翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 He shares the same rotten tastes with some dubious characters. 他和一些不三不四的人臭味相投。 "Dream of Red Mansions" is a masterwork. 《红楼梦》是一部鸿篇巨制。 In 1927 he fled to Japan. 1927年他逃亡日本。 The Labor Party came into power in 1945. 1945年工党上台执政。 Many conservatives in the early 1900's thought impressionistic art was decadent. 20世纪初,许多保守主义者认为印象派的艺术是颓废的。 The 20th century is drawing to an end. 20世纪即将结束。 At 20 years of age the will reigns; at 30 the wit; at 40 the judgement. 20岁我们按意愿做事30岁我们凭智慧做事40岁我们靠判断做事。 How much interest will there be on a principal of $5000? 5000美元本金的利息是多少? These people who were young fifty years back are now gray haired. 50年前的年轻人,现在已经白发苍苍了。 The mean of 7,9 and 14 is 11. 7、9和14 的平均数是10。 The company doubled its size in nine years. 9年来这家公司的规模扩大了一倍。 Ah Q looks idiotic before Master Zhao. 阿Q在赵太爷面前显得呆头呆脑。 The Arab-Israeli confrontation is causing our firm serious difficulties. 阿拉伯国家和以色列的对抗给我们公司带来严重困难。 Arsenal scored in the final minute of the game. 阿森纳队在比赛的最后一分钟进了一球。 Aspirin has efficacy in relieving headaches. 阿司匹林有解除头痛的效能。 Cancer is a kind of persistent ailment. 癌症是一种顽症。 Edison has had the gift of picking the right men to handle his affairs. 爱迪生具有善于挑选适当的人处理他的事务的才能。 Love and hate are extremes. 爱和恨是两个极端。 Barking dogs seldom bite. 爱叫的狗不咬人;咬人的狗不露齿。 Barking dogs seldom bite. 爱叫的狗很少咬人。 Love your neighbors as yourself. 爱邻居犹如爱自己。 Love your enemies, for they tell you your faults. 爱你的敌人吧,因为他们让你知道自己的缺点。 Love lives in cottages as well as in courts. 爱情不分贵贱。 Love lives in cottages as well as in courts. 爱情不分贫富。 love me, love my dog. 爱屋及乌。 Love me, love my dog. 爱屋及乌。 Showoffs never miss an opportunity to draw attention to themselves by some outrageous novelty. 爱显示自己的人遇事总喜欢标新立异。 Einstein was a great scientific genius. 爱因斯坦是个伟大的科学天才。 Where will I find brave men to guard the four corners of my land? 安得猛士兮守四方? According to the old legend, Romulus was the founder of Rome. 按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。 The work will be more fruitful under this plan. 按照这一方案,做这工作将更有成效。 Press this button to start the engine. 按这个按钮开动引擎。 Character is what you are in the dark. 暗处最能反映一个人的真正品格。 The Olympic winner received a gold medal as an award. 奥林匹克的优胜者获得一枚金质奖章作为奖赏。 The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was grand. 奥运会的开幕式, 场面十分壮阔。 At the Olympic Games, he created a new world record. 奥运会上,他创造了新的世界纪录。 The Olympic Games commands the attention of the world. 奥运会是举世瞩目的体育比赛。 Australia is an English speaking nation. 澳大利亚是一个讲英语的国家。 Eight roads radiate from the square. 八条大道从广场呈辐射形伸展出去。 Like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each one shows his or her special prowess. 八仙过海,各显神通。 Ba jin is a literary giant. 巴金是一位文坛巨匠。 Paris is the capital of France. 巴黎是法国的首都。 Paris is a super-refined metropolis. 巴黎是个极其高雅的大都会。 Brazil has a big surplus of coffee. 巴西有很多剩余咖啡。 Put the tea things right in the middle of the table. 把茶具放在桌子正中。 It's very important to teach the children about road safety. 把交通安全常识教给孩子们是非常重要的。 Look over the exercises before handing them in. 把练习再检查一遍。 Cut the bread into small rounds and give me two. 把面包切成小片,然后给我两片。 