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's fancy ad. 合意 after school ad. 放学后 after service n. 售后服务 after the fashion of ad. 模仿 after the flesh ad. 世俗地 again and again ad. 再三地反复地 again to verify ad. 再次确认 against a rainy day ad. 未雨绸缪地 against nature ad. 违反自然地奇迹般地 against one's will ad. 违心地 against the grain ad. 格格不入 against the sun ad. 朝着逆时针方向 against time ad. 争分夺秒地尽快地 agency shop n. 工会代理制企业 agitate for v. 鼓动 agony column n. 刊载寻人启事的专栏 agree to differ v. 各自保留不同意见 agree with v. 同意适合 ahead of one's times ad. 比所处时代先进 ahead of schedule ad. 提前 ahead of time ad. 提早 ahead of ad. 在...前面 aid and abet n. 同谋 aid station n. 战地救护站 aim at v. 瞄准针对 air attack n. 空袭 air balloon n. 气球 air base n. 空军基地 air bath n. 空气浴 air brake n. 空气制动机气煞车 air brick n. 空心砖 air bus n. 大型客机 air conditioning n. 空气调节装置 air force n. 空军美国空军 air gun n. 气枪空气枪 air hole n. 气孔河中不冰冻部分 air hostess n. 空中小姐 air jet n. 空气喷射 air lane n. 航空路线 air letter n. 航空信航空邮简航空信笺 air mail n. 航空邮政航空邮件 air man n. 飞行员空军 air one's opinion v. 发表意见 air pocket n. 气井 air pump n. 排气唧筒抽气机 air raid n. 空袭 air vent n. 气孔 aircraft carrier n. 航空母舰 airs and graces n. 装腔作势做作 Aladdin's lamp n. 阿拉丁的神灯能满足人一切愿望的东西 alarm bell n. 警铃警钟 alarm call n. 紧急号 alarm clock n. 闹钟 alarm controls n. 闹钟控制 alarm post n. 紧急集合地 alert always n. 随时报警 alfred nobel n. 诺贝尔 alibi oneself v. 为...辩解 alienate from v. 使疏远 align with v. 与...结盟 alive and kicking adj. 活蹦乱跳的 All aboard! 请上船车飞机 all alone ad. 独立地 all along the line ad. 到处在全线上 all along ad. 始终一直 all and singular ad. 全部一律 all and sundry ad. 全部 all around ad. 周围 all at once ad. 突然 all but ad. 几乎差一点 all by himself ad. 独自地 all Caps n. 全部大写 all clear ad. 解除警报 all day long ad. 整天 all day ad. 整天 all dressed up and nowhere to go v. 打扮整齐却无处可去 all file details n. 文件的全部详细资料 all flesh n. 众生人类 All Fool's Day n. 愚人节 all fools'day n. 愚人节 all for naught ad. 徒劳 all get-out ad. 非常 All his geese are swans. 言过其实敝帚自珍 all in all ad. 总而言之 all in ad. 疲乏到极点 All is not gold that glitters. 闪亮的东西不一定是金子. all night long ad. 整夜 all of a doodah ad. 非常激动 all of a glow ad. 红通通 all of a lump ad. 一齐 all of a muck of sweat n. 浑身大汗 all of a shake n. 发抖 all of a sudden ad. 突然 all of a sweat n. 一身大汗焦急 all of ad. 实足 all one knows ad. 尽全力 all one to ad. 对...来说都一样 all one's life n. 一生 all out ad. 竭尽全力 all over the shop ad. 到处杂乱 all over the world ad. 全世界 all over ad. 全部结束到处浑身 all references n. 所有引用 all right ad. 好良好顺利确实 All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马殊途同归. all round ad. 周围四处 all saints'day n. 万圣节 all square ad. 势均力敌不相上下 all the better ad. 更好 all the colors of rainbow n. 五颜六色 all the colors of the rainbow n. 五颜六色 all the day ad. 整天地 all the more ad. 更加 all the same ad. 仍然 all the time ad. 始终 all the vogue n. 最新流行品 all the way ad. 