翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 使用恐怖手段 spare time 业余时间 spare tire 备用轮胎 speak on television 电视讲话 specify time 指定时间 spend time 花掉时间 spiritual things 精神方面的东西 split ticket 投异党候选人的票 split ticket 分裂票指投给不同党派候选人的票 spring term 春季学期 spring thunder 春雷 spring tide 春潮 stand the test 经受考验 standard time 标准时间 stark terror 完全的恐怖 starting time 开始时间 state of the thing 事态 state thing 陈述事物 stated time 规定的时间 steal sb's thunder 抢先使用,抢去某人的功劳 steel-belted tire 钢带轮胎 stem the tide 逆潮流而行,顶着潮流而上,挽回局势 stick in sb's throat 话梗在某人的喉咙 stick to one's text 话不离本题 stop a thief 抓贼 straight ticket 只投同一政党所有候选人的选票 strange thing 怪事 strengthen a tendency 强化一种倾向 strengthen the ties 加强关系 strep throat 链球菌感染的咽喉,脓毒性咽喉炎 strike a tent 拆帐篷 strike terror into 使恐怖 strike terror into the hearts of people 使人民在恐怖中过日子 striking terms 引人注目的措辞 strong temptation 强烈的诱惑 strong tendency 强烈的倾向 strong ties 密切联系 stubborn temper 脾气倔强 studed tire 防滑轮胎 students test 学生考试 stupid thing 蠢事 submit a tender 投标 succumb to temptation 受诱惑 suck a thumb 吮大拇指 suicidal tendency 自杀的倾向 summer term 夏季学期 summer time 夏令时间 superstitious terror 由迷信引起的恐惧 sure thing 没问题的事,有把握的事 surprising tendency 令人惊奇的倾向 sweet temper 性情温柔 swim with the tide 随波逐流,随大流 swimming things 游泳用品 table tennis 乒乓球 take a test 参加测验 take away thing 收拾餐具 take down a tent 拆帐篷 take off a tie 摘下领带 take off one's thing 脱衣 take one thing with another 考虑各种情况 take sb. by the throat 掐住某人的脖子,掐死某人 take the temperature 量温度 take thing 处事 take thought for the tomorrow 为未来作打算 take up the thread 接着讲下去 take up time 占去时间 tap a telephone 窃听电话 technical term 专门名称,术语 telephone book 电话号码簿 telephone box 公用电话亭 telephone by the bedside 床边电话 telephone directory 电话号码簿 telephone for private purposes 私事电话 telephone in the office 办公室内的电话 telephone in the room 房内电话 telephone mother 给妈妈打电话 telephone on the desk 办公桌上的电话 telephone operator 电话接线员,话务员 telephone set 电话机 telephone the sad news of 打电话告诉…的噩耗 telescope on the beautiful views 观察美丽的景色的望远镜 television address 电视讲话 television camera 电视摄像机 television pictures 电视图像 television programmes 电视节目 television series 电视系列片 television tower 电视塔 tell a Japanese 辨别日本人 tell about oneself 谈自己的情况 tell about people like that 吃得准那种人 tell about the game 讲述那场比赛 tell about the incident 讲述那件事 tell amply 充分说明 tell badly 讲得很拙劣 tell everyone 告诉每个人 tell exactly 确切地说出 tell father 告诉父亲 tell from a quick examination 迅速查清 tell in detail 详细地谈 tell on health 影响健康 tell regretfully 遗憾地通知 tell sb. a thing or two 教训某人一顿 tell sb. one's name 告诉某人名字 tell sb. the price 把价格告诉某人 tell the difference 分辨差别 tell the good from bad 区分好坏 tell the soldiers 命令士兵们 tell time 显示时间 tell twins 区分双胞胎 tell vividly 讲得很生动 tell well 讲得很好 temper flare up 勃然大怒 temperature drop 温度降低 temperature fall 温度上升 temperature go down 温度降低 temperature of water 水温 temperature reach 温度达到… temperature reduce 温度降低 temperature rise 温度上升 tempt away 诱走,拐走 tempt away a boy 诱走男孩 tempt into 诱使… tempt off 引导…离开 tempt one's friend into business 诱使朋友经商 tempt out 引出 tempt sb. from one's duty 诱人玩忽职守 tempt sb. into staying 劝诱某人留下 tempt sb. off the straight path 把某人引入歧途 tempt sb. to such a course of action 诱使某人那样做 tempt strongly 强烈的诱惑 temptation of clever advertisements 巧妙言行的诱惑 temptation of easy profit 赚钱容易的诱惑 temptation to evil 作恶的诱惑 tend carefully 仔细护理 tend downward 下降 tend eastward 向东 tend on/upon sb. 