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If you have made mistakes, just admit them. 不要再分辩了,有错误就承认吧。 Don't take another's job into your own hands again. 不要再做越俎代庖的事。 Don't talk about others behind their backs. 不要在背后议论别人。 Don't talk about others behind their backs. 不要在背后议论别人。 Don't be complacent over occasional success. 不要沾沾自喜于一德之功。 Don't break off the buds. 不要折断幼芽。 Don't be so sluggish. Pull yourself together. 不要这样懒散,振作起来。 Don't seek momentary gratification. 不要只图一时的痛快。 Don't encourage the evil trends. 不要助长歪风邪气。 Don't make yourself a mouse, or the cat will eat you. 不要自贬身价,以免被人看轻。 Don't be a slave to the common customs. 不要做世俗的奴隶。 Don't be wise after the event. 不要做事后诸葛亮。 Don't worry; the child will be back sooner or later. 不用担心,孩子迟早会回来的。 There is no hurry; when conditions are ripe, success will come. 不用着急,事情会水到渠成。 Don't talk irresponsibly if you don't know the inside story. 不知内里的情形不要瞎说。 Wade not in unknown water. 不知水之深浅,不可粗心淌河。 I don't know what's on his mind. He always looks restless. 不知他有什么事,老是心神不定的样子。 Writing a summary at home without investigations is to be divorced from practice and act subjectively. 不作调查研究,在家写总结,犹如闭门造车。 Mr. Brown talks least. 布朗先生极少说话。 The arrangements were meticulous. 布置得很缜密。 The infantry is equipped with new weapons. 步兵部队装备了新武器。 The minister is busy with important affairs of state. 部长忙于重要国务。 The minister was busy with the government affairs all day. 部长整天忙于政务。 The troops have anticipated the enemy and seized the bridge. 部队比敌人抢先占了那座桥。 The troops evacuated the city. 部队撤离了这座城市。 The troops marched on. 部队继续前进。 The troops are about to set out. 部队就要出发了。 The troop fell into an impasse. 部队陷入了绝地。 The troops advanced bravely. 部队向前奋进。 The troops were marching forward in the world of ice and snow. 部队在冰天雪地里前进。 The troops set off at dawn. 部队在拂晓出发。 The troops were going forward quickly. 部队在疾步行军。 At the army conscription, he was considered unfit for the service because of his nearsightedness. 部队征兵时,他因近视而被认为不宜服役。 The troops were stationed on a hill. 部队驻扎在一座山上。 Wealth is the test of a man's character. 财富是对一个人品格的试金石。 Coloured flags were flapping in the wind. 彩旗在风中飘荡。 The sky was covered with rosy clouds. 彩霞满天. The visiting group was warmly received throughout its journey. 参观团沿途受到热情的接待。 Visitors to the exhibition came in an endless stream. 参观展览会的人络绎不绝。 Make appropriate arrangements in the light of the situation. 参照具体情况作出适当安排。 The setting sun was red as blood. 残阳似血。 A bright sun is shining over the world. 灿烂的阳光照耀着世界。 The world is changing all the time. In ten years' time you won't be able to recognize the city at all. 沧海桑田, 再过十年, 你将无法认出这座城市。 The verdant mountain forest turns red gradually in the autumn wind. 苍翠的山林在秋风中渐渐变红了。 The common people are plunged into an abyss of misery. 苍生涂炭。 The drafting of this section of the Bill is obscure. 草案上的这一项含糊不清。 The grass was wet with dew. 草被露水打湿了。 Strawberries are in season now. 草莓正当时令。 The green grass and a few red flowers formed a delightful contrast. 草木浓绿一片, 点缀着三两朵红花, 相映成趣。 The grass glistened with dewdrops. 草上的露珠晶莹发亮。 Charles ruled England for 11 years. 查理一世统治英国11年。 The tea plants sprouted new buds after the pruning. 茶树修剪后又萌发了新枝。 I like chatting with my friends at my leisure. 茶余饭后我喜欢和朋友闲聊。 The investigation and inquiry into the whereabouts of the art treasures took years of work. 