翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 The leaders must set an example by personally taking part. 领导必须要身体力行。 With a thousand things to attend to, a leader should first tackle what constitutes the main contradiction. 领导的工作千头万绪, 要抓主要矛盾。 The leaders should observe the people's condition. 领导要注意体察民情。 A good laugh is sunshine in a house. 令人愉快的欢笑是房间里的阳光。 Flu is an infectious disease characterized by fever, aches and pains and exhaustion. 流感是一种传染病,其特征是发热、全身疼痛和疲乏无力。 The hooligan swindled money out of the girl. 流氓拐骗姑娘的钱财。 Running water does not get stale; a door-hinge is never worm-eaten. 流水不腐,户枢不蠹。 With a flash, the meteor shot across the night sky. 流星像一道闪光,划破黑夜的长空。 Willow twigs are pliable. 柳树的枝条容易弯曲。 Willows have burgeoned forth. 柳树已经抽芽。 The willows swayed in the breeze. 柳条迎风摆动。 The branches of the willow trees swayed in the breeze. 柳枝迎风摇摆。 Six divided by two is three. 六除以二得三。 Six minus two equals four. 六减去二等于四。 The tornado raged, but the tall building steadfastly stood its ground. 龙卷风来了, 可这座大厦岿然不动。 Deaf people communicate by body language. 聋子靠手势语交际。 At the time of bitter winter, plum blossoms defy frost and snow. 隆冬时节,梅花傲雪。 The Lugouqiao Incident broke out in 1937. 卢沟桥事变在1937年爆发。 The stove is burning fiercely. 炉火炽热。 To do something rash will make one repent forever. 鲁莽一时,悔之一世。 The deer lowered its head to drink from the pond. 鹿低下头去喝池塘里的水。 It's still hard to tell who will win the prize. 鹿死谁手尚难预料。 Take special care tonight because the road is icy. 路面结冰了,今晚要格外小心。 The number of pedestrians gradually dwindled. 路上的行人渐渐少了。 We still have a long way to go. 路途仍很遥远。 The hotel has been left to our management. 旅馆已交由我们来管理。 The journey was not as nice as we had expected. 旅途不象我们预想的那样好。 She remained cheerful throughout the trip. 旅行中她始终兴致勃勃。 After all his failure, the win saved his face. 屡屡失败以后,这次胜利挽回了他的面子。 The lawyer took two hours to interrogate the witness. 律师花费两个小时讯问证人。 The lawyer may refuse to undertake a case which appears unsound to him. 律师可能拒绝承办他认为站不住脚的案件。 The lawyer explained the new law to us. 律师向我们解释了新法律。 Vendors' stands spread unchecked, causing traffic jams. 乱设摊点泛滥成灾, 造成交通堵塞。 The slow steady roll of the ship made him sick. 轮船不停地缓慢摇晃使他感到不适。 Ships can sail round the world. 轮船能做环球航行。 The ship was sailing on the vast sea. 轮船在苍茫的大海上航行。 The ship was sailing through the billows of the Atlantic. 轮船在大西洋的波澜中航行。 The ship ploughed the waters of the ocean. 轮船在汪洋大海中破浪前进。 The ship left the port on schedule. 轮船正点开出港口。 The beating of gongs and drums resounded to the skies. 锣鼓声响彻云霄。 The camel is a herbivorous animal. 骆驼是一种食草动物。 The setting sun kindled the sky. 落日照红了天空。 The drops of pearly dew which were caught on the spider's webs, glistened in the first rays of the rising sun. 落在蜘蛛网里的露珠在晨曦中晶莹地闪耀着。 The mother told her children, "You must study hard; don't stir up trouble." 妈妈告诉孩子们:"你们要努力学习,不要惹是生非。" Don't trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. 麻烦没有来找你,不要去找麻烦。 The carriage passed through the palace gate. 马车进入了宫殿的大门。 The cart is piled high with fruit and vegetables. 马车上堆满了水果和蔬菜。 The horse sensed danger and stopped. 马感觉到了危险,于是停了下来。 The potato is a vegetable, not a fruit. 马铃薯是一种蔬菜,不是一种水果。 Horses are easy to tame. 马容易驯服。 The horse took a fright at the sound of the explosion. 马听到爆炸声受了惊。 The horses are eating grass on the grassland. 马在草地上吃草。 Mary talked with me across the garden fence. 玛丽和我隔着花园篱笆交谈。 Mary and I are looking forward very much to the party. 玛丽和我热切盼望晚会的举行。 Mary is a workers' representative on the Board. 