翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 v. 同某人有争论 have a brick in one's hat v. 有醉意 have a button missing v. 神经失常 have a card up one's sleeve v. 胸有成竹 have a chat with v. 与...闲谈 have a chin v. 闲谈 have a chip on one's shoulder v. 好斗 have a cobweb in the throat v. 口渴 have a cog loose v. 有点毛病 have a cool head v. 头脑冷静 have a crow to pull with sb. v. 在某事上要同某人竞争 have a drop in one's eye v. 有点醉意 have a finger in the pie v. 染指 have a fit v. 大发脾气 have a fling at v. 试做嘲弄 have a foot in the dish v. 获得立足点占一份 have a game with sb. v. 作弄某人 have a good appetite v. 胃口好 have a good head for v. 有...的才能 have a good head on one's shoulders v. 有能力 have a good time v. 过得快乐 have a hard head v. 有注重实际的头脑顽固 have a head like a sieve v. 记忆力极差 have a head v. 头痛 have a heart v. 发慈悲 have a high color v. 脸色红润 have a liking for v. 喜欢 have a long head v. 有远见 have a mad on v. 大怒 have a maggot in one's head v. 想入非非 have a mark on v. 喜欢爱好 have a memory like a sieve v. 记忆力极差 have a mind to do sth. v. 想做某事 have a monkey on a house v. 抵押房屋 have a monkey on one's back v. 毒瘾深 have a niche in the temple of fame v. 留芳百世 have a night out v. 在外玩一晚上 have a nodding acquaintance with v. 与...有点头之交 have a poor appetite v. 胃口不好 have a rat in a garret v. 不安想入非非 have a rod in pickle for sb. v. 伺机惩罚某人 have a rough time v. 吃苦 have a royal time v. 过得愉快 have a sale v. 廉售 have a score to settle with sb. v. 要跟某人算帐 have a screw loose v. 出故障出毛病 have a second string to one's bow v. 有另外的手段 have a shaft left in one's quiver v. 还有办法 have a shot at v. 试着去做 have a shy at sb. v. 嘲弄某人 have a slate missing v. 精神有点不正常 have a sweet teeth v. 喜欢吃甜 have a sweet tooth v. 喜欢吃甜 have a temperature v. 发烧 have a thick hide v. 脸皮厚 have a thick skin v. 脸皮厚不敏感 have a thin skin v. 脸皮薄敏感 have a tilt at sb. v. 攻击某人奚落某人 have a turkey on one's back v. 酒醉 have a wolf by the ears v. 进退两难骑虎难下 have all one's buttons v. 神经正常 have all one's goods in the window v. 肤浅华而不实 have an account to settle with sb. v. 要与某人算帐 have an ace up one's sleeve v. 握着王牌有应急的妙计 have an affection for sb. v. 喜欢某人 have an affection towards sb. v. 喜欢某人 have an appetite for v. 爱好 have an arrow left in one's quiver v. 还有本钱还有办法 have an audience with v. 拜会 have an axe to grind v. 别有企图 have an ear for v. 对...听觉灵敏 have an ear to the ground v. 注意着可能发生的事 have an eye for v. 很能鉴赏 have an eye to the main chance v. 谋私利 have an instinct for v. 生来就 have an itching palm v. 贪财 have an oar in everyman's boat v. 多管闲事 have an objection to v. 反对 have an open hand v. 慷慨 have ants in one's pants v. 坐立不安 have at v. 打击攻击 have bats in the belfry v. 发痴异想天开 have been around a lot v. 世故深 have been in the wars v. 在战争中受过伤 have been to v. 曾经到过 have broad shoulders v. 身体结实能担当重任 have cognizance of v. 认识到对...有审理权 have cold feet v. 害怕畏缩 have credit with sb. v. 得到某人信任 have designs against v. 抱不良企图 have designs on v. 抱不良企图 have difficulty v. 有困难 have done with v. 做完与...无关 have eggs on the spit v. 手头有事 have enough of that style of thing v. 受够这种事 have eyes bigger than the belly v. 嘴馋 have good lungs v. 声音洪亮 have half a mind to do sth. v. 有点想做某事 have hot coppers v. 喝酒后喉咙干燥 have in detestation v. 厌恶 have in remembrance v. 记得 have interest in v. 有兴趣 have iron nerves v. 