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Year of General Service Staff;一般事务人员年;; Civilian Police Support Group;民警支助小组;; fourth age;第四年龄;; oldest old;耄耋;; active ageing;老有所事;; productive ageing;老有所为;; Prime Ministerial Task Force on Positive Ageing;总理积极老龄战略工作队;; International Forum of the Americas on Population and Social Integration: For a Millennium without Discrimination of Age in Health Care;人口老龄化与社会融合问题美洲国际论坛:一个保健无年龄歧视的千年;; Operational Framework for the International Year of Older Persons, 1999;1999年国际老年人年的行动框架;; National Brainstorming Day;全国群策群力日;; Coalition-99;99联盟;; Intergovernmental Conference on Ageing Populations in the Mediterranean Region;地中海区域老龄人口问题政府间会议;; 2020 strategy;2020年战略;; Creative Connections;开创联系;; 1999 liaison centres;1999年联络中心;; Geneva International Network on Ageing;日内瓦国际老龄网络;GINA; International Longevity Centre;国际长寿中心;ILC-US; initiative on age;漫谈老年;; New Humanity Movement;新人类运动;; TWINAGE network;TWINAGE网络;; West African Conference on Science and Technology;西非科技会议;; Conference on the Child and Social Affairs;儿童与社会事务会议;; Seminar on the International Comparison Programme in the ESCWA Region;西亚经社会区域国际比较方案讨论会;; Symposium on Muslim Women's Education;穆斯林妇女教育专题讨论会;; Seminar on Environmental Values in Islam;伊斯兰环境价值观讨论会;; Protocol of Cooperation for 1996-1997;1996-1997年合作议定书;; Near-East Regional Training Seminar on Food and Agricultural Policy Analysis;近东区域粮农政策分析训练讨论会;; Oslo and Paris Commissions;奥斯陆和巴黎委员会奥巴委;OSPAR;奥巴委 Annual Bank Conference on Development in Latin America and the Caribbean;世界银行拉丁美洲和加勒比发展问题年会;ABCD-LAC; Convention Concerning the Inspection of Seafarers' Working and Living Conditions;海员工作和生活条件检查公约;; Labour Inspection Seafarers Convention, 1996;1996年海员劳动检查公约;; Convention Concerning Seafarers' Hours of Work and the Manning of Ships;海员工时和船上人员配置公约;; Seafarers' Hours of Work and the Manning of Ships Convention, 1996;1996年海员工时和船上人员配置公约;; Convention Concerning the Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers;海员征聘和安置公约;; Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers Convention, 1996;1996年海员征聘和安置公约;; Protocol of 1996 to the Merchant Shipping Minimum Standards Convention, 1976;1976年商船运输最低标准公约1996年议 定书;; International Conference on the Teaching of Tolerance in the Mediterranean Area;地中海区域容忍教育国际会议;; Planning and Review Process;规划和审查进程;PARP; Road Management Initiative Seminar for Countries Members of the Economic Community of West African States;西非国家经济共同体成员国公路管理倡议讨 论会;; Serving Africa Better: strategic directions for the Economic Commission for Africa;更好地为非洲服务:非洲经济委员会的战略方向;; Appeal Counsel;上诉律师;; Senior Trial Attorney;高级检察员;; Trial Co-Counsel;协理检察员检察协理律师协理出庭律师;; Computer Training Officer;计算机训练干事;; Deputy Prosecutor;副检察官;; Reproduction Unit;复制股;; Receiving and Inspection/Stock and Supplies Unit;验收/库存股;; Archiving Unit;档案股;AU; Property Control/Mail and Pouch Unit;财产管制/邮件邮袋股;; Local Transportation Unit;当地运输股;; Building Management Unit;房舍管理股;BMU; Computer Operations Support Unit;计算机操作支助股计算机股;COSU;计算机股 Programming/Project Development Unit;程序设计/项目开发股;; Computer Support Assistant;计算机支助助理;; Court Records Assistant;法庭记录助理;; Witness Clerk;证人事务员;; Computer Support Coordinator;计算机支助协调员;; Computer Programming Assistant;计算机编程助理;; Audio-visual Technician;视听技术员;; Computer Operations Assistant;计算机操作助理;; Senior Legal Adviser;高级法律顾问;SLA; Travel Clerk;旅行事务员;; Mail and Pouch Clerk;邮件和邮袋事务员;; Appeals Unit;上诉股;; Tribunal Appeals Chamber, joint;联合法庭上诉分庭;; Team Legal Advisers Unit;工作队法律顾问股;; Chief of Prosecutions;起诉事务主任;; Investigative Team;调查队;; Chief of Investigations;调查主任;; Detained Escort