ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ strong abandon distant make excursion ramble travel roam travel meet unexpectedly to stroll walk a horse to linger Siam select for appointment ѡ to pick ѡ to choose ѡ to select hurry fast suddenly meet unexpectedly rencontre rencounter rencountre profound remote deep distant mysterious ݵŮ dowdy sluttery dingily ݵ blowsy ݵ blowzed ݵ blowzy ݵ floppy ݵŮ frump Ů drab Ů draggle-tail comet comet ǵ cometary ǵ cometic Ƶ cometary Ƶ cometic running hog swine end of spine 8 in. length unit of Zhou dynasty clogs defecate dodger coward weak slippers sandals confusion sheep crowding cross-bow crossbow crossbowman to stop repress ÷ chantry ʥʽ sacring angry assist vend plants sprouting matchmaker imperial concubine beautiful flatter to please ĵ enchanting brood over old woman protect deceased mother wife of mother's brother older sister older and younger sisters õɷ brother-in-law ùϵ sisterhood һ sisterly ֮ sisterhood older sister name of a river little girl handsome fair wife of older brother concubine of last Shang emperor wives of brothers deprecate lithe of woman's walk concubine demimondaine demirep address term between sons-in-law graceful disturbance pretty woman beautiful ͯ catamite cunning pretty be a mistress or lover 永 concubine ͷ shack job husband's brother's wife graceful sister of Fu2 Xi1 elegant refined phonetic loose wife of a younger brother active comply with 渶 smooth-spoken graceful willowy unstable ȶ˵ coquettish prostitute prostitute whore handsome prostitute 潸 bitch 潼 demimondaine 潼 demirep 潼 drab 潼 trull 潼 whore 潼˵ meretricious slave girl maid servant ūƵ trucklingly Ů slave-girl Ů servant-girl beautiful graceful old woman goody a beauty graceful beautiful to marry to copulate ź to make peace ugly woman to match to pair setoff your daughter hon. virtuous woman ugly woman widow captivating female court officials visit a prostitute ο whoremaster ο whoremonger a legendary beauty who flew to the moon the lady in the moon surname husband's parent lady in the moon amusement Ū borak Ƥʿ hippy Ʀ hippie Ʀļ be-in Ϸ curvet Ϸ frolicsome Ϸ playsome Ϸ razzle Ϸ merrymaker Ϸŵ sportive changes and succession treat as a favourite tease disturb ma mamma widow phonetic trust child offspring industrious produce bear alone mosquito larvae small wiggler Ӭ tsetse Ӭ tzetze larvae of mosquito spore ߱ú sporinite ߷ѧ palynology ߷ sporopollenin ߹״ coremiform ߼ disjunctor ĸϸ sporocyst sporangiocyst ұ sporangiophore ҹ sporangiophore ֦ stichidium sporophore sporangiospore sorosphere ˿ capillitium Ҷ strobila ԭ archespore ԭ archesporium ԭ֯ archespore ԭ֯ archesporium ԭ֯ archispore spore ӳ sporozoon ӳ sporozoa ӷ sporogenesis ӷ sporogony ӹ cystocarp ӹ sporocarp sporangium ڱ endospore sporidium ɲ apospory ֳ sporogony ˿ sporotrichosis sporogonium sporophyte ͬ homospory epispore exospore γ sporogenesis γ sporulation γ sporophyte Ҷ strobilus heterospory ܱ perispore powerful horse team of 4 horses prince consort go mythical animal remount stations post-horse posthouse worn out old horses tired worn out horse brave good horse strong chestnut horse literary style ͷ̥ bicephalus ͷ̥ dicephalus black horse good horse piebald horse piebald outside horses of a team of 4 determine promote stallion fast greedy run rapidly a noble steed untamed bay horse with black mane to geld white horse buckskin horse prance as a horse cord twist name of an emperor saddle crupper knot tassels white white silk 竵 foppish ϰ foppery ӵ dandy fine floss-silk or cotton confused numerous