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The wine loosed his tongue. 酒把他的话匣子给打开了。 Wine improves with age. 酒存放得越久越醇。 The drunkard met his death in the car accident. 酒鬼在车祸中丧命 New contradictions will arise as old ones are resolved. 旧的矛盾解决了, 又会出现新的矛盾。 All the old and recent hatreds come to his mind. 旧恨新仇一起涌上他的心头。 In the old society, the working people were living in hunger and cold. 旧社会劳动人民过着饥寒交迫的生活。 In the old China there were many people who were completely illiterate. 旧中国很多人目不识丁。 The relief supplies sent to the disaster area were certainly a timely source of help. 救灾物资及时送到灾区,真是雪中送炭。 It was just a small matter, but he kept talking about it over and over again. 就那么点事, 他颠来倒去地说个没完。 All we can offer you is simple fare. 就请你粗茶淡饭凑合一顿。 So far as color is concerned, it has a style of its own. 就色调而言,它是别具一格的。 When all else is lost the future still remains. 就是失去了一切别的,也还有未来。 You should think of danger in time of peace. To think so can lead to preparation and preparation averts calamities. 居安思危,思则有备,有备无患。 The director general made proper arrangements after due consideration on the matter. 局长对此事裁处得当。 The situation has settled down. 局势安定了下来。 The situation has settled down. 局势安定了下来。 Lifting my head to look, I saw the moonlight. Sinking back again, I thought suddenly of home. 举头望明月,低头思故乡。 It is reported that this disease attacks the central nervous system. 据报道说这种疾病破坏中枢神经系统。 According to the weather forecast, there will be rain in parts of the area today. 据气象预报, 今天局部地区有雨。 Columbus is said to have discovered America in 1491. 据说哥伦布于1492年发现了美洲。 They are said to have ordered more grain from Canada. 据说他们又从加拿大订购了一些粮食。 He is said to have already been removed from office. 据说他已被免职了。 It is said that there are wolves in this forest. 据说这片森林里有狼。 My guess is that he's already left Hong Kong. 据我揣测,他已经离开香港了。 Never barter away principles. 决不能拿原则做交易。 The finals are going to begin soon and the players are intensifying their training. 决赛马上就要开始了, 队员们正在加紧练习。 The decisive battle has begun. 决战开始了。 Never put your trust to a stranger. 绝不要相信陌生人。 The army commander deployed troops with great skill. 军长用兵如神。 The army went out to battle. 军队出征。 To safeguard the peace is one of the important tasks of the army. 军队的重要任务之一是保卫和平。 The troops retired in good order. 军队井然有序地撤退。 The army marched to the frontline. 军队开赴前线。 The army is under the king's direct command. 军队由国王直接统率。 Soldiers are expected to obey their orders without question. 军人应当绝对服从命令。 Military area of importance. No admittance! 军事重地,禁止进入。 A gentleman is always ready to help others attain their aims. 君子成人之美。 The demands that a gentleman makes are upon himself; those that a small man makes are upon others. 君子求诸己,小人求诸人。 Fine horses gallop across the vast plain. 骏马驰骋在辽阔的原野上。 The proud horse galloped at full speed. 骏马全速奔驰。 Karl was sweating out the results of the college exams. 卡尔焦急地等待着大学考试的结果。 The place for the meeting is the meeting room on the third floor. 开会地点定在三楼会议室。 At the meeting he sat on my left. 开会时, 他就坐在我的左面。 There was an air of excitement at the meeting. 开会时气氛显得有些兴奋。 The opening ceremony was a fine spectacle. 开幕式典礼是个壮观的场面。 The grand sight of the opening ceremony was unforgettable. 开幕式那壮观的场面令我们难忘。 The train to Beijing will depart from platform 3 in half an hour. 开往北京的火车将于半小时后从三站台开出。 Songs of triumph are heard all round and good news keeps pouring in. 凯歌阵阵,喜报频传。 Prospecting is already in progress. 勘探工作已经在进行。 Cut your coat according to your cloth. 看布裁衣。 