Officers;被拘留者监护员;; Courtroom Operations Coordinator;审判室业务协调员;; Courtromm Operations Support Unit;审判室业务支助股;; Technical Director;技术主任;; Support Officer;支助干事;; Public Area Officers;公共场所警卫;; Policy and External Relations Section;政策和对外关系科;; Information Integration Supervisor;资料汇集主管;; trial team;审判工作队;; Forensic Crime Scene Examiner;犯罪现场法医检查员;; Fugitive Intelligence and Sensitive Sources Unit;逃犯情报和敏感消息来源股;FISSU; Immediate Office of the Prosecutor and Deputy Prosecutor;检察官和副检察官直属办公室;; Systems Development Unit;系统开发股;; Team Legal Adviser;工作队法律顾问;; Leadership Research Team;领导人责任调查队;; Information and Evidence Section;资料和证据科;; Evidence Unit;证据股;; Legal Officer International Law;法律干事国际法;;国际法 Legal Officer Comparative Criminal Law;法律干事比较刑法;;比较刑法 Case Manager;案件管理员;; Trial Support Assistant;审判支助助理;; Commanders Unit;调查队队长股;; Investigations Tracking Analyst;调查追踪分析员;; Language Assistant;语文助理;; Video Assistant;录像助理;; Document Indexing Supervisor;文件索引编制主管;; Systems Development Officer;系统开发干事;; Document Indexing Clerk;文件索引编制员;; Operations Commander;作业队长;; Field Assistant;外地助理;; Court Management and Support Section;法庭管理和支助科管理科;CMSS;管理科 Forensic Policy and Planning Commander;法医政策和规划队长;; Population Research Unit;人口研究股;; Forensic Project Manager;法医项目管理员;; Court Management Unit;法庭管理股;; Defence Counsel Unit;辩护律师股;DCU; Court Records Clerk;法庭记录事务员;; Library and Reference Unit;图书馆和参考资料股;LRU; Transcript Coordinator;抄本协调员;; Internet Assistant;因特网助理;; Usher;庭警;; Video Analysis Subunit;录像分析组;; Trial Preparation Team;审判准备工作队;; Document Indexing Subunit;文件索引编制组;; Registry Legal Support Unit;书记官处法律支助股法助股;RLSU;法助股 Chambers Legal Support Section;分庭法律支助科;CHLS; Support Services Unit;支助事务股;; Procurement/Travel Unit;采购/旅行股;; Budget and Finance Services Section;预算和财务科;; Conference and Language Support Services Section;会议和语文支助事务科会议科;CLSS;会议科 Communications Officer, Field Support;外地支助通信干事;; Interpretation Unit;口译股;; English Translation Unit;英文翻译股;; French Translation Unit;法文翻译股;; Staff Administration Unit;人事行政股;; Recruitment Unit;征聘股;; General Support Unit;一般支助股;GSU; Security and Safety Services;警卫和安全处;; Meeting of the Ministers of Defence of South-eastern European Partnership for Peace participating States, regional NATO member States Greece and Turkey, as well as NATO members Italy and the United States of America [Sofia, 3 Oct 97];东南欧和平伙伴关系参与国、北约组织区域成员国希腊和土耳其以及北约组织成员国意大利和美利坚合众国国防部长会议 索非亚国防部长会议;SDM;索非亚国防部长会议 Sofia Defence Ministerial;索非亚国防部长会议;SDM; Diplomatic Conference on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage;核损害民事责任外交会议;; Basic Document;基本文件;; South-eastern European Partnership for Peace;东南欧和平伙伴关系;; Ministerial Conference of the European Union to Prepare the European Code to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Women;欧洲联盟拟订欧洲预防和打击贩卖妇女行为 的规则部长级会议;; European Code to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Women;欧洲预防和打击贩卖妇女行为的规则;; Hague Ministerial Declaration on European Guidelines to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation, The;关于欧洲预防和打击为性剥削目的贩卖妇女 行为的指导方针的海牙部长宣言;; European Guidelines to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation;欧洲预防和打击为性剥削目的贩卖妇女行为 的指导方针;; Cultural Information System in Latin America and the Caribbean;拉丁美洲和加勒比文化信息系统 拉加信息系统;SICLAC;拉加信息系统 Great Music Experience;大型音乐会;; International Conference on Culture and Agriculture;国际文化与农业会议;; Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean;拉丁美洲和加勒比区域文化办事处 拉加文化处;ORCALC;拉加文化处 African Itinerant College on Culture and Development;非洲文化与发展巡回学院;; Salon International de l'Artisanat de Ougadougou;瓦加杜古艺术家国际沙龙;SIAO; Sustainable Agriculture