翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 thwart sb's ambition 挫败某人的野心 ticket agency 售票代理处 ticket agent 代售戏票/车票的人 timely aid 及时的援助/资助 timely application 及时的申请 to all appearances 显然,外表上 to the amount of 总计达 total ample 总数 tourist agency 旅行社 trace an analogy 找出相似点 trade agreement 贸易协定 traffic allowance 交通费 train aim 对准 train an animal 训练动物 travel agency 旅行社 travel by air 乘飞机旅行 traveling allowance 旅费补贴 tremendous amount 极大的数量 trilateral agreement 三边协定 true aim 真正目的 true altitude 实际的高度 turn ankle 扭伤脚踝 turn down an application 拒绝申请 turn off an alarm 关上闹钟 TV appearance 在电视上的露面 twist ankle 扭伤脚踝 unadulterated alcohol 纯乙醇 unbridled ambition 无穷的欲望 undefined anxiety 无可名状的烦恼 under an agreement 根据协议 under the provisions of the agreement 按照协定的条款 undercover agent 密探,特务,间谍 undergo analysis 进行分析 unfurnished apartment 没有家具的公寓 United Airline 联合航空公司 universally applicable 普遍适用的 unkempt appearance 邋遢的外貌 unmanned aircraft 无人驾驶飞机 unnecessary anxiety 不必要的烦恼 unrealized ambition 未实现的抱负 untidy appearance 邋遢的外貌 untold agony 数不尽的痛苦 upon analysis 经分析 urgent appeal 紧急呼吁 use cold application 用冷敷 various angles 各个方面 vector analysis 矢量分析 very alive 非愁跃 very ambitious 很有志向 very much alike 很相像 very much annoy 使非常烦恼 viable alternative 可行的选择 violate an agreement 违背协议 voice an appeal 发出呼吁 voluntary agency 自愿机构 voracious appetite 强烈的欲望 wait for an answer 等待回答 wait with anxiety 焦虑地等待 walk away in great agitation 激动地走开 walk on air 洋洋得意 warm-blooded animal 热血动物 watch-dog agency 监察机构 water animals 水生动物 weigh anchor 起锚,开船 welfare agency 福利机构,救济机构 welfare allowances 福利补贴 well-turned ankle 匀称的踝关节 wet days alternate with fine days 雨天与晴天交替更迭 whet the appetite 增强欲望 white alert 解除警报 wholesome appearance 健康的气色 wide angles 很大的角度 wide application 用途很广 wild animal 野生动物,野兽 win an appeal 上诉获胜 wise answer 聪明的回答 with alarm 恐惧地 with anger 气愤地 with the aid of 借助于,用,通过 with the aid of a map 依靠地图 withdraw aid 撤销援助 withdraw an application 撤回申请 without aim 无目的地 without ambition 胸无大志,没有野心 without application 不专心 without the aid of 不依靠… wolfish appetite 狼吞虎咽的胃口 wood alcohol 木精 work out an agreement 制定出协议 work up an appetite 引起欲望 worker ant 工蚁 write an answer 做出书面回答 written agreement 书面协议 written apology 书面道歉 written application 书面申请 wrong answer 错误的回答 X-ray analysis X射线分析 yellow alert 预备警报 youthful appearance 年青的外貌 20 percent of alcohol 20%的酒精 apply cement 抹水泥 1egal aspect 法律方面 a cloud of arrows 箭如飞蝗 a man in authority 有职权的人 a man of authority 权威人士 a matter for argument 争论的问题 a problem in arithmetic 道算术题 a quiver of arrows 一筒箭 a sheaf of arrows 一筒箭 a shower of arrows 箭如雨下 a spot with its old association 名胜古迹 a wound in the arm 胳膊上的伤口 abandon an attitude 放弃一种态度 absolute authority 绝对权威 absorbed audience 被陶醉的观众/听众,全神贯注的观众/听众 abstract art 抽象派艺术 abuse authority 滥用职权 academic atmosphere 学术气氛 academic authority 学术权威人士 academic background 学历 accept an appointment 接受任命 accept an argument 接受论点 accept assistance 接受帮助 accept the assignment 接受任务 accept the authority of 承认…的权威 accept the award 受奖,接受裁决 accepted authority 被承认的权威人士 accomplished artist 有成就的艺术家 according to an article 根据某一条款 according to arrangement 根据安排 acknowledge an author 承认一个作家 