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Office of Evaluation;评价办公室;OEDE; Insurance and Legal Branch;保险和法律事务科;OTI; Transport and Logistics Division;运输和后勤司;OT; Ocean Transportation Service;海运处;OTS; Logistics Service;后勤处;OTL; Operations Department;业务部;OD; Freight Analysis and Support Branch;运费分析和支助科;OTF; National System for Sustainable Development;国家可持续发展系统;SINADES; Arab Free Trade Zone;阿拉伯自由贸易区;AFTZ; Manual on environmental statistics and indicators;环境统计和指标手册;; Deputy Secretary-General of the Conference on Disarmament;裁军谈判会议副秘书长;; Monitoring, Database and Information Branch;监测、数据库和信息处;MDIB;监测处 Regional Disarmament Branch;区域裁军处;; Chief, Conference on Disarmament Secretariat and Conference Support Branch;裁军谈判会议秘书处和会议支助处处长;; Conventional Arms including Practical Disarmament Measures Branch;常规武器包括实际裁军措施处;; Weapons of Mass Destruction Branch;大规馁灭性武器处;WMDB;毁灭性武器处 Conference on Disarmament Secretariat and Conference Support Branch;裁军谈判会议秘书处和会议支助处;; Programme for Priority Actions;优先行动纲领;; International Conference on Water and Sustainable Development;水与可持续发展问题国际会议;; Euro-Mediterranean Water Information System;欧洲地中海水信息系统;EMWIS; Eurowaternet;欧洲水网;Eurowaternet; International Workshop on Indicators of Sustainable Development;第X次可持续发展指标国际讲习班;; United Nations Needs Assessment Mission to Abkhazia;联合国阿布哈兹需要评估团;; Expert Group Convened to Review the United Nations International Drug Control Programme and to Strengthen the United Nations Machinery for International Drug Control;审查联合国国际药物管制规划署和加强联合 国国际药物管制机制专家组;; World Youth Forum of the United Nations System;联合国系统世界青年论坛;; European Year against Racism;欧洲反对种族主义年;; Global Management Team;全球管理小组;GMT; Programme Knowledge Network;方案知识网络;PKN; Evaluation, Policy and Planning Division;评价、政策和规划司 评规司;EPP Division;评规司 Director of Career Management;职业管理主任;; Office for Japan;日本事务办公室;; knowledge base;知识库;; Organizational Learning and Resources Development Section;机构经验学习和资源开发科;OLRDS;学习开发科 first Qibla;第一朝向;; Ad Hoc Expert Group Meeting on Integration of Women in Technological Development;妇女参与技术发展特设专家组会议;; Ad Hoc Inter-Agency Meeting on the Recommendations of the World Conference of the International Women's Year;关于国际妇女年世界会议的建议的机构间特 别会议;; Asian Subregional Tripartite Awareness-raising Workshop on Improving Working Conditions for Women in Economies in Transition;关于改善转型期经济体内妇女工作条件的亚 洲分区域提高认识三方讲习班;; Assistant Secretary-General and Secretary-General for the Fourth World Conference on Women;助理秘书长兼第四次妇女问题世界会议秘书 长;; breast cancer;乳腺癌;; Caribbean subregional tripartite seminar on Equality of Opportunity and Treatment for Workers with Family Responsibilities;加勒比分区域关于有家庭责任的工作人员机会和待遇平等的三方讨论会;; commercialized sex;性交易;; Conference Secretariat/DAW expert group meeting on Peace: women in international decision-making;会议秘书处关于"和平:妇女参与国际决策"的 专家组会议;; active mine;主动雷;; actuation;引发引发系统;; aimed controlled-effect