翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 Global Partnership Summit on Environment;环境问题全球合作首脑会议;; Global Environmental Action;全球环境行动;; Tokyo Declaration 1997;1997年东京宣言;; Civil-Military Cooperation Task Force;军民合作工作队;; Pan-Pacific Conference on Natural Hazards;泛太平洋自然灾害问题会议;; Nairobi Declaration on the Role and Mandate of UNEP;关于环境规划署的作用和任务的内罗毕宣言;; Caribbean Regional Seminar to Review the Political, Economic and Social Conditions in the Small Island Non-Self-Governing Territories;审查小岛屿非自治领土政治、经济和社会状况加勒比区域讨论会;; Regional Waste Minimization and Management and Pollution Prevention Programme;减少废物,管理废物和预防污染区域方案;; Sub-regional Programme for Sustainable Development in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for the Pacific;太平洋分区域农林渔可持续发展方案;; Education and Training Programme;教育和训练方案;; Committee on Island Ecosystems;岛屿生态系统委员会;; Secretary-General's Task Force on Peace-keeping Operations;秘书处维持和平行动工作队;; Secretary-General's Management Plan;秘书处管理计划;; Working Group on United Nations information strategies;联合国新闻战略工作组;; Thessaloniki Declaration on Good-Neighbourly Relations, Stability, Security and Cooperation in the Balkans;关于巴尔干半岛睦邻关系、稳定、安全与 合作的塞萨洛尼基宣言;; Balkan Institute for Technology Transfer;巴尔干技术转让研究所;; Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation in South-Eastern Europe;东南欧民主与和解中心;; Balkan Centre for Cooperation among Small and Medium-size Enterprises;巴尔干中小型企业合作中心;; Flame of Peace ceremony;和平火焰仪式;; Intra-Afghan Working Group;阿富汗内部工作组;; International Forum on Assistance to Afghanistan;援助阿富汗国际论坛援阿论坛;IFAA;援阿论坛 Consultative Meeting among the Executive Heads of Subregional Organizations and ESCAP;分区域组织和亚太经社会行政首长协商会议;; Asia Pacific Information Exchange;亚太信息交换中心;; Network of Boards of Investment and Chambers for promoting industrial development and relocation;投资委员会和商会促进工业发展和迁移网;; Subcommittee on Trade and Investment;贸易和投资小组委员会;; Subcommittee on Industry and Technology;工业和技术小组委员会;; Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources Development;环境和自然资源发展委员会;; Committee on Socio-Economic Measures to Alleviate Poverty in Rural and Urban Areas;城乡扶贫社会经济措施委员会;; Forum for Social and Economic Consensus-building;建立社会和经济共识论坛;; Lands Bank;土地银行;; gender empowerment measure;妇女权力指数;GEM; Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses;儿童疾病综合管理;IMCI; Checkpoint Policy;检查站政策;; Open Skies trial;试行开放天空;; Safe Water Supply project;安全饮水供应项目;; Repatriation and Return Operation 1997 [UNHCR in Bosnia and Herzegovina];1997年遣返和回返行动;; Police Assistance Programme;警务援助方案;; Strategic Plan for Health System Reform;保健制度改革战略计划;; Ministerial Conference on Women in Development;妇女参与发展部长级会议;; United Nations Working Group on Women and Environment;联合国妇女与环境工作组;; Implementation Agreement [short form for Agreement relating to the implementation of Part XI of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seaof 10 December 1982];执行协定;; Ad Hoc Committee on the Elaboration of Legal Instruments for the Prevention of Terrorist Acts;制订预防恐怖主义行为法律文书特设委员会;; Global Issue Initiative on Population and AIDS;人口与艾滋病全球议题倡议;; European Parliamentary Forum for Action;欧洲议会行动论坛;; special meeting of European Union Development and Humanitarian Aid Ministers on the situation in the Great Lakes region;欧洲联盟主管发展和人道主义援助部长关于大湖区局势的特别会议;; European Monitoring Group for Drugs and Drug Addiction;欧洲毒品和吸毒监测小组;; Decade for the Sustainable Production and Use of Energy;能源可持续生产和使用十年;; Environmentally Acceptable Transport;环境能接受的运输方法;; Conference on Sustainable Urban Development;可持续城市发展会议;; Special Ministerial Committee on Somalia;索马里问题特设部长委员会;; Joint Group of 24/Consultative Group Donors Conference;24国集团/协商小组捐助国联席会议;; World Solar Programme 1996-2005;1996-2005年世界太阳能方案太阳能方案;WSP;太阳能方案 Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council;欧洲-大西洋合作理事会欧大理事会;EAPC;欧大理事会 Inter-Agency Programme for Community Reintegration and Peace-building for Liberia;利比里亚社区安置和建设和平机构间方案;; United Nations Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal for Liberia;联合国利比里亚问题机构间联合呼吁;; Forestry Capacity Programme;加强森林管理能力方案;; Programme for Post-Conflict Socio-Economic Rehabilitation for the South of Lebanon;南黎巴嫩冲突后社会经济复兴方案;; Declaration of Tunis on Gender and Human Development;突尼斯性别与人类发展宣言;; Regional Capacity-Building Programme;区域能力建设方案;; Office of Space Affairs;空间事务处;; Summit of the Nairobi II Committee on the Crisis in the Great Lakes Region;内罗毕二委员会大湖区晰问题首脑会议;; Nairobi II;内罗毕二;; Nairobi II Committee;内罗毕二委员会;; Coordinating Committee of African National Institutions;非洲国家机构协调委员会;; Inter-Ministerial Committee on Human Rights and Democracy;部会间人权和民主委员会;; Partnership for Sustainable Global Growth;可持续全球增长伙伴关系;; Consortium d'assistance operationnelle aux pays de l'Europe de l'est;业务援助东欧国家协会卡西欧皮;CASSIOPEE;卡西欧皮 Seminar on Radioactive Waste Management Practices and Issues in Developing Countries;发展中国家放射性废物管理实践与问题讨 论会;; Sealed Radiation Sources registry;密封辐射源登记系统;; sealed