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; convoy escort;车队护送护送队; ; cooling-off period;冷却期; ; cooperative security;合作安全共同安全; ; cooperative training;合作训练; ; coordinating officer;协调警官;CO; Copenhagen Document;哥本哈根文件; ; Copenhagen Round Table on the United Nations Sanctions in the Case of the Former Yugoslavia;联合国制裁前南斯拉夫问题哥本哈根圆桌会议; ; cordon;警戒线哨兵线; ; cordon and search operation;警戒搜查行动; ; core functions;核心职能; ; core headquarters;核心总部核心指挥部; ; core post;核心员额; ; corps;军军团部队; ; corps of engineers;工兵团; ; corps troops;军直属部队; ; corpsman; medic;卫生兵; ; corralling;集结; ; corridor of tranquility;安全走廊; ; costing officer;成本计算员; ; Council on Economic Sanctions and Peacekeeping;经济制裁和维持和平理事会;CESP; counter-battery fire;反炮兵火力; ; counter-claims;反索偿反要求; ; Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School;戡乱和丛林战学校;CIJWS; counter-sniper system; sniper-locating system; sniper-detection system;反狙击手系统狙击手定位系统; ; counter-terrorist;反恐怖主义;CT; course of action;行动方案作战方案;COA; covered route or approach;掩蔽进路; ; covering fire;掩护火力; ; covering force;掩护部队; ; covering party;掩护小组; ; coy net;连无线电通信网; ; cratering bomb;炸坑弹; ; creeping coup d'閠at;缓慢政变; ; creeping disaster;逐渐滋长的灾难; ; creeping genocide; genocide by attrition;缓慢种族灭绝; ; crew-served weapon;协同操作武器; ; criminal investigative division; criminal investigation division; criminal investigative department;刑事侦察处;CID;刑侦处 crisis coordination centre;晰协调中心; ; crisis management;晰处理; ; crisis warning system;晰警报系统; ; critical incident management;重大事件的管理; ; critical incident stress;创伤性紧张症; ; critical item;短缺的重要物资; ; critical path method; critical path analysis; critical path survey;关键路径分析关键路径调查;CPM; critical path survey;关键路径调查; ; critical point;临界点转折点; ; crony capitalism;裙带资本主义; ; cross-border firings; cross-border shootings;跨界射击; ; cross-border incursion;越界侵犯; ; cross-border shootings;跨界射击; ; cross-servicing;交叉后勤支助互相服务; ; crossfire;交叉火力; ; crossing area;渡河区; ; crossing in stride;急速渡河; ; crossing point Xing Pt;过境点跨越点渡口;Xing Pt; crossing site;渡场; ; crow foot or crow's foot;铁蒺藜; ; crowd control;人群控制维持秩序; ; crowd control unit;人群控制小组; ; cryptofax; cifax;密码传真;cifax; cryptography;密码学编制或破译密码; ; curfew patrol;宵禁巡逻; ; Current Operations Unit;当前行动股;COU; cut of relief aid;佣金买路费; ; cyalume lightstick; cyalume stick;青光棒; ; Czech Republic Training Centre for Peacekeeping Operations;捷克共和国维持和平行动训练中心; ; D-day;开始日发起日 生效日; ; Dag Hammarskj鰈d Peacekeeping Medal; Dag Hammarskj鰈d Medal;达格·哈马舍尔德维持和平勋章; ; daily allowance to troops;部队每日津贴; ; daily ration food basket cost; ration cost;每日口粮费用; ; damage assessment;摧毁情况评估损坏情况评估; ; danger area UXO/UXB;危险区; ; danger pay;危险工作津贴; ; Database Collection Unit;数据库收集股; ; date departed mission;离开任务区日期;DDM; date of arrival;抵达任务区日期;DOA; date-time group;日期-时间栏;DTG; datum;基准; ; day of ammunition;每日弹药量; ; days of supply;补给日份x天的补给;DOS; de facto authority;事实上的管辖当局; ; de facto forces;事实上的部队;DFF; de facto recognition;事实上的承认; ; de jure authority;合法当局; ; de jure recognition;法律上的承认; ; de-escalation;降级; ; dead