On seeing the atrocities committed by the enemies, every solider was filled with righteous indignation. 看到敌人的残暴行为,战士们个个义愤填膺。 Scenes of the past rose before my eyes when I saw her. 看到她, 往事又浮现在眼前。 His heart melted when he saw the little girl crying. 看到这个小女孩哭起来,他的心软了。 It seems that all our efforts are futile and we have to submit to the will of Heaven. 看来, 一切努力都是枉然, 只有听天由命了。 It seems their attitude is resolute. 看起来,他们的态度非常坚决。 He looks as if he had both ancient and modern learning. 看起来他好像博古通今。 Judging from his dress, he's probably a Tibetan. 看他的装束,可能是藏族。 His dull look is funny. 看他那呆笨的样子很可笑。 There must be something wrong since he is in low spirits. 看他那失神的样子,肯定出了什么事。 How dispirited he looks! Perhaps he is ill. 看他那无精打采的样子,可能是生病了吧。 Just look at his usual behavior and you can imagine how he will behave on this occasion. 看他平时的所作所为,就可以想见他在这种场合的表现。 Look on both sides of the shield. 看问题要从两面看。 Reading novels is a real delight. 看小说真是一件快事。 When you look at the photographs, please be careful and don't smudge them. 看照片时,仔细点儿别弄脏了。 Looking up at the northern geese flying south, I couldn't help thinking of my hometown in the south. 看着北雁南飞,我不觉思念起南方的家乡来。 It's her nature to be generous. 慷慨大方是她的天性。 The expeditioners looked for water in the vast desert. 考察队员在浩瀚的沙漠中寻找水源。 The investigation may take many months. 考察可能要花好几个月的时间。 The archaeologists dug up the skeleton of a dinosaur. 考古学家挖掘出一个恐龙的遗骸。 The archaeologists have found several human skeletons. 考古学家已经发现了几具人的骨骼。 Archaeologists were trying to ascertain the date of a new lot of unearthed relics. 考古学家正在查考一批新出土文物的年代。 I think he conducted himself admirably, considering the difficult circumstances. 考虑到那种困难的情况,我认为他的表现令人钦佩。 Considering his self-respect, I didn't expose his lie. 考虑到他的脸面,我没揭穿他的谎话。 He hung his head and sighed after his failure in the examination. 考试不及格后,他垂头叹气。 Be sure not to be nervous when taking the exam. 考试的时候, 千万不要紧张。 I felt free from inhibitions after the examination. 考试结束了,我感觉很畅快。 What's the secret of baking perfect bread? 烤出好面包的秘诀是什么? The bread is baking in the oven. 烤箱里正在烤面包。 Nothing can be done with empty promises. 靠开空头支票什么事也办不成。 It is better to trust to valor than to luck. 靠运气不如靠勇气。 Scientists are trying to map the surface of the moon. 科学家们正设法绘制月球表面图。 Scientists are studying the photographs of Mars for signs of life. 科学家们正在研究火星的照片,寻求生命的迹象。 The scientists are searching into the influence of the moon on the ocean. 科学家们正在研究月球对海洋的影响。 Scientists are still searching for a cure to the common cold. 科学家仍在寻求治疗感冒的方法。 No dishonesty or conceit whatsoever is permissible in science. 科学来不得半点虚伪和骄傲。 Science is on the march. 科学正在进步中。 May I be so bold as to ask how old you are? 可否冒昧问一下您多大年纪? Perhaps some point has been left out. 可能某一点被删除了。 Happily, all have returned safe and sound. 可庆幸的是,大家都平安地回到了家里。 One can imagine how regretful he was. 可以想象他是多么后悔。 Christie's detective stories are famous for their complicated and confusing plots. 克莉斯蒂的侦探小说以扑朔迷离的情节而闻名。 Temperance is the best physic. 克制乃是最好的治疗。 The inscription on the stone had worn away. 刻在石头上的文字已磨损了。 The visiting team led by five points. 客队领先五分。 The hostess made a brief introduction of each of them as the guests arrived. 客人到达时,女主人一一做了简短的介绍。 The drawing room was furnished with elegance and taste. 客厅布置得十分优雅。 In addition to giving a general introduction to computer, the course also provides practical experience. 课程除了一般介绍电脑知识外,还提供实际操作的机会。 You are earnestly requested to be present at the party. 恳请光临。 