从远道自始至终一路上 all the while ad. 一直始终 all the world to sb. ad. 对某人最重要 all the year round ad. 一年到头 all things considered ad. 全面地考虑 all through ad. 一直 all thumb adj. 笨手苯脚的 all to nothing ad. 一定 all to pieces ad. 完全地粉碎地 all together ad. 一起 all told n. 合计 all up ad. 无望 all wool and a yard wide adj. 优质的货真价实的 All your swans are geese. 你的一切期望都成了泡影. All's fish that comes to his net. 来者不拒. All's well that ends well. 结果好一切都好. all-risks insurance n. 综合险 all-up weight n. 空中总重量 allocmem n. 分配内存allocate memory的缩写 allow cell drag and drop v. 允许单元拖放 allow close when active v. 允许关闭活动窗口 allow fast paste v. 允许快速粘贴 allow fast saves v. 允许快速存储 allow for v. 虑及体谅 allow full play to v. 使充分活动 allow of v. 容许 allure sb. from v. 诱使某人离开 allure sb. into v. 诱使某人陷入 alma mater n. 母校 alongside of ad. 在旁边与...并肩 alphabetic character n. 文字字元 alphanumeric key n. 字母数字键 alternating current n. 交流电 altitude flight n. 高空飞行 always on top ad. 总在最上面 ambulance corps n. 救护队 american petroleum institute n. 美国石油组织 amicable action n. 合意诉讼 among the rest ad. 在其中 amplify on v. 引伸 amplitude modulation n. 调幅 an abundant year n. 丰年 an academic authority n. 学术权威 an access of rage n. 发怒 an account book n. 帐簿 an account payable n. 应付帐 an account receivable n. 应收帐 an account rendered n. 结欠清单 an account sale n. 赊销 an account stated n. 确定清单 an ace in the hole n. 密藏的法宝备而未用的王牌 an act of God n. 不可抗力 an act of grace n. 大赦令 an Act of Oblivion n. 大赦令 an acute angle n. 锐角 an aerial attack n. 空袭 an aerial cable n. 架空电缆 an aerial chart n. 航行图 an aerial depth charge n. 空投深水炸弹 an aerial ladder n. 架空消防梯 an aerial line n. 航空线 an aerial liner n. 定期航班 an aerial manoeuver n. 空中演习 an aerial picket n. 空中巡逻飞机 an aerial port n. 空运港 an aerial survey n. 航空测量 an air battle n. 空战 an alternate angle n. 错角 an amount of adj. 许多 an angle of incidence n. 入射角 an angle of reflection n. 入射角 an angle of refraction n. 反射角 an anonymous letter n. 匿名信 an antiseptic room n. 异常干净的房间 an apple of discord n. 争端祸根 an apple of Sodom n. 华而不实的东西外强中干的东西 an arbitrary decision n. 武断任意的决定 an artificial smile n. 假笑 an ass in a lion's skin n. 色厉内荏的人 an athletic meeting n. 运动会 an atomic cocktail n. 含放射性物质的吞服剂 an atomic effort n. 巨大的努力 an auxiliary angle n. 补角 an awkward customer n. 难对付的人 an awkward squad n. 乌合之众 an early bird n. 早到者 an easy mark n. 易受骗的人 an elder statesman n. 政界元老 an emergency brake n. 紧急刹车 an emergency door n. 太平门 an emergency measures n. 紧急措施 an empty pocket n. 没钱的人 an enemy worthy of sb. 's steel n. 劲敌 an eternity box n. 棺材 an evil eye n. 狠毒的目光 an external angle n. 外角 an eye for an eye ad. 以眼还眼报复 An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. 一日之计在于晨. an inside address n. 信址上的名址 an internal angle n. 内角 an inveterate disease n. 宿疾 an iron ration n. 压缩食物 an obtuse angle n. 