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; when-actually-employed contract; WAE contract;实际受聘合同;WAE contract; white helmets;白盔; ; wide-body aircraft;宽体飞机; ; wider peacekeeping;广义维和; ; winchman;绞车手; ; wind-up phase;撤离阶段; ; wing;联队; ; winterrization;过冬准备防冻处理; ; wire entanglement; entanglement;铁丝网; ; wireless set;无线电收发机;WS; wireless telegraphy;无线电报;WT; Wisemen Group;智者小组; ; withering fire;毁灭性火力; ; within the range of;在射程之内; ; working dress [UK]; fatigues [US];工作服; ; Working Group on a Multinational UN Standby Forces High Readiness Brigade;多国联合国待命部队高度戒备旅工作组; ; working group on the reform of the reimbursement procedure for contingent-owned equipment;特遣队所属装备偿还程序改革工作组; ; workshop van;修配车; ; World Conference on Light Weapons and Violence;轻武器和暴力问题世界会议; ; World Geodetic System 84;世界大地测量系统84;WGS 84; worst case scenario;最坏情况假设; ; wounded in action;阵伤战斗负伤;WIA; wrecker; heavy recovery vehicle;救险车; ; wrecking move;破坏行动; ; write-off;注销; ; withdrawal schedule;撤离时间表; ; zero casualty; minimum casualty;零伤亡最低伤亡; ; zeroing;归零校正; ; zig-zagged entrance gate;锯齿型入口; ; zodiac;黄道带强击艇; ; zulu time;格林尼治平时; ; bail out to -;跳伞摆脱困境;; Operation Guidimakha;圭地马哈行动;; inland transportation factor;内陆运输因数;; Group of Experts for Cambodia established pursuant to General Assembly resolution 52/135;大会第52/135号决议所设柬埔寨问题专家组;; spillover;冲突、晰蔓延;; hit-and-run tactics; hit-and-run operations;打了就跑的战术打了就跑的行动;; inventory value;存货价值;; residual value;剩余价值残值;; motion detector; motion sensor;动目标监测器动目标传感器;; CarLog;行车监督记录仪;; unobligated claim;未订约项目索偿;; uninsured aircraft liability;未投保的飞机的赔偿责任;; vendor;供应商;; refugee staging centre;难民中转中心;; weaponizable;可武器化的可制成武器的;; situation awareness; situational awareness;了解情况;; Automation Support;自动化支助;; RDMHQ Service;快速团总部;; duty clerk;值班员;; anti-materiel rifle;摧毁军用物资的步枪;AMR; man-portable air defence system;单兵携带防空系统;MANPADS; end-of-assignment report;任务结束报告;; aerial trespass;侵犯领空;; affordable risk;负担得起的风险可接受的风险;; beachhead;滩头堡登陆场;; bridgehead;桥头堡;; billeting officer;设营军官;; weaponization;武器化;; Panel of Governmental Experts on Small Arms;小武器问题政府专家组;; Group of Governmental Experts on Small Arms;小武器问题政府专家组;; White Helmets Initiative;白盔计划;; White Helmets Commission;白盔委员会;; Inter-Agency Standing Committee;机构间常设委员会机构间常委会;IASC;机构间常委会 Inter-Agency Support Branch;机构间支助处;IASB;支助处 electoral assistance;选举援助;; Advance Election Planning Unit;先期选举规划股;AEPU; right of initiative;提供服务权;; armoured infantry;装甲步兵;; security phases;安全计划的各个阶段;; precautionary phase;预防阶段;; restricted movement phase;限制行动阶段;; relocation phase;迁移阶段;; programme suspension phase;方案暂停阶段;; evacuation phase;撤离阶段;; Principles of conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Response Programmes;国际红十字和红新月运动及非政府组织执行 救灾方案行为原则;; ICRC code of conduct;红十字委员会行为守则;; NGOs code of conduct;非政府组织行为守则;; treatment capability;医疗能力[质量];; treatment capacity;医疗能力[数量];; combat casualty rate; battle casualty rate;战斗伤亡率;; battle casualty rate;战地伤亡率;; UN medical catalog;联合国医疗药具目录;; chief civilian engineering officer;文职工程主任;; chief civilian personnel section;文职人事科科长;CCPS; daily meal allowance;每日膳食津贴;DMA; Missile Technology Control Regime;导弹技术管制制度;MTCR; civilian police officer; UNCIVPOL officer;民警;; Bolivianos;玻利维亚诺;; MUCK, Doris BERTRAND-;多里斯·贝特兰德-穆克;; kleptocracy;盗贼统治;; Basic Principles and Guidelines on the Right to Reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law;关于严重侵犯人权和国际人道主义法行为受害者赔偿权利的基本原则和准则;; community-based policing;社区维持治安;; United Nations Observer Mission in Sierra Leone;联合国塞拉利昂观察团联塞观察团;UNOMSIL;联塞观察团 auditable chain of accountability;可稽核的问责制度;; verbal warning;口头警告;; Euro