神经坚强 have it all over sb. v. 胜过某人 have it both ways v. 见风使舵 have it on sb. v. 胜过某人 have it out with sb. v. 决一雌雄 have itching ears v. 爱听新奇的事 have legs v. 走得快 have little mind to do sth. v. 不想做某事 have mercy on v. 对...表示怜悯 have money to burn v. 有用不完的钱 have more sauce than pig v. 无礼 have more sense than to v. 聪明得不至于 have need of v. 需要 have need to do sth. v. 必须做某事 have neither part nor lot in v. 未参与 have no alternative but v. 只得别无选择 have no choice but to v. 别无选择 have no choice v. 不能选择 have no ear for v. 对...听觉不灵敏 have no lack of v. 不缺乏 have no manner of right v. 毫无权利 have no patience with v. 不能容忍 have no use for v. 不需要厌恶 have no words for sth. v. 无法形容某物 have not a dry thread on one v. 浑身湿透 have not a leg to stand on v. 站不住脚 have not been to v. 不曾到过 have nothing in one v. 不足道没有个性 have nothing on sb. v. 对某人不占优势 have nothing on the ball v. 毫无本事 have nothing to do with v. 与...无关 have nothing to show for v. 没有成绩 have notice v. 接到通知 have on one's shoulders v. 承担着 have on v. 穿着戴着在手头使上钩 have one foot in the grave v. 风烛残年 have one's choice v. 有选择权 have one's day v. 走运 have one's fling v. 恣意行乐 have one's full swing v. 自由行动为所欲为 have one's gruel v. 被罚大败被杀 have one's hands free v. 空手可以自由干 have one's hands full v. 工作忙 have one's head in a tar barrel v. 陷入困境 have one's head screwed on the right way v. 头脑清醒 have one's heart in one's boots v. 沮丧绝望 have one's heart in one's mouth v. 非常吃惊 have one's heart in the right place v. 好心好意 have one's moment v. 走红得意 have one's name up v. 成名 have one's sleep out v. 睡足 have one's will v. 达到自己的愿望 have one's wind taken v. 被打中胸口而倒下 have one's wits about one v. 警觉 have one's work cut out for one v. 工作已经排定十分忙碌 have only oneself to thank v. 自作自受 have other fish to fry v. 另有企图 have precedence over v. 优先于 have recourse to v. 求助于求援于 have sale v. 廉售 have sb. 's blood on one's head v. 对某人死亡应负责任 have sb. 's ear v. 得到某人的注意 have sb. 's number v. 对某人心中有数 have sb. at one's beck and call v. 随心所欲使唤人 have sb. cold v. 任意摆布某人 have sb. down v. 把某人请来作客 have sb. in one's pocket v. 可任意支配某人 have sb. in one's power v. 控制住某人 have sb. in v. 把某人叫进屋 have sb. on a string v. 操纵某人 have sb. on toast v. 任意摆布某人 have sb. over a barrel v. 完全支配某人 have seen better days v. 有过富裕日子 have snakes in one's boots v. 喝醉酒 have something on the ball v. 颇有本事 have something to do with v. 与...有点关系 have something up one's sleeve v. 暗中有应急的计划 have sth. at heart v. 对某事深切关心 have sth. at one's finger ends v. 熟练掌握某事 have sth. at one's fingers v. 手头有东西可随时用精通某事物 have sth. at the tips of one's fingers v. 手头有某物随时可用 have sth. in mind v. 记住某事想做某事 have sth. in the bottom of the bag v. 留下某物做为最后手段 have sth. on one's conscience v. 因某事而内疚 have sth. on one's mind v. 担心某事 have sth. on the brain v. 热心干某事 have sth. on the tin of one's tongue v. 差点说出某事 have sth. out v. 把某人叫出屋 have sth. pat v. 对某事了解得一点不差 have swelled head v. 自负 have the advantage of v. 胜过 have the ball at one's feet v. 有机会成功 have the battle v. 战胜 have the best of v. 胜过 have the best opinion v. 请高明的专家 have the call v. 处于主要地位 have the cards in one's hands v. 有成功把握 have the conscience to do v. 厚着脸做 have the courage of one's convictions v. 有勇气做自己认为正确的事 have the courage of one's opinions v. 敢于提出自己的观点 have the defects of one's qualities v. 