翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 It is my belief that good manners are very important to everybody. 我相信礼貌对大家是很重要的。 He is a man whom I believe we should respect. 我相信他是个我们应当尊敬的人。 He is a man who I believe can do it. 我相信他是能办这事的人。 I want to get/have these shoes mended. 我想把这些鞋子修补一下。 I would like to help you pack. 我想帮忙你捆扎东西。 I think she is easy to please. 我想她是很容易讨好的。 I want to work now that I am well again. 我想去工作因为我又健康了。 I would like you to meet Mr. Jones. 我想让你见见琼斯先生。 I don't think he can answer the question, can he? 我想他无法回答这个问题,是吗? I would like him to do it. 我想要他做这事。 I want the same camera as you have. 我想要一只和你一样的照相机。 I should like to see in her eyes that strength of character. 我想要在她的眼睛里看到那个坚强的个性。 I would like to take a trip around the world toward the end of this year. 我想在今年底环游世界。 I'd like to know how old the manager is. 我想知道经理有多大年纪。 I wonder if he is in the school. 我想知道他是否在学校。 What I need is nothing but a sample. 我需要的不过是一件样品而已。 I have been learning English for as long as 15 years. 我学英文已有十五年之久。 I want to make it clear that I have no prejudice against you. 我要表明我对你没有偏见。 Had I proposed to you, would you have married me? 我要是当年向你求婚,你会答应嫁给我吗? If I were to be born again, I would like to be a bird. 我要是再活一次,我想当一只鸟。 He was bidden to finish the work on schedule. 我要他按时完成工作。 I want some persons more experienced than Tom. 我要一些比汤姆更有经验的人。 I was not surprised in the least. 我一点也不感到惊讶。 I am not in the least tired. 我一点也不疲倦。 I am in no way to blame. 我一点也没错。 I make a point of giving a hand to others. 我一定对别人伸出援助的手。 No sooner had I left the shop than a man came to me and asked me if my name was Peter. 我一离开商店,就有一位男士向我走来,问我是不是叫彼得。 As soon as I have time, I will call you up. 我一有空,就会打电话给你。 I have stopped smoking for half a year. 我已经半年不抽烟了。 I have decided to buy a bicycle, whether it is expensive or not. 我已经决定买一部脚踏车,不论贵不贵。 I have written a letter. 我已经写了一封信。 I used to =would often go fishing. 我以前常去钓鱼。 I thought he would get better. As it is, he is getting worse. 我以为他会变好。但事实上,他愈变愈糟。 I like the book all the more for its beautiful illustrations. 我因为精美的插图而更加喜欢这本书。 I study hard, so that I may not fail in the examinations. 我用功,免得考不及格。 I have two aunts; one lives in Tokyo and the other in Osaka. 我有两个姑妈一个住在东京,另一个住在大阪。 I have two dogs; one is white, and the other is brown. 我有两条狗一条白色的,一条棕色的。 I have three cars, and you may have whichever you like. 我有三辆车,你可以挑一辆你喜欢的。 I sometimes speak English at home. 我有时在家说英语。 I have five times the number of Tom's books. 我有五倍于汤姆的书。 I have a car, a house and an orchard and you may have whatever you like best. 我有一辆车,一栋房子和一座果园,你可以挑一样你最喜欢的。 I have so much work to do that I can't go out with you. 我有这么多工作要做,因此不能和你出去。 I may as well die as marry him. 我与其嫁给他,倒不如去死算了。 I might as well die as marry him. 我与其嫁给他,倒不如去死算了。 It was the week before last that I met her. 我遇到她乃是上上个礼拜。 I'd like to accept this item, seeing that the price is reasonable. 我愿意接受此品种,因为价格合理。 I cannot thank enough for your kindness. 我再怎么感谢你的好意也不为过。 I wrote on the cover of the book the words "I love you". 我在书的封面上写了“我爱你"这种字。 I got up early lest I should miss the train. 我早起以免错过了火车。 I mailed the letter as early as Friday. 我早在星期五就把信寄了。 I least expected that this should be a house of his own constructing. 我怎么也没想到这房子是他自己造的。 How do I know what to do and what not to do? 我怎么知道什么该做,什么不该做? I stand looking over the lake. 我站着展望湖面。 I really don't know what kind of man he really is; on one occasion, he is normal, and on another, he acts like a lunatic. 我真不了解他到底是怎样的人一会儿正常,一会儿又像个疯子。 Whether he will stay or leave, I really don't care. 我真的不在意他要留下来还是要走。 It started raining when I was on the point of leaving home. 