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The most foolish man knows his own name. 再笨的人都知道自己的名字。 A few more days, and the company will be on the verge of bankruptcy. 再过几天,这家公司就将濒临破产的边缘。 Two more days, and I can finish the work. 再过两天,我就能完成这份工作。 One more effort, and you will get to the top. 再加点油,你就可以到达顶端了。 The loveliest flower cannot beat her beauty. 再漂亮的花也比不上她的美丽。 The greatest scholar cannot solve this difficult problem. 再伟大的学者也没有办法解答这个难题吧。 One more step, and you'll be killed. 再走一步,你就会没命。 Before visiting him, I called him up in advance. 在拜访他之前,我先打电话给他。 Find the year of your birth on the illustration. 在插图上找一找你出生的年分。 Before reading the book, you had better ask yourself if you have the time. 在读这本书之前,你最好问问自己是否有时间。 It showers a lot in Guangzhou. 在广州下很多阵雨。 You should be as careful as you can in making friends. 在交朋友方面,你应该尽可能小心。 In the U.S., people prefer waiting for a table to sitting with people they don't know. 在美国,人们宁可等着空的桌子,而不愿和不认识的人坐在一起。 Before entering a house in some Asian countries, it is good manners to take off your shoes. 在某些亚洲的国家,进屋子之前脱下鞋子才是有礼貌的。 You must send some sample to the customer before you go abroad. 在你出国之前,应该先寄给客户一些样品。 It snows a lot in New York. 在纽约下很多的雪。 You should have been more careful in money matters. 在钱方面,你本当更小心点的。 Baseball is more popular than any other sport in Japan. 在日本,棒球比其他任何运动都受人欢迎。 In everyday conversation, you request people to do things, not "order" them. 在日翅话中,你是请求别人做事,而不是“命令"他们。 It is desirable that we should provide for the poor at Christmas. 在圣诞节施舍穷人是可喜的事。 How was it possible to walk for an hour through the woods and see nothing worthy of note? 在树林中走了一个小时而没有见到什么值得注意的东西,这怎么可能呢? Of all books, the Bible seems to be read most widely. 在所有的书中,圣经是最广泛地被阅读的。 Of all the high mountains, Mt. Jade is the highest. 在所有高山当中,玉山为最高。 Of all the four seasons, summer is the hottest. 在所有四季当中,夏天最热。 Of all the girls, she is the most beautiful. 在所有这些女孩子当中,她最美。 At his birthday party, I met such people as professor, scientist and actor. 在他的生日宴会上,我遇到了像教授、科学家和演员的人。 It rains a lot in Taipei. 在台北下很多的雨。 As far as I remember, I have never seen him smile. 在我记忆中,我从未见他笑过。 In my opinion, neither you nor he has met the standard. 在我看来,你跟他都没有达到标准。 There is no such man in our neighborhood. 在我们的邻近没有这样的人。 Of all the students in our school, Tom is mathematical genius. 在我们学校所有的学生之中,汤姆是数学天才。 It seems to me now that he sighed and that I tittered to hide my embarrassment. 在我现在看来,他那时似乎在叹气,而我吃吃地笑是在隐藏我的尴尬。 It seems to my grandfather that my father is still a child. 在我祖父看来,我爸爸仍然是个小孩。 It is of no use boasting of being rich on a desert island. 在无人岛上夸耀富有也是白费力气。 You need not have bought extra oil for this short trip. 在这么短的旅程中,你实在没有必要多买油。 It is young people who favor holding beauty pageants. 赞成举办选美的是年轻人。 Noise is coming to the point where we can't put up with it. 噪音快到我们无法忍受的地步。 One cannot be too careful in choosing friends. 择友愈谨慎愈好。 Standing in the dark, I can not see anything. 站在黑夜里,我什么也看不见。 Standing at the curb was a dark-complexioned young man. 站在路边的是一个肤色黑黑的年轻人。 The man standing over there is the very man that we have been talking about. 站在那儿的那个人就是我们一直在谈论的那个人。 Who is the boy that is standing over there? 站在那里的男孩是谁? The girl standing in the front row is my niece. 站在前排的少女是我的侄女。 Do as you are told. =Do as I tell you. 照我吩咐的做! The book is used as a reference book. 这本书被用来做参考书。 The book is used to teach us how to write. 这本书教我们如何写作。 