error carelessness spoiled silk 碽¹ kudu 碽¹[ϷDz] koodoo slow to free from violet or purple 示Ƥ erythrocyanosis leash rein ribbon for a seal sash crepe wrinkle cockling ɴ crape ޶ crinkly heavy rope rope of a bier crimson silk deficiency to stitch bind pretend to fool 竲 underpants 竴 bracing britches purple-red rope well-rope raw silk coarse greenish black pongee damask thin silk beautiful open-work silk ɫ Ithaca, NY but pronounced yi3 se4 jia1, following a mistake made by Hu2 Shi4 dark red purple silk 糺 phoenicine cord embroidered sash sew cord on a seal skein tuft lock bound in a league ë kinkily bind up string together Buddhists black silk dark to woof light yellow color orange red silk indistinct multi-color to draw fine linen braid surname let down with a rope cord fishing-line string of coins red silk fine and close adorned beautiful plain white silk onyx ״ fumulus bridal veil or kerchief hang strangle oneself ˶γ abstriction thick waterproof silk helter-skelter mixed colours in confusion ͷ in riotous profusion misty indistinct plain thin silk slow unadorned bind bond to wind round ˾Ů pierian reel silk from cocoons ˿ filature knot tie a knot ӰѪ valinemia Ӳݼ valerine Ӳȩ valdrinal Ӳ valerianine Ӳͪ jatamansone Ӳͪ valerianone Ӳ valeriane Ӳϩ valerienol Ӳϩȩ valerienal Ӳϩͪ valerenone lines for a sail wind round silk fabrics to tie to bind bridle reins rein attached to loving bind tie noose carry on unitarity territory around the capital steroid nucleus ޴ sterol ޴߰ steroline steroidogenesis sterides ͪ ketosteroid sterane harmonious jingling tinkling irregular pearl reddish jade precious rare porphyrites porphyrite jade-like stone veins in jade gems mounted together jade-like stone ް collotype tinkling of gem-pendants blemish disgrace flaw in jade distain attaint blemish denigrate maculation polluted polluting tortoise shell turtle hawksbill amber Ŵѧ Purdue University Permali peronine ²ְָ permaclad Ī permo ˹ Perth city in Australia ˹ Perth ˹-˹ Perth & Kinross gamma jewelry pearl or jade earring gem top gem of pendant from girdle mother-of-pearl neck-ornament ruler's seal fine jade white gem angel crystal lustrous caldron chisel curio valuable stone amber amber chrysophoron electroum 갱 succisulfone ǰ succinylsulfathiazole ᰷ succinamide succinate succinate succinyl succinamide succinanil succinylcholine ǰ succinylsulfathiazole jade gem glitter of gems octagonal jade badge ensign of royalty precious stone gem ornamental gems for belt jade excellence luster of gems yogism Ľ yogism large jade ring blemish flaw in jade scabbiness 覴 stigma agate Nowra ³ Nauru ³ nauru jasper precious stone jade brilliancy of gems semi-circular jade ornament necklace luster of gems gem jade ancient stone ornament unpolished gem gem luster of gem õ aureate jade ring surname jade piece of jade with hole in center 赻 return a borrowed object with thanks 赻 decline a gift with thanks л decline a gift with thanks libation cup correct right contain bow case to cover low stool star ladle scoop whimbrel willow name of a feudal state alarmist overcare fork of a tree pitchfork branches of a tree stable loquat loquat the limit tip of branch dark and quiet disappear ˼ untrodden tenon tool handle incompatible pestle to poke ƴ trip-hammer ƾʹؽ enarthrosis ״ clubbing ״ָ acropachy door post abies firma ȴ abietinol ȩ abietinal fir ֬ abietin abietyl abietate ϩ abietene brave owl strix uralensis howlet mopoke ʾ gibbet ̨ gibbet Santalum album loquat shuttle of a loom crab-apple how can one help ͷ naphthol ctenidium γۿƵ ctenoid