有伴随着优点的缺点 have the digestion of an ostrich v. 消化力强 have the edge on sb. v. 胜过某人 have the front to v. 竟有脸做 have the gallows in one's face v. 有犯死罪的面相 have the game in one's hands v. 有必胜把握 have the gift of gab v. 能说会道 have the heart to v. 忍心做 have the heels of v. 追过 have the hide to do sth. v. 厚颜无耻地做某事 have the initiative v. 掌握主动 have the last laugh v. 笑在最后 have the law of sb. v. 控告某人 have the merits v. 在诉讼中证明自己有理 have the pull of sb. v. 胜过某人控制某人 have the run of one's teeth v. 免费吃饭 have the scalp of sb. v. 击败某人 have the seal of death on one's face v. 有死亡将至的象征 have the weather gauge of v. 占...的上风 have the worse v. 遭到失败 have time to burn v. 有用不完的时间 have to do with v. 与...有关 have too many irons in the fire v. 同时要做的事情太多 have trouble with v. 与...有纠纷有...的病痛 have trouble v. 在...有困难 have two left feet v. 极笨拙 have two strikes against one v. 处于不利处境 have two strings to one's bow v. 有两手准备 have visions of v. 想象到 have way on v. 航行着 have wheels in one's head v. 发疯 haven't a bean v. 身无分文 hawk up v. 咳出 He laughs best who laughs last. 笑在最后笑得最好. He that sups with the devil must have a long spoo 与坏人交往必须谨慎. He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily fin 欲加之罪何患无辞. head and ears ad. 全身完全 head and front n. 主要部分 head and shoulders above ad. 远远超出 head first ad. 头向前地冒失地 head for v. 出发动身前往 head off v. 阻止拦截 head office n. 总公司 head on ad. 迎面地 head over heels ad. 头朝下颠倒完全地 head the list v. 领衔居首位 head to head ad. 交头接耳地 head up v. 加盖子于 head wind v. 顶风 header file n. 页眉文件 Heads up! 小心! heal up v. 愈合 health physics n. 有害辐射防护学 heap coals of fire on sb. 's head v. 以德报怨使人感到惭愧 heaps of times n. 无数次 hear a bird sing v. 私下听人说 Hear and tremble! 好好听! hear from v. 接到...的信受...批评 hear nothing of v. 未闻...的消息 hear of v. 听说 hear sb. out v. 听某人把话讲完 hear the grass grow v. 特别敏锐 hear the last of v. 最后一次听到 hearing aids n. 助听器 heart and hand ad. 热心地 heart and soul ad. 全心全意地 heart attack n. 心脏病发作 heart disease n. 心脏病 heart failure n. 心力衰竭 heart to heart ad. 诚恳地贴心地 heat rash n. 痱子 heat treatment n. 热处理 heat wave n. 热浪 heave a ship to v. 顶风停船 heave down v. 使船倾倒一边以进行维修 heave the gorge v. 作呕 Heaven's vengeance is slow but sure. 天网恢恢疏而不漏. heavenly bodies n. 天体 heavy in hand adj. 难对付的 hedge off v. 用树篱隔开两面下注 hedge out v. 用树篱隔开 heel over v. 倾侧 height of row n. 行高 heir apparent n. 有确定继承权的人 heir at law n. 法定继承人 heir presumptive n. 假定继承人 Helen Keller n. 海伦凯勒 hell and gone adj. 极远的不可挽回的 hell and high water n. 任何困难 hell around v. 混日子 hell to pay v. 严厉惩罚 help a lame dog over a stile v. 助人度过难关 help index n. 帮助索引 help information n. 帮助信息 help oneself to v. 自用 help oneself v. 自用 help options n. 帮助选项 help sb. down v. 搀扶某人下来 help sb. into v. 搀扶某人进入 help sb. out v. 帮助某人解决难题 help sb. over v. 帮助某人度过 help sb. to v. 给某人进食 help sb. up v. 扶起某人 help system n. 帮助系统 help window n. 帮助窗口 hem and haw v. 哼哼哈哈 hem in v. 包围 Hepple white n. Hepple white制作的家具 herbal medicine n. 草药 herd together v. 成群 hero worship n. 英雄崇拜 hew to v. 遵守坚持 hi fi set n. 高传真立体组合 Hi-Lo lines n. 高低线 hidden bit n. 隐位 hidden columns n. 隐藏列 hidden file n. 隐文件 hidden rows n. 隐藏行 hidden text n. 隐藏文字 hide and hair n. 完全 hide detail v. 隐藏详细数据 hide from v. 隐瞒 hide items v. 隐藏项 hide one's candle under a bushel v. 不露锋芒 hide one's diminished head v. 