翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 National Small Business Council;全国小型企业理事会;; national technical information centres;国家技术信息中心;NTIS; Working Group on the Administration of Justice and the Question of Compensation;司法行政和赔偿问题工作组;; Committee on Rules of Origin;原产地规则委员会;; Trust Fund for Support from Governments and Organizations to the Department of Peacekeeping Operation's Lessons-Learned Unit;政府和组织支助维持和平行动部总结经验股 信托基金;; National Organization for Victim Assistance;全国援助受害者组织;NOVA; Disarmament and Conflict Resolution Project;裁军和解决冲突项目;; Department of Country Support;国家支助部;; Department of Programme Administration;方案行政部;; Department of Policy, Strategy and Research;政策、战略和研究部;; Joint Evaluation of Emergency Assistance to Rwanda;对紧急援助卢旺达的联合评价;; Emergency Recovery Credit;紧急复原贷款;; Strategic Action Plan;战略性行动计划;; Thematic Consultation on Repatriation, Reinstallation and Social Reintegration;关于遣返、安置和重返社会的专题协商;; Accelerated Plan of Action for the Repatriation, Reinstallation and Reintegration of Refugees and Formerly Displaced Persons;难民和前流离失所者遣返、安置和重返社会加速行动计划;; jointly implemented;共同执行的活动;JI;的活动 market-based instrument;市场手段;MBI; Forest Market Transformation Initiative;森林市场转变倡议;; Biodiversity Conservation Network;生物多样性堡网;; Biodiversity Enterprise Fund for Latin America;拉丁美洲生物多样性企业基金;; Fundacion de la Cordillera Volcanica Central;中部火山山脉基金会;FUNDECOR; Global Environmental Fund, Inc.;全球环境基金会;GEFI; Fund for Sustainable Enterprises;可持续企业基金;FSE; Swiss-Peruvian Initiative on Forests;瑞士-秘鲁森林倡议;; Regional Forestry Commission;区域林业委员会;; New Global Partnership for Development;新的促进发展全球伙伴关系;; National Council on Public Security;国家公安委员会;; African Regional Meeting on Biological Diversity Preparatory to the Second Meeting of the Conference of the Parties;缔约国会议第二次会议非洲区域生物多样性 筹备会议;; Asian Regional Meeting on Biological Diversity Preparatory to the Second Meeting of the Conference of the Parties;缔约国会议第二次会议亚洲区域生物多样性 筹备会议;; Project Preparation and Development Facility;项目筹备编制基金;; Biodiversity Action Network;生物多样性行动网;BioNET; Indigenous Peoples Biodiversity Network;土著民族生物多样性网络;IPBN; Global Biodiversity Forum;全球生物多样性论坛;; Trust Fund for the Convention on Biological Diversity;生物多样性公约信托基金;; Buenos Aires Declaration;布宜诺斯艾利斯宣言;; living modified organism;改性活生物体;LMO; Inter-Agency Task Force of the Intergovernmental Panel on Forests;森林问题政府间小组机构间工作队;; Global Plan of Action for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture;粮食和农业植物遗传资源全球行动计划;; International Technical Conference on the Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture [1996];养护和利用粮食和农业植物遗传资源国际技术会议;; Global System for the Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture;养护和利用粮食和农业植物遗传资源全球系统;; State of the World's Plant Genetic Resources;世界植物遗传资源状况;; National Biodiversity Planning: Guidelines Based on Early Country Experiences;国家生物多样性规划:根据早期国家经验制 订的准则;; Symposium on Corporations, Communities and Sustainable Development in the Minerals Sector;矿产部门公司、社区和可持续发展专题讨论会;; Roster of Independent Experts;独立专家名册;; Clean Coal Implementation Programme;净煤技术应用方案;; Gas Centre;煤气中心;; Working Party on the Social Dimensions of the Liberalization of International Trade;国际贸易自由化所涉社会问题工作队;; Expert Group Meeting on the Implications of Agenda 21 for Integrated Water Management in the ESCWA Region;21世纪议程对西亚经社会区域水综合管理的影响专家组会议;; Congress Organizing Committee;大会组织委员会;; Panama Canal Authority Law;巴拿马运河管理局法;; Regional Plan of the Interoceanic Regional Authority;洋际区域管理局区域计划;; General Land-use Plan;土地使用总计划;; natural resources accounting;自然资源核算;NRA; National Forest Resources Accounts;国家森林资源核算;NFRAs; International Symposium on the Non-Market Benefits of Forestry;森林的非市场价值国际专题讨论会;; Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities;机会均等咨询委员会;; Collective Maghreb Egalite;马格里布平等协会;; Committee on Investment, Trade and Technology;投资、贸易和技术委员会 投贸技委;CITT;投贸技委 Transit Agreement for Peace Plan Operations between the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization;南斯拉夫联盟共和国和北大西洋公约组织和 平计划行动过境协定;; Cooperation Agreement between the Secretariat of the United Nations and the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States;联合国秘书处和美洲国家组织总秘书处合作协定;; Trade Unit;贸易股;; measures affecting services trade;影响服务贸易的措施;MAST; Common