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Long years of fighting made him a commander with both skill and dash. 多年的战斗生活把他锻炼成了一个智勇双全的指挥员。 He returned to his hometown many times in his dreams. 多少次在梦里他回到了家乡。 Many year's disturbances have further cemented our friendship. 多少年的风风雨雨使我们的友谊更加牢固。 More fertilizer will raise the output, but too much fertilizer will lead to just the opposite. 多施肥能增产, 但肥料过多会适得其反。 Many dogs have a good nose. 多数狗嗅觉都很灵。 Hear much ,speak little. 多听少说。 A thousand thanks for your patronage. 多谢您的大力栽培。 A thousand thanks for your patronage. 多谢您的大力栽培。 Leafy trees cast shade. 多叶的树下有树阴。 Work more and dream less, you will be much happier. 多做事少空想,这样你会愉快得多。 He is distressed by misfortune. 厄运使他忧伤。 When the grievous news came, she was choked with tears. 噩耗传来,她痛哭失声。 Children are not allowed into the cinema without their parents. 儿童没有父母带领不准许进电影院。 Children are not permitted into the cinema without their parents. 儿童没有父母带领不准许进入电影院。 The function of the ear is to listen. 耳的功能是听。 The bait hides the hook. 饵里藏钩笑里藏刀。 Ever since World War II the United States has been Japan's principal trade partner. 二次世界大战以来,美国一直是日本的主要贸易伙伴。 They exchanged amorous glances and clearly made known their passions. 二人眉来眼去,以目传情。 He was extravagant and wasteful after he made a fortune. 发财后,他的生活放纵奢靡。 The inventor spent months in elaborating his plans for a new engine. 发明者花了好几个月的时间设计一种新式发动机。 Developing economy is a primary task for us. 发展经济是我们的头等大事。 To develop production we must break down regionalism. 发展生产要打破地域观念。 To develop the economy of our country, we should not apply mechanically the experience of other countries. 发展我国经济不能生搬硬套别国的经验。 A judge should not be partial. 法官不应当偏颇。 The judge was lenient with the wrongdoers. 法官对这个犯人很宽大。 The court found him guilty. 法官判他有罪。 The judge found him guilty of unpardonable evil. 法官认定他的罪行十恶不赦。 The judge pronounced a sentence of five years on him. 法官宣判他五年徒刑。 Queen Marie Antoinette of France was the wife of Louis the 16th. 法国玛丽安东妮皇后是路易十六的妻子。 France borders Germany along parts of the Rhine. 法国沿莱茵河部分河段与德国接壤。 Is France in Europe? 法国在欧洲吗? The law forbids stealing. 法律禁止盗窃。 The law forbids the sale of alcohol to people under 11. 法律禁止向18岁以下的人出售含有酒精的饮料。 Everybody is supposed to be equal before the law. 法律面前人人平等。 The murder trial lasted six weeks. 法庭对这一谋杀案的审理为时六周。 The fascists butchered people. 法西斯分子屠杀人民。 The Fascists once tyrannized a large part of the world. 法西斯曾在世界很大范围内横行霸道。 The court will rule on the matter. 法院将对此事做出裁定。 A court is one of the chief organs of government. 法院为政府的主要机关之一。 Every dog has his day. 凡人皆有得意日。 Every why has a wherefore. 凡事必有因。 Chores of all sorts made him unable to get away. 繁杂的事务使他脱不开身。 Fighting against corruption is an extremely urgent task at present. 反腐败是当前迫在眉睫的任务。 Fighting against corruption is a very pressing task. 反腐败是一项非常迫切的任务。 The prisoner confessed to stealing. 犯人供认他偷了珠宝。 The prisoners are allowed an hour's exercise every day. 犯人们每天有一小时放风的时间。 The prisoner went into hiding in another city. 犯人逃匿到其他城市。 The prisoner has escaped. 犯人逃走了。 The criminal should stop on the precipice, retreat from the wrong path and not go any further. 犯罪分子应该迷途知返,悬崖勒马,不要在错误的道路上继续走下去。 Evil-doers always act in foolhardy manner. 犯罪者总是胆大妄为。 A scheme has been roughed out, but it has yet to be discussed and amended. 方案已经草拟出来了,但还要讨论和修改。 On scented grasses fresh and pleasing to the eye lay fallen blossoms in gay profusion. 