失势隐退 hide one's face from v. 不理睬 hide one's light under a bushel v. 不露锋芒 hide one's talents in a napkin v. 埋没才能 hide or hair n. 影踪 hide out v. 躲藏 hide up v. 包庇 hierarchical directory structure n. 分层目录结构 hifi n. 高保真[high fidelity] high and low n. 高低贵贱到处 high and mighty adj. 趾高气扬的 high gear n. 高速档 high graphics n. 高分辨率图形 high memory area n. 高端内存区 high on v. 热衷于 high play n. 大赌 high priority n. 高优先级 high school n. 中学 high temperature compound n. 高温化合物 high wind n. 疾风 high words n. 愤怒的话激烈的话 high-level formatting n. 高级格式化 high-low lines n. 高低线 higher than a kite adj. 极高的 highlighted text n. 突出显示的正文 highly developed countries n. 高度发展国家 hike up v. 飘起 hill people n. 山上的居民 hill station n. 山中避暑地 hinge on v. 靠...转动以...为转移 hip bath n. 坐浴 hire oneself to v. 受雇于 His bark is worse than his bite. 他急躁但无恶意. hit below the belt v. 用不正当手段打人 hit it off v. 合得来 hit like a ton of bricks v. 极打动人使人惊呆 hit or miss ad. 不论成功与否 hit out v. 猛打 hit parade n. 最流行的一批 hit sb. when he's down v. 乘人之危 hit the books v. 用功 hit the bottle v. 酗酒 hit the deck v. 被打倒起床准备行动 hit the grit v. 跋涉 hit the high spots v. 概述要点 hit the mat v. 被打倒 hit the needle v. 击中要害 hit the pipe v. 吸毒 hit the right nail on the head v. 击中要害 hit the road v. 离开 hit the roof v. 大怒 hit the sack v. 就寝 hit the skids v. 走下坡路倒霉 hit the slats v. 睡觉 hit the ties v. 沿铁路徒步旅行 hit up v. 请求 hitch one's waggon to a star v. 立雄心志大才疏 hither and thither ad. 到处 hoard up v. 聚集 hobnob with v. 亲密 Hobson's choice n. 无选择余地 hoe one's own row v. 干自己的事 hoist a half-mast high v. 升旗行使指挥权 hold a brief for v. 主张 hold a brief v. 当辩护律师 hold a candle to the sun v. 徒劳 hold a court v. 开庭 hold a stick to v. 势均力敌地与...竞争 hold back v. 踌躇阻止抑制隐瞒 hold book v. 当提词人 hold by v. 坚持 hold captive v. 活捉俘虏 hold copy v. 当校对助手 hold down v. 压制抑制缩减牵制垂下 hold fire v. 不采取行动 hold forth v. 滔滔地说提供 hold good for v. 适用 hold hands v. 手搀手 hold hard v. 停止 hold in check v. 制止控制 hold in leash v. 束缚 hold in play v. 牵制 hold in scorn v. 蔑视 hold in v. 约束抑制 hold loose v. 漠然置之 hold off v. 不接近拖延不使接近 hold on like grim death v. 死不松手 hold on to v. 坚持 hold on v. 继续不挂断停止 hold one's breath v. 屏息 hold one's course v. 坚持方针 hold one's ground v. 坚守坚持观点 hold one's hand v. 迟迟不动手 hold one's head high v. 趾高气扬扬眉吐气 hold one's own v. 坚持住 hold one's peace v. 闭口不说 hold one's sides v. 捧腹大笑 hold oneself aloof v. 做出清高的样子 hold out v. 伸出提出提供坚持支持维持 hold over v. 拖延继任以...威胁 hold sb. dear v. 宠爱某人 hold sb. in esteem v. 尊重某人 hold sb. to ransom v. 绑票 hold sth. dear v. 重视某物 hold sth. in no account v. 对...不重视 hold the baby v. 干苦差 hold the bag v. 两手空空独自承担非属自己的全部责任 hold the balance v. 举足轻重 hold the belt v. 夺标 hold the keys of v. 控制支配 hold the line v. 不挂断坚定不移 hold the market v. 垄断市场 hold the pass v. 把关 hold the record of v. 保持...的纪录 hold the scales even v. 公平裁判不偏不倚 hold to v. 坚持紧握 hold together v. 使结合团结 hold true v. 适用有效 hold up v. 举起支撑继续下去阻挡拦截 hold water v. 能盛水站得住脚使船停住 hold with the hare and run with the hounds v. 两面讨好 hold with v. 赞同容忍 hold...to account v. 使...承担责任 holding company n. 控股公司 hole in one v. 一击入洞 hole out v. 击球入洞 hole up v. 躲藏把...监禁 holiday words n. 奉承话客套话 hollow ware n. 凹形器皿 home directory n. 主目录 Homer sometimes nods. 智者千虑必有一失. Homeric laughter n. 放声大笑 Hong Kong n. 香港 hoof out v. 