哆嗦 shiver at the thought 想到就发抖 shiver down one's spine 背脊一阵冷颤 shiver from 因…而哆嗦 shiver go up and down 打冷颤 shiver in one's shoes 两腿直哆嗦 shiver like a leaf 像树叶一般地颤抖 shiver run 打冷颤 shiver with 因…而哆嗦 shiver with cold 冷得发抖 shiver with fright 吓得发抖 shock at 对…吃了一惊 shock from a wire 触电 shock of earthquake 地震 shock of waves 波浪的冲击 shock to 对…的震惊 shock to everybody 使大家很吃惊 shoe brush 鞋刷子 shoe polish 鞋油 shoe shop 鞋店 shoes bite sb. 鞋太小穿着脚痛 shoes fit sb. 鞋穿着合适 shoes slip on the icy road 鞋在结冰的路上打滑 shoes split open 鞋开裂了 shoot a bridge 船迅速从桥底下穿过 shoot across the sky 划过天空 shoot ahead 飞速向前 shoot an angry glance at 向…投去愤怒的目光 shoot as 当作…而枪毙 shoot at 向…射击,朝…投去 shoot at bird 向一只鸟射去 shoot at the target 打靶 shoot away 不停地射击,打光子弹 shoot away at the enemy 不断向敌人射击 shoot ball into the goal 把球踢进了球门 shoot beyond 射到…以外 shoot down 击落 shoot down an enemy plane 击落敌机 shoot for 为…而努力 shoot for a good result 力争好结果 shoot for the top 力争第一 shoot in 击中 shoot into 使射入 shoot into the air 射入空中 shoot off 发射,打掉,击断 shoot one's way out 打出去 shoot out 射击,打出,击灭,突然伸出,长出 shoot out flame and rocks 喷出火焰和熔岩 shoot out new branches 长出新芽 shoot out one's tongue 突然伸出舌头 shoot past sb. 从…身边飞驰而过 shoot sb. in the leg 击中了…的腿部 shoot sb. in the shoulder 击中…的肩膀 shoot straight 打准 shoot the enemy officer dead 击毙了敌人军官 shoot up 升起,喷出,植物发芽,长高,猛增,物价暴涨 shoot up fast 个子长得很快 shoot up into the air 直射空中 shoot up ward 飞快上升 shoot with 用…射击 shop for milk 牛奶店 shop in the town 镇上的商店 shore fish 近海鱼 shore of Central America 中美洲海岸 shore of the lake 湖滨 short cut 捷径 short for 是…的缩略 short house 矮屋 short in 在…方面短缺的 short in needed material 所需材料短缺 short in the sleeves 袖子短了些 short in understanding 缺乏了解 short of 缺乏,缺少,有一段距离,未达到 short of breath 呼吸短促 short of cash 现金甚缺 short of food 食物短缺 short of funds 资金短缺的 short of meeting the requirements 满足不了这些要求 short of men 缺乏人力 short of one million 不足一百万 short of ten dollars 差10美元 short of water 缺水 short on 缺乏,缺少 short on housing 住房缺乏 short on knowledge 知识肤浅 short sight 近视 short silence 短暂的沉默 short silk 生丝 short stick 短棍 short tree 矮树 shortage of 缺少… shortage of energy 能源短缺 shortage of fuel 燃料的短缺 shortage of funds 资金不足 shortage of professionals 专业人员的缺乏 shortage of resources 资源短缺 shortage of teachers 缺教师 shortage of workers 缺乏工人 shortcomings in one's work 工作中的缺点 shortwave signal 短波脉冲/信号 shoulder of a mountain 山肩 shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩,共同,协力地 shout a few words to 叫喊着对…说些话 shout a shout 发出叫声 shout angry words at 冲着…嚷 shout at sb. 