芳草鲜美,落英缤纷。陶渊明 Behaviors harmful to others are immoral. 妨害他人的行为是不道德的。 Laughter filled the room. 房间里充满了笑声。 The room echoed with their happy laughter. 房间里回荡着他们的欢笑声。 The room was crowded with guests. 房间里挤满了客人。 The room is kept neat. 房间收拾得很整洁。 There is a big tree in front of the house. 房子的前面有棵大树。 Houses and churches are buildings. 房子和教堂是建筑物。 The rent should be paid in advance. 房租要预先付。 Visitors came one after another. 访问者接踵而来。 The holiday began and there was not a single soul in the rooms of the dormitory. 放假了,宿舍里人去楼空。 A butcher becomes a Buddha the moment he drops his cleaver. 放下屠刀,立地成佛。 Come straight away after school. 放学后直接回家。 The plane landed safely. 飞机安全降落。 A plane was coming down from behind the clouds. 飞机从云端飞来。 The plane flew high above. 飞机高高地在上空飞。 The plane crashed, killing all its passengers and crew. 飞机失事了,所有乘客和机组人员都遇难了。 The airplane flies at 900 kilometers an hour. 飞机以每小时900公里的速度飞行。 Planes collided in midair. 飞机在半空相撞。 Airplanes are flying in the vast sky. 飞机在长空飞翔。 The plane is soaring in the vast sky. 飞机在辽阔的天空中翱翔。 The plane is circling overhead. 飞机在上空回旋。 The plane was flying in the boundless sea of clouds. 飞机在无边无际的云海里飞行。 A plane was flying above the clouds. 飞机在云层上面飞行。 The plane flew above the clouds. 飞机在云层上面飞行。 The pilots were soaring in the skies. 飞行员翱翔长空. Thank you very much. 非常感谢。 You are welcome to my humble home. 非扯迎您光临寒舍。 as [like] a dog with two tails 非常开心。 Illicit trades should be outlawed. 非法交易应被取缔。 The soap slipped out of my hand. 肥皂从我手上滑落了。 Barking dogs don't bite. 吠狗不咬人。 Pink is her favorite color. 粉红色是她最喜欢的颜色。 Anger is the wind which blows out the lamp of the mind. 愤怒是吹灭心中之灯的风。 Anger begins with folly, and ends in repentance. 愤怒以愚蠢开始,以后悔告终。 In years of plenty everyone has plenty to eat. 丰年时人人都吃得饱。 It's a foregone conclusion that we'll have a bumper harvest this year. 丰收已成定局。 The clouds dispersed and the sun shone forth after the storm was over. 风暴过后,云开日出。 The storm has subsided. 风暴平息了。 The storm heaved the sea to the skies. 风暴中,海面上白浪滔天。 The storm has subsided at last. 风暴终于停息了。 Disturbances arose repeatedly. 风波迭起。 The winds came down with the continuous scents of the grass and wild flowers. 风吹来了青草和野花的缕缕清香。 The wind blew my hat off. 风吹落了我的帽子。 The force of the wind is measured on a standard scale of 0-12. 风力是按0-12级标准等级测量的。 Driven by the wind, clouds gathered while lightning and thunder clove the air. 风起云涌,雷电交加。 The situation is getting tense. 风声很紧。 The wind is in the south. 风向向南。 A howling snowstorm blanketed the whole field with white. 风雪交加,给整个田野铺上一条白色的地毯。 The wind whispered in the green pines and verdant cypresses. 风在苍松翠柏中发出飒飒声。 Feudal ideas were deep-rooted in some people's minds. 封建思想在一些人头脑里根深蒂固。 Feudal ideas must be eradicated. 封建主义的思想必须彻底肃清。 The undulating hills are rich in mineral resources. 峰峦起伏的群山中蕴藏着丰富的矿产资源。 Ridges and peaks rise one after another. 峰峦重叠。 The nobles of Florence built splendid palaces. 佛罗伦萨的贵族们建造了许多富丽堂皇的宫殿。 He who denies all confesses all. 否认一切的人就等于承认了一切。 The couple helped each other, like a pair of lovebirds flying side by side. 夫妻双方互相帮助,比翼齐飞。 A couple should be deeply attached to each other. 夫妻应该相亲相爱。 Superficiality is the terrible enemy of an article. 肤浅是文章的大敌。 The waiter checked the bill. 服务员核对了账单。 The waiter held a tray on his palm. 服务员手托托盘。 Floating clouds obscure the sun. 浮云翳日。 The news of the radiation leak caused widespread public alarm. 辐射泄露的消息引起了公众的普遍恐慌。 