翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 reawaking of a volcano;火山的复活;; rebase;重订基数;; rebates;回扣;; Rebel Armed Forces RAR [Guatemala];起义军;; rebel regime;叛逆政权;; REBELO, Sibeli Maria;西贝利·玛丽亚·雷贝洛;; rebels;叛乱分子;; Rebirth Therapeuties Community;再生治疗共同体;; reboflavin;维生素B2;; REBONG, Cecilia B.;塞西莉亚·雷邦;; Rebuilding Wartorn Societies - Report of the Workshops on the Challenge of Rebuilding Wartorn Societies and the Social Consequences of the Peace Process in Cambodia;重建被战争破坏的社会 - 讨论重建被战争破坏的社会的挑战和柬埔寨和平进程的社会影响 的讲习班报告;; rebus sic stantibus;情势变迁;; Rebut;雷布特;; rebuttal;辩驳,反驳;; rebuttal panel;听取抗辩小组;; recalling;回顾;; recapitalization;调整资本; 改变资本的构成;; recapitulation;要点摘要;; recapture of CFCs;含氯氟烃的回收;; recapture of nationality;复籍 取回国籍;; receipt;存货的收发领退;; receipt of dividends;收到股利;; receipt of licence clause;收到许可证条款;; receipt of moneys;收受款项;; receipt vouchers;收款凭单;; receipt, issuance, requisition and return of inventories;存货的收发领退;; receipt, management and disbursement of funds;资金的收受; 管理和支出;; receipts of excess actuarial cost over regular contributions with interest to make prior service contributory;收到精算费用超过定期缴款和利息的溢额, 将从前服务期间变为缴款服务期间;; receipts on the forfeiture of shares;没收股份收入;; receivable contributions;应收捐款;; receivables;应收帐款应收项目;; receivables and payables;应收账款和应付账款;; receivables collectible;可收的应收账款;; received;已收; 实收;; received on loan;借入;; received on the day it is so delivered;于投递之日收到;; Receiving and dispatch;收发室;; Receiving and Inspection Officer;验收干事;; Receiving and Inspection Unit;验收股;; receiving area;承受面积;; receiving bank;接收银行;; receiving bank other than the beneficiary;非受益人银行的接收银行;; receiving company;接受公司;; receiving countries;接纳移民国; 接受国;; receiving country;接受国接待国受援国;; receiving department;收货部;; receiving state;接受国驻在国;; receiving waters;承受水体; 承受水域;; recent surplus economies;近年顺差经济;; recently-concluded project;最近完成的项目;; reception and deployment phase;接待和部署阶段;; reception and transit centres;难民收容所和转运站;; reception centres;接待中心;; reception facilities;接待设施;; reception/function facilities;接待/宴会设施;; receptionist;接待员;; receptor area;受体面积; 接受面积;; recession;退水; 消退;; recession discharge;消退排放量; 枯竭排放量;; Recession, Economic Adjustment and Health Policies in Colombia;哥伦比亚的衰退、经济调整和保健政策;; recgarge area;地下水补给区;; Recherche africaine en Ingenierie avancee de Logiciels;非洲高级软件工程研究网;ARIAL; Recherches Halieutiques sur le Lac Tanganyika;坦噶尼喀湖捕鱼业的研究;; recherches minieres;勘探矿产;; recidivism;惯犯,累犯;; recidivist;惯犯;; recipient;受惠人; [电文]接收人;; recipient countries;接受国受援国;; recipient country;受援国;; recipient dependence;买方的依赖性;; recipient government;受援国政府;; recipient government contributions towards meeting local costs;受援国政府支付当地费用的捐助;; recipient state;受援国;; recipients of services;服务的受惠者;; recipients of the grants;接受赠款者;; reciprocal account;相互住来帐户;; reciprocal action;对应行动;; reciprocal agreement;互惠协定;; reciprocal apportionment;相对摊额; 相对分派额;; reciprocal concession;对等让步;; reciprocal letter of credit;对开信用证;; reciprocal measures actions;对应措施行动;;行动 Reciprocal Payments and Credit Agreement;互惠结算和信贷协定;; reciprocal representation;对等出席会议对等代表权;; reciprocal tariff;互惠关税;; reciprocal