and Environment Rehabilitation Programme;可持续农业和环境恢复方案;; Regional Inter-Agency Coordination Croup;机构间区域协调小组;; Committee on Regional Economic Cooperation;区域经济合作委员会;; Woreda District Agriculture and Rural Integration Development Services Programme;县级农业和农村综合发展服务方案;; Environmental Performance Review Programme;环境工作审查方案;; Subregional Conference on the Implementation of the Platform for Action in Central and Eastern Europe;中欧和东欧执行《行动纲要》分区域会议;; Industrial Performance Analysis Programme;工业成绩分析程序;; North-East Asia Business Forum;东北亚商业论坛;; Conference on Progress of Economic Reform in Central and Eastern Europe;中欧和东欧经济改革进展会议;; joint commission for Central Asia;中亚联合委员会;; Competitive Analysis of Nations;国家竞争力分析;CAN; Forum for the Comprehensive Development of Indochina;印度支那全面发展论坛;; Dew Delhi Declaration on Infrastructure Development in Asia and the Pacific;关于亚洲及太平洋基础设施发展的新德里宣言;; Asia Infrastructure Development Alliance;亚洲基础设施发展联盟;AIDA; free border policy;自由边界政策;; soft border regime agreement;软边界制度协定;; Cairo Declaration on Culture and Agriculture;开罗文化与农业宣言;; International Meeting on Cultural Tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean;拉丁美洲和加勒比文化旅游国际会议;; Groupement international pour la formation et l'education;国际训练教育组织;GRIFE; Regional Centre for Cultural Action;区域文化行动中心;RCCA; Senegalese Association for the Promotion of Culture and Cultural Industries;塞内加尔文化和文化业促进协会文促会;ASEPIC;文促会 Southern African Cultural Information System;南部非洲文化信息系统;SACIS; Institute for Black Peoples;黑人学会;IBP; Madrid Declaration on Euro-Atlantic Security and Cooperation;马德里欧洲大西洋安全与合作宣言;; Options Identification Programme;可选办法确认方案;OIP; Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System;通用船载自动识别系统;AIS; Guidelines on the Allocation of Responsibilities to Seek the Successful Resolution of Stowaway Cases;关于分配责任以求顺利解决偷渡案件的指导 方针;; Conference on the Management of the Fishery Resources of the Mediterranean Sea;地中海渔业资源管理会议;; Chamber for Fisheries Desputes;渔业争端分庭;; Chamber for Marine Environment Disputes;海洋环境争端分庭;; Budget and Finance Committee;预算和财务委员会;; Committee on Rules and Judicial Practice;规则和司法惯例委员会;; Committee on Staff and Administration;人事和行政委员会;; Committee on Library and Publications;图书馆和出版物委员会;; Guidelines on the enhanced programme of inspections during surveys of bulk carriers and oil tankers;关于散装货船和油轮调查期间加强检查方案的指导方针;; General Provisions for Adoption, Designation and Substitution of Archipelagic Sea Lanes, draft;群岛海道的采纳、指定和替换规定草案;; Emergency Response Planning and Preparedness for Transport Accidents Involving Radioactive Material;放射性物质运输事故应急规划和准备;; Working Group on the Sea Mode;海运方式工作组;; Coordinated Research Programme on Accident Severities during the Sea Transport of Radioactive Material;关于放射性物质海运事故严重程度的协调研究方案;; Technical Consultation on Management of Fishing Capacity;捕捞能力管理问题技术协商;; Meeting of Experts on Marine and Coastal Biological Diversity;海洋和沿海生物多样性专家会议;; Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area [adopted at an intergovernmental meeting in Monaco, 24 Nov 96];关于养护黑海、地中海和毗连大西洋海域鲸目动物的协定;; Guidance on Safety Aspects of Ballast Water Exchange at Sea;关于海上更换压载水安全问题的指示;; ballast water;压载水;; Ad Hoc Technical and Legal Working Group;特设技术和法律工作组;; Sustainable Development and Utilization Initiative;可持续开发利用倡议;; sustainable development and utilization;可持续开发利用;SDU; TRAIN-SEA-COAST Coordination Conference;海洋-海岸训练协调会议;; floating production, storage and offloading facility [oil];浮式生产、储存、卸载设施浮式设施;FPSO;浮式设施 floating storage unit;浮式储存装置;FSU; inshore traffic zone;沿岸通航带;ITZ; Code for the Investigation of Marine Casualties and