The comet passed by in the twinkling of an eye. 俯仰之间, 流星闪过。 Too rigid parental discipline fosters rebellion in children. 父母管教过严会使子女反抗。 The parents economized on food and clothing to enable the boy to study at the university. 父母节衣缩食,也要供孩子上大学。 Our parents are worrying about us day and night. 父母亲日日夜夜地为我们操心受累。 Father was happy and laughed to his heart's content. 父亲高兴得开怀大笑。 The father told his son that he must get rid of the bad habit. 父亲告诫儿子一定要改掉这个坏毛病。 The father gave the boy a good beating. 父亲狠狠地揍了男孩一顿。 His father scolded, "You have the heart of a beast. Get out!" 父亲骂他说"你这狼心狗肺的东西,滚出去!" Father sits in the same chair every evening. 父亲每晚都坐在同一张椅子上, My father is kindhearted. 父亲心地和善。 Father owns some stock in that railroad. 父亲在那条铁路上有些股本。 Women dress attractively in a great variety of colours. 妇女们的服装五光十色, 很漂亮。 Women demand equal pay for equal work. 妇女要求同工同酬。 Women should enjoy equal rights with men. 妇女应享有同男子平等的权利。 The local dress shop is having a sale. 附近的时装店正在大拍卖。 There is a new block of flats nearby. 附近有一排新建的公寓。 From saving comes having. 富有来自勤俭。 The team's efforts to score were frustrated by the opposing goalkeeper. 该队想要进球的努力被对方的守门员挫败了。 The company declared bankruptcy last month. 该公司上月宣告破产。 The company abides by the agreement. 该公司信守协议。 The company is promoting its new sort of toothbrush on television. 该公司正在电视上推销他们的新牙刷。 The prosperity of the country's shipping industry was on the wane. 该国航海业的繁荣正趋衰落。 The business has the watchful supervision of the proprietor. 该企业处于企业主的严密监督之下。 Most of the students of the school are polite, courteous and good-mannered. 该校大多数学生都彬彬有礼。 The society was started in 1981. 该协会是1980年创建的。 The society was dedicated to furthering the cause of world peace. 该协会致力于推动世界和平事业。 The bill is the focus of the debate. 该议案是辩论的焦点。 The bank subscribed heavily to the government loan. 该银行大量认购公债。 The film came under the ban of censor. 该影片被审查官员禁止上映。 The football team has signed two new players. 该足球队已签约聘用了两名新队员。 In every human being there is a wish to ameliorate his own condition. 改变自己的境况的思想人皆有之。 Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene. 改变自己往往比改变环境更为需要。 The reformation is in favor with the general public. 改革是众望所归。 It's never too late to mend. 改过不嫌晚。 One must work in a down-to-earth way. 干工作一定要脚踏实地。 The drought did a lot of harm to the crops. 干旱使庄稼遭到很大损害。 To interfere with the internal affairs of other countries is not allowed by international law. 干涉他国内政是国际准则不允许的。 After these dry days, everyone hopes for rain. 干燥的天气之后,人人都希望下雨。 Mahatma Gandhi was both a political and a religious figure in Indian history. 甘地在印度历史上是政治和宗教要人。 Set out at once, Don't lose time. 赶快出发,不要延误时日。 Go at once while there is still time. 赶快去, 还来得及。 Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. 感恩是精神高尚的标志。 When first joining in the work he played the man of importance, but later on he became friendly and cooperative. 刚参加工作的时候,他妄自尊大,后来态度变得很好,而且能跟人合作了。 A child who has just learnt to walk can fall down even on level and smooth ground. 刚刚会走路的小孩子在平正的地面上仍会跌跤。 He smelled the smell of his native soil as soon as he got off the train. 刚一下车他就闻到了乡土气息。 The pen slips out of my fingers. 钢笔从我指缝中滑下去了。 There are many boats in the estuary. 港湾里有许多小船。 The peaks rise steeply into the clouds. 高耸入云的山峰峭立在云端。 Works of taste can refine the mind. 高雅的作品能陶冶心灵。 Works of taste can refine the mind. 高雅的作品能陶冶心灵。 Works of taste can refine the mind. 高雅的作品能陶冶心灵。 