How many lessons are there in this book? There are twelve lessons in this book. 这本书里有几课? 这本书里有十二课。 The book is nowhere to be had. 这本书什么地方都买不到。 The book is too difficult for most senior high school students. 这本书太难而不适合大多数的高中生。 This book is worthy of reading. 这本书值得一读。 This dictionary is meant for you. 这本字典是要给你的。 This transaction is nothing less than a miracle. 这笔交易完全是一个奇迹。 What do you want to do after you have concluded this transaction? 这笔生意成交之后你想做什么? It is anything but complete. 这并未完成。 Not only is it legal, it's very popular. 这不但合法,而且非常普遍。 It is nothing but a joke. 这不过是个笑话而已。 Isn't it reasonable! 这不是很合理嘛! It is not your fault, but mine. 这不是你的过错,而是我的过错。 The computer is more expensive than the typewriter. 这部电脑比这部打字机更贵。 How much does this computer cost? =How much is this computer? 这部电脑值多少钱? The drama drew a capacity audience; you should have gone to see it. 这出戏吸引了满场观众你真该去看的。 So terrible was the storm that whole roofs were ripped off. 这次暴风雨如此肆虐,整个屋顶都被掀掉了。 As many as 100 people were killed in the air crash. 这次空难中多达一百人丧生。 This problem is too difficult for them to settle. 这对他们来说真是一个难解的问题。 There must be No talking in here! 这儿不许讲话。 The climate here is like that of Taipei. 这儿的气候和台北非常相似。 She cannot have written the letter herself. 这封信不可能是她自己写的。 This letter was typed by Alice this morning. 这封信在今早被爱丽丝用打字机打过了。 This pen is mine. 这钢笔是我的。 The price of this gem is expensive -- as much so as astronomical figures. 这个宝石的价格十分昂贵--简直是个天文数字。 This city is free from thieves. 这个城市没有盗贼。 The area is flooded, as frequently happens during the typhoon. 这个地区淹了水,这是台风时经常发生的。 The work is worth doing. 这个工作值得去做。 It is not the boy that talks so much as the girl. 这个男孩并不像那个女孩说那样多的话。 The hill is completely free from trees. 这个山丘上一棵树也没有。 How fashionable this new style is! 这个新款式是多么新颖呀! No student in this school is from the southern part of Taiwan. 这个学校没有一个学生是来自南台湾的。 The baby opened the book as if he were able to read. 这个婴儿打开书本彷佛他会念书。 It takes a lot of doing to finish the work. 这工作很费事。 The nurse attends on the patient as if he were her father. 这护士照顾这位病人彷佛在照顾她爸爸似的。 It had not been done before he came. 这还没做完之前他就回来了。 So, and so only, can it be done. 这件事能够这样做,也只能如此。 By no means was he able to handle it. 这件事他绝对没办法处理。 The traffic accident had nothing to do with him. 这交通事故和他一点关系也没有。 This bicycle is his. 这脚踏车是他的。 This is what he wanted. 这就是他要的东西。 This is the professor I met last week. 这就是我上周见到的教授。 This is the very book that I lost yesterday. 这就是我昨天弄丢的那本书。 It is no joke. 这绝非是开玩笑。 This is no fact. 这绝非是事实。 All goods here are unsaleable. 这里的一切货物都是卖不出去的。 Who is the youngest here? 这里谁是最年轻的? Here is a book, which is very interesting. 这里有一本非常有趣的书。 I like neither of the designs. =I don't like either of the designs. 这两个花样我都不喜欢。 Of the two girls, Mary is more beautiful. 这两个女孩中,玛丽较漂亮。 Both of the girls are nice. 这两位女孩是好的。 Not both the artists have a keen eye for beauty. 这两位艺术家并非都有审美的眼光。 The two brothers often quarrel with each other; one is stubborn, and the other is selfish. 这两兄弟经常吵架一个很固执,另一个则很自私。 It is such good music that I enjoy it. 这么好的音乐我喜欢。 It is proper that such a bad man be punished severely. 这么坏的人受重罚是应该的。 It is natural that such a hardworking student should pass the exam. 这么用功的学生考试及格是很自然的事。 It is far from the truth. 这哪里是事实。 The boy might have known the truth, but I am not quite sure. 这男孩当时也许知道真相,但我不很确定。 The boy is too young to do it, isn't he? 这男孩年纪太轻不能做这件事,不是吗? The better the boy is, the more I like him. 这男孩愈好我愈喜欢他。 