radiation sources;密封辐射源;SRS; Environmental Restoration Programme;环境恢复方案;; International Conference on Radioactive Waste: Storage, Transportation, Recycling; Environment and Human Impact;放射性废物的储存、运输、回收利用及其对 环境和人类的影响国际讨论会;; Special Operation for Former Yugoslavia;前南斯拉夫特别行动;; Guidelines on Detention of Asylum-Seekers;寻求庇护者拘留问题准则;; San Jose Declaration on Refugees and Displaced Persons;难民和流离失所者问题圣何塞宣言;; Handbook for Resettlement;安置手册;; Government Service Package;成套政府服务;; Priority Actions Handbook;优先行动手册;; Emergency Kit;应急箱;; Guidelines on Commodity Distribution;商品分配准则;; Asset Management System;资产管理制度;; Framework for Inter-agency Initiatives;机构间主动行动框架;; Symposium on Gender-based Persecution;基于性别的迫害专题讨论会;; New York City Diplomatic Parking Programme;纽约市外交车辆停放方案;; Trust for Special ESAF Operations for the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries and Interim ESAF Subsidy Operations;扩充调整金重债穷国特别业务和扩充调整金临时补贴业务信托基金 扩充调整金-重债穷国信托基金;ESAF-HIPC Trust;扩充调整金-重债穷国信托基金 High-level Meeting on Integrated Initiatives for Least Developed Countries' Trade Development;促进最不发达国家贸易发展综合行动高级 别会议;; New Arrangement to Borrow;借款新安排;NAB; Declaration on Partnership for Sustainable Global Growth;可持续全球增长伙伴关系宣言;; Capacity-building Programme for Sustainable Water Sector Development;水部门可持续发展能力建设方案;; Conference of South American Ministers of Transport, Communications and Public Works;南美洲运输、通讯和公共工程部长会议;; Global Knowledge '97;1997年全球知识会议;; Global Knowledge Partnership;全球知识伙伴关系;GKP; United Nations Information Fair;联合国新闻博览会;; Steering Committee for Water Supply and Sanitation;供水和卫生指导委员会;; Committee on the Rights of the Child/non-governmental organization liaison officer;儿童权利委员会同非政府组织联络干事;; Special Adviser on Cyprus;塞浦路斯问题特别顾问;; Joint Conference of African Planners, Statisticians, Demographers and Information Scientists;非洲规划、统计、人口统计和信息工作者联席会议;; Conference of African Planners, Statisticians, Population and Information Specialists;非洲规划、统计、人口和信息专家会议;; African Statistical Association;非洲统计协会统协;AFSA;统协 Technical Secretariat;技术秘书处;; Regional Centres for Training and Technology Transfer;区域训练和技术转让中心;; League for the Defence of Human Righs in Rwanda;卢旺达捍卫人权联盟;LIPRODHOR; Rwanda Women's Alliance and Solidarity;卢旺达妇女同盟团结会;ASOFERWA; United Nations in Development; Strengthening the UN through Change: Fulfilling Its Economic and Social Mandate;发展中的联合国-通过改革加强联合国,以完成其经济和社会任务;; Nordic United Nations Reform Project 1996 in the Economic and Social Fields;北欧国家1996年联合国经济和社会领域改革项目;; Sub-committee on Property and Compensation;财产和赔偿问题小组委员会;; Joint Implementation Committee on Records;档案问题联合执行委员会;; Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Inter-country Adoption;堡儿童和国家间收养方面合作海牙公约;; Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Cooperation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Children;关于在父母责任和堡儿童措施方面的管辖 权、适用法律、承认、执行和合作的公约;; Joint Implementation Committee on Police;警务联合执行委员会;; Historical Clarification Commission;历史真相调查委员会;; Human Rights Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina;波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那人权委员会;; Human Rights Office;人权办事处;; Meeting of Consultation on Cooperation to Prevent and Eliminate International Terrorism;预防和消除国际恐怖主义合作协商会议;; Plan of Action on Hemispheric Cooperation to Prevent, Combat and Eliminate Terrorism;西半球合作预防、打击、消除恐怖主义行动 计划;; Declaration of Montrouis: A New Vision of the OAS;蒙特路易斯宣言:美洲国家组织的新看法;; Declaration of Lima to Prevent, Combat and Eliminate Terrorism;预防、打击、消除恐怖主义利马宣言;; Consultative Meetings on Repatriation to Bosnia and Herzegovina;向波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那遣返协商会议;; Trust Fund Unit;信托基金股;; Brcko Implementation Conference;布尔奇科执行会议;; Mine-Action Plan;排雷行动计划;; Operational Plan for Durable Solutions within the Framework of Annex 7 of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Related Regional Return and Repatriation Movements [UNHCR];关于在波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那和平总框架协 定附件7框架内的持久解决办法和有关区域 回返和遣返工作的行动计划;; Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Russian Federation;北大西洋公约组织和俄罗斯联邦关于相互关系、合作与安全的基本文件;; Document on Scope and Parameters;范围和参数文件;; theatre missile defence;战区导弹防御战区导弹防卫;TMD; European Security and Defence Identity;欧洲安全与防卫特性;ESDI; Euro-Atlantic area;欧洲-大西洋地区;; Treaty-Limited Equipment;受条约限制的装备;; Conference of National Armaments Directors;国家军备主任会议;; Combined Joint Task Forces;多国联合部队;CJTF; Corporate Strategy and Quality Assurance Section;共同战略和质量保证科质保科;CSQAS;质保科 General and Specific Standards for the Professional Practices of Internal Auditing in United Nations Organizations;联合国各组织内部审计专业实务的一般和具体标准;; International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection;国际非电离辐射防护委员会;ICNIRP; Latin American and Caribbean Health Service Information Centre;拉丁美洲和加勒比卫生服务信息中心 拉加卫生信息中心;BIREME;拉加卫生信息中心 Pan-American Information Network on Environmental Health;泛美环境卫生信息网;REPIDISCA; Concise