Those who plot and conspire will certainly come to no good end. 搞阴谋诡计的人绝不会有好下场。 The draft was revised several times before it was finalized. 稿子几经删改才定下来。 Tell me all about it. 告诉我关于这件事的一切。 Tell me your story, I'm all ears. 告诉我你的故事,我洗耳恭听。 Doves are gentle, good-looking and lovely. 鸽子性格温和, 模样又好看, 可爱极了。 The singers kept their eyes fixing on the conductor. 歌唱演员们目不转睛地望着指挥。 The song was loud one moment and low the next. 歌声忽而高,忽而低。 There was a burst of laughter in the next room. 隔壁房间里突然爆发出一阵笑声。 Walls have ears. Don't speak loudly. 隔墙有耳,不要大声讲。 An individual's strength is insignificant. 个人的力量是藐小的。 People's constitutions differ; so does their resistance to diseases. 各人的体质不同,对疾病的抵抗力也不同。 Can you refrain from laughter, my friends? 各位不要大笑,好吗? Signals control each section of the railway track. 各种信号控制着铁路轨道的每个部分。 Money and food were sent to the impoverished drought victims. 给贫困的灾民送去了救济金和粮食。 There is no reason to be pessimistic about the future. 根本没有理由对未来悲观。 According to your contract, you get 15 days' paid holiday a year. 根据你的合同,你每年有十五天的带薪假期。 According to the Bible, we can expect to live for three score years and ten. 根据圣经的说法,我们可以活到七十岁。 By the sun, they saw they were moving straight south. 根据太阳的位置他们确定自己正向正南行进。 According to our records, the books you have borrowed should now be returned to the library. 根据我们的记录,你借的书现在应该还给图书馆了。 The central task of the factory at present is to improve the quality of its products. 工厂当前的中心任务是提高生产质量。 All the managerial personnel at the factory are hired on contract. 工厂所有管理人员都是聘用的。 The project admits of no delay. 工程不得延误。 The project is making good progress. 工程进展很顺利。 The project has a good beginning. 工程有了良好的开端。 Work is going on day and night at the construction site. 工程正在夜以继日地进行。 We had never expected to make such a careless mistake in the project. 工程中出现这样的纰漏是万万没有想到的。 Red flags fluttered over the construction site. 工地上红旗招展。 Building materials are piled up mountain-high on the construction site. 工地上建筑材料堆积如山。 The union said that they would take action to defend their member's jobs. 工会说他们将采取行动维护会员的工作权益。 The union struck for better work conditions. 工会为争取更好的工作条件而罢工。 The workers saw off a limb from the tree. 工人从树上锯下了一根大树枝。 The worker has a periodical check on the machine. 工人对机器要定期检查。 The workers drew the broken automobile to the side of the road. 工人们把这辆坏汽车牵引到路边。 The workers work from morning till night. 工人们从早到晚地劳作。 The workers' demands were reasonable. 工人们的要求是合理的。 Workers do all they can to fulfill the production quota. 工人们奋力实现生产指标。 The workers detest his overbearing manner. 工人们很讨厌他那盛气凌人的态度。 The workers strike for higher wages and shorter hours. 工人们为增加工资和缩短工时而罢工。 The workers are laying pipes under the road. 工人们正在道路下面铺设管道。 The workman is drilling in the wall. 工人正在墙上打孔。 Should industry be controlled by the state? 工业应该由国家控制吗? Sharp tools make good work. 工欲善其事,必先利其器。 His job changed but his style didn't. 工作变动了, 但他的作风并没有变。 Be bold in doing your work and don't be overcautious. 工作你尽管大胆去干,别缩手缩脚的。 Be bold in doing your work and don't be overcautious. 工作你尽管大胆去干,别缩手缩脚的。 If we work conscientiously, we won't make many mistakes. 工作认真负责, 就会少出差错。 We should be bold in our work instead of being filled with misgivings. 工作要大胆,不要畏头畏尾。 All the work should be put under unified leadership. Nobody should go his own way. 工作要有统一的领导,不能各行其是。 In his work, he often deceives his superiors and deludes his subordinates. 工作中他常欺上瞒下。 The bus was jam-packed with people and I could not move. 