Bring it closer so that I may see it better. 把它拿近点儿,让我看看仔细。 Take time by the forelock. 把握目前的时机。 Hang the clothes on the line. 把衣服晾在绳子上。 Rinse the clothes. 把衣服涮一涮。 Give her the book. 把这本书给她。 The relative items in this report will be submitted to the committee for discussion. 把这份报告中的有关事项提交委员会讨论。 Add this numbers together and give me the total. 把这些数字加起来,告诉我总数是多少。 My father and mother went for a walk. 爸爸妈妈去散步了。 The agitation of the strike arose repeatedly. 罢工风潮迭起。 The strike threw them into great fear. 罢工使他们惶恐不安。 I cannot sleep in the daytime. 白日我睡不着。 The fields were all covered with pure white snow. 白雪皑皑,铺满田野。 The fields were all covered with pure white snow. 白雪皑皑,铺满田野。 The mountain tops are covered with snow. 白雪覆盖着山顶。 Hundreds of flowers are blooming in profusion. 百花怒放。 Flowers are blooming in a riot of color. 百花齐放,万紫千红。 Flowers of all sorts are blooming in a riot of color. 百花盛开,万紫千红。 A hundred schools of thought contend. 百家争鸣。 After his death, his children will certainly carry on his career. 百年之后, 他的孩子一定会继承他的事业。 All business languished. 百业凋敝。 Would you be kind enough to take a message to him? 拜托您捎个信儿给他。 The monitor is really a notch above us. 班长确实比我们略胜一筹。 The flight is behind schedule. 班机误点了。 There is a rose bush in front of the office. 办公室前有一丛玫瑰。 Do things neatly, not sloppily. 办事要利落,不要拖泥带水。 Why are you getting up in the middle of the night? 半夜三更的,你起来干什么? It's my duty to help you. 帮你忙是我份内该做的事。 Will you help me to wash up all these pots and pans? 帮我洗洗这些锅碗瓢盆好吗? Accomplices will also be punished. 帮凶同样会受到法律的制裁。 In the evening the rosy clouds were gorgeous. 傍晚的云霞绚丽多彩。 The ground cools off toward evening. 傍晚时地面变凉。 The package carries no written message. 包裹内不得夹带书信。 To make stuffed dumpling is his speciality. 包饺子是他的拿手好戏。 Honey, come here and give me your help! 宝贝,到这来帮帮我! Those who loaf all day and do nothing are social parasites. 饱食终日,无所事事的人是社会上的寄生虫。 It is the state's responsibility to protect the people's benefit. 堡百姓的利益是国家的职责。 The men in the fort capitulated. 堡垒中的守军投降了。 The easiest way to capture a fortress is from within. 堡垒最容易从内部攻破。 On the report, there are the comments made by the minister. 报告上有部长的批示。 The committee has passed the report. 报告已由委员会批准通过。 The newspapers and magazines carry a lot of articles written by famous experts. 报刊杂志刊登了许多名家的文章。 The newspaper came a moment ago. 报纸刚刚到。 Newspapers are delivered every day. 报纸每天都送来。 A newspaper cartoon is an amusing drawing, usually about some event in the news. 报纸上的漫画是一种风趣的图画,通常是针对某一件时事的。 The papers are full of stories about the royals. 报纸上尽是些关于王室成员趣闻逸事的报道。 His name leapt out at me from the newspaper. 报纸上他的名字一下字跳入我的眼帘。 The blizzard blotted out the sky and the land. 暴风雪铺天盖地而来。 The sky turned dark as the storm came near. 暴风雨来临时,天空转暗。 The storm blew fiercely over land and sea. 暴风雨猛烈地吹过陆地和海面。 In the storm I took shelter under the tree. 暴风雨时,我正在树下躲避。 The storm did a great deal of material damage. 暴风雨造成了大量物质损失。 The tyrant's domination was challenged by the rebels. 暴君的统治受到了反叛者的挑战。 The force of the explosion broke all the windows in the building. 爆炸的力量震碎了这座建筑上的所有窗户。 The glasses glanced and twinkled in the firelight. 杯子在炉火照耀下闪闪发亮。 Sorrow comes unsent for. 悲哀不招自来。 