International Chemical Assessment Documents;简明国际化学品评估文件 化学品评估文件;CICADs;化学品评估文件 Division of Emerging and Other Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Control;新出现和其他传染病监测防治司新病司;EMC;新病司 Information for Decision-making in Environment and Health;环境与卫生决策信息;IDEAH; rapidly deployable headquarters;快速部署总部;RDH; Central Intersectoral Operation Group;中央部门间行动小组;; Human Genome Diversity Project;人类基因组多样性项目;; International Seminar on Integrating Families in Social Progress and Development;家庭参与社会进步与发展国际讨论会;; International Seminar on Family Policy and Plans of Action;家庭政策与行动计划国际讨论会;; Inter-agency Working Group on Youth and Development;机构间青年与发展工作组;; United Nations Youth Information Network;联合国青年信息网青年网;UNYIN;青年网 Inter-agency Steering Committee on Youth and Sustainable Development;机构间青年与可持续发展指导委员会;; North-South Centre;南北中心;; Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health;心理健康研究和训练合作中心;; Division of Youth and Sports;青年和体育司;; Division of Youth;青年司;; Division of Children and Youth;儿童与青年司;; Political Affairs Officer;政治事务干事;PAO; Military Provost Marshall;宪兵司令;; Fixed-wing Aircraft Unit;固定翼飞机股;; Engineering Unit;工程股;; Engineering Support Services Section;工程支助事务科;; Chief Procurement Officer;首席采购干事;; Chief Military Personnel Officer;首席军事人员干事;; Chief Engineering Officer;首席工程干事;; Chief Electronic Data-processing Officer;首席电子数据处理干事;; Executive Committee of the United Nations Development Group;联合国发展集团执行委员会;; procurement management and tracking system;采购管理和追踪系统;; Framework for Change, A;变革框架;; information technology strategy;信息技术战略;; Centre for International Crime Prevention;国际预防犯罪中心预防犯罪中心;CICP;预防犯罪中心 United Nations focal point for post-conflict peace-building;联合国冲突后建设和平协调中心;; global team;全球队伍;; Migration Adviser;移徙顾问;; Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention;药物管制和预防犯罪办事处药管办事处;ODCCP;药管办事处 United Nations Enterprise Liaison Service;联合国企业联络事务处;; Millennium Assembly of the United Nations, the;联合国千年大会;; development account;发展帐户;; People's Millennium Assembly;人民千年大会;; Strategic Compact: Renewing the Bank's Effectiveness to Fight Poverty;战略合同:恢复世界银行的效力以消除贫穷;; UN House;联合国之家;; Regional Expert Group Meeting on Women in Development;妇女参与发展问题区域专家组会议;; Regional Non-Governmental Organization Forum;非政府组织区域论坛;; Nordic Forum;北欧论坛;; Interregional Conference on Women, Environment and Health;区域间妇女、环境与卫生会议;; Regional Conference on Arab Women and Sustainable Development;阿拉伯妇女与可持续发展区域会议;; Administration and Management Control Unit;行政和管理控制股;; Trust Fund to Sponsor Gratis Military Officers from Developing Countries;赞助发展中国家提供免费军官信托基金;; Declaration on the Commemoration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Independence of Pakistan;庆祝巴基斯坦独立五十周年宣言;; Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Summit;伊斯兰首脑会议特别会议;; Election Observation Coordinator;选举观察协调员;; Measures to Expedite and Streamline the Implementation of Security Council Resolution 986 1995;加速和简化执行安全理事会第9861995号决议的措施;; Mostar Security Coordination Group;莫斯塔尔安全协调小组;; International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change;全球环境变化人的方面国际方案 人的方面方案;IHDP;人的方面方案 Hemispheric Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Science and Technology;西半球主管科技部长会议;; Commonwealth Regional health Community Secretariat for East, Central and Southern Africa;英联邦东部、中部和南部非洲区域卫生秘书处;CRHCS/ECSA; iodine-induced thyrotoxicosis;碘诱导甲状腺毒症;IIT; Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre;坦桑尼亚粮食和营养中心营养中心;TFNC;营养中心 Joint WHO/UNICEF Consultation on Complementary Feeding of Infants and Young Children;卫生组织/儿童基金会婴幼儿补充餐问题联合 协商;; Joint Consultation on Complementary Feeding;补充餐问题联合协商;; World Conference on Tobacco or Health, Tenth;第十届世界烟草或健康大会;; Ghana Partnership for Child Development;加纳儿童发展伙伴方案;; sub-regional resource facilities;分区资源中心;SURFs; Cairo Declaration Establishing the Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution;关于建立冲突预防、管理和解决机制的开罗宣言;; Five-Point Peace Plan on Zaire;扎伊尔五点和平计划;; sustainable food security network in Central West Africa;非洲中西部可持续粮食安全网萨道克网;SADAOC network;萨道克网 Gender Advisory Board;性别咨询委员会;; Gender in Development Sub-group;男女平等参与发展分组;; Contract Management Unit;合同管理股;; stress counsellor;心理压力辅导员;; Regional Administrative Officer;区域行政干事;; District Officer;地区干事;; Deputy High Representative for Brcko;布尔奇科副高级代表;; Spokesman's Office;发言人办公室;; Radio Unit;无线电股;; Print Unit [UNMIBH];印刷股;; World Association of Cities and Local Authorities;世界城市和地方当局协会;; Machine-Readable Catalogue;机器可读目录;MARC; Task Force on Information Access and Dissemination;信息存取和传播工作队 信息存取工作队;TF/IAD;信息存取工作队 United Nations Libraries Shared Cataloguing and Public Access System;联合国图书馆共用目录和公众查阅系统 共用目录系统;UNCAPS;共用目录系统 Inter-agency Telecommunication Coordination Group;机构间电信协调组电信协调组;IATCG;电信协调组 Task Force on Expansion of Internet Services;互联网服务扩展工作队;; Task Force on Information Management and Standards;信息管理和标准工作队 信管工作队;TF/IMS;信管工作队 Civil Reconstruction