翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 几分钟后,我要进行另一项训练。 A couple of young people were carried away by wild pleasure. 几个青年狂欢一番。 The witnesses' statements just don't agree with each other. 几个证人的陈述并不一致。 There is little work on offer. 几乎没有什么工作可找。 After several delays, he finally set out at 8 o'clock. 几经耽搁,他终于在八点钟出发了。 Only after many setbacks was success achieved. 几经周折才告成功。 A few joking words relaxed the antagonism between them. 几句笑话缓和了他们之间的对立情绪。 Several pine trees stand erect on the hillside. 几棵青松挺立在山坡上。 For years, they are inseparable as body and shadow. 几年来,他们形影不离。 The saplings planted several years ago have now become a luxuriant woods. 几年前栽的树苗,现在已蔚然成林。 We haven't seen each other for a few days, but it seems a whole generation has passed. 几天未见, 我们似有隔世之感。 Several days later, he put foreword a concrete plan. 几天之后,他又提出了具体的计划。 A plan should be no risk at all, 计划要做到万无一失。 The invention of the computer marked the beginning of a new era. 计算机的发明标志着一个新时代的开始。 The computer decelerated the spaceship. 计算机使宇宙飞船减速。 Technological innovation often brings about rapid development in production. 技术革新往往带来生产的高速发展。 To be both a speaker of words and a doer of deeds. 既当演说家,又做实干家。 Take things as they come. 既来之,则安之。 Let's cross the bridge when we come to it. 既来之,则安之。 As we can't all agree on this matter, let's vote on it. 既然大家对这个问题意见不一致,我们就来表决吧。 Since you can't answer the question, perhaps we'd better ask someone else. 既然你无法回答这个问题,我们最好再问问别人。 Since you have promised to be there at seven thirty, you should be there in time. You see, what is said cannot be unsaid. 既然你已答应七点半到那儿,你就应该准时到,你知道,一言既出,驷马难追。 Even in great adversity, he kept his majesty. 既使身处绝境, 他仍保持自己的威严。 Let bygones be bygones. 既往宜不咎。 It is hard to live under another's roof. 寄人篱下的日子不好过。 Please find two samples enclosed herewith. 寄上样品两种,请查收。 Canada and South Africa used to be British colonies. 加拿大和南非曾是英国的殖民地。 Our present task is to accelerate economic growth. 加速经济发展是我们当前的任务。 That his home is far from the school is only the external cause for his not studying well. 家离学校远,只是他学习差的外因。 The antique in my home is age old. 家里的这件古物已年代久远。 Have you got everything settled at home? 家里都安顿好了吗? Everything is at sixes and sevens in the house. 家里现在乱七八糟。 Mountains and rivers in my hometown are as beautiful as pictures. 家乡的山水美如画。 I can't bear having a cat in the house. 家中养猫我受不了。 The meeting between A and B took place in Shanghai. 甲乙双方在上横见。 It doesn't matter about the price. 价格没关系。 Price is a matter of negotiation. 价格是可以协商的。 The price is reasonable. 价钱公道。 The pilot landed the plane safely. 驾驶员使飞机安全降落。 If you don't concentrate more on your work, you'll be dismissed. 假如你不更加专心地工作,你将被解雇。 If something's bothering you, get it off your chest. 假如你有什么不痛快的事,把它宣泄出来吧。 If something's bothering you, get it off your chest. 假如你有什么不痛快的事,把它宣泄出来吧。 The bayonet squad made a surprise attack and wiped out the enemy's command post. 尖刀班出奇制胜,捣毁了敌人指挥部。 Persist in progress and oppose retrogression! 坚持进步, 反对倒退! We are resolved to crack down on the person who commits violations of law and discipline. 坚决制裁违法乱纪分子。 Difficult circumstances can temper one's will. 艰苦的环境能磨练人的意志。 