trade agreement;互惠贸易协定;; reciprocity;互惠对等;; reciprocity clause;互惠条款;; reciprocity of benefits;利益互惠;; reciprocity of opportunities;机会互惠;; recirculation of gas;气体的回流; 再循环; 重复循环;; recital;叙文;; recklessness;鲁莽,粗心大意;; reclaim;土地的开垦; 改良; 回收;; reclaimable waste;可再利用废物; 可回收废物;; reclaimed quarry;可回收碎石; 可再使用碎石;; reclamation;回收; 开垦; 改良; 驯化;; reclassification of existing posts budget;现有职位改叙;; reclassification of posts;职位改叙;; reclassifications;改叙;; reclassify reclass.;改叙;; Recognitio nil dat novi;承认并不产生新事物;; recognition agreement;承认协议;; Recognition and Cooperation Agreement;确认和合作协定;; recognition and enforcement;承认和执行;; recognition of acts of foreign states;外国行为的承认;; recognition of arbitral award;承认仲裁裁决 对仲裁裁决的承认;; recognition of exchange gains and losses in the income statement;在收益表中确认汇兑损益;; recognition of franchise fee revenue;特许权费收入的确认;; recognition of gains and losses;损益的确认;; recognition of states and governments;国家及政府的承认;; recognizance;保证书,保释,具结,保证金;; recognize;确认; 认列入账;;入账 recognized;登记入账入账列入认列;; recognized on the accrual basis of accounting;按应计会计制核算;; recognizing;确认承认认为;; recognizing further;进一步认识到;; Recommendation 1134 1990 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, on the rights of minorities, 1990;1990年欧洲委员会议会关于少数人权利的第11341990号建议;; Recommendation against Discrimination in Education;反对教育歧视建议;; recommendation concerning discrimination in respect of employment and occupation;关于就业和职业方面的歧视的建议;; recommendation concerning education for international understanding, cooperation and peace and education relating to human rights and fundamental freedom;关于教育促进国际谅解、合作与和平及有关 人权和基本自由教育的建议;; recommendation concerning equal remuneration for men and women workers for work of equal value;男女劳工同工同酬建议;; Recommendation concerning Labour Statistics;劳工统计建议书;; recommendation concerning maternity protection;堡产妇建议;; recommendation concerning night work of women in agriculture;关于农业女工夜间工作问题建议;; Recommendation concerning Occupational Health Services;职业卫生设施建议书;; Recommendation concerning Safety in the Use of Asbestos;安全使用石棉建议书;; Recommendation concerning Safety in the Use of Chemicals at Work;关于工作场所安全使用化学品的建议;; Recommendation concerning Seafarers Welfare at Sea and in Port;海员海上和港口福利建议书;; recommendation concerning technical and vocational education;关于技术和职业教育的建议;; recommendation concerning the employment of women with family responsibilities;关于有家庭责任的妇女就业问题建议;; recommendation concerning the protection of emigrant women and girl on board ships;关于堡船上移民妇女和少女的建议;; recommendation concerning the protection of women and children against lead poisoning;堡女工童工防染铅毒的建议;; recommendation concerning the protection, before and after childbirth, of women wage-earners in agriculture;关于堡生产前后农业妇女的建议;; Recommendation concerning the Repatriation of Seafarers;海员遣返建议书;; recommendation concerning vocational training;职业训练建议;; recommendation for a statistical programme for household and small-scale industries;家庭式工业和小型工业统计方案建议;; recommendation for programme cooperation;方案合作建议书;; recommendation for the further implementation of the World Population Plan of Action and the