Team;民事重建队;; bridging programme;连接方案;; International Decade for the Eradication of Poverty;国际消灭贫穷十年;; Material Management Project;物资管理项目;; Metropolitan Area Network for Geneva;日内瓦市域网;Geneva MAN; Evaluation Knowledgebase System;评价知识库系统;EKSYST; learning from each other's successes;互相学习成功经验;LEOS; Evaluation Forum;评价论坛;EVALFORUM; Mid-Decade Review of Progress for Children;儿童首脑会议目标进展情况十年中期审查;; Global and Inter-regional Programmes;全球和区域间方案;GIP; Editorial and Translation Unit;编辑和翻译股;ETU; Periodicals and Special Presentations Unit;期刊和特别展示股;PSPU; Fund Management;基金管理;; Secretariat of Commission and External Relations;委员会和对外关系秘书处;; Special Programmes and Assignment Unit [Habitat];特别方案和任务股;; Inter-Organizational Affairs Unit;组织间事务股;; Information and Audio-Visual Division;信息和视听司;; Training and Capacity-Building Section;训练和能力建设科;; Audio-Visual Unit;视听股;AVU; Design, Production and Dissemination Unit;设计、制作和传播股;DPDU; strategy for the management of human resources of the Organization;联合国组织人力资源管理战略;HRMS; Joint Declaration on Cooperation over off-shore activities in the south-west Atlantic;西南大西洋近侯动合作联合宣言;; Programme of Collaborative Research in the Economics of Environment and Development;环境与发展经济学领域合作研究方案 环发研方案;CREED;环发研方案 Joint Working Group on the Operational Procedures of Return;回返的作业程序问题联合工作组;; Contractual Services Unit;订约承办事务股;; Distribution and Reproduction Unit;分发和复制股;; Editorial Control Unit;编辑管制股;; Editorial, Publishing and Correspondence Section;编辑、出版和文书科;; Editorial Text Processing Unit;编辑文本处理股;; Linguistic Support Unit;语文支助股;; Meetings Coordination Unit;会议协调股;; Planning and Coordination Section;规划和协调科;; Documents Control and Productivity Monitoring System;文件管制和生产力监测系统;DCPMS; special delivery support facility;特别执行支助机制;; Special Delivery Task Force;特别执行工作队;; Executive Committee on Economic and Social Affairs;经济和社会事务执行委员会;; Baltic Assembly;波罗的海大会;; Countries of Visegrad;维舍格勒国家;; Drug Control Coordination Mechanism;药物管制协调机制;; Baltic Council of Ministers;波罗的海部长理事会;; Caspian Cooperation Council;里海合作理事会;; Euro-Arctic Council of the Barents Sea;巴伦支海欧洲北极理事会;; Sub-regional Drug Control Cooperation Programme for Central Europe;中欧分区域药物管制合作方案;; Coordinated Technical Support Programme;协同技术支助方案;; Coordination Unit for Economies in Transition;转型期经济体协调股;; Liberia Human Rights Centre;利比里亚人权中心;; National Reintegration Steering Committee;全国重返社会指导委员会;; Search for Common Ground;寻求共同点;; Public Information Unit;新闻股;PIU; Chechen Republic of Ichkeria;伊奇克里亚车臣共和国;; Treaty of peace and principles of relations between the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria;俄罗斯联邦和伊奇克里亚车臣共和国和平与关系原则条约;; Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management;废燃料管理安全和放射性废物管理安全联合公约;; Recommendation for the 2000 Round of Population and Housing Censuses in the ECE Region;欧洲经委会区域2000年人口和住房普查建议;; First Account of the Common Fund for Commodities;商品共同基金第一帐户;; Intergovernmental Forum on Forests;政府间森林问题论坛 森林论坛;IFF;森林论坛 Special Programme for Least Developed, Land-locked and Island Developing Countries;最不发达、内陆和岛屿发展中国家特别方案;; Special Programme for Local Governance and Civic Participation;地方施政和公民参与特别方案;; Special Public Works Programme;公共工程特别方案;SPWP; Special Ralph Bunche Trust Fund;拉尔夫·邦奇特别信托基金;; Special Technical Committee on the Problems of Land-locked Countries;内陆国家问题特别技术委员会;; special task force on non-supply assistance;非物资援助特别工作队;; Specially Protected Areas;特别堡区;; SPI Working Group;船港交接工作组;; Sport Aid programme;体育界援助方案;; Staff Assistance Fund;工作人员援助基金;; Staff Incentive Programme;工作人员奖励方案;; Staff Management Forum;工作人员和管理当局论坛;SMF; Staff Papers;工作人员文件;; Staff Personal Accounts System;工作人员个人帐户制度;SPA; Staff Provident Fund;工作人员节约储金;; Staff Welfare Fund;工作人员福利基金;; Standard Classification of Tourism Occupations;旅游职业标准分类;; Standard Foreign Trade Classification;对外贸易标准分类;SFTC; Standard Format for the Annual Exchange of Information;年度信息交流标准格式;; Standard International Classification of Energy-Producing Activities;能源生产活动国际标准分类;; Standard Loan Agreement;标准贷款协定;; Standard Minimum Rules for Non-custodial Measures;非拘禁措施最低限度标准规则;; Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia;马来西亚标准和工业研究所;SIRIM; Standing Advisory Group on Safeguards Implementation;执行保障制度常设咨询组;SAGSI; Standing Commission on the Waters of the Senegal River;塞内加尔河水域常设委员会;; Standing Committee of Caribbean Statisticians;加勒比统计学家常设委员会 统计学家常委会;SCCS;统计学家常委会 Standing Committee of Ministers Responsible for Science and Technology in the Caribbean Community;加勒比共同体主管科技部长常设委员会;; Standing Committee of Ministers responsible for Tourism;旅游部长常设委员会;; Standing Committee of Ministers responsible for Transportation;交通运输部长常设委员会;; Standing Committee of the Horn of Africa [a.k.a. Standing Committee of the States of the Horn of Africa on Somalia];非洲之角常设委员会;; Standing Committee of the Senate;评议会常设委员会;; Standing Committee of United Nations AIDS Focal Points;联合国艾滋病协调中心常设委员会;; AIDS focal point;艾滋病协调中心;; Standing