Market of Knowledge;知识共同市场;MECCO; Regional Network on Science and Technology Indicators;区域科学和技术指标网科技指标网;RICYT;科技指标网 Common Market for Scientific and Technological Knowledge;科技知识共同市场;MERCOCYT; Consultation on the Pedagogical Foundations of Human Rights Education;关于人权教育基础的协商;; Latin American symposium on programmes for children in the context of poverty;拉丁美洲贫困儿童方案专题讨论会;; Inter-American Water Dialogue;美洲水问题对话;; Regional Meeting on Drug Control Cooperation in the Caribbean;加勒比药物管制合作区域会议;; Japanese Association of International Women's Rights;日本国际妇女权利协会;; Comite d'action pour les droits de l'enfant et de la femme;儿童和妇女权利行动委员会;CADEF; Programme of Fisheries Assistance for Small Island Developing Countries;小岛屿发展中国家渔业援助方案;; Global Environment Facility Council;全球环境基金理事会;; Collaborative Socio-economic and Gender Analysis Training Programme;社会经济和性别分析合作训练方案 合作训练方案;SEGA;合作训练方案 programme of action for the elimination of nuclear weapons;消除核武器行动纲领;; Joint Russian-Iranian Statement on the Caspian Sea;俄罗斯-伊朗里海问题联合声明;; Group of Landlocked Developing Countries;内陆发展中国家集团;; Group of Least Developed Countries;最不发达国家集团;; Post -Beijing follow-up operation;北京会议后续行动;; Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Elections;巴勒斯坦民主和选举中心;; international conference on eliminating poverty in old age;消除老年贫穷国际会议;; Towards partnership between men and women in politics;建立男女在政治上的伙伴关系;; meeting on women's health and reproductive rights;妇女健康与生殖权利会议;; WomenWatch;妇女观察;; Programme of Institutional Assistance for Legal Reform;法律改革机构援助方案;PROLEY; Sanctions Committee Secretariat [re Bosnia and Herzegovina];制裁委员会秘书处;; Danube Mission;多瑙河特派团;DA; Round Table on United Nations Sanctions in the Case of the Former Yugoslavia;联合国制裁前南斯拉夫问题圆桌会议;; developing coastal States;发展中沿海国;; highly migratory species;高度洄游鱼种;; catadromous species;降河产卵鱼种;; ingress and egress of migrating fish;洄游鱼类的出入;; land-locked State;内陆国;; geographically disadvantaged States;地理不利国;; developing land-locked States;发展中内陆国;DLBPS; developed land-locked States;发达的内陆国;; developed coastal States;发达的沿海国;; developing geographically disadvantaged States;地理不利发展中国家;; developed geographically disadvantaged States;地理不利发达国家;; transfer of rights;权利转让;; Yahoo;雅虎;; outer limit lines;外部界线;; submarine areas;海底区域;; sedimentary rocks;沉积岩;; tunnelling;开凿隧道;; freedom of overflight;飞越自由;; ship without nationality;无国籍船舶;; register of ships;船舶登记册;; surveyor of ships;船舶检验人;; LADGHAM, Samia;萨米亚·拉德加姆;; PERERA, Rohan;罗汉·佩雷拉;; UN21;21世纪的联合国;; UN 21;21世纪的联合国;; Internet Building;因特网大厦;; computer assisted industrial design;计算机辅助工业设计;CAID; marine casualty;海难;; incident of navigation;航行事故;; unauthorized broadcasting;未经许可的广播;; distress calls;遇难呼号;; high-voltage power cable;高压电缆;; railway rolling stock;铁路车辆;; pack animals;驮兽;; ports of entry;入口港;; ports of exit;出口港;; solid, liquid or gaseous mineral resources;固体、液体或气体矿物资源;; prior notification;事前通知;; Authority, the;管理局;; Enterprise, the;企业部[海洋法];; production authorization;生产许可;; production floor;生产最低限额;; approved plan of work;核准的工作计划;; trend line values;趋势线数值;; linear regression of the logarithms;对数值线性回归法;; supplementary production authorization;补充生产许可;; Review Conference;审议大会,审查会议;; non-reserved areas;非保留区域;; incidental powers;附带权力;; deferred proposal;已推迟的提案;; Governing Board of the Enterprise;企业部董事会;; Director-General of the Enterprise;企业部总干事;; conciliation committee;调解委员会;; emergency orders;紧急命令;; Secretariat of the Authority;管理局秘书处;; special chamber of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea;国际海洋法法庭特别分庭;; ad hoc chamber of the Sea-Bed Dispute Chamber;海底争端分庭专案分庭;; binding commercial arbitration;有拘束力的商业仲裁;; commercial arbitral tribunal;商业仲裁法庭;; contractual obligations;合同义务合同规定的义务;; sponsoring States Parties;担保缔约国;; respondent State;被告国;; UN 21 Award;21世纪的联合国奖;; line capacity;线路容量;; intermission dialing plan;间歇式拨号计划;; Greening the UN initiative;绿化联合国倡议;; audit recommendation database;审计建议数据库;; International Treaties Volume;国际条约集;; Cumulative Index to the Treaty Series;条约汇编累积索引;; Vehicle Fleet Database;车队数据库;; Global Direct Provisionings for Vehicle Spares;全球直接提供车辆零部件;; Automated Facsimile Switching System;自动传真交换系统;; Document Preparation Form;文件编制表格;; Document Information System Network;文件信息系统网络;; point