服侍某人 tend the sick 护理病人 tend to 注意,有助于,动不动就,造成,势必 tend to dullness 趋于乏味 tend to one side 倾向一方 tend to one's own affairs 管自己的事 tend to one's own business 管自己的事 tend to tend wards jazz 倾向于爵士乐 tend to the same conclusion 趋于同一结论 tend towards 趋向… tend towards democracy 倾向民主政治 tend upward 上涨 tendency in English teaching 英语教学趋势 tendency to perfection 臻于完美的倾向 tendency towards …的趋势 tendency towards fatness 有发胖的趋势 tendency towards inflation 通货膨胀的趋势 tender age 幼年 tender for 对…的投标 tender for 为…投标 tender for sb's honour 顾虑某人的面子 tender for the construction of a new motorway 投标承建新的高速公路 tender of heart 心地温柔 tender of hurting other people's feelings 生怕伤害别人的感情 tender of one's honour 姑息名誉 tender of sb. 钟情于某人 tender plant 柔弱的植物 tender sb's resignation 提出辞职 tender spot 痛处,弱点 tender sth. to 向…提出 tender to 对…亲切的 tender to weakness 过于柔弱的 tender towards 对…亲切的 tender towards the children 对孩子们亲切的 tender with 对…亲切的 tender with people 为人和善 tender woman 柔弱的女子 tender wound 一触即疼的伤口 tennis court 网球场 tennis match 网球比赛 tennis shoes 网球鞋 tension between the two countries 两国间紧张状态 tension build up 紧张局势增加 tension in foreign relations 外交上的紧张关系 tension mount 紧张局势增加 tension of the market 市场的压力 tension run high 形势告紧 term run out 任期终止 terminal cancer 晚期癌症 terminal examinations 期末考试 terminal of a battery 电池接头 terminal station 终点站 terminal velocity 极速 terrible accident 可怕的交通事故 terrible headache 剧烈的头痛 terrible heat 酷暑 terrible thing 可怕事件 terrible thought 可怕的想法 terrible to work there 在那儿工作可怕 terrible war 可怕的战争 terribly thirsty 非常口渴 territory of the vanquished nation 战败国的领土 terror for speed 过于追求速度的人 terror for work 对工作过分入迷的人 terror of religion 宗教的恐怖 terroristic threat 令人恐怖的凶兆 test for an auto driver's license 取得汽车驾驶员执照的考试 test for poison 化验是否有毒 test high 考试成绩好 test in arithmetic 算术测验 test in chemistry 化学测验 test in English 用英语测验 test in life 生活的考验 test low 考试成绩差 test of scientific criticism 科学批评的考验 test of strength 体力的考验 test of time 时间的考验 test on new material 新材料测试 test the food 化验食物 test the students 检查学生 test turn out 试验结果显示 textbook of …教科书 textbook on advanced grammar 高级语法课本 textbook on physics 物理教科书 textile factory 纺织厂 textile fibre 纺织纤维 textile machinery 纺织机械 textile mill 纺织厂 textile trade 纺织品贸易 textiles for export 供出口的纺织品 thank a lot 多谢 thank deeply 深深地感谢 thank for invitation 多谢邀请 thank for nothing 没什么可感谢的 thank heartily 衷心地感谢 thank indeed 真的感谢 thank so much 非常感谢 thank very much 非常感谢 that time 那次 the first thing 首先 the first time 第一次 the future perfect tense 将来完成时 the future tense 将来时 the