Committee on Drought, Desertification and Natural Disasters;干旱、荒漠化和自然灾害问题常设委员会;; Standing Committee on Finance and Budget;财务和预算常设委员会;; Standing Committee on Health, Safety and Working Environment;健康、安全和工作环境常设委员会;; Standing Committee on Institutional Relations and Programmatic Development;机构关系和方案拟订常设委员会;; Standing Committee on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries;发展中国家间技术合作常设委员会;; Standing Committee on the Hides, Skins and Leather Products Industry;皮张和皮革产品业常设委员会;; WHO Global Strategy for Health and Environment;卫生组织健康与环境全球战略;; Oversight Committee;监督委员会;; Policy Forum;政策论坛;; Joint Institute for Social Aid;社会援助联合研究所社援所;IMAS;社援所 Earth Charter Commission;地球宪章委员会;; intergovernmental panel in trade;政府间贸易小组;; Commissioner on Democratic Institutions and Human Rights including the Rights of Persons belonging to Minorities;民主体制和人权包括少数人人权专员;; Regional Office for the Baltic and Nordic Countries;波罗的海和北欧国家区域办事处;; Task Force on Harassment, including Sexual Harassment, in the Work Place;工作地点骚扰包括性骚扰问题工作队;; Special Group on Media Issues;媒体问题特别小组;; Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries;葡萄牙语国家共同体葡语共同体;CPLP;葡语共同体 Agreement on Cooperation among the Governments of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries for the Reduction of Demand, Prevention of Undue Consumption and Combat against Production and Illicit Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substan;葡萄牙语国家共同体各国政府关于减少需求 、防止不当消费及打击生产和非法贩运麻醉 药品和精神药物的合作协定;; United Nations Transition Mission in Haiti;联合国海地过渡时期特派团联海过渡团;UNTMIH;联海过渡团 Preliminary Agreement on a National Reconciliation Pact;民族和解协定缔结前的协议;; National Reconciliation and Reparation Commission;民族和解和赔偿委员会;; Security and Social Commission;社会安全委员会 依法文译;;依法文译 International Monitoring Committee;国际监测委员会;; Facts for Life: A Communication Challenge;生命知识:对传播的挑战;; Office of External Relations;对外关系处;; Under-Secretary-General in charge of the economic and social departments;主管经济和社会各部副秘书长;; Hague Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Cooperation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Children;关于在父母责任和堡儿童措施方面的管辖 权、适用法律、承认、执行和合作的海牙公 约;; International Conference on Combating Child Pornography on the Internet;打击互联网上的儿童色情制品国际会议;; Humanitarian Coordinator of the Oil-for-Food Programme in Iraq;伊拉克以石油换粮食方案人道主义协调员;; Terminology and Reference Section;名词和参考资料科;TRS;名词科 Facilities Management Division;设施管理司;FMD;设施司 Travel and Transportation Service;旅行和运输处;TTS;旅行处 Office for Central Support Services;中央支助事务厅;OCSS; tract first or second0;第一条、第二条轨道;; Arbitral Tribunal for Dispute over Inter-entity Boundary in Brcko Area;布尔奇科地区实体间边界争端仲裁法庭;; Electronic Services;电子事务处;; Human Resources Management Service;人力资源管理处;; Division of Administrative Services;行政事务司;; Support Services;支助事务处;; Management Development and Governance Programme;管理发展和施政方案;MDGP; Expert Group on Monetary and Financial Statistics;货币和金融统计专家组;; Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics;国际收支统计委员会;; Notes for the Guidance of military observers, polling officers;军事观察员、投票事务员准则说明;; Men and Women in Politics: Democracy Still in the Making;男女参与政治:尚未实现的民主;; Agreement concerning the Protection of the Mediterranean Coastal Waters;关于堡地中海海岸水域的协定;; RA.MO.GE Accord;拉摩热协定;; December Twelfth Movement;12月12日运动;; Committee on Legal Issues and International Labour Standards;法律问题和国际劳工标准委员会法律劳工委;LILS;法律劳工委 New York Management Team;纽约管理小组;NYMT; Division of Financial and Information Services;财务和信息系统司;; Benchmark Draft of the Earth Charter;地球宪章基准草案;; life-cycle assessment;生命周期评估;LCA; Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research;亚太全球变化研究网亚研网;APN;亚研网 Inter-American Institute for Global Change;美洲全球变化研究所美研所;IAI;美研所 European Network for Research in Global Change;欧洲全球变化研究网欧研网;ENRICH;欧研网 United Nations International Framework Classification for Reserves/Resources: Solid Fuels and Mineral Commodities;联合国国际储量和资源框架分类:固体燃料 和矿产品;; Glossary on Natural Gas Reserves;天然气储量词汇;; Palestinian self-ruled areas;巴勒斯坦自治地区;; International Conference on Sustainable Development of Countries with Economies in Transition;转型期经济体国家可持续发展问题国际会议;; Working Group on the Use of Diplomatic Motor Vehicles, Parking and Related Matters;使用外交车辆、泊车和有关问题工作组;; State of the World's Vaccines and Immunization;世界疫苗和免役状况;; Financial and Policy Control Unit;财务政策和管理股;; Task Force on the Reorientation of United Nations Public Information Activities;调整联合国新闻活动方向工作队;; Declaration of Principles on Western Sahara;关于西萨哈拉的原则宣言;; Morocco Forum: Water Resources Management in the Next Century;摩洛哥论坛:下世纪的水资源管理;; Africa 2000 Initiative for Water Supply and Sanitation;非洲2000年饮水供应和卫生倡议;; Inter-Agency Steering Committee for Water Supply and Sanitation;饮水供应和卫生机构间指导委员会;; Rio+5 Summit;里约会议五周年首脑会议;; debt rescheduling;债务的重新安排偿还期;;偿还期 rescheduling debt;债务的重新安排偿还期;;偿还期 restructuring debt;债务的结构调整;; ARLACCHI, Pino;皮诺·阿拉基;; Economic Summit Conference of Industrialized