ground;死区静区盲区; ; dead space; dead ground;死区静区盲区; ; death benefit;死亡抚恤金; ; Death, Disability and Other Claims Unit;死亡伤残和其他索偿股; ; debriefing; debrief;述职情况汇报; ; decal;标记; ; decal of grade;军阶识别符号; ; deception;迷惑诱骗; ; deck spotting;甲板定位; ; deck-landing;甲板降落甲板着陆; ; Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power;为罪行和滥用权力行为受害者取得公理的基 本原则宣言; ; Declaration on Fact-finding by the United Nations in the Field of the Maintenance of International Peace and Security;联合国在维持国际和平与安全方面进行实况调查宣言; ; Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations;关于各国依联合国宪章建立友好关系和合作 的国际法原则宣言; ; Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance;堡所有人不遭受强迫失踪宣言; ; Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities;在民族或族裔、宗教和语言上属于少数群体的人的权利宣言; ; decode to -;解码译码; ; decommission to -;退役; ; deconfliction;消除冲突; ; decontamination;消除沾染消毒; ; deep penetration patrol;深入敌后巡逻; ; defence facilities;防御设施; ; defence stores;防御器材; ; Defence Systems Limited;防御系统有限公司;DSL; demarcation of boundary;标定边界;; Defense Mapping Agency;国防测绘局;DMA; defile;隘口咽喉要道; ; degrade to - someone's ability or efficiency;削弱; ; delaying action;阻滞行动; ; deliberate crossing;周密渡河; ; deliberate response;计划周密的反应周密反应;DR; deliberate river crossing; deliberate crossing;计划周密的渡河周密渡河; ; delineation;轮廓; ; delivery lead time;交货周转时间; ; demarcation line;分界线;DL; d閙arche; diplomatic initiative;交涉外交交涉; ; demilitarized zone DZ;非军事区;DZ; Demining Unit;排雷股;DU; demobilization coordinator;复员协调员; ; demolition fire;破坏射击; ; demonization;妖魔化妖化; ; demountable flatrack; loading flatrack;可卸平架; ; demurrage;滞期费; ; dense ration;压缩口粮压缩食品; ; dental officer;牙医官;DENTO; deployment area;部署地区; ; deployment phase;部署阶段; ; depositioning costs;撤离费用; ; depot level supply unit;仓库补给队; ; deputize to -;委派......为代表充当代理人; ; deputy chief administrative officer; deputy administrative officer;行政副主任; ; deputy chief integrated support service; deputy chief integrated support system;综合支助事务处副处长;DCISS; deputy chief logistics officer;后勤副主任;DCLO; deputy chief military observer;副首席军事观察员;DCMO; deputy chief of mission;副团长;DCM; deputy chief of staff;副参谋长;DCOS; DCofS; deputy chief operations officer;副作战参谋长;DCOO; deputy chief, press and information;新闻副主任;DCPI; deputy commanding officer;副指挥官;DCO; deputy director civil affairs;民事副主任;DDCA; deputy director of operations;行动副主任;DDO; deputy force commander;部队副指挥官;DFC; deputy head of civil affairs;民事副主任;DHCA; deputy military adviser to the Secretary-General;秘书长副军事顾问;DMA; deputy police commissioner;副警察专员;DPC; deputy senior operations officer;副高级行动事务官;DSOO; deputy senior plans officer;副高级计划事务官;DSPO; deputy special representative of the Secretary-General;秘书长副特别代表;DSRSG; designated official;指定官员;DO; desk officer;主管干事; ; destabilization;破坏稳定; ; detachment;分遣队;DET; detargeting;放弃目标; ; devastation;破坏; ; development and maintenance of a ready capacity to act;建立和保持待命行动能力; ; devolution of authority;权力移交; ; depreciated value; residual value;折余价值剩余价值; ; DHA Warehouse in Pisa; Pisa Warehouse;人道部比萨仓库比萨仓库; ; died