last test 最后一次测验 the last time 最后一次 the next time 下一次 the past perfect tense 过去完成时 the past tense 过去时 the present tense 现在时 the Temple of Heaven 天坛 the Third World 第三世界 theatre ticket 戏票 theoretical basis 理论基础 theoretical knowledge 理论知识 theoretical physics 理论物理学 theoretical possibility 理论上的可能性 theoretical science 理论科学 thermometer drop 温度计下降 thermometer fall 温度计下降 thermometer go below 温度计下降 thermometer indicate 温度计表明 thermometer read 温度计表明 thermometer register 温度计表明 thermometer rise 温度计升 thermometer show 温度计显示 thermometer stand 温度计表明 thick plank 厚木板 thick with dust 充满灰尘 thick with the family 与那一家人关系密切 thickness of five feet 五英尺厚 thickness of two feet 两英尺厚 thief on the road 拦路贼 thin down 使变稀/少/细,气体变得稀薄了,雾渐渐散了 thin down paint 调稀油漆 thin in the face 脸瘦 thin out 使稀少,使变弱,使变细,敌人的抵抗越来越弱了,某物渐渐稀少起来 thin out the seedlings 间苗,拔除过多的苗 thin thread 细线 thin time 没有钱也没有欢乐的日子 thing for camping 野营用品 thing get hard 情况不利 thing happen 事情发生 thing look good 事情看来可以 thing look up 情况好转 think about old home 想老家 think again 再想想 think back 回想,回忆 think carefully 仔细考虑 think clearly 清晰地思索 think hard 苦思苦想 think highly of 评价甚高,器重,看得起 think ill of 认为…不好 think in-dependently 独立思考 think light of 轻视… think more 多想想 think much of 重视… think of 想念,考虑,想到,设想,记得,看待,评价 think of home 想家 think of the idea 想出这个主意 think of the name 想起名字 think on/upon a matter 考虑事情 think over a suggestion 考虑一个建议 think seriously 认真地考虑 think to oneself 琢磨 think twice before doing that 三思而后行 think up some way 想出个办法 think well 好好地想 think well of 认为…好 third party 第三者,第三方 third person 第三人称 this time 这次 thorough cleaning 彻底打扫 thorough description 详尽的描写 thorough in 在…上彻底的 thorough in one's work 工作认真 thorough person 一丝不苟的人 thorough rascal 彻头彻尾的坏蛋 thorough swindler 彻头彻尾的骗子 thorough under-standing 透彻的了解 thorough with 完成… thorough with work 做完工作 thought on this matter 对此事的想法 thought strike sb. 某人突然有个想法 thought wander back to 思绪又回到… thoughtful about 注意/关心…的 thoughtful about one's parents 对父母很关心 thoughtful about the business 注意业务 thoughtful essay 有思想性的文章 thoughtful for 注意,关心 thoughtful friend 关心别人的朋友 thoughtful of 想得周到 thoughtful of others 体贴别人 thousands upon thousands 成千上万 thread of life 生命线,命脉,生命 threat against sb's life 对某人生命的威胁 threat of …的不祥之兆 threat of drought 干旱的威胁 threat of force 武力威胁 threat of violence 暴力威胁 threat of war 战争的威胁 threat to 对…威胁 threat to world pace 对世界和平的威胁 threaten frequently 不断威胁 threaten revenge 威胁要进行报复 threaten sb. with massive lay offs 以大规模解雇来威胁 threaten sb. with reprisals 以报复威胁某人 threaten seriously 严重威胁 threaten sinisterly 凶恶地扬言 threaten the workers 威胁工人 threaten with 面临…威胁,拿…来威胁 three centimetres in thickness 厚三厘米 three inches in thickness 三英寸厚 thrive hest 长得好 thrive in 在…中长得健壮 thrive on 靠吃…而长得健壮,靠…而成功/兴盛/繁荣 thrive on fresh air 因为有新鲜空气而茁壮成长 thrive on hard work 某人靠勤劳起家,靠苦干致富 thrive on the chemical fertilizer 靠化肥茁壮成长 thrive well 容易繁殖 thrive without 无…不能茁壮成长 through test 彻底的试验 through the telephone 通过电话 through ticket 联票 throughout with 完成…的 throughout with work 做完工作 throw against the wall 扑在墙上 throw aside 把…摔在一边 throw by a horse 从马上摔下来 throw clothes off 把衣服脱下 throw clothes on 把衣服穿上 throw effort away 努力白费了 throw into water 跳进水里 throw into work 投入工作 throw invading troops back 打退入侵的军队 throw light on sth. 