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I love him not because he is rich. 我不是因为他有钱才爱他的。 I dislike my mother's interfering in the affair. 我不喜欢母亲介入这件事。 I don't like him. As it is, I hate him. 我不喜欢他。事实上,我恨他。 I didn't like it because it was noisy. 我不喜欢它因为很吵闹。 I dislike my house being too small. 我不喜欢我的房子太小。 I don't like this one; show me the other. 我不喜欢这个,给我看另一个。暗示:这种东西只有两种 I don't like this one; show me another. 我不喜欢这个,给我看另一个。暗示:这种东西至少有三种以上 I was not more surprised than he was. 我不像他那样惊讶。 I am not as so careful as Tom. 我不像汤姆那样细心。 I do not care what you will say about me. 我不在乎你们会说我什么。 I don't know the way how =in which he did it. 我不知道他是以何种方法做这事的。 I have no idea why he resigned his post. 我不知道他为何辞去他的职务。 I know better than to go swimming after dinner. 我不致笨得吃过饭就去游泳。 I do not respect him because he is playful. 我不尊敬他,因为他贪玩。 I have no other wish except to pass the examination. 我除了要通过考试之外,没有别的心愿。 I have never seen a girl more beautiful than Mary. 我从未见过比玛丽更为美丽的女孩子。 Never have I seen such a pretty cat. 我从未见过这么可爱的猫。 When I got there, they were having a negotiation. 我到那里时,他们正谈判。 My son came near being run over by a truck. 我的儿子差点被大卡车辗过。 My pen is new. 我的钢笔是新的。 I received no less than ten thousand yen for my work. 我的工资多达一万元。 My teacher is as kind as she is intelligent. 我的老师不但善良而且聪慧。 I am twice older than he. 我的年纪比他大两倍。 I am twice as old as he. 我的年纪是他的两倍。 I am more than twice as old as he. 我的年龄是他的两倍还不止。 My friends were all boys who cared nothing about studying. 我的朋友都是男生,他们一点也不关心读书。 I did return the book to him. 我的确把书还给他了。 I do remember the story. 我的确记得这故事。 Mine is new. 我的是新的。 Peter, my English teacher, never fails to encourage us to study hard. 我的英文老师彼得总是鼓励我们要好好用功。 I had no more than 2 or 3 mistakes on my English assignment. 我的英文作业中只有两三处错误。 I dislike this student very much. 我顶讨厌这个学生。 I learned what expressions to use in public. 我懂得在公共场所中应使用什么措辞。 I neither expressed surprise at the price nor attempted to accept it. 我对于这个价格既没有表示惊异,也没想接受。 I have found the bicycle which that you lost yesterday. 我发现了你昨天丢的那辆脚踏车。 I found the work being done in a rush. 我发现这件作品正仓促地被完成。 I am only too glad to accept your kind invitation. 我非常高兴地接受你的邀请。 I work both on sunny days and on rainy ones. 我风雨无阻地工作。 Neither of my parents enjoys music. 我父母都不喜欢音乐。 After dinner, my parents watched TV. 我父母晚饭后看电视。 My father was a sailor and I'm going to be one, too. 我父亲以前是水手,我也打算当水手。 My father doesn't like my/me going out alone. 我父亲不喜欢我单独出门。 My father works hard in order that he may support us. 我父亲辛苦地工作为了养家。 My father is sleeping. 我父亲在睡觉。 I felt something crawling up my arm. 我感觉到有什么东西爬上我的手臂。 I felt my heart beat violently. 我感觉到自己的心跳得很厉害。 I feel like a newborn baby. 我感觉像是个新生的婴儿。 Scarcely had I washed the car before the sky rumbled with thunder. 我刚洗车天空就打雷了。 Hardly had I gone out of the hotel when I met my friend. 我刚走出饭店就遇见了我的朋友。 I had no sooner gone out than it began to rain. 我刚走到外面就开始下雨了。 I told him not to go. 我告诉了他,叫他不要去。 I gave the beggar as much as 1,000 yen. 我给了这乞丐整整一千元。 It is far from my intention to do such a thing. 我根本不想做这种事。 In no case have I noticed that he left early. 我根本没有注意到他早退了。 