acknowledged authority 被承认的权威人士 active approach 积极的态度 active area 有效面积 activity of bacteria 细菌的活动 acute attack 急性发作 address an assembly 在集会上讲话 address an audience 向听众发表演说 adjust an arrangement 调整计划/安排 administrative authority 行政管理权 admit of no argument 没有辩论的余地 adopt an attitude 采取一种态度 advance an argument 提出论点 advance arrangements 事先安排 advanced area 发达地区 advancing army 挺进的部队 aerial attack 空袭 afford assistance 提供援助 against a background 以…为背景 aggregate attendance 总的出席人数 aim an arrow at 把箭瞄准… air arm 空军 air attack 空袭 airtight argument 无懈可击的论点 all arguments 所有论点 all aspects 全面地 all due authority 切应有的权力 all the arrangements 一切安排 allot an assignment 分配任务 all-out attack 全面攻击 alter one's arrangements 改变计划/安排 alumni association 校友会 an air of assurance 傲慢的态度 an army of 一大批,一大群 an array of 一长排 an array of facts and figures 一长列事实和数字 an association with 与…的联系 an association with Americans 和美国人的联系 an Atlantic liner 一艘在大西洋上航行的班轮 an atom of 一点点,丝毫没有… an atom of food 一点食物 an atom of truth 一点儿也不真实 an award for 因…得的奖 ancient architecture 古代建筑 angry argument 愤怒的争论 angry aspect 愤怒的面孔 announce the appointment of 宣布…的任命 anonymous author 匿名作家,无名氏作者 anticipate one's arrest 预料到要被捕 anxiously await 焦急地等待 apply …to 涂某物于… apply …towards 把…用于… apply a match to an alcohol lamp 用火柴点酒精灯 apply a plaster to a wound 给伤口贴上药膏 apply at the following address 请向下列地址询问 apply at the office 请到办公室接洽 apply by letter 函请 apply economic sanctions 采取经济制裁 apply for 为…请求,为…申请 apply for a fellowship 申请加入联谊会 apply for a passport 申请护照 apply for a visa 申请签证 apply for membership in a society 申请入会 apply for the entrance examination of the university 报考这所大学 apply for the job 申请工作 apply in all cases 向…接洽,依赖 apply in medicine 应用在医药上 apply in person 亲自申请 apply money towards a purchase 把钱用于购物 apply ointment to a rash 把药膏涂在皮疹上 apply one's mind to 专心于 apply oneself to 专心致志于,热心于,集中精力于,研究 apply oneself to study 认真学习 apply paint to a surface 把漆涂在表面 apply sb. for a work 请求某人给个工作做 apply socialist democracy 发场社会主义民主 apply theory to practice 把理论运用到实践中去a apply to 向…请求,向…申请,适用于… apply to headquarters 向总部申请 apply to sb. for aid 向某人求援 apply to sb. for help 依赖某人帮助 apply to sb. for in-formation 向某人打听消息/索取资料 apply to the authorities for assistance 向当局求助 apply to the payment of debts 用于付债 apply to this case 适用于这件事 apply to three universities 向三所大学提出入学申请 appoint a manager 任命经理 appoint a meeting place 确定会晤的地点 appoint a place and time for the meeting 指定会议的时间和地点 appoint officially 正式任命 appoint people on their merit 任人为贤 appoint sb. as chairman 任命某人为主席 appoint sb. as professor 任命某人为教授 appoint sb. as representative 委派某人为代表 appoint sb. as treasurer 委任某人为司库 appoint sb. head of 任命某人当…主任 appoint sb. to the committee 委托某人为委员会成员 appoint sb. to the position of 委派某人担任…职务 appoint sb. to this post 任命某人担任此职 appoint temporarily 临时任命 appointment as manager 担任经理的职务 appreciable change 可感觉到的变化 appreciable to the eye 能看得出的差别 appreciate architecture 欣赏建筑 appreciate deeply 深深地感谢 appreciate greatly 非常感谢 appreciate keenly 深表感激 appreciate literature 欣赏文学 appreciate much 十分感激 appreciate music 欣赏音乐 appreciate poem 赏诗 appreciate sb's assistance 感谢某人的支援 appreciate sb's help 感谢某人的帮助 