The practice of plain living and hard struggle should continuously be carried forward. 艰苦奋斗的作风应该继续发扬光大。 Hard work and plain living are traditional virtues of ours. 艰苦朴素是我们的传统美德。 Bad times make a good man. 艰难困苦出能人。 What did hardship matter? 艰难困苦算什么? To annex territories of another country is an injustice. 兼并它国土地是一种不义行为。 It's against the rule to pick up the ball. 捡球是犯规的。 The procurator referred a public charge against him. 检察官对他提起公诉。 Jane was counted among the greatest dancers of the century. 简被视为本世纪最伟大的舞蹈家之一。 The child felt frightened when he saw the big fire. 见到大火,那孩子感到恐惧。 The students bowed to the professor when they met him. 见到教授,学生们躬身施礼。 I'm very glad to meet you. 见到你很高兴。 A new upsurge of construction was set off. 建设的新高潮被掀起来了。 A thorough reading of this article is commended. 建议大家通读一下这篇文章。 Building materials are expensive. 建筑材料很昂贵。 The architect drew the house in section. 建筑师画出房子的剖面图。 Health is better than wealth. 健康胜于财富。 The first wealth is health. 健康是人生第一财富。 Health is a condition of happiness. 健康是幸福的一个条件。 The scenery is very beautiful in the southern areas. 江南一带景色非常秀丽。 The land is so rich in beauty. 江山如此多娇。 You can change mountains and rivers but not a person's nature. 江山易改,本性难移。 The resolution of white light into the colors of the spectrum produces a rainbow effect. 将白色的光解析成光谱的各种颜色会产生彩虹效果。 Close to three hundred people attended the meeting. 将近300人参加了会议。 The general has a very broad mind. 将军的胸怀无比广阔。 The general commanded his men to attack the city. 将军下令部下攻城。 The general directed that the prisoners should be set free. 将军下令释放犯人。 The general stared at the battle map with his wise and farsighted eyes. 将军用睿智的目光注视着作战地图。 A million bold warriors launched an attack under the direction of the general. 将军指挥百万雄师发起进攻。 The general planned a campaign to capture the city. 将军制定了夺取该城市的战役计划。 Nobody can tell what the future world will look like. 将来的世界是什么样子谁也说不准。 Feel for others and you will get along well with your friends. 将心比心,就能与朋友融洽地相处。 Sort these eggs by size. 将这些蛋按大小分好。 The speaker has an hour to expound his views to the public. 讲演者有一小时时间向观众阐明他的观点。 It's important to reduce production costs. 降低生产成本是很重要的。 The date of delivery hasn't been fixed yet. 交货时间还没有最后落实。 There has been a decrease in traffic accidents. 交通事故减少了。 The two belligerent parties exchanged captured personnel. 交战双方交换被俘人员。 The two belligerent parties were ready to battle it out. 交战双方准备决一雌雄。 Those who were born in comfort could not endure such hardship. 娇生惯养的人吃不了这份苦。 Pride was his downfall. 骄傲是他垮台的原因。 A bright moon hung in the sky. 皎月当空。 The military equipment captured was beyond counting. 缴获的武器装备数不胜数。 I'm very sorry to have kept you waiting. 叫你久等了,很抱歉。 The coach decided to replace player No, 8 with No, 3. 教练决定让3号替换8号。 The teacher helped to draw out the meaning of the poem. 教师帮助揭示这首诗的含义。 Teachers should not treat their pupils as cold as ice. 教师对待学生不应冷若冰霜。 Teachers should teach students in accordance with their aptitude and shouldn't follow the same pattern. 教师应因材施教, 不应千篇一律。 It was noisy in the classroom; the teacher knocked on the desk angrily. 教室里乱哄哄的,老师生气地敲敲桌子。 There are eight students in the classroom. 教室里有八个学生。 The classroom was clean and tidy. 教室整齐清洁。 