玛丽是理事会的工人代表。 While Mary was writing a letter, the children were playing outside. 玛丽写信时,孩子们在外面玩耍。 He spent his savings over the years buying a house. 买房子花掉了他历年的积蓄。 It doesn't pay to buy such a watch. 买这种表不合算。 General MacArthur was all-powerful during World War II. 麦克阿瑟将军在第二次世界大战时叱咤风云。 The traitors were spat on and cursed by the people. 卖国贼受到人民的唾骂。 When the hall was filled with applause, all of a sudden a man fuming with rage rushed in and all the people were frightened out of their wits. 满厅掌声雷动,忽然从外面气急败坏跑进一个人来,大家都吓坏了。 Pride hurts, modesty benefits. 满招损,谦受益。 To hurl abuse is in no way to fight. 谩骂决不是战斗。 After three months' hard work, the task is now finished successfully at last. 忙了三个月, 终于完事大吉。 Haste trips over its own heels. 忙易出错。 The blind have a keen sense of touch. 盲人有敏锐的触觉。 The blind live in the dark. 盲人在黑暗中生活。 I much prefer cats to dogs. 猫和狗之中我更喜欢猫。 The cat was creeping silently towards the mouse. 猫悄悄地朝着老鼠爬过去。 The cat made a spring at the mouse. 猫向老鼠扑去。 A cat has nine lives. 猫有九条命吉人天相。 The cat is playing with a live mouse. 猫在戏弄那只活老鼠。 The cat made little rushes to and fro after the ball. 猫追着球跑过来跑过去。 Caterpillars turned into butterflies. 毛虫会变成蝴蝶。 The thatched cottage stands on the hillside all alone. 茅草屋孤零零地坐落在山坡上。 Trade helps industry to develop. 贸易促进工业发展。 If the cap fits, wear it. 帽子若适合你,就戴上吧。 Who could have thought a trivial matter would cause such a stir? 没料到芝麻大的小事会引起这样一场轩然大波。 Nobody could redress the grievance for him. 没人能为他申冤。 To our surprise, this delicate girl is a person of such strong character. 没想到,这个娇嫩女孩竟这样坚强。 There is no garden without its weeds. 没有不长杂草的花园。 Without economic independence, no country can achieve complete independence. 没有经济上的独立, 一个国家的独立是不完整的。 People cannot live without air. 没有空气,人们就不能生存。 Without the help of our friends, we wouldn't be successful. We would even have difficulty in taking a step. 没有朋友的帮助,我们就不会成功,甚至会举步维艰。 No one can admire a deceitful man. 没有人会赞赏狡狯的人。 There is nothing to be ashamed of. 没有什么可难为情的。 Nothing could damp his spirits. 没有什么可以减少他的兴致。 There isn't time to talk in detail. 没有时间来细谈了。 There are no trees or bushes to give shade. 没有树木或灌木丛可以遮荫。 Without his help you can't move a single step. 没有他的帮助, 你寸步难行。 Without the sun, nothing would grow. 没有太阳,就不会有生物。 There is no fixed rule. 没有一成不变的规则。 There is not so much room for these books. 没有这么大的地方来放这些书。 The rose bud broke into bloom. 玫瑰花苞盛开了。 The roses are in full bloom. 玫瑰花盛开了。 The roses have been blooming all summer. 玫瑰花整个夏天一直都在开花。 The roses are in bud. 玫瑰花正含苞待放。 Every time when he gives a report, he always talks eloquently. 每次他做报告口若悬河。 Although she is simply dressed, she is still very beautiful at the party. 每次晚会她虽素装,依然美丽动人。 Every time I see you, you leave me out in the cold. 每次我见到你,你都不睬我。 When spring comes, this place is an expanse of lush green crops. 每当春天来临,这里是一片绿油油的庄稼。 He expressed his feelings through poems when he was happy. 每当高兴之时,他便赋诗抒怀。 Every cock crows on his own dunghill. 每个处于安逸环境中的人,都可以自夸其勇。 Every child has his individual strong points, and we must guide him by circumstances to let him develop his talents. 每个孩子都有各自的长处,要因势利导,发挥他们的才能。 Every overseas Chinese has sincere patriotic feeling. 每个海外游子都有拳拳的爱国之心。 Everybody is concerned about the future of his country. 每个人都关心自己国家的前途。 Each man is the architect of his own fate. 每个人都是自己命运的建筑师。 All enjoyed themselves. 每个人都玩得很尽兴。 Everyone should have the good quality to lead an honest and clean life. 每个人都应该具备洁身自好的美德。 Each man has his own name. 