钝角 an odd lot n. 不成整数的一批货 an off chance n. 极微的希望 an old campaigner n. 老练的人 an old head on young shoulders n. 少年老成 an old maid n. 老处女 an old shell n. 水手 an open account n. 未结算的帐目 an open book n. 人皆尽知的事物 an open mind n. 虚心 an open question n. 未解决的问题 an opposite vertical angle n. 对顶角 an understood thing n. 心照不宣的事 an unknown quantity n. 未知量难预测的事 anchor gear n. 起锚设备 anchor ice n. 底冰 anchor point n. 定位点 and all that ad. 诸如此类 and no mistake ad. 无疑 and no wonder ad. 不足为奇 and otherwise ad. 等等 and so on ad. 等等 and that ad. 而且 and the like ad. 等等 and then ad. 于是然后 and what not ad. 诸如此类等等 and yet ad. 可是 angel cake n. 蛋糕 angle iron n. 角铁 angle of first slice n. 第一扇区起始角度 animadvert on v. 批判非难 animal spirits n. 生气活力 Anne Frank n. 安妮. 傅兰克 anno domini ad. 耶稣纪元后 annual contract n. 一年期契约 annual ring n. 年轮 another pair of shoes n. 另外一回事 ANSI character set n. ANSI字符集 answer back v. 顶嘴 answer for v. 负责保证符合 answer sheet n. 答案纸 answer to the name of v. 名叫 answer to v. 适应符合 answer up v. 应对迅速 ant bear n. 大食蚁兽 ante meridiem adj. 午前 antiaircraft artillery n. 高射炮 antiaircraft dugout n. 防空壕 antiaircraft emplacement n. 高射炮掩体 antiaircraft forces n. 防空部队 antiferromagnetic xchange aterials n. 反铁磁性物质 antiferromagnetic xchange esonance n. 反铁磁共振 antiferromagnetic xchange integral n. 反铁磁交换积分 antipodean day n. 过日界线的日期 anxious seat n. 焦急不安 any amount of adj. 任何数量的 any number of adj. 许多 any port in a storm n. 危急时不管好坏的出路 any way ad. 无论如何 anybody else n. 别人 anything but ad. 决不 anything else n. 别的东西 apologize for v. 道歉 appalling crimes n. 骇人听闻的罪行 appeal from drunk to Philip sober v. 请求复审 appeal from Philip drunk to Philip sober v. 请求复审 appeal to arms v. 诉诸武力 appeal to v. 呼吁要求诉诸上诉有吸引力 append file n. 增补文件 append LF n. 增补换行符 apple butter n. 苹果酱 apple head n. 笨人 apple pie n. 苹果馅饼 apple-pie order n. 井然有序 application icon n. 应用程序像标 application shortcut key n. 应用程序快速键 application swap file n. 应用程序交换文件 application window n. 应用程序窗口 application workspace n. 应用程序窗口 applications found on hard disk n. 硬盘上找到的应用程序 apply names n. 应用名 apply one's mind to v. 专心于 apply oneself to v. 致力于 approve of v. 赞成满意 approximate to v. 近于 April fool n. 愚人节中受愚弄者 April Fools'Day n. 愚人节 apropos of ad. 关于至于 arabic numerals n. 阿拉伯数字 arc lamp n. 弧光灯 arc light n. 弧光灯 archive attribute n. 存档属性 arctic circle n. 北极圈 arctic ocean n. 北极海北冰洋 arctic pole n. 北极 area code n. 电话地区号 argue a matter out v. 把事情辩个水落石出 argue against sb. on sth. v. 与某人争辩某事 argue in a circle v. 循环论证 argue sb. into doing sth. v. 说服某人做某事 argue sb. out of doing sth. v. 说服某人不做某事 argue sth. away v. 找理由辩解某事 argue to the contrary v. 提出相反意见 argue with sb. on sth. v. 与某人争辩某事 arithmetical progression n. 等差级数 arm in arm ad. 臂挽臂 armed neutrality n. 武装中立 armistice day n. 休战纪念日 armor plate n. 钢板装甲板 armoured cable n. 