mine;瞄准式效果控制雷;ACEM; Angolan National Institute for the Removal of Explosive Devices;安哥拉国家排除爆炸物研究所;; anti-disturbance fuze or fuze;忌动引信忌动装置;AD fuze; anti-mine boots;防雷靴;; anti-personnel fragmentation mine;破片杀伤人员地雷;; anti-tank mine;反坦克地雷;AT mine; area clearance;区域排雷;; armed period;引信待发时间;; armoured rake;装甲耙排雷耙;; Arms Project;军火项目;; artillery-delivered scatterable mines;火炮布设的散雷 炮布散雷;ADSM;炮布散雷 bourrage;障垒;; bangalore torpedo;爆破筒;; bar mine;条形雷;; barrier ammunition;障碍弹药; 屏障弹药;; base line;起始线基线;; below-knee amputation;膝下截肢;; below-knee prosthesis;膝下假肢;bk prosthesis; biochemical neutralization;生化失效法;; blast mine;冲击波杀伤雷爆破雷;; blast protective suit;防冲击波套服防爆套服;; bomb disposal;排弹未爆弹处理;; bomb disposal officer;排弹员;; Abilene;Abilene;; University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development;大学高级因特网开发集团;UCAID; cyber-squatting;抢注域名;; Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email;取缔未经索取的广告电子邮件联盟;CAUCE; unsolicited commercial e-mail;未经索取的广告电子邮件;UCE; Abanico mine; fanmine;Abanico雷扇子雷;; above-elbow amputation;肘上截肢;; above-knee amputation;膝上截肢;; above-knee prosthesis;膝上假肢;ak prosthesis; access point;入口;; activated mine;待发雷;; Advanced Countermine System;先进反雷系统;ACS; Afghan Mine-Clearance Planning Agency;阿富汗排雷规划机构;; Afghan Technical Consultants;阿富汗技术顾问;ATC; Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief;阿富汗救济协调机构;ACBAR; air blower;吹风机;; airborne detection system; airborne sensors;机载探测系统;; airborne minefield-detection system;机载雷场探测系统;; Airborne Stand-off Minefield-Detection System;机载远距离雷场探测系统;ASTAMIDS; air-delivered;空投飞机布雷;; air-dropped munitions or submunitions;空投弹药 或子弹药;;或子弹药 air gap;气隙;; alternative weapon;代用武器;; ambush mine;伏击雷;; Amended Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Mines, Booby-traps and Other Devices; Amended Protocol II;禁止或限制使用地雷水雷、诱杀装置和其 他装置的修正议定书 第2修正议定书 ;;第2修正议定书 American Friends Service Committee;美国公益会服务委员会公益会委员会;AFSC;公益会委员会 amputation box;截肢器械箱;; amputation neuroma;截肢性神经瘤;; amputee;被截肢者;; angulation;成角;; ankle piece;义踝关节假肢的踝关节部分;; anti-clearance device;抗排雷装置;; anti-defuzing device;引信忌动装置防卸除引信装置;; anti-group mine;群杀伤雷大面积杀伤雷;; anti-handling device;忌动装置防排装置;AHD; anti-lift device; anti-lifting device;防起雷装置忌动装置;; anti-personnel mine;杀伤人员地雷;APM; anti-personnel minefield;防步兵雷场杀伤地雷雷场;; anti-personnel mine-free zone;无杀伤人员地雷区;; Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System;杀伤人员障碍物排除系统;APOBS; anti-tank minefield;反坦克雷场;; apple mine;苹果雷;; area-denial artillery mine;区域封锁火炮地雷禁区炮投地雷;ADAM; area-denial mine;区域封锁地雷禁区地雷;; area reduction;缩小雷区;; armed mine;待发雷;; armed trap;待发诱杀装置;; arming delay device;延时解除保险装置;; arming device;解除保险装置;; ASEAN Regional Forum inter-sessional meeting on demining for United Nations peacekeepers;东盟区域论坛闭会期间联合国维持和平部队排雷会议;; assessment mission;评估团;; audiospeaker;扬声器;; axial mining;纵向布雷轴向布雷;; azimuth;方位方位角;; back bearing;反方位;; background clutter;背景杂波;; backpack