ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ author writer penster rhapsodist scribe :׾ raminit :ܻ ntshell :ܻ qdict ߲ Anonymous ߲ ano ߲ | unfathered ߵ author's ߵ authorship face-life ֤ verification ֤ verifier goffer grunter swoosh guggle gurgle to sit to take a seat to take a bus, aeroplane etc. coordinates photogrid ƫ gisement coelosphere Axis ܹӴ ischiopubis castaway ӵ bencher hucklebone ischium ǵ ischiac ǵ ischiadic ǵ ischial ǵ sciatic Ǹŵ ischioanal Ǻ postischial Ǽ׵ ischiovertebral Ǽ̥֫ ischiomelus ǽ ischionitis ǿ ischiocele ̥ ischiodidymus ̥ ischiodymia 񾭵 sciatic ʹ ischialgia ʹ sciatica ʹ ischiagra ϸ scleroblast ֱ ischiorectal to sit properly to sit up straight ischicerite ischiopodium imprisonment imprisoned ó daybed sit down Сڻѩ luge ۵ edriophthalmic ҩ suppository ֫ ischiopodite to sit to take a seat saddling coordinate reseating ̸ conversazione seating λ seat λ seater λ seating ΰȫ seatbelt motto timepiece ء step with the right foot آ surname أ cut off the feet أ Gyposaurus ؤ beg for alms ؤ beggar إ twenty ئ thirty ا grand ب extend across ب through ة deputy ت earthen pot ت iron caldron ج startling خ place خ district ذ an ancient type of spoon ذ dagger ذ ladle ذ dagger ذ dirk ذ poniard ذ stylet ز tender ز gentle ز to die prematurely س lines on a trigram ش goblet ص name of an ancient tribe ص foundation ص on the whole ض skull ض top of head ض fontanel ض fontanelle ض fonticulus ط heir ط inherit ظ cheekbone ظ crossroads ظ high ع nourish ع rear غ bank غ marsh غ testicles غ֬ testolactone غ testicle غ ballocks غ spermary غ testis غ orchioplasty غ testicular غܿ hyperorchidism غ輤 testosterone غ輤 testoterone غϸȱʧ aleydigism غ辫ԭϸ seminoma غ orchidoncus غ orchiocele غԵ paradidymal غĤ perididymis غĤλ hyposcheotomy غĤг vaginectomy غĤ periorchitis غг orchectomy غг orchiectomy غп orchidotomy غп orchiotomy غں֢ synorchidism غʹ orchialgia غʹ orchidalgia غͻ orchiocele غή orchiatrophy غ orchiditis غ orchitis غ testitis غ orchiococcus غλ parorchidium غճ synorchidism ؽ urgent ؽ repeatedly ؽ frequently ؾ incense tripod ؿ squint to divine his her its their surname comet change color in the face quince stingy good fortune longevity far grand oblique tone surname bury to place dispose operculum his its servant dimple false ͶԳ pseudosymmetry ; pseudocrystal ; pseudocrystal Ʒ goldbrick Ʒ shoddy Ʒ snide Ʒ stumer pseudomorphism box basket not thereupon small box lacking empty exhausted a tablet a board with an inscription a sign hung above a door basket-couch in coffin plaque Ҷ a horizontal inscribed board Ҷ stele mysterious divinatory trigram wine container to regulate mow ׼֦ disbranch cut across throat ؾԾ jugulate cut the throat to cut open rip up scoop out ڵ drawshave cut injure carefully moderately е cogently to slash cruel obstinate curved wood graver easy quiet river in Zhejiang sharp scoop out enucleator a rush scirpus cyperinus to rob swift nimble ⺷ swift and fierce pirate to plagiarize piracy plagiaristic plagiarize plagiary borrower cribber plagiarist plagiarizer chisel engrave cut off the nose deceive there is none alone mother surname of Mencius surplus tithe strong brave measure hunchbacked to part Kawa opponent groping rash reckless low fellow rustic rude rough husband wife eloquent talent idle Anonymous ano Ͳ rachitis Ͳ rckets Ͳ rckety Ͳ rachitic Ͳ rachitism ͵ stoopingly ١ surname ٢ carry on the back ٤ phonetic ٤ Gabor ٤ Galileo ٤ galilei ٤Ե Galilean ٤ gamma ٤ gamma rays ٤ߴ͸ penetron ٤ gammil ٥ difficult to pronounce ٦ assistant ٧ urge to eat ٩ bold ٪ dwarf ٪޼ Jurassic ٪޼͵ Jurassic ٪ϵ Jurassic ٪Ҿ Nannocystis ٪ Lilliputian ٪ gnome ٪ homuncle ٪ homuncule ٪ homunculus ٪ manikin ٪ mannikin ٪ midge ٪ pygmy ٪ gnomish ٪ pygmean ٪ Pipridae ٪֢ midgetism ٫ row of dancers at sacrifices ٭ a class ٭ a company ٭ companion ٮ handsome ٯ you Shanghai dial. ٰ similar ٰ comparable ٰ equal ٱ comrades ٱ friends ٱ companions ٲ majestic ٲ dignified ٲȻ just like ٲȻ solemn ٲȻ dignified ٲȻ peremptory ٲȻŮ queenlike ٲȻԶ̬ȵ patronizing ٳ husband and wife ٴ ornamental cap ٵ rustic ٵ slang ٵ slangy ٶ big ٷ forlorn ٸ wooden figures buried with the dead ٹ until ٹ wait for ٺ salary ٺ» vicarage ٻ niece ٻ plagiarize ٻ winsome ټ so ټ such ټ to such a degree c so big ټ such a big ٽ irresolute ٽ not serious ٽ variety show Japanese dwarf bonobo ˮţ anoa to cause to enable ˹ Bosmarck energetic exalted magnanimous a groom ignorant blank-minded urgent pressed stubborn ư disdainful instigate ruin destroy to lie supine to stop to fall down in company with Buddhist hymn forceful martial to cuddle busy hurried despondent hunchback if unexpectedly best man entertain attendant of the bride or bridegroom at a wedding exorcise demons detain hinder cautious merry joyful warn admonish usurp ԳƵ̻ antipope Խ arrogate Խ arrogation Խ assuming Խ self-assumed Խ assumingly clever pigmies hire to rent boy name of an ethnic group in Guangxi ingenious frivolous carry together same boil for a short time surname all a stand for food at sacrifice ancient measure flute key buy up grain part. a sign in the trigram obey cut off the left ear of the slain smilingly one-legged monster respectful crawl lie prostrate groveling procumbent rampion grabble ֦ stolon sound of a crash fall prostrate γ没 herpetomoniasis ѷ ophiasis serpigo mallard Anas platyrhyncha morning rhinoceros indicus place name imperial robe length distance from north to south licentious blaspheme desecrate profanity unhallow µ profanatory µĻ blasphemy blasphemy blasphemous Դ blasphemy ʥ desecration ʥ sacrilege blasphemer desecrater desecrator skinny sliced meat collect natural property or endowment report to a superior natural endowment gift report to one's superior natural disposition full overplus profit win solitary wasp entangled lean congealed frozen cold and raw surname ڣ great ڣ mound ڤ dark ڤ deep ڤ styx ڤ DIS ڤ Hades ڤ Hel ڤ sheol ڤ Pluto ڤ contemplative ڤ contemplator ڥ pure gold ڦ accuse ڦ pry ڨ abuse ڨ slander ک sing ballads ک songs ڪ how interj. of surprise ګ large ګ speak cautiously ڬ comment ڬ explain ڭ to blame ڭ ridicule in loud voice ڮ defame ڮ to slander ڮ bespatter ڮ decry ڮ denigrate ڮ vilipend گ imperial order گ rescript ڰ to bend ڰ yield ڱ a present in writing ڱ bequeath ڲ mislead ڲ to swindle ڳ eulogize the dead ڳ eulogy ڴ deceive ڴ disturb ڵ investigate ڵ restrain ڵ scold ڵ heckle ڶ whimsical ڶ humorous ڶг comicality ڶг humour ڶг jestful ڶг jocoseness ڶг jocosity ڶг jocularly ڶгĽ̸ backchat ڶг cutup ڶг comically ڶг jocosely ڶг humoresque ڶг humouresque ڶг parodist ڶг joker ڷ inform ڷ inquire ڸ sense of shame ڸ to abuse ڹ explain ڹ comment ڻ jest ڻ nickname ڼ brag ڼ harmony ڼ make known ڽ ridicule ڽ to blame ھ enjoin ھ grant a title ڿ deceive ڿ lies ڿƭ spoof choose consult complain shirk give excuses flatter consult flatter cajole adulate adulation beslaver blandish blandishment blarney bootlick cajolery gloze sweet-talk sycophancy toadeating toady toadyism .