察访这些珍贵艺术品的下落花费了多年的时间。 Production has been increasing year after year. 产量逐年增长。 Production has been increasing year after year. 产量逐年增长。 The Yangtze River rises in Qinghai Province. 长江发源于青海。 The Changjiang River is one of the longest rivers in the world. 长江是世界上最长的河流之一。 The strain in a long term of years has told severely on his health. 长年的操劳严重地影响了他的健康。 She was emaciated by long illness. 长期的疾病把她折磨得瘦骨伶仃。 A long time illness made him sallow and emaciated. 长期患病使他面黄肌瘦。 The elders are respected in the society. 长者在社会受到尊敬。 What may be done at any time will be done at no time. 常将今日推明日,推到后来无踪迹。 A bow long bent grows weak. 常拉满弓无力。 Ordinary people think merely of how they will spend time, a man of intellect tries to use it. 常人只想如何消磨时间,智者则努力利用时间。 As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. 常言道,无风不起浪。 The factory director brazenly harbors evildoers. This has evoked the strong indignation of the workers. 厂长明目张胆地包庇坏人,这激起了工人们的强烈义愤。 The factory director checked on work attendance strictly. 厂长严格考勤。 The factory director must be strict and impartial in meting out rewards and punishments. 厂长一定要赏罚严明。 The director always takes the lead in everything and is deeply trusted by the masses. 厂长做事总是一马当先, 深受群众信任。 It's impossible to detach oneself from reality. 超脱现实是不可能的。 At dawn I left the walled city of White King, Towering among the many-colored clouds. 朝辞白帝彩云间。 The morning mist gradually thinned. 朝雾渐渐地淡薄了。 With the rosy color of dawn spreading all over the sky, we set out for the mountaintop. 朝霞满天时我们出发去登山顶。 Rosy morning clouds indicate rain, and a rosy glow of sunset means fine weather, 朝霞主雨,晚霞主晴。 The rising sun flames the eastern sky. 朝阳映红了东方的天空。 Those who mock history will be mocked by history. 嘲弄历史的人必将被历史所嘲弄。 In the end things will mend. 车到山前必有路。 He had such a panic fear after the traffic accident. 车祸过后,他感到一阵莫名其妙的后怕。 Car accident caused many deaths. 车祸造成很多人死亡。 Conditions are ripe for solving the problem. 彻底解决这一问题的条件已经成熟。 A still tongue makes a wise head. 沉默者有智慧。 Outdated conventions and bad customs hamper the growth of production. 陈规陋习妨碍生产的发展。 The morning light was stealing through the shutters. 晨光穿过百叶窗。 It is a monstrous absurdity to call a man like him a hero. 称他这样一个人叫英雄,真是咄咄怪事。 Strike the iron while it is hot. 趁热打铁。 Strike the iron while it is hot. 趁热打铁。 Cost accounting is an important job in an enterprise. 成本核算是企业中一项重要工作。 Success grows out of struggle to overcome difficulties. 成功来之于克服困难的斗争。 Success covers a multitude of blunders. 成功由大量的失误铸造。 Herds of sheep and cows were scattered over the grassland. 成群的牛羊散布在草地上。 It is great to be great, but it is greater to be human. 成为伟人是美好的,做一个真正的人更难得。 We owe you a debt of gratitude for you help. 承蒙帮助,感恩不尽。 I am half ashamed to confess it. 承认这事我真有些羞愧。 I am half ashamed to confess it. 承认这事我真有些羞愧。 Honesty is the best policy. 诚实是上上之策。 Honesty is the best image. 诚实是最好的形象。 Honesty is the best policy. 诚实为上策。 The castle was hidden behind a curtain of smoke. 城堡被一层烟雾遮掩着。 The castle walls are very thick. 城堡的墙很厚。 The northern part of the city used to be sparsely populated, but has now become a cultural center. 城北过去很冷落,现在成了文化区。 Cities have expanded out toward the suburbs. 城市已向郊区扩展。 Many high buildings and large mansions can be found everywhere in the city. 城市中,高楼大厦比比皆是。 