concentrator; backpack suction pump;背负式采气泵;; backstop;障垒;; back-up self-deactivation feature;备用自行解除待发状态装置;; ballistic jacket;防弹茄克;; ball mine;球形雷;; barrier belt;障碍雷带; 屏障雷带;; base area;起始区;; base tape;起始标志带;; Belleville spring;贝氏弹簧; 盘形弹簧;; belly blast;腹部爆破;; below-elbow amputation;肘下截肢;; bilateral amputation;双侧截肢;; biosensor;生物传感器;; black widow mine;黑寡妇雷;; blasting cap;雷管 ;起爆管;; blind;未炸地雷、炮弹等;;地雷、炮弹等 blown in place;就地引爆;BIP; body armour;防护服; 排雷服;; Bofors demining vehicle;博福斯排雷车;; bomb arm;排弹臂;; bomblet;子炸弹;; booby trap;诱杀装置;BT; booby-trapped mine;忌动地雷; 防起地雷;; booby-trap record;诱杀装置记录;; boosted blast mine;扩爆爆破雷;; booster charge;扩爆装药;传爆装药;; bounding charge;抛射装药;; bounding mine;跳雷;; bow tripwire;弓形绊索;; box method;矩形法;; box mine;匣形雷;; brace; bracket;系带; 箍;; branch line;分导爆索;; breacher;开道车;; breaching party; mine-clearing party; demining team;开道组; 排雷组;; break-wire;断发线;; briefing area;情况介绍区;; building clearance;建筑物排雷;; bulk disposal;成批销毁; 集中销毁;; bullet-proof jacket or vest;防弹茄克或背心;;或背心 bund;堤围;; buried mine;地下雷; 掩埋雷;; butterfly mine; butterfly bomb;蝴蝶雷; 蝴蝶弹;; calf pylon;义胫; 假肢的小腿部分;; callsign;呼号;; Cambodian Mine-Action Centre;柬埔寨排雷行动中心;CMAC; Cambodia Trust;柬埔寨信托会;; Cap Anamur;卡普阿纳墨;; cargo projectile or round; carrier shell;子母炮弹; 布雷炮弹;; carriageway group or party;车道排雷组;; carrier shell;布雷炮弹;; carrot mine;胡萝卜雷;; carry bag;背袋;; case stabilization;伤势稳定处理;; Casspir vehicle;卡斯珀车;; casualty report;伤亡报告;cas rep; Catapultas device;弩炮装置; Catapultas爆炸装置;; Central American Mine-Clearance Assistance Programme;中美洲排雷援助方案;; centralized disposal site;中央销毁场;CDS; Central Landmine Database;中央地雷数据库;; Central Mine-Action Office;中央排雷行动办公室;CMAO; Central Mine-Action Training School;中央排雷行动训练学校;CMATS; central repository;排雷文献中心;; Chairman's Agenda for Action on Anti-Personnel Mines;主席关于杀伤地雷的行动议程;; charge;1.费 2.装药;chg; check clearing;核实性排雷;; chemical mine;化学毒剂雷;; chief instructor;首席教练员;; chowkidar; chokidar; watchman;警卫人员;; clearance contract;排雷合同;; clearance failure;漏排排雷不达标;; clearance failure ratio;漏排比率;; clearance rate;排雷率;; clearance speed; rate of progress or of clearance;排雷速度排雷进度;; clearance team; mine-clearance team;排雷队;; Cleared Lane Marking System;已排雷通道标志系统;CLAMS; clock error; jitter;时钟误差; 颤动;; close-in countermine operation;近距离反雷作业;; close-in mine-clearance programme;近距离排雷方案;; close-in mine detection;近距离地雷探测;; cluster-bomb unit;集束炸弹; 子母炸弹;CBU; cluster of anomalies;系列异常;; Combat Mobility Vehicle;战地障碍清除车;CMV; combination circuit; combined circuit;组合电路;; combination firing circuit;组合点火电路;; combination influence mine; combined-influence mine;复式感应雷;; command-detonated firing;遥控起爆点火;; command-detonated mine;遥控起爆雷;; command party;指挥组;; commercial off-the-shelf technologies;可从市场购到的现成产品现成技术;COTS technologies;现成技术 Compagnie Fran鏰ise d'Assistance Sp閏ialis閑;法国专业援助公司;COFRAS; compartment syndrome;肌腔隙综合症;; completion certificate;完工证书;; Compliance