Air Group;欧洲空军大队;; forward surgical team; mobile field surgical team; MFST [US]; field surgical team; FST [US];前方手术队流动战地手术队战地手术队;MFST; FST; security vacuum;安全真空;; shock treatment unit;休克治疗室;; intrusion detector; intrusion detection system;入侵探测器入侵探测系统;; conflict diamonds;冲突钻石;; Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1267 1999 concerning Afghanistan;安全理事会关于阿富汗问题的第12671999 号决议所设委员会;; Group of eight;八国小组; ; Loya Jirga; Grand Assembly;支尔格大会大国民议会; ; shura; council;会议委员会; ; Six plus Two group; Group of eight; Group of friends and neighbours of Afghanistan;六国加两国小组八国小组阿富汗友邻小 组; ; United Islamic and National Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan; United Front;拯救阿富汗伊斯兰民族联合阵线;UINFSA; UF;联合阵线 mercy ships;救援船;; Nuclear Fuel Cycle programme;核燃料循环方案;; Agreement Covering Implementation of the Ceasefire; Arawa Agreement;执行宛协定阿拉瓦协定; ; Agreement on Peace, Security and Development on Bougainville; Lincoln Agreement;关于布干维尔和平、安全和发展的协议林肯协议; ; Bougainville Interim Government;布干维尔临时政府;BIG; Bougainville Reconciliation Government;布干维尔和解政府; ; Bougainville Resistance Force;布干维尔抵抗力量; ; Bougainville Revolutionary Army;布干维尔革命军;BRA; Bougainville Truce Monitoring Group; Regional Truce Monitoring Group;布干维尔休战监测小组; ; one China, one Taiwan;“一中一台”;; one China, two governments;“一国两府”;; Operation Iron Fist;“铁拳行动”;; call-out order;动员令; ; Mobile Riot Squad;流动镇暴队; ; Papua New Guinea Defence Force;巴布亚新几内亚国防军;PNGDF; Peace Monitoring Group;和平监测小组; ; Regional Truce Monitoring Group;休战监测小组; ; Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary;巴布亚新几内亚皇家警察; ; South Pacific Peacekeeping Force for Bougainville;驻布干维尔的南太平洋维持和平部队; ; Special State Negotiator for Bougainville;布干维尔特别国家谈判员; ; Truce Monitoring Group;休战监测小组; ; United Nations observer mission in Bougainville [prov.];联合国布干维尔观察团; ;联布观察团 United Nations Political Office in Bougainville;联合国布干维尔政治事务处联布政治处;UNPOB;联布政治处 Alliance pour la d閙ocratie et le progr鑣;争取民主和进步联盟;ADP; Association centrafricaine de lutte contre la torture et pour l'abolition de la peine de mort;中非反对酷刑废除死刑协会;ACAT; Association des femmes juristes de Centrafrique;中非女律师协会;AFJC; Carrefour d閙ocratique centrafricain pour le d関eloppement;中非促进发展民主论坛;CDCAD; Central African Armed Forces;中非武装部队;FACA; Central Office for the Suppression of Banditry; Office centrafricain de r閜ression du banditisme;中央剿匪办公室;OCRB;中央剿办 Commission nationale des droits de l'homme;国家人权委员会;CNDH; Committee on Consensus-building and Dialogue;协商和对话委员会; ; Conseil d閙ocratique des partis politiques de l'opposition;反对党民主委员会;CODEPO; Convention nationale;全国会议党;CN; Effort lib閞al en Afrique noire;黑非洲解放运动;ELAN; Forum civique;公民论坛;FC; Forum D閙ocratique pour la Modernit;争取现代化民主论坛;FODEM;民主论坛 French Operational Assistance Personnel;法国业务援助人员;EFAO; Front patriotique pour le progr鑣;争取进步爱国阵线;FPP; godob閟; looters;抢劫者; ; Government of Action in Defence of Democracy;保卫民主行动政府; ; Group of 11 Opposition Parties; Group of Eleven;十一反对党集团十一党集团; ; Group of Eleven;十一党集团; ; Groupe de r閒lexion et d'action pour la d閒ense de la d閙ocratie r閜ublicaine;保卫共和民主思想和行动小组;GRADDER; Groupe de r閒lexion politique et sociale;政治和社会思想小组;GRPS; Groupement d'閠udes et de recherches pour la d閙ocratie et le d関eloppement 閏onomique et social;争取民主和经济社会发展研究小组;GERDES; Headquarters commander;总部指挥官; ; inter-African force in Brazzaville;驻布拉柴维尔非洲部队; ; International Monitoring Committee for the Follow-up of the Bangui Agreements;班吉协定后续行动国际监测委员会; ; judge advocate;军法官; ; Levons-nous;站起来;LONDO; Ligue centrafricaine des droits de l'homme;中非人权联盟;LCDH; Windows ME;视窗ME;; Mouvement de Lib閞ation du Peuple