翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 She drummed it into the children that they must not cross the road alone. 她反复地给孩子们说,他们不可以独自横过马路。 She was very proficient in music. 她非常精通音乐。 She missed her hometown very much. 她非常思念自己的故乡。 She looks after the patients with great care. 她非常细心地照顾病人。 She walked away in resentment. 她愤恨地走开了。 Her rich experience gave her an advantage over other applicants for the job. 她丰富的经验使她比其他求职者具有有利条件。 She has a strikingly elegant and graceful bearing. 她风采动人。 Her charm of manner made her very popular. 她风度优雅,备受欢迎。 Her father will never approve of her marrying such a lazy fellow. 她父亲永远不会赞成她嫁给这样的懒人。 She was in charge of bringing criminals to trial. 她负责提审罪犯。 She is bashful in doing anything. 她干什么事都害羞。 She discovered the joy of writing. 她感到了写作的乐趣。 She is so frightfully spoiled. 她给溺爱得不成样子。 She told us a sad and mild story. 她给我们讲了一个凄婉的故事。 She sobbed out the sad story of her son's death. 她哽咽着诉说她儿子死去的悲惨经过。 She's slack at her work. 她工作疲沓。 Her life was so hard that she did not know at dawn what might happen by dusk. 她过着朝不保夕的生活。 She has to eat humble pie in her life. 她过着忍气吞声的生活。 She was afraid that the dog would bite. 她害怕这狗会咬人。 With tears in her eyes, she implored him to forgive her. 她含泪哀求他原谅她。 She flushed with smiles. 她含羞带笑。 She died uncleared of a false charge. 她含冤去世了。 She never avoids mentioning her mistakes. 她毫不讳言自己的错误。 She never avoids mentioning her mistakes. 她毫不讳言自己的错误。 She has devoted herself unreservedly to the great cause. 她毫无保留地献身于这伟大的事业。 She has no sense of shyness. 她毫无羞涩之感。 She is the express image of her mother. 她和她母亲长得一模一样。 She and I can't live under the same roof. 她和我不能住在一起。 She loves chatting and laughing. 她很爱说笑。 She is full of tenderness of affection. 她很多情。 She sings well. 她很会唱歌。 She soon becomes the centre of attention. 她很快成为大家注意的人物。 She seldom showed her true feelings. 她很少流露真情。 She seldom showed her true feelings. 她很少流露真情。 She was disappointed, but didn't show it. 她很失望, 但没有表露出来。 At a very early age she showed talent for music. 她很小就表现出音乐天资。 At a very early age she showed talent for music. 她很小就表现出音乐天资。 She has much bargaining skill. 她很有讨价还价的本事。 She has high aspirations. 她很有有志气。 She dotes on her grandson. 她很钟爱孙子。 She's self-effacing. 她很自谦。 She said nothing but sat there staring blankly. 她话也不说,坐在那里发呆。 She looked around her. 她环顾四周。 Good prospects are waiting for her. 她会有美好的前程。 She was shaking with emotion. 她激动得浑身发抖。 She eagerly asked us to save her daughter. 她急切地要求我们去营救她的女儿。 She is burning to tell you the news. 她急于要告诉你这消息。 She said almost nothing. 她几乎什么都没说。 She joined the university art society. 她加入了大学里的艺术协会。 Her family was so poor that they didn't have a tiny bit of land. 她家贫困得已无立锥之地。 She married money. 她嫁给了一个有钱人。 She was wearing a silver fox fur across her shoulders. 她肩上披了一件银狐皮披肩。 She is getting lazy. 她渐渐懒惰起来。 She is clumsy in speaking. 她讲话笨嘴拙舌。 As she spoke we could see that she was in a fret. 她讲话时,我们看得出她很烦躁。 She held her baby tight in her arms. 她紧紧地搂着她的孩子。 She's rather depressed these days. 她近来有些消沉。 She is often praised and encouraged by the teacher. 她经常受到老师的嘉勉。 She is shrewd, capable, and experienced. 她精明干练。 Too much worry had made her look an old woman. 她揪心事太多,人都显得老了。 She is the one we are looking for. 她就是我们要找的人。 She held an exhibition of paintings. 她举办了画展。 She raised her finger to her lips as a sign for silence. 她举起一根手指放在唇边,示意肃静。 She has an easy manner. 她举止大方。 She conducts herself sedately. 她举止端庄。 She conducts herself sedately. 她举止端庄。 