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His news was greeted with shouts of joy. 大家都对他的消息报以欢呼。 Everybody put forward his opinion on the disputed case. 大家都对这个疑案提出自己的见解。 Everyone respects the good and honest old man. 大家都很尊敬这位善良的老人。 We all show solicitude for the people in the earthquake-stricken area. 大家都体恤地震灾区人民的痛苦。 His violence was abhorrent to everybody. 大家都痛恨他的暴行。 We all voted for him as our representative. 大家都推举他当代表。 Everyone should comply with and carry out the agreement. 大家都要遵守并执行协议。 Everyone knows that he's a well-known figure. 大家都知道他是知名人士。 Everyone did the work of his or her own free will. 大家都志愿做这项工作。 We have the same views on this matter. 大家对这件事情的看法相同。 Everybody lashed out at his unfairness, calling him a cowardly bully. 大家骂他不公平,欺软怕硬。 All clap in high glee. 大家拍手称快。 All clap in high glee. 大家拍手称快。 People saw through the swindler. 大家识破了这个江湖骗子的诡计。 They worked vigorously and speedily and planted three thousand young trees in two days. 大家说干就干, 雷厉风行, 两天就栽种了三千棵树苗。 Everyone expressed his views freely. 大家无拘无束地发表意见。 We talked earnestly together. 大家在一起恳谈。 The street is bustling. 大街上热闹得很。 A desolate scene presented on both sides of the street. 大街上一片萧条的景象。 The army returned in triumph. 大军凯旋归来。 Great waves dashed against the cliffs. 大浪冲刷着峭壁。 The gate is too narrow for a car. 大门太窄,汽车进不去。 The boundless universe has all kinds of strange things. 大千世界,无奇不有。 The bridge links up the two highways. 大桥把两条公路衔接起来。 There is a household at the back of the mountain. 大山背后住着一户人家。 In the mountains the paths wind along mountain ridges and one can easily get lost. 大山里峰回路转,很容易迷路。 His day had gone, and no human power could save it. 大势已去,非人力可挽。 The cello makes low and deep sounds. 大提琴发出低沉的声音。 There was an outburst of laughter in the hall. 大厅里迸发出一阵笑声。 The exhibits in the hall covered and contained everything. 大厅里的展品真可说包罗万象。 The hall looked splendid in green and gold. 大厅里金碧辉煌。 There was a low murmur of conversation in the hall. 大厅里有窃窃私语声。 Mind your manners on a public occasion. 大庭广众之下要注意礼貌。 After a heavy snow, the trees and flowers in the park were covered with snow as if they were made of jade. 大雪过后,公园里玉树琼花。 The British Empire once covered large parts of the world. 大英帝国曾经占有过世界上的大片地方。 The fields were under water after the heavy rain. 大雨后田野为水所淹。 It's raining in torrents. 大雨滂沱。 The rain was coming down in sheets. 大雨滂沱而下。 The sinister and vicious robbers kidnapped the professor. 歹毒的强盗绑架了教授。 The bandits robbed the old man and beat him up. 歹徒抢劫了老人并将他毒打一顿。 The ruffians have reached a dead end and will eventually hurl themselves into the net. 歹徒已走投无路, 最终会自投罗网。 When the scoundrel tried to humiliate the girl, the police came. 歹徒欲凌辱那个姑娘时,警察来到了。 The representatives came from all parts of the country. 代表们来自祖国各地。 Some members of the delegation had arrived at an earlier date. 代表团的部分成员已先期到达。 The delegation left for Geneva yesterday. 代表团已于昨日启程赴日内瓦。 When he opened his eyes, it was broad daylight. 待他睁开眼睛,已是大白天了。 Diana is modeling for a fashion show. 戴安娜正在时装表演会上当模特。 General de gaulle was a great man of the time. 戴高乐将军是一代伟人。 He travels the fastest who travels alone. 单独旅行的人走得最快。 How dare you take such liberties! 胆敢如此放肆! I wish I could be a master of this subject. 但愿我能精通这门学科就好了。 In an instant, thirty years has passed, 弹指一挥间,三十年过去了。 He shut up his mouth like a clam when asked for details. 当被问及详情时,他噤若寒蝉。 The natives are noted for their hospitality. 当地人以殷勤好客闻名。 The father could no longer control himself when his son threw back an insinuation. 当儿子反唇相讥的时候,父亲再也不能控制自己了。 The father could no longer control himself when his son threw back an insinuation. 当儿子反唇相讥的时候,父亲再也不能控制自己了。 