对某人大声叫嚷 shout down 吼声把…压住 shout down rival opinions 以叫喊声压倒对立的意见 shout for help 大声喊“救命” shout for joy 欢呼 shout for sb. to come 大声喊某人来 shout for the team 为球队助战 shout in sb's ears 在耳边大声喊 shout of …的呼喊 shout of delight 愉快的欢呼声 shout of disapproval 高喊不同意 shout of victory 胜利的欢呼 shout of warning 高声呼喊以示警告 shout of welcome 欢迎的呼声 shout oneself hoarse 喊得嗓子哑 shout out 大声说出 shout out one's order 高声发出命令 shout sb. up from the bed 大声把某人喊起床 shout the speaker down 大声喝倒彩压倒演说人的声音 shout to 向…喊 shout up 喊起 shout with laughter 大笑 shout with pain 痛得喊叫 show a friend around 带朋友参观… show a guest in 领客人进来 show a guest out 领客人出去 show a signal 显示信号 show a visitor into 把客人引进… show around 带领…参观… show as 用…表示 show face 出现,露脸 show in 领…进来 show in 领进,在…方面有表明,显示 show into 领进 show new ring to 把新戒指给…看 show of flowers 花展 show of resistance 抵抗的样子 show of strength 力量的显示 show of trying 试一试的机会 show off 夸耀,表现显示出优点 show off well against 衬着…很好看 show oneself 露脸,出面,出现 show oneself at the reception 出席招待会 show oneself in one's true colour 显露出原形 show oneself in public 公开露面 show out 领…离开,送出 show over 带领参观 show sb. around the campus 带…参观校园 show sb. into the drawing room 把…引进客厅 show sb. over a factory 带某人参观工厂 show sb. over the old castle 领某人看古堡的全貌 show sb. stamp collection 给…看收集的邮票 show sb. the way 给某人指路 show sb. through the museum 领…参观博物馆 show sb. to the door 把某人送到门口 show sb. to the seat 引某人入座 show sign of 显示迹象 show teeth 发怒 show the cold shoulder to sb. 冷淡地对待某人 show the gentleman out 把这位先生送出去 show the woman out of his study 把那女人送出书房 show through 带领参观 show to 把…拿给…看,把…领送到 show up 揭发,暴露出现 show up at the meeting 出席会议 shrink aside 退到一旁 shrink at the thought of 想到…就畏缩不前 shrink back 退缩,畏缩 shrink back before difficulties 知难而退 shrink back from the horrifying spectacle 从那恐怖的景象前退缩 shrink back from the man 回避那个人 shrink from 退避,在…前面畏缩 shrink from dangers 遇危险退缩 shrink from meeting strangers 怕见生人 shrink from responsibility 逃避责任 shrink in the wash 棉织品洗时要缩水 shrink into a corner 缩进角落 shrink into oneself 缩做一团 shrink out of shape 缩得走了样 shrink to skeleton size 减少到最低程度 shrink up 缩拢 shrink with cold 冷得缩成一团 shrink with fear 吓得退缩 shrink with water 缩水 shut a cottage 关闭乡村别墅 shut away 把…关起来,隔离 shut behind 顺手关上 shut down 夜降临,雾浓起来,关上,使停止 shut down a factory 关闭工厂 shut down a shop 闭店,歇业 shut ears to all appeals for help 对于一切求助的呼声都充耳不闻 shut him away from them 把他和他们隔开 shut in 关闭,禁闭,封闭,夹住 shut off from 关掉,截断,停止…的活动,使隔绝 shut off the road from ordinary traffic 禁止一般车辆沿此路通行 shut on 对…关上 shut one's ears to all advice 不听任何劝告 shut one's eyes to the facts 闭眼不看事实 shut oneself in one's room to think 关在屋里思考问题 shut oneself off from the world 与世隔绝 shut out …关挡在外面,挡住,遮住,排斥 shut out the dog 别让狗进来 shut out the light 遮住光线 shut sb. from circle 把…排斥在圈子之外 shut sb. up in prison 把某人选进监牢 shut sb. with in the walls 把某人关在屋内 shut the door 关门 shut the door against sb. 不准某人进门,给某人吃闭门羹 shut the door behind you 随手把门关上 shut the door on sb. 