of battle wound; died of wounds;作战受伤致死;DOW; died of non-battle wound;非作战受伤致死;DNBW; died of wounds received in action;作战受伤致死; ; differential treatment;区别对待双重标准; ; digging equipment;挖掘器材; ; diplomatic cover;外交掩饰; ; diplomatic initiative;外交交涉; ; direct and essential military support facilities;直接和重要军事支援设施; ; direct fire;直接瞄准射击; ; direct laying fire;直接瞄准射击; ; direct support;直接支助 [联合国后勤]直接支援[炮兵];DS; directed destruction;按指令摧毁; ; directive;命令指令; ; director of civil affairs;民事主任;DCA; director of operations;1.行动主任[维和] 2.业务主任;DO; disability benefit;残疾抚恤金; ; disable to -;使无法操作; ; disabling measure;致残措施; ; disarmament and demobilization centre;解除武装和复员中心; ; disaster management team UN DMT;灾害管理队;UN DMT; disaster relief unit;救灾股; ; disbandment of armed groups;解散遣散; ; disciplinary repatriation;惩戒性遣返; ; discrimination principle;区分原则; ; disease and non-battle injury casualty; DNBI casualty;疾病和非战斗负伤减员;DNBI casualty; disease and non-battle injury rate; disease and non-combat injury rate;患病和非战斗负伤率;DNBI rate; DNCI rate; disengagement;脱离接触; ; dismounted patrol;徒步巡逻; ; dispatch;调度; ; dispatch pool; transport vehicle pool;供调度的车队; ; disposition of assets; disposal of assets;资产处置; ; disposition; layout; deployment;部署配置; ; disrupted pattern; disruptive pattern;迷彩图案; ; Regional Office of North America;北美洲区域办事处;RONA;北美办事处 disrupted-pattern material; disruptive-pattern material [UK];迷彩物料;DPM; distribution point;分配点; ; distribution system;分配系统; ; diversion airfield;备降机场; ; division;1.师 2.学部 3.政区; ; Division of Emergency and Humanitarian Action;紧急和人道主义行动司紧急行动司;DEHA;紧急行动司 Doctors without Borders;医生无国界组织; ; doctrine of operations;行动原则; ; Document of the Copenhagen Meeting of the Conference on the Human Dimension of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe;关于欧洲安全和合作会议的人的方面会议的哥本哈根会议文件; ; dog rations;警犬定量给养; ; dog tag; name tag;身份识别牌; ; dog team; K9 team;警犬队;; dogfight;空中格斗; ; donors' fatigue; donor fatigue;捐助疲劳症; ; doorway metal detector;拱门式金属探测器; ; dormant contract;搁置的合同; ; dormitory module;宿舍单元; ; double standard; differential treatment;双重标准区别对待; ; double-talk;模棱两可的空话; ; down to an airplane;击落; ; down time;补给品周转时间旺时间故障时间; ; down-day;休息日; ; depreciation scale;折旧率表; ; Draft Guideline Standard Operating Procedures for Peacekeeping Operations;维持和平行动指导性标准作业程序草案; ; dragon teeth;龙牙; ; draw-down; drawdown;削减; ; draw-down medical unit; drawdown medical unit;善后医疗队; ; draw-down plan; drawdown plan;削减计划; ; dress uniform;军礼服; ; dressing station;急救站绷扎所; ; drifting mine;漂浮水雷; ; drive-by shooting;过路车辆射击; ; driver's accident report;司机事故报告;DAR; driving specialist skills;特别驾驶技术; ; drop zone; dropping zone;空降区空投区;DZ; drop-off point;空降点;DOP; dry lease; dry lease arrangements; dry lease system;干租赁安排; ; dry rations;干口粮; ; dry support bridge; line of communication bridge;跨线桥交通线桥; ; dual key system; dual key arrangement;双匙制度双匙安排; ; dual reporting lines;双线报告; ; dual-band radio;双波段无线电; ; dual-use equipment;双重用途设备; ; duffle bag;装具袋; ; dugout;地下掩蔽部防空洞; ; dump;临时堆放场; ; dune