At no time has the country been more prosperous than at present. 我国任何时候都没有现在这样繁荣。 I cared nothing about what they said of me. 我毫不在乎他们对我怎么说。 I have not heard from John for a long time. 我好久没有收到约翰的来信了。 I feel like going to Europe for a visit next summer vacation. 我好想明年暑假去一趟欧洲。 Both he and I are satisfied with the result. 我和他对结果都很满意。 I am glad to see him. 我很高兴看到他。 I am very fond of dogs, and Mary of cats. 我很喜欢狗,而玛丽喜欢猫。 How else can I apologize for her? 我还能有别的方法可以向她道歉吗? When I was a child, my family was poor. 我还是孩童的时候,我家很穷。 I'll remember to mail these letters. 我会记着寄这些信的。 I should be lonely, were it not for the birds and the flowers. 我会寂寞,若非有鸟也有花。 I'll have it sent right away. 我会立刻把它拍送出去。 I'll let you share what little information I have collected. 我会让你分享我所搜集的仅有的一些资料。 I will try to save as much as I can. 我会设法尽可能多储蓄。 I will be on your side, whatever the situation may be. 我会在你这一边,不论情况如何。 Hardly did I think she could come. 我几乎认为她根本不能来。 Scarcely can I hear him. 我几乎听不见他的话。 I have hardly ever been out of this city. 我几乎未曾离开过这个城市。 I came near hitting him. 我几乎揍他。 I remember feeling that God, or someone, had brought us together. 我记得感到上帝或某人把我们凑合在一起。 I remember our meeting ten years ago. 我记得十年前我们会见过。 I'll stay here not less than three days. 我将待在这里至少三天。 I'll stay here not more than three days. 我将待在这里最多不超过三天。 I told him not to goof around. 我叫他不要游手好闲。 I made him do it. 我叫他做这事。 I got him to do it. 我叫他做这事。 I'm not feeling very well today, I can't attend the meeting. 我今天感到不怎么舒服,我不能参加会议了。 I don't feel like studying tonight. 我今晚不想念书。 I swam as far as I could. 我尽可能地游远。 I looked down the road as far as I could. 我尽可能遥望这条路。 I am all for jogging early in the morning. 我尽可能一大早慢跑。 I was all for calling on each of these ladies. 我尽量去拜访每一位女士。 What should I find but an enormous spider! 我居然发现了一只巨大的蜘蛛! In no way am I responsible for what has happened. 我决不对发生的事情负责。 I've decided to learn photography in order that I may better appreciate the beauty of nature. 我决定学摄影以便更能欣赏自然的美。 It never occurred to me to take advantage of him. 我决没有想到过要占他的便宜。 This is the last place where I expected to meet you. 我绝没想到会在这里遇见你。 I find it interesting and healthy to go mountain climbing. 我觉得爬山有趣又有益健康。 I don't see any point of playing video games all day. 我看不出整天打电动玩具有什么意义。 I saw the boy carried away to the hospital. 我看到那个男孩被抬去医院。 I never see him but I am happy. 我看到他就高兴。 I saw him being punished by the teacher. 我看到他正被老师处罚。 I did not even see him, still less talk with him. 我看也没看见他,更不用说跟他谈过话了。 I don't think this is worth trying. 我看这是不值得一试的。 Had he not saved me, I might have been drowned. 我可能溺死了,若非他救了我。 I can do a little dancing. 我可以做一点舞蹈动作。 I'm afraid he is going to lose the match. 我恐怕他会输掉比赛。 I came in order that I might/could see May. =I came in order to see May. 我来是因为能见到梅。 I reasoned rather than quarreled with him. 我理论,而不是和他吵架。 My mother encouraged me and insisted that I continue my education. 我妈妈鼓励我,而且坚持我应该继续我的教育。 I was busy looking up all the new words of the lesson in my dictionary. 我忙着在字典里查本课所有的生字。 I made no attempt to make friends with her. 我没有打算要和她做朋友。 I can't start a fire without matches. 我没有火柴不能点火。 I don't have any brothers. 我没有任何的兄弟。 