我正要离开家的时候开始下雨了。 What am I doing? You are reading a book. 我正在做什么? 你正在阅读一本书。 I know the way how he did it. 我知道他是以何种方法做这事的。 I know that he will come to attend the meeting. 我知道他要来参加会议。 I know he had a good time last night, didn't he? 我知道他昨天晚上玩得很愉快,不是吗? I am concerned only with things that I feel are important to me. 我只关心我觉得对我很重要的事物。 All you have to do is call on the house phone. 我只要做的就是拨个室内电话。 All I have to do is persuade him to go with us. 我只要做的就是说服他跟我们一起去。 Only if I get a job will I have enough money to go to school. 我只有找到了工作才有足够的钱上学。 I live far away from my school. 我住的地方离学校很远。 I'm the world's worst businessman. 我最不会做生意。 Sitting under the tree, I was hit by a stone on the head. 我坐在树下,被一块石头击中了头。 I did more work than required. 我做了比所被要求的来得更多的工作。 Anyway, he must have eaten a lot because now he is fat. 无论如何,他一定吃了很多东西,因为现在他胖了。 Search as I would, I could not find the book. 无论我怎么找,也没有找到书。 An unlimited arms race may well increase the danger of war. 无限度的武器竞赛当然会增加战争的危险性。 Of nothing comes out nothing. 无中不能生有。 He talked to his sister after lunch. 午餐后,他跟他的妹妹谈话。 You may dance with whomever you like at the dancing party. 舞会上你想跟谁跳舞就跟谁跳。 Do be quiet. 务必要安静。 Do be careful. 务必要小心。 Do study hard. 务必要用功。 Be sure to get the work finished before six o'clock. 务必在六点之前把工作完成。 School will begin next Tuesday. 下星期二将要开学。 It is hot in summer. 夏天天气是炎热的。 What did the suspect do on July ninth? 嫌疑犯在七月九日做了什么事情? Obviously he is interested in music as well as in painting. 显然他对音乐和绘画都有兴趣。 How else should a father in this modern world express his affection and concern for his own son? 现代这个世界上,父亲还应该有别的方法来对自己的儿子表示爱护和关心吗? Now comes your turn to give a speech. 现在轮到你讲了。 Of all the fibers now used by man, a very large percentage is man-made. 现在人类所使用的所有纤维之中,有很大的百分比是人造的。 What time is it? It is nine o'clock. 现在是几点钟?现在是九点钟。 What time is it? It is six o'clock. 现在是几点钟?现在是六点钟。 What time is it? It is ten o'clock. 现在是几点钟?现在是十点钟。 Line A is four times the length of line B. 线条 A 是线条 B 的四倍长。 People in the country are happier than people in the city. 乡下的人们比城市的人们更快乐。 To think that the manager knew nothing about the production! 想不到经理对生产竟然毫无所知! It is no use explaining the reason to him. 向他解释理由是没有用的。 Such a most talented person as he shouldn't be satisfied with what he is. 像他这么有才华的人不应满足于现状。 Such a good student as he is will succeed. 像他这样的好学生一定会成功。 The dog lay dozing in front of the door. 小狗躺在门前打盹儿。 Is the dog playing? 小狗正在玩耍吗? It is better to laugh than to weep. 笑比哭好。 Writing is just as important as reading. 写作就像阅读一样重要。 A kind man is not always patient. 心肠好的人未必总是有耐心。 The new manager is not equal to the task, as it were. 新经理对这项工作可以说是不能胜任的。 Believe it or not, not that I don't love Mary, but that I love my country all the more. 信不信由你,并非我不爱玛丽,而是我更爱我的国家。 The baseball game on Tuesday is the most important game this year. 星期二的棒球赛是今年最重要的棒球赛。 With luck, we'll be there by tomorrow. 幸运的话,我们明天将到达那儿。 When you are in need, don't hesitate to ask me for help. 需要时,请不必客气地找我帮忙。 The rising sun is especially beautiful to look at from this angle. 旭日从这个角度看起来特别美。 The more I learn, the less I feel I know. 学而后知不足。 It takes patience and hard work to master English writing. 学好英文写作需要耐心及努力。 The great use of a school education is not so much to teach you things as to teach you the art of learning. 学校教育的最大用处,与其说是教你事物,不如说是教你学习的方法。 It is worth while to learn English. 学英文是值得的。 Marching along the street is a group of students. 沿着街道行进的是一群学生。 Growing along the river are tall palm trees. 沿着这条河生长的是高大的棕 树。 Growing along the river are tall palm trees. 沿着这条河生长的是高大的棕树。 Down her face ran the tears. 眼泪顺着她的脸流下。 