She behaved like a lady. 她举止端庄象一个淑女。 She deported herself in a dignified manner. 她举止庄重。 She possesses profound learning. 她具有渊博的学识。 She's definitely not a woman of easy virtue. 她决不是一个放荡的女人。 She seemed to be in good health. 她看上去身体健康。 She looked out of the window, sighing for her lost youth. 她看着窗外,为她失去的青春而惋惜。 She longs to be his companion through life. 她渴望成为他的终身伴侣。 She is hungry for news of her husband working abroad. 她渴望得到国外工作的丈夫的消息。 She longed to give full vent to her sorrow. 她渴望发泄她的悲痛。 She's yearning to meet this writer in person. 她渴望和这位作家见见面。 She longed to be back in China. 她渴望回到中国。 She desires ease of mind. 她渴望心情舒畅。 She gave him a sincere explanation. 她恳切地向他解释。 She wept for some time and swallowed her tears at night. 她哭了一会儿,到了晚上,饮泣吞声。 She smiled bitterly. 她苦笑了一下。 She strongly resembles her mother. 她酷似她的母亲。 Tears bathed her cheeks. 她泪流满面。 Her tears fell fast. 她泪洒如雨。 There is a merry smile on her face. 她脸上露出愉快的微笑。 Fear was manifested on her face. 她脸上显露出惧怕的神情。 A genial smile appeared on her face. 她脸上显露出亲切的笑容。 She knew the ins and outs of the matter. 她了解事情的底细。 She's so stingy that she never tips. 她吝啬得从来不给小费。 She showed a pained look. 她露出苦涩的表情。 She glanced round the room before she left. 她略微环视了一下房间才离开。 She complained of his carelessness. 她埋怨他粗枝大叶。 She waited for her lover in a state of happy expectancy. 她满怀幸福地等待他的情人到来。 She has no talent for performance. 她没有表演才赋。 It's very odd that she didn't reply to our letter. 她没有回我们的信是件很奇怪的事。 She is always late for every appointment with me. 她每次和我约会, 总是姗姗来迟。 She goes swimming on Saturdays. 她每个星期六都游泳。 She scrubs the floor every morning. 她每天早晨洗刷地板。 She was squinting against the glare of the sun. 她眯眼看耀眼的阳光。 She got angry without rhyme or reason. 她莫名其妙地生起气来。 Her mother began operation of a small grocery. 她母亲开始经营一家小杂货店。 It was a great blow to her when her mother died. 她母亲去世对她是个沉重的打击。 The pain in her heart was intolerable. 她内心的痛楚不堪忍受。 Her eyes were shaded by long black eyelashes, curving backward in a most peculiar way. 她那黑黑的长睫毛非常别致地朝上弯曲着。 She was so quiet that her presence was hardly noticed. 她那么安静,几乎没有人注意到她在这里。 Her weird dress attracted attention in the small town. 她那奇装异服在这小镇很惹人注目。 Her beautiful roses won second prize at the flower show. 她那些美丽的玫瑰在花展上得了二等奖。 She had an air of restrained fury. 她那样子似乎心里有压抑着的怒火。 A fleeting thought went through her mind. 她脑海掠过一个稍纵即逝的念头。 She could deal with complex situations aptly. 她能够妥善地处置各种复杂情况。 She could deal with complex situations aptly. 她能够妥善地处置各种复杂情况。 She can speak pure English. 她能讲纯正的英语。 She can produce delicious meal from very simple ingredients. 她能用简单配料烹调出美味的饭菜。 She was older than I was. 她年纪比我大。 She affected embarrassment for quite a while before she spoke. 她扭捏了好半天才说出话来。 She is afraid of offending anyone. 她怕得罪人。 She is wearing a silk scarf. 她佩戴着一条丝绸围巾。 She was holding her sides with laughter. 她捧腹大笑。 She has lived simply and has worked hard all her life. 她平生艰苦朴素。 She hid her concern with a forced smile. 她强颜欢笑以掩饰内心的忧虑。 She smoothed suntan lotion over her arms. 她轻轻地把防晒油涂在胳膊上。 She lost her heart to the soldier with the broad shoulders and the deep voice. 她倾心于那个肩膀宽阔,声音深沉的战士。 She was all ears in class. 她全神贯注地听课。 She curled up in front of the fire with a book. 她蜷曲在炉火前看书。 She lets her children play in the garden. 她让孩子们在花园里玩。 She has a love for her students. 她热爱学生。 She was still a holy and pure young girl. 她仍是一个圣洁的少女。 She has not yet recovered. 她仍未痊愈。 She's so miserly that she won't give anything to anyone. 她如此吝啬,不给任何人任何东西。 She reads with avidity. 