公共汽车里摩肩接踵,我被挤在里面无法动弹。 When the duke dies, his eldest son will succeed to the title. 公爵去世之后,他的长子将继承他的爵位。 Homes of citizens are inviolable. 公民住宅不受侵犯。 The profits of the company are increasing month after month. 公司的利润逐月增长。 My company is five miles distant from my home. 公司距离我家五英里远。 The firm did badly last year. 公司去年生意不好。 A strict system of rewards and penalties was set up in the company. 公司设立了严格的奖惩制度。 The company asked us to quicken the pace of the project. 公司要我们加快工程的进度。 The company has a capital of $40000. 公司拥有四万美元资本。 The company made a number of rules and regulations. 公司制定了若干条规章制度。 With beautiful flowers everywhere, the park is a blaze of color. 公园里姹紫嫣红,十分绚丽。 The rockery in the park is of wonderful workmanship excelling nature. 公园里的假山巧夺天工。 The park is brimming with the fragrance of flowers. 公园里飘溢着花香。 There is a man-made lake in the park. 公园里有个人工湖。 We await respectfully the pleasure of your presence. 恭候光临。 We await respectfully the pleasure of your presence. 恭候光临。 The arch has a span of 60 meters. 拱门的跨度为60米。 Beans were grown on both sides of the ditch. 沟的两侧种着豆子。 The dog bared its teeth. 狗露出了牙齿。 Every dog is a lion at home. [Every dog is valiant at his own door.] 狗是百步王,只在门前凶。 The dog rolled on the floor. 狗在地板上打滚。 The girl's face looks wan and sallow, and her eyelids are swollen. 姑娘脸色憔悴,眼皮浮肿。 The girls rose and danced in a happy mood. 姑娘们翩翩起舞。 Lonely sail, distant shadow, Vanish in blue emptiness; All I see is the great river, Flowing into the far horizon. 孤帆远影碧空尽,唯见长江天际流。 In ancient times officials kowtowed to the emperor when they met with him. 古代大臣见到皇帝要磕头。 The family was scattered in different places. 骨肉离散。 The beats of the drum were steady and slow. 鼓声平稳而缓慢。 Stubbornness is the energy of fools. 固执是愚人的能源。 A myriad of thoughts crowded into our minds when we revisited the old haunt. 故地重游,我们不禁思绪万千。 The Palace Museum is the imperial palace of ancient Chinese emperors. 故宫是中国古代皇帝的皇宫。 This is the gist of the story. 故事的梗概是这样的。 People grieved at the ending of the story. 故事的结尾令人心酸。 The plot of the story is ingeniously conceived. 故事情节的构思相当巧妙。 The story is very complicated. 故事情节复杂。 There are lofty mountains around my hometown. 故乡到处都是巍峨的群山。 There were so many customers that the shop assistants couldn't attend to them all. 顾客很多, 售货员应接不暇。 He is rich that has few wants. 寡欲者富。 Slow down when turning a corner. 拐弯要慢行。 The pass was heavily guarded. 关隘有重兵把守。 In the critical moment he made vigorous efforts to turn the tide and saved the enterprise. 关键时刻, 他力挽狂澜, 挽救了企业。 She said nothing to me about it. 关于这一点,她什么也没有对我讲。 Looking at a beautiful painting always gives one satisfaction. 观赏一幅美丽的图画使人心满意足。 The audience roared with laughter at the pantomime. 观众被这哑剧逗得哈哈大笑。 The brilliant performance of the actors won warm applause from the audience. 观众对演员们精彩的演出报以热烈掌声。 The audiences rocked with laughter. 观众们笑得前仰后合。 The audience applauded the performers for three minutes. 观众向演员鼓掌达3分钟。 The audience watched the performance with growing fascination. 观众越看越着迷。 Corruption among officials was another cause for discontent. 官吏腐化是引起不满的又一原因。 The management took all reasonable safety precautions. 管理部门采取了一切合理的安全措施。 East or west, home is best. 管他东方或西方,家是最好的地方。 The orchestra has rehearsed many times for the program. 管弦乐队已经为这个节目排练了好多次。 The plumber made a careful check of the pipes. 管子工对管道做了仔细的检查。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司