翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 They just don't stop to think. 他们就是不停下来想一想。 They can visit many places and see many things. 他们可以参观许多地方并且看到许多事物。 They may choose to study foreign languages, advanced mathematics or science, such as physics or chemistry. 他们可以选择学习外国语文、高等数学或像物理、化学的科学。 I don't like both of them. 他们两人我并不都喜欢。 They never met without smiling at each other. 他们每一次相遇都彼此微笑。 They would rather go fishing than stay at home. 他们宁愿去钓鱼,也不愿待在家里。 They forced me to do things against my will. 他们强迫我做违背我心意的事。 They three get along well with one another; one is married, another is still a bachelor, and the other has a girl friend. 他们三人彼此相处愉快一个已婚,一个仍是光棍,而另一个则已有了女友。 They didn't even try to stop him getting it. 他们甚至没有试图去阻止他得到它。 They are such good boys that we like them. 他们是这么好的男孩,所以我们都喜欢他们。 They are the most dependable of all. 他们是最为可靠的。 They appear to be able to handle the problem. 他们似乎可以处理这个问题。 They will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. 他们所受到的论断不是他们的肤色,而是他们的品格的内涵。 What they talked about is what we want to know. 他们谈论什么是我们所想要知道的事。 They stopped to look into the window. 他们停下来看看橱窗。 Their sudden attack made us more aware of the danger around us. 他们突然的攻击使我们更加注意我们周围的危险。 What did they go there for? 他们为什么去那里? They asked him whether the quality is fine or not. 他们问他质量是否好。 They will have a lot of fun next month. 他们下个月将玩得很愉快。 Will they go on a picnic next week? 他们下星期将去野餐吗? They want to sell the house, which has only one door. 他们想卖掉那幢只有一扇门的房子。 They watched him closely in case he should escape. 他们严密监视他,惟恐他会逃脱。 They will go to the zoo or play volleyball. 他们要去动物园或打排球。 They must have read the article. 他们一定读过这篇文章。 They make a point of going on a picnic every two weeks. 他们一定每两个星期去野餐一次。 They must have left. 他们一定是离开了。 They have reached the point where they have to separate with each other. 他们已经到了必须彼此分手的地步。 Should they read the newspaper more often? 他们应该更常看报吗? They should try to keep prices from rising. 他们应该设法阻止价钱上涨。 How much homework do they have? They have a lot of homework. They don't have much homework. 他们有多少家庭作业? 他们有许多家庭作业。他们没有许多家庭作业。 How much fruit do they have? They have a lot of fruit. They don't have a lot of fruit. 他们有多少水果? 他们有许多水果。他们没有许多水果。 Do they work in office? Yes, they do. No, they don't. 他们在办公室里工作吗?是的,他们在办公室里工作。不,他们不在办公室里 What will they do on Christmas Eve? 他们在圣诞夜将做什么事? They argued to the point of fighting with each other. 他们争吵到打架的程度。 Who is the oldest of them? 他们之中谁的年纪最大? One of them needs a new jacket. 他们之中有一位需要一件新夹克。 They're ready, aren't they? 他们准备好了吧?他们准备好了,不是吗? They went to Suao by themselves. 他们自己去苏澳。 They didn't cook lunch for their grandfather yesterday. 他们昨天没有为他们的祖父做午饭。 They do whatever they are doing -- all out. 他们做任何他们所做的事--都是全力以赴。 He may not come tomorrow. 他明天不可能不可以来。 It is no wonder that he'll sign the contract tomorrow. 他明天签约是不足为怪的。 Far from losing money, he can hardly count his profits. 他哪里是在赔钱,他几乎无法计算其利润呢! So hard did he study that he could easily pass the examination. 他那么努力,因而能够轻易地通过那次考试。 It is cruel of him to beat his boy like that. 他那样打孩子真是残忍。 He speaks like that as if he doesn't want to attend the meeting. 他那样说话,似乎不想参加会议。 Only on very rare occasions does he give you a word of praise. 他难得称赞你一句。 It is doubtful whether he can read my fortune or not. 他能否算出我的运气还是个疑问。 Since he can play many musical instruments, he may well be called a man of accomplishments. 他能演奏许多乐器,当然称得上是个多才多艺的人。 He would rather give away a point than claim an advantage. 他宁愿送分数,也不愿要求利益。 