Centrafricain; Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People;中非人民解放运动;MLPC; Mouvement d'関olution sociale de l'Afrique noire;黑非洲社会发展运动;MESAN; Mouvement national pour le d関eloppement;全国促进发展运动;GILA-MND; Mouvement national pour le renouveau;全国复兴运动;MNR; Mouvement pour la d閒ense des droits de l'homme;堡人权运动;MDDH; Mouvement pour la d閙ocratie en R閜ublique centrafricaine;中非共和国民主运动;MDRC; Mouvement pour la D閙ocratie et le D関eloppement;争取民主和发展运动;MDD;民发 Mouvement pour la d閙ocratie, l'ind閜endance et le progr鑣 social;争取民主、独立和社会进步运动;MDI/PS; European Documents;欧洲文献;; Europe Information-Foreign Relations;欧洲新闻-对外关系;; Mouvement pour l'unit?et le d関eloppement;团结发展运动;MUD; Mouvement socialiste centrafricain;中非社会主义运动;MSCA; Parti de l'Unit?Nationale;民族团结党; ; Observatoire centrafricain des droits de l'homme;中非人权观察;OCDH; parliamentary audit;议会稽核; ; Parliamentary Investigation and Audit Commission;议会调查和稽核委员会; ; Parti chr閠ien d閙ocrate;基督教民主党;PCD;基民党 Parti lib閞al d閙ocrate;自由民主党;PLD;自民党 Parti pour l'action et le d関eloppement;行动和发展党;PAD;行发党 Parti r閜ublicain centrafricain;中非共和党;PRC;共和党 Parti r閜ublicain lib閞al;自由共和党;PARELI;自共党 Political and Institutional Commission;政治和体制委员会; ; Preliminary Agreement on National Reconciliation Pact;民族和解协定缔结前的协议; ; Rassemblement d閙ocratique centrafricain; Rally for Democracy in the Central African Republic;中非民主联盟;RDC; Special Force for the Defence of Republican Institutions;保卫共和国体制特别部队;FORSDIR; Survey, Research and Documentation Section;调查、研究和文献科;SERD; Union d閙ocratique r閜ublicaine/ Fimi Kodro;共和民主联盟/费米科德罗;UDR/FK; Union du peuple pour le d関eloppement 閏onomique et social;争取经济和社会发展人民联盟;UPDES;人民联盟 Union nationale pour la d閒ense de la d閙ocratie;保卫民主全国联盟;UNDD;全国联盟 Union pour la R閜ublique;共和国联盟;UPR; Union pour la d閙ocratie et le renouveau panafricain;泛非民主和复兴联盟;UDRP;民复联盟 Parti de l'unit?nationale; National Unity Party;民族团结党;PUN;团结党 bande verte;绿色地带; ; Cobra militias;科布拉民兵; ; Cocoye militia;科科耶民兵; ; Espace r閜ublicain pour la d閒ense de la d閙ocratie et de l'unit?nationale;捍卫民主和国家统一共和联盟;ERDDUN;共和联盟 Forces d閙ocratiques et patriotiques;民主爱国力量;FDP; Forces d閙ocratiques unies;联合民主力量;FDU; Kampala Disengagement Plan;坎帕拉脱离接触计划;; Kisangani;基桑加尼;; MWAMBA KAPANGA, Andre;安德烈·姆万巴·卡潘加;; Forum national pour l'unit?et la d閙ocratie;全国统一和民主论坛; ; Frente de Libera玢o do Enclave de Cabinda;卡宾达飞地解放阵线;FLEC; Front for the Liberation of the Cabinda Enclave;卡宾达飞地解放阵线; ; International Mediation Committee;国际调解委员会; ; Mamba militia;马姆巴民兵; ; Mouvement congolais pour la d閙ocratie et le d関eloppement int間ral;刚果民主与全面发展运动;MCDDI;民发运动 National Transition Council;全国过渡理事会; ; Ninja militia;宁加民兵; ; Zulu militia;祖鲁民兵; ; association agreement;结盟协定; ; Association Council;结盟委员会; ; bicommunal;两族; ; bicommunal and bizonal federation;两族两区联邦; ; bizonal;两区; ; Committee on Missing Persons;失踪人员调查委员会; ; Cyprus National Guard Ceasefire Line;塞浦路斯国民警卫队宛线;NG CFL; Greek Cypriot Sector;希族塞人部分; ; green line;绿线; ; Grey Wolves;灰狼; ; guarantor powers;保证国; ; joint defence doctrine;共同防御论; ; London and Zurich Agreements;伦敦苏黎世协议; ; maritime security line;海上安全线;MSL; Nicosia Treaties;尼科西亚各条约; ; Biodiversity Enabling Activities;有利于生物多样性的活动;; partition;分治; ; Republican Turkish Party;共和土族党;RTP; Sovereign Base Area;主权基地;SBA; taksim; partition;分治; ; Treaty concerning the Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus;关于建立塞浦路斯共和国的条约; ; Treaty of Establishment;建国条约; ; Turkish Cypriot Police Element;土族塞人警察部队;TCPE; Turkish Cypriot Sector;土族塞人部分; ; Turkish Forces ceasefire line;土族部队宛线;TF CFL; Turkish Forces;土族部队;TF; Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus;北塞浦路斯土耳其共和国;TRNC; United Nations Buffer