The town stands on the left bank of the river. 城镇位于河的左岸。 Cities and towns were devastated by the long war. 城镇遭到长期战争的蹂躏。 The brutality of the punishment shocked the onlookers. 惩罚之野蛮令旁观者震惊。 I must wash my hands before dinner. 吃饭前,我必须洗手。 He was restored to health after taking this medicine. 吃下这副药后,他的病霍然而愈。 The ice on the pond is too thin for skating. 池塘上的冰面太薄了,不能滑冰。 He who hesitates is lost. 迟疑者必有失。 Better late than never. 迟做总比不做好。 The broiling sun scorched the grass. 赤日炎炎,把青草晒得干枯。 Worms have bored into the wood. 虫子已经蛀穿了木料。 First prize in the raffle is a holiday for two in Paris. 抽奖销售的头奖是两个人到巴黎度假旅游。 Sadness has all melted away. 愁绪全消。 He who hesitates is lost. 踌躇不决者必然失败。 After the exposure of the scandal, his prestige suffered a sudden ruinous decline. 丑闻暴露后, 他的威信一落千丈。 They studied English with great eagerness before going abroad. 出国前,他们如饥似渴地学习英语。 The export increased in volume by 20% over last year. 出口量比去年增加了20%。 The exporters have defrauded foreign buyers of about 120 million dollars. 出口商诈骗了外国买主大约1.2亿美元。 Make the windows secure before leaving the house. 出门之前把窗户关严。 We had no choice but to do what we were asked. 出于无奈,我们只得按要求做了。 After being released from the prison, he was up to his old tricks and practiced deception again. 出狱后, 他故伎重演, 又去行骗。 When I left the hospital I was completely cured. 出院时,我已经完全痊愈了。 In the early spring the scenery is very beautiful. 初春的景色分外美丽。 The botanical garden in early spring is rich in poetic and artistic conception. 初春的植物园充满诗情画意。 We went to the suburbs for an outing in early spring. 初春我们到郊外踏青。 At the first meeting, he was rather reserved and withdrawn. 初次见面时,他有些拘谨,不大爱说话。 It is bright and fresh in early autumn. 初秋的天气格外明朗清新。 Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. 初生牛犊不怕虎。 I have no other good ideas except that. 除此之外我已别无良策。 You never know what you can do till you try. 除非亲自尝试,否则你不会知道自己能做什么。 I won't go to the party unless I'm invited. 除非我被邀请,否则我不会去参加晚会的。 The region is uninhabited except for a few scattered mountain villages. 除了几个零星的小山村之外,这个地区杳无人烟。 I know nothing of it beyond what he told me. 除了他告诉我的以外, 别的我都不知道。 Who but a fool like him would talk through his hat. 除了他这样的蠢人谁会如此胡诌。 All the guests have gone save one. 除了一个人外,所有客人都走了。 Our total earnings were, clear of all expenses, about $4000. 除去所有开支,我们的总赢利约达4000美元。 There is no one here but me. 除我以外,没人在这。 They all went to sleep except me. 除我之外,他们都去睡觉了。 On New Year's Eve the whole family had a sumptuous feast of reunion. 除夕之夜, 一家人吃了一顿丰盛的团圆饭。 The kitchen was spotless. 厨房极为洁净。 Too many cooks spoil the broth. 厨师太多烧坏汤。 Whatever he does, he always thinks deeply and plans carefully. 处理任何事情, 他总是深谋远虑。 To solve a problem satisfactorily, you must give overall consideration to it. 处理问题必须全盘考虑才能圆满。 Those who violate the law will certainly be punished. 触犯法律的人必将受到惩罚。 No one but the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. 穿鞋的人自己知道哪里夹脚。 The preacher warned us about punishments in hell. 传道士用地狱里的惩罚来告诫我们。 Here comes unexpected news. 传来了意外的消息。 The captain described the accident in the ship's log. 船长在航海日志中描述了这次事故。 The ship struck on a rock and sank. 船触礁沉没。 The ship tore ahead through mountainous waves. 船穿过巨澜快速地前进。 The ship sank deep into the sea. 船深深地沉入了海底。 The ship hit an iceberg and capsized. 船撞上冰山而倾覆。 The boat sailed smoothly. 船走得很安稳。 The window broke into pieces. 