Annex;遵守附件;; composite armour kit;组合装甲护板;; conference of African experts in demining and assistance to victims of landmines;关于排雷和援助地雷受害者的非洲专家会议;; conference of High Contracting Parties;缔约国会议;; confidence charge;建立信心的装药训练用装药;; contact mine;触发地雷;; contralateral limb injury;对侧肢体损伤;; control area;控制区;; controlled mine; controllable mine;可控地雷;; Conventional Munitions Systems;常规弹药系统公司;CMS; Coordinator of the United Nations Inter-Agency Humanitarian Programme in Iraq;联合国机构间伊拉克人道主义方案协调员;; corner point;角点区角点[座标];; cosmetic cover;装饰性表层;; countermine operation;反雷作业;; countermine techniques;反雷技术;; countermine to;反雷; 抗雷;; countermine training;反雷训练;CMT; Countermine Warfare Project;反雷技术研究项目;CWP; covering; cover;安装表层;; cratering charge;炸坑装药;; crimp to;紧口;; crossover point;温差曲线交叉点; 无温差时段;; cross tape;交叉标志带;; cushioning;衬垫;; cutaway model;剖视模型;; cutting charge;断裂装药; 切割装药;; danger area;危险区;UXB/UXO; datum line;准线; 参照线;; datum point;基准点; 参照点; 基点;; dead mine;死雷; 失效雷;; debridement;清创术;; dedicated team;特别小组; 专门小组;; deep sub-surface clearance;中层排雷;; Defense Systems;防卫系统公司;; defensive mining;防御性布雷;; defuze a mine;卸除引信;; delayed-action weapon;延发武器;; delayed closure of the stump wound;残肢伤口延期闭合;; delayed primary closure;延期一期闭合;; delay element;延发药; 延期装药;; delay-fuzed mine;延发引信雷;; deliberate breaching;周密排雷开道; 周密排雷;; deliberate track-clearing operation;周密排雷开道作业;;作业 delivered;布; 投;; deminer; mine clearer;排雷员;; demining adviser;排雷顾问;; demining agency;排雷机构;; Demining Agency for Afghanistan;阿富汗排雷机构;DAFA; Demining Coordination Group;排雷协调组;DCG; demining debt;未排雷数;; demining deficit;排雷负差;; demining instructor;排雷教练员;; demining kit or cart;排雷工具车;; demining non-governmental organization;排雷非政府组织;; Demining Office;排雷办事处;DO; demining robot;排雷机器人;; demining section;排雷分队;; demining team; demining platoon; demining group;排雷队;; demining training centre;排雷训练中心;; demining training school; mine-clearance training school;排雷训练学校;; demolition charge;爆破装药;;装药 demolition-control point;爆破控制点;; demolition;爆破;销毁地雷;dml; demolition kit;爆破装具;; demolition party;爆破组;; demolition pit;爆破坑;; demolition site;爆破场址;;场址 demolition tool kit;爆破装具;; destruction radius;破坏半径;; detailed minefield survey;详细调查;; detector man; mine-detector man; mine detector;探雷员;; detector ring;探测环;; detonate to a mine;起爆;; detonating cord amplifier;继爆管; 导爆中继药柱;; detonating cord;导爆索;det cord; detonator crimper;雷管紧口器;; detonator crimping;雷管紧口;det crimping; detonator;雷管; 起爆管;det; diaphragm-operated igniter;膜片点火装置;; diaphragm striker;膜片击针撞针;;撞针 dibber;挖穴器;; digitizing table;数码化表;; Directed-Energy Breacher;定向能量开道装置;DEB; directional anti-personnel mine;定向杀伤雷;; directional mine;定向雷;; disarmed mine;卸除引信的地雷失效地雷安全地雷;; disarmed trap;拆除引信的诱杀装置;; disarm [a mine];卸除引信;; disarticulation; exarticulation;关节切断术;; dispenser;1.子母弹箱; 集束弹箱; 投弹箱; 地雷撒布器 2.配药师; 药剂师;; disposal charge;爆破销毁装药;; disposal site;1.销毁场址 2.