He ran fast enough to catch the thief. 他跑得飞快,足以抓住那小偷。 He ran into the room as if he had seen something terrible. 他跑进屋子,彷佛他看到什么可怕的东西。 He happened to be sleeping. 他碰巧在睡觉。 He was tired enough to make ten errors in as many =in ten pages. 他疲倦得十页中犯了十个错误。 He tried to increase his income by gambling only to plunge more deeply into the mire. 他企图藉赌博增加收入,却陷入了更深的困境。 He went off to the war never to return alive. 他去参加战争,没能活着回来。 He goes there simply because he likes to. 他去那儿只是因为他喜欢去。 He goes to school not by bus, but on foot. 他去上学不是乘公共汽车,而是走路去的。 He is all attention. 他全神贯注。 He took it for granted she would always be so. 他认为她永远会如此是理所当然的。 He thinks it right that one cannot make too much money. 他认为一个人赚再多的钱也不为过。 He was late for school, as which was often the case with him. 他上学迟到,但这对他而言已是家常便饭了。 He did not so much as thank me. 他甚至都没谢我。 He cannot so much as write his own name. =He cannot even write his own name. 他甚至连自己的名字都不会写。 He shouts when he gets angry, as is often the case. 他生气时就大叫,这是常有的情形。 He went on a journey when he was 18 years old, never to come back. 他十八岁时出外旅行,一直没有回来。 At twelve-fifty, he ate lunch in a restaurant. 他十二点五十分在餐厅吃午餐。 He tried to find in the list his own name. 他试图在名单上找到自己的名字。 He is more a sprinter than a swimmer. 他是短跑健将,而不是游泳选手。 He is honest, so he cannot have stolen my money. 他是个老实人,所以他不可能偷了我的钱。 He is so good a boy that we like him. 他是个这么好的男孩,所以我们都喜欢他。 Such a good student is he that we all like him. 他是个这么好的学生,所以我们都喜欢他。 Have you any idea where he comes from? 他是哪里人,您知道不知道? He's your who? 他是你什么人? Such is his enthusiasm that he never feels tired. 他是如此的热诚,所以他从不感到累。 He is a man on whom I can rely. 他是我可以信赖的那一种人。 He is the strictest of teachers in our school. 他是我们学校最严格的老师。 He is the most diligent student that I have ever known. 他是我所知道的最用功的学生。 He is the last man that I want to see now. 他是我现在最不愿见到的人。 He is the last person that I want to see. 他是我最不想要看到的人。 He is the last person that I'll get along with. 他是我最不愿与之相处的人。 Will he go on Monday or on Tuesday? 他是星期一走还是星期二走? Is he a student? Yes, he is. No, he isn't. 他是学生吗?是的,他是。不,他不是。 He is an interested person. 他是一位表现兴趣的人。 What a capable manager he is! 他是一位多么能干的经理呀! He is a troubled student. 他是一位感到苦恼的学生。 He is a bored student. 他是一位感到厌烦的学生。 He's a capable businessman, is he? 他是一位很有能力的业务员,可不是吗? He is a teacher, and she is a designer. 他是一位老师,她是一位设计师。 So nice is he that I like him. 他是这么好,因此我喜欢他。 He was such an impatient driver =He was so impatient a driver that he went through the red light. 他是这样没有耐心的司机,所以他闯红灯了。 He is known both as a painter and as a statesman. 他是知名的画家及政治家。 He came running here with one hand holding a knife. 他手上握着刀向这里跑来。 He has too much work on hand to go picnicking with us. 他手头的工作太多了,不能跟我们去野餐。 He was discouraged from making another attempt. 他受劝阻去做另一次的尝试。 He was all skin and bones. 他瘦得皮包骨。 How well he speaks! 他说得多好呀! All that he said is true. 他说的都是真的。 He said he preferred country life to city life. 他说他喜欢乡下生活,而不喜欢都市生活。 He seems more like a military officer than a business executive. 他似乎比较像一个军官,而不像一个商业行政主管。 He seems to be as busy as ever. 他似乎和往常一样忙碌。 He appears to be very tired. 他似乎很累。 It seems as if he knows everything. 他似乎是个万事通。 It seems as if he knew everything, but in reality, he is as stupid as can be. 他似乎是个万事通。其实他是再愚蠢不过了。 It seemed as if he had finished the work. 他似乎已经完成了这个工作。 It seemed as if he would never finish the work. 他似乎永远完成不了这个工作。 Such a precious gift did he give me that I was deeply touched. 他送我这么珍贵的礼物使我深受感动。 He has collected more than three times as many stamps as I have. 