appreciate sb's kindness 感谢某人的厚意 appreciate sincerely 诚挚地感谢 appreciate the genius of Frank 赏识弗兰克的天才 appreciate the pleasure of 享受…的乐趣 appreciate the value of 体会…的价值/好处 appreciate works of art 欣赏艺术作品 appreciative audience 有欣赏力的观众/听众 apprehension as to 对…忧虑 apprehension for 为…担扰 apprehension of failure 怕失败 approach …about 找…探讨… approach …with 向…提出… approach from 从…靠近 approach from the other direction 从另一个方向靠近 approach of old age 进入老年 approach of summer 夏季的到来 approach of winter 冬天的临近 approach one's doom 快完蛋了 approach sb. about this matter 找某人谈这件事 approach sb. with a request 向某人提出要求 approach seventy in age 年近古稀 approach the amount of 接近…数目 approach to 近似于,接近,约等于 approach to …的途径,近于…的事 approach to a bridge 引桥 approach to a denial 几乎等于否认 approach to electronics 电子学入门书 approach to perfection 接近完善 approach to study 学习的途径 approach to the palace 通往王宫的道路 approach to the problem 对问题的处理方法 approach to the requirements 与要求接近 approach to the subject 研究这个问题的方法 approaches to the city 通往城里的路 appropriate background 合适的背景 appropriate clothes 适合的衣服 appropriate for 适于,合乎 appropriate for the occasion 适合于那个场合的 appropriate time 适当的时候 appropriate to 适于,合乎 appropriate to the occasion 适合于那个场合的 approval of authority 当局的批准 approval of hearers 听众的赞许 approval of the majority 多数人的同意 approval of the minister 部长的批准 approve of 赞成,同意,认可 approve of decision 同意决定 approve of her marriage to you 同意她和你结婚 approve of sb's application 批准某人的申请 approve of sb's doing sth. 赞成某人做某事 approve the bill 批准方案 approve the budget 通过预算 approve the resolution 通过决议 approximate estimate 概算 approximate length 近似长度 approximate number 概数 approximate percentage 近似百分数 approximate picture 近似图 approximate reading 近似读数 approximate time 大约时间 approximate to 接近,近似,约计 approximate to one thousand 接近一千 approximate to the truth 接近事实 approximate value 近似值 apt at 善于,长于,有…的本能 apt at doing things 做事敏捷 apt at painting 绘画学得很快 apt at taking offence 容易动怒 apt example 适当的例子 apt for learning art 适合学美术 apt remark 恰当的话 apt student 聪明的学生 apt to break 易于折断 apt to exaggerate 言过其实 apt to mislead 话易使人误会 apt to pick up new subjects 青年容易接受新事物 apt with one's ax 善使斧头 arc furnace 电弧炉 arc lamp 弧光灯 arc light 弧光 arc welding 电弧焊 arch bridge 拱桥 arch dam 拱坝 architect of one's own fortunes 自力更生的人,创造自己命运的人 argue a matter out 把某问题辩个水落石出 argue about 为…争论 argue against 为反对…而辩论 argue away 找理由把…搪塞过去 argue back 反驳 argue down [美]驳倒 argue for 为赞成…而争论 argue in a circle 争论不出结果 argue off 找理由把…搪塞过去 argue on 讨论,议论,争论 argue out 把…辩论清楚,辩出结果 argue out of 说服某人使之不做某事 argue over 为…争论 argue sb. into 说服某人做某事 argue with 与…争论,不同意 argue with the facts 否认这些事实 argument about sth. 关于某事的争论 argument against 反对…的论点 argument between …之间的争论 argument break out 争论爆发 argument for 赞成…的论点 argument in favour of 赞成…的论点 argument over sth. 关于某事的争论 argument with sb. 同某人的争吵 arguments on sth. 关于某事的论点 arise against the ruler 奋起反对统治着 arise from 起因于,由…引起的,由…得出,来自 arise from carelessness 由疏忽而引起 arise from one's seat 从座位上站起来 arise from want of rest 因缺乏休息而引起 arise out of carelessness 起因于疏忽少 arm in arm 臂挽臂 arms industry 军需工业 army advance 军队挺进 army attack 军队攻击 arouse anger 引起愤怒 arouse attention 唤起注意 arouse curiosity 引起好奇心 arouse discussion 引起议论 arouse from 把…从…唤醒 arouse sb. from a deep sleep 把某人从熟睡中唤醒 arouse suspicions 引起怀疑 arouse sympathy 引起同情 arouse to a sense of 意识到 arrange a meeting 安排开会 arrange about sth. 