of access;进出口;; Plant Engineering Section;设备工程科;PES;设备科 website;网址网站;; UNEPLINK;环境规划署联线;; MAKHEMA;马赫马;; GALEY;加莱;; UNL;通用网络语言;UNL; Microcredit Summit;微额信贷高层会议;; single-State nuclear-weapon-free zone;单一国家无核武器区;; Compton Gamma Ray Observatory;康普顿伽马射线观察站;; LONG, Yongtu;龙永图;; Electronic Resource Development Section;电子资源发展科;ERDS;电子科 Unit for Indexing, Network and Resource Preservation;索引编制、网络和资源保存股;; UNBIS Plus;书目信息强化系统;; rubel;卢别里;; tenge;坚戈;; RUGGIERO, Renato;雷纳托·鲁杰罗;; Agreement of the Joint Working Group on the Operational Procedures of Return;联合工作组关于回返的作业程序的协定;; som;索姆;; drums;德拉姆;; Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council;供水和卫生合作理事会;WSSCC; Global Water Partnership;全球水事伙伴关系;GWP; International Steering Committee;国际指导委员会;ISC; Village Water Committee;村水事委员会;; external support agency;外部支助机构;ESA; Forward Looking Assessment on the Implementation of the Action Programme on Drinking Water and Environmental Sanitation;饮水和环境卫生行动纲领执行情况前瞻性 评估;; Agreement on Constitutional Reforms and Electoral Regime;关于宪政改革和选举制度的协定;; Electoral Reform Commission;选举改革委员会;; Special Integration Commission;融合事务特别委员会 融合特委会;SIC;融合特委会 Integration Foundation [Guatemala];融合基金会;; mother-baby package;母婴综合计划;; Trust Fund for the Implementation of the Cotonou Agreement in Liberia;执行关于利比里亚问题的科托努协定信托 基金;; Intergovernmental Consultations on Asylum, Refugee and Migration Policies in Europe, North America and Australia;欧洲、北美、澳大利亚庇护、难民和移徙政策政府间协商;IGC; Treaty on the European Economic Area;欧洲经济区条约;; Latin American Programme of Cooperation in Migration;拉丁美洲移徙合作条约;PLACMI; Working Party on Migration;移徙问题工作队;; Mediterranean Conference on Population, Migration and Development;地中海人口、移徙和发展会议;; Southern African Minister's Conference on Population and Development;南部非洲人口与发展问题部长会议;; Protocol on the Free Movement of Persons in the Southern African Development Community, draft;南部非洲发展共同体人员自由迁移议定书草案;; Technical Symposium on International Migration and Development;国际移徙和发展技术专题讨论会;; International Symposium on Environmentally Induced Population Displacements and Environmental Impacts Resulting from Mass Migration;环境所致人口流离失所和大规模移徙造成的环境影响国际专题讨论会;; Multinational Coastal Shipping Line;多国沿海航运公司;; Cross Border Initiative;跨界倡议;CBI; African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes;非洲建设性解决争端中心非洲和解中心;ACCORD;非洲和解中心 Study and Research Group on Democracy and Economic and Social Development in Africa;非洲民主与经济社会发展研究小组 非洲发研组;GERDDES-Africa;非洲发研组 Global Women Entrepreneurs Trade and Investment Fair in Africa;全球女企业家非洲贸易投资博览会;; South-South Cooperation Fund;南南合作基金;; Asia-Africa Cooperation Fund;亚洲区域、地区和国家办事处亚洲办事处;;亚洲办事处 Emergency Prevention System for Transboundary Animal and Plants Pests and Diseases;越境动植物病虫害紧急防治系统;; high-level segment of the Economic and Social Council on Priority Africa: A Policy Dialogue Among Development Actors;经济及社会理事会非洲优先事项高级别部 分: 发展行动者的政策对话;; Committee on Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems;电子海图显示和信息系统委员会;; Committee on Exchange of Digital Data;数字数据交换委员会;CEDD; Commission on Promulgation of Radio Navigational Warnings;发布无线电导航警告委员会导航警告委;CPRNW;导航警告委 Permanent Working Group on Cooperation in Antarctica;南极合作常设工作组 南极合作组;PWGCA;南极合作组 World Electronic Navigational Chart Data Base;世界电子导航图数据库;WEND; Treaty on the South-East Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone;东南亚无核武器区条约;; Russian-Estonian Agreement on Social Guarantees for Retired Russian Military Personnel in the Territory of Estonia;俄罗斯-爱沙尼亚关于爱沙尼亚境内俄罗斯退 伍军人社会保障的协定;; Joint Statement on Cooperation in the Use of the Caspian Sea;合作利用里海联合声明;; Joint Russian-Kazak Almaty Declaration;俄罗斯联邦-哈萨克斯坦阿拉木图联合 宣言;; International Conference on Spin-off Benefits of Space Technology: Challenges and Opportunities;空间技术派生利益国际会议:挑战与机会;; Regional Workshop on Space Technology for Prevention and Mitigation of the Effects of Disasters;应用空间技术防灾减灾区域讲习班;; Symposium on Space Technology Applications for the Benefit of Developing Countries;应用空间技术造福发展中国家专题讨论会;; International Conference on Small Satellite Missions;小型卫星飞行任务国际会议;; United Nations Regional Conference on Space Technology for Sustainable Development in Africa;联合国空间技术促进非洲可持续发展区域 会议;; International Livestock Research Institute;国际家畜研究所家畜所;ILRI;家畜所 Environmental Economics