The professor always has a much visited house. 教授的家里总是门庭若市。 The professor's article runs to ten thousand words. 教授的文章洋洋万言。 The professor made a penetrating analysis of the problem. 教授对这一问题进行了精辟的分析。 Today the professor is going to lecture on modern literature. 教授今天要讲的是现代文学。 After serious study, the professor found out the historical origins of the event. 教授经过认真研究,弄清了这件事的历史渊源。 The professor has several capable assistants. 教授手下有几名得力的助手。 Teaching is an art. 教学是一门艺术。 Teaching others teaches yourself. 教学相长。 Nurture passes nature. 教养胜过天性。 There is no doubt that education is the foundation of all. 教育是万业之基, 这是毫无疑义的。 Education is the best way for a nation to invest in the future. 教育是一个民族对未来投资的最好办法。 Education must follow the principle of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. 教育一定要遵循因材施教的原则。 After receiving his letter, I answered it immediately. 接到他的信后我随即给他回了信。 What will you do next? 接下来你要干什么? Carry on with your work. 接着干吧。 Next, a little parcel came into view. 接着映入眼帘的是一个小包。 People are hurrying to and fro in the street. 街道上人来人往。 He was liked by the whole neighborhood. 街坊邻里都喜欢他。 Few people were in the street. 街上行人稀少。 The street is bustling with people coming and going. 街上行人熙熙攘攘,非常热闹。 The violence and bad language in the program shocked many of the viewers. 节目中的暴力场面和难听的粗话使许多观众感到震惊。 During the festival there were surging crowds on the square. 节日的广场,人如潮涌。 The plaza in festival is a carpet of flowers. 节日的广场繁花似锦。 As survivors of a disaster, we should think over the reason after this bitter lesson. 劫后余生,我们应痛定思痛。 Being a survivor of a disaster, he began a new life. 劫后余生的他又开始了新的生活。 Jack and Anne are engaged. 杰克和安妮订婚了。 Jack was determined to repent of his former wrongdoings so as to redeem his reputation. 杰克下定决心痛改前非,以挽回影响。 Jack squared his shoulders and entered the game. 杰克严阵以待投入比赛。 Leagues are commonly made for mutual defense. 结成联盟往往是为了共同防御。 The result turned out contrary to our expectations. 结果与我们的愿望恰好相反。 She found out her husband was a devil soon after her marriage. 结婚后不久她就发现她丈夫是一个邪恶的人。 All's well that ends well. 结局好的就算好。 Reports of fresh successes kept pouring in. 捷报频传。 She was grieved to the extreme. 她哀痛欲绝。 She watched him with love and pity. 她爱怜地注视着他。 She was unable to hold back her excitement. 她按捺不住激动的心情。 She followed her usual custom of spending Sunday at her villa at the seaside. 她按照通常的习惯,在海滨别墅度过了星期天。 She swept the floor clean. 她把地板打扫干净。 She tore the child from its father's arms. 她把孩子从父亲怀里抢了过去。 She dressed up the little girls like ladies. 她把女儿妆饰得像阔小姐。 She divided the food into four equal shares. 她把食物分成相同的四份。 She set the foods and drink before the guest. 她把食物和饮料放在客人面前。 She's left her books all over the place. 她把书到处乱放。 She rolled the socks into a ball. 她把袜子卷成一团。 She gave some of the meat to the cat. 她把一些肉给猫吃了。 She dedicated her remaining years to the cause of science. 她把余年献给科学事业。 She smoothed out wrinkles out of the tablecloth. 她把桌布上的皱褶弄平。 She locked her jewels in the safe. 她把自己的珠宝首饰都锁在保险箱里。 She disguised herself as a man, but she couldn't disguise her voice. 她把自己乔装打扮成一个男子,但她无法伪装她的声音。 She racked her brains in vain. 她白费心思。 She racked her brains in vain. 她白费心思。 