Countries;工业化国家经济首脑会议;; International Conference on Governance for Sustainable Growth and Equity;施政促进可持续增长国际会议;; digital signature;数字签字;; Executive Committee for Peace and Security;和平与安全执行委员会;ECPS;和安执委会 Plan of Action on the Rights of the Child;儿童权利行动计划;; SOHNEMANN, Bent;本特·索亨曼;; NORRIS, D;诺里斯空军准将;;空军准将 FABER, J.;费伯;; LOUVION, J-F;卢维翁;; Cairo Joint Agreement;开罗联合协定;; Joint Commission on Refugees;难民问题联合委员会;; New Directions Strategy for Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries;发展中国家间技术合作新方向战略;; Regional Aid Management Programme;区域援助管理方案;; Food and Statistical Unit;粮食和统计股;; Conference of Chiefs of State and Heads of Government of the West African Economic and Monetary Union;西非经济和货币联盟国家元首和政府首脑 会议;; Declaration on Security and Peace in Africa;关于非洲安全与和平的宣言;; International Meeting on Albania;阿尔巴尼亚问题国际会议;; Preparatory Transfer Agreement;准备移交协定;; Singapore Ministerial Declaration;新加坡部长宣言;; Committee on Regional Trade Agreement;区域贸易协定委员会;; Act of Niamey;尼亚美条约;; Declaration on Trade in Information Technology Products;关于信息技术产品贸易的宣言;; maritime transport services;海运服务;; cash in lieu of commodities;商品代金;CLC; Together for Progress: Making Things Happen;共襄义举同策进步;; International Conference for New or Restored Democracies;新的民主政体或恢复民主的政体国际会议;; National Programme for Energy Efficiency Improvement and Greenhouse Gas Reduction;国家提高能源效益减少温室气体方案;; Poverty Week;扶贫周;; Danube River Environmental Programme;多瑙河环境方案;; Training, Information and Dissemination Centre for Energy Management;能源管理训练、信息和传播中心;; Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation;多瑙河三角洲生物圈堡区;; First draft of a model law or laws on restrictive business practices to assist developing countries in devising appropriate legislation;帮助发展中国家制订适当立法的限制性商业 惯例示范法草案初稿;; emerging-market fund;新兴市场基金;; conference on trafficking in women for sexual exploitation;贩卖妇女以图性剥削问题会议;; Standing Statistical Committee;常设统计委员会;; Standing Sub-Committee on International Rivers;国际河流问题常设小组委员会;; State Trading Organizations of Developing Countries Unit;发展中国家国家贸易组织股;; Statement of Solidarity to Achieve Education for All;团结实现普及教育声明;; States of the Zone of Peace and Cooperation of the South Atlantic;南大西洋和平合作区国家;; Statistical Committee;统计委员会;STATCOM; Statistical Information System;统计信息系统;ESIS; Statistical Review of the Situation of Children in the World;世界儿童状况统计评论;; Statistics on Children in UNICEF-assisted Countries;儿童基金会援助国家的儿童统计;; Statute and Rules of Procedure and Evidence;规约与程序和取证规则;; Statute of the Central American Fund for Economic Integration;中美洲经济一体化基金规约;; Steering Committee for Environment and Sustainable Development;十年合作行动指导委员会;; Steering Committee of SDA;调整所涉社会问题研究方案指导委员会;; Steering Committee on Clinical Research and Drug Development;临床研究和药品研制指导委员会;; Steering Committee on Epidemiological Research, Surveillance and forecasting;流行病研究、监测和预报指导委员会;; Steering Committee on Social and Behavioural Research;社会和行为学研究指导委员会;; Steering Committee on Vaccine Development;疫苗研制指导委员会;; Strasbourg Agreement concerning the International Patent Classification;斯特拉斯堡国际专利分类协定;; Strategic Air Command;战略空军司令部;SAC; Strategy for Joint Arab Economic Action;阿拉伯联合经济行动战略;; Strategy for the Implementation of the Addis Ababa Plan of Action for Statistical Development in Africa in the 1990s;1990年代非洲统计发展亚的斯亚贝巴行动计 划执行战略;; Structural Adjustment Lending;结构调整贷款;SAL; Interregional Programme for Structural Reform through Improvement of Cooperative Development Policies and Legislation;改善合作社发展政策和立法促进结构改革区 域间方案合作社改革方案;COOPREFORM;合作社改革方案 Studies in East Asian Tectonics and Resources;东亚大地构造和资源研究;SEATAR; Study Group on Statistical Indices of Family Health;家庭保健统计指数研究小组;; Subcommission for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions;加勒比和邻近区域小组委员会;IOCARIBE; STAPLETON, David;戴维·斯特普尔顿;; KOSTERS, Johannes, C.;约翰尼斯·科斯特斯;; fissile cut-off negotiation;禁产裂变材料谈判;; Harmonized System;商品统一分类和编码制度统一制度;HS;统一制度 radiation exposure;放射线照射; 辐照;; Siminui Shinmun;市民新闻;; competence differential;能力津贴;; Teresa, Mother;特里萨嬷嬷;; Mother Teresa;特里萨修女;; shrine;圣迹;; self-explanatory letter, a;内容不说自明的信;; Protocol on Mines, Booby Traps and Other Devices;关于地雷、诱杀装置和其他装置的议定书;; UDOVENKO, Hennadiy;赫纳迪·乌多文科;; computer-mediated communication;以计算机为中介的通信;CMC; WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA Coordinating Committee on Health;卫生组织/儿童基金会/人口基金卫生协调委员会卫生协调会;CCH;卫生协调会 EIN;欧洲信息网;EIN; International Day for Health;国际健康日;; Wide Area Information Server;广域信息服务系统;WAIS; regular approval;核定经常资源;; total expenditure;支用总额;; regular expenditure;经常资源支用额;; resource delivery rate;资源交付率;; total resource delivery rate;总资源执行率;; expenditure rate;支出率;; total expenditure rate;总资源支出率;; regular expenditure rate;经常资源支出率;; regular balance of commitments;经常资源承付额结余;; annual programmes of care and maintenance;照应和维持年度方案;; decision point;决定点;; completion point;结束点; [IMF]完成点;; San 'Egidio Community in Rome;罗马圣埃迪奥会;; OBUCHI, Keizo;小渊惠三;; KYUMA, Fumio;久间章生;; MOLNE, Marc