Unit;环境经济学股;; Policy and External Relations Divisions;政策和对外关系司;; Environmental Information and Assessment Division;环境信息和评价司;; Drylands Ecosystems and Desertification Control Programme Activity Centre;旱地生态系统和防治荒漠化方案活动中心;; Adequate Shelter for All;人人有适当住房;; Global Conference on Migration and Development;移徙与发展全球会议;; Sustainable Human Settlements in an Urbanized World;城市化世界的可持续人类住区;; Task Force on Harassment;骚扰问题工作队;; Human Development Initiative-Extension;人类发展倡议-延展;HDI-E; Human Development Initiative;人类发展倡议;HDI; Think regionally, act locally;立足当地; 放眼区域;; Think globally, act locally;立足当地; 放眼全球;; Regional Seminar on the National Implementation of the Convention on Chemical Weapons;国家执行化学武器公约区域讨论会;; Working Group of the Commission on Human Rights on the elaboration of a draft protocol to the Convention against Torture;人权委员会拟订禁止酷刑公约议定书草案工作组;; target areas initiative;目标地区行动;; Summit on Sustainable Development in the Americas;美洲可持续发展首脑会议;; Latin American and Caribbean Regional Conference on the Convention to Combat Desertification [Mexico City, June 96];拉丁美洲和加勒比防治荒漠化公约区域会议;; Sub-regional Central American and Caribbean Conference;中美洲和加勒比分区域会议;; Secretariat of the Meeting of Heads of State of the Turkish-Speaking Countries;突厥语国家国家元首会议秘书处秘书处;SMHTC;秘书处 Summit Meeting of the Heads of State of the Turkish-Speaking Countries;突厥语国家国家元首会议;; International Expert Meeting on the Rehabilitation of Degraded Forest Ecosystem;复兴退化森林生态系统国际专家会议;; Overview of International Organizations, Institutions and Instruments Related Forests;与森林有关的国际组织、机构和文书概览;; Long-term Trends and Prospects in Supply and Demand for Wood Products and Possible Implications for Sustainable Forest Management;木制品供求的长期趋势和前景及对可持续森 林管理的可能影响;; Expert Meeting on Sustainable Forestry and Land Use: The Process of Consensus-building;可持续林业和土地利用专家会议:建立一致意见的过程;; Objective Year 2000;2000年目标;; International Workshop on Integrated Application of Sustainable Forest Management Practices;可持续森林管理方法综合应用国际讲习班;; Central Electoral Commission on the Elections and the Conduct of the Referendum;选举和全民投票中央选举委员会;; Sub-group on Non-governmental Organizations;非政府组织事务分组;; Pan-American Charter on Health and Environment in Sustainable Human Development;可持续人类发展方面健康与环境宪章;; Global Legal Information Network project;全球法律信息网项目;; UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Development;教科文组织可持续发展教职;; Asia-Pacific Migration Research Network;亚太移徙研究网;APMRN; Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders;宗教和精神领袖千年世界和平首脑会议;; Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture;粮食和农业遗传资源委员会;CGRFA; Intergovernmental Group of Experts to elaborate a strategy for the implementation and promotion of the right to development, as set forth in the Declaration on the Right to Development, in its integrated and Multidimensional Aspects;拟订战略从综合及多层面角度实施和促进发 展权利宣言所规定的发展权利政府间专家组;; Task Force on Basic Social Services for All;普及基本社会服务工作队;BSSA; Expert Group Meeting on Projecting Old-age Mortality and its Consequences;预测老年死亡率及其后果的专家组会议;; Asia-Pacific POPIN Internet Training Workshop;亚洲--太平洋广播发展研究所 亚太广播所;;亚太广播所 Latin American and Caribbean Population Information Network;拉丁美洲和加勒比人口信息网 拉加人口信息网;IPALCA;拉加人口信息网 Conference on the Implementation of the International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action in the Economic Cooperation Organization Region [Almaty, April 96];关于在经济合作组织区域执行国际人口与发 展会议行动纲领的会议;; Regional Conference on International Migration in North and Central America;北美和中美洲国际移徙问题区域会议;; Network of Educational Innovation for Development in Africa;非洲教育改革促进发展网;NEIDA; New Agenda for Human Settlements;人类住区新议程;; NGO Committee on Human Rights;非政府组织人权委员会;; NGO Committee on UNICEF;非政府组织儿童基金会委员会;; NGO Forum on Women;非政府组织妇女论坛;; NGO Forum 95;非政府组织95论坛;; NGO International Workshop on Partners in the framework of the implementation of the Convention to Combat Desertification in the Euro-Mediterranean Basin [Tunisia, March 96];欧洲-地中海流域防治荒漠化公约执行框架伙伴非政府组织国际讲习班;; NGO Population Task Force;非政府组织人口工作队;; NGO Victim Contribution Assistance Organization;非政府组织捐助受害者组织;; Nitrogen Study Centre;氮研究中心;CEA; Nkomati Non-Aggression Accord;恩科马蒂互不侵犯协定;; No to Violence Against Women;禁止对妇女暴力行为;NOVA; Non-Governmental Committee on Ageing;非政府组织老龄委员会;; Non-Governmental