翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 come to harm v. 遭不幸 come to heel v. 紧随在后面附和 come to life v. 苏醒 come to light v. 暴露 come to no good v. 没有好结果 come to nothing v. 完全失败 come to one's senses v. 苏醒过来醒悟 come to oneself v. 苏醒醒悟 come to pass v. 发生实现 come to rest v. 停止移动 come to sb. 's aid v. 帮助某人 come to sb. 's knowledge v. 被某人知道 come to sb. 's notice v. 引起某人注意 come to stay v. 扎根下来 come to terms v. 达成协议妥协让步 come to the same thing v. 结果相同 come to the top v. 出名成功 come to the wrong shop v. 找错对象 come to time v. 履行义务 come to town v. 到城里到场 come to v. 达到继承复苏停止 come true v. 实现达到 come under attack v. 遭抨击 come under v. 归入受到 come up against v. 碰到 come up smiling v. 重振精神 come up to v. 达到符合 come up with v. 赶上提出 come up v. 走近上来发芽发生被提出流行 come upon the stage v. 进入社会 come upon v. 突然产生要求成为...负担偶遇 come what will ad. 不管如何 come within v. 在...范围内 comfort station n. 公共厕所 Coming events cast their shadows before. 无风不起浪. coming in n. 进入开始 command button n. 命令按钮 command interpreter n. 命令解释程序 command key n. 命令键 command line n. 命令行 command prompt n. 命令提示符 command underline n. 命令加下划线 commander in chief n. 总司令 commend oneself to sb. v. 给某人好印象 comment on v. 评论 commercial bank n. 商业银行 commiserate with sb. on sth. v. 同情 commit sth. to flames v. 烧毁某物 commit sth. to memory v. 把某事记住 commit sth. to paper v. 把某事写下来 commit sth. to the flame v. 烧掉某物 common ground n. 共同点 Common Market n. 共同市场 common or garden adj. 平凡的 common room n. 公共休息室 common school n. 公费学校 common sense n. 常识 common stock n. 普通股 commune with v. 与...谈心 communicate with v. 通话 communication protocol n. 通信协议 communications setting n. 通信设置 compare notes v. 交换意见 compare versions v. 版本比较 comparison operator n. 比较运算符 Comparisons are odious. 人比人气死人. compensate for v. 赔偿 complain about v. 抱怨 complain of v. 抱怨抗议 complementary color n. 补色 compliment away v. 赠送 compliment sb. into v. 恭维某人使 compliment sb. out of sth. v. 恭维某人以骗某物 comply with v. 照做 comport with v. 一致适合 compose note n. 编写正文 compose oneself v. 镇静 compound device n. 复合设备 compressed drive n. 压缩驱动器 compressed format n. 压缩格式 compressed volume file n. 压缩卷文件 compression resistance n. 耐压力 Compression/Byte n. 压缩/字节 compressive stress n. 压力 compromise with sb. on sth. v. 妥协 computer aided software engineering n. 电脑辅助软件工程 computer class n. 电脑课 computer virus n. 计算机病毒 comsume away v. 枯萎 con amore ad. 带着爱情地热心地 concede to v. 让步 conceive of v. 想象 concentrate on v. 集中全神贯注于 concern with v. 使关心 concur in v. 赞成 concur with v. 同意 condole with sb. on sth. v. 慰问 conduce to v. 导致有助于 confabulate with v. 谈心会谈 confer sth. on sb. v. 授予 confer with sb. on sth. v. 协商 confess to doing sth. v. 供认承认 confide in v. 信任 confirm file conversions v. 确认文件转换 confirm in v. 使更坚定 confirm on v. 确认 confirm page breaks v. 确认分页符 confirm password v. 确认口令 conflict with v. 倾轧冲突 conform to v. 