Mexico Declaration;进一步执行世界人口行动计划和墨西哥宣言的建议;; recommendation No.93 of the Andean Parliament;安第斯议会第93号建议;; Recommendation on Assistance to Victims and the Prevention of Victimization;关于援助受害者和防止受害的建议;; Recommendation on Consent to Marriage, Minimum Age for Marriage and Registration of Marriages;关于婚姻的同意、结婚最低年龄及婚姻登记 的建议书;; Recommendation on Equal Rights of Access and Non-Discrimination in Relation to Transfrontier Pollution;关于涉及越界污染的平等获取权利和不歧视 的建议;; Recommendations on Mutual Acceptance of Data in the Assessment of Chemicals and Good Laboratory Practices;关于相互接受化学品数据和良好实验室做法 建议书;; Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods;关于危险物品运输的建议;RTDG; Recommendations on the Use of Radar Information as an Aid to Avoiding Collisions at Sea;关于运用雷达观测资料协助海上避撞的建议;; recommended exposure limit;建议的曝露极限; 建议的曝露限值;; recommended programme cooperation;建议的方案合作;; reconcile two texts;调和约文;;约文 reconciled bank balances;经核对的银行存款余额;; reconciliation;调节和解; 核对;; reconciliation account;调节帐户;; reconciliation of accounts;帐目的核对;; reconciliation of bank accounts;银行帐目的核对;; reconciliation of DNA gross domestic product with MPS net material product;国民核算制国内总产值与物产制物质产品净 值的调节;; reconciliation policy;和解政策;; reconciling items;对帐项目; 往来调节项目;; reconditioning of spare parts;备件修理;; reconduction;遣送回籍押解出境;; reconfirmation of treaty;条约的重新确认肯定;;肯定 reconnaissance commandos;侦察特遣队;; reconnaissance mission;侦察团考察团;; reconnaissance studies;草勘;; reconnaissance team;侦察队考察队;; reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition system;侦察、监视和目标截获系统;RSTA; reconsideration of proposal;提案的复议重新考虑;; reconstituted families;重组家庭;; Reconstituted Nationalist Party;重建国民党;; reconstitution;改组; 改设;; reconstitution of $...;凑足...美元;; Reconstruction and Development Programme;重建和发展方案重建方案;RDP;重建方案 Reconstruction and Development Support Unit;重建和发展支助股;; United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Ocean Affairs;联合国海洋事务不限成员名额非正式协商进 程;UNICPO; Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Decade for Western Asia 1994-2003;西亚重建和复兴十年1994-2003;;1994-2003 Reconstruction Committee of the Al-Agsa Mosque;阿可萨清真寺重建委员会;; reconstruction of South Lebanon;重建黎巴嫩南部;RSL; reconstruction programme;重建方案;; record;记录;; Record and Archives Unit;记录和档案股;; Record and Communications Section;记录和通信科;; record fees;记录费登记费;; record flood;创记录的洪水;; record in ...;...... 年的成绩;; record of discharge;排放记录;; record of understanding;谅解记录;; Record Ridgeway Tools;雷科德·里奇韦器械公司;; recorded;入帐;; recorded against resources in hand;记在手头现有资源的帐上;; recorded at contributors' valuations;照捐助者的估值记帐;; recorded at cost;按成本记帐/入帐;; recorded criminality; apparent criminality;记录在案的罪行;; recorded entitlement;所列应领款项;; recorded financial transactions;记录财务事项;; recorded in current year;本年度登帐数额;; recorded on a cash basis;按现金记帐;; recorded on an accrual basis;按应计会计制记帐;; recorded vote;记录投票记录表决;; Recording and Playback System;记录和播放系统;RPS; recording fees;登记费;; recording gas analyser;自计气体分析器;; Recording of Charts and Geographical coordinates Establishing Baselines and Limits of Maritime Zones;确定海区基线和界线的海图和地理坐标编录;; recording procedures;登记程序;; recording rain