Zone;联合国缓冲区;UNBZ; Zurich and London Agreements;苏黎世和伦敦协议; ; Cartographic Section;制图科; ; facilitation team;调解小组; ; general implementation plan;总执行计划; ; Intergovernmental Authority on Development;政府间发展管理局;IGAD;发展局 Observer Mission advance team element or party;观察团先遣队; ; Rwandan-United States facilitation team;卢旺达-美国调解小组; ; talking points;议题; ; Yirga triangle;伊尔加三角; ; Abkhazeti faction;阿布哈兹派; ; Agreement on a Ceasefire and Separation of Forces;宛和部队隔离协定; ; Bilateral Joint Coordination Commission;双边联合协调委员会; ; CIS Joint Command Headquarters;独联体联合指挥部; ; CIS peacekeeping force;独联体维持和平部队; ; Commonwealth of Independent States;独立国家联合体独联体;CIS;独联体 Coordinating Commission;协调委员会; ; Council of Heads of State of CIS;独联体国家元首理事会; ; Georgian-Abkhaz Bilateral Joint Coordination Commission on Practical Questions;格鲁吉亚-阿布哈兹实际问题双边联合协调委员会; ; Group of Military Observers;军事观察员小组; ; Joint Peacekeeping and Law Enforcement Forces;联合维持和平和执法部队;JPLEF;维和执法部队 Moscow Agreement on a Ceasefire and Separation of Forces;关于宛和部队隔离的莫斯科协定; ; South Ossetia;南奥塞梯; ; State Commission of Georgia for the Investigation of the Policy of Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide carried out against the Georgian Population in Abkhazia, Georgia;调查对格鲁吉亚阿布哈兹境内格鲁吉亚居民实行的种族清洗和种族灭绝政策的格 鲁吉亚国家委员会; ; Svanetians the -;斯万人; ; Transcaucasia;外高加索; ; Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation and Good-Neighbourliness;友好、合作和睦邻条约; ; Administration of Justice and Linguistic Pluralism Project;司法行政和语言多样化项目; ; Agreement on a Firm and Lasting Peace;稳固持久和平协定; ; Agreement on a Timetable for the Negotiation of a Firm and Lasting Peace;关于稳固持久和平的谈判时间表的协定; ; Agreement on a Definitive Ceasefire;关于最后宛的协定; ; Agreement on Constitutional Reforms and the Electoral Regime;关于宪政改革和选举制度的协定; ; Agreement on Indigenous Rights;土著权利协定; ; Agreement on Resettlement of the Population Groups Uprooted by the Armed Conflict;关于安置武装冲突中离乡背井人民的协定; ; Agreement on Social and Economic Aspects and Agrarian Situation; Social and Economic Agreement;社会经济问题和土地状况协定社会经济协 定; ; Agreement on the Basis for the Legal Integration of the Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca;关于使危地马拉民族革命联盟合法化的基础的协定; ; Agreement on the Identity and Rights of Indigenous Peoples; Agreement on Indigenous Rights;关于土著人民的身份和权利的协定土著权利协定; ; Agreement on the Implementation, Compliance and Verification Timetable for the Peace Agreement; Timetable Agreement;关于执行、遵守和核查各项和平协定时间表的协定时间表协定; ; Alliance against Impunity;反对有罪不罚联盟; ; Anguished Mothers;悲痛的母亲协会; ; Civilian Self-Defence Patrol;平民自卫巡逻队;PAC; Code of Criminal Procedure;刑事诉讼法; ; Commission for the Official Recognition of Indigenous Languages; Official Recognition Commission;正式承认土著语言委员会; ; Commission to Clarify Past Human Rights Violations and Acts of Violence that have Caused the Guatemalan Population to Suffer; Historical Clarification Commission;查明过去曾使危地马拉人民遭受痛苦的侵犯人权事件和暴力行为委员会 历史真相调查委员会; ; Commission to Follow up the Implementation of the Peace Agreements;执行各项和平协定后续委员会; ; Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights;关于人权的全面协定; ; Comunidades de Poblaci髇 en Resistencia;山区抵抗者社区;CPR; Department of Bilingual Education;双语教育局;DIGEBI; Framework Agreement;框架协定; ; Framework Agreement on the Resumption of the Negotiating Process;关于恢复谈判进程的框架协定; ; Group of Friends of the Guatemalan Peace Process;危地马拉和平进程之友小组; ; Guatemalan Academy of Mayan Languages;危地马拉马雅语言学院; ; Guatemalan Housing Fund;危地马拉住房基金;FOGUAVI; Guatemalan Widows' Coordinating Committee;危地马拉寡妇协调委员会; ; Joint Commission on Educational Reform;教育改革联合委员会; ; Judicial Training School;司法培训学校; ; Mobile Military Police;机动宪兵;PMA; National