符合遵照 confound right and wrong v. 混淆是非 congratulate on v. 祝贺 conjure away v. 用魔法驱除 conjure up v. 用魔法召 connect with v. 连接联络 consent to v. 同意答应 conservative party n. 保守党 consider sb. as mud v. 蔑视某人 consign to v. 交付给 consist in v. 存在于 consist of v. 由...组成 consist with v. 与...一致 arouse from v. 唤醒 ash cart n. 垃圾桶 ash fire n. 灰火余烬 bell buoy n. 打钟浮标 bell ten n. 钟形帐篷 bell the cat v. 为大家的利益承担危险 bell tower n. 钟塔钟楼 bellow out v. 大声喊出 belly landing n. 以机腹着陆 belly laugh n. 捧腹大笑 belly tank n. 机腹油箱 belong in v. 应归入 belong to v. 属于 below ground ad. 埋葬了 below one's breath ad. 低声地 below par ad. 在票面价值以下在标准以下 below stairs ad. 在地下室 below the moon ad. 月下尘世 below the salt ad. 在下席 bend one's elbow v. 喝酒太多 bend one's knee to v. 屈服于 bend over backwards v. 拼命 bend sb. 's ears v. 和某人谈重要的事和某人谈个不休 bend to the oars v. 用力划桨 beneath sb. 's dignity v. 不合身分 bid up v. 哄抬 bus stop n. 公共汽车站 buttress up v. 支持支撑 cart horse n. 拉货车的马 chewing gum n. 口香糖 chin music n. 闲谈 consort with v. 陪伴 constitution day n. 行宪纪念日 consulate general n. 总领事馆 consult one's pillow v. 通夜思考 consult with v. 协商商量 consumer goods n. 生活消费品 contest against v. 争夺 contest with v. 争夺 continental drift n. 大陆漂移 contingency fund n. 应急费用 contingency reserve n. 应急储备金 contingent fee n. 成功酬金 continued story n. 连载小说 continuous blocks n. 连续块 continuous loop n. 连续循环 contour line n. 等高线轮廓线 contour map n. 等高线图 contour pen n. 曲线笔 contract bridge n. 合约桥牌 contract oneself out of v. 约定使自己不受...的约束 contract out v. 立约把...包出 contract territory n. 订定合约的地区 contrary to nature ad. 违反自然地奇迹般地 contribute to v. 捐献 control code n. 控制代码 control menu n. 控制菜单 control panel n. 控制面板 control properties n. 控制属性 control-menu box n. 控制菜单框 conventioanl memory n. 常规内存 conversation of energy n. 能量守恒 convict sb. of v. 宣判某人有罪 cook sb. 's goose v. 干掉某人挫败某人的希望 cook up v. 伪造虚构 cool down v. 变凉平静下来 cool it v. 放松下来 cool off v. 变凉平静下来 cool one's coppers v. 喝解酒饮料润喉 cool one's heels v. 空等 cooperate with v. 与...合作 cop a heel v. 逃跑越狱 cop a plea v. 避重就轻地认罪 cop it v. 挨打受责 cop out on v. 反悔 cope with v. 与...竞争应付 copy button image v. 复制按钮图象 copy chart v. 复制图表 copy diskette v. 复制磁盘 copy fonts to new port v. 将字体复制到新端口 copy from v. 临摹 copy message v. 复制消息 copy mode n. 复制方式 copy package n. 复制包 copy picture v. 复制图片 copy program item v. 复制程序项 copy to v. 复制到 cordially yours n. 谨上 corn field n. 玉米田 corn in Egypt n. 丰饶 corn plaster n. 鸡眼药 corner in v. 囤积 corner kick n. 角球 corner the market v. 囤积 corpse candle n. 鬼火点在尸体旁的蜡烛 correlate to v. 使相互关联 correspond with v. 符合一致 correspondence school n. 函授学校 cosmic ray n. 宇宙光 cost saving n. 节省费用 cost sb. dearly v. 使某人花很多钱使某人大受损失 costa rican adj. 哥斯大黎加的 cottage industry n. 家庭手工业 cotton on v. 理解 cotton print n. 印花棉布 cotton textile n. 棉纺织品 cotton thread n. 棉线 cotton to v. 交好 cotton waste n. 废棉回丝 cotton with v. 与...和谐 cotton wool n. 