The girl became more and more beautiful. 这女孩变得愈来愈漂亮了。 The man was anything but rich. 这人绝不是个富翁。 None of the three is a good student are good students. 这三人都不是好学生。 What exciting news this is! 这是多么令人兴奋的消息! This is a coat of her own making. 这是她亲手做的外衣。 This is a play written by an American author. 这是美国作家写的剧本。 This is your box. 这是你的箱子。 Is this your parents' apartment? No, it's my brother's. 这是你双亲的公寓吗?不,它是我兄弟的。 Here is the file you need. 这是你需要的文件。 What's this? It's a book. 这是什么?它是一本书。 What is this? This is a chair. 这是什么?这是一张椅子。 This is his bicycle. 这是他的脚踏车。 This is a picture of his own painting. 这是他的亲笔画。 This is the last attempt that he would make. 这是他最不可能做的尝试。 This is my pen. 这是我的钢笔。 This is the most interest book that I have ever read. 这是我念过的最有趣的书。 This is the most convincing evidence that I can find to prove my point. 这是我所能找到的最令人信服的证据,以证明我的观点。 This is a letter, or more correctly, an invitation letter. 这是一封信,说得更正确些,是一封邀请信。 This is a short story whose easy style I love very much. 这是一则短篇小说,我很喜欢它那简单的笔调。 It is a useful book and, what is more, not an expensive one. 这是有用的书,更难得的是不贵。 It is the most popular of movies. 这是最受欢迎的电影。 This plastic is inferior in quality to glass. 这塑胶的质料比玻璃差。 It cost him a great deal of money to take the trip. 这趟旅行花了他不少钱。 The river is ten times the length of the Tamsui River. 这条河的长度是淡水河的十倍。 The river is as wide as 100 meters. 这条河宽达一百公尺。 This street is three times wider than that one. 这条街比那条街宽三倍。 This street is four times shorter than that one. 这条街道比那条短四倍。 The skirt is too long for you. 这条裙子对你来说是太长了。 This line is four times as long as that one. 这条线是那条线的四倍长。 This is not necessarily the best. 这未必是最好的。 This is no other than my old friend, John. 这位不是别人,正是我的老朋友约翰。 The nurse was all kindness. =The nurse was kindness itself. 这位护士非常亲切。 This customer is too honest not to deceive us. 这位客户非常诚实,不会骗我们。 The woman may be above fifty, but she may not be below fifty. 这位女士的年纪在五十岁之上,决不会少于五十岁。 The speaker has no other purpose except to make people laugh. 这位演说者除了想搞笑之外,没有别的目的。 The question is so hard, and we're getting confused. 这问题太难,我们感到困惑。 The thread seems to match the cloth. 这线和这布似乎很相称。 This box is yours. 这箱子是你的。 The project is far from perfect. 这项企划很不完美。 This new product, or rather, this new style of shirt, is not very attractive. 这项新产品,确切地说是这种新款式的衬衫,并不是非常吸引人的。 Surprised as he was at the news, he kept it secret all the week. 这消息虽然令他吃惊,但他却整个礼拜都没说出来。 The little boy use what little strength he had to push the door open. 这小男孩使劲地把门推开。 It is true that these changes take a long time, but not as long as we might expect. 这些变化需要一些长的时间是事实,但不像我们所可能预期的那样久。 How much do the movie tickets cost? 这些电影票值多少钱? These pictures can be kept for free. You may take whichever you like. 这些画可免费拥有。你喜欢哪一幅就拿哪一幅。 The machine is being experimentally used. 这些机器正在被实验地使用着。 These frozen foods are the most convenient of all. 这些冷冻食品是最为方便。 One of the boys is nice. 这些男孩之中有一位是好的。 The boys were sick yesterday. 这些男孩昨天生病。 The girls are skating and the boys are watching. 这些女孩在溜冰,而这些男孩在观看。 The girls are as busy with their work as bees. 这些女孩子就跟蜜蜂一样忙着工作。 As is usual with such people, they left paper and empty bottles everywhere. 这些人像往常一样,到处乱扔纸屑和空瓶。 Are these Mary's pens? No, they are not hers. 这些是玛丽的笔吗?不,它们不是她的。 What are these? These are books. 这些是什么?这些是书。 How much do the vegetables cost? 这些蔬菜值多少钱? The problems are being discussed. 这些问题正在被讨论着。 These stars appear to move around the North Star. 