她如饥似渴地读书。 She gave the true account of what had happened. 她如实地讲述了发生的事情。 She is good at repartee. 她善于应对。 She hurt my feelings. 她伤害了我的感情。 She went shopping and bought a lot of things. 她上街买了好多东西。 She is always late for class. 她上课总是姗姗来迟。 She was slender and had long dark hair. 她身材苗条,有一头长长的黑发。 She has a slender figure. 她身材苗条。 She is in delicate health. 她身体柔弱。 She carefully chooses her friends for their good characters. 她慎重地选择品格良好的人为友。 She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. 她生来富贵。 She gave birth to a fine healthy baby. 她生了一个健康漂亮的婴儿。 She is weak by nature. 她生性软弱。 She is fifteen. 她十五岁。 She often has an ominous presentiment, 她时时有一种不祥的预感。 She tried to avoid answering my questions. 她试图避而不答我的问题。 She is a vainglorious woman. 她是个爱虚荣的女人。 She is a ballet dancer. 她是个芭蕾舞演员。 We ought to follow her good example. 她是个好榜样,我们应当仿效她。 She is a cute child. 她是个很乖巧的孩子。 She is a very thrifty housewife. 她是个很节俭的主妇。 She's a vixen. 她是个母老虎。 She's a woman of the old school, very hard to deal with. 她是个守旧妇女,很难对付。 She's a woman of easy virtue. 她是个水性扬花的女人。 She's a young girl, pure in thought and deed. 她是个思想及行为都很纯正的姑娘。 She is a mental defective. 她是个心智缺陷者。 She is a girl of an unbending character. 她是个性格倔强的女孩。 She is a pretty and coquettish woman. Stay away from her. 她是个妖冶女人,要离她远些。 She's a chaste and undefiled girl. 她是个贞洁少女。 She was named after her grandmother. 她是根据她祖母的名字命名的。 She's a master chess player. 她是国际象棋高手。 She is worthy of the name "film star," 她是名符其实的影星。 She said it in a whisper, so I didn't hear. 她是悄声说的,所以我没有听见。 She is a famous diplomatic envoy. 她是世界著名外交使节。 She is a versatile performer; she can act, sing, dance and play the piano. 她是位多才多艺的演员, 能演戏、唱歌、跳舞, 还会弹钢琴。 She is an honorable guest. 她是位尊贵的客人。 She is my sister. 她是我姐姐。 She is a special friend of mine. 她是我一个特别亲密的朋友。 She is a pure girl. 她是一个纯洁的女孩。 She's a woman of easy virtue. 她是一个放荡的女人。 She is a beauty. 她是一个美人。 She is a young lady. 她是一个妙龄少女。 She is a lovely girl. 她是一个漂亮的女孩。 She's a girl of noble and unsullied character. 她是一个品格高洁的姑娘。 She is an open-minded lady. 她是一个思想开通的女人。 She is a woman of great breadth of mind. 她是一个心胸开阔的女人。 She is a girl of a bright and cheerful disposition. 她是一个性情开朗活泼的姑娘。 She is a girl of a bright and cheerful disposition. 她是一个性情开朗活泼的姑娘。 She was a most generous woman, overflowing with the milk of human kindness. 她是一位非常厚道的女人,充满恻隐之心。 She is a kindly teacher. 她是一位和蔼的教师。 She was a rigorously chaste woman. 她是一位节烈女子。 She is a girl with a slender figure. 她是一位身材苗条的姑娘。 She's a virtuous and kind-hearted lady. 她是一位贤德夫人。 She is a good wife and a devoted mother. 她是一位贤妻良母。 She's a new movie star. 她是影坛新秀。 She took in an orphan. 她收留了一个孤儿。 She was put into an important position. 她受到了重用。 She recounted his sins. 她述说了他的罪恶。 She talked ferociously and made me angry. 她说话咄咄逼人, 令我生气。 She speaks in an orderly way. 她说话很有条理。 She speaks without due consideration. 她说话冒失。 She is dead, but her soul is in heaven. 她死了,但她的灵魂在天堂里。 She seems a pleasant woman. 她似乎是一个友善的女人。 Although she was slow of speech, she expressed her tender feeling with loving eyes. 她虽不善言辞,那双眼睛却会脉脉传情。 Her acting was very natural,although it was the first time she appeared on the stage. 她虽是初次演出,但是演得很自然。 She's got all her money in stocks and shares. 她所有的钱都投放到股票里去了。 She is too suspicious. 她太多虑了。 She is too little to ride a bicycle. 她太小了,不能骑脚踏车。 She hankers after fame and gains. 她贪图名利。 She had very great shyness about telling it. 她谈到它时非常羞怯。 She spoke in very concrete terms. 她谈得非常具体。 She is fully at ease. 