铠装电缆 armoured concrete n. 钢筋混凝土 army corps n. 军 army group n. 集团军群 around the corner ad. 在拐角处 arrange for v. 安排 arrange icons v. 重排图标 arrange windows v. 重排窗口 arrive at v. 到达达到 arrive in v. 到达 arrive upon the scene v. 到场 arrogate to v. 硬性归于 arrow key n. 箭头键 art and part n. 策划及参与 art for art's sake n. 艺术至上主义 art gallery n. 艺廊 artesian well n. 自流井喷水井钻井 artificial intelligence n. 人工智能 artificial respiration n. 人工呼吸急救法 As a man sows and so he shall reap. 种豆得豆. as a matter of fact ad. 事实上 as a result of ad. 作为结果 as a result ad. 结果 as a rule ad. 通常 as a shot ad. 作为猜测 as a token of ad. 作为...的标志 as a whole ad. 总体上 as bald as a coot adj. 头发脱光的 as best as one can ad. 尽最大努力 as best one may ad. 尽最大努力 as big as life ad. 与原物一样大 as black as one's hat adj. 墨黑的 as blind as a bat ad. 有眼无珠 as blind as an owl ad. 瞎透了 as bold as brass adj. 厚颜无耻的 as broad as long adj. 长宽相等的无区别的 as busy as a bee ad. 极忙碌 as cheap as dirt adj. 极便宜的 as clean as a whistle ad. 光滑洁净 as clear as a bell adj. 健全的 as clear as day adj. 一清二楚的 as compared with ad. 与...比较 as concerns ad. 关于 as cool as a cucumber adj. 极为冷静的 as cross as two sticks adj. 非常生气的 as dark as night ad. 漆黑 as drunk as a lord ad. 酩酊大醉 as drunk as a sow adj. 酩酊大醉的 as dry as a chip adj. 枯燥的 as early as possible ad. 尽快地 as easy as pie ad. 极容易 as easy as rolling off a log adj. 极容易 as far as in me lies ad. 尽我的力量 as far as it goes ad. 就现状来说 as far as ad. 远到直到至于 as fast as one's legs could carry ad. 拼命跑 as follow ad. 依下列各项 as follows ad. 如下 as for ad. 至于 as fresh as paint adj. 精神饱满的 as from ad. 从...时起 as fussy as a hen with one chick adj. 在小事上瞎操心 as good as a play ad. 有趣 as hard as a brick ad. 极硬 as hard as nails ad. 身体结实冷酷 as hard as the nether millstone ad. 铁石心肠 as hungry as a hunter ad. 非常饥饿 as if by magic ad. 不可思议地 as if ad. 好象 as it may chance ad. 要看情况 as large as life ad. 与原物一样大小 as light as thistledown ad. 极轻 as like as chalk and cheese ad. 形似而实质不同 as like as two peas ad. 一模一样 as likely as not ad. 很可能 as lively as a cricket adj. 极活泼的 as lively as a grig ad. 非常快活 as luck would have it ad. 碰巧 as mad as a hatter ad. 疯狂地 as mad as a March hare ad. 疯狂地 as mad as a wet hen ad. 非常生气 as many again ad. 再同样多 as many as ad. 和...一样多 as many ad. 一样多 as matters stand ad. 照目前的情况 as meek as a lamb ad. 非常温顺 as merry as a cricket ad. 非常快乐 as mild as a dove ad. 非常温和 as much again ad. 两倍 as much as to say ad. 等于说 as much as ad. 差不多 as much ad. 同样多 as naked as when one was born ad. 裸体 as nimble as a squirrel ad. 非常敏捷 as occasion requires ad. 在必要时 as occasion serves ad. 当有利时 as of old ad. 依旧 as old as Adam adj. 极古老的 as old as the hills ad. 极古老 as one man ad. 一致地 as plain as daylight ad. 一清二楚 as plain as the nose in your face ad. 一清二楚 as pleased as Punch ad. 非常高傲 as poor as a church mouse adj. 