Being a parent can be hard work. 当父母可是件辛苦的事。 Her face lit up when she saw he was coming. 当她看到他走过来的时候,她的脸亮了起来。 The present Queen succeeded to the throne upon the death of her father. 当今的女王是在她父亲逝世时继位的。 At present the world situation is complicated and changeable. 当今的世界纷繁复杂,变化多端。 The dog barked when the stranger came near. 当陌生人走近时,狗叫了起来。 The closing music fades out when the hero rides off into the sunset. 当男主角策马向夕阳驰去时,尾声音乐逐渐消失。 The pupils of your eyes dilate when you enter a dark room. 当你进入暗室,瞳孔就会扩大。 These civilizations flourished while Europeans were still savages living in caves. 当欧洲人还是居住在洞穴中的野蛮人时,这些地方的文化早已十分繁荣昌盛。 The present international situation remains tense and turbulent. 当前的国际局势依然紧张动荡。 The pirates then infested the distant seas. 当时远洋上海盗横行。 The facts stated by the two parties were widely divergent. 当事双方所陈述的事实大相径庭。 He had a feeling of awe as he was taken before the judge. 当他被带到法官面前时,他有一种畏惧感。 He sang a different tone when he had to earn his own money. 当他必须自己赚钱时,他就唱反调了。 The city was all alive when he arrived. 当他到达时,城里非常热闹。 When hearing the bad news that his father had died, he could not prevent tears from flowing plentifully. 当他父亲去世的噩耗传来时,他不禁泪如泉涌。 When he came in and saw the mess, he blew his stack. 当他进来看到一团糟时,大发雷霆。 They arrested him when they could prove that he trafficked in opium. 当他们证实他贩卖鸦片时,就把他逮捕了。 When he quieted down, I began to tell him the truth. 当他平静下来时,我开始告诉他实情。 There was a deep frown on his face when he was pondering a problem. 当他思考问题时,他双眉深锁。 You had already gone when I arrived there. 当我到达时,你已经走了。 We all heaved a sigh of relief when we heard that they were safe. 当我们听说他们平安无事时,都松了一口气。 The urgent task on hand was to find her as soon as possible. 当务之急是尽快找到她。 When pleasure is the business of life, it ceases to be pleasure. 当享受成为生活的主要事物时,它就不再是一种享受。 The driver blew his horn when the child stepped in front of the car. 当小男孩走到汽车前面时,汽车司机按响了喇叭。 When asked about his skill in repairing watches, he always purposely turned simple things into mysteries. 当有人问他修表的技术时,他总是故弄玄虚。 Deeds are better than words when people are in need of help. 当有人需要救助的时候,行动胜于言语。 Give the bottle a couple of shakes before pouring the juice. 倒果汁前,先把瓶子摇几下。 We should have the whole deal sewn up by the end of this week. 到本周末,我们应该可以把整个交易谈妥。 A great number of houses have sprung up everywhere. 到处都新建了许多屋宇。 There is a black sheep in every flock. 到处都有害群之马。 As we reached the construction site, a scene of bustling activity presented itself before our eyes. 到了工地, 一派繁忙的景象展现在我们眼前。 He is now away from home and is beyond the reach of his mother's affection. 到了外地, 母亲的爱心就鞭长莫及了。 Drop in and see us when you're next in London. 到伦敦时顺便来看我。 Take the left side road at the crossroad. 到十字路口走左边的岔道。 When the time comes you will understand. 到时你就会明白的。 Going to the moon, which was once considered fantastic, has now become a reality. 到月球上去,过去认为是异想天开的事,现在已变成现实。 The heavy fog didn't lift until noon. 到中午时分, 大雾才消散。 The thieves not only took his money but beat him up badly. 盗贼不仅拿了他的钱,还痛打他一顿。 No common goal, no common cause to cooperate. 道不同,不相为谋。 A moral code is made up of the notions of right and wrong conduct held by a society. 道德准则是由社会对正确和错误行为所持的观念构成的。 The road was blocked by a huge rock. 道路被一块大石头堵住了。 The road was clear, and we got to the destination before long. 道路畅通无阻, 我们很快到达了目的地。 Several withered trees on the sides of the road reveal the desolation here. 道路两旁的几棵枯木显示出这里的荒凉。 Tall trees line both sides of the street. 道路两旁是高大的树木。 Construction on the road slowed down traffic. 道路施工使交通迟缓。 The roads were sanded after the snowstorm. 道路在暴风雪之后铺上了沙子。 