废物处理场; 垃圾倾置场;; dog centre;探雷犬嗅探中心;; dog handler;训犬员;; dog team;探雷犬队;; donning;套上 假肢;;假肢 Dorbyl mine-detection system;多贝尔探雷系统;; Dorbyl train;多贝尔探雷车;; dormant;蛰伏;; double bluff;双重陷阱; 双饵;; double-impulse or double-pressure mine;双脉冲雷; 双压雷;DI mine; drill mine;教练雷;; drum mine;鼓形雷;; dual firing circuit;双点火电路;; dual use mine; hybrid mine;两用地雷;; duck-board;垫板;; dud;未爆弹; 哑弹;; dud mine;未爆雷; 哑雷;; dud rate;未爆率;; dumb mine;简易雷;; dummy;模型; 模拟;; dummy explosive charge;模拟爆破装药;; dummy mine;模拟雷; 教练雷;; dummy minefield;模拟雷场;; dumping area;临时储雷区;; earth wall;土墙;; electrical detonator;电雷管;; electro-optic/infrared system or technology;电光红外系统;; emergency marking;应急雷区标志;; emplace a mine;布设地雷;;地雷 endoskeletal prosthesis;内骨骼假肢;; end point marker;终点标志;; end user's certificate; end use certificate;最终用户证书;; engineer;工兵;; environmental restoration;环境复原;; eradication of mines or minefields;清除地雷或雷场;; evacuation point;[伤病员、装备]撤运点后送点;;EP; exoskeletal prosthesis; crustacean prosthesis;外骨骼假肢;; exostosis;外生骨疣;; expatriate personnel;外雇人员;; exploder; firing box;起爆管; 起爆装置;; explosive breach;爆破开道;; explosive breaching;爆破开道;; explosive cartridge;炸药包; 药筒; 药卷;cart; explosive demining device;炸药排雷装置;EDD; explosive detonation;爆破销毁;; explosive detonator;爆破雷管;; explosive-filled mine;装药地雷;; explosive filling;装药;炸药装药;; explosive hose; explosive-filled hose;爆破软管;; explosive mine clearance;爆破排雷法;; explosive ordnance disposal;爆炸物处理;EOD; explosive ordnance disposal suit;爆炸物处理套服;EOD suit; explosive ordnance disposal team;爆炸物处理队;EOD team; Explosive Ordnance Disposal World Services;爆炸物处理世界服务公司;EODWS; explosive storage area;炸药储存处;; explosive train;起爆系列;; extrication;解救;; FAE gas bags;油气炸药袋;; failure rate;未爆率; 失效率; 失败率;; family of scatterable mines;散雷族;FASCAM; filling sensitivity;装药感度;; financial retention;扣留付款;; firing circuit;点火电路;; firing mechanism or device;点火装置;; firing party;销毁组;; firing pin;击针; 撞针;; firing point;发火点;; firing system;点火系统;; first aider;急救员;; flail;连枷;; flail tank;扫雷坦克;; flak jacket;防弹片茄克;; flat ban; total or complete ban;彻底禁止;全面或彻底禁止;; follow-on conference; follow-up conference;后续会议;; foot piece;义脚; 假肢的脚部;; fragmentation bomb;破片杀伤炸弹;; fragmentation mine;破片杀伤雷;; free from explosives;无爆炸物证书; 无爆炸物区;FFE;区 free-running dog;自由犬;; fuel-air explosive;油气炸药;FAE; fulcrum;支点;; full-width attack mine;全宽度攻击反坦克地雷 全宽攻击雷;FWAM;全宽攻击雷 full-width mine blade;全宽排雷犁;; full-width mine plough;全宽排雷犁;FWMP; full-width mine rake;全宽排雷耙;; fuze;引信;; fuze assembly;;引信组件;; fuze cavity or well;引信室;; fuzed mine;装上引信的地雷;; fuze prong;引信触杆;; fuze setter;引信调节器; 引信定秒器; 引信装定手;; gait pattern of amputee;步态;; gap marker;间隙标志;; gap sensitivity;感应阈值; 间隙感度; 殉爆感度;; general area detection;一般雷区探测;; general area survey;一般雷区调查;; Gigli saw;Gigli锯;; girth hitch;导爆索连接结;; Gorazde mine;戈拉日德雷;; grapnel;抓钩; 四爪;; green parrot mine;绿鹦鹉雷;; ground-penetrating radar;地面穿透雷达;GPR; guaranteed kill zone;有效杀伤区;; guide tape;导向带;; Gurkha