窗户碎成碎片。 The curtains don't match the paint. 窗帘和油漆不相配。 The trees outside the window blocked off the sun. 窗外的树木挡住了阳光。 Pioneering in an enterprise is naturally never plain sailing. 创业嘛,当然是不会一帆风顺的。 Keeping is harder than winning. 创业难,守业更难。 Weeping willows laugh in the breeze. 垂柳迎风欢笑。 Sow nothing, reap nothing. 春不播,秋不收。 A spring breeze is stroking the face. 春风拂面。 The spring breeze is warm and gentle. 春风和煦。 The spring breeze is pleasantly warm. 春风和煦。 The slender willow twigs were swaying in the gentle spring breeze. 春风袅袅吹拂着袅娜的柳丝。 The spring breeze brings warmth, and flowers compete in splendor. 春风送暖,百花争妍。 The season for spring plowing has come. 春耕时节来到了。 The sights of spring are bright and enchanting, and flowers compete in splendor. 春光明媚,百花怒放。 Spring fills the air with warmth. 春光融融。 Spring returns to the earth and everything looks fresh and gay. 春回大地,万象更新。 With the coming of spring, everything looks fresh and gay. 春回大地,万象更新。 After spring returns to the earth,the sights of spring are bright and enchanting. 春回大地后春光明媚。 In spring there are sundry flowers and trees in the mountains and plains. Spring is in the air. 春季的山野,杂花生树,春意盎然。 During the Spring Festival every family is happy and gay. 春节期间,家家户户欢声笑语。 The orchid in spring and the chrysanthemum in autumn were chanted by many ancient poets. 春兰秋菊是许多古代诗人歌咏的对象。 Spring thunder shook the valley. 春雷震动山谷。 As spring goes and autumn comes, another unforgettable year has passed. 春去秋来, 我们又度过了难忘的一年。 In spring bees fly and butterflies dance around the pond. 春日的池塘边,蜂飞蝶舞。 Spring scenery greeted the eye everywhere. 春色迷望。 Spring's hues are teasing. 春色恼人。 In spring this convalescent hospital is a good place, with singing birds and fragrant flowers. 春天,这个疗养院是个充满了鸟语花香的好地方。 It's very comfortable to step on the soft ground in the spring. 春天的时候,踩在松软的地面上非常舒服。 In spring the winds blow gently and the sunshine is warm. 春天风和日暖。 Spring has come and the garden is full of life. 春天来了,花园里生机盎然。 Spring has come and the fields are full of life. 春天来了,田野里充满生机。 Spring is here. 春天来了。 Nature is at its best in spring. 春天里万物欣欣向荣。 The new buds begin to appear in spring, when plants come into bud. 春天嫩芽初绽,正是花蕾含苞欲放之时。 The new buds appear in the spring. 春天嫩芽初绽。 Spring is waning. 春意阑珊。 Spring rains bring summer flowers. 春雨带来了夏日百花。 It's nothing but rumors fabricated out of thin air and brazen lies. 纯粹是无中生有,当面造谣。 That's sheer fabrication. 纯属捏造。 You are not permitted to smoke here. 此处不许吸烟。 You are not allowed to park here. 此处不准停车。 I was worked up at a sight for the gods. 此情此景令我动情。 This person can foretell things with miraculous accuracy, without the slightest error, 此人料事如神, 毫发不爽。 He is a mediocre and incompetent person. 此人乃碌碌无能之辈。 His dignified bearing marks him out from the common run of men. 此人气宇轩昂,不同流俗。 This person has an imposing appearance. 此人气宇轩昂。 The man looks natural and unaffected. 此人神情潇洒。 He has the ability to rule a country. 此人有经天纬地之才。 None of this was discussed or communicated to me. He went his own way. 此事根本没有讨论过,也没有通知过我,是他独断专行。 This event will be covered live by TV. 此事将由电视作现场报道。 We'll know the outcome of the whole affair tomorrow. 此事明天就见分晓。 This tender should be submitted by June 26th. 此投标书应于六月二十六日前提交。 It's wrong to spy into people's affairs. 刺探他人的私事是错误的。 An outlandish glow came from the UFO. 从不明飞行物上发出奇特的光。 