Forne;马克·福尔内·莫尔内;; COOK, Robin;罗宾·库克;; NZO, Alfred;艾尔弗雷德·恩佐;; Emergency Coalition for U.S. Financial Support of the United Nations;促进美国对联合国提供财务支持紧急联盟;; HACCP;分析危害关键控点;HACCP; International Convention against the Smuggling of Illegal Migrants, draft;禁止偷运非法移民国际公约草案;;草案 PHAN, Van Khai;潘文凯;; BEJARRY, A. de;德贝雅里;; Subcommittee on Drug Control;药物管制小组委员会;; Verbatim Reporting Service VRS;逐字记录处;VRS; Standing Sub-Committee on International Trade Law Matters;国际贸易法事项常设小组委员会;; Subcommittee on Job Classification;职务分类问题小组委员会;; Subcommittee on the Management of Resources Within Limits of National Jurisdiction;国家管辖范围内资源管理小组委员会;; Subcommittee on Marine Affairs;海洋事务小组委员会;; Subcommittee on Marine Pollution;海洋污染问题小组委员会;; Subcommittee on Marine Science;海洋科学小组委员会;SCMS; Subcommittee on Reception and Status Determination;接待和确定难民地位小组委员会;; Subcommittee on Resettlement;重新安置小组委员会;; Subcommittee on Statistical Activities;统计工作小组委员会;; Subcommittee on the United Nations Development Decade;联合国第X个发展十年小组委员会;; Subcommittee on Trade Law;贸易法小组委员会;; Sub-Group on Education;教育问题分组;; Sub-Group on Refugee Children and Children in Armed Conflict;难民儿童和武装冲突中儿童问题分组;; Sub-Regional Andean Satellite System;安第斯分区域卫星系统;CONDOR; Sub-Regional Centre for Cartographic Sciences Training;分区域制图学训练中心;; Sub-Regional Headquarters for the Caribbean;加勒比分区域总部;; Sub-Regional Inter-Agency Technical Support Assistance Centre;分区域机构间技术支助援助中心;; Sub-programme on Environment and Energy;环境和能源次级方案;; Suez Canal Convention;苏伊士运河公约;; Suez Canal Users' Association;苏伊士运河用户协会;SCUA; Steering Body to the Cooperative Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of Long-range Transmission of Air Pollutions in Europe;监测和评价空气污染物在欧洲远距离传播合作方案指导机构;; Meeting of the Parties to the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes;堡与使用越境水道和国际湖泊公约缔约国会议;; Meeting of the Parties to the Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents;关于工业事故越境影响的公约缔约国会议;; Convention on Access to Environment Information and Public Participation in environmental decision making draft;关于获得环境信息和公众参与环境决策的 公约草案;;草案 Meeting of the Parties to the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context;越境环境影响评估公约缔约国会议;; Principal Working Party on Rail Transport;铁路运输主要工作队;; orderly room [peacekeeping missions];事务室;; Ad Hoc Group of Experts on the Chemical Industry;特设化学工业专家组;; Working Group on Strategies and Reviews;战略和审查工作组;; Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Steel;特设钢专家组;; Working Party on Sustainable Human Settlement Planning;可持续人类住区规划工作队;; Ad Hoc Expert Group on the Management of Statistical Information Technology;统计信息技术管理问题特设专家组;; Executive Committee on Humanitarian Affairs;人道主义事务执行委员会人道执委会;ECHA;人道执委会 Mid-term review of the implementation of the United Nations New Agenda for the Development of Africa in the 1990s;1990年代联合国非洲发展新议程执行情况中期审查;; Project Delphi;德尔斐项目;; Working Group on Abatement Techniques;减少污染技术工作组;; Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Financing Engineering;特设筹资筹划专家组;; Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Coal and Thermal Power;特设煤炭和热电专家组;; Senior Advisers to ECE Governments on Science and Technology;欧洲经委会各国政府科学技术高级顾问;; Steering Committee of the Joint FAO/ECE/ILO Committee;粮农组织/欧洲经委会/劳工组织联合委员会指导委员会;; Coordinating Unit for Operational Activities;业务活动协调股;; Working Party on Technical Harmonization and Standardization Policies;技术协调和标准化政策工作队;; NYCS Help Desk;纽约计算机处服务台;; Working Group for the preparation of a draft convention on access to environment information and public participation in environmental decision-making;关于获得环境信息和公众参与环境决策的公约草案拟订工作组;; Committee for Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development;贸易、工业和企业发展委员会;; Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Services;主管大会事务和会议事务副秘书长;; Learning Resources Centre;学习资源中心;LRC;学习中心 Ad Hoc Working Group for the drafting of a European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by inland waterway;欧洲国际内陆水道运输危险货物协定特设起草工作组;; Working Party on the Standardization of Technical and Safety Requirements in Inland Navigation;内陆航行的技术和安全规定标准化问题工作队;; Model National Action Plan;示范国家行动计划;; Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation;环印度洋地区合作联盟环印联盟;IORARC;环印联盟 Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Future ILO Activities in the Field of Migration;劳工组织未来在移徙领域的活动问题三方专家会议;; Tripartite Meeting on the Effects of New Technologies on Employment and Working Conditions in the Hotel, Catering and Tourism Sector;关于新技术对旅馆、餐饮和旅游业部门就业和工作条件的影响问题三方会议;; rolling document;滚动文件;; Vaccine Research and Development;疫苗研制;VRD; Working Group on the Provision of Meteorological Information Required Before or During Flight;飞行前和飞行中所需气象信息的提供问题工作组飞行气象工作组;PROMET;飞行气象工作组 round table discussion on The Future of Third World Cities;第三世界城市未来问题圆桌讨论会;; Meeting of Experts on Lighting and Light-signalling;灯光和灯光信号专家会议;; Sub-regional Conference on Senior Governmental