People suffering from dysentery must avoid raw, cold, or greasy food. 得了痢疾忌讳吃生冷油腻。 He could not contain himself for anger on hearing this. 得知此事,他怒不可遏。 His heart sang with joy after he learned the news. 得知此消息后,他心花怒放。 The old man was sorrow-stricken after hearing the news of his son's death. 得知儿子的死讯,老人肝肠寸断。 It was a pleasant surprise to learn of her marriage. 得知她结婚是件令人惊喜的事。 The German invasion of Poland was a prelude to World War II. 德国入侵波兰是第二次世界大战的序幕。 The place was lit up as bright as day. 灯火辉煌, 犹如白昼。 The lights were all full on. 灯火通明。 The mountaineers were climbing towards the pinnacle. 登山队员向山峰的顶点攀登。 The lunar module began a slanting descent to the moon's surface. 登月舱开始向月球表面倾斜降落。 When our forces expand in the future, we'll certainly come back. 等部队来日壮大起来, 我们一定打回来。 We'll go for a walk in the country at the beginning of spring. 等开春后,我们到郊外踏青。 Do you mind waiting for ten minutes? 等上十分钟,你不会见怪吧。 Let us start as soon as he comes. 等他一来我们就动身。 Constant dropping wears away a stone. 滴水穿石。 The enemy troops were thrown off their feet. 敌军被打得人仰马翻。 Enemy troops raided our border areas. 敌军对我边境地区进行袭击。 Utterly routed, the enemy fled in confusion. 敌人被打得溃不成军,狼狈逃窜。 The enemy was forced to retreat. 敌人被迫撤退。 The enemy was besieged in the blockhouse. 敌人被我们围困在碉堡中。 The enemies were summoned to surrender. 敌人被招降了。 The enemy forces suffered heavy losses. 敌人兵力损伤很大。 The enemy did not dare to fight head-on with us. 敌人不敢与我们正面交锋。 The enemy fled in disorder by night. 敌人趁黑夜狼狈溃逃。 The enemy got a chance to step in. 敌人乘虚而入。 If the enemy dares to invade us, we'll deal them head-on blows. 敌人胆敢进犯,我们就给予迎头痛击。 The enemy's atrocities made one boil with anger. 敌人的暴行令人发指。 The enemy's troops were shattered to pieces by us. 敌人的军队被我们打的落花流水。 The enemy's plot was to let us kill each other. 敌人的阴谋是让我们自相残杀。 The enemy front has crumbled. 敌人的战线已经瓦解了。 The enemy fled pell-mell. 敌人丢盔弃甲地跑了。 The possibility of a last-ditch resistance by the enemy should not be dismissed. 敌人负隅顽抗的可能性是不可不加考虑的。 The enemy was in full rout. 敌人溃败。 The enemy assaulted the city as soon as it was dark. 敌人天黑时攻打城池。 The enemy vainly attempted to make us fight against our own men. 敌人妄图让我们同室操戈。 The enemies were at a dead end. 敌人已到了穷途末路的地步。 The enemy beset the city with a strong army. 敌人用重兵包围该城市。 The enemy was like a frightened bird. 敌人犹如惊弓之鸟。 If the enemies continue to resist stubbornly, wipe them out. 敌人再顽抗就消灭它。 The enemy attacked us at night. 敌人在夜里向我们进攻。 The enemy was busy dispatching officers and men as if they would launch a death fight upon us. 敌人正在调兵遣将,看来要和我们决一死战。 The enemy can only cut our heads off, but can never shake our faith. 敌人只能砍下我们的头颅,但不能动摇我们的信仰。 Defoe skillfully narrated the adventures of Robinson Cruesoe on his desert island. 笛福生动地叙述了鲁滨逊.克鲁索在荒岛上的冒险故事。 The floor was made of wooden blocks. 地板是用木块拼成的。 The governor felt that they were being strung along by their advisors. 地方长官感到他们一直在受顾问们的愚弄。 The foundations are very firm. 地基很牢固。 The earth and the sun are two great sources of life. 地球和太阳是生命的两大源泉。 The earth turns round the sun. 地球绕日运行。 The earth goes round the sun. 地球绕着太阳运行。 The path of the earth around the sun is oval. 地球围绕太阳公转的轨道是椭圆形的。 The earth goes round and round the sun. 地球周而复始地绕着太阳旋转。 It's gloomy and damp in the basement. 地下室里阴暗而潮湿。 After the earthquake the city was in ruins. 地震过后, 城里变成一片废墟。 After the earthquake, a scene of desolation met the eye on every side in the city. 地震后的城市, 满目凄凉。 He was buried under the collapsed house when the earthquake happened. 地震时, 坍塌的房屋把他埋在地下。 The tall buildings shook during the earthquake. 地震时大楼都摇晃了。 The geologists were busy collecting specimens. 地质学家们正忙着采集标本。 World War II brought a drastic change in the situation. 