gauge;自计雨量器; 自计雨量计;; Records;记录;; Records Control Unit;录管制股;; Records Management and the Telecommunication Unit;记录管理和电信股;; Records Management Service;记录管理处;; Records Retirement Unit;记录清理股;; recosted base;重算的费用基数;; recosting;重算费用;; recosting at revised 1983 rates;按1983年订正费率重算费用;; recosting of programme budget implications and revised estimates;重算所涉方案预算和订正概算的费用;; recosting of the capital costs at 19xx prices;重算按19xx年价格计算的资本成本;; recosting to 1987 inflation levels;按1987年通货膨胀率重算费用;; recostings for inflation and currency;因通货膨胀和货币波动而重算费用;; UNDP Africa;开发计划署非洲局;; UNDP Arab States;开发计划署阿拉伯国家局;; recourse;请求补救[Staff Rule 用语]; 追述;; recourse against an arbitral award;对仲裁裁决的追诉;; recourse procedures;申诉程序;; recourse request;申诉要求;; recourse to a court against ...;对 ... 向法院追诉;; recourse to arbitration;援用仲裁办法诉诸仲裁;; recourse to authenticity policy;“发扬民族真实性政策;; recourse to habeas corpus;请求人身堡;; recourse to war for ...;诉诸战争以战争为手段;; recover;收回、追偿;; recoverability of costs;成本的可收回性;; recoverable amount of an asset;资产可回收数额;; recovery of the ozone hole;臭氧层空洞的复原;; recovery and rehabilitation programme;恢复和重建方案;; recovery centre;复元中心;; recovery from noted projects;备案项目回收额;; recovery of CFCs;含氯氟烃的回收;; recovery of cultural and artistic treasures from its sea-bed;打捞海底文化和艺术珍品;; recovery of investment;收回投资资金;; recovery of service station vapour;加油站蒸气的回收;; recovery period;复原期间;; recovery phase;复原阶段复原期间;; recovery plant;资源回收厂回收车间;; recovery, recycling and re-utilization;回收利用;; recreation ground;娱乐场;; recreational facilities;文娱设施;; recreational land;娱乐场地;; recreational programmes;文娱节目;; recredential;辞任国书召回复书;; recreditif;辞任国书召回复书;; recruit;补充鱼群量;; recruit population;幼鱼补充种群;; recruitment;幼鱼补充量;;量 Recruitment and Placement Division;征聘和安插司;; Recruitment and Placement Officer;征聘和安插干事;; recruitment and selection;征聘与甄选;; Recruitment and Staff Development Section;征聘和工作人员发展科;; Recruitment Assistant;征聘助理;; recruitment at the entry level;初级人员的征聘工作;; recruitment efforts;征聘工作;; recruitment factor;征聘因素;; recruitment freeze;冻结征聘;; recruitment officer;征聘干事;; Recruitment Programmes Section;征聘方案科;; Recruitment Section;征聘科;REC; recruitment-freeze policy;冻结征聘政策;; recruits;幼鱼;; rectifier;纠正仪;; rector;大学校长;; Rector;院长;; Rector of the United Nations University;联合国大学校长;; Rector's Advisory Committee;校长咨询委员会;; rectoscope;直肠镜;; recueil de traites;条约汇编;; Recueil des Cours 1937-IV;《海牙讲义集》 1937年第四集;; Recueil des Cours de l'Acaemie de Droit International de la Haye;海牙国际法学院教程汇编;; Recueil systematique des lois federales;《联邦法律汇编》;; recurrent budget support;经常性的预算支助;; recurrent costs;经常性费用;; recurrent expenditures;经常性开支;; recurrent meeting;经翅议;; recurrent publications;经常出版物;; recurrent publications of the United Nations;联合国经常出版物;; recurring costs;经常性费用;; recycled paper;再生纸;; recycling;回收利用回收处理;; recycling of CFCs;含氯氟烃的重复使用;; Red Book;红皮书社会名人录;; Red Brigade;红色旅赤军;; Red Crescent;红新月会;; Red Crescent Medical Organization;红新月医疗组织;; Red Crescent Organization;红新月组织;; Red Crescent Society;红新月会;; Red Cross Convention [22 Aug. 1864];红十字公约;; Red Cross Society;红十字会;; Red Data Books;数据红皮书;; Red de Informacion