Incidents;海上意外事故和事件的调查准则;; IFREMER/AFERNOD;法国海洋所/结核协会;; subscriber line;用户线;; subscriber line interface;用户线接口;; exchange line;交换线;; exchange line interface;交换线接口;; filing cabinet;档案柜;; lockable cabinet;可锁柜;; grid antenna;网状天线;; flange connetor;凸缘联接器; 连接凸缘;; service manual;维修手册;; trolley jack;悬挂式起重器;; electric welder;电焊机;; voltage battery charger;电压电池充电器;; stream wash;喷流洗机;; tire lever;轮胎操纵杆;; spray gun;喷枪; 喷漆枪; 喷雾枪; 射流枪;; angle glide;滑翔角;; oil drain pan;卸机油用盘;; gas cutting and welding set;气割气焊用具;; hydraulic engine jack;液压电机起重器;; auto electric tool kit;汽车电气修理工具箱;; counter power meter;计数功率表;; millivolt;毫伏;; millivolt meter;毫伏电压表;; spectrum analyser;频谱分析仪; 光谱分析仪;; hazard duty station pay;危险工作地点津贴;; megger earth tester;大地高阻计;; wall clock;挂钟;; printer data switch;打印机选择开关;; tape backup external;外置磁带备份机;; planer;刨机;; electric planer;电刨机;; circular saw;圆锯; 圆盘锯;; hand tool;手工工具; 手持工具;; electric engraver;电动镌版器;; combined-cycle;联合循环; 复合循环;; combined cycle;联合循环; 复合循环;; combined-cycle gas turbine;联合循环燃气轮机;; combined cycle gas turbine;联合循环燃气轮机;; combined diesel and gas tubine;柴油机和燃气轮机联合装置;; TOPLER, Clause;克劳斯·特普勒;; Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs;人道主义事务协调厅人道协调厅;OCHA;人道协调厅 VX;VX;; chemical warfare agent VX;化学战剂VX;; Muthanna State Establishment;穆萨纳省国营机构穆省机构;MSE;穆省机构 R&D;研究和发展 研发;R&D;研发 project 144/2;项目144/2;; P3;P3;; BRODY, Reed;里德·布罗迪;; BURLEIGH, Albert Peter;艾伯特·彼得·伯利;; gross budgeting;按毛额编制预算;; results-based budgeting system;成果预算编制制度;; input accounting;投入会计;; results-based accountability;成果问责制; 着重效果的问责制;; out-put budgeting;产出式预算编制[方法];; expert team;专家队;; material balance and accounting;物料平衡和核算;; United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic;联合国中非共和国特派团中非特派团;MINURCA;中非特派团 warhead material balance and accounting;弹头物质平衡和核算;; proscribed missile;被禁导弹;; Organisation du peuple en lutte;人民战斗组织人战组织;OPL;人战组织 First Part of the Resumed Fifty-Second Session of the General Assembly;大会第五十二届会议续会第一期会议;; KONROTE, Jioje Knouse;乔治·诺斯·孔罗特;; SARAYDARIAN, Souren;苏兰·萨赖达里安;; Group of 77 and China;77国集团加中国;; SANTILLO, Gian Giuseppe;吉安·朱塞佩·桑蒂洛;; TARVAINEN, Esa Kalervo;埃萨·卡莱尔沃·塔尔瓦伊宁;; ZACKHEOS, Sotirios;索蒂里奥斯·扎克海奥斯;; girl soldier;女童兵;; Sustainable Economic Empowerment and Development Project;可持续经济权力与发展项目;SEED; presidential site;总统府邸; 总统属区;; presidential palace;总统府[邸];; AGUIAR, Cristina;克里斯蒂娜·阿吉亚尔;; Commission on the Restructuring of the Defence and Security Forces;国防和安全部队改组委员会;; Centre nationale de recherche et d'investigation;国家研究和调查委员会;; Section d'enquete, de recherche et de documentation;调查研究和文献科;; MLA;多边承认协议;MLA; PAC;太平洋认可合作组织;PAC; International Commission on Inquiry on Arms Flow;国际军火流动调查委员会;; International Commission of Inquiry on Arms Flow;国际调查军火流动委员会;; Mudende;穆登代;; Expert Meeting on Strategic Approaches to Freshwater Management;淡水管理的战略方法;; oil-for-food;石油换食品; 石油换粮食; 以油换粮;; HABITO, Cielito;谢利托·哈比托;; DOWNES-THOMAS, Felix Cyril;费利克斯·西里尔·唐斯-托马斯;; DOWNES THOMAS, Felix Cyril;费利克斯·西里尔·唐斯-托马斯;; THOMAS, Felix Cyril DOWNES-;费利克斯·西里尔·唐斯-托马斯;; staggered hours;交错[上班]时间;; National Human Rights Coordinating Committee of Guatemala;危地马拉全国人权协调委员会人权协会;CONADEHGUA;人权协会 Consultative Assembly of Uprooted Population Groups;流离失所群体协商会议;ACPD; Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance;墨西哥援助难民委员会 墨援委会;COMAR;墨援委会 Comunidad de Poblacion en Resistencia de la Sierra;山区抵抗者社区;CPR; Act on the Personal Documentation of the Population Uprooted by the Internal Armed Conflict;因国内武装冲突而流离失所者身份证件法;; Congressional Committee on Legislative Issues and Constitutional Reforms;议会立法问题和宪政改革委员会;; Congressional Committee on Indigenous Communities;议会土著社区委员会;; Advisory