buggy;轻型攻击车; ; duty desk officer; duty officer;值日官;DO; duty personnel;值勤人员; ; duty room officer;值日官; 值班室军官; ; early operational planning capability;早期行动规划能力; ; early warning mechanism;预警机制; ; earmarked forces;预拨部队预定部队; ; Military Planning Service;军事规划处; ; earth moving equipment;堆土设备运土设备推土设备; ; earth station;地面站; ; ease to - sanctions;放松制裁; ; Eastern Daylight Saving Time;东部夏令时间;EDT; Eastern Standard Time;东部标准时间;EST; shadow-posted personnel;影子员额人员; ; economic adviser;经济顾问; ; Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group; ECOWAS Monitoring Group;西非国家经济共同体监测组西非经共体监测组;ECOMOG;西非监测组 Ecuador-Peru Military Observer Mission;厄瓜多尔-秘鲁军事观察团厄秘观察团;MOMEP;厄秘观察团 effective fire;效力射击; ; effectiveness of sanctions;制裁的效力; ; egress;撤离脱离; ; electoral affairs officer;选举事务干事; ; electoral division;选举司; ; electoral observer; electoral officer; electoral monitor;选举观察员;EO; electro-mechanical repair sub-unit;机电维修分队; ; electronic counter measures;电子反措施电子对抗电子干扰;ECM; electronic data processing;电子数据处理;EDP; electronic repair sub-unit;电子维修分队; ; Electronic Services Section;电子事务科;ESS;电子科 electronic support measures;电子支援措施;ESM; electronic warfare;电子战; ; electronic warfare officer;电子战军官;EWO; electronics detachment;电子分遣队; ; element;单位构成部分小组; ; embargo;禁运; ; embargo control naval group;海上禁运管制小组; ; embargo enforcement;执行禁运; ; embarkation;上船上机装载; ; Emergency Preparedness and Response System;应急准备和反应系统;EPR; emergency rations;应急口粮; ; emergency relief coordinator;紧急救济协调员;ERC;救济协调员 emergency rendezvous;紧急会合紧急会面;ERV; Emergency Response Team;应急小组; ERT; 应急小组 emergency surgical support;外科急救; ; emplaning officer;上载军官; ; enabling force; enabling element;先遣队; ; encircling manoeuvre;合围机动; ; encode to -;加密; ; encroachment;侵犯; ; encryption;加密; ; end of play;演习结束;EOP; end of tour;服役期满任职期满;EOT; end-of-mission report;任务结束报告; ; end-user certificate;最终用户证书; ; endurance UAV;高续航力无人驾驶飞行器; ; enforce to - sanctions;强制执行制裁; ; enforcement action;强制执行行动; ; enforcement authority;强制执行权; ; enforcement mandate;强制执行任务; ; engage to -;交战; ; engineer bridging company;工兵架桥连; ; engineer contract management sub-unit;工程合同管理分队; ; engineer corps;工兵部队; ; engineer regiment;工兵团; ; engineer section;工兵小队; ; engineer sub-unit;工兵分队; ; engineer; sapper;工兵工兵主任; ; engineering centre;工程中心;ENGC; engineering equipment;工程设备; ; Engineering Operations Unit;工程行动股;EOU; engineering support;工程支援工程保障; ; enlargement of mandate;扩大任务范围; ; entrenching tool;挖壕工具; ; entrenchment;堑壕; ; entry formalities;进入手续; ; environmental conditions factor;环境条件因素; ; environmental factor; environmental conditions factor;环境因素环境条件因素; ; environmental health technician;环境卫生技术员;EHT; equipment entitlement;根据条约应拥有的装备数量; ; equipment issue scale;装备发放表;EIS; equipment out of use;不能使用的装备;EOU; equipment shelter; technical shelter; specialist module;预制装备室移动式技术室; ; equipment use charge;装备使用费; ; equipment-operating country; equipment-using country;装备操作国装备使用国; ; equipment-providing country; equipment-owning country;装备提供国装备所属国; ; escalation;升级; ; escape