第二次世界大战使局势发生剧变。 When did the Second World War break out? 第二次世界大战是什么时候爆发的? The Second World War reached its last stage. 第二次世界大战已到末期。 The first step is as good as half over. 第一步是最关键的一步。 The assembly hall was well lit by the electric lights. 电灯把礼堂照得亮堂堂。 Has the phone been connected yet? 电话接通了吗? I was cooking in the kitchen when the telephone rang. 电话铃响的时候我正在厨房里做饭。 The telephone is ringing. 电话响了。 The telephone was in the little study on the ground floor. 电话在底楼的小书房里。 The lightning flashed and the thunder roared, and a fierce gale sprang up.. 电闪雷鸣, 狂风大作。 The investigation was carried out under the direction of a senior police officer. 调查是在一位高级警官的指导下进行的。 A fall of rocks blocked the road. 掉落的岩石把路封住了。 It's useless to fire away with such trivial details. 喋喋不休地谈这些琐碎细节是没有用的。 She tore her skirt on the nail. 钉子勾破了她的裙子。 Having lost my money puts me in rather a hole. 丢了钱使我陷于困境。 The loss of her purse caused her much inconvenience. 丢失钱包给她带来了诸多不便。 The eastern sky lightened. 东方的天空亮了。 There is a world of difference between the cultures of the East and the West. 东西方文化有着天渊之别。 Certainly, no all-round knowledge can be acquired merely by glancing this way and that and relying on hearsay. 东张西望,道听途说,决然得不到什么完全的知识。 The days are shorter in winter. 冬季白昼时间短。 Winter is the low season at seaside hotels. 冬季是海滨旅馆业的淡季。 Winter is the best time for hunting in mountain areas. 冬季是山区狩猎的最佳时间。 Winter is the coldest season in a year. 冬季是一年中最冷的季节。 The winter sun radiates warmth. 冬日融融。 The trees are sparse but graceful as the winter is coming. 冬天到了,树木萧疏。 The trees are bare in the winter. 冬天的时候,树上的叶子全掉光了,光秃秃的。 There is a nip in the cold air in winter. 冬天寒气袭人。 There is a nip in the air in winter. 冬天寒气袭人。 If winter comes, can spring be far behind. 冬天来了,春天还会远吗? In winter the lake is covered with ice. 冬天时湖面上覆盖着冰。 The director listened to my complaints with a straight face, but I felt that all the time he was laughing up his sleeve. 董事一本正经地听我提意见,但我感到他一直在暗笑。 On the Dongting Lake, mists and waves stretch far into the distance. 洞庭湖上烟波浩渺。 The wounded fellow sufferers commiserate with each other. 都是受伤的人常常同病相怜。 The steep mountain path is rugged and rough. 陡峭的山路崎岖不平。 Reading good books helped to refine her speech. 读好书有助于使她谈吐典雅。 When I read the article, thoughts thronged my mind and I couldn't sleep. 读了这篇文章后,我浮想联翩,夜不能寐。 The reader cannot withhold his interest and admiration. 读者无法抑制自己的兴趣和赞佩。 The Dictator preached war as a means of making the country great. 独裁者鼓吹战争是强国的一种手段。 One tree does not make a forest. 独木不成林。 To study alone without friends around makes one learn less and be ignorant. 独学无友,则孤陋寡闻。 Seeing the things makes me think of her whom I cannot forget anyway. 睹物思人,我怎么也忘不了她。 Du fu was the renowned master of Chinese poetry. 杜甫是我国著名的诗坛圣手。 The streets were very dark during the blackout. 断电时街上黑沉沉。 Exercises are good for one's health. 锻炼有益于健康。 The captain led his victorious team off, to the cheers of the crowd. 队长带领着他的获胜队员在喝彩声中离去。 Young as he is, the team leader is very capable. 队长虽然年轻, 但很精干。 The troops moved in zigzags and by roundabout ways. 队伍迂回曲折, 绕道前进。 The names of the members of the team will be posted up today. 队员名单将于今天公布。 I give my heartfelt thanks to those who have helped me. 对帮助过我的人们给予诚挚的感谢。 Excuse me, but I must say you are completely wrong. 对不起,但是我必须说你完全错了。 I'm sorry that I broke my promise. 对不起,我失信了。 I'm sorry; I've forgotten your name. 对不起,我忘了你的名字。 I am afraid that I am not at liberty to discuss this matter. 对不起,我无权讨论这个问题。 I'm sorry, I have nothing to pay you except some big bills. 对不起,我只带着大面额的钞票,没有零钱付给你。 I'm sorry, sir, the telephone line is busy. 