I never speak English without making mistakes. 我没有一次说英语而不犯错的。 I have no disk that may interest you. 我没有一张唱片能引起你的兴趣。 I never see him without feeling like crying. 我每次见到他就想哭。 I never look at the stars but I think how little I am. 我每次看星星必然会想自己是多么渺小。 My sister eats natural foods every day, but I don't. 我妹妹每天都吃天然食品,但是我不吃。 We turned on the light so that we might see =so as to see what it was. 我们把灯打开,以便看看它是什么。 We have 30 students in our class; one passed the exam, and the others =the rest all failed. 我们班上有三十位学生,只有一位通过考试,其余都不及格。 We were given more money than necessary for the project. 我们被给了比计划所要求来得更多的钱。 We must find out the customs of other countries, so that they will not think us ill mannered. 我们必须知道别的国家的习俗,免得他们会认为我们是没有礼貌的。 We must do all that is to be done. 我们必须做该做的事。 We are not cleaning the room. 我们不是正在打扫房间。 We should not tell lies. 我们不应该说谎。 We have no idea how to persuade him to give up the idea. 我们不知道如何说服他放弃这个念头。 We have no idea how the birds find their way. 我们不知道这些鸟如何找到它们的路。 We have no other choice than to agree with them. 我们除了同意他们之外,没有别的选择。 Suppose we play baseball. 我们打棒球如何? Most of us have to read a certain amount of material for one reason or another. 我们大多数人必须为某种理由阅读若干的资料。 We all consider it wrong to cheat in examinations. 我们大家都认为考试作弊是不对的。 The train was just going to start when we arrived. 我们到达时,火车马上就要开了。 High above the city, stood the build of our office. 我们的办事处的大楼高高耸立在城市上空。 Our success was attributed not so much to your help as to our cooperation. 我们的成功与其归功于您的帮忙,不如归功于我们的合作。 Our teacher explained the lesson to us as clearly as he could. 我们的老师尽可能清楚地为我们解释这一课。 Ours is small. 我们的是小的。 Our bedroom is small. 我们的卧室是小的。 By parcel post our samples were sent. 我们的样品是通过邮包寄送的。 We pay less attention to time than to anything else. 我们对时间的不重视超过其他任何事物。 There is nothing to which we pay less attention than time and air. 我们对时间和空气的不重视超过其他任何事物。 Bitterly did we repent our decision. 我们非常后悔做此决定。 Soon we came to a crowded street, a very wide street crowded with allsorts of vehicles. 我们很快就来到一条很宽、很吵杂,各种车辆来往行驶的大马路上。 We seldom buy this sort of goods. 我们很少买这种货。 We haven't decided where to go for lunch. 我们还没有决定去哪里午餐。 Let's not submit our disputes for arbitration. 我们还是别把争执提交仲裁。 Let us not sign the contract. 我们还是不签约吧。 Suppose we change the subject. 我们换个话题吧。 It is strange that we should meet here. 我们会在这里相遇,真是不可思议。 Either we will find a supply, or we will make the goods. 我们或是寻求供货,或者自己制造。 We are going to play neither basketball nor volleyball. 我们既不将打篮球也不将打排球。 We will get up early and do some housework. 我们将早起并且做点家务。 We will play sports or go on a picnic. 我们将做户外运动或去野餐。 Our professor is too capable not to solve this difficult problem. 我们教授非常有才干,必定能解决这一难题。 Supposing we opened open the L/C this afternoon. 我们今天下午就开证吧。 On no account should we cut down the outturn. 我们绝不可以把产量降低。 A plane crash was the last thing that we had expected. 我们绝对没有想到飞机会出事。 We feel that life is no laughing matter. 我们觉得人生绝非是开玩笑的事情。 We saw him watering the lawn around the house. 我们看见他在为屋子四周的草坪浇水。 We can talk to those who live far away by telephone. 我们可以用电话和住在远处的人说话。 Our teacher is old enough to retire. 我们老师年纪已够得上退休了。 We troubled him to turn on the light. 