协商某事 arrange an exhibition on painting 筹备画展 arrange books 整理好书 arrange everything 安排好一切 arrange for 安排… arrange for a car 安排一辆车 arrange for a series of lectures 安排一系列讲座 arrange for an excursion 筹备一次游览 arrange in 把…排列成,按…来排列 arrange in neat rows 排列整齐 arrange neatly 巧妙地安排,干净利落地安排 arrange tastefully 布置得很高雅 arrange the schedule 安排好时间 arrange very tidily 布置得非常整洁 arrange with sb. about sth. 与某人商定某事 arrange with sb. for sth. 与某人商定某事 arrangement committee 筹备委员会 arrangement of chairs 椅子的摆放 arrangement of words 单词的排列 arrangement with 与…的协议 array against 部署…反对… array against the enemy 列队准备打击敌人 array against the king 一致反对国王 array for 为…部署 array in 以…打扮 array oneself in 穿着,打扮 array oneself in beautiful garment 穿上漂亮的服装 array oneself in one's finest clothes 穿上最好的衣服 array the army against 列阵对敌 array troops for battle 使军队列成战斗队形 arrest of the criminal 对罪犯的逮捕 arrest of the murderer 杀人犯的被捕 arrest on charges of 以…罪而作的拘捕 arrest sb's attention 引起某人的注意 arrest sb's eye 惹人注目 arrest the bandit 逮捕匪徒 arrest the progress of 阻挡…的前进,阻挠…的进步 arrest with a warrant 持逮捕证的逮捕 arrival at 抵达… arrival from 从…来 arrival in 抵达… arrive at 到达,得到,得出 arrive at a decision 做出决定 arrive at an answer 得到答案 arrive at an arrangement 谈妥办法 arrive at an opinion 形成一种看法 arrive at the airport 到达机场 arrive at the station 到达车站 arrive by car 乘汽车来 arrive early 早到达 arrive from 从…来 arrive from Paris 从巴黎来 arrive in 到达 arrive in China 抵达中国 arrive late 晚到达 arrive on the farm 到达农场 arrive on the scene 露面,出场尤指第一次 arrive on time 准时到达 arrive to the moment 正点到达 art exhibition 艺术展 art history 艺术史 art of living 生活的艺术 art of writing 写作技巧 art paper 美术纸,铜版纸 art to …的技术 article about 关于…的文章 article at an exhibition 展品 article in The Times 《泰晤士报》的文章 article on computers 有关计算机的文章 articles of daily use 日用品 artificial argument 巧辩,诡辩 artificial fibre 人造纤维 artificial hair 假发 artificial intelligence 人工智能 artificial satellite 人造卫星 artificial smile 做作的微笑 artist in dancing 舞蹈艺术家 artist in words 语言大师 artist of high promise 极有希望的美术家 artist with cards 玩扑克牌不老实的人 artistic appeal 艺术感染力 artistic attainment 艺术造诣 artistic criterion 艺术标准 artistic designing 美术设计 artistic discrimination 艺术鉴赏力 artistic effects 艺术效果 artistic family 爱好艺术的家庭 artistic style 艺术风格 artistic talent 艺术天才 artistic temperament 艺术家气质 artistic works 艺术品 Arts man 文科学生 as straight as an arrow 像箭一样地笔直 as swift as an arrow 快如箭 ashamed at 因…感到惭愧 ashamed at being unable to give an answer 因回答不出而感到羞愧 ashamed of 为…感到惭愧 ashamed of doing such a thing 为干这样的事而感到羞耻 ashamed of oneself 感到惭愧 ashamed to ask and learn from people below 耻于下问 ashes from bones 骨灰 ashes of the past 历史遗迹 Asia Minor 小亚细亚 ask about 询问,打听 ask about sb's health 询问某人的健康状况 ask after sb's health 询问某人的健康状况 ask back 回请某人 ask for 请求,要求,要求见到某人,招惹麻烦等 ask for a girl's hand 向女子求婚 ask for trouble 自找麻烦,自寻烦恼 ask in 请求某人进来 ask of 向某人请求或要求某事或某物 ask off 请假 ask on 继续问 ask oneself this question 不断地问自己这个问题 ask out 请某人外出吃饭,看戏等 ask over 请某人来自己家 ask question 提问 ask round 请某人来自己家,四下打听 ask sb. his name 问某人的姓名 