е insinuatingly ĵ adulatory ĵ obsequious ĵ trucklingly ĵ obsequiously sycophant toadeater toady wriggler abuse faithful sincere admonish expostulation ں dissuasion to visit a superior honest speech order from above Hemerocallis flava false forget be versed in know well conversant skilled proficient examine truth Buddhist consult ѯ referrence ѯ referring brag plan to practice advice counsels composed rise to begin confer such title posthumous title quiet disgrace an official find fault shallow stupid slander drum tower ridicule to blame deceitful decide judicially incoherent talk talkative deliriant prophecy omen nuptial winecup road leading north and south hole pitfall a slope hillside dangerous steps leading to the eastern door reservoir rugged uneven border the stove defile pass step terrace advance ascend dangerous corner foot of mountain frontier parapet bay cove dry moat god of city eminent lofty low marshy land name of an ancient river mound place name surname name of a hill ancient place name name of a district in Sichuan ancient city name happy name of a feudal state name of ancient district ۡ lodging-house ۢ name of a feudal state ۣ name of a district in Henan ۤ extremely ۥ name of a feudal state ۦ name of a feudal state ۨ name of a feudal state ۩ place name ۪ ancient place name ۫ name of an ancient city ۬ name of a feudal state ۭ name of an ancient city ۮ suburbs ۯ place name ۰ name of an ancient city ۱ place name ۲ name of a district in Shandong ۳ name of a feudal state ۴ name of a district in Zhejiang ۵ place name ۶ name of a lake ۷ name of a district in Xinjiang ۹ name of a district in Hunan ۺ name of an ancient city ۻ cut grass ۻ hay ۻ straw ۻ fodder ۼ excellent ۽ put forth effort ۾ labor ۿ stimulate to effort impeach excellent happy well-being exhort stimulate harmonious old gentleman harmony harmonize glance fearfully receptacle sacrificial spirit cap a basket or hod used for earth, manure etc λ a bamboo or wicker scoop λ dustpan hydrosulfuryl ϻ sulfhydryl ϻ sulfydryl ϻ thionalid ϼױ catopril bring together dust to whitewash to plaster ľ lumberman ľ feller ľҵª lumbering private tutorage obstruct stop up gully dike to plaster whitewash phonetic tomb destroyed injure boundary a border crucible crucible ̼ brasqueing stand for goblets clay shop to crack split break to chap islet rock in river place name lump spheric substance mud a depression cavity hollow anthill mound dry terrain to mix water with clay boundary boundary bank earthen jar hen roost hencoop [Ա] rotarian дְ planchette crucible ancient porcelain wind-instrument border low wall ܡ target in archery ܢ side of bridge ܣ broom ܣ dike ܤ dam ܥ cave ܥ hole ܦ battlements ܧ bury ܧ mound ܧ to dam ܧ close ܩ mounds for beacons ܪ dry clay lump ܬ to plaster ܭ fortified wall ܯ courtyard ܰ fragrant ܲ restrain ܲ virtuous ܷ green ܷ luxuriant growth ܹ Metaplexis stauntoni ܻ Panicum miliaceum ܼ Fujian drama ܽ lotus ܽ kosometsuke ֲܽ hibiscus ܾ daphne genkwa ܾ߰ yuenkanin ܾ genkwanin ܾݴ linalol ܾݴ linalool ܿ Ruta graveolens ܿ celza ̦ܿ Brassica ̦ܿ brassin ܿ Rutaceae ܿܿ all ܿܿ every small luxuriance of vegetation Trapa natans water caltrop Drabanemerosa hebecarpa lettuce Malva sylvestris plant root used for medicine small Amarantus mangostanus Ȳͪ amarasterone ȿ Amaranthaceae ֲ amaranth carambola Boschniakia glabra Phragmites japonica fluorene Euryale ferox cut down mow scythe а phentolamine в benzylidene в chlorobenzal д bendazac з benzphetamine з bepheninum з naturetin л benzylate л bencyclane лǰ proseptazine л peronine мɫ benanserine ˫ benfosformin ˿ benserazide benzetimide benzalkonium Boehmeria nivea ramie ά ramie hollow scallion stalk plantago major l. var. asiatica jasmine jasmine semipervine ȩ ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ 빫˾translation service Ϻ빫˾