Committee on Youth;非政府组织青年委员会;; non-nuclear-weapon State;无核武器国家;NNW State; indicative vote;象征性表决;; Earth Summit Plus Five;地球问题首脑会议五周年特别会议简称: 地球会议五周年;;简称: 地球会议五周年 Earth Summit + 5;地球问题首脑会议五周年特别会议 简称: 地球会议五周年;;简称: 地球会议五周年 denar;第纳尔;; Rio + 5;里约会议五周年;; Rio + 5 Forum;里约会议五周年论坛;; BLAIR, Tony;托尼·布莱尔;; Depository Library;托存图书馆;; Nordic Mutual Emergency Assistance Agreement in Connection with Radiation Accidents;北欧辐射事故紧急互助协定;; North African Port Management Association;北非港口管理局协会;NAPMA; North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation;北美环境合作协定;; North American Association for Environmental Education;北美环境教育协会环教协会;NAAEE;环教协会 North American Regional INFOODS Conference;北美粮食数据网区域会议;NORFOODS; Nuclear Accident/Radiological Emergency Assistance Plan;核事故/辐射紧急援助计划;NAREAP; Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information System;核燃料循环信息系统;; Nuclear Safety Standards;核安全标准;NUSS; Occupation Classification Manual;职业分类手册;; Ocean Science in Relation to Living Resources;生物资源海洋科学;OSLR; Oceans and Coastal Areas Programme;海洋和沿海区方案;OCA; Office for Project Service Users Advisory Group;项目事务厅用户咨询小组;; Conference on Landmines: Towards a Mine-Free Southern Africa;地雷问题会议:建立南部非洲无雷区;; Oil Exporting Developing Country;石油出口发展中国家;OExDC; Oil Importing Developing Country;石油进口发展中国家;OIDC; One Per Cent for Development Fund;百分之一薪金促进发展基金;; Treaty between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh on the Sharing of the Ganga/Ganges Waters at Farakka;印度共和国政府和孟加拉人民共和国政府关于分享法拉卡恒河水域的条约;; Special Investigation Group;特别调查组;; Legal Assistance Centre;法律援助中心;LAC; Zairian Press Agency;扎伊尔新闻社;AZAP; Training Programme in United Nations Administration;联合国行政训练方案;; Inter-agency Technical Committee on Population;机构间人口技术委员会人口技术委;IATCP;人口技术委 Agreement on Special Parallel Relations between the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Republika Srpska [Feb 97];南斯拉夫联盟共和国同斯普斯卡共和国之间特别平行关系协定;; Joint Inter-Governmental Commission;联合政府间委员会;; United Nations Environment and Development - United Nations Committee;联合国环境与发展-联合王国委员会 联联委员会;UNED-UK;联联委员会 Agreement concerning the transfer of pension rights with a view to securing their continuity;关于转移养恤金权利以保证其连续性的协定;; Comprehensive assessment of the freshwater resources of the world;全面评估世界淡水资源;; Dublin Water Principles;都柏林水事原则;; Guiding Principles;指导原则;; Rhine Action Plan;莱茵河行动计划;; Boundary Waters Treaty;边界水域条约;; Rural Water Statistical System;农村用水统计系统;AQUASTAT; Political Statement and Action Programme on Drinking Water and Environment Sanitation;关于饮水与环境卫生的政治声明和行动纲领;; task force to conduct an examination of DPI's current activities;审查新闻部目前活动工作队;; issue management system;问题管理制度;; Leader of the United Nations Country Team;联合国国家工作队队长;; Programme Advisory Committee;方案咨询委员会;PAC; United Nations Development Assistance Framework;联合国发展援助框架;; World Water Council;世界水事理事会;WWC; Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize;吉列尔莫·卡诺世界新闻自由奖;; UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize;教科文组织/吉列尔莫·卡诺世界新闻自由 奖;; Group of Experts on the United Nations Programme on Public Administration and Finance;联合国公共行政和财政方案专家组;; off-shore terminals;岸外设施;; repair yard;修船厂;; monetary penalties;罚款;; physical inspection;实际检查;; ice-covered areas;冰封区域;; shipping route;航路;; established international shipping route;已确定的国际航路;; identification marking;识别标志;; warning signal;警告信号;; marine technology;海洋技术;; conciliation proceedings;调解;; written declaration;书面声明;; notice of revocation;撤消[声明的]通知;; provisional measures;临时措施;; dispute settlement procedures;解决争端程序;; preliminary proceedings;初步程序;; sea boundary delimitations;划定海洋边界;; insular land territory;岛屿陆地领土;; self-governing associated States;自治联系国;; instruments of ratification;批准书;; instruments of formal confirmation;正式确认书;; instruments of accession;加入书;; Assembly of the Authority;管理局大会;; Council of the Authority;管理局理事会;; Geneva Convention on the Law of the Sea;日内瓦海洋法公约;; albacore tuna;长鳍金枪鱼;; Thunnus alalunga;长鳍金枪鱼;; bluefin tuna;金枪鱼;; Thunnus thynnus;金枪鱼;; bigeye tuna;肥壮金枪鱼大眼金枪鱼;; Thunnus obesus;肥壮金枪鱼;; skipjack tuna;鲣鱼;; Katsuwonus pelamis;鲣鱼;; yellowfin tuna;黄鳍金枪鱼;; Thunnus albacares;黄鳍金枪鱼;; blackfin tuna;黑鳍金枪鱼;; Thunnus atlanticus;黑鳍金枪鱼;; Euthynnus alletteratus;大西洋鲔;; Euthynnus affinis;小头鲔;; Thunnus