and evasion;脱险;E & E; escape chit;脱险布条求救布条; ; escape route;脱险路线; ; escort;陪同人员; ; escort patrol;护送巡逻队护送; ; escort ship; escort vessel; destroyer;护卫舰; ; established mission;已设立的特派团; ; estimated time of arrival;预计抵达时间;ETA; estimated time of completion;预计完成时间;ETC; estimated time of departure;预计出发时间预计起飞时间;ETD; ethnic;族裔的; ; ethnic cleansing;族裔清洗; ; ethnic engineering;族裔操纵; ; Eurocorps;欧洲军团;EUROCORPS; EUROFOR;欧洲地面部队;EUROFOR; EUROMARFOR;欧洲海上部队;EUROMARFOR; European Community monitors; EC monitors;欧洲共同体观察员;; European Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitation to Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes;危害人类罪和战争罪不适用法定时效欧洲公约N 82; ; evacuation of equipment;撤出装备; ; evacuation officer;后送军官;EO; evacuation system; chain of evacuation;后送系统; ; eviction;驱逐; ; recovery point;回收点; ; ex injuris jus non oritur;侵权行为不得产生权利; ; excavation of mass graves;挖掘尸体; ; excess stock;超量储存; ; exclusion zone;禁区; ; executioner;行刑者; ; Executive Committee on Peace and Security;和平与安全执行委员会; ; Executive Outcomes;Executive Outcomes 公司;EO; exfiltration;渗出隐蔽撤离; ; exit examination;任务结束体检; ; exit formalities;撤离手续; ; expatriate;外雇人员维和、排雷; ; expedient bridge;简易便桥; ; expedient matting; portable roadway;简易通道; ; expeditionary force;远征军; ; expendable items;消费品; ; exploratory mission;考察团侦察任务; ; exploratory visit;考察访问; ; explosive ordnance disposal engineer;爆炸物处理工兵; ; explosive ordnance disposal sub-unit; EOD/EOR sub-unit;爆炸物处理分队;EOD/EOR sub-unit; explosive ordnance disposal/reconnaissance;爆炸物处理/侦察;EOD/EOR; explosive ordnance reconnaissance unit;爆炸物侦察队;EOR unit; explosive reactive armour;炸药反应装甲;ERA; extend to -;延伸; ; extension mirror;检查镜搜查镜; ; extension of mandate;延长任务; ; external loads; external load capability; external stores load capacity; maximum external stores load; payload capacity;机外负载; ; extortionist policy;敲诈政策; ; extra hours;额外时数; ; extraction;撤出撤退渗出提炼; ; extrajudicial execution; extralegal execution;法外处决; ; extreme environmental condition factor;极端环境条件因素; ; extreme environmental factor;极端环境因素; ; face;面子尊严; ; face camouflage paint; cam cream;面部伪装油彩; ; face-saver;保全面子的办法; ; face-saving device; face-saver;保全面子的办法; ; face-to-face talks;面对面谈判; ; facilitator;调解人者、国、方; ; fact-finding mission;实况调查团; ; faction leader;派别领导人; ; failed State; collapsed State;陷于崩溃的国家处于无政府状态的国家; ; fake execution;假处决陪绑; ; familiarity with theatre weapons, vehicles and equipment;熟悉战区武器、车辆和装备; ; family duty station;家属随行的工作地点; ; fast attack craft;快速攻击艇;FAC; fast attack vehicle;快速攻击车; ; fast breaking; fast moving;快速突发; ; fast moving;快速突发; ; fatality;死亡事故致命性; ; Field Administration Manual;外勤行政手册; ; feeding point;补给点;FP; feeding strength;领给养人数; ; field;战场野战的外地的; ; field accommodation equipment; field accommodation stores;野战住宿设备; ; Field Administration Handbook;外勤行政手册;FAH; field ambulance;野战救护车; ; field army; numbered army; army;野战集团军; ; field artillery;野战炮野战炮兵; ; Field Assets Control System;外地资产管制系统;FACS; field cap; summer cap; cap;军便帽; ; field catering sub-unit;野战膳食分队; ; field