ask to 邀请某人参加某活动 ask up 请某人上楼 ask way 问路 assemble a machine 装配机器 assemble an audience 把听众召集起来 assemble cars 装配汽车 assemble forces 调集兵力 assemble model air planes 组装飞机模型 assemble the papers 把文件集中起来 assemble the pupils 召集学生 assembly hall 会堂 assembly line 装配线 assembly list 汇编表 assembly program 汇编程序 assembly shop 装配车间 assess a fine 处以罚款 assess at 把…估价为… assess the importance of 估计…的重要性 assess the situation 估计局势 assess the value 估价 assess wrongly 估算有误 assign …for 确定…的日期等,找出…的原因 assign a day for a meeting 确定开会日期 assign a day for the test 确定考试日期 assign a day for trial 指定审判的日期 assign a mission 布置一项任务 assign each persona task 分配每人一件工作 assign one's failure to ill health 把失败归因于健康不佳 assign the reason for the failure 找出失败的原因 assign the temple to 150 B.C. 确定该庙宇建于公元前150年 assign these rooms to them 把这些房子分配给他们 assign to 使分配到…,鉴定…为… assign two soldiers 指派两名士兵 assignment to guard the president 保卫总统的任务 assist a project 协助一项计划 assist at 参加…,出席… assist at a ceremony 出席仪式 assist at a meeting 参加会议 assist at a wedding 参加婚礼 assist at first operation 第一次协助做手术 assist in 在某处帮忙,帮忙做某事 assist in a shop 在店里帮忙 assist in the preparation of a report 帮助准备报告 assist in the work of rescue 协助救援工作 assist sb. downstairs 扶某人下楼 assist sb. in compiling a dictionary 帮助某人编辞典 assist sb. to one's feet 扶某人站起来 assist sb. with his English 帮助某人学习英语 assist sb. with money 以金钱相助 assist sb. with the form filling 帮助某人填表 assist with 帮助…做…,以…相助 assist with the editing of a manuscript 帮助编辑手稿 assistance to 对…的援助 assistant after one's heart 称心如意的助手 assistant engineer 助理工程师 assistant in English 英语助教 assistant in trades 见习职工 assistant manager 副经理 assistant professor 副教授 assistant to …的助手 assistant to memory 记忆辅助物 assistant to the president 总统助理 associate Egypt with the Nile 想起埃及就想起尼罗河 associate oneself with a proposal 赞成一项提议 associate oneself with sb. in business 与某人合伙经商 associate oneself with the firm 加入某商行 associate poverty with misery 把贫穷和苦难联系在一起 associate with 与…交往,把…与…联系在一起 associate with all sorts of people 和各种各样的人交往 associate with dishonest boy 与不诚实的男孩为友 assume a leading position 担任领导职务 assume a look of surprise 装出吃惊的样子 assume a new aspect 面目一新,呈现新局面 assume an attitude 采取一种态度 assume authority 掌权 assumption about 有关…的假定 assumption of …的假定 assumption of authority 装作权威的样子 assumption of guilt 假定有罪 assumption of indifference 装作冷淡的样子 assumption of power 掌权 assurance of future achievement 未来成功的保证 assurance of manner 自信的态度 assurance of safety 确信安全 assure of 使相信,使确信 assure one's life 投入寿保险 assure oneself against losses 对一切损失进行保险 assure oneself of 弄确实,弄明白 assure sb's success 保证某人成功 astonish at 使对…感到吃惊 astonish greatly 使非常惊讶 astonish the world 震惊世界 astonish very much 使非常惊讶 at sb's approach 当某人接近时 at sb's back 幕后支持 at the approach of 在…将到的时候 at the back of 在…的后部 at the back of one's mind 在脑中酝酿 athletic association 体育协会 atmosphere at a meeting 会议气氛 atmosphere of freedom 自由的环境 atmosphere of friendship 友好的气氛 atmosphere of love and trust 爱和信任的环境 atmosphere of menace 恐怖气氛 atmosphere of mutual trust 相互信任的气氛 atmosphere of peace and calm 和平宁静的气氛 atmosphere pressure 大气压 atom aircraft carrier 原子动力航空母航 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司