逐出 hook in v. 以钩钩住拉拢 hook on to v. 钩住追随 hook up v. 以钩钩住 hoop iron n. 铁箍 hoot at v. 斥责 hoot sb. out of v. 赶出某人 hop skip and jump n. 三级跳 hop the perch v. 死 hop the stick v. 突然离开死掉 hop to it v. 开始干 hope against hope ad. 抱一线希望 horizontal line n. 水平线 horn in v. 闯入 horror fiction n. 恐怖小说 horse and foot ad. 全军全力以赴地 horse collar n. 马项圈 horse coper n. 马贩 horse doctor n. 马医庸医 horse race n. 赛马 host drive n. 主驱动器 hostages to fortune n. 可能失去的人 hostid n. 主机标识符host identifier的缩写 hot air n. 吹牛 hot and strong ad. 猛烈地 hot key n. 热键 hot spring n. 温泉 hot temper n. 急躁的脾气 hot water n. 热水困境 hot well n. 温泉 hot wire n. 好消息 hot zone n. 断字区 hour after hour ad. 连续地 hour format n. 计时格式 house and home n. 家强调 house mouse n. 家鼠 house surgeon n. 住院外科医生 house up v. 躲藏 household policy n. 家害保险单 household troops n. 王室禁卫队 How do you do! 你好! huddle together v. 挤作一团 huddle up v. 卷缩 hug oneself on v. 沾沾自喜 hull insurance n. 船身保险 human being n. 人类 hunger after v. 渴望 hunger for v. 渴望 Hunger is the best sauce. 饥不择食. hunt down v. 穷追直至抓获 hunt for v. 搜寻 hunt grass v. 一败涂地 hunt out v. 搜寻出 hunt the same coon v. 总是干同样的工作 hunt up v. 猎取 hurry away v. 匆匆离开 hurry through v. 匆匆完成 hurry up v. 赶快使赶快 hush money n. 堵嘴的贿赂 hydraulic pressure n. 水压 I am sorry! int. 对不起! I-shape cursor n. I型光标 I/O address n. 输入输出地址 I/O redirection n. 输入输出重定向 ice cream n. 冰淇淋 ice machine n. 制冰机 ice over v. 结冰 ice show n. 冰上表演 ice skate n. 溜冰鞋 ice up v. 结冰 icon file n. 像标文件 id card n. 身分证 identification code n. 标识码 identify oneself with v. 参加到...中 idle about v. 闲逛无所事事 idle talk n. 闲谈 if one is spared ad. 如果活着 if only ad. 只要 If the sky falls we shall catch larks. 不必杞人忧天. if you had half an eye ad. 如果你不是全瞎的话 ignore absolute v. 忽略绝对引用 ignore if inactive v. 非活动时忽略 ignore mouse v. 忽略鼠标 ignore other applications v. 忽略其他应用程序 ignore relative v. 忽略相对引用 ignore remote requests v. 忽略远程引用 ignore rule v. 忽略规则 ignore UPPERCASE v. 忽略大写字母 ill at ease adj. 不安的 Ill news flies apace. 坏事传千里. Ill weeds grow apace. 莠草易长恶习易染 image attributes n. 图象属性 image control n. 图象控制 impact into v. 压紧 impeach sb. with a crime v. 控告某人犯罪 impend over v. 逼近悬挂 impinge against v. 撞击 impinge on v. 撞击侵犯紧密接触 impose a curfew v. 实行宵禁 impose on v. 利用欺骗施加影响于 improve away v. 改良戒除 improve on v. 改进 improve the occasion v. 因势利导 impute to v. 转嫁给 in a bad skin ad. 发脾气 in a big way ad. 强调地彻底地热情地 in a bind ad. 处于困境 in a blue funk ad. 惊恐万状 in a body ad. 全体 in a box ad. 进退维谷 in a brace of shakes ad. 立刻 in a breath ad. 一口气 in a breeze ad. 不费力地 in a class by oneself ad. 独一无二 in a cleft stick ad. 进退两难 in a clutter ad. 杂乱 in a false position ad. 处于被误解的地位处于违反原则的地位 in a family way ad. 象一家人一样 in a few more days ad. 再过几天 in a general way ad. 一般地 in a good light ad. 在光线好的地方 in a good quarrel ad. 吵得有理 in a great measure ad. 大部分 in a hank ad. 在困难中 in a hurry ad. 匆忙 in a jerk ad. 立刻 in a litter ad. 正在产仔 in a lucky hour ad. 在幸运时刻 in a lump ad. 一次全部地 in a manner ad. 在某种意义上 in a measure ad. 一部分 in a minor key ad. 用低调 in a minute ad. 马上立刻 in a moment ad. 立刻 in a muck ad. 浑身是泥 in a pig's whisper ad. 低声地瞬间 in a position to ad. 能够 in a pucker ad. 激动慌张 in a row ad. 成一排连续 in a sense ad. 在某种意义上 in a small way ad. 小规模地节俭地 in a snap 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司