ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ Hardnester м filings м limatura м raspings ancient unit of weight sulfonium chain ornament mend chinaware with staples curium actinium acitinide actinon actinouran nobelium technetium grease-pot for cart ingot steel sword obstinate disease restrain to stop long spear ancient weight one-eighth of a tael cut to carve high quality iron strontium ȷʯ brewsterite ׻ʯ fermorite blade edge sharp ancient measure money einsteinium engrave hard steel ο enchase ο enchasing tinkling of small bells fermium americium americate cadmium cadimium ӳ cadmiosis ӻ cadmopone Լ cadion degrade engrave wood or stone ԰ engraving neptunium lutecium abrasion gold-20 taels in weight gallium gllium fine steel a throwing weapon dart ڿ armed escort of travellers or merchants' caravans noise of drums side of coin without words trowel ƽ trowelling large bell arrowhead sharp Arrowhead ͵ sagittate lathe thread in screw ല lathe dysprosium knob on a sword-handle protoactinium protactinium cassiopeium lutetium upsetting forged pieces jumptest lanthanum ʯ lanthanite ϵԪ lanthanon praseodymium sulfuric acid money string of coins stirrup stapes dz stapedioplasty Ǽ stapedius ɶ stapediolysis boiler or caldron wok bracelet ytterbium darts escort horsebit ancient measure surname interrog. short dwarfish ringed pheasant pheasant Phasianidae ֮ tormentil grain not fully grown husks withered grain unripe grain chaff worthless stuff blighted grain billion feed a horse with grain horse feed stover Panicum italicum name of a mountain grass weeds wheat ripe grain accumulate fine and close millet gather in harvest sticky viscocity adhesivity cementer ס cling abundant stalk of grain comply with follow Convert christianise Convert devotee idolater bright white bright d 19th white 𩷯 goslarite white white young melon gourd pepo 5 pecks M Ningpo turtle-dove Turtur orientalis kite devilfish β fleur-de-lis β orris βݵĸ orrisroot β eleutherinol β iris flower β flower-de-luce βͪ tectorigenin βͪ߰ tectoridin β Iridaceae β freesia βƵ iridaceous β Jris β iridaceous β߰Ԫ irigenin Chinese bustard procuress bustard ĸ bawd ĸ ponce ĸ bawdy addicted to liquor poisonous to poison partridge Francolinus chinensis thrush Tardus fuscatus merle ֮ thrasher fishing cormorant cormorant mynah scops owl heron emu birds of prey owl mythical bird woodpidgeon pigeon swan white-haired mynah pelican pelican parrot quail quail quail ȼ gallinaceous pelican fish eagle fish hawk osprey ʿ pandionidae tame duck sparrow hawk Accipiter nisus snipe willet mythical bird with 1 eye and 1 wing parrot Ŀ Psittaciformes Scaridae parrot parakeet popinjay IJ psittacosis Ŀ Psittacidae nautilus ݺ nautilus ݿ Nautilidae Ŀ Nautiloidea Ǹ Nautiloidea partridge Francolinus chinensis partridge caloglossa ֮ francolin eastern wren eastern wren black eagle condor cruel Aquila common snipe heron aigrette umbrette ӥ Sagittariidae bittern ëñ aigrette crane stork marabou ٿ Ciconiidae ë marabou Ŀ Ciconiiformes boil carbuncle ۴ furuncle furuncle ܲ furunculosis sore caused by varnish poisoning hernia ޴ herniopuncture ޵ herniotome ޵ hernial ޸ hernioplasty colic hernia mulligrubs ʹ colicky п herniotomy ʹ colic γ herniation nodule wart verruca ಡ verrucosis verrucous ຣĿ Phymosomatoida guereza ߿ Excipulaceae verruca aethiopicus warthog ״ verrucose ״ͻ verruca parapodia parapodium rickets malady jaundice mumps