他搜集的邮票是我的三倍还不止。 He gathered earlier writings to prepare what are called the Five Classics. 他搜集以前的作品,编成了所谓的五经。 He is none the wiser because he has read many books. 他虽然读了不少书,可是并未因此而聪明些。 Munching the apple as he was, he had an eye for all her movements. 他虽然啃着苹果,但却很留神地监视着她的每一个动作。 Young as he was, he was prudent. 他虽然如此年轻,却很慎重。 It is a pity that he lost so much money. 他损失这么多钱,真是遗憾。 Every selling plan made by him is impossible of execution. 他所做的一切销售计画都是不能实现的。 He is usually busy. 他通常是忙碌的。 It is true that he stole the bicycle, but he is not so bad as you might think. 他偷脚踏车是事实,但他并不像你所想的那样坏。 He felt sorry for not coming to the meeting on time. 他为没有准时到会感到很抱歉。 He was absent from the meeting for one reason or another. 他为某种理由而没有出席会议。 Why is it that he rarely mentions his childhood? 他为什么很少提到他的儿童时代呢? Why was it that he was absent? 他为什么缺席呢? He asked me the question whether the price was too high. 他问我价格是否太高。 He inquired how it was done. 他问这事做得怎么样了。 He is used to sitting up late. 他习惯熬夜。 He likes to go to the movie. 他喜欢去看电影。 He loves listening to music. 他喜欢听音乐。 He ought to have arrived there by now. 他现在应该已经到那里了。 He is walking to his office now. 他现在正在走路去上班。 It is his belief that education should not be the privilege of a limited number of people. 他相信,教育不应该是某一限定人数的特权。 He believes he is meant to be a great man. 他相信他命中要成为伟人。 It occurred to him that he should go to see a dentist. 他想到他应该立刻去看牙医。 He is as handsome as handsome can be. 他潇洒极了。 He wrote a composition or he read an essay. 他写作文或读散文。 He is not in the least kind. 他心肠一点都不好。 Whether or not he will stay, I really don't care. 他要留下来还是要走,我真的不在意。 He may not be so clever as Peter, but he is as industrious as can be. 他也许不如彼得聪明,但却用功极了。 He was not all confused. 他一点儿也不糊涂。 There is not the smallest chance of his escape. 他一点逃走的机会也没有。 He is anything but diligent. 他一点也不勤奋。 He must have told you about it. 他一定告诉过你这件事。 He was surely about to change his mind. 他一定会改变主意。 He must have forgotten my name. 他一定忘了我的名字。 He has been criticized on one hand and encouraged on the other. 他一方面受到批评,另一方面却受到鼓励。 He had no sooner come than she left. 他一来,她就离开。 He rushed all the way to the station only to miss the train. 他一路冲往车站,结果还是错过了火车。 He is calmest =very calm when he is all by himself. 他一人独处时极为平静。 He came running here with a knife held in one hand. 他一手握着刀向这里跑来。 He has been unable to raise enough money to have the big clock repaired. 他一直无法筹募到足够的钱来把这个大钟修理好。 He is not the same man as he used to be. 他已不是当年的他了。 No longer is he living here. 他已不住在这里了。 He is praised for his being all for helping the poor. 他因尽力帮助穷人受到了赞美。 He didn't attend the negotiation in that he was ill. 他因为有病,没有参加谈判。 He studies more than three times as hard as I. 他用功的程度是我的三倍还不止。 Need he have gone to the station to meet her? 他有必要到车站去接她吗? It is essential that he get up early. 他有必要早起。 It is necessary that he should sort out the information for my reference. 他有必要整理些资料供我参考。 How much tea does he have? He has a lot of tea. He doesn't have any tea. 他有多少茶? 他有很多茶。他没有茶。 He is rich -- so much so that he can buy anything he wants. 他有钱--如此有钱。所以他可以买任何他要的东西。 It is true that he is rich, but he must know money is not everything. 他有钱是事实,但他必须知道钱不是一切。 He has three brothers; one is a teacher, another is a soldier, and the other an artist. 他有三个兄弟:一个是老师,一个是军人,而另一个是艺术家。 He has enough money =money enough to buy a car. 他有足够的钱买一辆汽车。 The breaking of his right leg made him walk on crutches only. 他右脚的折断使他只有靠拐杖走路。 He could have finished it on schedule, but somehow he fell behind. 