Without newspaper, we would get behind the times. 要不是报纸,我们都赶不上时代了。 But for your advice, I should have failed. 要不是你的忠告,我会失败的。 Had he not saved me, I might have been drowned. 要不是他救了我,我可能溺死了。 If it had not been that he was here, I would have punished you. 要不是他在场,我当时就会处罚你。 If it were not for his presence, I would punish you. 要不是他在场,我会处罚你的。 But for music =Were it not for music, life would be dull. 要不是音乐,人生会很无聊。 Had it not been for the kind guide, I might have got lost in the mountains. 要不是这位好心的向导,我可能就在山中迷路了。 If it had not been for these experiments, the improvement of the machine would have been impossible. 要不是这些实验,这部机器也许就不可能改良了。 Do you want me to go there instead of you? 要不要我代你到那儿去? Justice was hardly done but someone complained =without someone's complaining. 要达到没有人认为不公平的公平是很难的。 It is a pity to give up the job. 要放弃这份工作,真是遗憾。 It is by no means easy to satisfy everyone. 要满足每一个人绝非易事。 It took him three months to be able to run a mile. 要能跑一英里需要他三个月。 It is no good asking her for a date. 要求和她定个约会也没有用。 It is difficult to shoot a flying bird, especially a small bird flying high up in the sky. 要射中飞行中的小鸟,尤其是高空飞行的小鸟,非常困难。 Should the boy come again, I would throw him out. 要是那男孩在来,我就把他撵出去。 If only he had been here. 要是他当时在这儿就好了。 If the sun were to rise in the west, he would pass the exam. 要是太阳从西边出来,他就会通过考试--他不可能通过考试。 If only I had a rich father. 要是我有个有钱的爸爸就好了。 How happy I would be if I were a few inches taller! 要是我再高几寸,我会好高兴。 If only I had another chance. 要是我再有一次机会就好了。 You can come next month if you care to come. 要是愿意的话,你可以下月来。 To speak English fluently, you had better read as many English articles as you can. 要想把英文讲得很流利,你最好尽量多看英文文章。 Study hard, or you'll fail in the exam. 要用功,否则你会考不及格。 Study hard, and you'll pass the exam. 要用功,那么你才会考及格。 Be polite. 要有礼貌。 Be there on time, otherwise you'll create a bad impression. 要准时来,否则你会给人一个坏的印象。 Listen carefully so as to follow the teacher. 要仔细听才能听懂老师讲的课。 Be timely and exact. 要做到又及时又准确。 Generally speaking, women live longer than men. 一般而言,女性寿命较男性长。 It is believed that health is above wealth. 一般人都相信健康重于财富。 It is generally believed that Confucius preserved the literature of China for later times. 一般人都相信孔子为后世保存了中国的文学作品。 It is generally believed that it pays to work hard. 一般人都相信努力是值得的。 It is generally thought that traveling abroad can enrich one's knowledge. 一般认为出国旅游可增广见闻。 Upon reaching an appropriate age, children are encouraged, but not forced, to "leave the nest". 一达到适当的年龄,孩子们就被鼓励,而不是被强迫,“离开老窝"。 Once arriving there, I'll keep contact with you. 一到那里,我会跟你联络。 Do come! 一定要来呀! On the one hand, you shouldn't be shy; on the other hand, you mustn't forget your manners. 一方面你不应当拘束,另一方面也不要放肆无礼。 On the one hand, I am your manager, and on the other, I am also your friend. 一方面我是你的经理,另一方面,我也是你的朋友。 What with laziness and what with illness, he lost his job. 一方面因为懒,一方面因为生病,他丢了工作。 A good teacher never fails to try his best to answer his students. 一个好老师总是尽力为学生解答。 One's first impression is likely to be that everyone is in a rush. 一个人的第一个印象是,每个人都是匆忙的。 One's greatness lies not so much in his wealth as in his character. 一个人的伟大与其说是由他的财富来判断,倒不如说是由他的品德来判断。 A person is most disappointed when he is in despair. 一个人在绝望时最失望。 How is it possible for a boy of ten to fly an airplane? 一个十岁大的男孩会开飞机,这怎么可能呢? A good shirt is no less expensive than a jacket. 一件好衬衫的昂贵程度并不比一件夹克衫差。 How many seasons are there in a year? There are four seasons in a year. 一年有几个季节? 一年有四季。 Upon receiving your letter, I was as happy as could be. 一收到你的信,我非常高兴。 Their memory wasn't very good when it came to recalling other things, but they remembered the comet. 一谈到别的事情时,他们的记性并不是很好,但他们却记得彗星。 When it comes to making friends, you cannot be too careful. 一谈到交朋友,你再怎么小心也不为过。 When it came to the summer vacation, we all became excited. 一谈到暑假,我们大家都变兴奋了。 It never rains but it pours. 一下雨就倾盆而降--祸不单行。 How many days are there in a week? There are seven days in a week. 一星期有几天? 一星期有七天。 A birthday cake is going to be brought to the table by the cook. 一只生日蛋糕将被厨师放到桌子上。 On entering the classroom, I found a book lying on the floor. 一走进教室,我就发现一本书丢在地上。 How else can the doctor save him? 医院还有别的方法可以救他吗? It appears to me that you are all mistaken. 依我看,你们似乎都错了。 As we learn from what is said above, the tides can be very useful. 依照上面所说的,我们知道潮汐可以是非常有帮助的。 It is a pity that he doesn't have enough money to sponsor the project. 遗憾的是他没有足够的钱来支持这项计划。 It is high time he should come to our house for dinner. 已经到了他该上咱家吃晚饭的时候了。 It was already rather late, thus we decide to urge the customer. 已经相当晚了,所以我们决定催促客户。 What's done cannot be undone. 已经做了的事后悔也无用。 There used to be a post office there. 以前在那里有一个邮局。 What follows is the truth that men are created equal. 以下是人生而平等的真理。 What follows is the process of his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. 以下是他被颁赠一九六四年诺贝尔和平奖的过程。 What follows is some excerpts of the famous speech he delivered in Washington D.C. 以下是他在华府所发表的那篇著名的演讲中的一些摘录。 Seriously damaged, the bridge is no longer in use. 因受到严重损坏,这座桥不再使用了。 Never having been to Switzerland before, he longs for a trip there. 因为从来没去过瑞士,他期待一趟瑞士之旅。 Angry with his wife, Tom kicked the dog. 因为和太太生气,汤姆踢狗。 I love her all the better for her poverty =because she is poor. 因为她穷,我反而更喜欢她。 He cannot help loving Mary because of her beauty. 因为玛丽长得美,他不禁爱上她。 Being a lover of nature, he often goes mountain climbing. 因为热爱大自然,他常常去爬山。 He studied all the harder because he had failed =for his failure. 因为他失败了,他反而更用功念书了。 I respect him all the more because he has faults. 因为他有缺点,我反而更尊敬他。 As rain has fallen, the goods cannot be shipped. 因为下了雨,货物不能装运了。 Rich and generous, he contributed two million dollars to the Red Cross. 因为有钱又慷慨,他捐了两百万圆给红十字会。 Music is going to be taught by Miss Lin. 音乐课将由林小姐来教。 What to do is one question, and how to do it is quite another. 应该做什么和应该怎样做是完全不同的两个问题。 Sterling may fall, if this should be so, interest rates will rise. 英国货币可能贬值,如果果真如此,利率就会上升。 Swallows from England go as far as South Africa. 英国来的燕子飞到南非那样远的地方。 A hero is not necessarily one who has done brave things. 英雄未必是做过勇敢之事的人。 English is the most international of languages. 英语是最国际化的语言。 The more you have, the more you want. 拥有愈多,欲望愈高。 All the students that work hard can definitely pass the exam. 用功的学生必能通过考试。 Promising is a diligent student. 用功的学生有前途。 Written in English, the book is difficult for me to understand. 用英文写的这本书对我来说很难理解。 A sense of humor enabled him to get along well with others. 幽默感使他能与人相处愉快。 It is no more than ten minutes' walk from the station. 由车站走到这里只有十分钟的路程。 It is not more than ten minutes' walk from the station. 由车站走到这里最多十分钟的路程。 From what is said above, we can draw a conclusion. 由上面所说的,我们可以做一个结论。 We agree to postpone the shipping date, considering that there is no steamer recently. 由于考虑到最近无船,我们同意推迟装期。 Not being fond of learning, he ran away from home. 由于不喜欢读书,他就离家出走了。 Over there sat a boy with a dog behind him. 有个男孩坐在那边,后面跟着一条狗。 By the door stood a man with a knife in one hand. 有个男人站在门旁,手里拿着小刀。 There are men and men. 有各式各样的男人。 There are actors and actors. 有各式各样的演员。 There are many things that money can't buy. 有很多东西是金钱买不到的。 It was with his help that I finished the job. 有了他的帮忙我才做完这份工作的。 The rich are not necessarily happy. 有钱人未必快乐。 Some people believe in God and others don't. 有人相信上帝有人则不相信。 