Civil Police PNC;国家民警民警;PNC;民警 National Programme for Educational Self-Management;国家教育自治方案;PRONADE; Office of Professional Accountability;警纪处; ; Office of the Counsel for Human Rights;人权检察官办公室; ; Official Recognition Commission;正式承认委员会; ; Peace Commission of the Government of Guatemala;危地马拉政府和平委员会;COPAZ; Pro Tierra Committee;大地委员会; ; Programme for Institutional Assistance for Legal Reform;法律改革机构援助方案;PROLEY; Programme for the Improvement of the Penitentiary System;改进教养制度方案; ; Runujel Junam Council of Ethnic Communities;民族社区人人平等委员会;CERJ; social cleansing;社会清洗; ; Social and Economic Agreement;社会经济协定; ; tapada; roadblock;塔帕达路障; ; Technical Commission for the Implementation of the Resettlement Agreement;执行安置协定技术委员会安置技委会;CTEAR;安置技委会 Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca;危地马拉民族革命联盟危民革联;URNG;危民革联 United Nations Mission for the Verification of Human Rights and of Compliance with the Commitments of the Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights in Guatemala; United Nations Human Rights Verification Mission in Guatemala;联合国危地马拉人权和关于人权全面协定承诺的遵守情况核查团联危核查团;MINUGUA;联危核查团 United Nations Verification Mission in Guatemala;联合国危地马拉核查团联危核查团;MINUGUA;联危核查团 Voluntary Civil Defence Committees;志愿民防委员会民防委;CVDC;民防委 Public Prosecutor's Office;检察署; ; Public Defender's Office in Criminal Matters;公设刑事辩护处; ; Administration p閚itentiaire nationale;国家教养署;APENA; agent provocateur;密探; ; Alliance nationale pour la d閙ocratie et le progr鑣;全国进步民主同盟;ANDP;民主同盟 Anti Neo-Liberal Group;反新自由主义派; ; attach閟;辅警; ; brigade criminelle;刑事调查队; ; Centres de renseignements et d'op閞ations;情报和行动中心; ; Mobilization for national development;全国发展动员党;MDN;发动党 Comit?national du Congr鑣 des mouvements d閙ocratiques;全国民主运动委员会又称全国民主运动大会党;KONAKOM;科纳康党 Comit?revendicatif des militaires;军人抗议委员会; ; Commissaire;专员; ; Commission on Justice and Truth; National Commission for Truth and Justice;正义和真相委员会全国真相和正义委员会; ; compagnie de maintien de l'ordre;维持秩序队; ; Compagnie d'intervention et de maintien de l'ordre;干预和维持秩序队;CIMO; Compagnie l間鑢e d'intervention;轻型干预队; ; Confederation of Democratic Unity KID0;民主统一联盟;KID; Conseil d'administration de section communal;乡行政委员会;CASEC; crowd-control unit; compagnie de maintien de l'ordre;人群控制队维持秩序队; ; district polling station;地区投票站;BED; Electoral Assistance Team;选举援助小组; ; Electoral Observation Mission;选举观察团; EOM; Friends of the Secretary-General for Haiti; Friends of Haiti;海地问题秘书长之友海地之友; ; Front r関olutionnaire pour l'avancement et le progr鑣 en Haiti;海地进步革命阵线;FRAPH;进革阵 Governors Island Agreement;加弗纳斯岛协定; ; Inyon Peyzan Agrikilte de Bombardopolis;Bombardopolis农民联合会;IPAB; judicial training college;司法培训学校; ; Komit?init?demokratik;民主统一联盟; ; Komit?Katye Mom Kamari;卡玛丽妈妈街道委员会;KKMK; Lafanmi Lavalas party;拉范米拉瓦拉斯党; ; Lavalas People's Organization;拉瓦拉斯政治组织;OPL;拉瓦拉斯组织 United Nations Cartographic Unit;联合国制图股;; European Economy;欧洲经济;; Mouvement pour la de reconstruction nationale;全国重建运动;MRN;重建运动 municipal polling station;市投票站;BEC; National Agricultural and Industrial Party;全国农工党农工党;PAIN;农工党 National Progressive Democratic Party of Haiti;海地民族民主进步党;PNDPH;民进党 new government of concord;新的和睦政府; ; New York Pact;纽约专约; ; Ombudsman office;监察员办公室; ; Open the Gate party;开门党;PLB; Ayiti Kapab;Ayiti Kapab 党; ; Parti d閙ocrate chr閠ien ha飔ien;海地基督教民主党;PDCH;基民党 Parti nationaliste progressiste r関olutionnaire ha飔ien;海地民族主义革命进步党;PANPRA;民族革进党 Parti unifi?des communistes ha飔iens;海地共产主义者联合党;PUCH;共产党 Pati Louvri bary;开门党; ; Preparatory Commission on Legal and Judicial Reform;法律和司法改革筹备委员会; ; Presidential Security Unit;总统警卫队;PSU; Progressive National