A few fops came out of the teahouse. 从茶馆里走出几个纨绔子弟。 It is but a step from the sublime to the ridiculous. 从崇高到荒谬只有一步之遥。 Many centuries have passed since that time. 从那时起,几百年过去了。 Once upon a time, there lived a princess who was very beautiful. 从前, 有一位非常美丽的公主。 My house used to be crowded visitors, but now visitors are few and far between. 从前,我家总是门庭若市,现在却是门可罗雀了。 She used to draw funny pictures of everybody during lessons. 从前她常在上课时画每个人的滑稽相。 He used to be very poor, but the time is past and the circumstances are different, and now he is a millionaire. 从前他很穷困, 然而时过境迁, 如今他已是百万富翁了。 He will deduce a conclusion from premises. 从前提推导出结论。 From the hilltop we saw the blue ocean below. 从山顶上我们看见了下面蓝色的海洋。 To do this job, you must have a degree in English. 从事这个工作你必须具有英语专业的大学学位。 From his demeanor on entering the room I inferred that the interview had not gone well for him. 从他走进房间的样子来看,我推断他面试不顺利。 Viewed from the top of Mount Tai, the sunrise was indeed a spectacle. 从泰山顶上看去,日出真是个奇观。 All the bridges over the Thames offer fine views. 从泰晤士河上的所有大桥上都能看到优美的风光。 In sports and journeys men are known. 从体育和旅行中可以看出男子的品德。 Externally, the house looked respectable. 从外表看,这房子是够体面的。 I know from my own experience how difficult the work can be. 从我自己的经验我明白这项工作会有多难。 The current situation was considered with a view to its causes and its effect. 从原因和后果两个方面对时局进行了考虑。 Sonorous singing came from the distance. 从远处传来高亢的歌声。 From this we can see her impeccable moral integrity. 从这件事上, 我们看到了她白璧无暇的美好心灵。 You can get a full view of the bridge from here. 从这里可以看到大桥的全貌。 According to these figures, our company is doing well. 从这些数字来看,我们的公司经营得不错。 The hill commands a fine distant view. 从这座山上可以眺望美丽的远景。 Poor food arrests the natural growth of children. 粗劣的食物妨碍儿童的发育。 The trees make a pleasant shade around the village. 村边绿树成荫。 There is a large store in the village. 村里有家大百货店。 The village lies across the river. 村庄在河对岸。 All the village seniors were here. 村子里的长者都在这里。 Careful wording aids clearness. 措辞谨慎可以使意义清楚。 If you are wrong, you should admit your mistake and not resort to lame arguments. 错了就要承认,不要强词夺理。 If you are wrong, you should admit your mistake and not resort to sophistry. 错了就要承认,不要强词夺理。 Mistakes should be corrected as soon as they are discovered. 错误一经发觉,就应改正。 Mutual scrambling for power and profit was a common occurrence with high officials and noble lords. 达官贵人内部互相争权夺利是经常发生的。 It is bad manners to interrupt. 打断别人说话是不礼貌的。 Fight dog, fight bear. 打个青红皂白,一决雌雄。 Open the window and let in some fresh air. 打开窗户,让新鲜的空气进来。 After the injection his fever subsided. 打了针后, 他的热度才消退。 Big cities are densely populated. 大城市中的人口分布十分稠密。 He was dazzled by the gaiety and splendor of the metropolis. 大都市的花花世界使他感到眼花缭乱。 People of all kinds are found living in big cities. 大都市里住着形形色色的人。 The main force will arrive soon. 大队人马随后就到。 The doctor snatched the patient from the jaws of death. 大夫把病人从死亡边缘抢救过来。 The doctor saved the patient's life. 大夫挽救了病人的生命。 Doctors should heal the wounded, rescue the dying, and practice humanitarianism. 大夫要救死扶伤,实行人道主义。 The rally began in an uproar. 大会在一片喧腾声中开始了。 We are immersed in a joyous festival atmosphere. 大家沉浸在节日的欢愉气氛中。 Everyone set to work. 大家动手干了起来。 Everybody else has started work, Why do you sit there doing nothing? 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司