Commission on Educational Reform;教育改革咨询委员会;; Commission for the Official Recognition of Indigenous Languages;正式承认土著语言委员会;CGMW; Act for the Protection of the Nation's Cultural Heritage;堡国家文化遗产法;; Joint Commission on Land Rights;土地权利问题联合委员会;; Joint Commission on Reform and Participation;改革和参与联合委员会;; Inter-agency Reproductive Health Kit for Emergency Situations;机构间紧急情况专用生殖保健箱;; Client-Oriented, Provider-Efficient services strategy;面向服务对象提高服务效率战略;COPE; Office for the Defence of Indigenous Women's Rights;维护土著妇女权利办事处;; Urban and Rural Development Council;城乡发展理事会;; Solidarity Fund for Community Development;社区发展团结基金;; Institute for Municipal Development;城市发展研究所;; National Association of Municipalities;全国城市协会;; National Agricultural Development Bank;国家农业发展银行农行;BANDESA;农行 Rural Development Bank;农村发展银行 农发银行;BANRURAL;农发银行 National Committee for Aid to Refugees, Returnees and Displaced Persons;国家援助难民、回返者和流离失所者委员会援助难民委员会;CEARR;援助难民委员会 RUSHDIE, Salman;萨曼·拉什迪;; Integrated Health Care System;综合保健系统;; National Literacy Commission;全国扫盲委员会;CONALFA; quetzale;格查尔;; Federation of Housing Cooperatives;住房合作社联合会;; Commission on the Modernization of the Judiciary;司法机构现代化委员会;; Technical and Legislative Support Committee;技术和立法支助委员会;; Guillermo Toriello Foundation;吉列尔莫·托列略基金会;; Tax Administration Superintendency;税务监管署;; 15 Khordad Foundation;3月15日基金会;; thousands of US dollars rounded;以千美元整数计;; bulgar wheat;伏尔加麦;; main part of the Fifty-Second Session;第五十二届会议主要会期会议;; Peer Approach to Counselling to Teens;青少年同侪咨询;PACT; KATTUK countries;吉阿塔土乌哈各国;KATTUK; Memorandum of Understanding between the United Nations and the Republic of Iraq;联合国和伊拉克共和国谅解备忘录;; Republican Palace Presidential Site;共和国宫总统府邸;; Radwaniyah Presidential Site;拉德瓦尼亚总统府邸;; Sijood Presidential Site;锡朱德总统府邸;; Tikrit Presidential Site;提克里特总统府邸;; Tharthar Presidential Site;塞尔萨尔总统府邸;; Jabal Makhul Presidential Site;迈克侯勒山总统府邸;; Mosul Presidential Site;摩苏尔总统府邸;; Basrah Presidential Site;巴士拉总统府邸;; AMECO;北京飞机维修工程有限公司;AMECO; ATLASAIR;阿特拉斯航空公司;ATLASAIR; Communications Group;宣传小组;; Traffic Collision Avoidance System;空中管制防撞系统;TCAS; BMW;宝马公司;BMW; United Nations Master Aviation Liability Policy;联合国航空赔偿责任总政策;; small and medium-scale industries;中小型工业;SMIs; Centre for International Nutrition Action and Knowledge;国际营养行动和知识中心 营养中心;CINAK;营养中心 CIMA;英国特许管理会计师公会;CIMA; ZHANG, Yue;张越;; annexes being issued in the languages of submission only, the;附件仅以原文分发.;; annex being issued in the languages of submission only, the;附件仅以原文分发。;; DUELFER, Charles;查尔斯·迪尔费尔;; EFFENDI, Arizal;阿里萨尔·埃芬迪;; gender mission;妇女问题特派团;; Ad Hoc Inter-agency Task Force on Gender in Afghanistan;阿富汗境内妇女问题特设机构间工作队;; Abkhaz boevik;阿布哈兹民兵;; actual cost category;"实际费用"类;; Adradzhenne;白俄罗斯人民阵线;; African "reserves";非洲“保留地”;; African Peace Bulletin;非洲和平公报;APB; Afrikaner "Volkstaat";南非荷裔"民主国家";; Ai-Gams;埃甘斯;; AIDS Watch;警惕艾滋病;; all Cambodian Parties hereinafter referred to as "the Parties";柬埔寨所有各方以下简称"各方";;以下简称"各方" Uzbek Jumbesh Party;乌兹别克民族党;; United Nations Inter-Agency Consolidated Appeal for the Great Lakes Region and Central Africa;联合国机构间援助大湖区和中部非洲联合呼吁;; Assistant Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Services;主管大会事务和会议事务助理秘书长;; Assistant Secretary-General for Legal Affairs;主管法律事务助理秘书长;; Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information;主管传播和新闻事务副秘书长;; Trust Fund for Children and Armed Conflict;武装冲突中的儿童信托基金;; French Verbatim Section;法文逐字记录科;FVS; French Interpretation Section;法文口译科;FIS; Nairobi Understanding;内罗毕谅解;; info-rich, info poor;信息富有和信息贫困;; Human Rights Office;人权事务处;; Open City Initiative;开放城市倡议;; Office of Press and