Tecnologica de Latinoamerica;拉丁美洲技术资料网;; Red de Investigacion agraria para la Amazona;亚马孙农业研究交流网;; Red Indians;红印第安人;; red lentil;红扁豆;; Red Lion and Sun society;红狮子太阳会;; Red Lion society;红狮子会;; Red List of Threatened Animals and Plants;濒临灭绝的动植物危急清单;; Red Magen David;大卫王之红星;; red mud;红泥;; red mullet;羊鱼; 绯鲤;; Red nacional de promocion de la mujer;提高妇女地位全国网;; Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Action Plan;红海和亚丁湾行动计划;; Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Environment Programme;红海和亚丁湾环境方案;; Red Sun Society;红太阳会;; red tide;红潮; 赤潮;; Red Young Guards;红色青年近卫队;; Red-Eye rocket;红眼睛火箭;; red-handed;当场捕获;; REDEMEIJER, H.;雷德梅耶尔;; redemption;赎回债券; 买回; 偿还;; redemption payment;支付偿金;; redeployed post;调动员额;; redeployment;重新部署; [员额]调动;; redeployment relief phase;重新部署换防阶段;; redeployment between programmes;方案间的调动;; redeployment of existing posts;现有员额的调动;; redeployment of industries;工业的重新布局;; redeployment of post;员额的调配;; redeployment of professional staff resources;专业人员的调动;; redeployment of resources;资源的调拨;; redeployment of unused resources;重新部署未利用的资源;; redeployment phase;重新部署阶段;; redeployments;调动 员工;;员工 redesign;重新设计;; redesigned solid rocket booster RSRB;重新设计的固体燃料火箭助推器;RSRB; redevance;租金;; redevelopment of landfill sites;垃圾填埋地的重新整修;; redeye;红眼睛;; redfish;鲈鱼由 luyou;;luyou rediscount;再贴现;; redisseminator;传播机构传播者;; redistribution of industrial production;工业生产的再分配;; REDJEM-SAAD, Mohamed;穆罕默德·雷杰姆-萨阿德;; redox potential;氧化还原电势; 氧化还原电位势;; redress;矫正;; reduced by;由...抵减; 减去...[数额];; reduced nitrogen species;被还原氮化物;; reduced service;部分服务;; reduced sulphur species;被还原硫化物;; reducing agent;还原剂;; reducing-balance method;余额递减法;; reduction of infant and child mortality;降低婴幼儿死亡率;; reductant;还原剂;; reduction and elimination of Widespread poverty;减少和消灭普遍贫穷;; reduction at source;在源头减少污染;; reduction by attrition;以出缺不补方式裁减;; reduction factor for early retirement;提早退休的扣减率;; reduction from under-utifized balances;扣除未充分利用的余额;; reduction in supply;减少供应;; reduction in tariff;削减关税;; reduction of amenities;减损环境优美;; reduction of armaments;裁减军备;; reduction of military budgets;裁减军事预算;; reduction of military expenditures for increasing food production;减少军费以增加粮食生产;; reduction of poverty;减少贫穷;; reduction schedule for halon;减少使用哈龙的时间表;; reduction through attrition;自然减员;; reduction-in-force policies and procedures;裁员政策和程序;; reductions;核减数; 核减;; reductions due to exchange variations;汇率变动造成的减少;; reductions recommended by ACABQ;行预咨委会建议核减数;; reductions recommended by Advisory committee;咨询委员会建议核减数;; reductor;稀释剂; 冲淡剂;; redundance payments;裁员补贴;; redundancy;裁减; 解雇;; redundancy payments;裁员补贴;; redundant labour;多余劳工;; Reduviidae;猎蝽科;; REDZUAN, Kushairi;雷祖安·库沙伊里;; Reef;里夫;; reel spookets;拔禾轮链论;; Reentry vehicle;重返火箭;RV; reevaluation;重新估价; 重新估值[养恤金];; REFAAT, Sherif Yehia;谢里夫·耶希亚·雷法特;; refer back to the committee;送回委员会再审;; refer the parties to arbitration;让当事各方付诸仲裁;; referee;公断人;; reference;参照;; Reference and Communications Centre;参考资料和通讯中心;; Reference and Sound Archives Unit;参考资料和录音档案股;; Reference and Terminology Unit;参考资料和名词股;RTU; Reference and Training Manual