Drumming is not the way to catch a hare. 空话连篇于事无补。 The air is very foul. 空气很污浊。 The air held a foretaste of rain. 空气中有将要下雨的征兆。 The bombing raid practically leveled the town. 空袭几乎把这座城镇夷为平地。 Fair words butter no parsnips. 空言于事无补。 Confucius was a great thinker of the past. 孔子是一位伟大的先哲。 Terrorists lay in wait for a chance to rob the bank. 恐怖分子窥伺时机抢劫银行。 Her mind is distracted with fear. 恐惧使她六神无主。 I'm afraid he is getting steadily worse. 恐怕他的病情越来越严重了。 He would not be able to keep his job. 恐怕他维持不住他那份工作了。 I'm afraid I haven't got a very good sense of directions, so I easily get lost. 恐怕我的方位感很差,因此我容易迷路。 I'm afraid we're in for a storm. 恐怕我们要遇上暴风雨了。 The oral message was incorrectly transmitted. 口信传达错了。 He was tired of the dull and dry life. 枯燥无味的生活使他感到厌烦。 In scorching summer it's very sultry. 酷夏时天气非常闷热。 His body was covered with wounds after savage torture. 酷刑之后,他遍体鳞伤。 The greatest talkers are the least doers. 夸夸其谈者干得最少。/理论的巨人,行动的矮子。* Throw away the odds and ends. 快把这些零七八碎扔了吧。 Hurry, or else you'll be late. 快点儿,不然你要迟到了。 The joyous children were playing in the garden. 快活的孩子们在花园里玩耍。 The true source of cheerfulness is benevolence. 快乐的真正源泉是行善。 The dying leaves became brown and curled up. 快死的叶子发黄而卷曲。 An agreement was about to be reached when the other side raised new obstacles. 快要达成协议的时候,对方又节外生枝。 I suddenly felt so clear-minded when the wide sea came into my view. 宽阔的大海出现在我眼前,心中顿觉豁朗。 Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. 宽恕不能改变过去,但能拓宽未来。 The fierce wind howled. 狂风呼啸。 A violent wind was howling and dark clouds were scudding across the sky. 狂风怒号,乌云滚滚。 A miner's lamp is fixed onto his helmet. 矿灯固定在矿工的头盔上。 You cannot burn the candle at both ends. 蜡烛不能两头点。 Soon after we came to the city, we rented a dwelling place. 来到城里不久, 我们的寓所已经租定。 He revealed his true colors less than a year after he came to work in this unit. 来到这个单位不到一年,他就露出了本相。 Easy come, easy go. 来得容易,去得也容易。 Easy come, easy go. 来得容易去得快。 Come and spend the weekend with us. 来和我们一起度周末吧。 Here comes an unexpected guest. 来了一位不速之客。 White clouds drift through the blue sky. 蓝蓝的天上白云飘。 Idleness is the root of all evils. 懒惰是万恶之源。 The text should be read aloud coherently. 朗读课文要语气连贯。 Wasting time is robbing oneself. 浪费时间就是掠夺自己。 A prodigal who returns is more precious than gold. 浪子回头金不换。 Labor is often the father of pleasure. 劳动常常是快乐之父。 Work won't kill but worry will. 劳动无害,忧愁伤身。 May I trouble you to give the book to me? 劳驾,把那本书递给我。 Complaints of the people were heard everywhere. 老百姓怨声载道。 The boss ordered that the work should be done on time. 老板吩咐工作必须按时完成。 The manager's rebukes in loud voice and stern expression have made the clerks gathered in the outer office start with alarm. 老板声色惧厉的责备把聚集在办公室外的职员们吓坏了。 The boss pondered for a long time and decided to wait for the highest bid. 老板思考半天,决定待价而沽。 The old woman was anxiously awaiting the return of her relatives. 老妇人望眼欲穿地盼望亲人归来。 An old dog barks not in vain. 老狗不乱吠;老狗一吠,就得小心。 An old dog will learn no new tricks. =You cannot teach old dogs new tricks. 老狗学不了新把戏;老年人很难适应新事物。 The old monk cultivates his moral character and nourishes his inborn nature in the Buddhist temple. 老和尚在寺庙中修身养性。 The old monk passed away in the Buddhist temple. 老和尚在寺院中圆寂。 The old professor is hale and hearty. 老教授精神矍铄。 Old people are usually more conservative than young people. 老年人通常比年轻人保守。 Old people often dwell on the passing days. 老年人往往喜爱回味往事。 The old man summoned the whole family to his side. 老人把全家人叫到身边。 It's not suitable for old people to go on a long journey. 