defence equipment;战地防御设备; ; field defence stores; defence stores;防御工事器材; ; field dental clinic;野战牙科诊所; ; field dress;野战服; ; field dressing station; holding station;战地包扎所; ; field dressing; battle dressing;战地敷料; ; field engineer battalion;野战工兵营; ; field engineer unit;野战工兵队; ; field headquarters;战地指挥部; ; field hospital;野战医院; ; field manual;野战教范; ; field medical chest;野战医药箱; ; field medical unit;野战医疗队; ; Field Mission Logistics System Unit;外地特派团后勤系统股; ; Field Mission Logistics System;外地特派团后勤系统;FMLS; Field Mission Procurement Section;外地特派团采购科; ; field of fire;射界; ; Field Operations Division;外勤业务司;FOD; Field Operations Steering Committee;外勤业务指导委员会; ; Field Operations Training Policy Group;外勤业务训练政策小组; ; field pack; pack; bergen;背包; ; field pharmacy;野战药房; ; field rations;作战口粮; ; field security officer;外勤警卫干事;FSO; field service assistant;外勤事务助理;FSA; field service officer;外勤事务干事;FSO; field staff;外勤人员[UNICEF]外地工作人员; ; Field Supply Unit;外地供应股;FSU; field surgical team;战地外科医疗队; ; field telephone;野战电话机; ; field train;野战辎重; ; field training exercise;野战训练演习;FTX; field-craft;利用地形; ; fielding;投入; ; fighter aircraft;战斗机; ; fighter cover;战斗机掩护; ; fighter helicopter;战斗直升机; ; fighter wing;战斗机联队; ; fighting load equipment; fighting load;战斗负载; ; fighting patrol;战斗巡逻队; ; figure 8 track;8字航迹; ; final protective fire;最后拦阻火力;FPF; final rendezvous;最终会合点;FRV; finance officer;财务干事;FO; Financial Management Section;财务管理科财务科;FMS;财管科 Financial Planning Section;财务规划科 财规科;FPS;财规科 Financial Planning Unit;财务规划股财规股;FPU;财规股 Financial Support Section;财务支助科;FSS;财务科 Finnish United Nations Training Centre for Peacekeeping Operations;芬兰联合国维持和平行动训练中心; ; fire by salvoes;齐射; ; fire by volleys;群射; ; fire control radar;炮瞄雷达射击指挥雷达火控雷达; ; fire control system;射击指挥系统射击控制系统;FCS; fire coordination exercise;火力协调演习;FCX; fire direction centre;射击指挥中心射击指挥所;FDC; fire fighters/emergency services personnel;消防人员/救急人员; ; fire for effect; effective fire;效力射击; ; fire mission;射击任务令作好射击准备; ; fire on demand;待请求火力待召唤火力; ; fire on target of opportunity;射击意外目标; ; fire request;火力请求; ; fire support;火力支援; ; fire support coordinator;火力支援协调员;FSC; fire-support helicopter;火力支援直升机; ; firearms buy-back programme;火器回购方案; ; firepower;火力; ; firing close to an observation post, or a position report; firing close to OP report;近距弹着点报告;FIREREP; firing line at the...;射击线; ; firing squad;行刑队; ; first aid;急救; ; first line; front line;第一线前线; ; first observed;首次观测到;FO; first-generation operation;第一代维和行动传统维和行动; ; first-in, first-out basis; first-in, first-out;先进先出原则;FIFO; first-line maintenance;一线保养; ; first-line scale of ammunition;初次弹药发放; ; first-line stocks; first-line holdings; basic scale stocks; basic load;一线库存基本库存; ; first-line transportation; first-line transport;一线运输一线运输工具; ; fixed-wing aircraft;固定翼飞机; ; flag vessel or aircraft;旗船旗机; ; flak;高射炮火高射炮; ; flak jacket; fragmentation jacket; fragmentation vest; armour vest;防弹片茄克防弹背心; ; flame-out;疲劳过度; ; flank protective fire;侧方掩护火力; ; flare;照明弹信号弹; ; flash;臂章; ; flash