Democrats;全国进步民主人士联合会;RDNP;进步民联 Rassemblement des Militaires R関oqu閟 Sans Motifs;被无端解除军职者联合会;RAMIRESM; section chiefs;乡长; ; Service d'intelligence national;国家情报局;SIN; Special Investigative Unit; Brigade d'enqu阾es criminelles; brigade criminelle;特别调查队刑事调查队; ; United Nations Information Technology Service;联合国信息技术处联信处;UNITeS;联信处 territorial assembly;领土议会; ; Trust Fund to Provide Goods and Services to the International Police Monitoring Programme;向海地国际警察监督方案提供用品和服务信托基金; ; UN advance party planning team;联合国先遣队规划小组; ; United Nations Civilian Police Mission in Haiti;联合国海地民警特派团联海民警团;MIPONUH;联海民警团 United Nations Mission in Haiti;联合国海地特派团联海特派团;UNMIH;联海特派团 United Nations Support Mission in Haiti;联合国海地支助团联海支助团;UNSMIH;联海支助团 UNMIH advance team;联海特派团先遣队; ; UNMIH planning team;联海特派团规划小组; ; zenglendos;憎冷多; ; International Civilian Support Mission in Haiti;驻海地国际文职人员支助团;MICAH;海地文职支助团 Nasiriyah branch of the Iraqi intelligence services;伊拉克玳报机构纳西里亚分处;; 13 per cent account;13%帐户; ; 53 per cent account;53%帐户; ; aerosol generator;气雾剂发生器; ; Air Inspection Team;航空视察队;AIT; aircraft drop tank; drop tank;生物战剂空投箱; ; approval letter;核准通知书; ; authenticated delivery;经核定的抵达物品; ; ballistic missiles inspection team;弹道导弹视察队; ; ballistic missiles team; ballistic missiles inspection team; BM team;弹道导弹视察队;BM team; baseline survey;基线调查基线考察; ; biological group;生物监测小组; ; biological monitoring group; biological group;生物监测小组;BG;生物小组 biological weapons inspection team;生物武器视察队; ; biological weapons team; biological weapons inspection team; BW team;生物武器视察队;BW team; capable site;可能的场所可用的设施; ; categorized list of supplies and goods;用品和货物分类表; ; central sector headquarters;中央区总部;CHQ; chemical air sampler; air sampler;空气化学物含量取样器; ; chemical monitoring group; chemical group;化学监测小组;CG;化学小组 chemical weapons inspection team;化学武器视察队; ; chemical weapons team; chemical weapons inspection team; CW team;化学武器视察队;CW team; clandestine nuclear programme;秘密核方案; ; Commissioner of the Special Group;特别小组专员; ; Commissioner of UNSCOM;特委会委员; ; Contracts Processing Section;合同审批科;CPS; customs officer;关务干事; ; distribution plan;分配计划; ; drop tank;[生物战剂]空投箱; ; dual-use items or equipment; dual-capable items;两用物品设备; ; enhanced distribution plan;扩大分配计划; ; entry point;入境点; ; ESB 53 per cent account; ESB account; 53 per cent account;ESB53%帐户 ESB帐户53%帐户; ; ESC 13 per cent account; ESC account; 13 per cent account;ESC13%帐户ESC帐户13%帐户; ; escrow account;代管帐户; ; export/import monitoring group; export/import group;进出口监测小组;EG;进出口小组 export/import team; EXIM team;进出口监测队;EXIM team; food basket;口粮篮; ; frozen assets;冻结资产; ; full, final and complete declaration;全面、最后和彻底申报全面申报;FFCD;全面申报 geographic observation unit; geographical observers;地域观察股;GOU; geographical observers;地域观察员; ; Haider House farm; Haidar farm;海达尔农场; ; independent inspection agent; independent inspector;独立检查员; ; intrusive inspection;进入性视察; ; Iraq Action Team; Action Team;伊拉克问题行动小组行动小组; ; lifting of oil cargoes;提油从油码头装满一船车运走叫一个lifting; ; Guide for Countries Preparing National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans, draft;国家生物多样性战略和行动计划编写指南草案;; liquid missile propellant; liquid propellant;液态导弹推进剂; ; Military Industrialization Corporation;军事工业公司;MIC;军工公司 missile group;导弹监测小组; ; missile monitoring group; missile group;导弹监测小组;MG;导弹小组 multidisciplinary observation unit; multidisciplinary observers;多科观察小组;MDOU;多科小组 multidisciplinary observers;多科观察员; ; national security site;国家安全场所; ; National Monitoring Directorate;国家监测局; ; northern sector headquarters;北区总部;NHQ; notification or request to ship goods to Iraq;向伊拉克运送货物通知书或请求书; ; Biodiversity Planning