The sad past is heartbroken. 悲伤的往事令人断肠。 The wasteland of the north is scarcely populated. 北方的大荒原地广人稀。 Radio Beijing sends the news all over the world. 北京广播电台向全世界播送新闻。 North America has the world's best climate for wild grapes. 北美的气候是世界上最适合野生葡萄生长的。 Beiyang Navy is the earliest naval force of China. 北洋水师是中国最早的海军部队。 He sat there panting, with his back leaning against a big tree. 背靠大树, 他坐在那里喘着大气。 The accused man denies that he has ever met her. 被告否认他曾经遇到过她。 The accused has the right to defense. 被告人有权获得辩护。 The meeting will deal with these problems. 本次会议将就这些问题作出处理。 They brag most who can do least. 本领最小的人最会吹牛。 We have had two world wars in this century. 本世纪我们已经经历了两次世界大战。 Ability is not innate, but comes through practice. 本事不是天生的,是锻炼出来的。 These regulations come into force upon promulgation. 本条例自公布之日起施行。 No reference books are to be taken out of the reading room without permission. 本阅览室的参考书不得私自带出。 The temperature has stayed hot this week. 本周气温一直都很热。 Clumsy beast! 笨拙的畜生! Bill Gates is an American citizen. 比尔·盖茨是美国公民。 The score was tied several times. 比分屡次出现平局。 Considering the losses in the disaster area, our support was an utterly inadequate measure. 比起灾区的损失, 我们的支援不过杯水车薪。 The match is about to begin. 比赛即将开始。 That was a close finish! 比赛几乎分不出胜负! Everyone of the two sides is happy at the result of the match. 比赛结果使双方皆大欢喜。 The outcome of the game is beyond his fondest hopes. 比赛结果使他大喜过望。 The score was five-nil with five minute left in the game. 比赛离终场还有五分钟时,双方比分为五比零。 The game ended in a draw. 比赛以和局结束。 The game was cancelled because of rain. 比赛因雨取消。 The game was put off because of rain. 比赛因雨延期。 He met a powerful opponent in the match. 比赛中,他遇到了强劲的对手。 Peter smokes several cigars everyday. 彼得每天抽好几支雪茄。 The style is lucid and lively. 笔调很明快。 The scientific research personnel who held the post without qualification must be transferred to another post. 必须把滥竽充数的科研人员调到其他工作岗位上去。 Measures must be taken to meet the situation. 必须采取措施以应付这种局面。 A prompt decision should be made. 必须当机立断。 It is necessary to get rid of bureaucratic practices. 必须清除官僚习气。 The equilibrium of force must be established in Europe. 必须确立欧洲的均势。 Getting out of debt must be placed before buying anything new. 必须先还清债务然后再置办物品。 After graduation she became a teacher. 毕业以后, 她当了教师。 The clear blue sky looks like the deep sea. 碧空像深邃的大海。 The mountains in the border area are as beautiful as a painting. 边陲山区的风光美丽如画。 Variety is the spice of life. 变化是生活的调味品。 Don't forget what I told you just now. 别把刚才跟你说的事忘了。  Don't pamper your little daughter. 别把你的小女儿娇惯坏了。 Don't pull my hair! 别扯我的头发! See that none of the guests are neglected. 别怠慢了客人。 Don't be so severe to her---she couldn't help it. 别对她太严厉,她也是没办法。 Don't be so rude to your parents! 别对你的父母这么没礼貌! It is ill to waken sleeping dogs. 别多事,别惹麻烦。 Mind your own affairs! 别管闲事! Don't drink and drive. 别喝了酒开车。 Never make friends with bad companions. 别和坏人结交。 Cut out the soft soap; flattery will get you nowhere! 别花言巧语了,吹捧是不会使你捞到好处的。 Don't rock the boat. 别晃动这条船。 He seems unconcerned, but nothing escapes his attention. 别看他大大咧咧的,什么事他都很在心。 Though nearly 50, he was exceptionally vigorous in work. 别看他快五十岁了,工作却是雷厉风行。 