She handles affairs in a decisive manner. 她办事果断。 She is very conscientious and never skimps through her work. 她办事认真,从不敷衍了事。 She works in a mechanical way. 她办事死板。 She was mournful for the whole of the day. 她悲恸终日。 She was dismissed and prosecuted. 她被撤职查办。 She was moved to the point of tears. 她被感动得热泪盈眶。 Is she possessed by a devil? 她被魔鬼迷住了吗? She confessed to the false charges under torture. 她被屈打成招。 She was battered out of her senses. 她被吓得丧魂落魄。 She was cruelly tortured. 她被严刑拷打。 She is more clever than the other girls in her class. 她比班上其他任何女孩子都聪明。 She's rounded out quite a bit since her illness last year. 她比去年生病的时候丰满多了。 She performed very well. 她表演得很好。 She wore a silver chain around her neck. 她脖子上戴着一条银项链。 She would not endure her son's imprudence. 她不会忍受她儿子无耻的行为。 She is not particular about her dress. 她不讲究穿戴。 She didn't open her mouth. 她不开口。 She is not affected by vanity. 她不慕虚荣。 She is not a frivolous girl. 她不是一个轻薄的女子。 She defied the brute force. 她不畏强暴。 It's very rude of her to leave without telling us. 她不向我们打声招呼就走了,这是非常不礼貌的。 She bears little resemblance to her mother. 她不象她母亲。 She doesn't agree to this arrangement. 她不赞同这个安排。 She wiped her tears away. 她擦掉了眼泪。 She stepped on a loose stone and twisted her ankle. 她踩到一块松动的石头上,扭伤了脚踝。 She is plump without being fat. 她长得丰腴但并不肥胖。 She has regular and delicate features. 她长得五官端正, 眉清目秀。 She is petite and dainty. 她长得小巧玲珑。 She often works far into the night. 她常常工作到深夜。 She often hits the roof because of trifles. 她常为鸡毛蒜皮的小事大发雷霆。 She opens wide her way of thinking. 她敞开心扉。 She sings with a natural voice. 她唱歌的嗓音很自然。 She is coy about singing. 她唱歌怕羞。 She threw me a radiant smile. 她冲我嫣然一笑。 She broke into sobs and sniffles. 她抽抽搭搭地哭了起来。 The clothes she wears are in poor taste. 她穿得很俗气。 She wears a dress with delicate lace. 她穿了一件带有精致花边的裙子。 She wore a black silk evening gown. 她穿着一件黑色丝质晚礼服。 She wears a beautiful evening dress. 她穿着一件漂亮的晚礼服。 She is graceful enough to be a dancer. 她绰约多姿,适合当一名舞蹈演员。 She never wears green. 她从不穿绿色的衣服。 She never brags. 她从不夸耀自己。 Where did she get the news? 她从哪儿得到这个消息的? She selected a diamond ring from the collection. 她从收藏品中挑选了一枚钻石戒指。 She liked swimming from childhood. 她从小就喜爱游泳。 She glanced at me out of the corner of her eye. 她从眼梢斜瞥了我一眼。 She hurried to the airport. 她匆匆赶往机场。 She gave him a box on his ears. 她打了他一耳光。 She is thinking of living here permanently. 她打算在这儿长久住下去。 She was very weak after the serious illness. 她大病初愈,身体十分虚弱。 She was about fifty and quite stout. 她大约五十岁,长得很富态。 She gave him a sideways glance, with a sneering look on her face. 她带着嘲讽的神情斜了他一眼。 She is modest and amiable to everyone. 她待人谦和。 She treated us like family. 她待我们如同亲人一样。 She wears a wedding ring to show that she's married. 她戴着结婚戒指,表示她已结婚。 She rallied from the flu. 她得流感后身体复原。 She won her overnight fame by her first novel. 她的 Her sadness and worry are difficult to get rid of. 她的哀愁很难排除。 Her baby is due next week. 她的宝宝预计在下个月出世。 Her eloquence was fully shown in the debate. 她的辩才在辩论会上充分显示出来。 Her performance is out of the ordinary. 她的表演不同凡响。 Her acting was very natural. 她的表演自然大方。 Her singing has a lingering charm about it. 她的唱腔很有韵味。 She was almost mad with grief when her son died. 她的儿子死去时,她悲伤得几乎疯了。 