原棉棉絮 cotton yarn n. 棉纱 cough down v. 用咳嗽声阻挠 cough drop n. 咳嗽糖 cough oneself hoarse v. 咳得嗓子沙哑 cough out v. 咳出 cough syrup n. 咳嗽糖浆 cough up v. 咳出勉强说出 count by n. 间隔数 count down v. 倒数用倒数方式计算 count for little v. 无足轻重 count for much v. 关系重大 count for nothing v. 毫无价值 count in v. 把...计算在内 count noses v. 点人数 Count off! 报数! count on one's card v. 预期成功 count on v. 依靠指望 count one's chickens before they are hatched v. 过早乐观 count one's thumbs v. 消磨时间 count out v. 点数拳击中判输 count the cost v. 权衡得失 count the house v. 计算出席人数 count up to v. 共计 count up v. 把...加起来 counter to ad. 相反地 counterelectromotive force n. 反电动势 country code n. 国家代码 county seat n. 县城 covalent bond n. 共价键 cover for v. 代替 cover in v. 遮盖住 cover over v. 遮没 cover the ground v. 旅行完成一项任务包含 cover up for v. 包庇 cover up one's tracks v. 掩盖行踪 cover up v. 掩盖 cover with v. 覆盖 cozy up to v. 奉承 CPU clock ticks n. CPU时钟节拍 crab at v. 挑剔 crack a bottle v. 打开酒瓶喝 crack a crib v. 入室偷盗 crack a joke v. 开玩笑 crack a smile v. 微笑 crack back v. 顶嘴 crack down on v. 制裁镇压 crack on v. 加速 crack up v. 撞坏衰退吹捧 crack wise v. 说俏皮话 cram oneself with food v. 填饱肚子 cram sth. down sb. 's throat v. 反复对某人灌输某事 crane at v. 踌躇 crank out v. 制成 crash boat n. 救生艇 crash into v. 闯入 crash the gate v. 擅自入场 crash truck n. 失事飞机救援车 crave for v. 渴望 creature comfort n. 物质享受 creature comforts n. 衣食 credit bank n. 信贷银行 credit insurance n. 信用保险 credit man n. 信用调查员 credit rating n. 客户信贷分类 credit squeeze n. 贷款紧缩 credit titles n. 导演和制片人的名单 crew cut n. 平头 crock up v. 衰竭 crocodile tears n. 鳄鱼的眼泪假慈悲 crop sb. 's feathers v. 使某人丢脸 crop up v. 突然出现 cross cursor n. 十字光标 cross one's heart v. 在胸口划十字 cross rate n. 套汇率 cross sb. 's hand v. 贿赂某人 cross sb. 's palm v. 贿赂某人 cross sb. 's path v. 遇见某人阻碍某人 cross section n. 横截面 cross swords v. 交锋争论 cross the bar v. 死去世 cross the cudgel v. 不参加争论 cross the Great Divide v. 死 cross-linked cluster n. 交叉链接簇 crosstab table n. 交叉数据分析表 crouch to sb. v. 屈服于某人 crow about v. 吹嘘 crow over v. 得意幸灾乐祸吹嘘 crow's nest n. 守望楼岗亭 crowd sail n. 张起异常多的帆 crude oil n. 原油 crumble to dust v. 垮掉化为乌有 crumple up v. 起皱打垮使崩溃 crusade against v. 讨伐 crusage for v. 征战 crush down v. 压倒碾碎 crush out v. 榨出熄灭 crush up v. 粉碎揉成一团 cry against v. 大声反对 cry back v. 出现返祖现象 cry blue murder v. 大惊小怪地喊叫 cry craven v. 叫饶 cry down v. 贬低 cry for the moon v. 想做做不到的事 cry for v. 吵着要恳求迫切需要 cry halves v. 要求平分 cry havoc v. 下抢劫令 cry off from v. 退出 cry off v. 取消 cry on sb. 's shoulder v. 向某人倾吐苦楚 cry one's eyes out v. 痛哭 cry one's heart out v. 痛哭欲绝 cry out v. 大声呼喊 cry over spilt milk v. 作无益的后悔 cry quarter v. 请求饶命 cry roast meat v. 自吹自擂 cry shame on v. 责备非难 cry stinking fish v. 叫卖臭鱼暴露自己的缺点 cry up v. 推崇 cry wolf v. 发假警报 cube root n. 立方根 cubic foot n. 立方尺 cubic yard n. 立方码 cuddle together v. 紧贴着身子睡 cuddle up v. 蜷缩着睡 cudgel one's brains for v. 绞尽脑汁 cue in v. 插入 cultural lag n. 