翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 She viewed the matter with unconcern. 她以冷漠的态度看待这件事。 She gave life to the picture with a deft touch of the brush. 她以灵巧的笔触赋予这幅画生气。 She makes her living from the soil. 她以务农为生。 She repaid good with evil. 她以怨报德。 She leaned on the parapet and gazed into the distance. 她倚靠在栏杆上凝视远方。 Her face showed her dejection at missing the party. 她因错过聚会而面露懊丧之色。 She was weeping with grief for her lost child. 她因为失去了孩子而悲泣。 She managed that situation with great finesse. 她应付那件事情很有手段。 She should do her homework herself. 她应该自己做作业。 She came at my request. 她应我的请求而来。 He was asked to demonstrate his talent in Japan. 她应邀去日本献艺。 She faced execution bravely. 她英勇就义。 She curried favor with the leader by contemptible means. 她用卑鄙的手段博取领导的欢心。 She stung him with sneers. 她用冷笑刺激他。 She fired her gun at them. 她用枪向他们射击。 She beat on her aching leg with her fist. 她用拳头捶打酸痛的腿。 She bound up her hair with a handkerchief. 她用手绢把头发扎了起来。 She was weeping into her handkerchief. 她用手帕捂着脸哭泣。 She vented the anguish of her heart in bitter tears. 她用辛酸的泪水来发泄内心的痛苦。 She lit a cigar with a match. 她用一根火柴点燃了雪茄。 She gave recitations from Shakespeare in English. 她用英语吟颂莎士比亚的作品。 Mourning is all over her face. 她忧愁满面。 She shriveled with age. 她由于年老体衰而显得干瘪。 She was criticized for maligning innocent people. 她由于中伤好人而受到批评。 She had a tragic experience. 她有悲惨的遭遇。 She has a talent for painting. 她有绘画天才。 She had a natural gift for teaching. 她有教书的天分。 She sometimes does things on purpose just to annoy me. 她有时存心做些事来使我生气。 She has the ability to swim like a fish. 她有像鱼一样游泳的本领。 He has the ability to swim like a fish. 她有像鱼一样游泳的本领。 She has a heart of gold. 她有一副菩萨心肠。 She has large, intelligent eyes. 她有一双机灵的大眼睛。 She has a pair of clever hands. 她有一双灵巧的手。 She wore a lost look. 她有一种失落绝望的神情。 She has charming manner. 她有着媚人的神态。 She is expecting another baby. 她又要生小孩了。 She felt like weeping but had no tears. 她欲哭无泪。 She came second in the race. 她在比赛中得了第二名。 She was shelling peas. 她在剥豌豆荚。 Standing outside the station, she looked round in all directions, but apparently no one had come to meet her. 她在车站外东张西望了一会,看不见有接她的人。 She faced death calmly and unflinchingly before the enemy's chaff-cutter. 她在敌人铡刀前,视死如归,毫无惧色。 She lacks the ability of adjustment in work. 她在工作中缺乏机变的能力。 She is eager to make progress in her work. 她在工作中锐意进取。 She speaks insincerely when she says nice things to others. 她在恭维别人时总是言不由衷。 She is humming a popular song. 她在哼一支流行歌曲。 She managed household affairs at home. 她在家操持家务。 She regarded me as a stranger in the street. 她在街上见到我视同路人。 She nodded when she passed me in the street. 她在街上走过我身旁时向我点了点头。 She is calm and resourceful in an emergency. 她在紧要关头总是沉着机敏。 She stayed in the frightful cave the whole night. 她在恐怖的山洞里呆了一整夜。 She performed on the balance beam with much grace. 她在平衡木上表演得非常优美。 She shouted on the mountaintop and listened for the echo. 她在山顶上大声喊着,然后聆听着回声。 She received severe head injuries in the accident. 她在事故中头部受了重伤。 She sat very still under the tree. 她在树底下静静地坐着。 She ran into an old friend in a distant land. 她在他乡遇故知。 She is listening to the radio. 她在听收音机。 She signed her name to the document. 她在文件上签了名。 She was washing shirts. 她在洗涤衬衣。 She wears a ribbon belt round her waist. 她在腰部束了一条缎带。 She studies in a high school. 她在一所中学学习。 She had considerable intelligence for the art of music. 她在音乐方面颇有灵性。 