每个人都有自己的名字. There is but one idea in everybody's mind--Victory! 每个人脑子里都只有一个意念,“胜利!” He comes to visit his aged parents after work on every Friday. 每个星期五下班后,他去看望年迈的父母。 Every student should obey the Students Regulations. 每个学生都必须遵守学生守则。 There is a space of three meters between two rows of saplings. 每两行树苗间隔3米。 A large amount of money is spent on advertisements every year. 每年都要花费大量金钱在广告上。 We have a family reunion every New Year's Day. 每年元旦我们都合家团聚。 A person has one head and one neck. 每人都有一个头,一个脖子。 Many guests of exalted rank were present at that restaurant every day. 每天那家饭店都高朋满座。 Every morning, in the first glimmer of dawn, some older people are seen practicing Taijiquan in Zhongshan Park. 每天早晨,曙光初照,中山公园便有些上了年纪的人在那里打太极拳。 Every argument was stated with logical precision. 每一个论点都阐述得精确严密,符合逻辑。 Part of every crop is saved for seed. 每一种庄稼都留一部分作种子。 With its entry into World War II, the United States rejected the doctrine of isolation. 美国参加第二次世界大战即摒弃了孤立主义原则。 There is an alternation of red and white stripes on the flag of the United States. 美国国旗上红白条相间。 The Americans spell some words differently from the British. 美国人拼写某些单词不同于英国人。 America is a western country. 美国是一个西方国家。 The Constitution of the U.S. originally provided that the president was to be indirectly elected by an electoral college. 美国宪法原先规定,总统应由选举团选举出来。 The United States has always been China's third major trade partner. 美国一直是中国第三大贸易伙伴。 The President of the United States is the executive head of the government. 美国总统是政府的行政首脑。 The beautiful scenery was disfigured by ugly advertising signs. 美景被丑陋的广告牌损毁。 The beautiful scenery made us feel fresh. 美景令人心旷神怡。 The beautiful scenery made us become slaves of pleasure. 美景令我们乐而忘返。 Some man at the door is asking to see you. 门口有个男人要求见你。 The courtyard is thronged with visitors and vehicles. 门前车水马龙。 Two tall and straight poplars stand in front of the gate. 门前有两棵挺拔的白杨。 By searching my heart, I feel no shame over loyalty to the people. 扪心自问,我无愧于人民。 The allied warplanes bombed the country by the hundred. 盟军数以百计的飞机轰炸了那个国家。 A severe hurricane passed over here. 猛烈的狂飙从这儿吹过。 No deception can last long. 蒙蔽是长久不了的。 Miniskirts were popular for a time. 迷你裙曾风靡一时。 The secretary tore the letter to pieces. 秘书把信扯得粉碎。 The dense forest screened the guerrilla's movements. 密林掩护了游击队的行动。 Keep a close watch on the enemy's movements. 密切注意敌人的动向。 The bees were covered with yellow dust from the flowers. 蜜蜂身上沾满了黄色的花粉。 Cotton is more comfortable to wear than nylon. 棉布比尼龙穿着舒服。 You'd better start off as early as possible lest you should be late. 免得迟到, 你最好趁早动身。 She faced danger without a tremor before enemy's guns. 面对敌人的枪口,她临危不惧。 Faced with various things, we were at a loss what to do. 面对繁多的头绪, 使我们无所适从。 His mind is in a turmoil before the great difficulties. 面对困难,他方寸已乱。 In the face of difficulty, he's a man of iron. 面对困难,他是一个硬汉。 He is filled with suspicions before strangers. 面对陌生人,他总是疑神疑鬼的。 To meet the demand of the market, we augmented the equipment. 面对市场的需求, 我们扩充了设备。 He had to confess in the face of the facts. 面对事实,他不得不招供。 Under our powerful siege, the enemies were powerless to save the desperate situation. 面对我强大的包围圈, 敌军已回天乏术。 He had to shake his head and force a smile in the face of the embarrassing situation. 面对这尴尬场面,他只好摇头强笑。 Facing this practical problem, he feels uneasy all the day. 面对这个现实的问题,他整天感到忐忑不安。 Faced with the problem arising suddenly, he was stupefied. 面对这突如其来的问题,他惊呆了。 The description is very minute. 描写非常细腻。 Folk songs are a source of literature. 民歌是文学的一个源头。 