文化落后 cumber with v. 拖累麻烦 cup tie n. 优胜杯决赛 Cupid's bow n. 丘比特之弓 curb exchange n. 场外交易 curcol n. 当前列current column的缩写 curl one's lip v. 撇嘴 curl up v. 卷起 currency format n. 货币格式 currency style n. 货币格式 current array n. 当前数组 current context n. 当前上下文 current directory n. 当前目录 current drive n. 当前驱动器 current icon n. 当前像标 current page n. 当前页 current region n. 当前区域 current settings n. 当前设置 current type n. 当前类型 current Element n. 当前元素 current file n. 当前文件 current item n. 当前项 currow n. 当前行current row的缩写 curry favor with sb. v. 奉承某人 curry sauce n. 咖哩汁 Curses come home to roost. 诅咒他人应验自己. cursor blink rate n. 光标闪烁速度 cursor key n. 光标键 cursor position n. 光标位置 cursor-control keys n. 光标控制键 curtain call n. 谢幕 curtain off v. 遮掉隔开 custom autofilter n. 自定义自动筛选 custom code n. 自定义码 custom colors n. 自定义颜色 custom dictionaries n. 自定义字典 custom field n. 自定义范围 CustomDict n. 常规字典custom dictionary的缩写 customs union n. 关税联盟 cut a dash v. 大出风头 cut a feather v. 破浪前进 cut a figure v. 崭露头角 cut a loss v. 赶紧脱手以免多受损失 cut a melon v. 分红分赃 cut a smart figure v. 出风头 cut a teeth v. 长牙齿 cut a ticket v. 投反对票 cut a wide swath v. 炫耀 cut about v. 乱砍乱跑 cut across v. 抄近路通过 cut adrift v. 使分开独立谋生 cut after v. 急忙跟随 cut and carve v. 乱砍变更使精练 Cut and come again. 请尽量吃. cut and paste v. 剪贴 cut and run v. 急忙逃走 cut and thrust n. 肉搏战 cut at v. 猛砍危害 cut away v. 切掉砍掉逃走 cut back v. 修剪削减中止急转向倒叙 cut blocks with a razor v. 剃刀砍木 cut both ways v. 对双方起作用模棱两可 cut cells v. 剪切单元 cut corners v. 抄近路 cut down to size v. 降低威望 cut down v. 砍倒胜过削减删节 cut from the same cloth v. 一路货 cut in on v. 打断 cut in v. 插嘴插入把...插进 cut into v. 侵犯打断 cut it fat v. 炫耀 cut it fine v. 扣得紧 cut it v. 快走停止 cut loose v. 摆脱 cut mode n. 剪切方式 cut no figure v. 无足轻重 cut no ice v. 不起作用无效 cut off a corner v. 抄近路 cut off one's heir with a shilling v. 取消某人的继承权 cut off one's nose to spite one's face v. 发脾气时做了害自己的事 cut off v. 切掉删去切断断绝中止关掉使死亡剥夺继承权 cut one another's throat v. 相互残杀 cut one's cable v. 死 cut one's coat according to one's cloth v. 量入为出 cut one's own fodder v. 自己谋生自管自 cut one's own throat v. 自杀 cut one's stick v. 逃走 cut one's wisdom teeth v. 开始懂事 cut out v. 切掉删掉裁剪出安排好使适合切成停止放弃取代使分离突然离开 cut round v. 卖弄 cut school v. 旷课 cut short v. 打断缩减 cut the buck v. 很有效地做不负重望 cut the claws of v. 斩断...魔爪 cut the comb of v. 使屈辱 cut the comedy v. 不再胡闹 cut the connexion v. 割断联系 cut the grass from under sb. 's feet v. 妨碍某人挫败某人 cut the ground from under sb. 's feet v. 使某人失利 cut the knot v. 快刀斩乱麻 cut the shop v. 不再谈论本行的事 cut the throat of v. 消灭扼杀 cut through v. 抄近路走过刺穿 cut to the bone v. 削减 cut under v. 卖得比...便宜 cut up rough v. 发怒 cut up rusty v. 发脾气发怒 cut up savage v. 发脾气发怒 cut up ugly v. 发脾气发怒 cut up v. 切碎抨击歼灭使丧气胡闹 cutting out paper dolls adj. 发狂的 dabble at v. 涉猎 dabble in v. 涉猎 dally away v. 浪费 dally over v. 延误 dally with v. 调戏 dam up v. 