Her graciousness charmed everyone at the party. 她的风采令社交聚会上的每一个人倾倒。 Her children have blue eyes. 她的孩子的眼睛是蓝色的。 Of all her children, Mary is the cleverest. 她的孩子中,玛丽最聪明。 Her good intentions were repaid by evil results. 她的好心却得到了恶报。 Her words warmed his heart. 她的话温暖了他的心田。 She is bright beyond her years. 她的机灵聪颖超过了她的年龄。 Her virgin modesty prevented her from making her feelings known to him. 她的娇羞使她不敢向他表露真情。 There were deep lines of care on her face. 她的脸庞儿上深深刻着愁苦的皱纹。 Her beautiful hair is flowing in the wind. 她的满头秀发随风飘曳。 Her beauty incurred others' envy. 她的美丽招致别人的嫉妒。 Her shoes look cheap. 她的那双鞋看上去很便宜。 Her skin is as smooth as silk. 她的皮肤像丝绸一样光滑。 His depression came to an end when she kissed him. 她的亲吻扫除了他心头的沮丧。 Her application was turned down. 她的申请被驳回了。 She has a good figure. 她的身条很好。 Her hands shook violently. 她的手颤抖得很厉害。 She has a natural wave in her hair. 她的头发自然卷曲。 Her appearance attracted my notice. 她的外表引起了我的注意。 Her smile makes her even more beautiful. 她的微笑使她更美丽了。 She has a very kind heart. 她的心肠很好。 She is staunch with moral integrity in her temperament. 她的性情十分刚烈。 Her account drew tears from us. 她的叙述催人泪下。 She's beginning to get wrinkles round her eyes. 她的眼角开始有皱纹了。 She sang wonderfully with a silver voice and deep feeling, which moved everyone present. 她的演唱声情并茂,在场的每个人都很感动。 Her ambition knows no limit. 她的野心没有限度。 She spends her spare time nursing her old mother. 她的业余时间都花在照顾她年老的母亲上。 Her dress is severely plain. 她的衣着很简朴。 She cried her heart out after her husband had passed away. 她的丈夫去世后,她痛不欲生。 Her husband is an honest man. 她的丈夫是一个诚实的人。 Her account doesn't have the slightest error. 她的账目分毫不差。 Her clothes are fashionable. 她的这身打扮很时髦。 Her dwelling place is far from the city proper. 她的住所离市区非常远。 She lost a handkerchief edged with blue. 她丢了一块镶蓝边的手绢。 She was gratified by her son's success. 她对儿子的成功感到欣慰。 She has good taste in clothes. 她对服装有很好的审美眼光。 She is always conscientious and earnest, and quietly immerses herself in her work. No fault can be found with her. 她对工作兢兢业业,埋头苦干,无可挑剔。 She has a broad knowledge of computers. 她对计算机有广博的知识。 She is affable to everyone. 她对每一个人都很和蔼可亲。 She hated the cheat to the core. 她对那个骗子恨之入骨。 She has only a vague idea of that incident. 她对那件事只有模糊的印象。 Her love for him never waved. 她对他的爱从未动摇过。 In every sense she is docile and obedient to him. 她对他可谓百依百顺。 She is friendly with them. 她对他们很友好。 She made warmhearted inquiries about my health. 她对我的健康状况亲热地问长问短。 She beamed at me. 她对我微笑。 She inquires after my life. 她对我问寒问暖。 She has a motherly affection for her pupils. 她对学生怀有母亲般的慈爱。 She has a detailed knowledge of this period. 她对这段时期的情况了解地相当详细。 She is new to this country. 她对这个国家还不熟悉。 She wailed bitterly over her father's remains. 她对着父亲的遗体嚎啕大哭。 She gazed in the mirror at her locks of black hair. 她对着镜子凝视她那缕缕青丝。 She was full of shame at her bad behavior. 她对自己的不良行为感到羞耻。 She feels affection towards her children. 她对自己的孩子们有慈爱的感情。 She is very strict with herself in her English study and unwilling to lag behind. 她对自己的英语学习要求很严格,不甘人后。 She was pretty well satisfied with the outcome of her efforts. 她对自己努力的结果相当满意。 She used vicious remarks to insult people. 她恶言伤人。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司