我们麻烦他打开电灯。 We can't afford a car, not to mention the fact that we have no garage. 我们买不起汽车,没有车库的事就更不必说了。 They bought a house large enough for ten persons to live in. 我们买了一栋房子,大得足以供十个人住。 We had not waited long before she came. 我们没等多久她就来了。 We can no more live without sleep than we can without water. 我们没有睡眠不能活,正如我们没有水就不能活一样。 It is a pity that we shall have to leave tomorrow. 我们明天必须离开,真是遗憾。 We will not play basketball tomorrow. 我们明天不打篮球。 We will eat lunch together tomorrow. 我们明天将一起吃午饭。 We happened to meet at the station. 我们碰巧在火车站相遇。 Let's go to the park, shall we? 我们去公园吧,好吗? It was all because of him that we gave up the plan. 我们全都是为了他才放弃这个计划的。 We are still optimistic, whatever the result may be. 我们仍然乐观,不论结果如何。 We are old friends, not strangers, right? 我们是老朋友了,不是陌生人,是吗? What we can not do is make a cloud produce rain if it is not ready to produce it. 我们所办不到的是要使云产生雨,如果它不是随时要产生雨的话。 What we need to do is prepare something to eat. 我们所需要的就是准备一些吃的。 We heard him playing with his puppy. 我们听到了他在玩着他的小狗。 We drove as far south as Kaohsiung. 我们往南开车一直到高雄。 We eat to live, not live to eat. 我们为活而吃,而不是为吃而活。 Why is it that we should be afraid of him? 我们为什么要怕他呢? We now know that X-ray waves are 2,000 to 10,000 times shorter than light waves. 我们现在知道X光波比光波短二千到一万倍。 It is our belief that every body is equal before the law. 我们相信法律面前人人平等。 We talked in a low voice lest we should wake the baby up. 我们小声说话以免吵醒婴儿。 We need several men strong enough to do the work. 我们需要几个强壮得足以做这件工作的人。 We needed someone to fix the tape recorder. 我们需要有人来修理录音机。 We have done all we could to catch up with them. 我们已经尽了一切可能来赶上他们。 We should improve what is called the quality of living. 我们应该改进所谓的生活品质。 We should pay more attention to what is said above. 我们应该更加注意上面所说的。 We should rise early, shouldn't we? 我们应该早起,不是吗? We have different pies, such as apple, cherry, and strawberry pies. 我们有不同的派,例如苹果、樱桃和草莓派。 Some of us value peace and comfort very highly. Others value pleasure and excitement. 我们有些人非常重视安宁与舒适,有些人重视快乐与刺激。 Some of us can speak English. Others/Some can speak French. 我们有些人会说英语,有些人会说法语。 We cannot emphasize too much the importance of learning English. 我们再怎样强调学英文的重要性也不为过。 We walked as far as the railroad station. 我们走到火车站那样远的地方。 We had better learn by heart as many sentence patterns as we can. 我们最好尽可能多背句型。 We were not at home yesterday. 我们昨天不在家。 We went fishing yesterday and I caught three fish. 我们昨天去钓鱼,而我钓了三条。 We sat listening to the sound of the waves. 我们坐着倾听海浪的声音。 My mother doesn't speak English. 我母亲不会讲英语。 It happened that my mother was out that day. 我母亲恰巧那天出去了。 My mother didn't water the garden last week. 我母亲上星期没有给花园里浇水。 I am only too pleased to do business with you. 我能和你做生意,太高兴了。 I would rather remain poor than get money by dishonest means. 我宁可安于贫穷,也不愿用不当手段赚钱。 I would rather die than live in disgrace. 我宁可死,也不愿忍辱偷生。 I would rather be laughed at than quarrel with him. 我宁愿被嘲笑,也不愿和他吵架。 I would rather fail than cheat in the examination. 我宁愿考不及格,也不愿意考试作弊。 I prefer John's playing tennis to his playing cards. 我宁愿约翰打网球而不玩扑克牌。 I'd rather take care of the stomachs of the living than take care of the glory of the dead in the form of stone memorials. 