What part does she play in that film? 她在这部电影里演哪个角色? She maintained her dignity throughout the trial. 她在整个审判过程中都保持着自己的尊严。 She has visited China many times. 她曾多次访问中国。 She loved me once, but that's all ancient history now. 她曾经爱过我,但现在已成往事。 She was once my best friend. 她曾经是我最好的朋友。 Once a touching romance happened to her. 她曾有过一段缠绵的罗曼史。 Her husband is carrying on with the woman next door. 她丈夫和隔壁那个女人勾搭上了。 After her husband died, she dressed in deep black for the rest of her life. 她丈夫去世后,她终生都穿着黑色丧服。 Her husband was sound asleep. 她丈夫睡得很熟。 Her idea is naive indeed. 她这个人的想法极其幼稚。 She finished only half of what she had to say and went away. 她这人说了半截话就走了。 She treasures her photo album. 她珍爱她的像册。 She has a perfectly round pearl. 她珍藏着一颗浑圆的珍珠。 She is diligent and keeps herself busy all the time. 她真勤快,一会儿也不闲着。 She stared at him with wide eyes. 她睁大眼睛注视他。 She was in low spirits all day long. 她整日里郁郁寡欢。 Tears bathed her cheeks all day long. 她整日以泪洗面。 She looked terribly distressed and was sighing all day long. 她整天愁眉不展,唉声叹气的。 She was in low spirits all day long. 她整天郁郁寡欢。 She chided him with a severe countenance and a harsh voice. 她正言厉色地斥责了他。 She was singing a lullaby to her child. 她正在给孩子唱摇篮曲。 She's teaching the children to swim. 她正在教孩子们游泳。 She is tidying up the odds and ends. 她正在收拾零碎儿。 She is trying to find him a job because he idles away his time all day. 她正在为他找事儿干,因为他整天无所事事。 She is taking a shower. 她正在洗淋浴。 She kept setting cap for him. 她直向他飞眼。 She passed by with only a distant nod. 她只冷淡地点了一下头就走了过去。 She left abruptly. 她骤然离去。 She lives in the inner room. 她住在里边的那个房间。 She talked in a roundabout way, and finally got on to the matter of marriage. 她转弯抹角,扯到了婚姻上。 She was attired as a man. 她装扮成男人。 She was attired as a man. 她装扮成男人。 She fell into the snares of love. 她坠入了情网。 She is vain and foolish, and yet people like her. 她自负而愚蠢,然而人们喜欢她。 She lives on her own labor. 她自食其力。 She praised herself as the most outstanding woman of present age. 她自诩自己是当代最杰出的女性。 She is always quarrelling from jealousy. 她总爱争风吃醋。 She always dresses in black. 她总穿着黑衣服。 She is always industrious and frugal, thrifty even in days of abundance. 她总是克勤克俭,富日子当穷日子过。 She's always partial to and sides with her children. 她总是偏袒自己的孩子。 She is always criticized for making a showy display of her abilities. 她总是因锋芒毕露而受人批评。 She's always got a worry list a mile long. 她总是忧虑重重。 She staggered less than 10 meters and fell down. 她走路踉踉跄跄的, 在十米以内就跌到了。 She was walking along a narrow mountain path. 她走在狭窄的山路上。 She finally controlled her feeling. 她最终控制住了自己的感情。 She wears a diamond ring on her left hand. 她左手上戴着一枚钻石戒指。 She sat on the bottom stairs. 她坐在楼梯最下面的一级上。 Sitting, she hid her smile. 她坐在那儿掩口而笑。 She sat gazing out of the window. 她坐着凝视着窗外。 She does almost everything on an even keel. 她做起事来几乎都是四平八稳。 She does everything in perfect order. 她做事有条不紊。 To solve a problem, one has to start with investigation. 解决问题要从调查研究入手。 Your presence is cordially requested for the occasion. 届时敬请光临。 By the use of X-rays, doctors can see the inside of the body. 借助X光, 医生可以看到身体的内部。 Great care should be exercised in the future. 今后应千万小心。 There have been several murders this year. 今年发生了好几起谋杀案。 We have had a favorable weather this year and have got in another rich harvest. 今年风调雨顺,我们又丰收了。 We have had favorable weather this year and have gotten in another rich harvest. 今年风调雨顺,我们又丰收了。 