There are three rooms; one is mine, another is my sister's and the other is my parents'. 有三间房间:一间是我的,一间是我妹妹的,剩下的一间是我父母的。 There's something that makes him happy. 有什么事使他十分高兴。 Sometimes Mr. Black went swimming with the children. 有时布拉克先生和这些小孩去游泳。 At one time, she is fine, but at another, she is abnormal. 有时候,她表现得很好,有时候又失常。 Sometimes we can prevent a cloud from producing rain. 有时我们可以阻止云产生雨。 He has too many things at his disposal to go home early. 有太多事要他处理,使他不能早点回家。 There's a man who wants to see you. 有位男士想见你。 Some TV programs are meant to be watched today and forgotten tomorrow. 有些电视节目的用意是要今天观赏,明天忘掉。 There are some countries where =in which the supply of fuel is very limited. 有些国家的燃料供应非常有限。 Some people give higher priced gifts than necessary for the situation. 有些人给了比情况所必要来得更高价的礼物。 Some people prefer sitting up to going to bed early. 有些人宁可熬夜,而不早睡。 Some students hate to study English. 有些学生不喜欢研读英语。 Others are dismissed as nothing more than entertainment. 有些只不过是被当作娱乐而不予考虑。 There were many customers visited our company. 有许多客户参观了我们公司。 There is a dog barking loudly. 有一只狗大声地在叫。 There are so many fancy cars on display here that I don't know which to buy. 有这么多的豪华汽车在此展出,我不知要买哪一辆才好。 Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. 有志的人没有做不到的事。 What with the wind and what with the rain, our trip was ruined. 又是刮风又是下雨,我们的旅游都给搞砸了。 Better to postpone the shipment than to cancel the contract. 与其撤约还不如延期装运。 Better reduce the price than allow a discount. 与其给折扣,不如减价。 Success lies not so much as in luck as in hard work. 与其说成功在于运气不如说是辛勤努力。 It is not so helpful to give someone some bread as to teach him how to make a living. 与其说给人面包很有帮助,倒不如说教导他如何谋生才重要。 She is not so beautiful as charming. =She is charming rather than beautiful. 与其说她美倒不如说她迷人。 She is not so kind as simple. 与其说她善良不如说她单纯。 The oceans do not so much divide the world as unite it. =The oceans do not divide the world so much as unite it. 与其说是海洋分割这个世界,不如说是统一这个世界。 He is not so clever as diligent. 与其说他聪明倒不如说他勤奋。 He is not so much a writer as a scholar. 与其说他是作家倒不如说他是学者。 It is a telex rather than a letter. 与其说它是一封信,不如说它是一封电传。 This businessman is rather diligent than clever. 与其说这位业务员聪明,不如说他勤勉。 Mt. Jade is higher than any other mountain in Taiwan. 玉山要比台湾的任何山都高。 The more haste, the less speed. 欲速则不达。 The more leisure he has, the less he stays at home. 愈是有空,他愈不肯待在家里。 The employees demand that their salaries be raised. 员工们要求加薪。 So you've been to Shanghai, have you? 原来你去过上海,是吧? So you come importing Chinese textiles, do you? 原来你是来进口中国纺织品的,是么? May you recover soon! 愿您早日康复! John, put the car into the garage. 约翰,你把车开进车库里去。 John is more diligent than any other student in his class. 约翰比班上其他的同学用功。 John is more diligent than all the other students in his class. 约翰比班上其他的同学用功。 John is more diligent than anyone else in his class. 约翰比班上其他的同学用功。 John is not what he was. 约翰不是以前那样的约翰了。 Does John often watch television in the evening? 约翰常常在晚上看电视吗? John had hardly opened the door when his guests arrived. 约翰刚打开门他的客人就到了。 How old is John? He is one year old. 约翰几岁?他一岁。 John didn't get up early this morning. 约翰今天早晨没有早起床。 John fixed the tape recorder by himself. 约翰靠他自己修理录音机。 John got lost. 约翰迷路了。 John lives happily because he uses his time well to study. 约翰生活得快乐因为他善用他的时间学习。 John seems to love music very much. 约翰似乎很喜欢音乐。 John owns a car and so do I. 约翰拥有一部轿车,我也有。 It is expected that John will be back by ten. 约翰在十点以前回来是预料中的事。 What did John do on New Year's Day? 约翰在元旦做了什么事? Reading good books makes us happy. 阅读好书使得我们快乐。 Sports wears, no less than suits, are very much saleable. 运动服和西服套一样,非常畅销。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司