老人出外不宜远行。 As the old man learned the news of his son's death, tears cannot help flowing from his aged eyes. 老人得知儿子的死讯,禁不住老泪纵横。 The old man spent his remaining years in happiness. 老人过着幸福的晚年。 When he was approaching his end, the old man gave all his savings to the school. 老人临终时把所有的积蓄都贡献给学校。 The old man is old and ailing like a candle guttering in the wind. 老人已是风烛残年。 Supporting himself with a cane, the old man walked feebly away. 老人拄着拐棍儿,有气无力地走开了。 The teacher praised the pupil for his diligence. 老师表扬这个学生用功。 The teacher's word made him bright and open. 老师的一席话,使他豁然开朗。 The teacher was lenient in his treatment of the offenders. 老师对犯错误的学生处理宽让。 Teachers should lead the students on systematically. 老师对学生应循循善诱。 The teacher explained the difficult points over and over again. 老师反复解释难点。 The teacher supplied the students' deficiency in lessons and made them pass the exams. 老师给学生拾遗补阙,使他们顺利通过考试。 Our teacher encouraged us to learn English hard. 老师鼓励大家努力学习英语。 The teacher answered our difficult questions. 老师解答我们的疑难问题。 The teacher gave us the correct answer to check. 老师拿出正确答案让我们核对。 The teacher favored her. 老师偏爱她。 The teacher severely reprimanded the student who had made mistakes. 老师严厉斥责了犯错误的学生。 The teacher asked me to note down the main points of the speech. 老师要求我把演说的要点记下来。 A teacher should be good at drawing inferences about other cases from one instance. 老师要善于举一反三。 A teacher must be a good example to his students. 老师要做学生的表率。 Their teacher punished them for their rudeness. 老师因为他们态度粗鲁而责罚他们。 The teacher expounded a profound truth in common language. 老师用通俗的语言说明深刻的道理。 The teacher praised her for her courage. 老师赞扬了她的勇气。 The teacher is reading Tom's English paper. 老师正在审阅汤姆的英语答卷。 Lao Wang's analysis was really penetrating. 老王的分析真是入木三分。 Lao Zhang is busy making preparations for his son's wedding. 老张正张罗着给儿子办婚事。 The band drowned our conversation. 乐队的演奏声把我们谈话的声音淹没了。 An optimist sees the rose; a pessimist the thorn. 乐观的人看到玫瑰,悲观的人只看到它的刺。 Tears trickled down her cheeks. 泪水从她的面颊上簌簌淌下。 The tears ran down her cheeks. 泪水沿着她的面颊流下。 Be calm and take things as they come. 冷静点,既来之则安之吧。 Please turn the light off before leaving the room. 离开房间前,请把灯关掉。 It's dangerous to be so near to the tiger. 离老虎那么近是很危险的。 At daybreak we started on our journey. 黎明时我们登程。 Politeness costs nothing and gains everything. 礼貌不用花一分钱,却能赢得一切。 Courtesy is the inseparable companion of virtue. 礼貌和美貌是分不开的伴侣。 Li Bai's poems are often and widely quoted. 李白的诗篇脍炙人口。 Li shizhen was the originator of the Chinese pharmacology. 李时珍是我国医药界的鼻祖。 There's plenty of room for everyone inside. 里面有的是地方,大家都可以进来。 Ideal is the beacon. 理想是指路明灯。 All through the feudal ages the ruling class did their best to shackle women with Confucian ethics. 历代封建统治阶级都力图用礼教把妇女禁锢起来。 Historical trend is irresistible. 历史潮流是不可阻挡的。 Past mistakes should not be repeated. 历史的错误不许重演。 The development of history is usually independent of man's will. 历史的演变常常不以人的主观意志为转移。 In history some countries willfully trampled upon other countries' sovereignty. 历史上一些国家肆意践踏别国主权。 History repeats itself. 历史总重演。 The two of them suited each other perfectly. 俩人性格很投合。 The two fit in easily with each other, and quickly move to action. 俩人一拍即和,立即行动。 The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 联合王国由大不列颠和北爱尔兰组成。 A good sense of rhythm is a natural endowment. 良好的韵律感是一种天赋。 Good order is the foundation of all things. 良好的秩序是一切的基础。 Bitter pills may have blessed effects. 良药苦口利于病。 Neither chair is comfortable. 