ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ Boidae toad Diemyelilus pyrogaster intestinal worm 󣾥 hydrocaulus hydrotheca ͷ hydrocephalis Ŀ Hydroida ֦ hydrocladium ״ scyphistoma hornless dragon cicada crab to sting aculeus horse-leech larva of Mimela lucidula nest of eggs of mantis ˮ Diaptomus praying mantis Mantidae Ŀ Mantodea cricket cricket grig grasshopper Gompsocleis mikado cockroach cockroach blackbeetle roach cricket Spanish fly grain-eating grub land-crab grapsus sp. cicada Platypleura kaempferi Trichina spiralis to coil ״ eiloid looper caterpillar grasshopper midge sandfly Heleidae moon striped toad 󸶾 bufogenin Ƥ phrynoderma Ƥ toadskin phrynolysine ֶ bufogenin toad ܶ bufonin ܶ toadpoison bufovarin bufogenin Ѫ phrynolysine ʯ toadstone cockroach minute flies calabash wood-boring insect bookworm Lepisma saccharina bristletail silverfish pottery earthen jar with small mouth poppy ڵ papaverous ڵ poppyseed ڶѻƬ poppied ڼ narceine ڿƵ papaveraceous ڿֲ bloodroot ״װ poppyhead entirely exhausted stern crack grudge to lick lap surname mus. instr. trunks for books serious illness sincere true religiosity religiousness ŵ religiously confessor ڽ religionism ڽ̵ religiose 15 years old hairpin for bun bamboo water pipe gargoyle loosely woven bamboo ladle planks of bed sleeping-mat tablet held at an audience species of bamboo flat basket-tray rough bamboo mat mus. instr. board under tiles on roof narrow basket for trapping fish bamboo rain hat ұ Acmaeidae ο ancyloid hamper trunk broom whistle made of reed basket for fruits to whip with bamboo strips knout gantlet whipping chastise a measure of width of cloth wicker bamboo brush for utensils bamboo mat for sitting bamboo fish trap mus. instr. zither [] zithern skin of bamboo divine by stalk basket bucket dwarf bamboo thin bamboo portfolio trunk chopsticks bamboo skin of bamboo pliers pincers to clamp strangulation ѪҺ strangulate sheath around joints of bamboo round basket for cooked rice flute pan pipes xiao - a vertical bambook plute warn Proverbs apophthegm apothegm gnome logion basket for carrying soil bamboo bamboo grove mus. instr. bamboo frame for drying clothes needfire round covered basket bamboos good for poles horn fine-toothed comb to comb 鶾 ricin a double-edged fine-toothed comb spoonbill bamboo flute with 8 holes dense vegetation sieve bamboo splints for baskets box basket bamboo fish trap round basket of bamboo fine woven grass mat hairpin large umbrella for stalls to winnow dust pan toss as waves fannings roll rock dustpan winnowing fan loop of a fingerprint jigging winnow music musical pipe with 3 reeds writing develop a moment little while to lift raise to pound grain beat ʵ rammability flowing water shoe slipper provincial judge bleed at the nose check in battle sampan moor a boat to the bank sampan 2 boats lashed together large boat barge bow of ship poopdeck stern of boat small boat stern of boat small boat ǯ bullnose sea-going junk war-boat coverlet quilt delicate graceful Buddhist monk's robe cassock cassocks fur fur coat Ŀ Julianiales Buddhist monk's robe creases folds or pleats in a garment frogfish billy goat ram hydroxyl radical ǰ hydroxamino ǰ hydroxyamino ǰ hydroxylamine ǰͪ hycanthone ǰͷ߾ cefatrizine DZDZ benemid DZDZ probenecid DZҴ octopamine DZ paradrine DZʰ glucin DZ proxiphylline DZͪ acetol ǵ hydroxycholine Ƿͭ turanite ǸѪ֢ hydroxyprolinemia ǹʯ deerite ǻø hydroxylase ǻ hydroxy ǻ hydramine ǻͪ acetol ǻ oxycholine ǻӦ hydroxylating ǻӦ hydroxylation ǻø hydroxylase ǻ hydroxylation ǻػ߰ strospeside Ǽȥϩͪ benorterone Ǽ stanozolol ǼǼͪ melengestrol Ǽɫϩ hymecromone Ǽɫϩ imecromone Ǽ춡 salbutamol hydroxylysine lakalion ׸ʯ tavistockite ʯ trolleite ̿ wolfeite ʯ herderite Ǧ laurionite ͭ botallackite laubmannite ͭ andrewsite þп torreyite ̿ retzian amakinite ͭǦ diaboleite oxypurine Ұ colamine һ isethionate glycolate ͷ߾ cefadole ߷ perphenazine hydroxyzine ø oxypurinase Ӱ hydroxyvaline cyanohydrin ѽʯ kaersutite carboxyl radical Ȼø carboxylase Ȼ carboxylates Ȼ carboxylation Ȼ carboxy Ȼ carboxyl ø carboxylase castrate a ram deer's skin carbonyl radical carbonyl ʻ carbonyl name of an emperor common rice peaceful tsamba food in Tibet coarse grain ground rice thresh rice common millet beautiful bright splendid smilingly clear as of water rice dumplings wrapped in leaves to mix of powders official pay sacrificial rice dry provisions a sign in trigram and reach to the end name of a famous archer tail feathers soar green jade kingfisher emerald cut with scissors scissors fly fast quill feather screen to screen to shade nephelium cataract fine silk connect tie up dark grey superlative variegated embroidered banner folk-song forced labor cause means interpretations of the trigrams big banner feather banner or fan bran gluten ״ glutenous hesitate mark time recline stumble hasten urge blush ocher Ochrobium ù ochratoxin ù ochracin ɫ ochre ɫ ruddle ɫ sienna ʯ ocher ʯ ochre ocher reddle cowpeas black-eyed beans cowpea salted fermented beans intoxicated anhydride strong wine elixirs sweet wine conflate conflation smelter to deal in liquors toast to host by guest cuckooflower flushed from drinking acyl amidation ø amidase tegretal acidylate acylate acylate acylating acidylation acyl ͪǰ ketimide 汽 anilides ǰ imide acyloxy drunkenness ebriety boozy muzzy ester esterification ø esterase øԭ proesterase ˮ esterolysis strong of tea alcoholic yeast pour out libation sprinkle benzoquinone quinone chinol quinol benzoquinonyl quinonyl quinoid quinoxime spiritus strain spirits minced meat pickled meat carbohydrate wine or liquor with sediment mold on liquids perform sacrifice acyl contribute to a feast sweet wine helplessly intoxicated hog swine ragweed brine salt wholesale sound of trampling walk with one leg to walk around turn back midway urgent wrinkled contracted to kick limp jump leap callous instep tarsus walk rapidly stagger sway from side to side metatarsus sole of foot tread on Źʹ metatarsalgia Źʹ֢ metatarsalgia ż plantaris phantigrade instep tarsus ƹǵ tarsal ƹλ tarsectopia ƹ tarsitis ƺ tarsier ƺ Tarsiidae ֯ paratarsium Tarsonemidae С tarsale tarsometatarsus limp move walk stumble sit cross-legged lame crippled lameness ˵ halting ˵ haltingly ˽ŵ spavined claudication gimp е gammy е limpingly ֢ springhalt lame person cripple lame gammy ȭ taekwondo brief short step raise one's foot ΰ seesaw ΰ teeterboard ΰ teetertotter to clear streets when emperor tours barefooted manner of dancing walk around go up bones of leg wrestle jump stagger sway from side to side kneel ankle bone malleolus talus tarsus ׵ malleolar ׹ anklebone ׹ tarsus ׹ؽ gambrel ׹ؽ hock ׹ؽ hough malleotomy ۹ǵ tarsal hesitating undecided hesitant stumble corpse prostrate hesitating to stop е plantigrade ж plantigrade plantigrade tread on kick trample arrive follow heel heelboard heelplate dichromate hunchbacked walk alone error slip miss err to limp trample ﴦŮ defloration chase step tread limp stagger stumble totter dodder titubation ǵ faltering ǵ halting ǵ tottering ǵ totteringly ǵ lob ǵ mooch