maccoyii;麦氏金枪鱼[海洋法公约]; 南方蓝鳍金枪鱼;; frigate mackerel;扁舵鲣;; Auxis thazard;扁舵鲣;; Auxis rochei;扁舵鲣;; Bramidae;乌鲂科;; marlins;旗鱼科;; sail-fishes;东方旗鱼科;; Xiphias gladius;箭鱼;; dolphins;qi 鱼其鳅科;; Coryphaena hippurus;qi 鱼其鳅科;; oceanic sharks;大洋性鲨鱼[类];; Statement of Understanding;谅解声明;; delimitation of boundaries;划定边界;; title to minerals;矿物的所有权;; prospector;探矿者;; non-proprietary information;非专有情报;; enforceable contract;可以执行的合同;; joint venture;联合企业合营企业合资经营;; attibutable net proceeds;开发合同区域收益净额;; contractor's net proceeds;承包者收益净额;; contractor's gross proceeds;承包者收益毛额;; contractor's operating costs;承包者业务费用;; mining sector;采矿部门;; application fee;申请费;; return on investment;投资利得;; processed metals;加工金属;; international terminal markets;国际中心市场;; representative arm's length transaction;有代表性的正当交易;; arm's length transaction;正当交易;; freely usable currencies;可自由使用货币;; ERDENEBILEG, Sandagdorj;桑达格道里·额尔敦别列格;; exclusive right to explore and exploit;勘探和开发的专属权利;; security of tenure;合同在期限内持续有效的保证;; duration of operations;业务期限;; renunciation of areas;区域的放弃;; qualification standards;资格标准;; economic life;经济寿命;; useful life;有用年限;; commercial viability;商业上可以维持的能力;; chief executive of the Enterprise;企业部的行政首长;; debt guarantees;债务担保;; conciliators;调解员;; conciliation commission;调解委员会;; amicable settlement of the dispute;和睦解决争端;; Statute of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea;国际海洋法法庭规约;; Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg;汉堡自由汉萨城;; special chamber;特别分庭;; special allowance;特别津贴;; annual allowance;年度津贴;; special annual allowance;特别年度津贴;; judgment;判决书;; special arbitration;特别仲裁;; special arbitral tribunal;特别仲裁法庭;; Chadrel Rinpoche;洽扎·强巴赤列;; RAKHOMONOV, Emomali;埃莫马利·沙里波维奇·拉赫莫诺夫;; Thrips palmi plague;蓟马类小舌麦蛾虫害;; Thrips plague;蓟马类虫害;; Thrips palmi karay;蓟马类小舌麦蛾;; Organization de Coordination et de Cooperation pour la Lutte Contre les Grandes Endemies;防治主要地方病协调合作组织 防治地方病组织;OCCGE;防治地方病组织 LOCHER, Monica Linn;莫妮卡·林·洛赫尔;; Swedish International Development Authority;瑞典国际开发署瑞开发署;SIDA;瑞开发署 Reproductive, Educative and Community Health Programme;生殖、教育和社区保健方案 生教方案;REACH Programme;生教方案 BADECOY;BADECOY;BADECOY; ji, Peiding;吉佩定;; LU, Congmin;吕聪敏;; CIM;中科信息市场;CIM; CSCO;欧安会驻前南斯拉夫的马其顿共和国预防冲突蔓延特派团;CSCO; ASCO;美国临床肿瘤学会;ASCO; YANG, Jiechi;杨洁篪;; DONG, Yi;董毅;; Male Summit;马累首脑会议;; ICPD+5;人发会议五周年;ICPD+5; TARJANNE, Pekka;佩卡·塔里扬内;; Multimedia Super Corridor;多媒体超级走廊;; International Narcotics Control Board/Pompidou Group Expert Consultation on Control of Brokers and Transit Operators handling psychotropic substances and precursors;管制从事精神药物和前体交易的经纪人和过境营运人问题国际麻醉品管制局/篷皮杜小 组联合专家协商会议;; Chinese-Russian Joint Declaration on the Multipolarization of the World and the Establishment of a New International Order;中国-俄罗斯关于世界多极化和建立国际新 秩序的联合声明;; Joint Declaration by the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation on the Multipolarization of the World and the Establishment of a New International Order;中华人民共和国和俄罗斯联邦关于世界多极 化和建立国际新秩序的联合声明;; Bismillah ar Rahman ar Rahim;奉至仁至慈的真主之名;; Follow-up Commission;后续工作委员会;; First Information Note on Arrangements for the Special Session of the General Assembly for the Overall Review and Appraisal of the Implementation of Agenda 21 19th Special Session;关于全面审查和评价21世纪议程执行情况的 大会特别会议的安排的第一次情况说明;; Information Note on Arrangements for the Special Session of the General Assembly for the Overall Review and Appraisal of the Implementation of Agenda 21 19th Special Session;关于全面审查和评价21世纪议程执行情况的 大会特别会议的安排的第 次情况说明;; backbone upgrade;基干升级; 中枢网络升级;; Democratic Republic of the Congo;刚果民主共和国;DRC; Rescue Mission International;国际救援团;; Youth Agenda 21 Award;21世纪议程青年奖;; Working Group on an Agenda for Development;发展纲领问题工作组;; Working Group on the Strengthening of the United Nations System;加强联合国系统问题工作组;; United Nations Development Assistance Framework;联合国发展援助框架联发援框架;UNDAF;联发援框架 Airbus;空中客车;; International Air Transport Association;国际航空运输协会空运协会;IATA;空运协会 YE, Qing;叶青;; KHATAMI, Mohammed;赛义德·穆罕默德·哈特米;; OC IDF;以色列国防军指挥官;OC IDF; OKALI, Agwu;阿格乌·奥卡利;; ANNAN, Nane Mrs.;娜内·安南夫人;; fallback position;次选方案;; ONUCA Special Account;中美洲观察团特别帐户;; Open-ended Working Group on the Rules of Procedure;议事规则问题不限成员名额工作组;; Operating Command Language;操作控制语言OCL语言;OCL;OCL语言 Operating Fund