Support Programme;生物多样性规划支助方案;; observation mechanism;观察机制; ; Observation and Analysis Section;观察和分析科;OAS;观察科 oil inspection agent; independent inspector; monitor;石油视察员独立视察员; ; oil loading; loading;装油; ; oil overseer; overseer;石油监督员; ; oil transportation fee; pipeline fee;石油运输费管道费; ; oil-for-food operation or programme;石油换粮食方案; ; ongoing support team;持续支助队;OST; Project Oversight Committee;项目监督委员会;; United Nations Development Assistance Framework UNDAF Guidelines;联合国发展援助框架联发援框架指导方针;; Common Country Assessment CCA Guidelines;共同国家评价指导方针;; GEF Implementing Agencies;全球环境基金执行机构;; peshmergas;佩什梅加; ; petrochemical-3 procurement project; PC-3 procurement project;石化-3采购项目; ; pipeline fee;管道费; ; Plan for future ongoing monitoring and verification of Iraq's compliance;未来不断监测和核查计划; ; presidential sites;总统府邸总统属区; ; pricing mechanism;定价机制; ; procurement and distribution plan;采购和分配计划; ; ration agent;口粮分销员; ; ration basket; food basket;口粮篮; ; rationing card;定量卡; ; resident inspector;驻地视察员; ; resolution 986 1995 inputs; resolution 986 1995 supplies;根据第9861995号决议提供的用品; ; retail ration agent; ration agent;口粮分销员; ; road map;行进图路径图; ; scale up to;进入扩大规模的制造阶段; ; sectoral observation unit; sectoral observers;部门观察小组部门观察员; ; sectoral observers;部门观察员; ; senior diplomat;高级外交官; ; sensor testing team;高级试验小组;STT; southern sector headquarters;南区总部;SHQ; sovereign sites;国家元首属区; ; Special Group;特别小组; ; Special Security Organization; SSO; Apparatus of Special Security; ASS;特别安全组织;SSO; ASS; spot check;抽查现场检查; ; spray tank;喷洒桶; ; State Company for Importation of Drugs and Medical Supplies; Kimadia;国营药品和医务用品进口公司;Kimadia; State Oil Marketing Organization of Iraq;国营石油销售组织;SOMO; Support Centre;支助中心; ; tag to -;作标记; ; Technical Evaluation Meeting;技术评价会议;TEM; Technical Subcommittee on Military and Civilian Missing Prisoners of War and Mortal Remains;失踪军事和平民战俘及遗体问题技术小组委员会; ; Tikritis;提克里特居民; ; tip off to -;透露消息举报; ; United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission;联合国伊拉克-科威特观察团;UNIKOM;伊科观察团 United Nations Sanctions Committee;联合国制裁委员会;; United Nations Technical Mission to Iraq;联合国伊拉克技术特派团; ; UNSCOM inspection team No...;特委会第......视察队; ; meter station; metering station;计量站; ; oil loading terminal; loading terminal;装油站; ; circulation of applications;申请的分发; ; release to - from hold; lift to - a hold;解除搁置; ; place to - a hold; impose to - a hold; block to -;搁置; ; pigging;用清管器清理; ; pig; go-devil; scraper;清管器刮管器; ; We the peoples: the role of the United Nations in the twenty-first century;我们人民:二十一世纪联合国的作用;; HEPTULLA, Najma Akbarali;娜杰玛·阿克巴拉利·赫普图拉;; College of Commissioners;专员团; ; Angolan Armed Forces;安哥拉武装部队;FAA; area of assembly;集结地区;; chief, liquidation unit;清理结束小组负责人;; Counselling and Referral Service;咨询和介绍服务处;SECOR; Joint Political-Military Commission;政治和军事联合委员会政军联委会;CCPM;政军联委会 Joint Verification and Monitoring Commission JVMC;核查与监测联合委员会核监联委会;JVMC;核监联委会 logistics control centre officer;后勤控制中心干事;; Sudan People's Liberation Movement and Liberation Army;苏丹人民解放运动人运/人民解放军解放军;SPLM/A;人运/解放军 From farm to factory for a better future;农场到工厂,前程更宽广;; Movimento Popular para a Liberta玢o de Angola;安哥拉人民解放运动;MPLA;人运 Observers of the peace process; observer States to the Angolan peace process;和平进程观察员安哥拉和平进程观察国;; Peace Accords for Angola Bicesse;安哥拉和平协定比塞塞;; Political Leaders and Diplomatic Protection Group;政治领导人和外交官堡小组;UPDEP; Rapid Reaction Police;快速反应警察;; Unit for Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance;人道主义援助协调股;; UNITA Renovation Committee;安盟改革委员会;; United Nations Office in Angola;联合国安哥拉办事处联安办事处;UNOA;联安办事处 swipe;取样?; ; coalitions for change;促进变革联盟;; Health