Security Guards;Gurkha警卫公司;GSG; Halo Trust;哈洛信托会;HALO; hand breaching;人工排雷; 人工开道;; Hand-Emplaced Minefield-Marking Set;人工置放雷场标志装置;HEMMS; Handicap International;国际残疾协会;HI; hand laying;人工布雷;; hang-fire;迟发;; hardened operator cab;强固驾驶室;; hasty breaching;仓促排雷开道;; headphones;耳机;; heavily mined area;密集布雷区;; heavy minefield;高阻力雷场;; helicopter-mounted sensor;直升机机载感应器;; HF radio;高频无线电;; high-explosive anti-tank;反坦克高爆炸药;HEAT; high-explosive squash head;可塑高爆炸药;HESH; hollow charge;空心装药;; home-made mine;土制地雷;; horizontal-action mine;水平爆炸地雷; 侧向攻击地雷;; household survey;户口调查;; Humanitarian Demining Action Officers' Workshop;人道主义排雷行动军官讲习班;; humanitarian demining countermine equipment;适用于人道主义排雷的反雷设备;; Humanitarian Demining Technologies Development Programme;人道主义排雷技术开发方案;; Humanitarian Foundation of People against Mines;人民反雷人道主义基金会;MGM; humanitarian mine clearance;人道主义排雷;; humanitarian regime;人道主义制度;; Human Rights Watch;人权监察站;; hygroma;水囊瘤;; ICRC surgical database;红十字委员会外科数据库;; igniter;点火装置; 点火药;; Improved Dispersed Explosive System;改良式弥散爆炸系统;IDX; improvised minefield marker;简易雷场标志;; improvised stretcher;简易担架;; independent mine;独立地雷; 非控地雷;; indigenous deminer;本地排雷员;; indigenous mine-clearance or demining capability or capacity;本地排雷能力;; indiscriminate effect; indiscriminate harm;滥杀滥伤作用;; indiscriminate use;滥用;; individual mine location;测定地雷位置; 地雷定位;; inert filling;惰性装药;; inertial navigation system;惯性导航系统;INS; inert mine;惰性地雷; 教练雷;; influence-fuzed mine;感应雷; 非触发雷;; initiation;引爆引发;; initiation chain;引爆链;; initiation set cradle;引爆系统托架;; injury pattern;创伤模式;; inkstand mine;墨水台雷;; instructional mine;教练雷;; insulating tape;绝缘带;; intention to lay report;布雷意向报告;; intermediate line;中线;; intermediate marker;中间标志;; intermittent arming device;间歇解除保险装置;; internally displaced person;国内流离失所者;IDP; International Campaign to Ban Landmines;国际禁止地雷运动禁雷运动;ICBL;禁雷运动 International Campaign to Ban Landmines conference on landmines;国际禁止地雷运动地雷会议禁雷运动会议;ICBL conference;禁雷运动会议 International Conference on Mine-Clearance Technology;国际排雷技术会议;MCT Conference; International Danger and Disaster Assistance;国际险灾援助公司;IDDA; International Meeting on Mine Clearance;国际排雷会议;; International Rescue Committee;国际援救委员会;IRC; international signs;国际标志;; intervisibility;互见性;; irregular outer edge;雷区不规则外缘;IOE; irresponsible use;不负责任地使用; 不计后果地使用; 滥用;; Jaipur limb;斋浦尔假肢;; Jesuit Refugee Service;耶稣会难民服务社;JRS; Joint Call to Ban Anti-personnel Landmines;禁止杀伤地雷联合呼吁;; joint contracture;关节挛缩;; Joint Political Military Commission;政治与军事联合委员会 联委会;CCPM;联委会 knee joint;膝关节;; laid life;待发寿命;; landmark;地标;; landmine contamination;雷患;; Landmine Moratorium Act;禁止地雷法案;; landmines protocol;地雷议定书;LMP; landmine warfare;地雷战;LMW; lane breaching;通道排雷; 雷场开辟通道;; lane-breaching party;通道排雷组;; lane marker;通道标志;; Lao National Unexploded Ordnance Programme;老挝国家排除未爆弹药方案;UXO LAO; leaf blower;落叶吹扫器;; leg;段;; lethality