把某人拒之门外,给某人吃闭门羹 shut the shop 关店 shut to 关上某物,闭上眼 shut up 关上,关闭,保藏,监禁,闭口不语 shut up shop 关店,打烊 shut up the valuables in a safe 把贵重物品藏在保险箱中 shy about 不敢做…的,对…害羞的 shy about singing 不好意思唱歌 shy bird 易受惊的鸟 shy girl 害羞的小女孩 shy of 对…迟疑,畏缩,缺乏 shy of funds 资金不足 shy of girls 在女孩子面前很害羞 shy of light 怕光 shy of speaking 不多讲话 shy of trying again 不敢再试 shy smile 羞怯的微笑 shy with woman 和女人们在一起怕羞 sick about 对…很不愉快 sick at 对…不愉快的 sick at failing the examination 为考试未能及格而不快 sick at having to refuse you 不得不拒绝你,对此很难过 sick at heart 忧心忡忡 sick for 渴望,想望 sick for one's home 想家 sick in the car 晕车 sick leave 病假 sick of 得…病,厌恶…的 sick of a fever 发烧 sick of lies 厌恶说谎 sick of waiting 等得不耐烦 sick to one's stomach 恶心的,作呕 sick with 患…病,对感到不快/懊丧 sick with flu 患流行性感冒 sick with sb. for being so late 怪…来的太迟 side by side 肩并肩,一起 side effects 副作用 side issues 枝节问题 side of the house 屋子的侧面 side of the road 路边 side walk 人行道 sides of a problem 问题的多方面 sigh a sigh 叹口气 sigh about 为…叹气 sigh after 渴望,思慕 sigh at an accident 为一桩灾祸而叹息 sigh away one's days 叹息着过日子 sigh for 渴望,思慕 sigh for a house 渴望房子 sigh for one's home 怀念家乡 sigh for the country 怀念祖国 sigh forth sth. 叹息中说出某事 sigh of relief 松一口气 sigh over an accident 为一桩灾祸而叹息 sigh over the failure 为失败叹息 sigh with relief 宽慰地舒一口气 sights of the West Lake 西湖风景 sign away 签字放弃权利等 sign away one's rights 签字放弃权利 sign in 签到,签收 sign in at Health Club 在健康俱乐部签到 sign in ink 用钢笔签字 sign off 广播电台宣布广播节目结束 sign off at midnight 半夜停播 sign on 签字于雇用契约 sign on another group of workers 签约再雇用一批工人 sign on the door 门上的牌子 sign one's name 签名 sign out 签名以记录离去时间 sign over 签字移交 sign up for a job 签约参加工作 sign up for a voyage to India 签约参加去印度的航行 signal by sounding a bell 以铃声为信号 signal for 为某事而发信号 signal for a retreat 撤退信号 signal for help 发信号求救 signal for starting 出发的信号 signal for the attack 进攻的信号 signal from 发自…的信号 signal from a ship 从船上发出的信号 signal generator 信号发生器 signal in code 编码信号 signal lamp 信号灯 signal of danger 危险的信号 signal of distress 船只遇难信号 signal out a distress signal 发出遇难信号 signal pistol 信号枪 signal position 示意位置 signal to 发往…的信号 signal wildly 乱发信号 signal with flags 用旗子当信号 signatures of the manifesto 宣言上的签名 significant for 对…重要的 significant of consent 表示同意 significant of one's intentions 表明意图 significant to 对…重要的 signs of agreement 同意的表示 signs of catching cold 伤风的征兆 signs of fear 畏惧的迹象 signs of life 生命的迹象 signs of murder 凶杀迹象 signs of storm 暴风雨的预兆 silence between …之间默默无言 silence of midnight 子夜的寂静 silence on recent events 对近来发生的事保持沉默 silent about 对…保持沉默的 silent about what happened 对发生的事情默不作声 silent as to the subject 未提及这个问题 silent of the subject 未提及这问题 silent on/upon 对…保持沉默的 silk shirt 丝绸衬衫 silk stockings 丝袜 silly about 在…方面愚蠢的 silly of you 你真傻 silly to say that 那样说真蠢 silly to trust sb. 相信…真傻 silver age 银器时代 similar in 在…方面相似的 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司