InterNetwork;卫生互联网;; bulk agent;散装剂; ; Directorate of General Security;一般安全局;DGS; Agreement on Preparatory Transfer of Powers and Responsibilities; Preparatory Transfer Agreement;关于准备移交权力和责任的协定准备移交协定; ; Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area; Gaza-Jericho Agreement;加沙地带和杰里科地区协定加沙-杰里科协定; ; al-nakba;浩劫; ; al-Saraya;黎巴嫩抗以队; ; Bekaa valley;贝卡谷地; ; Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements;关于临时自治安排的原则声明;DOP;原则声明 District Civil Liaison Office;区民政联络处; ; Executive Authority of the Council;巴勒斯坦委员会执行局; ; Further Transfer Protocol;进一步移交移动式; ; Gaza-Jericho Agreement;加沙-杰里科协定; ; General Security Service;1.[以色列] 安全总局 2. [南黎军] 公安队;GSS; Greater Israel;大以色列; ; Islamic Liberation Army;伊斯兰解放军;ILA; Israeli Defence Forces;以色列国防军;IDF; Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip;以色列-巴勒斯坦关于西岸和加沙地带的临时协定; ; Joint Aviation Subcommittee;联合航空小组委员会;JAC; Joint Coordination and Cooperation Committee for Mutual Security Purposes; Joint Security Coordination and Cooperation Committee;实现共同安全目的联合协调与合作委员会;JSC;联合安全委员会 Under-Secretary-General, Director General of the United Nations Office at Vienna and Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention;副秘书长兼联合国维也纳办事处主任和联合国药物管制和预防犯罪办事处执行主任;; Global Compact;全球协约;; Joint Israeli-Palestinian Liaison Committee; Liaison Committee;以色列-巴勒斯坦联合联络委员会联络委员会; ; Joint Regional Civil Affairs Subcommittee;联合区域民政小组委员会; ; Joint Regional Security Committee;联合区域安全委员会 区安委;RSC;区安委 Lebanese Squads for Resistance against Israel; Squads; al-Saraya;黎巴嫩抗以队; ; Liaison Committee;联络委员会; ; Maritime Activity Zones;海上活动区; ; Maritime Coordination and Cooperation Centre;海上协调与合作中心;MC; Monitoring and Steering Committee;监测和指导委员会; ; municipal umbrella;总括市区; ; Children's Rights Defence Councils;保卫儿童权利理事会;; Computer Operations Unit;计算机操作股;COU;计算机股 MAGALHAES, Antonio Carlos;安东尼奥·卡洛斯·马加良斯;; Palestinian Authority;巴勒斯坦权力机构;PA; Palestinian Council;巴勒斯坦委员会; ; Protocol concerning Redeployment and Security Arrangements;重新部署和安全安排议定书; ; Protocol Concerning Civil Affairs;民事议定书; ; Protocol Concerning Legal Matters;法律事项议定书; ; Protocol Concerning the Redeployment in Hebron;在希伯伦重新部署的议定书; ; Protocol Concerning Withdrawal of Israeli Military Forces and Security Arrangements; Protocol concerning Redeployment and Security Arrangements;关于以色列撤出军队和安全安排的议定书关于重新部署和安全安排的议定书; ; Protocol on Economic Relations;经济关系议定书; ; Protocol on Further Transfer of Powers and Responsibilities; Further Transfer Protocol;关于进一步移交权力和责任的议定书进一步移交议定书; ; Ra'ees of the Executive Authority of the Council;巴勒斯坦委员会执行局主席; ; South Lebanon Army;南黎巴嫩军; ; Squads;抗以队; ; Standing Cooperation Committee;常设合作委员会; ; Temporary International Presence;临时国际存在;TIP; Wye River agreement; Wye River Memorandum;怀伊河协议怀伊河备忘录; ; Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum on Implementation Timeline of Outstanding Commitments of Agreements Signed and the Resumption of Permanent Status Negotiations;关于已签署协定中尚待履行的承诺的执行时 间表和恢复永久地位谈判的沙姆沙伊赫 备忘录; ; Oslo Accords;奥斯陆协定; ; Agreement on Reconciliation, Non-Aggression, and Cooperation and Exchanges between the North and the South;关于北南和解、互不侵犯和合作交流协 议书; ; Agreement on remains-related matters;关于遗骸事项的协定; ; Armistice Agreement;停战协定; ; Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii;中央鉴定化验室;CILHI; demilitarized zone DMZ;非军事区;DMZ; guard post tower;哨塔; ; joint observer team;联合观察员小组;JOT; joint remains recovery operations;联合寻找遗骸行动; ; Northern Limit Line;北方界限;NLL; Korean Armistice Agreement; Armistice Agreement;朝鲜停战协定停战协定; ; confidence interval;置信区间;; LI, Peng;李鹏;; 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司