他原本能按预定进度做完这件事的,但不知怎地却落后了。 He would have attended meeting, but upon learning that he had no time, he dropped the idea. 他原本要出席会议的,但知道没有时间,就打消了这个念头。 He ought to have kept his promise. 他原本应该遵守自己的诺言。 He went as far as Yokohama to meet his friend from England. 他远至横滨去迎接由英国来的朋友。 He tried a second time only to fail again. 他再试一次,竟然还是失败。 He was dozing with a book open in his hands. 他在打盹,手上的书打开着。 At ten o'clock he went home. 他在十点回家的。 His failure in this transaction was due to nothing else than his own carelessness. 他在这笔交易中的失利完全是由于他自己的粗心大意。 His poor handwriting can not be read by himself. 他糟糕的笔迹无法被他本人所辨认。 He studied hard only to fail in the exam. 他这么用功,结果竟然考场失利。 Rarely did he fail to keep his promise. 他真的很难得失信。 It is stupid of him to refuse a job as a reporter on that well known newspaper. 他真是愚蠢,竟会拒绝做那份名报的新闻记者。 He argued, his voice trembling with anger. 他争论着,他的声音由于生气而颤抖。 He did nothing but eat and sleep all day. 他整天吃饭、睡觉,什么事都不做。 He is not less handsome than I. 他至少跟我一样潇洒。 He is not less interested in composing music than Jane. 他至少跟珍一样对谱曲很感兴趣。 He should at least have come to say good-by. 他至少也该来道个别然而却没来。 He is accustomed to hearing noise, because he lives right in the center of the city. 他住在市中心,所以已经习惯于噪音了。 He made more money, but I didn't. 他赚了更多的钱,但是我没有。 He always talks in such a way that everyone dislikes him. 他总是用这样得方式说话,所以每个人都讨厌他。 He always give priority to others rather than to himself. 他总是优先考虑别人而不是自己本身。 He walked too slowly to catch up with me. 他走得太慢而不能跟上我。 He walks as if he is drunk. 他走起路来好像他真的醉了。 He is competent enough to fill that position. 他足以胜任那职位。 Did he eat lunch yesterday? 他昨天吃午饭吗? Did he clean the room yesterday? 他昨天打扫房间吗? He caught a cold yesterday, but he went to school today. 他昨天得了感冒,但今天去上学了。 He didn't clean the room yesterday. 他昨天没打扫房间。 He went fishing yesterday, and so did his mother. 他昨天去钓鱼,他的妈妈也去了。 He was sitting next to Mrs. Smith, his eyes resting on her daughter. 他坐在史密斯太太的旁边,他的视线落在她女儿的身上。 He has done a lot of traveling. 他做了很多的旅行。 All that he does, he does it well. 他做任何事都很出色。 It is ten times louder than another. 它比另外一个的声音大十倍。 It won't hurt you, but chemicals will. 它不会伤害你,但是农药会。 It is not a watch. 它不是手表。 It is not as so popular as other foods. 它不像其他食物那样受欢迎。 There it was, ticking away, louder than ever. 它就在那里,滴答地走着,比以前更大声。 What are they? They are glasses. 它们是什么?它们是玻璃杯。 It was even more pleasing to look at in the morning light. 它在早晨的光线下看起来更悦目。 It is nothing more than a made-up story. 它只不过是杜撰的故事而已。 Taiwan seems to contain no petroleum. 台湾恐怕没有蕴藏石油吧! There is no denying that Taiwan is a beautiful island. 台湾是座美丽的岛屿,这是不可否认的。 What will be the result of the negotiation, do you think? 谈判的结果怎么样,你想想看? Frankly speaking, he is not so bad as you might think. 坦白讲,他没有你想像中的坏。 Tom is going to buy either a guitar or a piano. 汤母不是要买一把吉他就是要买一架钢琴。 Tom is clever -- so much so that he can solve most of the problems. 汤姆聪明--聪明地可以解决大多数这些问题。 A famous musician, Tom's father teaches me music. 汤姆的父亲是位知名的音乐家,他教我音乐。 Tom is very unfriendly to me as well. 汤姆对我也很不友善。 Tom can speak English and so can I. 汤姆会讲英语,我也会。 Can Tom play Frisbee? Yes, he can play Frisbee. 汤姆会玩飞盘吗?是的,他会玩飞盘。 Tom is no coward. 汤姆绝不是懦夫。 Tom was no more surprised than he was disappointed at this news. 汤姆听见那消息既不惊讶也不失望。 Tom must have taken your dictionary by mistake. 汤姆一定是弄错了才拿了你的字典。 Does Tom ever get up late? No, Tom never gets up late. 汤姆曾经晚起床吗?不,汤姆未曾晚起床过。 Tom was not busy yesterday. 汤姆昨天不忙。 Tom didn't iron his shirt yesterday. 