Growing vegetables looks easy, but actually it takes a lot of learning. 别看种菜没啥,其实大有学问。 Stop daydreaming and be realistic. 别空想了,还是从实际出发吧。 Don't cry, you are a big boy now. 别哭,你现在已经是大男孩了。 Stop dawdling and get going. 别磨蹭了,快走吧。 Don't talk so loud. 别那么大声地说话。 Don't be such a baby. 别那么孩子气。 Don't shout into my ears like that, I can hear you perfectly well. 别那样对我大声嚷嚷,我能听清楚。 Don't beat about the bush so much, tell us plainly what you are driving it. 别旁敲侧击,简单明了地对我们说一说到底是什么意思! Don't be all talking in confusion. 别七嘴八舌的! Don't let defeat fill you with gloom. 别让失败使你灰心丧气。 Don't cut your finger on the broken glass. 别让碎玻璃割伤你的手。 What others think exercises a great influence on most of us. 别人怎样想对我们多半会产生很大影响。 Don't say dirty words. 别说脏话。 Stop distorting what I've said. 别歪曲我说的话。 Don't play old tricks! 别玩老一套的把戏了! Don't quibble about unimportant things with me. 别为了琐碎的小事和我狡辩。 Don't worry about little things. 别为琐事烦恼。 Don't let this trifling matter affect our harmonious relations. 别为小事伤了和气。 Don't trust him, he is a sly old fox. 别相信他,他像老狐狸一样狡猾。 Don't be downhearted! 别心灰意冷! Don't be immersed in love. 别再儿女情长了。 Don't have any more to do with him; he's trying to make a fool of you. 别再理他了,他正在捉弄你呢。 Don't hesitate; seize the first opportunity that comes along! 别再犹豫了,一有机会就抓住它! Stop showing off in front of everybody. 别再在大伙跟前卖弄了。 Stop showing off in front of everybody. 别再在大伙跟前卖弄了。 Don't read in poor light. 别在光线不好的地方看书。 Just take care of yourself and don't worry. 别着急,安心养病。 Don't always rake up the old stories. 别总是旧事重提了。 Don't always speak honeyed words. 别总是甜言蜜语的。 Don't always indulge in empty talk. 别总是纸上谈兵。 Don't always crack yourself up! 别总自诩了。 Don't take to crooked ways. 别走邪门歪道。 Good manners and correct speech are marks of refinement. 彬彬有礼和谈吐得体是文雅的标志。 Ice, snow and steam are different forms of water. 冰、雪和蒸汽是水的不同形态。 Ice is water in solid state. 冰是水的固体状态。 The ice is too thin to bear your weight. 冰太薄,承受不住你们的重量。 The ice is as hard as rock. 冰象石头一样坚硬。 The city was under siege. How could they helplessly wait for death? 兵临城下, 岂能束手待毙? Food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses. 兵马未动, 粮草先行。 Not everyone likes this book. 并不是每个人都喜欢这本书。 All authors have not accepted this view. 并非所有的作者都赞同这种观点。 The patient's condition is improving day by day. 病人的病情逐日好转。 The patient's condition is critical. 病人的生命在危急中。 The patient is too weak to speak. 病人太衰弱了,不能说话。 The patient was on the verge of death. 病人危在旦夕。 The waves danced in the sunlight. 波浪在阳光下跳舞。 Waves rolled in on the beach. 波涛翻滚,涌上海滩。 There is no need for such caution. 不必如此小心谨慎。 It would be corrupting discipline to leave him unpunished. 不惩治他会败坏风纪。 Spare the rod and spoil the child. 不打不成器。 The increasing army of the unemployed has attracted the attention of the economist. 不断增长的失业大军引起了这名经济学家的关注。 The lawbreakers will never escape punishment by law. 不法分子逃脱不了法律的制裁。 He who makes no mistakes makes nothing. 不犯错的人必将一事无成。 None of us can equal her, either in beauty or as a dancer. 不管是容貌还是舞艺我们都比不上她。 No matter how insidious and crafty they are, they will end up being utterly crushed to powder. 不管他们怎样狡猾,到头来只能撞得粉身碎骨。 Construction will go on no matter what the weather is like. 不管天气如何,也要继续施工。 