γ Pisionidae κٺĿ Taxocrinida ctenoid calamistrum ctenidium Ŀ Pectinibranchia hackling ˮĸ Ctenophora ǿ Comasteridae ״ ctenoid Cudrania triloba bar cage gratings bier chess-like game capital of column smoke tree dishevelment hector cage pen scabbard empty hollow of a tree pomelo ľ teakwood ľ tectoguinone Ƥ naringenin pomelo shaddock orange hedge thorn watchman's rattle gardenia gardenia Ӹʲ Capejasmine ӻ gardenin ߰ gardoside ߰ gardenoside Eurya japonica Acgle sepiaria Lycium chinense Citrus medica ۻ toclase medlar medlar citronetin citral ø citritase ø citronase ø citrogenase Ұ banocide citronin foundation root oak Quercus serrata main beam of roof tamarisk mangrove basket forking branch м radialis Ƶ radiopalmar ָ radiodigital Ķ copepod radiocarpal fetters shackle evergreen shrub Arenga saccharifera rung of ladder a club weapon tappet Juniperus chinensis measuring-frame Betula japonica ø betulase ø gaultherase ľ birch ľ betulinol ľ Betulaceae ľ Betula ľƵ birchen birchen pole plate purlin ridge-pole joist flitch yardarm Juniperus chinensis ͪ sabinaketone sabinane emperor of Xia dynasty cruel Koelreuteria paniculata eucalyptus globulus eucalypt eucalyptus jarrah edudesmin eucalyptole ϩ eucalyptolene ϩ eucalyptene eudesmane Ҷϩ Selinene Ҷϩ eudesmene ʹ cineol ; cajeputol ; eucelyptol ȩ cryptal Quercus serrata lifelike Brahma Sanskrit ٸԹ Vatican City ۸ Vatican ۸ Vatican City brahma [] deva sanscrit [] ѧ sanscritist [] ѧ sanskritist ѧ pandit ѧ pundit Sanskrit sanscrit Sanskrit и Vatican braces med. fetters manacles beam rafter Catalpa kaempferi catalpa catalpol ֲ catalpa Stewartia pseudocamellia lattice Broussonetia kasinoki beams in roof confused cabinet case casket table flog whip 颼 slippeddisk outer coffin door lock Kerria japonica Zelkowa acuminata fruit of mulberry Machilus nanmu 骰Ϳ Nambucca Heads 骵 Nadi ľ nanmu Nambour Nampula Nantucket fell trees raft to hew Chinese quince hawthorn Melia japonica chinaberry olive 魺ͪ panicolin Terminalia elemane 㾫 elemicin elemicin oar to row Catalpa Mallotus japonicus Hibiscus syriacus ľ basswood hammer mallet pestle gavel roque Ϸ croquet ״ֺ hammertoe Sterculia plantanifolia coffin palm tree a raft made of bamboo or wood to fell trees to hew Zeikowa acuminata ľ beech block hat stretch shoe lintel architrave ʯ lintel pillar hazel tree Corylus heterophylla nut-tree ʵ hazelnut filbert filbert Torreya nucifera couch tatami tenon and mortise tenon 龽 mortice ͷ rabbet dapt mortice mortise Ҹ hauncheon quoin pavilion water pulley small rafter dry rotten as wood long lance areca the areca nut palm areca betelnut Ƹ gambier areca к arekane arecadeine penang binzi a species of apple which is slightly sour and astringent banyon tree Ficus wightiana Quercus glanca ʯ pictite ʯ sphene ʯ spinelline ʯ titanite Hibiscus syriacus transient boom mast ͷݲ trestletree Acer aceric Aceraceae acerin simarubaceae Zelkova acuminata oak Quercus dentata μ mistletoe μ viscin Ƥ quercin Ƥ querciform Ƥ quercitannin olive ϳ forellenstein ϻ԰ absarokite ϻԴ ciminite ϻʯ ureilite bahiaite olives 魴ְ mugearite 魹ͭ lodranite 魿 Burseraceae ù olivomycin football rugby rugger ɫ olivaceous ʯ olivine ʯ peridot ʯʯ palasite olive tree oliva ͭ leucochalcite ͭ olivenite maliane ϼ ankaratrite ε olivary olivinite peridotite picrite ʯȦ peridosphere pallasite ֦ olive-branch shade of trees instrument for straightening bows sack tube for blowing fire a peg low post firewood ҵtranslation company fanyi fy 빫˾ ʵ 뼼 빫˾ 021-68862395 ݷ빫˾ Ӧ Ӣ Ӣо ӢӦ Ӣѧϰ Ӣʵ Ӣ Ӣѵ Ӣ и ˼ GRE GMAT 빫˾ о Ӣѧϰ 빫˾translation service Ϻ빫˾