两把椅子坐起来都不舒服。 The two teams drew. 两队打成平手。 The two teams are evenly matched, and It's hard to say who will win. 两队实力势均力敌, 输赢一时难说。 The two tribes got into a fight over a border dispute. 两个部落因边界之争而大动干戈。 The distance between the two piers of the bridge is 20 meters. 两个桥墩之间相距20米。 The two fighters battled for half an hour. 两个拳击手战斗了半小时。 Two girls fell into the living hell. 两个少女落入火坑。 There is an interval of 50 meters between two posts. 两根柱子的间距是五十米。 The relations between the two countries have improved. 两国关系已经改善。 The two countries exchanged their prisoners of war. 两国交换战俘。 The basketball players of the two countries got together and compared notes after the match. 两国篮球运动员在比赛后聚在一起,切磋球艺。 The two countries signed a joint communiqué. 两国签署了联合公报。 There are frequent contacts between the people of the two countries, 两国人民之间频繁交往。 The two countries agreed to extend reciprocal privileges to each other's citizens. 两国同意给予对方公民以对等的特权。 The current talks between the two countries have run into obstacles. 两国正在进行的谈判遇到了障碍。 The talks between the two premiers will be held next month. 两国总理的会谈将于下月举行。 The two companies settled out of court. 两家公司在法院外了结了争端。 The fates of the two families were closely bound up. 两家人的命运息息相关。 The two families established a profound friendship. 两家人建立了深厚的情谊。 These two things have a thousand and one links. 两件事情之间有着千丝万缕的联系。 Two armies were pitted against each other. 两军对垒。 A truce was declared between the two armies. 两军宣布休战。 Two of the bandits were killed on the spot. 两名匪徒当场毙命。 The well-matched tennis players fought a long, close battle. 两名棋逢对手的网球选手打了一场势均力敌的长仗。 Two soldiers lured the enemy into the trap. 两名战士引诱敌人进入伏击圈。 Acting in collaboration, the two of them shielded each other. 两人串通一气,互相包庇。 The two of them exchanged amorous glances and clearly made known their passions. 两人眉来眼去,以目送情。 The two felt like old friends at the first meeting and regretted not knowing each other before. 两人一见如故,相见恨晚。 You may take either of the roads. 两条路你随便走哪一条。 The two lines cut across each other. 两条线相交。 The two boxers cast covetous eyes on each other. 两位拳击手虎视眈眈地对视着。 Though from different starting points, the two philosophers reached the same goal by different routes and drew almost the same conclusion. 两位哲学家的思想尽管出发点不同, 但殊途同归, 得出基本一致的结论。 Both are good. 两者都好。 The principle to assign a given job to one according to one's abilities is very important. 量才录用这个原则非常重要。 This is as a small token of my feelings. 聊表寸心。 The train passed me as quickly as a flash. 列车风驰电掣地从我面前开过。 The train will leave in a second. 列车马上要开了。 The train is late. 列车晚点。 The train started slowly. 列车徐缓地开动起来。 The train is running at full speed. 列车在飞速前进。 The train arrived at the scheduled time. 列车准时到达了车站。 The scorching sun has blistered the paint on the door. 烈日晒得门上的油漆都起了泡。 Wreaths were laid at the martyr's tomb. 烈士墓前安放着花圈。 The heart of a hero in his old age is as stout as ever. 烈士暮年,壮心不已。 The hunter traced a fox to its den. 猎人追踪狐狸到它的巢穴。 There is a sanatorium close to the West Lake. 邻近西湖有一座疗养院。 The neighbors all stood aghast, and dared not move. 邻居们都目瞪口呆,再不敢动。 The neighbors all stood aghast, and dared not move. 邻居们都目瞪口呆,再不敢动。 The neighbors were relieved to see the children come out safely from the danger of the burning house. 邻居们看到孩子化险为夷, 逃出着火的房子, 都松了一口气。 President Lincoln was born poor. 林肯总统出身贫寒。 There is a troop of monkeys in the woods. 林子中有一群猴子。 The clever fox escaped the hunter. 伶俐的狐狸逃过了猎人的追捕。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司