筑坝拦水控制 damp off v. 腐败枯萎 dance attendance on sb. v. 奉承某人 dance away v. 跳着舞走开 dance drama n. 舞蹈剧 dance on a rope v. 被绞死 dance to another tune v. 改弦易辙 dance to sb. 's pipe v. 亦步亦趋 dance to sb. 's tune v. 亦步亦趋 dance upon nothing v. 被绞死 danger money n. 危险工作的额外报酬 danger signal n. 危险信号 danger zone n. 危险地带 dangle after v. 追求尾随 dark shading n. 浓阴影 darken counsel v. 使更加混乱 darken sb. 's daylight v. 把某人打瞎 darken the door v. 闯入 dash against v. 撞上 dash along v. 滔滔不绝 dash in v. 急写 dash light n. 仪表板灯 dash off v. 匆忙完成 dash out v. 冲出删去 dash with v. 搀加 data bit n. 数据位 data file n. 数据文件 data marker n. 数据标记 data point n. 数据点 data processing n. 资料处理 data screen n. 资料荧幕 date created n. 创建日期 date format n. 日期格式 date saved n. 保存日期 date type n. 日期类型 date unit n. 日期单位 datum line n. 基准线 datum mark n. 基准点 datum plane n. 基准面 David and Jonathan n. 莫逆之交 Davy Jones n. 海神 dawdle away v. 闲混 dawn on v. 渐渐被理解 day about ad. 每隔一天地 day after aday ad. 日复一日 day after day ad. 日复一日 day after night ad. 日以继夜 day and night n. 白天和夜晚 day boarder n. 搭伙走读生 day break n. 黎明 day by day ad. 逐日 day in and day out ad. 天天 day labour n. 散工 day leading zero n. 日期前置零 day markings n. 日期标志 day school n. 走读学校 day settings n. 日期设定 day shift n. 日班 day to day ad. 天天 daylight lamp n. 日光灯 daylight saving time n. 夏令时 daylight signal n. 色灯信号 days marked with a white stone n. 幸福的日子 days of grace n. 宽限日期 dazzle paint n. 伪装色彩 dead and turned to clay adj. 死的 dead angle n. 死角 dead block n. 缓冲板 dead cat n. 猛烈的攻击 dead duck n. 必然要完蛋的人 dead end n. 闭塞不通的一头死胡同 dead freight n. 空舱费 dead heat n. 胜负不分的赛跑 dead horse n. 预付的工资旧债 dead letter n. 死信形同虚设的规定 dead load n. 静负荷 dead march n. 哀乐 Dead men tell no tales. 死人不会告密. dead soil n. 贫瘠的土壤 dead stock n. 呆滞商品农具 dead water n. 死水船舷侧旋涡 deadly sins n. 不可饶恕的罪行 deal in v. 经营 deal out v. 分配分给 deal well by sb. v. 对某人好 deal with v. 安排处理涉及做生意 dear money n. 高利贷 death agony n. 临死时的痛苦 death in the pot n. 隐蔽的危险 Death pays all debts. 一死百了. Death pays all scores. 一死百了. death penalty n. 死刑 death struggle n. 垂死挣扎 death under shield n. 阵亡 death warrant n. 死刑执行令致命打击 debt collector n. 收债人 debug strategy n. 调试策略 decimal digits n. 小数位数 decimal separator n. 十进制分隔符 deck chair n. 躺椅 deck out with v. 装饰 deckle edge n. 纸的毛边 declare against v. 表态反对 declare for v. 表明 declare off v. 取消 declare on v. 宣布 declare oneself v. 发表意见显露身分 declare war on v. 宣战发动进攻 declared value n. 申报价格 decrease decimal v. 小数位数递减 decrease font size n. 缩小字体 decrease speed v. 减速 decrease volume v. 减小音量 dedicate to v. 献身 deduce from v. 推断 deduct from v. 扣除 deep fry n. 油炸 deep space n. 外层空间 default button n. 默认按钮 default chart format v. 默认图表格式 default chart n. 默认图表类型 default device driver v. 默认设备驱动程序 default file location v. 默认文件目录 default preferences n. 默认首选项 default printer n. 默认打印机 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司