Statement;业务基金报表;OFS; Operation ReUNite;团圆行动;; Optional Protocol concerning the Suppression of Counterfeiting Currency;取缔伪造货币任择议定书;; Organization for the Ruvuma Basin Development;鲁伍马河流域开发组织;; Organization of Central American States;中美洲国家组织中美洲组织;ODECA;中美洲组织 Ottawa Declaration on Women and Structural Adjustment;渥太华妇女与结构调整问题宣言;; Ouro Preto Protocol;欧鲁普雷图议定书;; Overseas Private Investment Corporation;海外私人投资公司;OPIC; Pacific Basin Consortium for Hazardous Waste Research;太平洋盆地危险废物研究集团;; Pacific Basin Development Council;太平洋盆地开发理事会;PBDC; Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre;太平洋金融技术援助中心;; Pacific Fisheries Development Foundation;太平洋渔业发展基金会;PFDF; Pacific Islands Association;太平洋岛屿协会;PIA; Pacific Salmon Treaty;太平洋鲑鱼条约;; Pacific Tuna Development Foundation;太平洋金枪鱼开发基金会;PTDF; Palestinian Family Reunification Committee;巴勒斯坦家庭团聚委员会;; Pan-African Conference on the Education of Girls;泛非女童教育会议;; Pan-African Cultural Manifesto;泛非文化宣言;; Pan-African Epidemic Preparedness Project;泛非流行病预防项目;; Pan-African Festival of Arts and Culture;泛非文化艺术节;FESPAC; Pan-African Linguistic Association;泛非语言协会;; Pan-African Mathematical Union;泛非数学联盟;; Pan-American Committee of the World Council of Management;世界管理理事会泛美委员会;PACCIOS; Pan-American Network for Information an Documentation in Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences;泛美卫生工程和环境科学信息文献网;; Panama 2000 meeting;巴拿马2000年会议;; Panel of Experts on Earth Science and Technology;地球科学技术专家小组;; Paris Summit on HIV/AIDS;巴黎艾滋病毒/艾滋病问题首脑会议;; Paris Union Committee for International Cooperation in Information Retrieval Among Patent Offices;巴黎联合会专利局间信息检索国际合作委员会;ICIREPAT; Partners in Health;健康伙伴;; Partnership for Change;改革伙伴;; Patent Documentation and Information Centre;专利文献和信息中心;; payload and spacecraft development and experiments programme;有效负荷和航天器研制及实验计划;PSDE; Peace Messenger Award;和平使者奖;; Pension Purchasing Power Protection Insurance Plan;堡养恤金购买力保险计划;PPPPIP; Permanent Commission for the South Pacific;南太平洋常设委员会;PCSP; Permanent Committee for Information and Cultural Affairs;新闻和文化事务常设委员会;; Permanent Committee on Housing and Urban Development for Central America and Panama;中美洲及巴拿马住房和城市发展常设委员会;; Permanent Committee of the Islamic Conference on Economic and Commercial Cooperation;伊斯兰经济和商业合作会议常设委员会;; Permanent Committee on Paten Information;专利信息常设委员会;; Permanent Conference of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Economic Community;欧洲经济共同体工商会常设会议;CPCCIP; Permanent Coordinating Group;常设协调小组;; Permanent Executive Committee of the Inter-American Economic and Social Council;美洲经济及社会理事会常设委员会 美洲经社执委会;CEPCIES;美洲经社执委会 Permanent Finance Committee;常设财务委员会;; Permanent Panel on Coconut Technology;椰子技术常设小组;COCOTECH; Permanent Regional Forum on Industrial and Technological Policy and Integration;工业技术政策和一体化常设区域论坛;; Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level;常设平均海平面事务处;PSMSL; Permanent Service for the Fluctuation of Glaciers;常设冰川变动事务处;; Personnel Administration Manual;人事管理手册;; Personnel Master File;总人事档案;PMF; Pesticide Action Network International;农药行动网国际;PAN-International; Pesticides Law Advisory Programme;农药法律咨询方案;; Petition for the Rights of Future Generations;为后代的权利请愿;; Pilot Programme on Integrated Human Resources Development;综合人力资源开发试办方案;; Plan of Immediate Action;即期行动计划;; Polar Beacon Experiment and Auroral Research Satellite;极地信标实验和极光研究卫星;Polar BEAR; Policy and Coordination Committee;政策和协调委员会;PCAC; Policy Coordination and Procedures;政策协调和程序;PCP; Polio Plus initiative;小儿麻痹症强力疫苗倡议;; Pollutant Standards Index;污染物标准指数;PSI; Population Documentation Centre;人口文献中心;PDC; Population Information Network for Africa;非洲人口信息网;POPLIN-Africa; Population Watch News Service;人口观察新闻处;; Power Reactor Information System;动力反应堆信息系统;PRIS; Pre-investment Facility;投资前基金机制;PRIF; working group on a draft optional protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on involvement of children in armed conflicts;《儿童权利公约》关于儿童卷入武装冲突的 任择议定书草案工作组;; working group on a draft optional protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography;《儿童权利公约》关于买卖儿童、儿童卖淫 和儿童色情制品的任择议定书草案工作组;; Pressure-State-Response-framework;压力-结果-反应框架;PSR-framewor; Principle of Special and Differential Treatment;特别和优惠待遇原则;; Private Sector Foundation;私营部门基金会;PSF; probabilistic