All the students are treated the same whether they are new comers or not. 不管新同学还是老同学都一视同仁。 Countless people joined the rally at the square. 不计其数的人参加了广场上的集会。 Our plan will be realized soon. 不久, 我们的计划就要实现。 Unhappiness is the root cause of his illness. 不开心是他生病的根源。 All men can't be first. 不可能人人得冠军。 No pains, no gains. 不劳无获。 No pain, no gain. 不劳无获。 We shall use our great strength to help no matter what difficulty you have. 不论你有什么样的困难,我们都会鼎力相助的。 He was incorrigibly obstinate, no matter who persuaded him. 不论谁劝他,他都顽固不化。 The drunk told his troubles to every tom, Dick and Harry who passed by. 不论张三李四,这个醉汉逢人就诉苦。 People who cannot distinguish between colors are said to be color blind. 不能分辨颜色的人被称为色盲。 We cannot make a merit of disgrace. 不能将耻辱说成功绩。 We can't slacken our vigilance just because nothing unusual has cropped up. 不能因为没有发生什么问题就麻痹起来。 One must not think only of the present and neglect the future. 不能只顾眼前,不管将来。 One cannot succeed without industry. 不勤奋就不能成功。 How can a child grow up to be useful if he is not allowed to face the world and brave the storm? 不让孩子经风雨见世面,怎么能成材呢? Nothing venture, nothing gain. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子。 Being ignorant of the major principles is bound to lead one to think over only personal gains and losses. 不识大体的人就必然斤斤计较个人得失。 The arrangement for various parts has been settled. 不同部分的部署已排定。 Different nations have different customs. 不同的民族有不同的习俗。 Different people can draw completely different conclusions. 不同的人会得出截然不同的结论。 Ask no questions and be told no lies. * 不问问题就不会受骗。 The unworthy son corrupted the ethics and moral standards of the family . 不肖之子败坏了这家的门风。 They were not allowed to use arms. 不许他们使用武器。 Don't mix up different kinds of seeds. 不要把不同的种子混杂在一起。 Don't gossip about a person's right and wrong behind his back. 不要背地里说别人长短。 Don't tell tales out of school. 不要背后论人是非长短。 Don't be misled by false appearances. 不要被假象所迷惑。 Don't be misled by false appearances. 不要被假象所迷惑。 Don't laugh at him. 不要嘲笑他。 Don't waste your time. 不要蹉跎岁月。 Don't speak to the man at the wheel. 不要打扰负责你自己安全的人。 Never underestimate the force of the broad masses of the people. 不要低估广大人民群众的力量。 Don't read the obscene publication. 不要读猥亵刊物。 Don't turn a blind eye to matters that concern the people's welfare. 不要对人民的利益漠然置之。 Don't decide on important matters too quickly. 不要过于匆忙地对重要的事情作决定。 Don't neglect minor issues. 不要忽略枝节问题。 Don't neglect the tremendous might of public opinion. 不要忽视舆论的威力。 Don't be bewildered enough to do silly things. 不要糊里糊涂地去做傻事。 Don't lose your heart! 不要灰心! Don't be anxious for success. 不要急于求成。 Keep away from the precipice. 不要靠近悬崖。 Don't be scheming against others all the time. 不要靠算计人过日子。 Never copy foreign things blindly or mechanically. 不要盲目地或机械地照搬外国的东西。 Don't use force rashly. 不要轻易动武。 Never is a long word. 不要轻易说“决不”。 Never pick up what others say. 不要拾人牙慧。 Do not try to cover a mistake. 不要试图掩盖错误。 Don't get roped in by bad people. 不要受坏人拉拢。 Save your breath! I don't want to hear it. 不要说了,我不想听。 Don't make irresponsible remarks! 不要说三道四。 Don't be partial to one side. 不要袒护一方。 Don't waste words with that fellow. 不要同那家伙白费口舌。 Don't cry stinking fish. 不要妄自菲薄。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司