for the Conduct of Criminal Justice in Cambodia;柬埔寨刑事司法行为参考和训练手册;; Reference Board;查询委员会;; reference books;参考书;; Reference Centre;参考资料中心;; Reference Centre for Economic Development Programmes;经济发展方案参考资料中心;; reference clerk;参考资料事务员;; reference climatological station;基准气候站;; Reference Collection;资料处;; Reference Group;咨商小组;; Reference Information System;参考信息系统;; reference inter-industry coefficient tables;工业间参考系数表;; reference laboratory;基准实验室;; reference paper;参考文件;; reference period;所涉期间;; reference person;参照人; 被调查人;; reference points;参考点;; reference price;参考价格;; reference sample of drugs;毒品参考样品;; reference sample standard;标准参考样品;; Reference Section;参考资料科;; reference substance;参照物品;\; Reference Unit [UNDP];参考资料股;; reference-to-gold clause;黄金基准条款;; reference: ...;编号;; referendum;全民投票 西撒哈拉国民投票朝鲜;;朝鲜 Referendum Act;公民投票法令;; Referendum Commission;全民投票委员会;; Referendum Commissioner;全民投票专员;; Referendum Court;全民投票法庭;; referral;逐级转诊制;; referral of cases;转诊;; Referral Database on Energy and the Environment;能源与环境查询数据库;REED; referral health services;转诊服务;; referral hospital;复诊医院; 中央医院;; referral laboratory;中央化验室;; Referral Service on Industrial Equipment;工业设备查询处;; referral services;转诊服务;; referral system;查询系统,转诊系统;; referral to arbitration;交付仲裁;; referral/index information system;查询/索引信息系统;; referred to ...;提及;; refillable container;可再装容器;; refinancing;重新筹集资金再筹划资金;; refining;净化; 精炼; 使成熟;; reflagging of fishing vessels;渔船换旗,重挂国旗;; reflected in;在...内开列;; reflectorized marker;反射器标志;; reflective placard;反光性标志牌;; reforestation;重新造林; 迹地更新;; reform of UNDP earmarking methods;改革开发计划署指定款项用途方法;; Reform the Armed Forces Movement;改革武装部队运动;RAM; reformatory;感化院,少年管教所;; reformatory school;教养学校;; Reformed Church;归正会;; Reformist Junta;改良主义执政委员会;; reformulated programme;重订方案;; reformulation of the proposed medium term plan;重订中期计划;; refoulement;推回驱回驱回难民;; refractories;耐火材料;; refrain from ...;不......; 禁戒抑制;; refresher courses;复习课程进修课程;; refresher training;复习训练;; refrigerant;制冷剂;; refrigerant 500;500制冷剂;; refrigerant 502;502制冷剂;; refrigerant fluid;制冷液;; refrigerated goods;冷藏货;; refrigerating medium;冷却介质;; refrigeration capacity;制冷能力;; Refrigeration equipment;冷藏设备;; refrigerator ship;冷藏船;; refrigerator truck;冷藏车;; REFSHAL, Sven;斯文·雷夫沙尔;; refuelling machine;燃料装卸机;; Refugee;《难民》;; Refugee Adult Education Unit;难民成人教育处;; Refugee Affairs Officer Programme;难民事务干事方案;RAO; Refugee agricultural Unit;难民农业股;RAU; refugee and stateless persons;难民及无国籍人;; refugee children;难民儿童;; Refugee counselling Service;难民顾问服务处;; refugee determination procedures;难民甄别程序;; Refugee Education Planning Council;难民教育规划委员会;; Refugee Eligibility Commission;难民资格委员会;; Refugee Emergency Alert System;难民紧急情况警报制度;REAS; refugee flows;难民潮;; Refugee fund Accounts Section;难民基金帐务组;; Refugee Handbook;难民手册;; Refugee Health Unit;难民卫生股;RHU; Refugee International;国际难民协会;RI; Refugee Law documentation Centre;难民法文件中心;; Refugee Logistic Unit;难民后勤股;; Refugee Policy Group;难民政策小组;; refugee processing centre;难民处理中心;; refugee rehabilitation programme;难民安置方案;; Refugee Resettlement Fund;重新安置难民基金;; refugee settlement;难民安置区难民营;; Refugee