Democracy is part of the superstructure and belongs to the realm of politics. 民主属于上层建筑,属于政治范畴。 I'll be thirty next year. 明年我就满三十岁了。 Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know. 明枪易躲,暗箭难防。 Tomorrow is the effective date of regulations. 明天就是条例的生效日期。 Ten to one it will rain tomorrow. 明天十有八九会下雨。 Tomorrow will be fine. 明天天气晴朗。 I'll meet you at the entrance of the zoo tomorrow. 明天我会在动物园的入口处和你见面。 Tomorrow I will be very busy. 明天我将很忙。 I shall go to visit him tomorrow. 明天我将去看他。 Tomorrow I'll pay a call on him. 明天我将要去拜访他。 Tomorrow we'll have a history test. 明天我们将进行历史测验。 We'll set out for Nanjing tomorrow. 明天我们起程去南京。 Tomorrow never comes. 明天无尽头,明日何其多。 Come again tomorrow if you have time. 明天有工夫再来吧。 The front of the postcard shows a picture of our hotel. 明信片正面是我们旅馆的图片。 The bright moon climbed high in the sky, showering its silvery light on the ground. 明月高照,银光泻地。 Write it on your heart that every day is the best of the year. 铭记在心:每一天都是一年中最好的日子。 You never know your luck. 命运好坏不由己。 The magician performed some astonishing tricks. 魔术师表演了一些令人惊叹的戏法。 Jasmine is full of fragrance. 茉莉花芳香馥郁。 Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs. 莫班门弄斧。 Deeds, not words. 莫坐而论道,应身体力行。 Those who murder people for their money will come to no good end. 谋财害命的人不会有好下场。 Deliberate slowly, execute promptly. 谋虑要慢,行动要快。 Murder and burglary cases are increasing. 谋杀和夜盗案件在增加。 Man proposes, God disposes. 谋事在人,成事在天。 Man proposes, God disposes. 谋事在人,成事在天。 Some leaders shut their eyes to the fact. 某些领导对这些事实不闻不问。 The greatest love in the world is maternal love. 母爱是世界上最伟大的爱。 The mother and daughter shared their life together, supporting each other through years of hardship. 母女俩相依为命度过了苦难的岁月。 A mother loves a baby from the bottom of her heart. 母亲对婴儿的爱是发自心底的。 Mother is over fifty years old. 母亲已年过半百。 Female sheep produce one or two lambs at a time. 母羊一次生一到两只羊羔。 The peony is praised to be a national beauty and heavenly fragrance by Chinese people. 牡丹被中国人誉为国色天香。 Trees are growing in prosperity and springs are gushing without stopping. 木欣欣以向荣,泉涓涓而始流。 What is done cannot be undone. It is irrevocable. 木已成舟, 无法挽回。 Things done can not be undone. 木已成舟。 He who has a narrow vision concentrates on immediate interests. 目光短浅的人只注意眼前的利益。 Those who take long views are broad-minded. 目光远大的人便也心胸开阔。 The present state of affairs is quite heartening. 目前的形势令人鼓舞。 The best medicine for you now would be a good holiday. 目前对你来说,过一个愉快的假期就是一剂良药。 There is still no cure for the common cold. 目前仍没有治愈感冒的良药。 I can't give you a definite answer at the moment. 目前我还不能给你肯定的答复。 The current war situation is highly advantageous to us. 目前战局对我们极为有利。 After the bath, he took a walk in the yard. 沐浴后,他在院子里散步。 The priest says that the human spirit never dies. 牧师说,人的灵魂永远不死。 In the late spring it's getting hot. 暮春时节天气变热。 It's getting colder and colder in late autumn. 暮秋时节天气越来越凉。 Amid the growing shades of dusk a few swallows flew up and down. 暮色苍茫中,几只燕子在上下飞掠着。 Mu guiying was a heroic woman. 穆桂英是一位巾帼英雄。 Napoleon was a great general. 拿破仑是一位伟大的将领。 Compared with his paintings, mine proved definitely inferior. 拿自己画的画和他的一比, 就相形见绌了。 Which country will be the host country for the next Olympic Games? 哪个国家将是下届奥运会的主办国? Is there a maiden who doesn't begin to think of love? 哪个少女不怀春? Which book have you read? 哪一本书你读过了? Internal conflicts rise from all around. 内讧四起。 A civil strife is universally condemned as a crime. 内乱普遍被谴责为一种罪行。 The contents are multifarious and disorderly. 内容庞杂。 