阐明… throw money about 挥金如土 throw on the enemy 向敌人猛扑 throw quickly 迅速投 throw sb. off balance 使某人摔倒,使某人心慌 throw sth. into the river 把…扔进河里 throw sth. over a fence 把…扔过篱笆 throw the ball 扔球 throw the body 扔尸体 throw the stone 掷石头 throw to another boy 扔给另一个男孩 throw to the ground 躺倒在地上 throw under the car 卧倒在汽车下 throw weight around 滥用权势 throw well 投掷得很好 thrust a dagger into the heart 把匕首刺入心脏 thrust a knife into an apple 把刀插入苹果 thrust a position on sb. 把职务强加于某人 thrust ashore 强行登岸 thrust aside 推开,冲开 thrust at 把…塞给…,使…刺向 thrust at sb. with a knife 用刀戳某人 thrust down 塞下 thrust down one's throat 强迫接受 thrust forward 向…挺进 thrust in 闯入 thrust into 把…塞进…,使插入 thrust into mountain regions 向山区延伸 thrust on gloves 将手套戴上 thrust on/upon 逼迫,促进,把…强加于人 thrust one's head out of a window 将头伸出窗外 thrust one's way through a crowd 从人群中挤过去 thrust oneself forward 用力向前挤 thrust oneself in 闯入,探听,干涉 thrust out 伸出,逐出,排出,发射 thrust out one's hand 伸出一只手 thrust rapidly 迅速延伸 thrust sb. to death 将某人戳死 thrust sb. to the wall 把某人逼至绝境 thrust sth. down into its throat 把某物塞进它的喉管 thrust the chair aside 把椅子推开 thrust the desk forward 把书桌猛然向前推去 thrust the enemy with a dagger 用匕首剌敌人 thrust the money into sb's hand 把钱塞在某人手里 thrust through 挤过 thrust to 逼到,挤到 thunder against 向某人大发雷霆,大声疾呼地反对某事 thunder and lightning crash 雷电交加 thunder blow upon 轰击 thunder boom 雷声隆隆 thunder cease 雷声停止 thunder out 大声说出,吼叫 thunder out threats at sb. 大声恐吓某人 thunder reverberate 雷声隆隆 thunder roar 雷声隆隆 thunder roll 雷声隆隆 thunders of applause 雷鸣般掌声 ticket for concert 音乐会票 ticket to game 体育比赛入场券 ticket to the baseball game 棒球比赛入场券 tide come in 涨潮 tide ebb 退潮 tide go out 退潮 tide of history 历史的潮流 tide of the revolution 革命潮流 tide of the sea 海潮 tide of tourist travel 旅游的热潮 tide of war 战局 tidy one's papers away 把文件收藏好 tidy out the upstairs rooms 把楼上的房间收拾干净 tidy up one's bed 整理床铺 tidy up one's desk 整理书桌 tie a person down 束缚某人 tie a tie 打领带,打领结 tie fast 系紧 tie hard 系紧 tie loosely 扎松 tie one's shoes up 系鞋带 tie paint brushes up 捆画笔 tie sb. to work 工作缠身 tie securely 扎紧 tie sth. to the post 拴在一根柱子上 tie the horse 拴马 tie things up 扎东西 ties between the two countries 两国之间的关系 ties between the two families 两个家族间的关系 ties of blood 骨肉关系 ties of friendship 友好关系 ties to other nations 与其他国家的关系 ties with corporation 与公司的联系 ties with the masses 与群众的联系 ties with the person 与那人的联系 tiger roar 虎啸 tight circle 紧紧围住 tight corner 处境困难 tight rope 绷得很紧的绳子 tight squeeze 车拥挤不堪 tight with 在…上吝啬 tight with money 花钱吝啬 time after time 屡次 time between two and four 两点到四点之间 time drag 时间慢慢地挨过去 time fly 时间飞逝 time for the action 采取行动的时候 time for the concert 音乐会开始时间 time for the family 顾及家庭的时间 time for the interview 接受采访的时间 time for the lunch 午饭时间 time for the production of iron 产铁时间 time for the relaxation 休息的时间 time for the sports 运动时间 time go on 时间流逝 time of the meeting 开会的时间 time of the shipment 交货的时间 time of war 战时 time out of mind 久远的往昔 time press 时间紧 time run out 时间到 time slip by 时间不知不觉地过去 time to call sb. 