Information;新闻事务处;; Media Support Advisory Group;媒体支助咨询小组;MSAG; United Nations International Partnership Trust Fund;联合国国际伙伴关系信托基金伙伴基金;UNFIP;伙伴基金 World Rural Women's Day;世界农村妇女节;; Working Group on Toponymic Terminology;地名工作组;; Nuclear Safety Account;核安全帐户;NSA; Lockerbie Suspects Defence Group;洛克比事件涉嫌人辩护小组;; Executive Director of the United Nations Volunteers;联合国志愿人员执行主任;; contingent fund;应急基金;; contingent cost;或有费用 特遣队费用;; unbudgeted contingent cost;未编入预算的特遣队费用;; unliquidated debt;未清偿债务;; operations map;作战地图;; Director of the United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women;联合国提高妇女地位国际研究训练所所长;; Director of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development;联合国社会发展研究所所长;; Under-Secretary-General of the Department of Disarmament Affairs;主管裁军事务部副秘书长;; Under-Secretary-General of the Department of Communications and Public Information;主管传播和新闻部副秘书长;; Ocampo, Jose Antonio;何塞·安东尼奥·奥坎波;; Ginkel, Hans Van;汉斯·范京克尔;; Amphetamine-type stimulant;安非他明类兴奋剂;ATS; Id al-Kurban;古尔邦节;; Assistant Secretary-General for Central Support Services;主管中央支助事务助理秘书长;; Blue Zone;蓝区;; Yellow Zone;黄区;; Expert Workshop on Ways and Means to Enhance Social Protection and Reduce Vulnerability;加强社会堡与减少脆弱性的方法专家讲 习班;; Resolution on Internal Judicial Practice;关于内部司法惯例的决议;; BELINGA EBOUTOU, Martin;马丁·贝林加·埃布图;; AEA;亚洲紧急救援中心;AEA; Platform for Internet Content Selection;因特网内容选择平台内选平台;PICS;内选平台 United Nations Week of Adult Learning;联合国成人学习周;; Report on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic;全球艾滋病毒/艾滋病报告;; Prevention and Management of Unsafe Abortion, The;防止和管理不安全人工流产;; Revised 1990 Estimates of Maternal Mortality;1990年产妇死亡率订正估计;; Office of the Iraq Programme;伊拉克方案办公室伊办;OIP;伊办 Task Force for Social Science Research on Reproductive Health;生殖健康社会科学研究工作队;; Task Force on Methods for the Regulation of Male Fertility;男性生育调节法工作队;; Task Force on Long-Action Systemic Agents for Fertility Regulation;长效生育调节系统药剂工作队;; Protracted Relief Operations;持久救济行动;; Protracted Refugee Operations;持久难民行动;PROs; Protracted Displaced Person Operations;持久流离失所者行动;PDPOs; Protracted refugee and displaced person project;持久难民和流离失所者项目;PRO; Emerging Sectors Fund;新兴部门基金;; Fishery Commission of the Central Western Atlantic;中西部大西洋渔业委员会;WECAFC; Special High-Level Meeting with Bretton Woods Institutions;与布雷顿森林机构联合举行的高级别特别会议;; Diplomatic Conference on the Management of Living Marine Resources in the Mediterranean;地中海海洋生物资源管理外交会议;; deputy force commander/Chief of Staff;部队副指挥官/参谋长;; North Sector Command;北区司令部;; Mechanical Infantry Company;机械步兵连;; South Sector Command;南区司令部;; Military Public Information Officer;军事新闻官;MPIO; Mechanical Infantry Battalion;机械步兵营;; Chief EDP Officer;首席电子数据处理干事;; Travel/Reimbursement Unit;旅行报销股;; Accounts Payable Unit;应付帐款股应帐股;APU;付帐股 International Drug Abuse Assessment System;国际药物滥用评价制度;IDAAS; chief liaison officer, Baghdad;驻巴格达首席联络官;; chief liaison officer, Kuwait;驻科威特首席联络官;; Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility;先进X射线天体物理学设施;AXAF; Einstein Ring;爱因斯坦环;; Big Crunch;大坍塌;; reimbursable loan agreement;可偿款还借调协定;; Group of Experts on the Programme of Work;工作方案专家组;; Group of Experts on Gas Rate-Making;煤气费率制订专家组;; Group of Experts on Databases;数据库专家组;; Promotion and Development of Market-Based Gas Industries in Economies in Transition;促进转型期经济体开发面向市场的煤气业;; Helsinki Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe;堡欧洲森林赫尔辛基部长级会议;; FAO European Forestry Commission;粮农组织欧洲林业委员会;; Rules of the Tribunal;法庭规则;; Erfurt Declaration;爱尔福特宣言;; Micro-Business Point;微型企业网点;; Technological Innovation Committee;技术革新委员会;; ECA Conference on