rate;死亡率;; level 1 minefield survey;一级雷场调查;; level 2 minefield survey;二级雷场调查;; level 3 minefield survey;三级雷场调查;; level 0 report;零级报告;; LEXFOAM;LEXFOAM泡沫炸药;; life-cycle of mines;地雷有效期限;; light minefield;低阻力雷场;; light-sensitive switch;光敏开关;; limpet mine;吸附式地雷; 吸附式水雷;; linear method;直线法;; line of prods;一行戳探点;; live;作战用的实弹真的;; live mine;作战地雷; 真地雷;; local guard;当地征聘警卫人员;; long-term marking;长期雷区标志;; low explosive;低爆速炸药;; Machel Study;梅切尔研究报告;; magnetic mine;磁性地雷;; magnetic proximity device;磁感应反探测装置;; magnet mine;磁场地雷;; main charge;主装药;; main detonating line;主导爆索;; main lining;主导爆索销毁法;; manually-emplaced mine;人工布雷; 手工布雷;; manual mine clearance; hand clearance;人工排雷; 手工排雷;; map overlay;地图叠置片; 套图;; marking man;标志员;; marking party;标志组;; marking tape;标志带;; master mine map;雷区总图;; measuring wheel;测距轮;; mechanical breaching;机械排雷开道;; mechanical laying;机械布雷;; mechanical mine clearance;机械排雷;; mechanical minelayer;机械布雷器;; Mechem Explosives and Drug Detection System;米切姆爆炸物和毒品探测系统;MEDDS; M閐ecins du Monde;世界医师协会;; medical orderly;护理员;; medical point;医务点;; Medico International;国际医疗组织;; medium minefield;中阻力雷场;; Meeting of Ministers of Defence of the Americas;美洲国防部长会议;; meeting of technical experts on demining technology in preparation for the Tokyo meeting;筹备东京会议排雷技术技术专家会议;; megaphone;扩音器;; Mercy Corps International;国际慈善团;MCI; metal detection;金属探测法;; metal detector;;金属探雷器;; method of instruction course;教学法课程;MOI course; millimeter-wave camera;毫米波照相机;; mine action;排雷行动; 反雷行动; 扫雷行动;; Mine-Action Centre MAC;排雷行动中心;MAC; Mine-Action Institute;排雷行动研究所;; Mine-Action Section;排雷行动科;; Mine-Action Working Group;排雷行动工作组;; mine and munition record;排雷排弹记录;; mine-assessment survey;雷区评估调查;; mine assistance;排雷援助;; mine-awareness and clearance training programme;防雷宣传和排雷训练方案;MACTP; mine-awareness instructor;防雷宣传教练;; mine-awareness officer;防雷宣传干事;; mine-awareness programme MAP;防雷宣传方案;MAP; Mine-Awareness Programme PAM;防雷宣传方案;PAM; mine-awareness team;防雷宣传队;; mine barrier;雷障;; mine belt;雷带;; mine boots; protective boots;防雷靴; 防护靴;; mine casing;雷壳;; Mine Clearance and Policy Unit;排雷和政策股;; mine-clearance contractor; demining contractor;排雷承包商;; mine clearance;排雷;; mine-clearance monitor; quality assurance monitor;排雷监督员; 质量保证监督员;; Mine-Clearance Planning Agency;排雷规划机构;MCPA; Mine-Clearance Policy Group;排雷政策小组;MCPG; Mine-Clearance Programme;排雷方案;MCP; Mine-Clearance Project;排雷项目;MCP; Mine-Clearance Training Centre;排雷训练中心;MCTC; mine-clearance training;排雷训练;MCT; mine-clearance training MCT manual;排雷训练手册;; Mine-Clearance Training Unit;排雷训练股;MCTU; mine-clearance work site; clearance site;排雷现场;; mine-clearing blade;排雷犁;MCB; mine-clearing line charge;排雷直列装药;; mine-clearing party;排雷组;; mine-clearing tank;排雷坦克;; mine cluster;地雷束;; mined approach;布雷办法;; mined area;雷区;; mine database; demining database;地雷数据库;; mine defuzing;卸除地雷引信;; 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司