拜访某人的时间 time to leave 动身时间 time to see sb. 见面的时间 time to take steps 采取步骤的时候 times change 时代变迁 tiny baby 个儿小的婴儿 tiny mountain 极小的山 tiny town 极小的城 tip for the waitress 给女招待的小费 tire blow out 车轮爆胎 tire go flat 车胎漏气 to a temperature 到某一温度 to one's thinking 照某人的看法 to the telephone 听电话 tough time 不愉快的经历,倒霉的时光 trace a thief 跟踪盗贼 trade ties 贸易关系 traditional theatre 传统剧 train ticket 火车票 travel time 上下班路上花的时间 treasure the time 珍惜时光 tremble in terror 恐慌得发抖 trucking terminal 卡车运输站 true-and-false test 由是非题所构成的考试 trust territory 托管领土 tubeless tire 无内胎轮胎 turn off the television 关电视 turn on the television 开电视 turn the tide 改变形势/潮流 turn thrusts down to 反对 turn thumbs down to 反对 turn up one's thumb 竖起大拇指表示赞成/同意 twiddle one's thumbs 闲着无事 two inches thick 两英寸厚 two telephones 两台电话 two theatres 两个剧院 unclean thought 淫秽思想 uncommon term 非普通用语 uncontrollable temper 控制不住的脾气 under sb's thumb 受人支配,在某人的势力下 under the temptation of 在…引诱下 under the tension of 在…压力下 under threat of 在…威胁下 under threat of reprisals 在实行报复的威胁下 understand a term 明白语术的内容 understand sb's thought 明白某人的意思 understand thing 理解事物 understood thing 心照不宣的事 undo a tie 解开领带 unexplored territory 未开发区 ungovernable temper 脾气急躁 universal tendency 普遍的倾向 unleash terror 使用恐怖手段 unoccupied territory 未被占领的地区 unpleasant time 不愉快的经历,倒霉的时光 unusual thief 非同一般的小偷 upon a thought 立刻,马上 use a temple as a dwelling house 以庙宇作住宅 use a term 使用术语 use a thing for 将某物用作… use the telephone 打电话 use threats 使用恐吓 usual temperature 通常的气温 usual thing 惯例 utter a threat 恐吓 vagrant thoughts 随想 valid ticket 有效票 valuable test 有价值的试验 valuable time 宝贵时间 veiled threat 隐含的威胁 very thorough 非常仔细 very thoughtful 很体贴人 vicious tendency 堕落倾向 video telephone 可视电话 view thing 观察事物 violent temper 火爆脾气 visit a temple 访问寺院 Visual Display Terminal 终端显示器 vote a ticket 投票 wall tent 有帆布墙的帐篷 war threats 战争威胁 warm thanks 热诚的谢意 waste thoughts 花费心思 waste time 浪费时间 watch television 看电视 way of thinking 看法 weaken the ties 削弱关系 wear a tie 戴领带 wear thing 穿衣服 white tie 男用晚礼服燕尾服配以白色蝶形领结 whitewall tires 胎壁白色的汽车轮胎 whole thing 整个这件事 wicked thoughts 邪念 wind thread 绕线 winning ticket 得奖彩票 wireless telephone 无线电话 wishful thinking 一厢情愿的想法,如意算盘 with a telescope 用望远镜 with a thought 立刻,马上 within Chinese territory 在中国境内 without a moment's thought 立刻 without thinking 不加思索 without thought 不加考虑地,贸然 withstand the temptation 拒绝诱惑 wool textiles 毛织品 work against time 抓紧时间按时完成任务 work at great tension 紧张的工作 world tension 世界紧张局势 worn tire 已磨损的轮胎 worthless test 毫无价值的试验 wrap up one's throat 把喉部裹起来 write a text 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司