这些星星似乎环绕着北极星转。 The students work harder than those of our school. 这些学生比我们学校的学生用功。 Three of the students came here yesterday. 这些学生中有三位昨天来这里。 These clothes are going to be washed by her. 这些衣服将由她来洗。 Such a product is not found everywhere. 这样的产品不是随处可以找到的。 Such a man! 这样一个人!好还是坏,要根据上下文而定 In this paragraph there are many nouns, such as boy, girl, and book. 这一段里面有很多名词,例如男孩、女孩和书本。 Gone forever are the days when this item sold well. 这一品种畅销的日子一去不复返了。 This is a market condition no force on earth can change. 这一市场情况任何力量也改变不了。 The question can not be answered by many people. 这一问题无法被许多人回答。 The news is widely spread by them. 这一消息被他们广为传播。 The accident happened before my very eyes. 这意外事件就发生在我眼前! Not only did the dog bark at him, but it bit him. 这只狗不但对他吠叫,而且咬了他。 The dog is so gentle that I am not afraid of it. 这只狗如此温驯,因此我不感到害怕。 The hamburger not only smells good but also tastes delicious. 这只汉堡包不但气味好闻而且味道好吃。 The mother elephant is one hundred times heavier than the baby elephant. 这只母象比小象重一百倍。 The building of the bridge is very important for the transportation between the two towns. 这座桥的建造对这两个镇的交通很重要。 Jane, let him have the toy. 珍,把那玩具给他。 Jane and Mary are good friends; the former is a teacher, the latter is a nurse. 珍和玛丽是好朋友,前者是老师,后者是护士。 Jane is the best of all the students in her class. 珍是班中最好的学生。 Jane is the best student in her class. 珍是她班上最好的学生。 Jane is the best of the three students. 珍是三个学生中最好的一个。 Jane's worst fault is her quick temper. 珍最大的毛病是她的急性子。 Fancy his telling a lie! 真没想到他竟然会说谎! I wish I had known you ten years ago. 真希望十年前就已经认识你。 I envy Mike, whose car is fancy. 真羡慕麦克,他的车子真漂亮。 Fancy meeting you here! 真想不到会在这儿遇见你! To think that they should miss the train! 真想不到他们竟然误了火车! No less than ten students flunked the exam. 整整有十位学生在这次考试中不及格。 I like Kyoto all the better for its many narrow streets. 正因为小道多,我反而更喜欢京都。 The boy who is speaking to Helen enjoys playing soccer. 正在跟海伦谈话的那男孩喜爱踢足球。 To know is one thing; to teach is quite another. 知道是一回事,教又是另一回事。学者未必是良师。 Happy is he who is contented with what he has. 知足者常乐。 Cotton material was not known in Europe until much later. 直到很晚之后,欧洲才知道棉花布料。 Not until a few months later did he know the story. 直到几个月后,他才知道这故事。 He did not have a house of his own until he was thirty. 直到三十岁,他才有属于自己的家。 It was not until he came that I left. 直到他来我才离开。 It was not until he got seriously ill that he knew the importance of health. 直到他生了重病,他才知道健康的重要。 We did not start until the sun rose in the east. 直到太阳从东方升起,我们才出发。 It was not until 1884 that the first artificial fiber was made. 直到一八八四年,第一个人造纤维才制造出来。 It was not until 1984 that they had their own language. 直到一九八四年,他们才再见面。 Not until last night did I get the news. 直到昨晚我才听到这消息。 Not until last night did I get the news. 直到昨晚我才听到这消息。 He is worth doing the work for. 值得为他去做这份工作。 A book worth reading once is worth reading time and time again. 值得一看的书值得一看再看。 Nothing worth doing is easy. 值得做的事没有容易做的。 Plants can not live without the sun and animals are no exception. 植物没有太阳不能活,动物也不例外。 Just because he is at the bottom of his class, it does not follows that he has a bad brain. 只是因为他是班上的最后一名,那未必真的是他头脑不好。 You may eat anything, so long as you don't eat too much. 只要不吃得太多,你可以吃任何东西。 You may eat anything, so long as you don't eat too much. 只要不吃得太多,你可以吃任何东西。 As long as you don't betray me, I'll do whatever you ask me to do. 只要你不出卖我,要我做什么我都愿意。 As long as you don't betray me, I'll do whatever you ask me to do. 只要你不出卖我,要我做什么我都愿意。 As long as you drive carefully, you will be very safe. 只要你开车小心,你就会很安全。 As long as live, I will help you. 只要我活着,我都会帮助你。 As long as live, I will help you. 只要我活着,我都会帮助你。 We'll ship the goods at an early time as long as there is a steamer. 只要有船,我们就尽早装货。 We'll ship the goods at an early time as long as there is a steamer. 只要有船,我们就尽早装货。 Wherever it is possible, he tries to help. 只要有可能,他总是设法帮忙。 Only by working hard are we able to succeed. 只有努力工作,我们才能成功。 He is the very person that knows the password. 只有他知道密码。 You might as well not know a thing at all as know it only a little. 只知道一点点,不如完全不晓得。 The quality is not so poor but it is acceptable. 质量虽差,但仍能接受。 It is not intellect that tells so much as character. 智能并不像品性那样有影响。 A wise man doesn't know everything. 智者并非每一件事都懂。 Only in 1687 did he at last publish his new theory. 终于在一六八七年他发表了他的新理论。 You may go grass skiing, bicycle riding, or shopping on the weekend. 周末你可以去滑草,骑脚踏车,或购物。 Judy goes to the movies as often as Sara does. 朱迪像莎拉一样时常去看电影。 Living in the big city is convenient. 住在大城市是方便的。 People whose homes are in town want to live in the country. 住在市区里的人希望住在乡下。 Happy birthday to you! 祝你生日快乐! Success to you! 祝您成功! May you succeed in business. 祝您生意兴隆! A happy new year to you! 祝您新年快乐! A happy journey to you! 祝您一路平安! May our two parties achieve even greater successes in our business. 祝我们双方在生意中取得更大的成功。 It is one thing to make money, and it is another to spend it. 赚钱是一回事,而花钱又是另一回事。 There are two pens on the table. 桌上有二枝钢笔。 There are two apples and an orange on the table. 桌上有两只苹果和一只橘子。 The Chuo-shui River is the longest one among them. 浊水溪是其中最长的一条。 He has liked dogs since he was a child. 自从他是小孩时,他就喜欢狗。 God helps those who help themselves. 自助者神助之。 The president was so young that he was junior to some of his employees. 总裁的年龄甚至是比他的一些雇员还小。 His behavior was, in a word, shocking. 总之,他的行为是令人震惊的。 To sum up, only when strict punishment can be imposed on the lawless, can social stability be maintained. 总之,唯有当严刑峻罚加之于违法之徒时,才能维持社会安定。 At last I succeeded in getting my car moving slowly. 最后,我终于成功地让我的车子慢慢移动。 He laughs best who laughs last. 最后笑者笑得最好。 The last time when I saw him, he was quite well. 最后一次看到他时,他还相当健康。 This last semester, if it has done nothing else, has given me confidence in myself. 最后这个学期,即使没有给我其他的任何东西,也给了我自信。 Recently, many states have insisted that high schools teach students how to drive. 最近,许多州坚持中学应该教学生如何开车。 It is Bach which/that fascinates him most. 最令他着迷的是巴哈的音乐。 The strongest man does not necessarily live the longest. 最强壮的人未必活得最久。 It was not hot yesterday afternoon. 昨天下午天气不热。 A most beautiful girl came to see him yesterday. 昨天有一个很漂亮的女孩来看他。 As a top manager, he should appoint none but people on their merit. 作为一位总经理,他应该任人为贤。 The assignment is few enough to be finished within half an hour. 作业很少,足能在半小时内完成。 The author should be the last man to talk about his work. 作者应该是最不喜欢谈论自己作品的人。 The young man sitting at the desk was none other than our new teacher. 坐在办公桌那儿的那个年轻人正是我们新来的老师。 All that you do, do with your might. 做任何事都应不遗余力。 There is no easy way to do business, and only those who do their best to win clients can win business. 做生意无捷径可走,只有那些千方百计赢得客户的人才能赢得生意。 Being a good pedestrian is just as important as being a good driver. 做一个好的行人就像做一个好的司机一样重要。 It is easy to do this. 做这件事是容易的。 It is easy to do this. 做这件事是容易的。 What results emerged from their talks? 他们的会谈产生了什么结果? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司