赤贫的 as poor as a church ad. 一贫如洗 as proud as a peacock ad. 非常高傲 as punctilious as a Spaniard ad. 极为拘泥于细节 as quick as thought ad. 极快地 as quickly as possible ad. 尽快地 as reason was ad. 根据情理 as regards ad. 关于至于 as rich as Croesus ad. 非常富有 as sage as a house ad. 非常安全 as sharp as a razor ad. 厉害机警 as smart as a new pin ad. 非常漂亮 as snug as a bug in a rug ad. 非常舒适 as soon as possible ad. 尽快 as soon as ad. 一...就 as sound as a bell ad. 十分健全 as stiff as a poker ad. 生硬刻板 as straight as a die adj. 绝对真实的非常老实的 as stupid as an owl ad. 极愚蠢 as such ad. 同样地同量地 as sure as a gun ad. 的确 as the case may be ad. 看情况 as the case stands ad. 事实上 as the crow flies ad. 笔直地 as the sparks fly upward ad. 确实无疑 as the story goes ad. 据说 as thick as thieves ad. 亲密无间 as thin as a lath ad. 骨瘦如柴 as thin as a wafer ad. 极薄 as things are ad. 在目前情况下 as though ad. 好象防佛 as time goes on ad. 随着时间的推移 as true as a die ad. 绝对真实非常老实 as true as steel ad. 绝对可靠 as usual ad. 照常 as warm as a toast ad. 暖烘烘地 as weak as water ad. 极虚弱 as well as ad. 也又 as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb ad. 一不做二不休 as yet ad. 至今 As you brewso you must drink. 自作自受. ascorbic acid n. 维生素C ascribe to v. 归于 aside from ad. 除...以外 ask after v. 探问 ask for it v. 自讨苦吃 ask for trouble v. 自找麻烦 ask for v. 请求寻找 ask no odds v. 不要求特殊化 ask sb. round v. 请某人来家 ask the way v. 问路 ask you to specify any application v. 请你指定一个应用程序 asleep at the switch ad. 玩忽职守错过机会 aspect ratio n. 纵横比 aspire after v. 渴望追求 assault and battery n. 殴打人身攻击 assembly line n. 装配线 assembly room n. 会议室会议室会场 assent to v. 同意 assert oneself v. 坚持自己的权利 assess upon v. 征收 assimilate to v. 使相似比作 assimilate with v. 使相似比作 assistant manager n. 副理协理 associate with v. 联合 associated press n. 美联社 association football n. 英式足球 assort with v. 相称协调 assume the offensive v. 进攻 assume the reins of government v. 开始执政上台 asterisk wildcard n. 通配符 at a dash ad. 一鼓作气地 at a disadvantage ad. 处于不利地位 at a discount ad. 打折扣没销路不受欢迎 at a distance ad. 在远处 at a draught ad. 一下子 at a full jump ad. 全速地 at a good pace ad. 相当快地 at a guess ad. 推测 at a heat ad. 一口气地 at a loose end ad. 闲着 at a loss ad. 困惑亏本地 at a low ebb ad. 衰败 at a pinch ad. 在紧要关头 at a premium ad. 在票面价值以上非常珍贵 at a price ad. 以很高代价 at a push ad. 紧急时 at a respectful distance ad. 敬而远之 at a run ad. 跑着 at a simmer ad. 处于将沸未沸的状态 at a stand ad. 停顿陷入僵局 at a stretch ad. 一口气地 at a time ad. 每次在某时 at a touch ad. 一碰到 at a venture ad. 冒险地胡乱地随便地 at a word ad. 立即简而言之 at achool ad. 在学校在上课在求学 at all costs ad. 不惜任何代价 at all events ad. 无论如何 at all hazards ad. 冒一切危险 at all hours ad. 在任何时候 at all points ad. 在各方面 at all risks ad. 无论如何 at all time ad. 总是 at all times ad. 一直 at all ad. 根本 at an easy rate ad. 廉价地不费力地 at any cost 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司