The tomatoes have cropped well this year. 今年马铃薯丰收。 The apple trees are fruiting early this year. 今年苹果树很早结果。 The new syllabus will be put into effect this year. 今年起开始实施新的教学大纲。 This year the whole nation has had better harvests than in the former years. 今年全国的收成超过往年。 This year is the most important one in my life. 今年是我的人生中最重要的一年。 He hit a bad patch this year, having two operations in three months. 今年他可倒霉了,三个月开了两次刀。 Our profits have increased sharply this year. 今年我们的利润剧增。 We have had the biggest wheat crop ever this year. 今年我们的小麦收获量是有史以来最好的。 A bumper wheat harvest is expected this year. 今年小麦可望获得丰收。 At the very beginning of this spring we'll go traveling. 今年一开春,我们就去旅游。 It's exceptionally fine today. 今日的天气格外晴朗。 Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today. 今日事,今日毕。 Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. 今日事今日毕。 Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow. 今日一只蛋,胜过明天一只鸡。 I don't want to see you any more in this present life. 今世我不想再见到你。 Can we meet again in this life? 今世我们还能再见面吗? The sea seems quiet today and the blue water reaches far beyond the horizon. 今天,海上显得风平浪静,一碧万倾。 Today's newspapers made a savage attack on the unions for their refusal to negotiate. 今天的报纸就工会拒绝谈判一事对工会进行了猛烈的抨击。 Never leave that until tomorrow, which you can do today. 今天的事情不要拖到明天。 There is a breath of autumn in the air today. 今天的天气已露出了一丝秋天的气息。 Today the direction of wind changes from north to east, scale 2 to 3. 今天风向北转东, 风力2-3级。 It is a great honor to be with you at this evening party. 今天很荣幸能参加你们的晚会。 It is still fresh in the memory of old men living today. 今天还活着的老年人对这事记忆犹新。 She wears a pearl necklace today. 今天她戴了一条珍珠项链。 The inauguration ceremony for the new building will be held this morning. 今天上午将举行新厦的落成典礼。 Today it is fine. The sky is cloudlessly blue. 今天是个碧空如洗的好天气。 Today it's the time for him to put his statecraft to full use. 今天是他大展经纶的时候。 Today is their lucky day for marriage. 今天是他们结婚的吉日良辰。 Today is Thursday. 今天是星期四。 What a nice bright day! 今天天气多晴朗! What is the weather like today? 今天天气情况怎样? It's really bitter out there today. 今天外面真冷极了。 We had an inspection at school today. 今天我们在学校里接受视察。 I ran into a former friend of mine today. 今天我遇到了旧日的朋友。 A person calling himself Manager Wang came this afternoon. 今天下午来了一个自称王经理的人。 There is a mixed doubles this afternoon. 今天下午有一场男女混合双打比赛。 There will be scattered showers today, 今天有零星小雨。 Did you really feel ill this morning? 今天早晨你真的感到身体不适吗? I got up early this morning. 今天早晨我起床很早。 I'm sure everybody will be eager to come to this evening's party. 今晚的晚会大家肯定会踊跃参加的。 It's blowing hard tonight. 今晚风大得很。 Would you honor me by dining with me tonight? 今晚你能赏光与我共进晚餐吗? Tonight is a very special occasion. 今晚是非同寻常的日子。 Is there anything planned for tonight? 今晚有什么安排吗? A benefit performance will be held tonight. 今晚有义演。 The sun's golden rays lit up the earth. 金灿灿的阳光洒满大地。 There are things in life that money can't buy. 金钱并非万能。 Money is a good servant but a bad master. 金钱可以成为很好的仆人,却绝对是最坏的主人。 Money can't buy happiness. 金钱买不来幸福。 The golden monkey is a kind of rare animal in the world. 金丝猴是世界上的稀有动物。 The intense exams are over, It's time for us to relax. 紧张的考试结束了, 我们该松弛一下了。 We hereby express our thanks. 谨此致谢。 Be aware of imitations. 谨防假冒。 Beware of imitations. 谨防假冒。 Don't waste the best years of your life. 锦绣年华莫虚度。 In spite of his tender age, he has already been placed on the same footing as professionals. 