Captain Nathan Hale said to the English commander, General Howe, that he would rather die than surrender. 内森·黑尔上尉对英国司令官豪将军说,他宁死不屈。 It is said to be an omen of misfortune. 那被认为是一种不幸的预兆。 It is said to be an omen of misfortune. 那被认为是一种不幸的预兆。 That old book is my most precious possession. 那本旧书是我最珍贵的财产。 It wasn't a recorded show; it was live. 那不是录音表演,那时实况转播。 The sentry held up his hands in astonishment. 那步哨愕然地举起双手。 The film evoked her past memories. 那部电影唤起她对往事的回忆。 The newly published American novel sold like hot cakes. 那部新出版的美国小说是市场上的畅销货。 That film was a great draw. 那部影片很叫座。 The runner was full of tricks. 那差役一肚子坏主意。 The blizzard swept across the vast grasslands. 那场暴风雪席卷大草原。 The war threatened the peace of the whole world. 那场战争威胁着世界和平。 The castle now lies in ruins. 那城堡现在已成了一片废墟了。 The town has its own public library and public gardens. 那城市有自己的公用图书馆和公园。 The audience was inexpressibly astonished at the brilliant performance. 那出色的表演使观众们感到说不出的惊讶。 He had been finished for good after his failure. 那次失败后,他就一蹶不振了。 That defeat meant the death of all my hopes. 那次失败毁灭了我所有的希望。 The defeat was a bitter pill to swallow. 那次失败是一次难以吞咽的苦果。 That battle took a heavy toll of the Taiping troops, for they were attacked front and rear. 那次战役太平军因腹背受敌,伤亡惨重。 The enemy ended in defeat in that campaign. 那次战役以敌人战败而告终。 The village has a fair once a month. 那村庄每月有一次集市。 The thief expressed penitence for all his past actions. 那盗贼对他犯过的一切罪恶表示忏悔。 I've looked for it everywhere. 那东西我已经到处找过了。 The north wing of the house was added fifty years ago. 那房子北面的厢房是50年前添建的。 People still take delight in talking about the legendary story. 那个传奇般的故事至今为人津津乐道。 The careless waiter dropped the dish onto the ground. 那个粗心的侍者把盘子摔到了地上。 That village is about ten li away from here. 那个村离这儿有十里光景。 That big-bellied fellow was very greedy and cruel. 那个大腹便便的家伙既贪婪又残忍。 That large hall is a place for mass rallies. 那个大厅是群众集会的处所。 The scoundrel was arrested by the police. 那个歹徒被警察逮捕。 The scoundrel had the face of a human being , but the heart of a beast. 那个歹徒人面兽心。 That scoundrel harbored a murderous heart. 那个歹徒心肠毒辣。 Who is the boy in the official school cap? 那个戴校帽的男孩是谁? The thief made a full confession of his wrongdoings. 那个盗窃贼彻底坦白了自己所干的坏事。 That region is drizzly in winter. 那个地区冬天常下蒙蒙细雨。 The dictator was obsessed with the illusion of a world conquest. 那个独裁者抱有征服世界的痴心妄想。 This room is as broad as it is long. 那个房间长宽相等。 The girl is flippant in behavior. 那个姑娘举止轻佻。 The country was torn apart by fierce tribal hostilities. 那个国家被部落间的激烈冲突弄得四分五裂。 The neighboring countries were on guard against the military expansion of that country. 那个国家的军事扩张引起邻国的警惕。 The civil war is still waging fiercely in that country. 那个国家的内战仍在激烈进行。 A civil war took place in that country. 那个国家发生了内战。 That nation gained independence. 那个国家获得了独立。 The lake has a circumference of 500 li. 那个湖方圆五百里。 we couldn't stay out there in that desolation another day. 那个荒凉的地方我们一天也呆不下去了。 The hit-and-run driver has been taken into custody. 那个驾车肇事后逃跑的司机已被拘禁起来。 The general always craves for greatness and success. 那个将军总是好大喜功。 That speech was divorced from reality and was mere paper talk. 那个讲话脱离实际, 是纸上谈兵。 The manager is very particular about his clothes. 那个经理对他的衣着非常讲究。 The officer was supercilious and self-conceited. 那个军官高傲自大。 The officer wore a saber at his waist. 那个军官腰间佩带军刀。 翻译行业术语translation company 翻译 fanyi fy 翻译公司 翻译软件 翻译词典 翻译技术 翻译服务 翻译公司 021-68862395 广州翻译公司 翻译应用 英语 英语研究 英语应用 英语学习 英语词典 英语软件 英语培训 英语考试 托福 雅思 GRE GMAT 北京翻译公司 研究生 背单词 英语学习软件 翻译公司translation service 上海翻译公司