她坦然自若。 She has a supple, graceful carriage. 她体态婀娜。 Her selection of a hat took a long time. 她挑选一顶帽子花了很长时间。 She was pleased by the flattery. 她听了这些奉承话而得意起来。 She burst into convulsive sobs. 她突然抽泣起来。 She racked her brains in vain. 她枉费心机。 She decked herself up for the banquet. 她为参加宴会而打扮自己。 She was worried to death because of her son's illness. 她为儿子的病而忧心如焚。 She mourned him so constantly that she became seriously ill. 她为他的死一直悲切不已,结果自己也患了重病。 She has served the family faithfully for thirty years. 她为这个家忠心耿耿地操劳了30年。 She wept bitter tears over her lost youth. 她为自己逝去的青春痛苦地流泪。 She disobeyed her father and married that man. 她违拗父亲的意愿而嫁给那个男人。 She is tender and kind. 她温存和蔼。 She kissed him on both cheeks. 她吻了他的双颊。 She could not overcome her distrust of the stranger. 她无法消除对那位陌生人的怀疑。 She could not overcome her distrust of the stranger. 她无法消除对那位陌生人的怀疑。 She couldn't hide her disappointment. 她无法掩饰自己失望的情绪。 She couldn't hide her disappointment. 她无法掩饰自己失望的情绪。 In low sprits, she laid aside her books and went to bed. 她无精打采地收起书本去睡觉了。 She is easily the best lawyer in the city. 她无疑是本市最好的律师。 Accidentally, she discovered the secret. 她无意中发现了这个秘密。 She wished she could talk things out with him. 她希望能与他详谈一次。 She likes to wear brown. 她喜欢穿褐色的衣服。 She likes to show off her special skill. 她喜欢卖弄她的看家本领。 She loves to dance to music. 她喜欢随着音乐跳舞。 She likes singing in a performance. 她喜欢演唱。 There is nobility in her features. 她相貌高贵。 She recalled the events of the distant past. 她想起了悠远的往事。 Her desire for domination over the others caused trouble in the family. 她想要支配别人,引起了家庭纷争。 She lied to the police to shield her child. 她向警方说谎以庇护自己的孩子。 She made eyes at the handsome actor. 她向那位漂亮的男演员暗送秋波。 She made eyes at him. 她向他暗送秋波。 She greeted us with a nod of the head. 她向我们点点头打招呼。 She smiled at me. 她向我微笑。 She poured out her worries to the doctor. 她向医生倾诉自己的忧愁。 She unbosomed her secret to her intimate friend. 她向知己吐露自己的秘密。 She unbosomed her secret to her confidant. 她向知己吐露自己的秘密。 She is as meek as a lamb. 她像小羊一样温顺。 She is gentle like a lamb. 她像只小羊羔一样温柔。 She sat with a charming smile. 她笑容可掬地坐在那儿。 She was all smiles. 她笑容满面。 She is pure of heart. 她心地纯洁。 She is simple-minded. 她心地单纯。 Her heart was full of trouble. 她心里很苦恼。 She was in a placid mood. 她心情沉静。 Her grief is a heavy load to bear. 她心情沉重得难以忍受。 Her frame of mind is confusing. 她心绪烦乱。 She's just started up a new company; I hope she makes a success of it. 她新开办了一家公司,我希望她取得成功。 She is weak in character. 她性格懦弱。 She is mild in disposition. 她性情温和。 She is tractable in disposition. 她性情驯良。 She whispered a few words weakly before she fell unconscious. 她虚弱地低语了几句便昏倒了。 She is sincere in what she says. 她言辞恳切。 Her eyes swam with tears. 她眼泪汪汪。 Her eyes were filled with tears of joy. 她眼里饱含着幸福的泪水。 She developed a peremptory and fussy disposition. 她养成了一种蛮横和过分注意细节的性格。 As soon as she became rich she cast aside all her old friends. 她一旦变富就唾弃了所有的老朋友。 She was not dull at all. 她一点也不呆笨。 She is sure to pass the examination. 她一定会通过考试。 The moment she met a man she would play the coquette. 她一见到男人就卖弄风骚。 She paled at the sight of the blood. 她一看到血就脸色苍白。 When she saw the examination paper she got a nasty shock. 她一看考卷就傻眼了。 Her whole life has been given to the study of dance. 她一生献身于研究舞蹈。 She has a dignified bearing. 她仪态雍容。 She is no longer in the world of the living. 她已不在人世。 She is over seventy and her parents are still alive. 她已年过七十,而她的父母还健在。 She looked at me in mute appeal. 她以恳求的目光默默地望着我。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司