appeal;紧急呼吁; ; flash-bang diversionary grenade; flare and sound grenade; sound and flash grenade; stun grenade; sound bomb; percussion grenade;光声牵制榴弹; ; flashpoint; hotspot;爆发点热点; ; flatware;扁平餐具刀叉碗碟之类; ; fl閏hette round;箭弹; ; fleet;舰队; ; fleet [US; UK];舰队; ; Fleet Air Arm;海军航空兵; ; fleet dispatch and control unit; fleet dispatch and control;车队调度股; ; fleet management system;车队管理系统; ; flexible tank;软油、水箱; ; flexipak;软水壶; ; flight controller;飞行引导员[空军控制中心]控制员; ; flight corridor; air corridor;飞行走廊空中走廊; ; flight endurance; endurance;续航时间; ; flight information region;飞行情报区;FIR; flight movements;飞行活动; ; flight path;航迹弹道; ; flight refuelling;空中加油; ; flight safety element;飞行安全单位; ; flight safety kit;飞行安全包; ; flight safety section;飞行安全科; ; flight;飞行空军小队四机以上机群;flt; floating base;浮动基地补给船; ; fly-on loading; fly-on;直升机装载; ; flying checkpoint;飞行检查站; ; Focal Point Unit;联络点股; ; former warring faction;前交战方;FWF; folding pontoon bridge truck;折叠式浮桥车; ; follow-on force;替换部队;FOFOR; foot patrol; dismounted patrol;徒步巡逻; ; footprint;足迹脚印轨迹影响区; ; foray;突袭; ; force to - a landing;迫降; ; force base post office; force BPO;部队总部邮局;force BPO; force commander's policy directive;部队指挥官政策指示;FCPD; force commander;部队指挥官;FC; force construction engineering officer;部队建筑工程军官;FCEO; force dental officer;部队牙医官;FDO; force duty officer;部队值日官;FDO; force engineer officer; force engineer;部队工兵主任;FEO; FE; force fire marshall;部队消防队长;FFM; force hygiene officer;部队卫生官;FHO; force inspector general;部队监察长;FIG; force legal officer;部队法律干事;FLO; force logistic plan;部队后勤计划; ; force logistic support group; logistic support group;部队后勤支援组;FLSG; LSG; force medical officer;部队医务主任;FMEDO; FMO; force medical supply officer;部队医疗补给官;FMSO; force mobile reserve;部队机动预备队;FMR; force motor transport officer;部队汽车运输主任;FMTO; force multiplier;1.效力增强系统 2.增强战斗力的手段; ; force operations officer;部队作训军官;F OPS O; force package;部队组合部队编制; ; force post office box;部队邮箱; ; force post office;部队邮局;FPO; force postmaster;部队邮政主任;FPOSTM; force posture; posture of forces;兵力态势; ; force projection;兵力投射; ; force provost marshall;部队宪兵司令;FPM; force routine order;部队日日命令;FORRO; FRO; force signals officer;部队通信主任;FSO; force structure;部队结构; ; force transport inventory unit;部队交通盘存股;FTIU; force vehicle inventory unit;部队车辆盘存股;FVIU; force welfare officer;部队文娱主任;FWO; force-to-space ratio;兵力密度兵力空间比; ; forced abandonment;被迫放弃; ; forced; forcible;强迫被迫; ; forces in being;现有部队建制部队; ; forcible entry; forced entry; forceful entry;强行进入; ; Ford Foundation Working Group;福特基金会工作组; ; forklift truck; fork lift; lift truck;叉车叉式起重车; ; formation;编队队形; ; formed units;建制部队; ; Forum on Security Cooperation;安全合作论坛;FSC; forward aeromedical evacuation;前方空中医疗后送; ; forward air control or controller;前方空军控制空军前方引导员;FAC; forward area fuel storage; forward fuel storage;前方燃料库; ; forward defensive locations; forward defence locations; forward defended localities;前沿防守点前方防御点;FDL; forward hospital;前方医院; ; 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司