Water Supply Division;难民供水处;RWSD; refugee women;难民妇女;; refugees and displaced persons;难民和流离失所者;; refugees in orbit;“人球”;; Refugees International; RI;国际难民协会 难民协会;RI;难民协会 refund;退款; 偿还;; refund of expenditure;支出费用之退款;; refund of prior year's expenditure;上年度支出费用之退款;; refund of the Organization's contribution to the United Nations Joint Staff Pension fund in respect of participant withdrawals;本组织向联合国合办职员养恤金的缴款由于参与人员退出而退还;; refundable deposits;可退还存款;; UNDP Asia and the Pacific;开发计划署亚洲及太平洋局;; refunds of expenditures;偿还支出款项;; refunds on foreign taxes withheld;退还外国所扣税款;; refunds to donors;向捐款者退款;; refusal of agreement;不予同意拒绝同意;; refusal of asylum;拒绝庇护;; refuse cart;手推垃圾车;; refuse chute;垃圾坑;; refuse collection;垃圾收集;; refuse collector;垃圾收集车; 垃圾收集器;; refuse disposal;垃圾处理; 垃圾清除;; refuse production peak;产生垃圾高潮季节;; refuse receptacle;垃圾箱; 垃圾容器;; refuse reclamation;垃圾回收; 废物再利用;; refuse recognition;拒绝承认;; refuse treatment;垃圾处理;; refuse truck;垃圾汽车;; refuse-derived;由垃圾产生的;; refuse-derived fuel RDF;垃圾产生的燃料;RDF; REFWORLD;REFWORLD难民文献数据库;REFWORLD; REGALLA, Agnelo;安热洛·雷加拉;; REGAN, Donald T.;罗纳德·里甘;; REGAZZOLI, Zelmira M. E.;塞尔米拉·雷加索利;; REGEDOR;区长;; regedorias living in;在传统法律和习俗下;; regenerant;再生剂;; regenerated cellulose film;再生赛璐珞纸;; regeneration;再生; 恢复; 复兴;; regeneration of vegetation;植被再生;; regenerative capacity;再生能力;; regenerative heat exchanger;再生式热交换器;; Regent Petroleum;里均石油公司;; REGIDESO;水管处;; regime;制度;; regime applicable to fishing;适用于捕鱼的制度;; Regime of High seas;公海制度;; regime of peace and security for the Mediterranean region;地中海区域和平和安全制度;; regime of the river;河流状态;; regime of the territorial sea;领海制度;; regime of the territorial waters;领水制度;; regime of the treaty;条约的体制;; regimento;议事规则;; regioanl small-scale fisheries project;区域小规模渔业项目;; region [Angola];[安哥拉]行政区; [索马里]州;; region of war;战区;; Regional Academy of Maritime Science and Technology;海洋科学和技术区域研究院;; regional accounts;地区帐户;; Regional Action Plan for the Environment in Latin America and the Caribbean;拉丁美洲和加勒比区域环境行动计划;; Regional Action Plan on Urbanization;城市化问题区域行动计划;; Regional Action Programme for Technical Cooperation in Capacity-Building and Utilization in Africa;非洲能力建设和能力利用方面技术合作区域行动纲领;; Regional Administration Radio Conference;区域性无线电行政大会;RARC; Regional Administrative Conference for Long Wave and Medium Wave Broadcasting of the International Telecommunication Union;国际电信联盟长、中波广播区域性无线电行政大会;; Regional Administrative Radio Conference;区域性无线电行政大会;RARC; Regional Adviser for Communication in Southern Africa;南部非洲通信问题区域顾问;; Regional Adviser for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice;预防犯罪和刑事司法区域顾问;; Regional Adviser in Demography and in Population Statistics;人口和人口统计问题区域顾问;; Regional Adviser on Planning and Evaluation;规划和评价区域顾问;; Regional Adviser on Refugee Women;区域难民妇女顾问;; Regional Adviser on vocational Training [ILO];职业训练区域顾问;; Regional Adviser, Child Feeding;儿童喂养区域顾问;; regional advisers;区域顾问;; Regional Advisory Committee on Health Research;区域卫生研究咨询委员会卫生咨委会;RACHR;卫生咨委会 Regional Advisory Committee on the Renewal of Science and Technology Education in