对不起,先生,电话占线。 I beg your pardon. 对不起请原谅。 Don't attach any extravagant hopes for it. 对此不要有什么奢望。 Comment on this would be to gild the lily. 对此发表评说无异于画蛇添足。 He is a hundred per cent sure of it. 对此事他有百分之百的把握。 He always speaks plausibly and at length about others' criticism of him. 对待别人的批评, 他总是振振有词。 Don't treat the captive with so much violence. 对待俘虏不要那么凶暴。 They brazenly tore up the contract, so we want to claim losses. 对方公然撕毁合同,我们要索赔损失。 The other side flagrantly scrapped the agreement. 对方悍然撕毁协议。 Going against their words and obligations, the other side tore up the contract. 对方领导人背信弃义地撕毁合同。 In work, one mustn't pick and choose or change one's mind the moment one sees something different. 对工作不应见异思迁,挑挑拣拣。 Don't be impatient with your children. 对孩子不能心急。 There wasn't much controversy over the candidates. 对候选人争议不大。 We should not be softhearted towards hardened criminals. 对怙恶不悛的犯罪分子不能心慈手软。 It would be rude to find fault with her appearance. 对她品头论足是不礼貌的。 A comparison of the two teams indicates that Saturday's game will probably be close. 对两队所作的比较表明星期六的比赛很可能是势均力敌的。 People still shudder at the thought of that terrible earthquake. 对那次地震,人们仍心有余悸。 We feel ashamed to associate with those impudent fellows. 对那些无耻之徒,大家都羞与为伍。 We must not be indifferent to the lives of the masses. 对群众的生活不能漠不关心。 One must have thoroughly mastered a theory before one can put it into practice. 对任何理论,先要融会贯通,才谈得上运用自如。 Africa is a mysterious land to him. 对他来说,非洲是一片神秘的土地。 We burned with anger at their brutalities. 对他们的暴行,我们万分气愤。 They cannot be trusted in the slightest degree. 对他们一点也不能相信。 She shouldn't restrain her anger at their insensible attitude. 对他们这种无动于衷的态度,她抑制不住心头的怒火。 It was too late for him to repent for his mistakes. 对他所犯的错误,他追悔莫及。 It's too much of an expense for me to own a car. 对我来说,拥有一辆汽车的花费太大。 It was difficult for us to decide which road to take. 对我们来说,很难决定走哪一条路。 We should be prepared for all eventualities. 对一切突发事件要做好应急准备。 He is always ready to give the shirt off his back to anyone who is in trouble. 对有困难的人,他总是倾囊相助。 We should not set light by the advice of our seniors. 对于长辈的规劝,我们不应轻视。 I have not yet given my decision on that matter. 对于此事我还没有做出决定。 I have not yet given my decision on that matter. 对于此事我还没有做出决定。 Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. 对于大多数人来说,他们认定自己有多幸福,就有多幸福。 He was less optimistic about the result than others. 对于结果,他没有其他人乐观。 We will raise our heads and look forward to your visit. 对于您的来访,我们翘首以待。 He confessed all his crimes. 对于所犯罪行他全部招认。 Don't stick at trifles. 对于琐碎小节不要去管它。 For foreign cultures, we should discard their dross and select their essence. 对于外来文化, 我们要取其精华, 去其糟粕。 The textual criticisms on the problem are not enough. 对于这个问题的考据尚不充足。 On such matters, one person proposes and a hundred others respond. 对于这种事情,人们一倡百和。 He is never bored with football. 对于足球,他乐此不疲。 What brilliant idea have you got for it? 对这件事你有什么高招儿? I know just a little about the matter. 对这件事我只是略知一二。 For this project, I hope that everyone will make positive suggestions. 对这项工程,希望大家提出积极建议。 The government should execute orders and proclaim prohibitions to those practicing corruption. 对这些腐败行为政府一定要令行禁止。 They regard the problem as not worthy of serious consideration. 对这些问题,他们都认为不屑一顾。 We cannot accept the baffling thing. 对这种莫明其妙的事我们无法接受。 A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 多得不如现得。 As luck would have it, I got help from the next door neighbors. 多亏了左邻右舍帮忙。 Thank you for your directions. 多亏你的指点。 What a lovely night! 多么美丽的夜晚! What a pretty little garden! 多么漂亮的小花园! What dismal weather! 多么阴晦的天气! 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司