Anti-Poverty Policies and Programmes in Africa;非洲经委会非洲除贫政策和方案会议;; Regional Forum on Women's Legal and Human Rights in Africa;非洲妇女的法律权利和人权区域论坛;; Programme Planning, Finance and Evaluation Division;方案规划、筹资和评价司;; Development Management Division;发展管理司;; Human Resources and Systems Management Division;人力资源和系统管理司;; Joint Border Commission;联合边境委员会;; Commission for Inter-Entity Judicial Cooperation;实体间司法合作委员会;; Eurocontrol;欧管;; Framework Memorandum on Succession Issues;继承问题备忘录纲要;; Central Bosnia Return Programme;中波斯尼亚回返方案;; Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre;波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那排雷行动中心 波黑 排雷中心;BHMAC;波黑 排雷中心 Convention for the Preservation of the Halibut Fishery of the Northern Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea;养护北太平洋和白令海大比目鱼渔场公约;; Oceanic Fisheries Programme;海洋渔业方案;; South Pacific Tuna Resource Assessment and Monitoring Project;南太平洋区域金枪鱼资源评估和监测项目 金枪鱼项目;SPRTRAMP;金枪鱼项目 mother-friendly;方便母亲;; baby-friendly;方便婴孩;; ODAGA-JALOMAYO, Nester;内斯特·奥达加-贾洛马约;; United Nations Training Centre;联合国训练中心;UNTC; world customs organization;世界海关组织;WCO; Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities;停止敌对行动协定;; Akashi Kaikyo Bridge;明石;; mission driven and results-oriented culture;以任务作动力、以成果为方向的文化;; SHEN, Guofang;沈国放;; optical disk system;光盘系统;ODS; Agreement between Ukraine and the Republic of Poland in the matter of creating a joint military unit to participate in international peace and humanitarian operations under the auspices of international organizations, signed at Warsaw on 26 November 1997;乌克兰与波兰共和国关于设立一支联合军事部队参加国际组织主持的国际和平与人道主义行动的协定,1997年11月26日订于华沙;; Convocation Pacem in Maribus;海洋和平学会大会;; Mediterranean Commission on Environment and Development;地中悍境与发展委员会;; CEM, Ismael;伊斯梅尔·杰姆;; FORD, Timothy Roger;蒂莫西·罗杰·福特;; Bangladesh-India-Pakistan Business Summit;孟加拉国-印度-巴基斯坦商业首脑会议;; Glen Cove Manifesto;格伦科夫宣言;; AHMED, F. A. Shamim;沙米姆·艾哈迈德;; NDARUZANIYE, Gamaliel;加马列尔·恩达鲁扎尼耶;; Caribbean Planning for Adaption to Global Climate Change project;加勒比适应全球气候变化规划项目规划项目;CPACC;规划项目 custodian rape;监护者强奸;; Mapviv;我要生活;; Chimen Jistis;正义之路;; human cloning;克隆人;; on track;在轨在轨道上;; complex act;复合行为;; composite act;综合行为;; Papa Giovanni XXIII;帕帕·乔瓦尼二十三世;; Law on Lease of Flats in the Liberated Territory;已解放领土内公寓租赁法;; International Fund for the Promotion of the Study of African Languages and Cultures;促进研究非洲语言和文化国际基金 研非基金;FIDELCA;研非基金 Global Forum on Human Development;全球人类发展论坛;; Cooperation Agreement between the United Nations and the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation;联合国与文化和技术合作机构的合作协定;; GINER, Ramon E. Gonzalez;拉蒙·冈萨雷斯·希内尔;; MOHAMMED, Tengku Ariffin Bin Tengku;东古·阿里芬·宾·东古·穆罕默德;; DALABIH, Riad;里亚德·达拉比;; chat room;聊天室;; Independent Parliamentary Group;独立议会小组;GPI; heteronormative;为他方制定法律;; Khordad Foundation, 15;三月15日基金会;; MATSUKUMA, Kanehara;松隈兼原;; Srpska Radio Television;斯普斯卡广播电视台;SRT; Aga Khan Development Network;阿加汗发展组织;; child-friendly;爱幼的方便儿童的;; Common system, Compensation and Classification Service;共同制度、薪酬和分类处;CSCS; Northwest Alaska Native Association;阿拉斯加西北土著协会;NANA; dietary reference intakes;食物参考摄入量;DRIs; recommended daily allowance;建议每日摄入量;RDA; call on;吁请;; invite;邀请;; Mine Action Service;排雷行动处;MAS;排雷处 OBENG, Seth Kofi;塞思·科菲·奥本;; SIBANDA, Phillip Valerio;菲利普·瓦莱里奥·西班达;; MOMODOU SALLAH, Abdoulie;阿卜杜利·莫莫杜·萨拉赫;; Framework for delegation of authority, responsibility and accountability;权力、职责和责任下放的框架;; dividend for development;发展红利;; Global Public Goods: International Cooperation in the 21st Century;全球公益物:21世纪国际合作;; Declaration of the 17th Session of the Council of