汤姆昨天没有熨衬衣。 Tom didn't watch TV last night. 汤姆昨晚没看电视。 It is more comfortable to lie on a lawn than to sit in the office. 躺在草坪上比坐在办公室里舒服。 Provide the materials and we'll do the job. 提供材料,我们就做这活。 No animal of the horoscope is considered dumb or ugly or evil. 天宫图上的动物没有一种被认为是愚笨的或丑陋的或邪恶的。 It is getting hotter and hotter. 天气愈来愈热。 The colder the weather is, the more comfortable my life will be. 天气愈冷,我的生活就愈舒服。 The more you beat iron the harder it grows. 铁不炼不成钢,玉不琢不成器。 To hear you talk, I'd think you were Prime Minister. 听你谈话那口气,我还以为你是首相呢。 The young men in your company, it is said, are all hard working. 听说你们公司的年轻人都很勤奋。 To hear him talk, you'd think he was Prime Minister. 听他谈话那口气,你会以为他是首相呢。 It is boring to listen to the same story. 听相同的故事是令人厌烦的。 It is boring to listen to the same story. 听相同的故事是令人厌烦的。 The audience was no less than five thousand. 听众有五千人之多。 The audience was not less than five thousand. 听众至少也有五千人。 Inflation may be rising, if it is so, prices will go up. 通货膨胀率可能上升。如果是这样,物价就会上涨。 It is fun eating by stealth without being found. 偷吃而不被人发现很有趣。 It is fun eating by stealth without being found. 偷吃而不被人发现很有趣。 Tony used no reference books in class. 托尼上课时不使用参考书。 The foreigner came to China and attended the Fair. 外国朋友来华参加交易会。 She didn't put on an overcoat though it was very cold outside. 外头虽冷,她却没披件外套。 We may as well leave the table after dinner is over. 晚餐后我们不妨离开桌子。 Should another world war break out, what would become of human beings? 万一另一次世界大战爆发,人类将会发生什么事? Were I to die tomorrow, what would my children do? 万一明天我死了,我的孩子们将怎么办呢? If he should come, I would tell him the truth. 万一他来,我会把真相告诉他。 If he should come, I will tell him the truth. 万一他来,我一定会把真相告诉他。 If the sun were to disappear, what would the earth be like? 万一太阳消失了,地球会变成什么样子? In case =If I forget, please remind me. 万一我忘记,请提醒我。 If it should rain, our plan would be spoiled. 万一下雨,我们的计划就泡汤了。 How does Mr. Wang drive his taxi? He drives his taxi carefully. 王先生怎样驾驶他的计程车? 他小心地驾驶他的计程车。 It There is no use crying over spilt milk. 为溅出的牛奶哭也没用。覆水难收,悔恨无益。 For safety's sake, don't drive more than 30 kilometers per hour in the city. 为了安全起见,在市内开车时速不要超过三十公里。 To make sure that he was at home, I called him up in advance. 为了确定他在家,我事先打电话给他。 I am going to stay up late to finish my paper. 为了完成报告我打算熬夜不睡。 He took a flashlight lest it should get dark before he returned. 为了预防回来以前天就黑了,所以他带着手电筒。 A toast to your health! 为您的健康乾杯! Why not stop them from polluting the river? 为什么不阻止他们污染这条河呢? A toast to our friendship! 为我们的友谊乾杯! Only in the southern part of Taiwan have I seen such scenery as this. 唯有在南台湾我才见过像这样的风景。 Only after you lose your health, will you realize the importance of health. 唯有在失去健康之后,我们才能了解健康的重要。 The committee moved that the meeting should be adjourned. 委员提议休会。 Lying north of the church is a girls' senior high school. 位于这座教堂以北的是一所女子高中。 Lying north of the church is a girls' senior high school. 位于这座教堂以北的是一所女子高中。 The mosquito will suck our blood. What's even worse, it will inject poison into our bodies. 蚊子会吸我们的血。更糟的是,它会把毒注入我们的体内。 Ask him if it is true. 问他那是不是真的。 It doesn't matter how long we live, but how we live. 问题不在于活多久,而在于如何活得有意义。 The problem is when to get the money we need. 问题是什么时候能得到我们所需要的钱。 I had my tooth extracted. =I had the dentist extract my tooth. 我把牙拔了。我是叫医生拔的。 My father will probably have Tom paint the house green. 我爸爸很可能叫汤姆把房子漆成绿色。 I helped her out of love, not out of pity. 我帮助她是出于爱,而不是出于同情。 I should have known better. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司