pimple vesication bleb herpes  herpesvirus dartrous herpetic herpetism Ե herpetic herpetiform scab Ƥ decrustation tanager [ŷ޲] greenfinch voicelessly bruise sores birthmark mole spiloma ֬ nevolipoma tuberculosis 첡 tisic 첡 phthisiomania 첡ѧ phthisiology 첡ѧ phthisiologist 첡 phthisiotherapeutics 첡 phthisiotherapy 첡ѧ phthisiotherapist flat mole acne  acnitis epilepsy insanity cholera chilblain prickly heat miliaria obstinate disease atrophy maltreat as prisoners petechia petechiometer Ѫ haemostasis Ѫ ecchymoma disease to hate scabies scald-head bury sacrifice wart recover from disease fistula fistulae г fistulectomy г syringectomy п fistulatomy γ fistulation γ fistulization Ӱ fistulography obstruction in the intestine distress sickness mark scar on the skin scar cicatrix ۵ cicatricial ۸ keloma keloma keloidosis г keloidectomy г cicatrectomy п cicatricotomy п cicatrisotomy Ե cicatricial Ե scarred Ե ulotic Ժ ulerythema ouloid barren lean barrens whitlow scrofula tuberculosis of glands goitre knob on tree wart ܿ Cynipoidea Eriophyidae foci of tubercular infection infirmity retention of urine addiction craving pothead convalesce recover heal scabies skin disease toad mange 񯲡 hysteria 񯲡 hysterism 񯲡 mythoplasty 񯲡 sialemesis 񯲡 hysteromania 񯲡 hysteroepilepsy erythema leucoderm habit hobby ѧ addictology convulsions crazy daftness daft daftly epileptic ﻼ epileptic Ե epileptic ѧ epileptology ѧ epileptologist ֢ epilepsy assist ready to fly respect horrified incite raise arched lofty vast sectroid groin culdocentesis ¡֮ intrados fornix quaquaversal Ƭ fornix pendentive ״ quaquaversal ״ periclinal grave put a coffin in grave deep quiet and elegant sylphlike quiet and elegant sinus anatom. antrum sinus 񼵶 antrotome 񼷿 sinuauricular г antrectomy п antrotome п antrotomy п sinusotomy antritis sinusitis ״϶ sinusoid ״϶ sinusoidal ״С sinusoid ״С sinusoidal nest hole in a wall to scent tea with flowers cellar poor rustic bad useless weak open seam of a garment shorts panties slit on either side of robe cassock to line overlapping part of Chinese gown overlapping part of Chinese gown sleeve of a robe ״ ansiform crotch seat of a pair of trousers lined pouch hung from belt take off clothes hang paper mount painting Ѻõ mounted Ѻ wall paper Ѻ paperhanging Ѻ papering Ѻ paperhanger surname to benefit to aid advantageous profitable assistant small benefit advantage profit bestead subservience subserviency garment cummerbund paper or cloth pasted together cloth for carrying baby on back ķ bonne soiled tattered narrow urgent intolerant insularism ragged garments ڵ footy ڵ scruffy ڵ tagrag ڵ tattered strip deprive of to discharge dismiss undress ݶ devest ݶṫȨ disenfranchise pleat ޱ ruche ޱװ bluffing ޴ ruche ޺ faltung ޻ faltung ޼ճĿ Ptychopariina ruche ruching drape foldbelt ״ pleat plica shirring cloth for carrying baby on back swaddle jacket short coat a bolt of cloth all assist to store to chap chapped cracked chap lips, skin, etc. boast esteem sympathize toplofty plough hoe up soil around plants plough ploughshare pair mate ploughshare coupling ϰ undercoupling ϲ undercoupling drill for sowing grain to plough to sow hoe ڹ ceruminosis ears without rim apprehend hear listen born deaf deaf difficult to pronounce deep dawdling tall fly down fly upwards neck ݵ valeric ֲ valerian maxilla and mandible 򢲿̥ polygnathus gnathoplasty ˵ gnathion ֢ cherubism dertrotheca Լ̥ paragnathus µ submaxillary µ gnathion gnathitis Ե acrodont name of a river perspicaciously chin mentum genioplasty genoplasty 򤴽 mentolabial pogonion 򤶵 chincap genion ñװ chincap ǰ pogonion ϵ supramental ༡ genioglossus µ submental µ gnathion Ƭ hypoglottis chin nod assent jaw palate jowl mandible gnathostegite gnathic mandibular maxillary maxilla maxillary ǵ maxillary 򦻯 decticous gnathobase camerostome ˮʭ Gnathiides gnathosoma submaxilary θ gnathite palatalization ֫ gnathopodite Ҷ scaphognathite good simple temporal bones dawdling forehead kowtow bright white knit the brows stripes of tiger devout sincere godliness prayerfully religiosity religiousness ϵ Pietistic ϵ devotional ϵ devout ϵ god-fearing ϵ godly ϵ prayerful ϵ reverent ϵ reverential ϵ devotionally ϵ piously ϵ religiously ϵ reverentially ϵ reverently 򯾴 devout Pietism ɵ Pietistic ɽͽ Pietist Pietism young dragon with horns nymph of louse scorpion an insect sick with no ambition poisonous snakes flea Tabanus trigonus house fly tabanid Tabanus gradfly Tabanidae water-beetle money mosquito Simulia lugubris blackfly Simuliidae Simulium Cyclina orientalis oyster marennin ж ostreotoxism horned toad scolopendra centipede tadpole earthworm vermis ״ lyssa ״ lytta Amphistaenidae caecilian ignorant worm small clam arca inflata mole-cricket oyster oyster house centipede grasshopper grasshopper earthworm earthworm angleworm fishworm rainworm lumbrical wormcast lumbricin ״ lumbricoid sandfly mussel razor clam Solecurtus constricta larva kabure anxious grasshopper a cricket butterfly ͳ pinworm ͳ threadworm ͳ没 enterobiasis ͳ Enterobius fluke leech hirudinea θ Hirudinea λ Bdellovibrio ŦĿ Bdellomorpha ʯ roseite ʯ vermiculite ̬Ŀ Bdelloidea snail cricket dragonfly larva maggot scarabeiform scaly dragon marine crab mythical animal clam sea-serpent ׾ mirage to sting jellyfish long-legged spider Octopus octopodia mantis egg nest centipede centipede scolopendra Scolopendridae ֮ chilopod clam Bufo vulgaris toad dragon fly large ant wasp dayfly ephemera ephemerid ephemeron mayfly dung beetle scarabee dragonfly ߿ Libellulidae dragonfly ѳĿ Odonatoidea Ŀ Odonata grapsus chameleon Eumeces latiscutatus lizard saurian saurian mythical creature toad worm gad-fly Eumenes pomiformis cyrtophyllus sp. chameleon Eumeces latiscutatus insect egg of mantis Ӭ Melophagus cicada Melania libertina wriggle as a worm 鷢 frizzly 鷢 frizzy helicoidal kink scrunch frizzly frizzy to move as snake ѵ wandering dragonfly mantis grasshopper salamander axolotl newt 󢶾 salamanderin immature locusts bat Ӭ Streblidae Mobulidae ߶ echidnotoxin ߶ echidnin ߶ viperin ߿ Viperidae tadpole polliwog pollywog venomous snake ֹѪ bothropase snail Ephemera strigata mole-cricket Gryllotalpa africona larva grub bat bream bat batted batty Hepialidae ܿ Hepialoidea ŵּ dauricinoline Vespertilionidae Spanish fly grain-eating grub small cicada with a square head Astacus fluviatilis nipper sea turtle pincer pincers chelate ϲⶨ chelatomery ϵζ chelatometry ϵζ chelometry ϼ chelator ø chelatase chelate chelation Ϻ Homarus Ϻ Homaridae cheliform Ϻ Krebspest ε chelate ֫ chelicera ֫ Chelicerata cheliped acarid acaridan mite acariasis acaridiasis acarinosis acrodomatia acarian Acaridae ֲ acarophobia chlorfenson Chinon Ŀ Acarina ѧ acarology acaroid ֲ acarophily Ŀ Acarina ѻ Neosappiran Python molurus boa ߿ ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ 빫˾translation service Ϻ빫˾