risk analysis;风险概率分析;PRA; Programme Activity Details;方案活动细节;PAD; Programme Coordination and Monitoring Office;方案协调和监测处;PCMO; Programme for Asian Cooperation in Energy and the Environment;亚洲能源和环境合作方案;PACE-E; Programme for the Advancement of Commercial Technology;提高商用技术方案商技方案;PACT;商技方案 American Arbitration Association;美国仲裁协会;AAA; asesor auxiliar sobre drogas;药物顾问助理;AAD; Association des anciens fonctionnaires internationaux;退职国际公务员协会;AAFI; Programme Group for the Southern Ocean;南极洋方案小组;IOCSOC; Programme Management System;方案管理系统;PMS; Programme on Population Activities in Latin America;拉丁美洲人口活动方案拉美人口方案;PROLAP;拉美人口方案 Programme on Short- and Medium-range Weather Prediction Research;中短期天气预测研究方案;PSMP; Programme on Training Development in the Field of Maritime Transport;海运领域训练发展方案;TRAINMAR; Programme on Training, Education and Mutual Assistance in the Marine Sciences;海洋科学训练、教育和互助方案;TEMA; project for twinning universities;姐妹学校项目;UNITWIN; Project Management Information System;项目管理信息系统;PMIS; Project Management System;项目管理系统;PMS; Project Preparation Facility;项目编制资金机制;PPF; Project Progress Report;项目进度报告;PPR; Protocol amending the European Agreement of 1957 concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road;修正1957年欧洲国际公路运输危险货物协定 的议定书;; Protocol No. 2 to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;堡人权与基本自由公约第2号议定书;; Protocol on the Conservation and Management of Protected Marine and Coastal Areas of the South-East Pacific;养护和管理东南太平洋海洋和沿海堡区的 议定书;; Protocol on the Reduction of Sulphur Emissions or Their Transboundary Fluxes by at least 30%;关于将硫排放量或其越境流量至少降低百分之 三十的议 定书;; Protocol to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;堡人权与基本自由公约议定书;; European Agreement on the Protection of Television Broadcasts;欧洲堡电视广播协定;; Protocol to the European Agreement on the Protection of Television Broadcasts;欧洲堡电视广播协定议定书;; Protocol to the European Code of Social Security;欧洲社会安全规则议定书;; Inter-American Convention on the Admission of Evidence;美洲接受证据公约;; Protocol to the Inter-American Convention on the Admission of Evidence;美洲接受证据公约议定书;; Provident Fund Advisory Committee;节约储金咨询委员会;; Provisional Agreement on Matters concerning the Great Ocean Deeps;关于大洋深处事项的临时协定;; Puno Programme of Action;普诺行动纲领;; Quadripartite Commission on Voluntary Return of Refugees and Displaced Persons in Abkhazia;阿布哈兹难民和流离失所者自愿回返四方委 员会;; Quality Assurance Group;质量保证小组;; Radioactive Waste Management Committee;放射性废物管理委员会;; Rainfed Agriculture Information Network;旱作农业信息网;RAIN; World Peace Summit;世界和平首脑会议;; Ramsar Convention;拉姆萨尔公约;; Rapid Abuse Assessment System;药物滥用快速评价制度;; receiving stations;接收站;DRS; recognition agreement between UNICEF and National Committees;儿童基金会与各国儿童基金会委员会的承认 协定;; Recommendation concerning the Protection, at National Level, of the Cultural and Natural Heritage;关于在国家一级堡文化和自然遗产的建议;; Recommendation for the Treatment of Foreign Prisoners;外籍囚犯待遇建议;; Redeployment Committee;员额调动委员会;RC; Regional Aquaculture Centre;区域水产养殖中心;; Regional Association for Africa Asia; Europe; North and Central America; South America;非洲 亚洲、欧洲、北美洲和中美洲、南美洲 区域协会;; Regional Bureau for South and South-East Asia;南亚和东南亚区域局;; Regional Centre for Agrarian or Agricultural Reform and Rural Development in the Near East;近东农业改革和农村发展区域中心;; Regional Centre for Arbitration;区域仲裁中心;; Regional Centre for Functional Literacy in Rural Areas in Latin America;拉丁美洲农村实用识字区域中心 拉美农村识字中心;CREFAL;拉美农村识字中心 Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration - Cairo;开罗国际商业仲裁区域中心;; Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Africa;非洲和平与裁军区域中心;RCPDA;非洲裁军中心 Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean;拉丁美洲和加勒比和平、裁军与发展区域中 心;RCPDDLAC;拉加裁军中心 Regional Centre for Technology Transfer;技术转让区域中心;RCTT; Regional Centre for the Preservation of Cultural Property in the Arab States;堡阿拉伯国家文化财产区域中心;; Regional Centre for the Promotion of Environmental Planning and Applied Studies;促进环境规划和应用研究区域中心;PEPAS; Regional Centre for the Teaching of Informatics;信息学区域教学中心;CREI; Regional Centre on Problems of Nutrition;营养问题区域中心;; Regional Commission on Food Security for Asia and the Pacific;亚洲及太平洋粮食安全区域委员会;; Regional Conference of African United Nations Associations;非洲联合国协会区域会议;; 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司