Africa;非洲复兴科学和技术教育区域咨询委员会;; Regional Advisory Group for Central America;中美洲区域咨询小组;; Regional Advisory Service in demographic statistics;人口统计区域咨询服务;RASDS; Regional Advisory Services Project;区域咨询服务项目;; Regional Affairs and Services to Commission Section;区域事务和委员会事务科;PSCA; Regional Affairs Office;区域事务处;RAO; Regional African Leather and Footwear Industry Scheme;非洲区域皮革与鞋类工业计划 皮革与鞋类计划〕;RALFIS; Regional African satellite communication system;非洲区域卫星通信系统;RASCOM; Regional African Satellite Communication System Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee;非洲区域卫星通信系统机构间协调委员会;; regional agencies;区域机构;; Regional Agreement for the eradication of illicit drug trafficking;根除非法贩运毒品区域协定;; regional agreements;区域协定;; Regional Agriculture Centre;区域水产养殖中心;; Regional and Country Studies Branch;区域和国家研究处;REG; Regional and National Conference on Arab Women and Sustainable Development;阿拉伯妇女与可持续发展问题区域和国际会议;; Regional and Special Purpose Trust Funds;区域及特别用途信托基金;; regional and subregional advisory services;区域和分区域咨询服务;; Regional Animal Production and health Commission for Asia, the Far East and the South-West Pacific;亚远及西南太平洋区域畜牧生产和卫生委员会 亚远太畜牧生产和卫生会;APHCA;亚远太畜牧生产和卫生会 Regional Appraisal of the International Development Strategy;国际发展战略区域评价;; Regional Arab Centre for Research and Training on Women, Family and Development;妇女、家庭与发展研究训练阿拉伯区域中心;; Regional Arab Centre of Labour Administration;劳工管理阿拉伯区域中心劳管中心;RACLA;劳管中心 Regional Arab Committee for the Coordination of Sub-Contracting;阿拉伯区域分包合同协调委员会;; Regional Arab Human Settlements Training Centre;阿拉伯人类住区区域训练中心;; Regional Arabic Programme;阿拉伯区域方案;; Regional Asia-Pacific Space Agency Forum;亚洲-太平洋空间机构区域论坛;; Regional Assistance Treaty on Food Emergencies;粮食紧急情况区域援助条约;; Regional Association of Non-Governmental Organizations Working with Refugees, Displaced Persons and Returnees;从事难民、流离失所者和回返者工作的非政府组织区域协会;; Regional Association I II,III;第一第二、第三区域协会;; Regional Association of State Petroleum Enterprises of Latin American Countries;拉丁美洲国家国营石油企业区域协会;; Regional Association on Forced Migration;强迫移徙问题区域协会;ARMIF; Regional Associations;区域协会;; regional basic synoptic network;区域基本天气观测站网;; Regional Bathymetric Chart Programme;区域海洋等深线图方案;; regional breakdown of approval actions;按区域分列......的核准数额;; regional bureau;区域局;; Regional Bureau for Africa;非洲区域局;RBA; Regional Bureau for Arab States;阿拉伯国家区域局;RBAS; Regional Bureau for Arab States and Europe;阿拉伯国家和欧洲区域局阿欧区域局;RBASE;阿欧区域局 Regional bureau for Arab States and European Programmes;阿拉伯国家和欧洲方案区域局 阿拉伯区域局;RBASEP;阿拉伯区域局 Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific;亚洲及太平洋区域局亚太区域局;RBAP;亚太区域局 Regional Bureau for Europe, Mediterranean and the Middle East;欧洲、地中海和中东区域局;; Regional Bureau for Latin America;拉丁美洲区域局;; Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean;拉丁美洲和加勒比区域局拉加区域局;RBLAC;拉加区域局 Regional Bureau of the Middle East Committee for the Welfare of the Blind;中东盲人福利委员会区域局;; Regional Bureaux;区域局;; Regional Care on Problems of Nutrition;营养问题区域中心;; Regional Caribbean Root Crops Research and Development Programme;加勒比区域根茎作物研究和发展方案;; 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司