ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ noisy ӵij beargarden purine whispering sound abuzz calling of birds to urge on incite ֳʯ felstone phonetic as in pyrimidine ׾ triarimol mebron pyrimidine ़װ pyrimetamine ़ pyrimidinyl ऽ glymidine miazines Diothyl pout clear sound cry of cranes etc. sound of escaping laughter water to gnaw eat ravenously suck Oh! aw hold in the mouth grumble chatter scold bass sound sound noise unable to speak silent loud laughter interj. of approval belch thiofuran thiophene Լ׻ thenyl thiazole thiazine ž clack chattering chuffing enclosure child complete whole in one lump prison park to limit imprison pigsty rest-room Ѫ hematochezia circle encircle round curtain women's apartment tent Ļ screen Ļ backdrop book cover cape treasury canopy curtain conical cap cap worn by women feminine curtain screen Ļ purdah antependium valance tent curtain hanging scroll banner pennant ״ virga lofty peak perilous hill without trees name of a mountain divergent side road steep ᪻ dismutation ɡ dichasium discrimination rugged steep hill a small hill a surname ᯿˶ϱ zenkerism mist name of a mountain wooded hill name of a mountain cape geog. cave mountain peak name of a mountain in Shandong name of a hill in Hunan name of a river in Sichuan name of hills in Shandong name of a mountain highest peak ranges of hills excel lofty name of a mountain in Shandong name of a mountain in Sichuan lofty name of a mountain in Henan name of a mountain in Gansu element in mountain names name of a mountain name of a mountain towering as a peak lofty young of animals rocky lofty as of mountain mountain peak name of a mountain in Gansu name of a mountain in Sichuan name of a district in Zhejiang lofty name of a mountain in Henan fleabane ȸ ortolan cliff range of peaks ranges of hills name of an ancient city name of a mountain in Hunan summit ۷ʱ noontide step with left foot seemingly irresolute name of a collection of short stories, Pang Huang, "Wandering About", by Lu3 Xun4 ³Ѹ mooch oscillate oscillation to go to reach buried with dead die for a cause follow quick ˽ favouritism ˽ self-partiality walk back and forth post- juniors subseguently logistical ӵ rearview rearguard ׺ postfix to come change one's residence sit cross-legged walk back and forth irresolute compulsory service levy troops or taxes note in Chinese musical scale levy omen enlist draft calll-up by mere luck boundary go around thoroughfare armadillo armadillo Dasypus jail accustomed to name of a tribe be intimate with hamadryad baboon baboon chacma Hapale jacchus crafty cunning hunting-dog imperial tour chevy hunting shikar venery Լ shekarry Լ shikaree Լ shikari Լ shikarry shekarry shikaree shikari shikarry ʱָʾ׷ĺ tantivy Ұ pigstick shooter ¹Ȯ staghound monkey tapir timid cautious armadillo long-snout dog to hunt kill snarling of dogs mythical animal interj. name of a tribe mythical animal lion abrupt hurried ⧵ cataplexis ⧵֢ cataplexy Ȼһͣ jerkily macaque ⨺ Cercopithecidae ⨺ Cercopithecoidea ⨺ actinidia ⨺ yangtao ⨺Ҽ actinidine monkey humble rustic plentiful indecency obscenity salacity smuttiness ithyphallic salacious scabrous smutty unprintable Ļ ribaldry indecently źĿ Spatangoida Ϻ Stenopodidea monkey scratch river deer roebuck roe ⯶ϸ hepatica an animal which eats its mother unruly rude fierce hunt name of a tribe bucktooth mythical animal name of a tribe badger brock teledu ë blaireau ǿ Melinae mistaken erroneous contradictory assistant partner many great numerous ⷰ partner ⷰ companion supper late at night malt-sugar Chinese ravioli grain ration sacrificial victim full as of eating keep in order stern to order direct syrup soldier's pay cake biscuit pastry steamed bun cake remainder Ž ember Ž embers numerical remainder Chinese ravioli ravioli wonton rancid soured as food small loaf of steamed bread delicacies spurt out of the mouth food delicacies prepare veranda kitchen protection shade asylum for the aged school length of 2 outstretched arms hut Buddhist convent small Buddhist temple name of a mountain low-built house continue as a song granary careful hut market place office government granary breast receive Ʒ phoney spuriously grieved ponder consider guess feel remorse regret repent confess penitence shrift shrive ڵ confessional ڵ penitent ڵ penitential ڵ repentent ڵ penitent ڵ repently ʽ absolution confessional confessor disappointed startled aggressive grieved distressed sad uneasy disobedient unfilial anger regretful upset despair depressed mournful sad grieved sorry restless agitated accustomed to blush be shy presume fearful timid to fear impulsive distressed alarmed shocked greived discontented ashamed anger anxious pleased rejoice harmony pleased Ipoh Iloilo grief contented peaceful sorrowful joyful kind Caesarean sincere respectful surname perverse rebellious to rebel 㣵³ amoralia 㣵¿ pathomania absurdly Ϊ sacrilege disoblige frightened Ȼ crawly stingy laugh at sad sincere anxiety worry do one's duty as a younger brother to reform cheerful satisfied cosy angry Ȼ sulkily want but cannot speak disappointed desolate Ȼ vacuously forlorn vexed dissapointed indistinct haggard sad downcast distressed indignant feel hurt ŭ mumps confused troubled startled to look distracted to stare blankly distracted stupefied blank anxious worried change countenance worry perverse obstinate guileless sincere dissatisfied contented careless awaken haggard ݵ tabid haggardness languish emaciation gauntness 㲵 die-away 㲵 pinched 㲵 toilworn 㲵 gauntly irresolute unsettled fear stupid to shame destroy overthrow to bolt crossbar crosspiece snib Կ latchkey β˨ breechblock ס barred surname door to women's room gate to palace big gate feel compassion for door of an inner room gate of a village village door to women's room threshold draw lots lot in a game of chance threshold ǰ prethreshold limen ޵ liminal gate of heaven gate of palace door-keeper shut stop first wives of xiong-nu chiefs live alone quiet section of a song shut entire family fill up rumbling sound deficiency imperial city lacuna glabella peep near stream which returns after branching branching stream name of a river name of a river bathe cleanse receive favors ԡ bath ԡ bathed ԡ lave ԡƷ loutrotherapy inundation name of a river confused turbid name of a river confused extinguished gurgle name of a river write slop from rinsing rice hogwash ˮ swill torrential rain name of a river in Guangdong name of a river place name Luzhou agitated wind cloud boundless place name snivel ˮ Surabaya Sibu sound of water flowing still water name of a river weep melt tearful to branch of river clear vast and deep obliterate submerge name of a river name of a river name of a river pure cleanse eddy whirlpool name of a river to reach when drain stream cleanse name of a river truly whirlpool flood clear deep of water swift to skim over to browse overview browser software browser NETSCAPE 鱾 browser һ once-over bank of a river name of a river steep bank name of a river brook ripple brook to select overflow rainwater tearful name of a river in Hubei ask a favor of coati raccoon racoon ܵƤ coonskin islet bank name of a river sound of rain, sleet etc. name of a river ditch trouble some one to do profanation profaneness profanely ְ wrongdoing ְ failure to do one's duty ְ malfeasance ְ malpractice ְ malversation ְ misprision place name luxuriant of water plants name of a river in Shandong name of a river name of a river noise of water place name pour Shenyang clear water strain liquids rinse swill get rid of scatter obscured submerged drunk marsh urinate ֲ deutzia name of a river name of a river flowing of water name of a river cleanse name of a river wash color enrich moisten ̫ Ottawa brink edge ع Mekong tossing of billows name of a river suddenly name of a river vast expansive of water clear limpid of water extensive pervading name of a river damp muggy disordered privy bromine bromin 尲 bromopyrine 屽 bromobenzene 屽 bromaniline ͪ bromacetone 崦 bromation bromoalkane bromic ж bromoformism 廯 bromobenzene 廯 brominated 廯 bromid 廯 bromide 廯Ӱ contrastol bromazepam ױ bromotoluene bromomethane bromometry ǻ bromocriptine ֬ decamethrin bromate bromoderma ж bromism а darenthin л bromhexine name of a river in Hebei noncoagulative pond rushing water drizzle sea dye paper lake pond mount scroll eddy small river river name sound of rain and wind pizazz cheesy high-hat nuttily pizazzy rakish trig chicly smartly transport by water watercourse canal name of a river name of a river indecipherable full of water trough pool pond ripple strain liquids colation colation ҩ colatorium Һ colation Һ colature eddy eddy swirl burble װ scrollwork װ cartouche ״ circinate place name wash moisture timely rain drain dry to exhaust tearfully high name of a pass flow trickle of water bicker guggle purl ripply name of a river rushing of water wrasse name of a river name of a river tranquil placid quiet surname still as of water still water name of a river in Hunan dilatory to moisten ʪ moisten name of a river trench rinse to cleanse ocean vastness mist vapor ocean cleanse to boil name of a river valley vapor vast of water name of a river traitor dissipated put off still silent forgive help profound imperial apartments defective raise seize awake from sleep Laos fellow-official hut 弹[] lao 弹 lao 弹 lao lift up the skirts lower garments large domain to return of waves ׵̥ atlodidymus difficulty lame speak out boldly receive as a guest distant haste to press winding extending to near Buddha Shakyamuni Ghana Canaan canaanite ̫ Carthage ̫ Carthaginian ̫ Carthaginian ̫˵ Punic ̫ Punic way path direct diameter ɼ track runoff track ͥ very different radial ֱ straight ֱ direct on one's own without consulting others catch seize until meet unexpectedly surname flee abscond owe ޴ refuge for fugitives winding collect to match leisurely easy-going ң Peripateticism ң unapprehended ңѧɵ peripatetic ңѧɵѧͽ peripatetic ңѧɵѧ Peripateticism ңڵ easygoing ңڵ happy-go-lucky far shrink from Ѳǰ balk crossroads thoroughfare escape from go carefully hurry go to and fro leisure consolidate end ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ 빫˾translation service Ϻ빫˾