尽管年幼, 他已与专业选手等量齐观。 Though times have changed, many traditional ideas can not be cast aside completely. 尽管时代变迁了, 但很多传统思想并不能完全抛弃。 Though he is rich, he is empty in spirit. 尽管他很富有, 但精神空虚。 Though he is still a young man, he is experienced and prudent. 尽管他还年轻,但他老成持重。 Although the weather is cold and the ground is frozen, they still work in the open. 尽管天寒地冻,他们依然在外面干活。 Despite all our efforts we still lost the game. 尽管我们尽了全力,我们还是输掉了比赛。 Though we repeatedly asked him to stay, he declined. 尽管我们再三挽留, 他还是不肯留下。 I went shopping in spite of the rain. 尽管下雨,我还是出去买东西了。 Although heat waves surged on in summer, they still played football. 尽管夏日热浪滚滚,他们还在踢足球。 It's urgent to put an end to the unfavorable state of affairs as soon as possible. 尽快扭转当前不利的局面, 是当务之急。 Write home as often as possible so as to relieve your mother from anxiety. 尽量多给家里写信,免得你母亲牵肠挂肚。 It has been cloudy and drizzly for days on end. 近几天一直阴雨连绵。 Superstitious activities have come to life again recently. 近来, 封建迷信活动又死灰复燃了。 He gained some weight recently. 近来,他的体重增加了。 His attentions to her have become so marked of late. 近来他对她的殷勤已变得十分明显。 Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl. 近墨者黑。 In recent years there have been floods in the south of our country. 近年来我国南方常遭水灾。 No accidents have happened recently. 近日没有事故发生。 It is as close to the eye as the eyebrows and eyelashes 近在眉睫之内。 Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow. 进步是今天的活动,明天的保证。 Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow. 进步是今天的活动、明天的保证。 The best defense is a good offense. 进攻是最好的防御。 A good offense is often the best defense. 进攻是最好的防御。 Please do not enter before knocking on the door. 进来前请先敲门。 Wearing a coat and tie to a good restaurant is an accepted convention. 进入上流社会要穿外衣戴领带是公认的惯例。 No smoking. 禁止吸烟。 Kyoto was a one-time capital of Japan. 京都曾是日本的首都。 Beijing opera is the quintessence of Chinese culture. 京剧是中华民族的国粹。 Constant indulgence in bad habits brought about his ruin. 经常沉溺于恶习导致了他的毁灭。 On random inspection, the meat was found to be bad. 经抽查,发现肉变质了。 After her comrades had talked with her several times, she became a bit more cheerful. 经大家反复劝解,她的情绪才好了一些。 He succeeded in raising ginseng artificially through unremitting efforts. 经过不懈的努力,他获得了人工培植人参的成功。 With mutual efforts, they were finally out of the dangerous situation. 经过大家的共同努力,终于脱离了险恶的环境。 After a short break, the match went on. 经过短暂的休息, 比赛继续进行。 He declared himself emperor after many years of fighting in the north and south. 经过多年南征北战,他终于称帝。 Their experiment finally succeeded after they had tried it repeatedly. 经过反复尝试,他们的实验终于成功了。 After an open trial, he was sentenced to death. 经过公审,他被判处死刑。 After several years of research, he at last reaped rich fruits. 经过几年的研究, 他终于取得了丰硕的成果。 We eventually beat the enemy back after several days of bloody battles. 经过几天的浴血奋战,我们终于击退了敌人。 After continuous hard work they at last completed the task. 经过连续奋战, 他们终于完成了任务。 After appraising through comparison, these horses were judged the best in the county. 经过评比,这些马被评为全县最好的马。 The vegetables are growing well through deep plowing and careful cultivation. 经过深耕细作,蔬菜长势良好。 The goal has now been finally attained through their dauntless efforts. 经过他们百折不挠的努力,现在终于达到了目的。 After taking good care of himself, he recovered from his illness. 经过悉心调养,他病已痊愈。 After a fierce fight, the enemy yielded. 