ǵ teeter ѧ toddle footpath irresolute undecided stumble trample to kick as a horse paddleboard paddleboard ָ palmature ָ web-fingered palmiped palmiped paws of animal carefully kick tread on stamp course of stars follow precedent step across to walk mythical animal sable marten ermine İëƤ ermine Ƥ mink fur Ƥ marten marten name of a wild tribe silent leopard tapir Tapiridae Ͽ Tapiroidea leopard 5 pecks M dissatisfied shrike feast goblet goblet rule law zodiacal sign mouth big cup made of horn horn wine container tremble with fear goblet backbite wealth dislike make up face summer sacrifice for rain clap of thunder multicolored clouds clap of thunder sky clearing up torrent of rain fall of snow ϸ felsyte ϸ״ felsitic all of a sudden drizzle blink in an instant heavy rain cloudy sky friendly brume sleet canister ʯ aragonite ʯ iglite ʯ igloite dust-storm replace the milk teeth irregular uneven teeth bucktooth shed the milk teeth young projecting teeth gnaw bite gums gingiva ula Ħ ulotripsis uloncus ŧ parulis п ulotomy Ѫ ulorrhoea ʹ ulalgia ή ulatrophia ή ulatrophy gingivtis irregular teeth dirty small-minded dirty small-minded dirtily dirtiness ķ doghole toad sea turtle large water lizard short-tailed bird eminent talented fish hawk osprey black horse with white mane fearful startled surname enmity feud eye of an axe imperial -plated to plate engrave gad iron pot metal cap bessemerizing of matte used in names cuttlefish sleeve-fish bream Zeus japanicus gurnard gurnet lumpfish common perch Կ Percidae Կ֮ grouper Ŀ Perciformes Ŀ Percoidei weever ֮ troutperch revive silver carp king crab Limulacea globefish salmon redfish troutperch پ salmine ٿ Salmonidae ٿƵ samlet Ŀ Salmoniformes Ŀ Salmonoidei salmon oyster little tuna Euthnnus allecteratus tuna ϵİ botargo caviar fish roe oolite oosparite ྦྷ oomicrite ʯ chamoisite ʯ chamosite oopellet ʯ oolite ʯ oolith ʯ roestone ״ oolite Coilia nasus shark wine-preserved pomfret hairy sea-crab acipenser sp. sturgeon Acipenser Ŀ Gadiformes sturgeon blunt fish bones unyielding Hypophthalmichthys moritrix bonito shad Ilisha elongata Chub leuciehthys father of great yeu shark ׻ selachine ϩ spinacene ϩ squalene shark Ƥ sharkskin bastard carp sand perch mackerel mullet scombrus 뾫 scombrine 뾫鵰 schrombrone Schrombridae Scombridae Schromber Scomber Ŀ Scombroidei Ŀ scombroid 鵰 scombrone pangolin Manis pentadactylata minnows small fish surmullet Ŀ Clupeiformes menhaden shad С sprat sea-monster young of fishes ?a type of fish Stromateidae Ŀ Stromateoidei pomfret Cryptobranchus japonicus salamander catfish hornpout sheatfish pagrus major Mugil cephalus grey mullet Mugilidae ֮ brill crocodile alligator Crocodylidae avocado Ŀ Crocodilia alligatoring crocodiling ǿ crocodylinae alligator crocodile cayman crocodilian crocodilian һ crocodilian loach Cobitidae ֮ bullhead Haliotis gigantea sea ear sturgeon sea turtle fins supporting surfaces ൱ pinna Ŀ Pinnipedia Ŀ Sauropterygia ״ finny ״֫ flipper pinniped widower widower curtesy ray fish shad spermary of fish air bladder of fish isinglass fish glue codfish Gadus macrocephalus Gadidae gadoid Ƶ gadoid scrod stockfish cod-liver hake pollock 鵰 gaduhiston eel Anguilla lostoniensis eelgrass elver Ŀ Anguilliformes Ŀ Anguilloidei eel Ŀ Meantes helicolenus Chinese yellow eel snakefish phonetic dressed leather martingale Tartar a tribe in China Tartary [ط] tatary tartar tartar tatar saddle blanket suede chamois tannin ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ 빫˾translation service Ϻ빫˾