我宁愿照顾活人的肚子,也不愿以石碑的形式来照顾死者的荣耀。 I went out, merely to get caught in a shower. 我跑出去,结果徒然碰到一场骤雨。 I chanced to be thinking of the same thing. 我碰巧想到同样的事。 I am poor -- as much so as a church mouse. 我穷得像教堂的老鼠。 Wait here while I go and ask what time the next train leaves. 我去问一下下班火车的发车时间,你在这儿等着。 I am sure he will succeed one day or another. 我确信某一天他会成功的。 He would be late, though I told him not to be late. 我让他别迟到,他偏迟到。 I let him do it. 我让他做这事。 I cannot help laughing. 我忍不住笑出来。 I can't bear being called "Fool". 我忍受不了被叫做“傻瓜"。 I know many of them, such as John, Peter, and Tom. 我认识他们当中的很多人,例如约翰、彼得和汤姆。 I regard it as my responsibility to offer him help. 我认为帮助他是我的责任。 I think it important that we keep up with the times. 我认为跟上时代是很重要的。 There is no one whom I think I can trust. 我认为没有我可以信赖的人。 I don't think it's right to make such a hasty decision. 我认为如此仓促地做出决定是不正确的。 I take it for granted that he will succeed. 我认为他会成功是理所当然的。 I don't believe that he will come tonight. 我认为他今晚不会来。 He is a student who I think works hard. 我认为他是个很用功的学生。 I think he is a most learned man. 我认为他是个很有学问的人。 He is a man who I think means what he says. 我认为他是个心口如一的人。 I still don't see the point you emphasized. 我仍然弄不清楚你所强调的要点。 I tried to stand on my own two feet rather than turned to my parents. 我设法自立而不求助于我的父母。 I cannot help being poor. 我是穷,可是没有办法呀! I went to see my friend off, not to meet him. 我是去送朋友,不是去接他。 I was more disappointed than discouraged. 我是失望,而不是泄气。 I would be the last to attempt to answer the question. 我是最不可能去尝试回答这个问题。 I am not such a fool but I can solve the problem. 我虽不才,还是能解决这一问题。 I didn't mean to take a taxi but I had to, as I was late. 我虽然不想坐计程车,但因为太迟了所以非坐不可。 Much as I like her, I won't marry her. 我虽然很喜欢她,却不打算娶她。 What I admire is not what you have, but what you are. 我所羡慕的不是你所拥有的东西,而是你的为人。 All that I want is a beautiful red car. 我所要的就是一辆美丽的红色车子。 I am too glad not to help the boy. 我太乐意了而不能不帮助那男孩--我非常乐意帮助那男孩。 I lay down not so much to sleep as to think. 我躺下来与其说是要睡觉,倒不如说是要思考。 I cannot help worrying to hear that there is no steamer this week. 我听到本周没有船的消息,禁不住担忧起来。 He was heard to sing. 我听到他唱歌。 I hate whoever lies. 我痛恨任何一个说谎的人。 I looked painfully at the vase broken into pieces. 我痛苦地看着这个破得粉碎的花瓶。 I stopped suddenly in case he should think that I was showing off. 我突然停住,唯恐他会认为我是在炫耀。 I suppose you have been in our woods, haven't you? 我推想你在我们的森林里待过,不是吗? I went to bed late, but I got up early. 我晚睡但是早起。 I cannot make myself understood in English. 我无法用英文使自己被人了解。我无法用英文把我的意思讲清楚。 I hope you will like it. 我希望你会喜欢它。 I make it a rule to take a short walk after lunch. 我习惯在午饭后散散步。 I enjoy singing, much more listening to music. 我喜欢唱歌,更不用说听音乐了。 I like movies, and so does Tom. 我喜欢电影,汤姆也喜欢。 I like to watch TV programs which are about sports. 我喜欢观赏有关运动的电视节目。 I prefer chemistry to physics. 我喜欢化学甚于物理。 I like my school, which is famous for its excellent facilities. 我喜欢我的学校,它以优良的设备出名。 I like John, a very good friend of mine. 我喜欢约翰,他是我非常要好的朋友。 I like doing my homework. 我喜欢做我的家庭作业。 I am more frightened than hurt. 我吓坏了而没有受伤。 I believe it good her taking care of orphans. 我相信她照顾孤儿是件好事。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司