Experts on the Implementation of the Platform for Action in Central and Eastern Europe;中欧和东欧执行行动纲要高级政府专家分区域会议;; workshop on women entrepreneurs and economic empowerment;妇女企业家与赋予经济权力讲习班;; East African Post-Beijing Forum;东非北京会议后论坛;; Women's Leadership Forum on Peace;和平问题妇女领导论坛;; Regional meeting on strengthening national machinery for the advancement of women;加强提高妇女地位国家机制企业会议;; Pan-African Conference on Peace, Gender and Development;泛非和平、性别与发展会议;; Summit of First Ladies for Peace and Humanitarian Issues;和平与人道主义问题第一夫人首脑会议;; Integrated Regional Follow-up to Global Conferences;全球会议区域综合后续行动;; Arab Regional Conference on One Year Beyond Beijing/Meeting of Ministers of Social Affairs;北京会议一年之后阿拉伯区域会议/社会事 务部长会议;; Kigali Plan of Action for Conflict-affected Areas;关于受冲突影响地区的基加利行动计划;; Kigali Declaration on Peace;基加利和平宣言;; Special Rapporteur on the elimination of all forms of religious intolerance and of discrimination based on religion or belief [Commission on Human Rights];消除基于宗教或信仰原因的一切形式的不容忍 和歧视问题特别报告员;; Denver Summit of the Eight;丹佛八国首脑会议;; Central Registry;中央登记处;; Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression;促进和堡意见和言论自由权利特别报告员;; Guidelines on Policies and Procedures in Dealing with Unaccompanied Children Seeking Asylum;孤身儿童寻求庇护的处理政策和程序准则;; Bureau of the Cooperative Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of Long-range Transmission of Air Pollution's in Europe;监测和评价空气污染物在欧洲远距离传播合作方案事务局;; Deutsche Akademische Fluchtling Initiative Albert Einstein;德国艾伯特·爱因斯坦难民学者倡议;DAFI; Conference Preparatory Meeting;筹备会议;CPM; Workshop on the Impact of Observing Systems on Numerical Forecasts;观测系统对数值预报的影响问题讲习班;; Study Group on Communication Techniques and Protocols;通讯技术和协议研究小组;; Expert Meeting on the Future Composite Global Upper-air Network;关于未来高层大气全球综合监测网的专家会议;; Working Group on Environmental Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry;环境污染和大气化学工作组;; Financial Advisory Committee;财务咨询委员会;FINAC; Working Group on Agrometeorology Related to Extreme Events;极端现象农业气象工作组;; Study Group on Radio-frequency Coordination;射频协调研究组;SG-RFC; Working Group on Telecommunications;电信工作组;WG/TEL; Coordinating Group on the Composite Observing System for the North Atlantic;北大西洋综合观测系统协调组;; Composite Observing System for the North Atlantic;北大西洋综合观测系统科斯纳;COSNA;科斯纳 Consultation on International Non-Proprietary Names for Pharmaceutical Substances;关于国际无产权药物名称的协商;; Task Force on Methods for the Natural Regulation of Fertility;自然生育调节法工作队;; Steering Committee on Drugs for Malaria;防治疟疾药品指导委员会;CHEMAL; Task Force on Post-Ovulatory Methods for Fertility Regulation;排卵后生育调节法工作队;; International Road Traffic Organization;国际公路交通组织;IRTO; Expert Meeting on the Use of Information Technologies to Make Transit Arrangements More Effective;利用信息技术提高过境安排的效率专家会议;; Expert Meeting on Existing Agreement on Investment and their Development Dimensions;现有投资协定及其对发展的影响专家会议;; Meeting of Experts on Strengthening the Capacity and Expanding Exports of Developing Countries in the Services Sector: Health Services;加强发展中国家服务部门的能力并扩大其出口 专家会议:保健服务;; Expert-Level Follow-up Meeting of the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe [UNOG];堡欧洲森林部长级会议专家级后续会议;; Seminar on Immigration, Racism and Racial Discrimination;移民、种族主义、种族歧视问题讨论会;; African Women Committee on Peace;非洲妇女和平委员会;; Declaration on Accelerating Trade and Investment in Africa;加速非洲贸易与投资宣言;; Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Development;环境和自然资源开发委员会;; Committee on Transport, Communications, Tourism and Infrastructure Development;运输、通讯、旅游和基础设施发展委员会;; Intergovernmental Committee of Experts of the Subregional Development Centres;分区域发展中心政府间专家委员会;; Sub-regional Development Centre;分区域发展中心;SRDC; Committee on Development Information;发展信息委员会;; Committee on Human Development and Civil Society;人类发展和公民社会委员会;; Committee on Industry and Private Sector Development;工业和私营部门发展委员会;; Committee on Natural Resources and Science and Technology;自然资源和科学技术委员会;; Committee on Regional Cooperation and Integration;区域合作与一体化委员会;; Committee on Women and Development;妇女参与发展委员会;; Committee on Transport;运输委员会;; Technical Committee on Liberalization of Foreign Trade and Economic Globalization in the Countries of the ESCWA Region;西亚经社会区域各国外贸自由化和经济全球化技术委员会;; Director of Change Management;改革管理主任;; Steering Committee of the Energy Efficiency 2000 Project;能源效率2000年项目指导委员会;; Rio +5 Forum;里约+5论坛;; Open-ended Working Group on an Agenda for Development;发展纲领问题不限成员名额工作组;; Asia-Pacific Programme of Education for All;亚太普及教育方案;APPEAL; Modular Training Package on Women Workers' Rights;女工权利单元训练;; Interregional Seminar on Effective Information Dissemination Strategies on Women Workers' Rights;女工权利信息有效传播战略区域间讨论会;; United Nations International Organizations Network Search;联合国国际组织网检索引擎国组检索;UNIONS;国组检索 United Nations International Organizations Network;联合国国际组织网国组网;RONUC;国组网 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司