经过一场激战,敌人降服了。 At last he regained consciousness after the doctor's careful treatment. 经过医生的精心治疗, 他终于恢复了知觉。 We will arrive at the top of the mountain after going through this strategic pass. 经过这道关口,我们就到达了山顶。 The economic crisis affected the entire capitalist world. 经济晰波及整个资本主义世界。 The manager wouldn't pay him his wages. 经理不肯把工资付给他。 The manager asked after our needs, which moved us very much. 经理对我们问寒问暖,让我们很感动。 The manager is so busy that he is constantly on the go. 经理非常忙,经常席不暇暖。 The manager was strict and fair in meting out rewards and punishments. 经理赏罚严明。 After the manager retired,Mr. Wang filled the vacancy in the proper order. 经理退休后,王先生递补为经理。 After his remark, I suddenly came to understand. 经他一说,我才恍然大悟。 After listening to what he said, everyone became overcautious. 经他这么一说,大家都变得谨小慎微了。 The panic-stricken fled in all directions. 惊慌的人群向四面八方逃去。 There are too many exquisite handicrafts for the eye to take in. 精巧的工艺品令人目不暇接。 The wealth of the mind is the only wealth. 精神的财富是唯一的财富。 Good is good, but better carries it. 精益求精,善益求善。 A frog in a well has a very limited view; the flickering of a glowworm does not shine far. 井底之蛙,所见不大萤火之光,其亮不远。 The well had gone dry. 井干涸了。 The view is delightful in all four seasons. 景色四季宜人。 The police had to employ force to break up the crowd. 警察不得不使用武力驱散人群。 The police had to use force to hold back the crowd. 警察不得不用武力阻止人群。 The police have a file on him. 警察部门存有他的档案。 The policeman rescued a drowning child. 警察搭救了一名落水儿童。 The police have uncovered a scheme of robbery. 警察当局破获了一起阴谋抢劫案。 The police worked out a plan to catch the thief. 警察订下了计划捉贼。 The police took a long time to interrogate the offenders fully. 警察花了很长时间对人犯进行了详细的审讯。 The police suspected that the bank clerk was in league with the rubbers. 警察怀疑银行职员与强盗有勾结。 The chief of the police department demanded severe punishments for criminals. 警察局长要求严惩罪犯。 The policeman stared at the criminal sternly. 警察目光炯炯地逼视着犯罪分子。 The police examined the passers-by thoroughly. 警察盘查行人。 The police unearthed a spy ring. 警察破获了一个间谍组织。 The police burst through the door. 警察破门而入。 The police asked me to describe exactly how it happened. 警察让我描述一下这事是怎样发生的。 The police are not allowed to accept rewards. 警察是不允许接受酬金的。 The police suddenly appeared, and the criminal was at a loss what to do. 警察突然出现, 罪犯手足无措。 The policeman has caught the murderer alive. 警察已捉拿到凶手。 The police were hunting down the criminal everywhere in the city. 警察在城里四处搜捕罪犯。 The police found some stolen property in the thief's house. 警察在小偷的家里发现了一些被盗的财物。 The police found the lost treasure in an abandoned well. 警察在一口废弃的井里找到了丢失的财宝。 He is wanted by the police. 警察正通缉他。 The police are launching a major attack on drug dealers. 警方对毒品贩子发动了大规模的攻击。 The police carried out a thorough investigation into the case. 警方对这个案件进行了周密的调查。 The police detained the suspected thief for further questioning. 警方拘留了盗窃嫌疑犯以做进一步审问。 The police are connecting this incident with last week's terrorist bombing. 警方认为这次事件和上周的恐怖分子爆炸事件有关。 The police have been observing his movements. 警方一直监视着他的一举一动。 Did the police find any trace of the murderer? 警方找到凶手的行踪了吗? The police had captured a foreign spy. 警方抓获了一名外国间谍。 The guard is relieved at intervals. 警卫每隔一段时间换一次岗。 The game will be staged in the gymnasium. 竞赛将在体育馆举行。 Your presence is cordially requested. 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司