Ministers of IGAD on the Conflict Situations in the Sub-region;第十七届发展局部长委员会会议关于分区域冲 突局势的宣言;; KATEGAYA, Eriya;埃里亚·卡特加亚;; Special Session of the General Assembly on the Implementation of the Outcome of the World Summit for Social Development and Further Initiatives;关于社会发展问题世界首脑会议成果执行情 况和进一步倡议的大会特别会议;; Preparatory Committee for the Special Session of the General Assembly on the Implementation of the Outcome of the World Summit for Social Development and Further Initiatives;关于社会发展问题世界首脑会议成果执行情 况和进一步倡议的大会特别会议筹备委员会;; NOE PINO, Hugo;乌戈·内奥·皮诺;; BOCALANDRO, Ricardo Luis;里卡多·路易斯·博卡兰德罗;; GOTIENNE, Henri Blaise;亨利·布莱兹·戈蒂安恩;; NEJAD HOSSEINIAN, Hadi;哈迪·内贾德-侯赛尼安;; HOSSEINIAN, Hadi NEJAD;哈迪·内贾德·侯赛尼安;; NAKAYAMA, Masao;中山正夫;; THAPA, Pradumna Bikram;普拉杜姆纳·比克拉姆·塔帕;; CROM, M.W.H.;克罗姆;; PARK, Hee Kwon;朴熙权;; MEKDAD, Fayssal;费萨尔·迈克达德;; McKENZIE, George W.;乔治·麦肯齐;; HILLMAN, Andrew S.;安德鲁·希尔曼;; Educare;教育工作;; ISMAIL, Mustafa Osman;穆斯塔法·奥斯曼·伊斯梅尔;; International Supervisor for Brcko;布尔奇科国际监督员;; OWEN, Roberts;罗伯茨·欧文;; Weapons Amnesty Programme;武器大赦方案;; Dynamic Response 98;98动态反应演习;; LI, Hyong Chol;李亨哲;; four-party talks;四方会谈;; Committee of Five on Sierra Leone;塞拉利昂问题五国委员会;; YAKI, Roy;罗伊·亚基;; Burnham Truce;伯纳姆休战协定;; Agreement on Peace, Security and Development on Bougainville the Lincoln Agreement;关于布干维尔和平、安全和发展的协议 林肯协议;;林肯协议 Lincoln Agreement on Peace, Security and Development on Bougainville;关于布干维尔和平、安全和发展的林肯协议;; ULUFA'ALU, Bartholomew;巴塞洛缪·乌鲁法阿鲁;; ekecheiria;握手言和;; AKUNWAFOR, Gabriel Sam;加布里埃尔·萨姆·阿昆瓦福尔;; ALIYU, Mustapha Betara;穆斯塔法·贝塔拉·阿利尤;; SHODEINDE, Omolabake S.;奥莫拉巴克·绍德因德;; MUSA, Adamu Aboki;阿达穆·阿博基·穆萨;; ANAEDU, Ositadinma;奥西塔丁马·阿纳埃杜;; BADEJO, Kolawale T.;科拉瓦莱·巴德乔;; HASSAN, Hassan Mohammed;哈桑·穆罕默德·哈桑;; BEYENDEZA, Fred;弗雷德·贝延德扎;; Property Control and Inspection Unit;财产管制和检查股 财检股;PCIU;财检股 national accounting;国民核算;; DAVIES, Sergio Hernan Espinosa;塞尔希奥·埃尔南·埃斯皮诺萨·戴维斯;; DE LA ROSA, Fausto;福斯托·德拉罗萨;; ROSA, Fausto DE LA;福斯托·德拉罗萨;; AL-HADIDI, Zaid;扎伊德·哈迪迪;; HADIDI, Zaid AL-;扎伊德·哈迪迪;; OSIO, Austin Etanomare;奥斯汀·埃塔诺马尔·奥西奥;; UKOH, Osu;奥苏·乌科;; readiness activity;戒备活动;; ready capacity to act;随时行动能力;; AFEWERKI, Isaias;伊萨亚斯·阿费沃基;; KADAGA, Rebecca A.;丽贝卡·卡达加;; GHEBRAY, Tekeste;泰凯斯特·加布雷;; Greater Tunb;大通布岛;; Lesser Tunb;小通布岛;; Abu Musa;阿布穆萨[岛];; Islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa;大通布岛、小通布岛和阿布穆萨岛;; Metohiji;梅托希亚省;; Kosovo;科索沃省;; Liberation Army of Kosovo;科索沃解放军;; Vojvodina;伏伊伏丁那省;; Agreed Measures for the Implementation of the Agreement on Education;关于执行教育协定的议定措施;; Albanology Institute of Pristina University;普里什蒂纳大学阿尔巴尼亚研究所;; Drenica;德雷尼察;; Supply and Property Management Services;供应和财产管理处 供应处;SPMS;供应处 Agreement establishing the Fund for the Development of the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean;建立拉丁美洲和加勒比土著人民发展基金协 定;; sector-wide approach;全部门办法;SWA; Child-friendly Cities Initiative;爱幼城倡议;CFCI; Agreement concerning the Suppression of Opium Smoking;取缔吸食鸦片协定;; modules of employable skills programme;谋职技能单元方案;; Seeds and Tools Committee;种子和工具委员会;; Protocol Bringing under International Control Drugs outside the Scope of the Convention of 13 July 1931 for Limiting the Manufacture and Regulating the Distribution of Narcotic Drugs, as amended by the Protocol [continued in Note];将经1946年12月11日签署于纽约成功湖的议 定书修正的1931年7月13日限制麻醉品制造及管制麻醉品运销的公约范围外的药品置于国 际管制之下的议定书;; War-Affected Youth Support project;援助受战争影响的青年项目援青项目;WAYS;援青项目 significant event;重要事项会计;;会计 International Liability for Injurious Consequences Arising out of Acts not Prohibited by International Law;关于国际法不加禁止的行为所产生损害性后果的国际责任;; 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司